12 BRUTAL Smartphone Fails they want you to forget.

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My Top 12 Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 3), featuring fails from Sony, to Nokia, to Windows phone...
For the other Smartphone fails videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tq4P...

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Mrwhosetheboss Yıl önce
Thanks for watching! Definitely stay till the end on this one, I don't think you'll regret it 😉 For the other Smartphone fails videos: trshow.info/watch/_tq4Pb0OBYE/video.html
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Aylar önce
Did Sony really price the Xperia Pro at $2000+?
Pxel Guy
Pxel Guy 2 aylar önce
One of the biggest problem with Sony was not the boredom or that they released identical phones, but the absolutely terrible quality of the phones. I worked at a retail store at a service position at a carrier. The Z was the last good quality phone of the Z series. Z1 compact Z1 Z3 compact and anything released between these were having batteries that puffed up, lifting up the screen exposing the internals. And remember, these were supposed to be water resistant! Some Z3 Compacts came back from the service with a usb cover that was impossible to close. It wasn’t fitting. Their software was super unreliable too. Xperia M2 and L was like 50% of the phones dropped off at the service. They were stuck in bootloop or completely bricked from normal use. They were dropping signal like crazy. I even met a z3 compact that was not ringing. I mean the call came in but the phone didn’t show anything at the time of the call. When I stopped calling then it started ringing. The owner just lost one work opportunity because of it (trucker). Sony had a very loyal fanbase that were buying Sony after Sony, but after z3 era even they were fed up with the reliability issues and the high price tag. I’ve seen most of them buy Samsung or an iPhone.
Charles Michael Alegada
Charles Michael Alegada 2 aylar önce
Can you do a review of Xperia 1 iii?
Help me reach 1K subs without videos
Help me reach 1K subs without videos 3 aylar önce
I mean iPhone 5C
Help me reach 1K subs without videos
Help me reach 1K subs without videos 3 aylar önce
Hi arun. I just wanna say that I actually own an iPhone 5 because my parents wouldn’t buy me a new phone and it took at least 100 hits to the ground before it finally broke. I actually accidentally hit ima iPad with, and the iPad’s screen completely shattered and stopped working while my phone is still in existence today
flor salas
flor salas 4 saatler önce
When you said Sony does bad decisions I agree after what happend to piko
Livia Negidius
Livia Negidius 6 saatler önce
I ve got sony premium for two years .Love retro design an camera is actually superb if you know somenthing about using it .Besels do not bother me too much .And I love it
AIVILO FENSER 8 saatler önce
@7:50 but apple has an option that does that now too and I can tell you it’s so ANNOYING!!! so I can personally understand how annoying it would have been then (Wish I could pick apps not to I download for more space of the phone).
Faizan Javed
Faizan Javed Gün önce
Lie-no-vo lol
J Gün önce
I respect you more just for using my favorite show in your skit
SteaMiLKy Gün önce
i think the worse about sony smartphones is that a few years ago i had bought the xperia L1, it was new. It barely lasted a year before the battery died (like it'd shut off for "no battery" when it was at 50%)
Chuchuca 2 gün önce
"Xperia Play was just good for emulators" Dude, I dare to say is still the best smartphone for emulators. Never had one, but an old friend had one and I was amazed by how action GBA games like Castlevanis played.
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 2 gün önce
just one mobile please
Riyan Ahsan
Riyan Ahsan 2 gün önce
Galaxy z fold 3 is the best folding of 2021
Michael Abeja
Michael Abeja 2 gün önce
[-CØSMIC×VØÎD-] 4 gün önce
Oh Good Sir-, I must commend you here for the immaculate dialog within the insertion of your short "Friends'" parody. Honestly Bravo'. Lol 😊👌⚘🖤
Sarath Chandra
Sarath Chandra 4 gün önce
Very good fortune telling haha. nice video though. there may be so many reasons for any gadgets failure. but not being able to produce in large quantity is not considered a smartphone failure. if the modules of a modular phone are not chunkier the phone will also not get chunkier. i dont think everyone on this planet asked the manufacturers to build a slim phone....
grian middleton
grian middleton 4 gün önce
14:20 how did the Nokia not destroy the hydraulic press
Ryan Gorissen
Ryan Gorissen 5 gün önce
zahrul nick
zahrul nick 6 gün önce
Its Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2.. Not xperia 1 2.. You guys not watching iron man? Even tony stark naming his iron man collection like that. Xperia 1, xperia 1 mark 2, xperia 1 mark 3.. Xperia 5, xperia 5 mark 2, xperia 5 mark 3.. Xperia 10, xperia 10 mark 2, xperia 10 mark 3.
