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Flying Wheels

2 yıl önce

Is it ok or wise to buy a car truck or suv with really high Mileage does it save more money if a vehicle has over 150,000 or over 250,000
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how much many miles mileage is good for a used car what are the best per oil change to buy for sale near me how many miles does a car last can a car last 200,000 300,000 500,000 or a million miles? cars that dont or wont last long reliable and unreliable motor transmission engine is it ok safe to buy purchase a car with a lot of miles

DJ the G
DJ the G Yıl önce
A used car salesman telling you not to worry that the car has high milage...classic.
Mary McMann
Mary McMann Yıl önce
Just bought a 2005 Toyota Camry to replace my totaled 2001 Camry. Everything you talked about was true. The 2005 had 4pages of service records, one owner, & 163,000 miles. The inside was well maintained & clean. Bought it for $5000. Although I had planned to drive my 2001 Camry, which I bought new, for another 10 years, and had only 115000 miles, I had to trade it as salvage. I sure do miss that car but I think I made a good decision on the 2005. By the way I’m a 77 year old lady but did my research well.
I'm melting!
I'm melting! 2 yıl önce
I've learned more off of this channel than a 100 other channels combined. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make theses. I especially like the insider , how to and tips . 👍🏽
mopar0IIII0jeep Yıl önce
I was in the automotive industry for almost 20 years as a dealership technician. The job took its toll on me physically and now I am looking at getting a dealers license and start reconditioning and reselling cars. I feel confident that I know what to look for and really found this video helpful. You have hit the nail on the head with everything you have said. The one thing that concerns me with buying higher mileage cars to resell is the potential buyers ability to obtain financing on a high mileage car. I know many lenders are leary of approving loans if the mileage is high. How do you address this?
Mark Crew
Mark Crew Yıl önce
This guy has a lot of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to selecting a used car these are the same exact things that I look for. I wish you would do a video on what to look for in the engine for example I always take off the oil fill cap take a flashlight and see what the rocker arms look like if they are gunked up then it means the oil has not been changed also check the dipstick but there are multiple multiple things to check under a hood to see if a car has been taken care of. Hopefully he does video on that too. Great knowledge thank you.
EagleAutoshop Yıl önce
Agree on the highway miles concept. Short trips in the city are much harder on vehicles. As a professional technician that has been in many engines you can't beat simple maintenance for longevity. Unfortunately the down side of the rust belt is we cannot prevent them from rotting and becoming unsafe. Thanks for the video Craig.
Seba Tarth
Seba Tarth 2 yıl önce
Great points. It does sound small but 2 keys is a great sign that the car has had responsible owners. Wheels and mods can tell you a lot as well. Cars can't reach high miles without having some major components replaced and good maintenance, so you might be getting a better car with high mileage than some with low mileage that are getting dumped before major service intervals kick in (timing belts, clutches, etc.).
GMoney Yıl önce
These videos are very informative. Thank you for posting them and telling us how the car business works. Knowing all of these facts also helps me understand that a dealer has a lot of costs involved. It's nice knowing all of the gritty details that your video shows about auctions and stuff.
SleepEatDrive 2 yıl önce
Last year I bought a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with 205,000 miles. I now have 220,000 miles and it has been the best vehicle I’ve ever owned!!
martin sloan
martin sloan Yıl önce
Two things I stay away from:
Jaime Rincon
Jaime Rincon Yıl önce
The quality of the content in this video is absurdly amazing great tips and advice
Claudio Pinto
Claudio Pinto Yıl önce
When I start watching your videos, it's impossible for me not to watch it till the end. Every second of them is pure and genuine content. Thank you!
Intheb0x414 2 yıl önce
Man, AWESOME tips! I've NEVER thought of looking at the pedals, some of these tips are common sense, no brainers. BUT, even I didn't even think of them when looking! So going forward I'm going to utilize all of them, plus my own checks that I do. Thanks Craig! You're channel never disappoints my friend. You're videos are always informative and great. No matter what it's about!
rr186650 Yıl önce
Sir, thank you for this video. Very enjoyable video to watch and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and wisdom versus hiding it like many other people!
Jim Eadie
Jim Eadie Yıl önce
I had a 2008 Volvo S60 with 160k....was like new. Great car! I also have a 2010 Jetta with 125k, also almost perfect with a timing belt change at 100k. It is all about how they were card for.
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Yıl önce
Great video. Just FYI, you don't need to hold the key fob when you start a Mercedes like you would with a car key. You can basically just flick it into the on position and let go. The car will start itself. Thanks again for the great video. Great information.
Hugh Seagraves
Hugh Seagraves Yıl önce
I've never really taken care of my cars but the older I get, the more I realize how profitable it is to take care of your cars.
Aziz HACHIMI Yıl önce
Great great video Pal! I am afraid to buy high mileage cars: I paid 4k$ more than average price for a 2014 MB C300 last October, but it only had 15k miles and I am happy with...It was and still is as new: it just had her 2nd oil change and drives absolutely perfect! I generally buy my cars between 20 and 40k miles and I have never regretted it...I will however have no problem buying a Toyota/Lexus with high mileage if it in excellent condition...Word of advice: stay away from any high mileage German car, especially if it was not well cared for!
Thomas63r2 Yıl önce
It was traded in for a reason - and the dealer taking it in on trade wisely decided to off it in an auction. One huge problem plaguing used car buyers right now is that around a 1/4 of dealer used cars suffer from odometer rollbacks (not just older cars, but newer ones with digital odometers). High mileage cars are rarely serviced by branded dealers (often they have no service history other than when they were new). When you buy a used car that seems to need a lot of repairs a little research may show a mileage discrepancy. Sorry
Natgas F
Natgas F 2 yıl önce
The Best Buy there was the older Lexus with 76k. I could drive that for the next ten years for chump change.
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