Jeanne Robertson | The Rafting Story (Uncut)

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Yıl önce

This is the complete, unabridged story of the Eight Day Rafting Trip. It is from the DVD/CD Flat Out Funny.
A shorter, edited version was released in April 2010 entitled “Don’t go rafting without a Baptist in the boat.”
Jeanne is on SiriusXM Radio as well as Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes and many other internet sites. Her official Website is Jeanne's official website

@mimidavis2686 Yıl önce
Loved hearing the uncut version of this story! I both laughed and cried. The world lost a wonderful amazing woman who dedicated her life to making people laugh and taught us to look for the humor in less than humorous moments. She’s on my list to meet in heaven when I get there. 🙏 🕊
@vickieburks4105 Yıl önce
Me too
@Anakhrahn Yıl önce
Oh, me too!
@amandam5683 Yıl önce
What! she passed?
@carolelangat-fortune4557 Yıl önce
@@amandam5683 Yes She did 😒🥲, last year
@IMWeira Yıl önce
She's on my list too. No idea how I am just now hearing her. What a great humorist!
@sharonbricker759 Yıl önce
This woman had the most unique sense of humor..she was awesome
@juliamurphy713 Yıl önce
@FayeBailey Aylar önce
Yes, she was one of a kind!!!
@jeannegilday8959 Yıl önce
'God is testing you and the rest of us got pulled in on it'. Rest in peace.Thank you for sharing your gifts of story telling and laughter.
@smiththomson95 Yıl önce
Hello Dear How are you doing today?
@lynday 10 aylar önce
@@smiththomson95 There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them.
@kathydixon3716 Yıl önce
She was one of the best storytellers I've ever known, thank you Jeanne!
@lynday 10 aylar önce
anthonydereck298@ There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them
@gfscfinance8866 Yıl önce
I came to this country 30 years ago as a late teen to get my masters in the south, clueless about the history, clean slate, and welcome in both communities,black and white alike. It was one of the best years of my life. I found this show by accident and am I am enjoying every minute of her humor.
@lynday 10 aylar önce
One of the most down to earth and funniest ladies ever. I'm so grateful that we can still enjoy her legacy through her videos. RIP dear lady with your loving husband, Left Brain. 💖
@KellyMiller-ij1gp 2 aylar önce
😊Km😊zzz l
@KellyMiller-ij1gp 2 aylar önce
@VickieEdmondson Yıl önce
I was so Blessed to see Her In person twice. She had me laughing so hard, I couldn’t see from the Tears running down my face. For two days after my ribs were sore. God Bless her Soul. Maybe she will do a few shows in Heaven.
@lynday 10 aylar önce
anthonydereck298@ There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them. Cool it, or I'll report you.
@nancyweaver7383 Yıl önce
She was one of the TOP TEN HUMOROUS PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD! Truly miss her, and very glad she left her legacy of videos for us to keel laughing at ourselves!
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
Same here Nancy How are you doing 🤗
@estelleschneider9033 Yıl önce
Oh yes..we must you Jeanne and Left much Joy..I had not see this uncut rafting story..Could not stop laughing ..thanks be to God for her life..and Hubby..great gifts 🎁
@doreenjackson8988 6 aylar önce
yes i found this lady about a three months or so by accident, so very glad i did what a wonderful fantastic person she was, never failed to brighten my lonely nights and lift my moods, as i suffered illness at the time, god bless you Jeanne Robertson you truly were a one off just pure class xxx Thank you,
@pmetzler5443 Yıl önce
I really miss this wonderful comedian... She was an awesome Storyteller... RIP Jeanne
@timeforthinkers7418 Yıl önce
There will, almost guaranteed, never be another one like Jeanne! She has made millions laugh, forget their troubles, see the humor in all sorts of situations. God bless Jeanne & Left Brain. You have made our hearts merry and our troubles much lighter and possibly forgotten, at least for a little while.
@kathleenmenker3853 4 aylar önce
OMG! The minute I heard her voice telling this story, the laughter burst out of me and the tears of humor ran down my face! I had heard this before on my computer and cracked up. But I saw Jeanne in person twice in one year in 2012 or so. She is the funniest comedian I’ve ever heard. Her stories never get old! I was so sad to hear about her death. 😥🙏🙏
@craftykat Yıl önce
OMG, I couldn't sleep and this came up in my recommended videos so I clicked on and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Jeanne Robertson is pure comedy gold. I wish I would have known about her when she was still with us, may she rest in peace.
