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디자인 및 자막: RM
작품 설명: RM
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@astormyday1313 Yıl önce
We need a travel show called “Namjooning”. It could be weekly or monthly, where Joonie chooses a place in Korea to take us. It could start with a bike ride, and end up with maekjju and food.
@meliaelpa Yıl önce
@jasmine0613 Yıl önce
I am all ready for it
@kirikanan Yıl önce
He's busy preparing for his comeback.. or mixtape?
@lavi707 Yıl önce
Where is the petition???
@carolinacamara3669 Yıl önce
@GCO1214 6 gün önce
Namjoon, seu sorriso é muito encantador
@user-mh9ig2cz2p 5 aylar önce
It's wonderful to see how intelligent and educated rm is, I admire him, apart from being famous and handsome, intelligent, what more can we ask for❤❤
@nisha-ve3dj 4 aylar önce
@sristi9127 4 aylar önce
My calm person, getting to see how he spend his days is so relaxing. Namjoon is biggest star of the world but is still just a simple person who loves art & is a shy, intellectual genius man. I'm so blessed to have found him💙
@dorehoba9674 6 aylar önce
I love it when namjoon suddenly goes all goofy and starts playing around, he seems so down to earth. he gives me a sense of peace/comfort i swear
@izabelagoncalvespereira1687 11 gün önce
@claireagustinepiad2192 Yıl önce
Namjoon’s vlog is so therapeutic and calming. His vlog makes you feel like you are travelling with him + his vlog are so aesthetically pleasing + he himself is so calming to watch. Really really love this guy.
@shilpashetty709 Yıl önce
I totally agree with u
@btsarmyqueen7777 Yıl önce
mn bhi@@shilpashetty709
@karinaw.1937 Yıl önce
Me too!
@robinsongonzalezrivera4405 Yıl önce
bts mi armi
@arlm49 Yıl önce
@user-df7xn3hg2z 15 gün önce
Nam es tan hermoso en todos los sentidos. Ver este vlog me hizo recordar que la vida es solo una y que debemos vivirla como queramos. Gracias a su natural personalidad pude disfrutar un agradable momento, me brindó tanta paz que lo volví a ver. Te amo Kim Nam Joon, eres increíble.
@user-ec2bp6ud6m Aylar önce
Maravilhoso sucesso RM vc é muitooo espacial saranghae Nanjoom ❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🇧🇷💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@user-mt2yh6ke6w 10 aylar önce
가끔 심심할때마다 들어와서 봄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남준이 은은한 광기가 너무 웃김
@user-qv9nz5dd3s Aylar önce
Что касается Джуни, хочу знать все. Очень интересный, умный, разносторонний, чем больше его узнаю, тем больше восхищаюсь.Спасибо что ты есть, хоть и далеко.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@amandachaves4934 5 aylar önce
Namjoon transmite tanta leveza e tranquilidade. Que delícia assistir esse vídeo, dá uma paz. 💜💜
@bangtankookie6625 Yıl önce
True fact: Everyone agrees that seeing RM smile can make our days better
@user-tv7ex8je7i Yıl önce
@user-ph8if5uf7i Yıl önce
@jeonkavita97 Yıl önce
💯% agree🙂💜💜💜💜💜
@angelixjae13 Yıl önce
@kerryjones9912 Yıl önce
Agreed ❤️
@MinMonse_jeonjoon Yıl önce
La sencillez con la que viaja, el como disfruta todo ,es tan observador, su voz es tan relajante , sin duna namu es el compañero de viaje y de vida que todos merecemos, amo verlo tan feliz y sobre todo relajado 😍💕💜
@faunalrealm 7 aylar önce
We should make petitions for RM to make more vlogs like this... It's so soothing and Calming, with free museums visit
@kd2919 5 aylar önce
Bro, like almost every month I come here and re-watch this again and again and it never gets old. this vlog gives such a cosy and homey vibe that its comforting to watch it. Keep it up, RM.
