Alvar Aalto documentary

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condominio la ligua

5 yıl önce

Aalto Alvar documentary

Lakshay Bansal
Lakshay Bansal 8 gün önce
Can the video be re-upload in higher resolution?
Software Aprendiz
Software Aprendiz 17 gün önce
lo quiero en español :c
Insectus Finnicus
Insectus Finnicus 2 aylar önce
Alvar Aalto was a good man. 🇫🇮
Joy Derose
Joy Derose 2 aylar önce
Great quality he had
Paulina Poli Palian
Paulina Poli Palian 4 aylar önce
Great documentary. Thank you Wish there would be more information on his wife. They have been married amd working for over 24 years together. That's almost same as his solo career (or career with his second wife) seems like he was lucky to be merried to very talented women. Way too easy to make a mistake who made / designed/ had an idea about what. Wouldn't you say?
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira 7 aylar önce
Modern art is fraud.
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira Aylar önce
@Ape Only roamntic and figurative art are beautiful.
Ape Aylar önce
@guilherme silveira It doesn’t have to. It looks beautiful. Especially picasso or jackson pollock paintings.
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira 4 aylar önce
@Rod Scott French newspaper Figaro was crtics against Degas and others modern artists.
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira 4 aylar önce
@Rod Scott In 1975, Arthur Clarke and Nobel laureate Saul Bellow talked about the two cultures notion. Did you know that?
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira 4 aylar önce
@Rod Scott And also Rod, remember C.P. Snow said decades ago about the two cultures: science and arts. John Brockman say about the third culture, wich combines both, literature and science.
felipe 9 aylar önce
whats the name of documentary?
David Deivid
David Deivid 2 aylar önce
How babies are born!
Pedro Karst Guimaraes
Pedro Karst Guimaraes 10 aylar önce
Nature was his everything!
Eljas M
Eljas M Yıl önce
Aaltos biggest mistake was the Enzos building, i hope they move the ”sugar block” as we call it in Helsinki, to a more suitable place some day. It just dosent fit there and it destroyes the historical areas harmony.
MA Estúdio Arquitetura
MA Estúdio Arquitetura Yıl önce
Beatriz de Azevedo, veja
leo fallon
leo fallon Yıl önce
wonderful documentary - thank you !
Mark sevi
Mark sevi 2 yıl önce
he was very good architect
Mr. Indie
Mr. Indie 2 yıl önce
Alvar was my grandmothers uncle. My great grandparents emigrated from Finland to Minnesota in the early 1900’s. Cool to see a documentary on him.
Jason Arjun
Jason Arjun Aylar önce
dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Just google for it if you care
Ape Aylar önce
Your grandmothers uncle had a great taste
Miguel Almeida
Miguel Almeida Yıl önce
Big mistake from your grandparents
Ardan Ozguc
Ardan Ozguc 2 yıl önce
thank you for the documentary
GH1618 2 yıl önce
I’ve seen Aalto’s library at Mt. Angel seminary, Oregon, one of only two works in the United States. Worth a visit if you are in the area.
遇藍 10 aylar önce
I also want to visit there after this pandemic. I had been to Rovaniemi and Seinäjoki city libraries, they are stunning!
Jölk 2 yıl önce
Suomi perkele
delineo delineo
delineo delineo 3 yıl önce
Gran Maestro e inolvidable legado ...Bravo
coreycox2345 3 yıl önce
Adoro i suoi mobili, delineo FYC.
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 3 yıl önce
Anyone else here on account of 99 Percent Invisible? I get the impression that Aalto would have come to like skateboarding... Maybe confusion and initially thinking it was a nuisance, but I think he'd have come around to the idea.
shadowmax889 3 yıl önce
i am
angelicons 3 yıl önce
so many ideas in every thing he has laid his hands on. amazing
wawa zuzzy
wawa zuzzy 4 yıl önce
Simon Kefas
Simon Kefas 4 yıl önce
I'm impressed how much he produced in design and architecture, comparing him to the other big "Finnish" architect Eero Saarinen.
Nikola Lalev
Nikola Lalev 4 yıl önce
Touching video about a man of dignity. Respect!
Axel Black
Axel Black 4 yıl önce
superb. thank you.
Amy Laraman
Amy Laraman 4 yıl önce
Anyone know where I can get a transcript? I can't understand some of these names and places
Simon Kefas
Simon Kefas 4 yıl önce
Amy.. read up on Aalto and you'll get all names correctly. It's all well documented..
He 's great humanism architect.
Arquitectura Cálculo Estructural
Arquitectura Cálculo Estructural 5 yıl önce
master builder
condominio la ligua
condominio la ligua 5 yıl önce
omg sweet
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