@kenandkathryn Yıl önce
Her stories will never grow old. RIP
@lynday 10 aylar önce
anthonydereck298@ There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them
@Hattie28 Yıl önce
Class, pure and simple. God rest you Jeanne.
@kathywilliams9615 8 aylar önce
That’s not rain…between Leslie and Jeanne it’s God’s tears from laughing so hard…😂…this was hilarious…you are truly missed
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Kathy How are you doing today?
@arbonneladyTN Yıl önce
One of most favorite stories!! God bless her soul, she is greatly missed.
@ranaabdul777 Yıl önce
The whole story made me laugh a lot like no other.. I went down to write and read comments and I realized she’s no longer with us .. RIP Jeanne Robertson, you are one of a kind..And I know I’d not enjoy the story if it has been told by anyone other than you!
@lavenabaxter6504 8 aylar önce
She is hilarious, God Bless her for turning our bad days into laughter! ❤
@ronlucas8539 4 aylar önce
Found her about a year before her death. So wanted to meet her but love these recordings
@madhatter909 Yıl önce
OMG how have I never heard of this woman. I love her!!! Such good clean fun. Never laughed so hard in my life
@vetman101st 5 aylar önce
@priyansuku Yıl önce
I laughed until I cried with your story! Happy heavenly birthday Mrs Jeanne. We miss you!
@Dallas-Nyberg Yıl önce
She was a great story teller..... RIP Jeanne
@tjyb1502 Yıl önce
I don't know how I'm just experiencing this wonderful, hilarious, charming story teller of a woman, but I'm sure delighted I have!! ☺ what a joy! What a talent!
@davidrobinson7422 9 aylar önce
Sharon here: I will never stop wishing I had been able to see Jeanne in person. She was such a beautifully funny and elegant lady, finding humor in everything and everyone. If smiles and chuckles were a dollar each, she'd have earned millions from the humor she shared.
@killyourtelllievision Yıl önce
She's as country as a bowl of grits but funnier than any other clean comedian out there in my humble
@mhand00 Yıl önce
I thought the short clips of this story was funny, but this full version is hilarious !
@marybowie4007 10 aylar önce
Aww I didn't know she passed I'm so out of the loop. So very sad to hear I laugh until I cry at all her story's. I'm sure she'll keep God and everyone rolling in laughter. Rip Jeanne.
@margaretbedwell3211 Yıl önce
Thanks so much for bringing us this uncut piece. I surely needed that laugh today. This was terrific to say the least.😂😂😂
@harrygeorge3220 11 aylar önce
Hello Margaret How are you doing today?
@lynday 10 aylar önce
@@harrygeorge3220 There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them
@harrygeorge3220 10 aylar önce
@@lynday Give me a Hint
@sasasha655 Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing this uncut version. I love it. If there are more uncut stories, please share them because I cannot get enough of Jeanne’s humor.
@moladhdodhia164 Yıl önce
There's plenty in the video section.
@oreogiri Yıl önce
Watched from Bangalore, India. Sadly Jeanie R. is not known in this part of the world. Just by chance I stumbled across this video and what can I say? That I feel privileged to be listening this genuine master story teller or incredibly sad that I learn that she has passed on... Thank you madam. I am sure that you have a grateful audience wherever you are.
@JenMarco Yıl önce
She’s easily on of the funniest comedians ever
@leighalmond4128 Yıl önce
I enjoyed this so much! I laughed so hard I was crying! So great to hear her all the way through! Thank you so much for posting this ❤️
@kittybyrne4082 Yıl önce
This woman is...sadly was brilliant . From a big fan in Ireland. Tears of laughter from this video.
@Lucidleo-li8yu Yıl önce
I laughed so hard at this set that I almost peed myself! So glad Jeanne Robertson popped up in my feed!!!!!
@lucindajones2892 Yıl önce
Oh, How I miss Jeanne!! Thank you so so much for sharing this uncut version!