@annadavidova4087 Aylar önce
Песподобный ,милый, самый красивый и вообще самый самый !!!Ты успокаеваеш мое сердце и заставляешь его трепетать когда я вижу тебя ! Спасибо за то что ты есть !!!❤❤❤
@Daniela-sd5ht 11 gün önce
Estos vlogs me encantan la parte en donde ponen los subtítulos es genial siempre me hace reír Por favor Namjoon deja que Namjoon hable libremente a mi si me gusta escucharlo kjjjjjjjkk
@kittykapai9276 Yıl önce
Watching RM "Namjooning" was so healing. There were museums, green nature, animals, food. Everything that a Vlog needs. The captions were hilarious. Still laughing out loud cause of the "shoplifting look" xDD Thank you Namjoon for sharing your travel experiences with us. Love to see more in the future. Big love from ARMY
@elisatambalo4897 19 gün önce
Grazie a RM conosciamo arte e cultura del mondo che si fondono con la musica e il talento dei favolosi 💜💜💜💜BTS
@silvaniaaraujosilva801 2 aylar önce
Eu sou cada vez mais uma admiradora do grande artista que é o RM, ele é muito inteligente, culto além de um grande cantor e dançarino ele é educado, gentil e ainda gosta de arte e leituras. Parabéns Namjoon pelo grande artista que você é,❤❤❤👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜e muito obrigado por esse vlog maravilhoso eu amei cada detalhe.
@estoucomsono 2 aylar önce
Eu acho uma paz enorme assistir os vlogs dos meninos, eles parecem ser pessoas tão incríveis!🙁 Eles são os únicos que me ajudam quando eu estou sobrecarregada de problemas no meu dia.
@DdayOutNow 21 gün önce
Namjoon apologizing to the slide is the most Namjoon thing💜I love him so much! He makes my heart so soft
@proyectobcr2982 5 aylar önce
Maravillosamente bello viaje querido Namjoon. Un placer poder disfrutarlo contigo. Eres una bella persona, gracias por ello.
@thebestleaderinthefuture4851 Yıl önce
normalize liking RM not only because their visuals , but because he is talented , amazing , beautiful , precious peoples . World cannot describe how amazing hi is .
@GriffinZambia Yıl önce
Ok dont read my name!😑
@qj1283 Yıl önce
@bibilopezsabando1710 Aylar önce
Hermoso NAM Creo que empiezan a gustarme los museos ❤
@jennyparis591 10 gün önce
@annadavidova4087 Aylar önce
Совершенство Намджуна , ну как его не любить !?Невозможно наглядеться на тебя 😊
@user-kp6lt8wb3q 7 aylar önce
남준이는 단순히 아이돌을 넘어서 멋진인물의 표본같은 사람임 세상무해한 웃음에 똑똑하고 현명하고 지혜롭고 지적이고 넓은마음을 가진 게다가 섹시는 덤으로.. 이 한사람안에 좋은거는 다들어있다고 보면됨 덤벙대고 뿌시고 하는것쯤 가진거에 비하면 아무것도 아님ㅋㅋ이남자 출구따위읍따..
@IclalYuruk-iu3uq 2 aylar önce
ㅠㄷㅜ ㅜ므ㅓㅐㅐㅜ수 ㄴㄷㅍ히ㅑ냐ㅛㅑㅜ 21:44
@Evanthebat15 2 aylar önce
RM is so fun to watch, I really enjoyed the commentary. Some things I've learned, RM is a foodie, has great taste in art, is super chill/ down to earth, adorable yet cool, even better sense of humor and loves animal, also has the best voices and gives us a lot of popular references like Harry Potter and Ratatouille❤️
@luvBTS7 Yıl önce
Hanging out with Joon is so relaxing, so comfortable. He has such an open and friendly nature, really eager to share his interests and knowledge. How could we NOT feel like the best of friends while watching? Love him!