Estefanía - Paris Carbo
Estefanía - Paris Carbo 6 gün önce
OH, Sony... you used to be my favourite :'v But yes, they did many opsies
Paryul Jain
Paryul Jain 6 gün önce
i miss this outro😓
Franz Navas
Franz Navas 6 gün önce
I'm literally watching this video in 2021 with a 5c iPhone
S D 7 gün önce
I wonder how to upgrade the 4g version to 5g one replacing any component is it possible?
oktc68 7 gün önce
I had an S8 with the Exynos chip and a S4 tablet with the Snapdragon 835 (which was in the USA version of the S8) both had 4GB of RAM, the S8 was lousy in comparison, it was stuttery scrolling in Chrome, noticeably slower in many other tasks. Pity cos I think the design of the S8 was a classic, a Snapdragon version would have been so much better. I got the S20FE 5G because it has the Snapdragon chip and I'll never buy another phone with an Exynos. I don't know why they bother, (I do, £££) We've been paying for phones cos of the reviews and they all based on the Snapdragon variant. Yeah right, thanks Samsung. Still the still make some beautiful Android devices and I'd rather gouge out my eyes and knock short nails into my ears than give Apple a goddamn penny 🤣
L'Rac Kirkwood
L'Rac Kirkwood 7 gün önce
15:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂
why creepy
why creepy 8 gün önce
F*** Samsu‌ng
Agent Jay
Agent Jay 8 gün önce
Fuck Sony man … what a joke 🤣🤣🤣
CrashAlley 8 gün önce
I wanted a pink iPhone 5C soooo badly when it launched
Mitch Murdock
Mitch Murdock 8 gün önce
The Xperia fail back then is now the reason why the Xperia Pro-I exists today. Sony heard you. You're bigger than you realize.
Xing. pl
Xing. pl 8 gün önce
Dang i wonder when sony will release the sony atd 2 II 93 IVX X 3
Yesnoyeswait 9 gün önce
Sony's phones are diying im afraid. Their phonedivision doesen't make any profits anymore. Im afraid they will do the same as LG did, bury that division. Too bad. Can't let Samsung and Apple eat the whole cake.
Ryan Medeiros
Ryan Medeiros 9 gün önce
Your videos are awesome thank you for uploading so much
Aditt Shrestha
Aditt Shrestha 9 gün önce
He's voice is so tasty😋
Penguin Studios
Penguin Studios 10 gün önce
Another one of these vids
William Vangorden
William Vangorden 10 gün önce
I It's like the idea that we can piece this phone together better than the companies are putting them together using different chips and a phone that you can do that you can do that you can fix the problems that a that come with these new phones that were dealing with today Having somebody decide for you is not always a good thing just sthing just saying look at how the world is being ran hint hint. All It needs to have is a better battery life better performance And if you have with a modular phone Would be a better take on the problem because just change out the problem instead of buying a new phone sounds like a better idea than putting up with this random BS Will the detache of battery and replace it when you need it too Replace something that is broken that doesn't mean you have to spend an arm in the lake to get it replaced or get a new phone just say thanks I'm not interested in paying more money on a phone that I should already have that I shouldn't have to spend more money on They like a cracked screen or something like it storage Or chipset needs to be changed you do that in a fly Is to be able to do that with a Sony Samsung Is or any other phone for this matter I like the idea of the Module concept hint Hint SamsungOr no Kia or any other phone hint hint. Because I would want something that's actually going to last instead of buying stuff that really don't matter I would prefer $250 from over a $1000 phone Because they're not giving any reason to want to by another phone for a $1000 cutting off the basics is just stupid and the phones aren't that heavy I don't know what the weight has to do with the phone being I don't get it but if you're that weak you shouldn't be be walking around Or cohabitating. I thought we Are people not whimp..
Keith Bakken
Keith Bakken 11 gün önce
I had a IPhone 5C in pink it was bad so I don’t disagree with you saying it’s bad
Daanish Sumbre
Daanish Sumbre 11 gün önce
Say what you will , the Nextbit Robin is a Gorgeous phone to look at
Martin Videos
Martin Videos 11 gün önce
13:32 the legend is there
Acg_ 12 gün önce
Sony: we are just gonna copy the same phone but name it different Iphone : take notes off that
Thasteen t s
Thasteen t s 12 gün önce
i really loved the sony phones i used from sony Ericson cybershot to z5 but sony lack vision they are behind 5 yrs than samsung everything u should add pricing in the fail list sony phones are the most horrifically priced phones
The Kind Potato
The Kind Potato 13 gün önce
Do you voice boltune wireless earbuds I have some and ever time you say battery I panic and go it's only been four hours you tippically last 12
Jeremy Cush
Jeremy Cush 13 gün önce
escobar phone should have been the worst as knowone outside the youtube tech world got one , they got a shit load of money thanks to unbox theripy as lew as good as was a good seller for escobar , so far hardly anyone got the phone , a good lession in a way for youtube tech channels to check before they put thier name down on a scam .
