North Korea and the triads: gangsters, ghost ships and spies | FT Film

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A convicted gambling tycoon, a Hong Kong gold trader, and a racing car driver from Macau: the FT and think-tank Rusi reveal some of the individuals behind a network connecting Chinese criminal groups to North Korean oil procurement and intelligence operations which help to sustain the country's military and nuclear weapons programme
00:00 Gangsters, ghost ships and spies
00:55 Why oil?
03:40 Tracking the ghost ships
06:16 North Korean defector
07:44 Loyalty to the leader
08:03 NK turns to criminals
09:22 UN oil cap
11:04 Sanctions ramp up
12:20 The triads
12:50 Intimidating ship crew
14:03 Why Hong Kong?
14:27 Gary To
15:53 Alvin Chau and casinos
16:44 Broken Tooth
20:05 Macau
21:37 Sun Tit Fan
23:26 China and North Korea
26:57 Nuclear North Korea
28:32 “They were seen as a joke”
29:08 Who is to blame?
30:36 What can be done?
33:39 Rights to reply
#northkorea #triads #kimjongun #gangster #ghostship #spies
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@ambition112 4 aylar önce
0:37: 🚢 This is a story about how the triads facilitate the oil trade that keeps North Korea's weapons program alive. 5:52: 📚 North Korea relies on illicit activities, including arms trade, drug trafficking, and counterfeit money, to generate revenue and support its regime survival. 11:02: 🚢 North Korea evades sanctions by teaming up with organized crime groups, such as the triads, and smuggling oil through Hong Kong. 15:53: 🔍 Suncity Group, a gambling business operated by alleged high-level members of the triads, is accused of running illegal cross-border gambling rings and having connections to organized crime groups. 20:22: 🕵‍♂ A detailed investigation reveals connections between North Korean intelligence, oil-smuggling operations, and Chinese banks, raising questions about China's role in allowing criminal activities under its nose. 25:08: ⚠ China and Russia have been excusing and justifying North Korea's aggressive behavior, putting the Asian region and the world at risk of conflict. 31:46: ! The speaker suggests that the global community should treat North Korea's nuclear program as an organized crime problem and increase international law enforcement cooperation. Recap by Tammy AI
@ChrisSprenger. 3 aylar önce
Woah nice job !!! Thanks 😊
@ninrotladiferencia1845 2 aylar önce
You got cocaine?
@ChairmanMeow1 8 aylar önce
I always wanted to know how in the world they found money to pay for their nuclear program... this went a long way to answering that. Great content.
@tommytse23 8 aylar önce
Same, this is not fully completed. More info needed
@johnnynomoney 8 aylar önce
It’s awesome when you have people like these that are willing to look deep into things to find out and expose them.
@fightwithdogma 8 aylar önce
@@tommytse23 watch The Mole: Undercover in North Korea (2020)
@kevinmacisaac4856 8 aylar önce
I believe there a sun - city casenio in Richmond BC. Canada
@damotourettes 7 aylar önce
This is truly insightful, vigourously researched and wonderfully presented. More content like this please FT!
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
It give no details on intermediate tankers from Taiwan (@ 2:47)...
@maestrovso 7 aylar önce
Excellent investigative journalism by FT as always.
@DabloEscobud 8 aylar önce
You guys kill it on your investigations and documentaries. You guys should focus on content like this!!!!!
@dday14044 8 aylar önce
Seriously…nothing this good anywhere else on TRshow
@kevinmacisaac4856 8 aylar önce
Yes vary good information
@user-be1jx7ty7n Aylar önce
Incredibly refreshing doc on North Korea. Stark difference compared to the dime a dozen repetitive superficial travel docs. Great job FT, your long form documentaries have been amazing lately!
@colinandrew89 7 aylar önce
Truly amazing the dedication and intelligence these guys have
@ryanreedgibson 8 aylar önce
I am blown away by the detailed content in this one docu. Perfect length and extremally important content.
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
It give no details on intermediate tankers from Taiwan (@ 2:47)...
@comfortablesofa 8 aylar önce
Nice job - please make content like this on an hourly basis.