@esperanzaaguilar8456 Aylar önce
Un año de este viaje Namjoon, Eres un ser maravilloso, divertido, inteligente y muy alegre. Felicitaciones por ese Tour que nos hiciste. Que tengas muchos viajes a otros museos y sigas con muchos éxitos
@kellimccallum7595 11 aylar önce
It must be nice and peaceful to walk around in a place where people probably don't recognize you as much. Then you can enjoy yourself. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Namjoon. Enjoy! All the food looked yummy!
@namjoonswhite-stripedcrab 2 aylar önce
Watching this again since it was first released, he is even funnier and more endearing the second time around. 🥰. I bet the person accompanying him is having the time of his life. 🤓😂.
@dayanaleal5097 11 aylar önce
De verdad gracias Kim Namjoon por mostrarnos todo lo que hiciste en Europa , me encanta todo lo que mostraste , te amo Nam 💟
@AnaLaraVillanueva 11 aylar önce
Namjoon eres una persona que fácilmente podría amar hasta la eternidad.
@evergreen4114 Yıl önce
Amo ver estos vlogs, la vibra de todos es diferente pero de alguna manera, la energía en general es similar, POR FAVOR SIGUE DISFRUTANDO LO QUE TE GUSTA, NAMJOON-IE, TE AMO♡
@roxanaveramiranda8745 Aylar önce
❤❤❤❤hermoso lugar y las obras de arte me encanta RM
@FatimaHernandez-zz5kk 11 aylar önce
I don't know why but I always have/want to watch namjoon's vlogs. I love them, I like to see how he enjoys life in his own way and as he wants.
@teresakaczmarek3855 11 aylar önce
like the vlog a lot. Through the eyes of a tourist and an artist, Namjoon showed the galleries and the city teeming with life in a simple, natural way. And that's adorable. I think that soon these memories will be changed into words and music.💜
@Joyceluveslilac Yıl önce
I have never been interested in Art, but RM showed me that Art doesn't have to be boring, when there are rich histories behind them. Whenever he is by himself, I think RM likes to clear his mind and enjoy the peaceful time.
@JuliaM-sv6fk 2 aylar önce
Rm😊🎉так здорово с БТС прожить их обычный день🎉🎉🎉супер
@alexacatalanv.4412 Yıl önce
NAMJOON ES TAN BONITO QUE ME DA TANTA PAZ. Su material es muy boyfriend material y siento que estoy con él acompañándolo
@WendyRoqueTrt Yıl önce
Mm lo mismo
@andreacorona9341 16 gün önce
Quiero pasar mis tardes contigo Kim Namjoon ❤
@pathansen7270 21 gün önce
Thank you for taking us on this excursion with you. It's always fascinating to see new things through RM's eyes.
@NancyRodriguez-bw1zd Aylar önce
Disfruta tu Paseo y gracias por compartirlo.
@banqtan 8 aylar önce
Nunca me cansaré de ver los vlogs de namu, sus días me resultan muy relajantes y productivas 💜 TE AMO MUCHO NAM!! T_T
@theresadimarco764 20 gün önce
I understand that this trip happened awhile ago, but it still felt like Namjoon took us with him. I have never been able to travel or vacation anywhere. So, this was really fun & beautiful. I am elated that he had a chance to go traveling & enjoy himself without being mobbed. Namjoon, I hope you get a chance to go do this again before enlisting. It does your spirit well. Be at peace & know how much you are loved. 💜🤗
@taejagiya Yıl önce
It feels so nice to see them living like a normal person and having fun, enjoying themself .. always be happy and healthy dear boys.. whatever happens army's are always be with you guys.. we will love you and support you forever..
@MbitaChizi Yıl önce
Ok dont read my nam!!😑.
@Princemol5asta Yıl önce
يارب إليك بحق إسمك الأعضم أن ترزق صاحب اليد التي ستدعــمنـــي با متابعة ورزق لاينتهي وتوفيق لانهاية 💖🕊️.
@Princemol5asta Yıl önce
يارب إليك بحق إسمك الأعضم أن ترزق صاحب اليد التي ستدعــمنـــي با متابعة ورزق لاينتهي وتوفيق لانهاية 💖🕊️.