Life Outdoors
Life Outdoors 13 gün önce
I'm from the U.S. and I prefer watching your videos over reviewers in the U.S.
the great lumberjack King
the great lumberjack King 13 gün önce
8:21 ivenever used a micro sd card
the great lumberjack King
the great lumberjack King 13 gün önce
7:46 that happens to me sometimrs with my ipad
SRG. WAFFLES 14 gün önce
This is off topic but I just turned 14 and I was wondering if there are jobs I can work at with a good pay?
T.E.N 5
T.E.N 5 15 gün önce
Mahns energy was so different.. You wer so chilled and relaxed and dialed back.. Now your videos have a vibe and they have energy.. The way you talk...
Melissa 16 gün önce
my uncle to this day still has a windows phone 🤦🏽‍♀️
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 16 gün önce
I had a nexbit Robin but I sold it because the battery life lasted 30 min.
Wet P L A N T
Wet P L A N T 17 gün önce
Imagine if Sony did their Xperia naming system with their consoles
FBI open up
FBI open up 17 gün önce
This is a experiment
DarkPurse 17 gün önce
19:21 21
Sigurd Mjelve
Sigurd Mjelve 18 gün önce
I knever knew there were nearly as many phone companies before I started watching this channel
Skyler English
Skyler English 18 gün önce
I think the 5c was awesome, too expensive for what it was, but awesome nonetheless
Wortenheimmer 18 gün önce
Phoneblocks sounds like a mobile ripoff of minecraft
Hesham Farrukh
Hesham Farrukh 19 gün önce
That ending🤣
Shanmukh Kakinada
Shanmukh Kakinada 19 gün önce
Nokia is actually my fav phone company (especially the Nokia jingle tune which comes when the phone started up)
Shanmukh Kakinada
Shanmukh Kakinada 19 gün önce
My dad used to have ruis phone 11:35 I LOVED IT I LOVED IT.
Meursault 20 gün önce
"And some PS1 classics that Sony haaf ported over" You JUST said about the emulators lmao
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 20 gün önce
I wish I could make my own custom Android Phone but that a dream that will never come true
Guner Truss
Guner Truss 20 gün önce
Jayadeep Rachakonda
Jayadeep Rachakonda 21 gün önce
16:22 😂😂
Ladislaus Kallig
Ladislaus Kallig 21 gün önce
To be honest I like the design of Sony phones way more than all other modern phones.
Blackmaster 22 gün önce
Can i pweeeeeessseeee get the xperia play
Korby D
Korby D 22 gün önce
Legit I'd make a phone just for him to critique it and learn from what he says and use it cuz he's actually got a ton of great smartphone ideas and how to make it better
Gilad Yaniv
Gilad Yaniv 22 gün önce
The Seventh Tree
The Seventh Tree 22 gün önce
I still using Xperia smartphones for a long time. Its durable and theres no problem about the quality of camera. Sony made some mistakes yes. But the Z serie was a monsters
Possible 23 gün önce
Eudialyte 24 gün önce
Bro, I thought the M logo was the Motorola one- 😭💅
Fuji_lew 25 gün önce
I have to disagree on the whole Sony thing. I've only Ever had sony phones, (although i did try a Galaxy S6 which is horrible). The Camera's create great images with a flat contrast ratio which is better for editing rather than Apple or Samsungs oversaturated and sharpened mess. Also the OS is very free of any bloatware (especially on the Xperia 1, 1mk2 and 5 (my current phone)), the battery also lasts me around 4-5 days even when editing using Lightroom mobile. I do however agree that the naming scheme is terrible.
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 25 gün önce
How did Nokia go from titan to tiny? Thank you for the question. No, it's not because iPhone destroyed them. Because Nokia lost to Android as well. Nokia could've joined the android ring, and make their custom version of it. That could've been interesting. They failed not just cos of poor choices, but in big part because you can't operate a successful business at such a scale from Finland. We have huge taxes and much of the software was made here. Our country is very hostile towards trying to deal on a global scale, so you'll have plenty of problems with contracts and financially things just don't make sense. Our government also doesn't incentivice huge corporations the way for example USA does. USA in order to try and keep the huge corporations will give them benefits and reasons to stay, rather than start operatin from elsewhere. Finland doesn't. It's as much a failure of Finnish government than it was of Nokia's leadership.