@Black-Rat 7 aylar önce
Nice job, you completely answered a lot of questions about North Korea and how they get their economy working, loved the video keep up the good work...
@johndoo5 8 aylar önce
I want to push the like button 100 times, well done, FT! One question, what can an viewer do? whenever I watch a great journalism like this one, I come up with this question.
@bobhill-ol7wp 6 aylar önce
@randomguy7175 3 aylar önce
If you didn't know this was how it was happening till today.. that's because what you watch , so dumped down by media even a basic documentry you would feel like a great job.
@randomcon123 7 aylar önce
What I’m curious is why then the Chinese government, seemingly in full support of the North Korean trade, suddenly decided to bring down Sun City and their owner, Alvin Chau. Would be great if you guys can delve into that and see what was the reason of his demise
@chinaboss6683 7 aylar önce
Because he crossed me. Never do that, ever. 😎
@toveduncan-jones2954 7 aylar önce
Tentative answer from experience in China analysis: The Chinese government has a number of different interests, both domestically and abroad. Note that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by in large dictates the State's policies. 1⃣ The entire regime requires public trust; to maintain the belief that the population is better off with the CCP in charge than without. One of Xi Jinping's main directives since his first appointment in 2012 has been his (largely successful) anti-corruption campaign. 2⃣ Additionally, in upholding its assertion of power, the Party feels the need to "remind" people that nobody should see themselves above or better than it and its great leader - a rather Confucian characteristic of hierarchy. 3⃣ Finally, the government in Beijing has intensively tightened its grip on Hong Kong in recent years and attempted to bring it closer to the mainland politically, culturally, and economically. ⏩These three elements as well as the country's international image and intentions may be some of the reasons behind the crackdown on Sun City and Alvin Chau. Hope this helps, or at least provides an interesting read 🙂
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
Simply because the triads deals with unlawful acts.
@beepseatsfindingfoodtreasu8756 7 aylar önce
​@@peekaboopeekaboo1165or quite simply, he screwed them. china retaliated. Just like that. It's just business.
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
@@beepseatsfindingfoodtreasu8756 PRC doesn't do deals with the triads.
@m.a.d.4104 7 aylar önce
So much emotion in one voice. The first time I heard Charles Bradley sing was a live on radio cover of the Black Sabbath ballad 'Changes', and he knocked it out of the park.
@aryammansahlot4415 8 aylar önce
Ft films are BEYOND amazing please increase the frequency by posting more ❤
@TSquared2001 8 aylar önce
The depth of reporting here is amazing.
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
They intentionally missed something...It give no details on intermediate tankers from Taiwan (@ 2:47)...
@reve-rv4lv 8 aylar önce
This is one of the real contents we all should care about. Thank you Financial Times!
@TheMrFishnDucks 8 aylar önce
Great documentary. Keep up the good work.
@lukasrobinson4077 8 aylar önce
Beautiful work Financial Times! Please keep it up!
@roro-mm7cc 7 aylar önce
This is an inevitable side-effect of the sanctions imposed on the country. As you stated, its economy would be plunged into chaos if its oil supply were to be cut off - this would likely mean mass starvation for the populous. Given this necessity and the lack of legitimate means to purchase oil, it's inevitable that this will happen. Why not just remove the sanctions? They clearly haven't worked; if anything, they've only made matters worse both for people living inside the country and those residing outside - i.e. those harmed by the state-sponsored crime resulting from the sanctions.
@akhayrulina 4 gün önce
Pride. Same with the Cuban sanctions. People are suffering while nations continue on with embargoes and sanctions. It’s sad.
@daydays12 4 aylar önce
Another excellent report by the FT! Disturbing, but bravo!
@jcymngo 3 aylar önce
Others have broken this story. North Korea accidentally leaked documents.
@shroomspls 8 aylar önce
Great show, do more of this!
@BibinBCherian 8 aylar önce
More like this please, can't get enough.
@LONEWOLF-rq5tl 8 aylar önce
Oh,this world is coming to an end in a few weeks and I'll make sure of it,so STAY TUNED!!!