@yesimabtscrazyfangirl5068 Yıl önce
@nilamdevi5777 Yıl önce
Hii rm you are so cute 🥰🥰🥰
@nadbor70 2 aylar önce
С удовольствием смотрела, спасибо огромное Намджун. Я так думаю, ты лидер теперь не только ребят но и наш, ваших фанатов тоже, а это на в скидку примерно пол мира. Намджун, провези пожалуйста своих ребят после вашего возвращения по миру вот так же, это было бы очень классно, так здорово. Спасибо, не покидайте нас пожалуйста❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@pamelacolman1317 10 aylar önce
RM... thank you for sharing a little of what you love and making us part of it. . 🥰🥰
@moniyarmy2023 Yıl önce
Nunca vi a nadie disfrutar tanto del arte como lo hace namjoon te a.l mi tesoro sigue disfruta de esos lugares algunos raros para mi perfectos para ti 💜 🇺🇾🐨
@ozyfo8184 9 aylar önce
I have to say it. Rm’s vlog was the most interesting and entertaining one. I enjoyed it so much, I can’t believe myself that was only 30 minutes only
@user-hi6ej5nv6r 11 aylar önce
당신이 한국인이라 너무 자랑스럽습니다. 그대의 인생이 언제나 안전하고 행복하고 만족감만 가득하길 바래봅니다.
@user-iq6mi5ti5d Yıl önce
Seeing Namjoon talking with dogs, birds, ducks and hedgehogs is so funny....it shows how effortlessly funny and adorable he is. 😆✨
@carpediem6099 Yıl önce
that's why he's the leader of BTS, because he can talk to everyone, even cows, dogs, sheep sculptures... he's the best!!! 🙌🙌
@aamna2452 Yıl önce
he really is the snow white😭
@madelynmunoz981 9 aylar önce
5:05 Namjoon pregunto si era bonito el tatuaje ¡¡Pues claro que lo es!! Y talvez si sienta algo de envidia jajjaja Luego, 5:13 'El tatuaje fue un presagio' jajajja tan divino jajja 15:42 Do you know BTS? Jajjajaj Divertido jaajja Creo que repetí más de tres veces la parte de Namjoon en el tobogán jajaja Los subtítulos del video son tan divertidos jajaja
@carmensanchez-army 4 aylar önce
RM trasmite mucha tranquilidad Cuando RM empezó a bajar el tobogán tenía el volumen al 100% Ayuda
@melinapoma6251 Yıl önce
Amé la respjes de Hobi al decir que quería que esté álbum fuese 100% suyo, mostrando qué puede hacer él y posta que nos voló la cabeza con su talento 💜
@synaraf 5 aylar önce
Namjoon, j'espère te revoir en 2025...D'ici là, fait nous écouter ta musique et viens nous parler un peu de toi de temps en temps... J'espère que tu es heureux et que tu profites bien de ton temps pour faire les choses que tu aimes;
@Pau-nh5op 11 aylar önce
Namjoon , tranquilamente podría amarte toda la vida, eres único
@for_enhatan Yıl önce
this is so heartwarming in every way there is. surely it was a healing trip for joon as he was able to go to places he wants to visit and do what he wants but i hope he knows we are as much as healed as we watch this. namjoon, thank you for letting me see such sights through you. it's also one of my dreams to visit such art galleries and museums, so this really makes my heart feel so full.
@user-hv6ym5kr6p 11 aylar önce
참 멋있게 산다.. 저 나이에 일반적인 루트(대학) 무시하고 자기 하고 싶은 것으로 세계최정상 오르고, 자기 좋아하는 미술, 책에 맘껏 몰두하고... 멋있다~~~ 내아들도 자기하고 싶은것 맘껏 하고 살 수 있기를...
