Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | January 17 | 2022 NBA Season

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Hooper Highlights

Hooper Highlights

4 aylar önce

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Santiago Ferrez
Santiago Ferrez 4 aylar önce
They were disrespecting Stanley playing no defense on him and look what happened. So proud of this boy🔥🔥🔥
Lawson Bushu
Lawson Bushu 4 aylar önce
He just kept saying….thank you very much
Mr Apple
Mr Apple 4 aylar önce
Yea he took on Gobert in the paint like 3 times and couldn't be stopped
Jakub Małachowski
Jakub Małachowski 4 aylar önce
Why is no one talking about Stwnley Johnson’s consistency in the fourth? Nice to see him that confident
SavageNobz 4 aylar önce
We got LeBron, Russ and all these superstars but I'm mostly hyped about AR and SJ. They play with heart!
Dr. Jay
Dr. Jay 4 aylar önce
RIP Rudy Gobert. That put back from Reeves was sick!
Adithyan Sasikumar TV
Adithyan Sasikumar TV 4 aylar önce
@Sport School He is overpaid but he is not overrated. He is the only one on Jazz that defends. He has no support on the defensive end. The defensive scheme is very poorly constructed.
Sport School
Sport School 4 aylar önce
Rudy Gobert is the most overrated player in the league anyway... they treat him like he's a star because of his defense and at the same time his defense half the time isn't that great... also his box outs are a disgrace... Giannis is 10 times the defender Rudy is and has way more hustle and of course he is about 100 times better on offense than Rudy which is irrelevant since we're talking about defenders now... My point is that Rudy Gobert is the most overpaid player in the league along with Westbrook...
Mani Lp
Mani Lp 4 aylar önce
great defensive performance from the lakers tonight
Jesus Gascon
Jesus Gascon 4 aylar önce
If they don’t keep it up tonight against the Pacers it will be useless
H 4 aylar önce
How good it is to see the Lakers finally win a game!!
Your Mother Is a Snitch
Your Mother Is a Snitch 4 aylar önce
That’s a MONSTER jam by russ! 🔥
on.ur.signal 4 aylar önce
stanley johnson made his career plays this game🔥🔥He was like little bron
on.ur.signal 4 aylar önce
@amjan I feel him like Bron cause his body seems like hims
Freddy Calipari
Freddy Calipari 4 aylar önce
He had a 30+ point game for the raptors last year
amjan 4 aylar önce
Nah, he's like a classic shooting guard. Reminded me of Eddie Jones or Kobe Bryant.
on.ur.signal 4 aylar önce
@Fransisco Ks he was fearless man.
Fransisco Ks
Fransisco Ks 4 aylar önce
agree with you ..no fear penetration in paint area..cool young man
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro 4 aylar önce
Vogel really needs to figure out his rotation. Even without AD, this team should be better than they currently are. More minutes for Monk, Reaves, Johnson and Dwight, and cut down Westbrook's minutes as much as possible. Melo too, until he can be more consistent. Find a way to give LeBron a breather, so he can last all season. I'm afraid Vogel isn't the guy to figure all these out...they might have to let him go, but mid-season hiring/firing is always risky
FiendRaZe -
FiendRaZe - 4 aylar önce
@robin brohee Lol nah probably MJ but i prefer bird more
robin brohee
robin brohee 4 aylar önce
Love lebron don’t get me wrong 😂🙈
robin brohee
robin brohee 4 aylar önce
@FiendRaZe - true, I wouldn’t call him legoat, but true xD 👍
FiendRaZe -
FiendRaZe - 4 aylar önce
@robin brohee Hes literally one of the lakers only positives rn other than LeGoat himself
Kendrick J.Ramesh
Kendrick J.Ramesh 4 aylar önce
Hes single handedly the reason behind laker defense and developing the players to become what they are becoming , if he gets fired idk what is crct 🤷‍♂️
The Great Highlights
The Great Highlights 4 aylar önce
Great game from both teams, but those slaps at the end are hilarious.😂😂😂😂😂
PeaneutzTV 4 aylar önce
6:50 good guy Monk, getting slammed by Clakson and grabbing him to avoid a fall.
Pasquekk 4 aylar önce
yeah hes good guy i realize that too
Nqobani Jordan
Nqobani Jordan 4 aylar önce
Damn how you even see that I had to go back and check
Metal Tracks
Metal Tracks 4 aylar önce
can talktrash about WB but damn this dunk tonight was unbelievable, i think Gobert went to the hospital immediately after the game.
NC 4 aylar önce
The secret to Lakers win was keeping WB on the bench as much as possible. This ain’t even a joke.
serpserpserp 4 aylar önce
Notice how good the Lakers play in the 4th when Westbrook sits out 7-8 minutes of it?
Cultured CHAD
Cultured CHAD 4 aylar önce
@alaa bouhouia Wasn't it Stanley tho?
tom 4 aylar önce
Did you notice on the 3rd when he went on the bench lakers had the lead...and then?come on , russ blame for everything dont you guys ever get tired?
alaa bouhouia
alaa bouhouia 4 aylar önce
@Cultured CHAD bro russ sealed the game for us
Cultured CHAD
Cultured CHAD 4 aylar önce
Damn. Going right for the throat.. But I'll admit he's getting a little better, hes worked on reducing his turnovers and starting to make his freethrows. Nothing big but its still improvement😅😅
Alp Şermet
Alp Şermet 4 aylar önce
It is just a painkiller, but we still need a real squad treatment.
KENKIM CM VLOG 4 aylar önce
the moment when you have the opportunity to grind nice one stanley !!! lets goh!!!
N.R 4 aylar önce