@leannelivingston6751 7 aylar önce
​@@LONEWOLF-rq5tl bum Ok I'll , No
@sagejeanettebrown4920 8 aylar önce
I won’t lie, I am impressed by their methodical tactics
@user-xo6ck9ys6m 3 aylar önce
Now THIS right here is *REAL* journalism!
@mikeoleksa 8 aylar önce
That last question, "Is this something we're going to have to learn to live with?", should have already been answered a long time ago. The World has been "living with" threats of nuclear armageddon since Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima by Enola Gay on August 6th, 1945. All through the Cold War, and even into the current war in Ukraine, there has always been some Country with a Leader that has an itchy trigger finger and making nuclear threats. I'd say it's a bit late to start learning, it's part of mainstream life at this point.
@johnanderson591 7 aylar önce
All technology is a double edged sword 🗡️
@Mark-vn7et 3 aylar önce
Well to be fair the USA never intimidated with nuclear weapons they just dropped it. But how sad it is that was something that needed to be done, imagine how many deaths there would have been if japan did not surrender.
@JC-Finance 8 aylar önce
Someone should write a movie script about this!
@calebederoure 8 aylar önce
Good investigative research! Financial Times proves again the best source of information !
@carrioncrow8191 7 aylar önce
What a great documentary It is good to see someone linking NK to organized crime
@joshn2342323 2 aylar önce
Amazing research and content. Bravo!
@chrisrose_krii_lun_aus 7 aylar önce
Finally somethings not talked about on any other documentaries. Some things I had no idea about. Great doc
@Boc3phu5 8 aylar önce
It's so sad to see that all this investigation and effort into the businesses of other countries and peoples stems from our fear of a country who does not wish to align with Western values. Therefore not knowing what they do intimidates the Western countries to then engage in actions Which yet isolate more our ability to communicate with other countries Don't understand what they are doing to work better together.
@DineshPeiris-bd4uc 3 aylar önce
But I love this documentary, you guys done a really good job, we must give you that credit.
@sands7779 7 aylar önce
Good investigative reporting. North Korean regime also funds nuclear program with ransomware attacks particularly on healthcare and cyber theft from cryptocurrency exchanges. US cybersecurity & infrastructure security agency issues advisories on cyber threats including from North Korea.
@Steveinthailand 5 aylar önce
I have a close North Korean friend who studies post-grad here in Vietnam. She also teaches Korean part-time. In her little NK community in Vietnam none of them wanna defect. In fact, they have to unofficially enter back into North Korea and then again out when returning home for a trip (due to official border being closed since Jan 2020).
@Losfhc 3 aylar önce
@SlickSoulja 7 aylar önce
Truly fascinating how strange North Korea is. I’m so sad for the people and how badly they’re oppressed. I pray for all North Koreans 🙏
@shmick4203 7 aylar önce
Have a look at the poor zombified addicts walking around with their flesh rotting down in Kensington ave Philly
@josebarretto7023 7 aylar önce
Same done in phil d past 6 yrs dudirty. dela rosa. bongok regime of impunity.
@SNEZNA9 7 aylar önce
You’re not. If you we really, you could try to know the people there. For you this video is like Nickelodeon , so superficial
@SNEZNA9 7 aylar önce
It’s different from what you know, but it’s not STRANGE
@SlickSoulja 7 aylar önce
@@SNEZNA9 how can I get to know them? We don’t have many here in Canada
@debuniinnocent4491 8 aylar önce
Imposing sanctions on a country means you don't care about the ordinary citizens because it is them who suffers from such measures.
@KennyG-qh8jc 7 aylar önce
Extly and why should the US decide these matters for everyone.
@Melange2 7 aylar önce
@@KennyG-qh8jc They get to decide because they have the power to do so
@mug3188 7 aylar önce
@@Melange2 Exactly, if they don't like it then do something about it
@syjiang 7 aylar önce
What policy then, oh wise one, would you advocate for? Criticism is easy, how about you offer some alternatives? Was it wrong for countries to sanction apartheid South Africa in the 1980s and just continue doing business with them?
@shaunward1891 7 aylar önce
Respect to the shop keeper
@NPJGlobal 2 aylar önce
outstanding piece of investigative journalism!