@user-nk2hc2nt4q 10 aylar önce
아들 있는 엄마들의 공통된 생각인가요ㅋㅋ저도 제 아들이 RM 처럼 컸으면 좋겠어요ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@sunshine-yb7no 2 aylar önce
흔한 아미님들 생각... 나랑 결온해 듀오.... 메이비...
@sunshine-yb7no 2 aylar önce
​​@@user-nk2hc2nt4q 내가 RM이라면 답변.... 내 아들이....나처럼 컸으면.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ....미끄러진 손....
@mcelderasilva 4 aylar önce
Ele é muito charmoso, humilde, tranquilo e atencioso, é maravilhoso. Tenha uma vida feliz
@b-army43 4 aylar önce
Nossa, rever esse vlog me deixa com o coração quentinho❤ A rotina do meu Lord RM me traz uma paz e me enche de felicidade, só de poder ouvir a voz namjoon me sinto sortuda e feliz, ele me traz muito conforto nos meus piores e melhores dias.
@iemdomingo8294 9 aylar önce
Beautiful scenery, amazing arts and Namjoon touring us such timely moments,thanks RM 🤩💗💜
@Annu-jf1vk 3 aylar önce
So cute Rm ❤❤❤💜💜💜
@dayzee8447 Yıl önce
The vlog is relaxing and comforting. Namjoon is very funny without even trying.. Thank you Namjoon. It's so nice that you had fun and had this break...
@selena_yoongi 4 aylar önce
Espero convertirme en una gran artista,gracias a ti estoy comprendiendo y aprendiendo muchas cosas,muchas gracias Namjoon por todo,por llevarme a museos en los cuales no puedo ir❤❤❤
@martapiazza 6 aylar önce
So interesting, he loves art and design and is so precious that he shares his passion. He really is a intriguing person. When I watch his vlogs, time flies. I would love to know more of your mind Namjoon, you're so stimulating, unique being just yourself. Love
@aa._.nchalll 10 aylar önce
Namjoon vlogs are pure comfort and calming and plus I get to know new things too from him
@aarmyofbts 5 aylar önce
Namjoon sinto falta de mais vlogs 😢❤❤❤❤❤
@VeronicaMendez-nf3th 4 aylar önce
RM hombre inteligente, atractivo y talentoso ❤
@MrsKimNamjoon Yıl önce
Watching him doing this like a normal person made me smile like crazy the whole time. I'm sure he had a great time. More of this, Namjoonie please. 💜 I love you, you inspire me to keep going.
@jsjm-xb8cd 9 aylar önce
아렘님 철저한듯하다가 어설프고 똑똑한듯하다가 허당이신 정말 흔치 않은 매력 👍
@marcapi1447 9 aylar önce
Gracias RM por compartir Los momentos mas bonitos con nosotros
@niki97973 Aylar önce
Wooow recién veo este video disculpa Nam T-T soy baby-Army y me estoy poniendo al día con algunos videos de BTS que no habia visto o que me faltaba ver🥺💜
@Armybts.5472 4 aylar önce
Vengo siempre que puedo! Me encanta la personalidad de mi lider, sus gustos hace que mi corazón se emocione! Gracias por hacerme sentir viva! Te amo
@corinnedupre7691 2 aylar önce
Bonjour nouvellement abonné à votre chaine , vous êtes un artiste dans l’âme vous avez fait un joli voyage en Europe je suis heureuse pour vous l ’art c ’est fantastique ça fait travailler l imagination et la contemplation. Merci d avoir pu partager ce moment agréable avec vous . Bonne continuation dans vos projets respectifs 🌺🌺🌺
@SugArmyy Yıl önce
To the black swan : “You’re gonna thrive in the future, don’t feel down” 🥺 he’s absolutely an adorable human being! Talking to animals and even the dogs coming over to him 🐶💓
@strawberry_milk3976 Yıl önce
Omg I love ur vids
@yEoNjUnSoHaNdSoMe_ Yıl önce
i literally just watched your recent video lol😂💕
@roguespartan1194 Yıl önce
Hello, SugArmyy!!! Love your videos, and Namjoon is indeed one adorable human being. 💜💜💜🥺🥺
@lzr09 Yıl önce
Finally found your comment😂
@pragyatiwari9865 Yıl önce
Omg.. Sugarmyy I love your videos !!!!! ❤️
@aneu_offx 5 aylar önce
Namjonnie kau luar biasa!! BTS and ARMY Forever
@user-de9yh4ml7h 11 aylar önce
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개인적으로 방탄에서 석진군이랑 남준군이 투탑으로 웃기거같음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ미술관에서 미끄럼틀탄다고해서 보러왔습니다 기대를 저버리지않네요
@user-ub6dw8ug4e 10 aylar önce
진심 너무 잘생겼어 ㅠㅠ
@style-writer 9 aylar önce
동감입니다. 그림같은 미모죠 쭌이
@user-jh5gu7le7h 6 aylar önce
RM que spectacular, lugares hermosos lo disfrute mucho, eres my amiable en compartilo, eres un caballero my especial ❤.