@alisontopalian8592 Yıl önce
Jeanne popped up in my feed a few months ago. I watched a few. I have never laughed so hard. Then I found out she passed last year. I was so sad. I have since watched a lot of her videos. She was an amazing woman and funny.......bless her and left brain
@savmitch1798 Yıl önce
I haven't laughed so hard in years! I could picture just about every scenario!
@marygraham3189 Yıl önce
Heard these countless times but I still laugh till tears come. She was the very best! RIP JEANNE ROBERTSON. ❤❤❤❤❤
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
She's indeed the best Mary How are you doing 🤗
@hephzibahokon3817 5 aylar önce
When did she pass? I keep reading RIP of peoples replies. I know her. I stumbled on her videos a few years back. She truly is a clean joke,story teller.
@davidroberts5577 Yıl önce
Having spent some of the best years of my life guiding on the Colorado, you made me laugh so hard I cried. Thank you for telling your story 🤣
@lornapenn-chester6867 Yıl önce
Brilliant of course! Hubby asleep and I’m rocking the bed with trying to keep my laughing quiet 😂. Thanks for continuing to share the videos and bringing us the joy of this wonderful late lady’s performances. World class… and full of class. ❤
@TheBruce1947 Yıl önce
Seeing the uncut version was very entertaining. I laughed out loud. I may have awakened a neighbor. Story-telling isn't that easy to do. I'm sure I'll watch this episode many times.
@smiththomson95 Yıl önce
Hello Dear How are you doing today?
@jlclark1983 Yıl önce
Love this story everytime I hear it. Thanks for posting it uncut.
@karenyarbrough9097 Yıl önce
@FullmetalAngyl Yıl önce
This had me laughing so hard it hurt. She is deeply missed. Some people are just too good for this world. 😢
@ginelleday5412 2 aylar önce
She was hilarious. She has that N. Carolina crazy sense of good clean humor. My mother was from Morehead City her family were this way. Kept everyone laughing. Listening to Jeanne was like stepping back in time for me. RIP DEAR JEANNE YOU ARE AT PEACE WITH LEFT BRAIN. Keep Heaven laughing.
@vanessaboman8143 Yıl önce
I have watched this at least a dozen times and most of them while in bed with a brain bleed, but this is THE FUNNIEST story I have EVER heard and it makes me laugh ( not so hard as before cos no strain on my brain allowed) it truly cracks me up... All Jeannie's stories are hilarious to the max, but this has me laughing when I want to cry instead. Thank you SO much for posting this. She's the funniest lady I EVER heard, ever! And America has some very clean comedian folks, not so much here in the UK sadly but I am glad I got to hear of her when I lived stateside, and through TRshow being her with me back to the UK.
@smiththomson95 Yıl önce
Hello Vanessa How are you doing today?
@sandramiller315 10 aylar önce
I was lucky enough to see Jeanne live. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. She is without doubt one of the funniest people ever. So sad to have lost her.
@cyberspeeds 9 aylar önce
Chris Rocks?
@CEB731 6 aylar önce
We need more comedians like her. RIP with the Lord, Jeanne
@juliam.mallen9019 Yıl önce
Too hilarious she's absolutely delightful! What a wonderful storyteller! I laughed out loud several times. And I'm just not the type that laughs easily. I'm so surprised I have never heard of this beautiful clever witty woman before. Thanks TRshow for suggesting such a priceless gemstone! 💎
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
That's so sweet of her Julia How are you doing 🤗
@lynday 10 aylar önce
@@yepestyler65 There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them
@victoriacleaveland3465 Yıl önce
Here is to endless Birthday candles, Jeanne's light will never go out. Thank you team for this post, it is a treasure
@janicew6222 10 aylar önce
I can listen to this over and over, she sure was one in a million, one funny lady.
@rich-ard-style6996 Yıl önce
I would be happy if I could tell stories like she did. So 🌟much fun to listening too. 🤣😂Thank you. 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨🌟
@helensahagian1501 9 aylar önce
So so funny. I so love this story. Still laughing out louder after hearing it again and again. Thank you. Still miss her a lot.❤️❤️
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Helen How are you doing today?
@DebPort Yıl önce
So sorry I didn't find these videos sooner, I love her stories
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Debbie How are you doing today?
@carlaramunno7314 Yıl önce
Sure do miss this precious woman and her lovely humor.