@fintan9218 7 aylar önce
I remember watching a movie that had criminals that used that same torn bill method, they tore a $100 bill in half in the movie. Cant remember what crime movie it was, ive seen so many lol.
@blitzerblazinoah6838 7 aylar önce
Red Heat
@fintan9218 7 aylar önce
@@blitzerblazinoah6838 yup, that’s it
@patriqduma9884 7 aylar önce
What happened to the journalist is exactly what would happen to me as a kid when my mom would send me to the shop to buy some stuff and next day remember to ask me for my change....I would stutter and make no sense😢😢😢
@mananpandya1397 8 aylar önce
Everytime I see an intelligence dude come in and say something with absolute conviction, I remember the "credible evidence" of WMD's in Iraq.
@reee_4067 8 aylar önce
😅😅😅😅 that does not fit their narrative
@edvardthomson7264 8 aylar önce
Still searching...
@esr243 3 aylar önce
Having served twice on UN panels, this resonates …
@loudspeakers3469 7 aylar önce
Great work FT.
@Gravillo_Princip 7 aylar önce
Tbh most of what was said is pretty obvious. On the other hand you can’t be antagonistic to the same people you need to secure the sanctions imposed it’s just ridiculous
@tatjanaarandelovic9555 5 aylar önce
That's excellent journslism! There will be always ways to avoid sanctions because of greed crime and money. But I recently saw a documentary that showed the circumstances in which the North Korean soldiers are living. They are called in for forced labour, their food rations have been shortened and shortened. So , yes it's the 4.- maybe now the 3. biggest army standing. But how on earth could they ever fight? And - like in other totalitarian regimes not all we see about their amazing weaponry is the truth xxx
@DC9848 8 aylar önce
Perhaps the oil transported in these illegal vessels could become deteriorated and eventually break some of the machines the oil is used in.
@winbrooks75 7 aylar önce
The editing on this is spectacular.
@kennethblachlyjr3040 8 aylar önce
Though there are a lot of "globalists" on here it's a good documentary on the "official" stance of the global community towards DPRK. Though I feel the Mads Brugger film "The Mole" starring Ulrich Larsson is the beat way to get a feel for DPRKs clandestine activities
@doscassette871 7 aylar önce
This is the kind of content the MSM needs to leverage its considerable financial assets to produce.
@markim5087 7 aylar önce
Why isn’t this on national tv in the USA , ? or for that matter everywhere, we need shows like this on prime time tv , it might push our government to block and stop this.
@TheSixYardBox 7 aylar önce
Wow this is proper conspiracy stuff with real evidence and real people talking about it. Amazing insight.
@johnjanpopovic4813 3 aylar önce
@TheSixYardBox 3 aylar önce
@@johnjanpopovic4813 you mean allegedly I think
@Owl-of-Minerva 8 aylar önce
Excellent analysis.
@EventH 8 aylar önce
Since the 1950s, North Korea has been subjected to economic and political sanctions imposed by the United States and other nations. Would North Korea embarked on a path of developing a nuclear arms program and engaging in illicit activities had it not been subjected to these sanctions? While it is pertinent to consider the impact of the sanctions on North Korea's economic and political development, analogies have been drawn between the aftermath of World War I, where the actions of the victors are believed to have paved the way for the rise of Nazism, and the actions of the West post-Korean War, which some argue may have played a similar role in North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons.
@ThriftyCHNR 8 aylar önce
100% correct
@thijndeveer2592 8 aylar önce
This is true, America, with the largest and best funded military in the world ever and by a large margin too, still has their biggest military training right on the border. Practicing how to invade north Korea. Sanctions will mainly hurt the population and not the leaders. Additionally (north) Korea has had hundreds of years of occupation or domination pre Korean war. They made the promise never to be controlled again and they kind of just did that. Finally if you destabilise the Kim regime too much, wouldn't that increase threats of nuclear violence, God forbid the regime falls and all of the warheads end up on black markets and in the hands of the actual crime groups.
