Minecraft, But Enchants Are Custom...

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Minecraft, But Enchants Are Custom...
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Mogi 9 aylar önce
I read the thumbnail wrong and thought you could unlock a Technoblade enchantment
Jerzey K
Jerzey K 10 gün önce
@Fire Ball Gamer yes he is
kylyn isbister
kylyn isbister 15 gün önce
That would be called blood for blood god
Sumirah aulia
Sumirah aulia 17 gün önce
Sharp start
Sharp start Aylar önce
@Drake Joseph bruh he is legit an adult like dude 7y old? He plays with a TRshowr named shark they are both adults
REACTIONTIME 4 aylar önce
Can we just apraciate how much effort nestor puts into these intros👍👍👍
Mid Jelly
Mid Jelly 6 aylar önce
Tbf rusty kinda useful. I'd say it would be higher than dirt tier. Maybe use copper to get it?
james brent villalobos
james brent villalobos 3 aylar önce
its a glow lichen used to light some of the caves and also used for confusing the players that they see diamonds but its the glow lichen
superawesomepayton 6 aylar önce
9:46 its glow lichen, used to light up caves, you just cant see it because your gamma is maxed
Savannah O'Reilly
Savannah O'Reilly Aylar önce
imsooooohapy 9 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate the animations that he makes in 2 days? He deserves 1 million likes and 1 million more subscribers
Devanie Piper
Devanie Piper 2 aylar önce
1T more subs and 999B likes
Marlon Masters
Marlon Masters 5 aylar önce
Marlon Masters
Marlon Masters 5 aylar önce
that is so true
Silvan Schilder
Silvan Schilder 7 aylar önce
It’s funny that every time he opens a chest or crafting table or whatever with the pickaxe u see the sound blast particle thingys
Phyu Zin
Phyu Zin 6 aylar önce
ilona warren
ilona warren 7 aylar önce
Every video he makes he misses one Emerald that everybody can see
Vijaya Kolnati
Vijaya Kolnati 3 aylar önce
Lol right 😂
shawana baker
shawana baker 5 aylar önce
SPECIMEN15 5 aylar önce
I saw 3
Emu9x 5 aylar önce
HallowJack07 2 aylar önce
I like how he didn't react to finding multiple emerald ores in a row lmao
Oofyness 6 aylar önce
book: use on chestplates nesterio: hmmm *uses it on boots*
Ben Bryan
Ben Bryan 9 aylar önce
Loving the new intro style keep the quality content up
Brent Tosun
Brent Tosun 4 aylar önce
me to
Volaralt2 17 gün önce
Man I remember when Nestor was a UHC guy...good times
Kanan 7 aylar önce
Nesterio: finds emeralds Also Nesterio: doesnt find diamonds
Jaxson Action
Jaxson Action 7 aylar önce
Doesn’t he know that smithing tables are a thing?
hyperbeam 6 aylar önce
And later in the video when he is out of wood, he suddently got 39 logs!
J K 23 K
J K 23 K 5 aylar önce
And also he got suddenly more netherite ingot when he went back trough the portal
pro facts
pro facts 5 aylar önce
@Nestormelikis ya
Nestormelikis 6 aylar önce
And also in the beginning he gets 7 raw gold even though he has autosmelter on his pick
Sunny sighroha
Sunny sighroha 6 aylar önce
And instant 70 levels of xp several time in the vedio
Chocolate Thunda
Chocolate Thunda 6 aylar önce
Wisam 7 aylar önce
Nestor: By the time i finish this battle i feel like the dragons gonna be gone
Lavethan's Channel
Lavethan's Channel 6 aylar önce
It'll take 45674 years
Oscar Evans
Oscar Evans 23 gün önce
I love how you just walk straight past a rare axolotl
Rishabh Mittal
Rishabh Mittal 6 aylar önce
The devs couldve used dead coral for leaves and basalt for tree logs for the heatwave enchant.
Rishabh Mittal
Rishabh Mittal 5 aylar önce
@Devarshgaming what?
Devarshgaming 5 aylar önce
Jiosi leftinent ke rup mein bhi nahin kar u
DefeatedZoro 4 aylar önce
Can we get the datapack download link for this? It looks epic
John Pearson
John Pearson 9 aylar önce
i love the fact nestor just casually read the text on the spike ball 1 enchant while he was being attacked by a baby zombie
Panda Club
Panda Club 5 aylar önce
Nester: Philza who?
