Grian plays Minecraft... With a TWIST: 3rd Life - Ep 1

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Yıl önce

Grian starts a new series called 3rd Life - a minecraft experience with a twist. What will happen? We don't know. How long will it last? We definitely don't know. All we know is, this isn't anything like hermitcraft...

People in this series:


This is filmed in 1 session and means I can upload an extra video, have fun and it won't impact my other series (like hermitcraft). If you like this, please let me know!

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Silent User
Silent User 11 aylar önce
I wonder what 3rd life would’ve been like if grian didn’t kill scar with a creeper at the start…
ShadowSableye232 15 gün önce
Damn that would be a What If episode
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell 16 gün önce
I was just wondering the same thing
Erased Existence
Erased Existence 20 gün önce
@Lisa Turner bruh
Alexander Stamper
Alexander Stamper Aylar önce
It wouldn’t be interesting
FischMesser 2 aylar önce
still funny but plobably less
Em Silver
Em Silver 7 aylar önce
Grian: “scars been trying to make me take over the desert so no one can have sand” Everyone: *gasp* “NO! Cleo: *pulls out sword*
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 aylar önce
@M. Douglas *and a pineapple*
Hannah Sam
Hannah Sam 3 aylar önce
M. Douglas
M. Douglas 6 aylar önce
"Are you sure about that?"
Gianna Mullen
Gianna Mullen 4 aylar önce
Grian: "I'll be your servant until I loose my first life." 7 episodes later... Grian: *STILL HASN'T LOST A LIFE."
popikachu Aylar önce
spoiler alert
Mercy 7 aylar önce
The death of scar has been the best thing too happen imo. Seeing we got grian who does all of the building, traps and defenses. And we got scar, the man who van sell you everything. Even your own soul and everything you already own.
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug 15 gün önce
in exchange for your clothes
Riccardo Veres
Riccardo Veres 6 aylar önce
It must be really hot in the desert. Sooner or later Grian and Scar will be hallucinating and may see pineapples or something.
Riccardo Veres
Riccardo Veres 3 aylar önce
@Just call me Source More like sand bending
Just call me Source
Just call me Source 3 aylar önce
nah nah they'll learn cacti bending
Harper Bard
Harper Bard 3 aylar önce
Prem Meyyappan
Prem Meyyappan 8 aylar önce
Scar listing all the things he wants to monopolize: “Dark oak, sand, trees, grass, wood, the sky, turkeys, pineapples, other minecrafters, the color blue…”
sscyross 23 gün önce
ohh very clever
internet kitten
internet kitten 26 gün önce
internet kitten
internet kitten 26 gün önce
100dimonds for 1thing sounds like a good deal
Ninja cat1012
Ninja cat1012 Aylar önce
Flapcow Aylar önce
I see what you did there
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 6 aylar önce
Starting this after finishing last life... Scar: "Here.. safe house." I laughed so hard.
Mishka 6 aylar önce
I finished last life season 2, and decided to watch the first season, loving this series! 🍍
PULMANaryArchery 6 aylar önce
All caught up on Last Life and I need more!! Brilliant series already can’t wait for season 3 🍍
Vanilla_Cupcake 9 gün önce
Same here
Brendan 7 aylar önce
This is a great idea, and I can see it becoming a wider use game mode in the community. Also, thanks for the pineapples.
Jazzwell 9 aylar önce
This series is just like a pineapple. At first sight, it seems just very sweet, tasty, and innocent. But as you find out more about it, you realize that it's actually out to eat your flesh.