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
Same here Carla How are you doing 🤗
@terrywest178 Yıl önce
I have heard parts of this many times and it is still so funny. I am so thankful we got to see her live a couple of years ago and had seats on the second row right in front of her. It was great! I still can't believe she is gone. I know she is rockin the rafters in heaven.
@heathermccowan7227 Yıl önce
@celianeher7637 Yıl önce
Oh my, when did she died?
@priyansuku Yıl önce
@@celianeher7637 a year ago in August 🙏
@JP-hz5zb Aylar önce
What a great and hilarious storyteller -- why am I only learning about her now???
@ShineOn.. Yıl önce
Was listening to this as I was getting ready for work this morning. What a wonderful way to start your day! But dont try putting on mascara when Jeanne is on a roll! Lol😉
@estelleschneider9033 9 aylar önce
I never become tired of replaying Jeanne's video..still laugh as if viewing for the 1st time..thank you Jeanne..hysterical..
@madmonkee6757 Yıl önce
I miss Jeanne so much. Still, I'm glad that she and left-brain are back together.
@rogerbrinker7417 Yıl önce
This is at least the 3rd time I have heard this and before I have even heard it completely I am smiling in anticipation of laughing out loud!
@sandraoaks7887 Yıl önce
Funny, inspirational & classy. I miss you terribly Jeanne. You made a difference n my mood EVERY time I listened 2 YOU Jeanne. 🌺🥰🌸 I never heard the longer version b4, ty so much 4 posting it. 🙏🏼👍💜
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Sandra How are you doing today?
@dougbrenner8456 Yıl önce
Back almost 50 years ago I hiked down into the Grand Canyon and back out again on the same day. I was out of shape and tired coming back up, with a lot of people passing me, when I caught up to a very old man hiking very slowly towards the top. He had been on a raft - but it was too rigorous for him, and they had let him off at the bottom of the canyon so he could walk out by himself. And when I caught up to him he had his nitroglycerin pills in hand, and he was focused on counting his steps to keep himself moving one step at a time towards the top. So we stayed together, and reached to top as the sun was going down. And I left him after we found a pay phone. But I've always wondered how bad that rafting trip must have been, and what the organizers where thinking when they left this very old man at the bottom of the canyon.
@libbyworkman3459 Yıl önce
@ Doug Brenner. You were so kind to stay with him. I have both rafted down the Colorado and I’ve also taken the day trip down and back up, which they say only fools will do, because you don’t think about the fact that when you’re coming back up it’s 1 mile straight up. Jeannie’s account brought back wonderful memories of that trip.
@mparker6823 11 aylar önce
@Doug Brenner that story really touched me. Throwing an elder away because he was an inconvenience. I hope he had a decent home life.
@UTEXTRACK 3 aylar önce
Jeanne was one of the funniest and kind people that I was blessed to know.
@rms2365 6 aylar önce
National Treasure , she’s one of the best speaker/ humorous in the world.
@martharisingrosson7926 Yıl önce
Blessings & Joy! And Thank You God for Jeanne!!! Just "met" her on TRshow yesterday & Can't Wait for eternity to meet up once again!
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
Same here Martha How are you doing 🤗
@uwsgrrrl9981 Yıl önce
I’m still saddened that she died. It seemed so sudden. What a funny lady. May she Rest In Peace! with Left Brain.
@Xavierism Yıl önce
I have watched this over and over. I love her delivery and sense or humor. I hope Mrs. Robertson is in the company of Angels. God bless Mr and Mrs Robertson.
@beckywoods8742 Aylar önce
Miss her! Glad I bought all of her routines. I laugh till I cry
@shell-westaustralia8522 Yıl önce
Miss you Jeanne 💕😪 had heard this on spotify, thank you for putting this one up
@lynnknox6601 Yıl önce
My hero
@umberceri1441 Yıl önce
@lindawhitaker8896 Yıl önce
Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in a while!! Love Jeanne!!!❤😂
@harrygeorge3220 11 aylar önce
Hello Linda How are you doing?
@lynday 10 aylar önce
@@harrygeorge3220 There are plenty of sites to meet women....this is not one of them
@deloresendicott8828 Yıl önce
Totally Awesome when I'm feeling down and despondent all I have to do is listen to her for 5 min and then I'm 👍 ok
@daisy8297 5 aylar önce
I howled with laughter, I would have given anything to meet this lady 😪
@Paulette-wn2wj 5 aylar önce
I sure do miss her. Thank you, Jennie. I love to laugh. You really make me laugh!!!