@schneejacques3502 8 aylar önce
@@thijndeveer2592 Maybe north korea should stop attacking south korea
@thijndeveer2592 8 aylar önce
@@schneejacques3502 they don't attack south Korea, there are always tensions on the border but not outright attacks
@Irishskaterboy123 7 aylar önce
I’d imagine the United States, China, UN etc are pretty happy with NK receiving some small level of oil in order to prevent a nuclear armed country from descending into abject chaos
@DottorHealer 7 aylar önce
Last time I checked, tankers are quite vulnerable to torpedoes
@igiwarcraft 3 aylar önce
Excellent video and to be quite frank - pretty concerning.
@user-bj7wj7ip5b 3 aylar önce
excellent investigative journalism
@mirisot5919 7 aylar önce
At least 5 occasions from 2018 to 2020... let's say 20 or 30 occasions/// still not enough... big deal! great job investigating the case!
@reymarktariao2883 8 aylar önce
More content like this 🚀🔥
@midimusicforever 7 aylar önce
Good coverage, keep exposing evil!
@jeremycompton3010 7 aylar önce
Fascinating clip, well worth watching.
@kvman6410 3 aylar önce
Sanctinps clearly are to enforced appropriately and worlds governments are really interested enforcing international laws.
@poorsillyboy 8 aylar önce
It’s an awfully deep burrow to go down, yes there are criminals many are not criminals some are even religious heaven forbid! just ordinary folk trying to survive and cash in on a rare commodity for that region and to assist North Korea survival nobody wants to wipe them out Nobody!!! That’s what makes this situation so very sad :(
@markim5087 7 aylar önce
Makes me wonder when this stuff was written ,and when and if it’s all still going on, or is it worse..
@rookie_ 8 aylar önce
Good journalism.
@FoxPandaTV 7 aylar önce
Best investigation ever. You are the best.
@alternativeview99 7 aylar önce
Necessity is the mother of invention.
@kirkperryhora7025 7 aylar önce
Of course, where else would they get their resources? - Great content FT
@jimhoran5445 7 aylar önce
I love how every country says they are upholding the law! Yet North Korea keeps on going just fine!
@Martin-mg9fx 7 aylar önce
The Thing with the Banknote doesn't make sense I don't doubt that North Korea is trying to bypass Sanctions but two Ships stopping Side by Side so that they can put the Note together? Sounds insane
@rdham8647 6 aylar önce
With technology and AI it's the only way to be sure there playing at a high level so it's Game On
@faizrizahi3456 8 aylar önce
As a rule for journalism stay as unbais. Thanks for the report fellows.
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
It give no details on intermediate tankers from Taiwan (@ 2:47)...
@johnnybegood3017 7 aylar önce
N. Korea has every right to do whatever it takes to conduct trade --- it's their sovereign right to do so. And I applaud them for doing so.
@epic6434 7 aylar önce
He's got a country concentrated on the engineering and those pirates are elusive, no one knows why they got in the cold war
@princebuster93 3 aylar önce
It makes me laugh, that the Governments of the world act as if they don’t know who these high end criminals are, why, they are their foot solider’s 😅😅😂😂
@pathat8869 8 aylar önce
North korea also does illicit activities(drug smuggling,weapons smuggling,counterfeiting,insurance fraud,cyberattacks,etc)
@sbludba 7 aylar önce
Sounds a lot like America.
@michaelmccray3207 8 aylar önce
I like how the nuke missle video they cut out the guy lighting the fuse and running away... makes it look almost real
@NeverlandSystemAngel 8 aylar önce
At some point we should consider all these sanctions are NOT working and kind of driving a lot of this. We don't allow ANY alternative to criminal actions like these... Not that NK is good, they're not... but we NEED to consider maybe walking back some of the sanctions and allow things like food, medicine, fuel... things that COULD help the everyday person get a better standard of living than "barely surviving". Until THEY can stop to THINK about anything other than not starving to death... they will NEVER be able to consider their plight and situation, much less recognize the abuses they're suffering in any meaningful way to think about opposing them.
@monkeyking-self-proclaimed7050 3 aylar önce
And what factor are you using to determine good. The US has destroyed so many countries during this last two centuries and bullies so many. If owning nukes is bad, it makes the US bad too. Last I check, the US is the only country that used them. If you were NK, it is pretty foolish not to have any nukes considering what the US do to countries that don't have them.