stick 23 gün önce
Vertigo Aylar önce
Bala Avijit Chaturvedula
Bala Avijit Chaturvedula 2 aylar önce
Hannah Sam
Hannah Sam 3 aylar önce
PineappleThePine 3 aylar önce
@elliott be fancy I am I start snorting and tear up for some reason
Yoy-Yoy 7 aylar önce
lmao this series is so chaotic and beautiful kind of like a pineapple, it seemed sweet at first and then *chaos*
Lydia Gerrald
Lydia Gerrald 2 aylar önce
stormysky Aylar önce
watching this after last life is strangely nostalgic, almost? oh man. time to binge this whole series almost a year later after hearing glowing pineapple reviews about it!^^
Sparrow T
Sparrow T 6 aylar önce
Hello Grian, I have no idea how this series will turn, or if what I'm about to say is about to become ironically untrue going forward, but I wanted to share my thanks for the quality content! I saw you win MCC; saw everyone routing for you and searched you up. I clicked on this series because it looked recent and was much shorter than starting from the beginning on Hermitcraft. I watch other SMP's -- but have been disappointed because it usually turns into a lot of adult humor, a lot of uncreative, vulgar language use, and it is less relaxing for me to watch. So far this has been wholesome and relaxing to watch, and can feel the excitement of where the future episodes will take us all! I appreciate a creator who doesn't have to swear to get a rise out of people, or to feel like they're putting more drama in their content. Swearing every two seconds doesn't make a better, more exciting video, to me it lowers the creativity. I appreciate you, see you in the next episode, and pineapple. :)
Cospaws 4 gün önce
Season 8 of hermitcraft was pretty short if you wanna get your foot in the door, and if you haven’t already.
haven! ୨୧
haven! ୨୧ 12 gün önce
nobody cares
Priti Chauhan
Priti Chauhan 6 aylar önce
Also, there's an SMP named "Empires SMP" which is also family friendly.
Priti Chauhan
Priti Chauhan 6 aylar önce
Theres a season 2 of this series going on. It's even more chaotic, and has some rules change too. You should check it out :) (it is called 'Last life')
Your favourite
Your favourite 4 aylar önce
“Do we have to bring the llama” YES, THAT LLMA COUSED ME TEARS
WafieSucks Yıl önce
"This is going to be a cooperative series" he said.
Danny Weiss
Danny Weiss 14 gün önce
"It's peaceful" they saud
IMTIAZ A 20 gün önce
“SCAR NO” he said
Thursday Brunch
Thursday Brunch 6 aylar önce
“Everyone is going to be working together” he said.
Drytjie 11 aylar önce
BlueBerry Hello :3
BlueBerry Hello :3 11 aylar önce
Dont want to team with scar he said
Infinite Donuts
Infinite Donuts 7 aylar önce
I can tell already I am going to love this series. Also, I like pineapples.
lenny 6 aylar önce
3rd Life seems very interesting. Excited to watch more. You know what else is interesting? Pineapples.
RedGolem 7 aylar önce
Loved the video will love the series and trying something new is always stressful! Especially for someone who the results effect heavily but I think this was amazing also what does a particular sponge live in? Hint: 🍍
Jitter Click
Jitter Click 4 aylar önce
After hearing about this series for months, I am finally watching it. I haven’t watched really anything of Grian’s before, and I am already enjoying this immensely. I also haven’t watched anything “hermitcraft” before, but I’ve heard of them. Anyway. On to finishing the video.
G Chap
G Chap 11 aylar önce
So basically this series consists of: -insane monopolies -“HeY tHeRe BrO!” -“SCAR, PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!” -and pineapples
Joel 3 aylar önce
@Mili Dasgupta i didnt know that actually
Mili Dasgupta
Mili Dasgupta 3 aylar önce
@Joel Grian is bread. Don't you know that mate?.
Joel 9 aylar önce
@The gachaverse r/woooosh
The gachaverse
The gachaverse 9 aylar önce
@Joel typo of grian
The gachaverse
The gachaverse 9 aylar önce
Bingus 7 aylar önce
Just became a fan, totally binging every series grian has made 🍍
som bowdy
som bowdy 3 aylar önce
Been watching you and quite a few others in this series for many years.. and seeing you all together, having fun and being your selves had me in stitches for a good part of the episode. Thank you! What a fantastic idea who ever came up with it
Sand 2 aylar önce
Love how fun you all are, one moment you all are friendly, the next moment it’s pineapple sword fights.
ElementKingaming 7 aylar önce
This series has pulled me in just as hard as pineapples does, i absolutely love it
Jade Hsin
Jade Hsin Yıl önce
grian: "this was supposed to be cooperative!!" also grian: basically assassinates scar
FallenPillow107 Yıl önce
No, he hired an assassin to kill scar and the assassin decided to commit suicide at the same time
Draconarious TheGamer
Draconarious TheGamer Yıl önce
I'm curious about playing this with people. Does anyone want to get on discord and try? Does anyone have info on how we could try this?