Lindsay Morris
Lindsay Morris 7 aylar önce
Nestor you can upgrade iron items with a smithing table
Silvan Schilder
Silvan Schilder 7 aylar önce
9:49 it’s from the new 1.17 update forgot the name it gives a little bit of light from where it’s hanging it’s kinda useful but also not xD
Currently Anyone
Currently Anyone 6 aylar önce
“Let’s dig down and hope for the best!” And that was the last he was heard from
10 - Miscericordia - Lord Aries Fuentes
10 - Miscericordia - Lord Aries Fuentes 7 aylar önce
I love how he do "minecraft but" in hardcore more
Luke VanderHart
Luke VanderHart 9 aylar önce
The intros are incredible they look great
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra 7 aylar önce
Says he wants diamonds, walks right past them
Skylar Humphreys
Skylar Humphreys 9 gün önce
Can we just appreciate what xnestorio is doing for us he is take time out of his life to make awesome videos for us sub to Nestor
Name your game
Name your game Aylar önce
I like how you said higher levels means stronger levels at 28:03
Axel The Axeletl
Axel The Axeletl 7 aylar önce
9:48 how did his level just go up instantly
Zara Hashmi
Zara Hashmi 6 aylar önce
He cut the vid
D'TOP FUN & FACTS 6 aylar önce
Because of his sword that every hit give exp so he must did kill a lot of mobs
ClosingPython86 9 aylar önce
This is a insanely awesome video nestor. Keep on going
José William
José William 2 aylar önce
Ian Jessen
Ian Jessen 5 aylar önce
احمد صميلي
احمد صميلي 7 aylar önce
Tess Young
Tess Young 17 gün önce
Using chunk mining, you leave only lapis ore (that means you don’t mine it) but mine other ores and blocks.
Bluish 7 aylar önce
9:47 that is called glow lichen it spawns naturally in the caves in dark caves it glows that's why it is called glow lichen
Nash Warfield
Nash Warfield 2 aylar önce
The thing that you're asking about was if the cave is dark I can just Light It Up
TheTaco TCG
TheTaco TCG 5 aylar önce
Why do all of your intros have better animation than most movies nowadays
Clutched 9 aylar önce
For the emerald teleport thingy I decided to name it the teleportald (Emerald+ Teleport) Maybe Nestor could use this name
dancing purple guy
dancing purple guy 2 aylar önce
nestor: got a stone cut clean pikax also nestor: throws it away 10 sec and makes an iron one me: why just why
stormbossYT 8 gün önce
keep it up nester! best Minecrafter ever! has not died once in any of his videos.
Salina Shaly
Salina Shaly 6 aylar önce
i love how these animations are
Tooba Siddiqui
Tooba Siddiqui 6 aylar önce
actually good
SamiPro2000 2 aylar önce
The emerald should be called like teleporter or something like that
Harsh Aggarwal
Harsh Aggarwal 9 aylar önce
The intro and video are getting great day by day
Angie Playz
Angie Playz 5 aylar önce
You should call the emerald telecrystal
Izolatot 5 aylar önce
You Asker about what a thing is. (It is all around the caves) It is a glowing lichen. They glow and you can have them in your inventory if you cut them of with shears
CHROME LAMBO 2 aylar önce
what mod were you using for these custom enchantments?
smireni waifu
smireni waifu 7 aylar önce
How... how you found 10+ emeralds in one cave?
totoroki 9 aylar önce
let's give a round of applause for his intro
Jayden official
Jayden official 5 aylar önce
man being confident to be in hardcore
Marcelina Szychowska
Marcelina Szychowska 7 aylar önce
im here just for the animation and your voice: 'oops i didnt pay attention guess ill go watch memes' i dont want anybody to think its hate its just... no jokes and no action
pickle pile
pickle pile 2 aylar önce
can we actually play these mods? they look so awesome!
Pan_pierogg 5 aylar önce
Nestorio can you give us link to the plugin or datapack or mod in description?
Jackson the Minecraft surviver
Jackson the Minecraft surviver 5 aylar önce
Your mods are awesome! Xnestrio,you should be ruler of minecraft!
Hannah Kilgore
Hannah Kilgore 4 aylar önce
My favorite enchantment in regular is fire aspect.
interstellar 6 aylar önce
the things in caves are called glow lichen
StickySquad Aylar önce
Anyone know where i can get this datapack, i wanna play it, NEstor makes it look sooo fun
Angie Playz
Angie Playz 5 aylar önce
I love how when he used the shield he went OH OMG THAT SO COOL then seconds later ok not bad
Angie Playz
Angie Playz 5 aylar önce
FRANCIS CABANIT 4 aylar önce
The intro can be par on the godly animators
Junior Charlery
Junior Charlery 6 aylar önce
I’ve been watching him for months and only just realised I wasn’t subbed 😂
Gile 6 aylar önce
Spezor_Gaming 6 aylar önce
@Junior Charlery nice
Junior Charlery
Junior Charlery 6 aylar önce
@Emo Bunny Kid watching this dude😂😂😂
Emo Bunny Kid
Emo Bunny Kid 6 aylar önce
Tisk tisk tisk what have u been doing with ur life
kyle williams
kyle williams 2 aylar önce
Hi there nester, my name is Kyle and I currently doing some research on 2 screen readers. ; The 2 screen readers are nvda and Jaws. Jaws stands for job access with speech, and nvda stands for non visual desktop access. Both screen readers have pros and cons, and I have to exanin them.
HRX GAMING 9 aylar önce
Watching him make it feel like Christmas.
Intrifo Gaming
Intrifo Gaming 9 aylar önce
Anuj Chahar
Anuj Chahar 2 aylar önce
the enchants on the bow made the nuke more powerful because i have tryed the normal nuke
Jesi Rasheed
Jesi Rasheed 6 aylar önce
Legends see the mod name when opening crafting table😎
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