@sandramontes2697 Aylar önce
Hasta hoy lo he visto 😊❤ bello y divertido mi bais😂😂😂 podran haber mas pero nunca como el hermoso
@rakshadharmadhikari470 Yıl önce
Namjoon roaming on streets like a normal person is everything 🥺🥺💜💜💜💜
@marcapi1447 9 aylar önce
Fue un Paseo Estupendo que hermosos gustos tienes lncreible Nam RM Paisajes museos.
@NancyRodriguez-bw1zd Aylar önce
Lindo viaje R.M.❤
@user-lt7ec9ir1p Yıl önce
RM씨 생각보다 재밌는 사람이네요...
@park0914 3 aylar önce
진짜 달방 한번만 보면 대박이에요 웃겨요 아니그냥 웃겨요 진짜로
@mercedesgarcia6608 5 aylar önce
Gracias por compartir el arte, cultura y paisajes de cada país que visitas, un contenido de mucho aprendizaje y de ensueño.❤🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪
@imagina_conbts07 Aylar önce
Namjoon mi humilde standard ✨💜💜 mi tipo de hombre perfecto
@threesubeh Yıl önce
Me encanta ver a Namjoon feliz y relajado . Su hermosa voz logra transmitirlo a través de la cámara. Estos fueron 34 minutos de arte, tranquilidad y Joon en todo su esplendor.💜
@angietolentin2136 Yıl önce
lo mejores 34 minutos de mi dia por ahora, me falta ver a TXT en el lolapalooza
@K1995thv Yıl önce
La voz de nam es muy relajante
@bluejaneberry Yıl önce
Increíble la manera en que Namjoon me transmite tanta paz
@nathaliemancilla6593 6 aylar önce
I really love this vlog, time went by so fast, I love seeing how you enjoy sharing your knowledge, I laughed and relaxed at the same time, I love you Nam, thanks for being you.
@MrNovikova2011 7 aylar önce
Такой уютный и прекрасный влог Намджуна. Как будто путешествую с ним по местам - выставка, природа и достопримечательности.
@ParkSeoHamStar 23 gün önce
Loveee U Joonie Beautiful Heart, shining as Always!! Take care, Stay healthy, safe and be Happy Always and Forever! Awaiting 2025 🇰🇷🫶🫰🇵🇹💜
@patyalbornoz126 Aylar önce
Namyoon , estoy muy feliz de seguirte y de quererte, eres mi orgullo. Te quiero y te admiro.
@taekukaslatam6857 Yıl önce
Que culto e intelectual que es nuestro Namu, encima es tan dulce y hermoso, como no admirarlo y amarlo mucho, cuidenlo por favor... Este hombre es arte.
Exacto toda la razón en un sólo comentario 🥺🤙🏻
@yoonmeow-zy5vr 2 aylar önce
@yymm2575 10 aylar önce
RM이 보고 싶어서 자꾸 이 영상을 보러 왔어요.아주 좋아하는 동영상입니다.사랑합니다
@evacastrocastro5608 9 aylar önce
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