WarriorWolf 32
WarriorWolf 32 Yıl önce
Scar is a flint n steel to the creepers
Pop Cat
Pop Cat Yıl önce
Also grian: Also takes part in the battle for resources
Wyguy5 5 aylar önce
The episode that started the whole pineapple. From Third life, to Last Life, to whatever comes next.
Nico & Indy
Nico & Indy 4 aylar önce
Great series so far, can’t wait to see the animatics, I wonder if anyone is gonna make a pineapple joke in this series.
Janett Smith
Janett Smith 6 aylar önce
I love this series. It’s such an interesting concept. It’s like the scents “pine” and “apple”. A beautiful combination of hardcore survival and sheer chaos 😊
the epic K
the epic K 3 aylar önce
The start of something legendary
Gabriel Kumarasingam
Gabriel Kumarasingam Yıl önce
This is now the Hunger Games but people are pretending to be friends.
Sudev Yıl önce
Mike Yıl önce
@Stories Unshown yes
Charlotte X Noah
Charlotte X Noah Yıl önce
Lol yea
Alio Man
Alio Man Yıl önce
Good fun
Isla Shaykewich
Isla Shaykewich Yıl önce
Fake alliances lol until you kill each other right at the end
Mandy Berry
Mandy Berry 4 aylar önce
I love how I started watching Grian's content yesterday and I already love it with the same intensity that I hate pineapples. Heh.
Celarie A.
Celarie A. 4 aylar önce
I just found this series and I'm go glad!! So much fun to watch, definitely want more!!!
Erika Taniguchi
Erika Taniguchi 3 aylar önce
I came here after seeing amazing animatics about this serie. Never thought it would start in a Bang way. Also, it is crazy how a pineapple start all this thing.
MacBoy Gamer
MacBoy Gamer 2 aylar önce
Hi Grian. Great Series! This is the start of something amazing. I enjoyed watching you and scar take over the desert, where the sand is the colour of a pineapple!
TM 8 aylar önce
Grian: **creates intro explaining 3rd life** Almost everyone: "OUR intro"
FloralLuvui🤘 2 aylar önce
@Art’s Random Stuff 1.2k
Sophia Applehill
Sophia Applehill 3 aylar önce
I think g-man meant that to be since I think he's the creator of 3rd life/last life
Justachickenpassingby 5 aylar önce
Aaahh yes, *USSR Anthem Started Playing*
Art’s Random Stuff
Art’s Random Stuff 7 aylar önce
TM 8 aylar önce
@•1jy• yeah
RagingAngel 4 aylar önce
I'm re-watching this series :D loved it! I hope there will be more pineapple sour sweet series like 3rd life and last life.
Julie Caiveau
Julie Caiveau 3 aylar önce
man, this series looks great! i cant wait to see whats gonna happen next! well, you know how the sayin goes, when life gives you pineapples...
DiamondJackdaw 4 aylar önce
The session that started it all! To think that a simple creeper explosion could shape the course of an entire series... 🍍
The Motley System LIVE
The Motley System LIVE 7 aylar önce
It’s fun being reminded that you’re allergic to pineapples when your tongue is bleeding cuz someone gave you an ice lolly but didn’t tell you it was pineapple not lemon and you didn’t realise until you started eating it :/
Jorge Luis De Jesús Cruz Romero
Jorge Luis De Jesús Cruz Romero Yıl önce
I just love the fact that Scar went from really nice pineapple loving guy to full on arsonist
Ghost Crow
Ghost Crow 3 aylar önce
I like this comment but it's got 666 likes sooo,
zqraa ly
zqraa ly Yıl önce
@psalm hadassah dizon Dizon Oof
psalm hadassah dizon Dizon
psalm hadassah dizon Dizon Yıl önce
@zqraa ly no
psalm hadassah dizon Dizon
psalm hadassah dizon Dizon Yıl önce
@Ice Angel what is sbeaky
Ice Angel
Ice Angel Yıl önce
mrPumpkinDude 3 aylar önce
I'm just gonna watch this back while waiting for third live season three...