@numbersix8919 7 aylar önce
Next time do "the US and the Cartels." Thanks!!!!!!!
@jazilzaim 8 aylar önce
Excellent video! Thank you Financial Times!
@harbinger6562 3 aylar önce
My question is if UN is a positive organization why is the establishment checking to see if sanctions are hurting 🇰🇵💙🤔
@lemonrand1 7 aylar önce
Sanctions are like warning letters given to murderers
@user-fu7qg8mq5v 3 aylar önce
it would be strange if a mysterious torpedo hit the ship
@hadhad69 7 aylar önce
That thing with tearing the note must be a common Chinese thing I remember Australian drugs smugglers were caught and that was part of the evidence
@peekaboopeekaboo1165 7 aylar önce
Nah... it's universal thing.
@michjesto2038 8 aylar önce
I knew how the north Korean economy was subsidised by a lot of elicit activities... but selling pirate dvds in 2023!!??.... now tht needs to be applauded 😂
@1972dsrai 3 aylar önce
You have to get your oil from somewhere I guess and it doesn’t give the N Koreans much option but to work with the Triads who have smuggling in that region locked down. If they didn’t the whole country would grind to a halt. If that were to happen it might be a good time to attempt a military coup or invasion, but that has it’s own headaches as it could bring China into play.
@paulcoffey359 8 aylar önce
Has no one here heard of the Pong Su? It's 20 years ago. My mate was sitting having lunch on a remote part of the Southern Australian coast when ha saw the ship 'offloading'. Next minute, there were special operations police popping out of everywhere.
@thetruthserum2816 7 aylar önce
The decision to end American involvement in the Korean War was made by President Harry S. Truman. In April 1951, Truman relieved General Douglas MacArthur of his command in Korea due to disagreements over strategy and public statements made by MacArthur. Truman also began seeking negotiations with the North Koreans and Chinese, eventually leading to the armistice agreement.
@michaelarnold9445 8 aylar önce
Some people think that the world can't do without evil people😮
@Mark-vn7et 3 aylar önce
No evil people means no conflict, no conflict means no economic money. So it’s not like they are wrong. I don’t think Europe for example would be so prosperous without WW2, it gave way to many opertunities
@NEuX 8 aylar önce
Very sad and underrated doc The Mole: Undercover in North Korea
@NEuX 8 aylar önce
still going on to this day!!!! today..
@kristenhansen5010 8 aylar önce
I have to admit that thos is the single deepest dive I have EVER come across into the DPRK. Scary deepest. Good job.
@redsamson5185 7 aylar önce
the united states militarily occupies the southern part of the korean peninsula. the dprk uses the possession of nuclear warheads to give the united states and nato a deterrent. libya got rid of its nukes, and nato successfully invaded libya. this is why the dprk won’t give up its nukes.
@Saichenyang 7 aylar önce
A nation without arm isn't a nation. A country without economy isn't a country.
@firestarter1888 8 aylar önce
ft video content has got a lot better.
@Avaricumstudios 5 aylar önce
North Korea will never give up it's weapons program....never
@ignaciopazgarcia5370 8 aylar önce
@michaelgrobshteyn7049 8 aylar önce
I would suggest , Russian Federation through China, supplies oil and oil derivatives, plus grain to North Korea , in exchange for military supply. Fact well known. I wonder why FT did not reveal this in their video ?
@commie5211 20 gün önce
Russia borders NK, go get a map.
@sindobrandnew 3 aylar önce
2:57 gotta admit, that they are creative.😂😂😂
@YoungAtlas 8 aylar önce
So we’ll done. Entertaining and informative
@brinjoness3386 8 aylar önce
Not as detailed but Roger Cook did an awesome episode on the HK triads 30 years ago. Search "Roger Cook reports hong kong triads"
@jasonroberts2049 12 gün önce
Who has any right on earth to tell another other group what to do, what is right, what is wrong... when was the last time North Korea started a war in a foreign land?? What has North Korea ever done in this world???? I think the rest of the world is flat out dumb.
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