Elizabeth Banach
Elizabeth Banach 25 gün önce
sony: cutting corners Samsung: bending them
Teun van Diedenhoven
Teun van Diedenhoven 27 gün önce
3:00 I rthink another problem with Phoneblocks is reviews. What are you supposed to do, review every piece? The entire concept? This would be incredibly hard to advertise.
UNKNOWN COMPUTER ⚠️✴️ 27 gün önce
Xperia xa ultra worst phone ever
demolitionGoat 27 gün önce
HEY! you shut your mouth about the xperia Play. It was perfect and i loved it. Admittedly i just used ti as a gameboy emulator but what more do you even want?
sever pro
sever pro 28 gün önce
Rip suomi phone finland
sxnpaire 29 gün önce
*Currently watching this video on Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE*
Lightning strike Gaming
Lightning strike Gaming Aylar önce
Can’t wait of run Xperia 2 1 2 + epic Ram 9 HD normal screen edition
Sathyavathi Subramani
Sathyavathi Subramani Aylar önce
Nizat Suleman
Nizat Suleman Aylar önce
I think the Escobar was made bye some rich troll who was board
WayneMcDowell Aylar önce
Nokia kinda went out the same way as blockbuster
Alexandr L.
Alexandr L. Aylar önce
Offended that Sony asked to return the phone) That at naming is pretty common whe a generation af the device meant. Now they have good sales, which means good phones
iPhone 4s4s4s
iPhone 4s4s4s Aylar önce
I use 329GB on my 10 years old iphone 4s!
SlainXP Aylar önce
Nokia hammer is killed by smartphones and iphones DAMN 😂
lenny Aylar önce
I have heard you say Continous Lapse in Judgement in multiple videos
David van der Sterre
David van der Sterre Aylar önce
"Nokia's death" Yet here I am watching this video on my Nokia 7+... Am I finally promoted to the afterlife?
Ray Aylar önce
There were many reasons why Nokia failed, 1 was because the company was too big, the bureaucracy, the in house fighting by different teams, no clear direction and finally, Stephen Elop, the then CEO at the time, a former Microsoft executive, him deciding to go with Microsoft operating system instead of Google
Knowledge 64
Knowledge 64 Aylar önce
I've watched your videos so much last year and this year too that some of your videos became a bit nostalgic for me. Such amazing videos!
Jenny Cummings
Jenny Cummings Aylar önce
L i e n o v o
Anonymous Aylar önce
Sony watching : write that down
SpinnerForever Aylar önce
I managed to get a samsung escobar lmao Same galaxy but cheaper....by a lot
Aaron poopoo
Aaron poopoo Aylar önce
The phonebloks are a really awesome idea in my opinion but it would be strange
DBS SOVA Aylar önce
Elon musk gave his son a better name (XAE.......whatever) than Sony did
Manto VK
Manto VK Aylar önce
Mrwhosetheboss:no game was made for the Xperia play Minecraft pe 0.1.0:am I a joke to you
EeveeDude05 Aylar önce
16:20 when Arun gets a job at Netflix
kashninja playz
kashninja playz Aylar önce
I had an xperia play... It really didnt do its job well
T Hays
T Hays Aylar önce
In all honesty, I was selling cell phones at the time and Apple phones were great but I wanted more variety in the market. So when the manufacturers for many of these phones came and promoted these phones as a great alternative to an iPhone, I was on board and promoted these to customers. Also, in honesty that honeymoon time period for all of these devices lasted a very short period of time until it was obvious how horrible most of them were.
Brayden O'Halloran
Brayden O'Halloran Aylar önce
You said sony looked the same for four years but how long has Apple been the same?
Atlantis Aylar önce
I had three Sony phones over the last few years and I really liked them, so I sticked to that brand. But when the THIRD phone died bc of sudden battery/charging issues, I gave up and switched to Samsung. I still have a very bad paranoia of charging my phone with any other charger than the one my phone came with, because I lost two of the three xperia phones by using the charger from a friend. Like I said, I think Sony makes good phones, but this ain't it, chief.
mui ke
mui ke Aylar önce
I am using an Exynos supported phone... I don’t get the criticism. It works fine even better than similar snapdragon support chinese phones that my friends use.
Chacha Game
Chacha Game Aylar önce
No one blame to Sony Xperia because Sony's made a perfessional smart phones For professional peoples I use Xperia and I realized this is the one of the best camera and best operating smartphones. I like Sony because iam fan of Sony
Ouuu a Burger
Ouuu a Burger Aylar önce
3:56 Legend have spoke why people buy iphone
What you didn't know about Apple.
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