Stripes developer
Stripes developer 23 gün önce
This has to be my favorite thing youve done grian ive watched like a million times
MrTimmy 8 gün önce
Can't believe it's been a year, such an amazing series🍍🍍🍍
Bossboy2051 2 aylar önce
Amazing start to season 9 Grian :D , can't wait for the rest of the season
DMS Spins
DMS Spins Yıl önce
“This is not hermitcraft” Scar died first People are rushing to selling sand One group of people have a stupid monopoly this is hermitcraft with no rules
zixuan 3 aylar önce
I love how one of the reasons is "Scar died first"
Tao Annie
Tao Annie 3 aylar önce
no rules and pinapples
time traveler
time traveler 6 aylar önce
Anarcho-capitalist society.
Wong Ijen
Wong Ijen 6 aylar önce
luce 10 aylar önce
and no mumbo...
TheLegitPotato Aylar önce
Coming back here on the one year anniversary is just… wow. I’m hit with the emotion all over again, how great this series turned out. It feels like just yesterday I was scrolling through my phone excited to watch the new video you had posted. No time at all has passed since I was breaking into tears over the finale, and yet it’s been a year. One year. Time moves so quickly sometimes and now I’m getting emotional. Thank you, Grian, for making this wonderful series with all its highs and lows and beautiful stories. Thank you for being the reason it exists
merly bowyer
merly bowyer 3 aylar önce
rewatching the old stuff when you feel down is the best
Edubot 3 aylar önce
after finishing season 2, i watched this, its as good as season 2
Melissa 7 aylar önce
Pineapple! I came here from Last Life and it gives a whole lot more context to what's going on. I love these mini series!
Zoe 1
Zoe 1 9 aylar önce
Grian: hopefully I'm not overloading you with information Me whose already fixated on this series: no no. Go on, Grian from 4 months ago
Shiloh curtis
Shiloh curtis 6 gün önce
Me: Go on grian from over a year ago
chaotic.courtjester 10 gün önce
Lmao I've rewatched this so many times already and I'm here again
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug 15 gün önce
xalis 3 aylar önce
yes please do go on grian from 9 months ago
seineevee 3 aylar önce
Haha same
Cana Via
Cana Via Aylar önce
Just watched the second season and was sad that there was no more so I came back here. Definitely keep making more! Uh... Pineapple lol
PatraciousYT 24 gün önce
the Third Life and Last Life series are a true masterpiece
Zydeco 6 aylar önce
I love seeing the chaotic yet peaceful collaboration of Hermitcraft but it’s so much fun to see the friendly aggression that will come from this absolute pineapple of a server. Interpret that as you will.
Alex Roberts Hu
Alex Roberts Hu 7 gün önce
Loving this series!!! Also, pineapples are so freaking good! Not the canned ones though. Those are gross and sad. Also, cold pineapple is best pineapple
Quebby Yıl önce
Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a second: We all knew scar was gonna die first, no matter what the cause ... 🍍
Jade Rush
Jade Rush Aylar önce
I've known the guy for an entirety of 35 and a half minutes, and I can fully attest to this
Lydia Gerrald
Lydia Gerrald 2 aylar önce
If you want to know what “Pineapple” means, watch till the very end of the video! After the screen goes black!!!!!!!
Lydia Gerrald
Lydia Gerrald 2 aylar önce
Love it!!
Oliver Schulte
Oliver Schulte 7 aylar önce
I also wanted to comment that🍍
BoisBallin 3 aylar önce
I like how everyone wants the red stone expert on their side xD
vi Aylar önce
HAPPY ONE YEAR 3RD LIFE !!!!! one of the best smp’s ever
Alex Maksimov
Alex Maksimov 10 gün önce
can't wait for the next series, miss the chaos 🍍
Elizabeth Kook
Elizabeth Kook 5 aylar önce
Of all the things to monopolize on. They picked the best. Dark oak, saplings, sand, pineapples. Amazing. Love you Grian and all the content you make!!!
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