@lovelivelaugh7712 6 aylar önce
She makes me crack up so much.... Was hoping to get to see her in person one day... 😢 She shares so much laughter and love by her recordings... Thank you for keeping her channel up! ❤️
@ronjones1077 Yıl önce
I had never heard of her or this story. Laughed out loud!
@jeanforlano779 Yıl önce
Loved the uncut version of the rafting story. It is so good😊
@lynday 10 aylar önce
anthonydereck298@ FYI, I have reported you.
@bettymarshall4538 Yıl önce
So funny Jeanne!! I miss you!! I'm so happy we have these videos to watch!!
@nonabardin9162 Yıl önce
She was a beautiful woman. Just classy!
@rms2365 6 aylar önce
Was? ....still is😊
@kimlovegrove6102 5 aylar önce
I love watching you Jeannie. I know you are keeping God laughing. I love you Jeannie and miss you.
@ddunning6207 11 aylar önce
🤣😂. Nothing like Jeanne to brighten a day. So thankful for her videos to carry on.
@patrickd6450 11 aylar önce
This is the first I have heard or seen of this lady. She was absolutely hilarious and clean which is so needed these days.
@Frapsity Yıl önce
Rest In Peace Jeanne, you made the world brighter.
@auroraelliott4782 Yıl önce
Nooo what when did she die 😭
@annchambers5697 Yıl önce
@@auroraelliott4782, Aug. 21, 2021
@cynthiaholland13 2 aylar önce
I can't believe this wonderful lady is gone. It just felt so quick when her and the husband passed. They had to be reunited but I really thought she would be kicking into her 90s
@judycardenas4681 Yıl önce
She is in the afterlife entertaining all the souls she hadn't yet met. Thank you Jeannie for making this life richer. At a Waffle House one night I had an experience that was so like the Vanilla Milkshake story that I one with you. Hope to see you on the other side.
@annw-sauls312 6 aylar önce
Jeanne, hope you have Heaven in stitches. You were and still are a gift for so many. Laughter is good for the soul. You are the Queen.
@darlenedunlap6693 Aylar önce
Jeanne is a national treasure! Miss her sweet presence.
@anitaliverman3158 Yıl önce
I haven't laughed this much in ages!!!
@pamjordan3848 Yıl önce
I have a t-shirt that says "I survived the Nantahala." Our group had to form a human chain to get woman out of the swirls. I feel Left Brain on this one. I so miss the Robertson family and Norma Jean, Toni, Patrick, and Jane Tucker from New York City.
@TheBunky2008 Yıl önce
I love her, she makes me laugh out loud 🔊 😁😂😂
@janebutterfield2908 Yıl önce
Love rewatching Jeanne's Stories ...Miss her so much
@CEB731 6 aylar önce
​anthonydereck298@ fake account
@user-dl8eo6zc9z Aylar önce
At the moment I have a lot of sadness in my life, I make a point of watching this every day,, Thank you Jeanne for leaving such a wonderful legacy!
@donnamoree5764 Yıl önce
I loved listening g to Jeannie . She is surely missed
@AVMamfortas Yıl önce
A Genuinely funny lady.
@lafuego7 4 aylar önce
She was such a humorous person. Going to miss hearing her comedy. She was such a great comedian that didn't use bad language and I loved hearing her.
@lyndahammond8883 Yıl önce
Love you, Jeanne! ❤️ You are a star! ⭐
@yepestyler65 Yıl önce
Indeed a great star Lynda How are you doing 🤗
@marypalmer-varner5450 6 aylar önce
Loved this woman so much! They were a super couple!
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Mary How are you doing today?
@beverlyspringer5368 3 aylar önce
I miss her so much. I could always go to her pages and watch a video again!
@nancyelaine2550 Yıl önce
Loves her suit and her humor!!
@thomsonsmith95 5 aylar önce
Hello Nancy How are you doing today?
@vanessaboman8143 9 gün önce
Still the very funniest story I have ever heard and still laugh so hard ... 2 dozen times to date! Thank you for this hilarious video!
@texanasimmons1761 5 aylar önce
I miss this dear lady! Shes probably the funniest person Ive ever listened to!
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