Watch Russ dunk live and it took a while to understand this - WOW!!!
Agneza Barutanski
Agneza Barutanski 4 aylar önce
03:21 Everyone who talks shit about Westbrook must be able to do this in order to continue to talk shit about Westbrook. 😀 RIP Rudy Gobert.
Hg Gr
Hg Gr 4 aylar önce
الحمد لله رب العالمين على الفوز لا اصدق إننا فزنا على فريق بقوة يوتا جاز لكن حدث ذلك بفضل الله ثم بجهود اسطورة الاساطير ليبرون جيمس بطل الابطال
Alcides González
Alcides González 4 aylar önce
That is the best victory of the season by far
Andres Cisneros
Andres Cisneros 4 aylar önce
What a dunk!
Esp. Celso Junior
Esp. Celso Junior 4 aylar önce
Thanks! 😤👏👏👏🏀🇧🇷💜💛
Junior Guerrero
Junior Guerrero 4 aylar önce
Si siguen asi jugando con el corazón en la cancha seran lo que verdadera mente son profesionales 🔥🔥
Kevin 4 aylar önce
With some players being injured. Damn we CAN win!
Valera Malov
Valera Malov 4 aylar önce
Это лично моё мнение , если бы это был плей-офф то результат матча был бы совершенно другой .
amjan 4 aylar önce
No ale to nie są play-offy, tylko normalny mecz.
Genri Gaspar
Genri Gaspar 4 aylar önce
но кто им разрешает так позорно играть ? нагло сливать матч , при том делая вид типа ой а где кольцо и вообще в какую игру мы играем при реализации 3х очковых 11 из 44 х это уже не нба а помойка и вообще весь спорт скатился дальше некуда
Can !
Can ! 4 aylar önce
3:22 OMG 🔥
Cultured CHAD
Cultured CHAD 4 aylar önce
3:22 - 3:26 I like that. Hopefully we see more of that.
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler 4 aylar önce
As a die hard Lakers fan, I really hope that too!
sadix83 4 aylar önce
And here i thought this will be a disaster for L.A
RMLxJAY 🖤 4 aylar önce
hopefully we sign him he kinda nice out there
yefri chelive
yefri chelive 4 aylar önce
Muy bien mí lakers
Leo 4 aylar önce
Lowkey i want the lakers to win and westbrook to win fmvp so that everyone gets annoyed and I get to laugh at them I don’t even think the lakers are making the finals tho…
Giovanni Fosella
Giovanni Fosella 4 aylar önce
Utah somehow doesnt really bite...they going nowhere even this year. Should have won this by 20
You're Breaking My Balls
You're Breaking My Balls 4 aylar önce
Omar Howard
Omar Howard 4 aylar önce
We didn't won big but we win with heart....t This is how hard we should play nightly, we would be surprise to see how far we reach....Bron is already a star stop depending on him to save the whole team.... he's being doing so far the pass 15 games....step up and we will be the champion once more
Nam Chau
Nam Chau 4 aylar önce
STANLEYYYY JOHNSONNNNN 🤩🤩🤩🤩 keep it goin’ boyyyyyyyy 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Jorge 4 aylar önce
Lakers need to fight every play! Goooooooo
CobuF 4 aylar önce
Westbrook should get lifetime for that dunk
blackcrow 4 aylar önce
Utah scored only 17pts in the 4th quarter and general 36.9 % from the field. Poor performance and nice gift for the Lakers.
McBaron 4 aylar önce
Next we're gonna hear how the Lakers' amazing defense kept the Jazz in double figures... 🤣
Sport School
Sport School 4 aylar önce
@Khojo Morrison nice emoji... did that take 100% of your IQ to manage to put it on the screen? I suppose so...
Sport School
Sport School 4 aylar önce
You're gonna see many gifts like that dude... the NBA won't let the Lakers fall out of the playoffs.... you're gonna see some of the upper table teams losing to the Lakers to keep them afloat... Utah players were literally walking around this game... no energy at all... I wouldn't be surprised if they knew they had to lose the game... cause if all the good teams the Lakers have to face from now on play as well as they can, Lakers will end the season way below .500 Don't trust the league in terms of playing fair... sports nowadays are about money and money beats everything in this fucked up modern world we live in... Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and the biggest football clubs spend billions every year... not every football league is rigged but most of them are... it's all about making money... the Lakers will make the playoffs no matter what... even if their opponents need to occasionally let them win on purpose cause it will make more money for the NBA...
paneg negre
paneg negre 4 aylar önce
Nice effort on the fourth frame. Pacers next.
Daniele Sarcinella
Daniele Sarcinella 4 aylar önce
Johnson was hot affff glad to see teammates trusting him in the 4th
Christodoulos G
Christodoulos G 4 aylar önce
stanley was the one who won the 4th quarter,they let him unguard and they paid the price.most lakers players are playing with fear..like someone is watching them when they are going to make a mistake,media..
John papadopoulos
John papadopoulos 4 aylar önce
Dude why you ain’t post the stats
Rafalindo Chadfinger1989
Rafalindo Chadfinger1989 4 aylar önce
3:23 💪🏽😋
Pasquekk 4 aylar önce
good match but last position by russ is not and 1 he took 2 steps after foul bro
ej daddy
ej daddy 4 aylar önce
This is like wariors lost to pelicans.
Edward Herrera
Edward Herrera 4 aylar önce
its called the "no defense lakers"
Kentaro Ohnishi
Kentaro Ohnishi 4 aylar önce
2:20 too fast
Rob C
Rob C 4 aylar önce
westbrick on the bench for a good part of the 4th does the job
Paddy 4 aylar önce
Win 1 lose 1. Lmao.
Fernando Gandini
Fernando Gandini 4 aylar önce
Westbrook MVP
Don D
Don D 4 aylar önce
Funny how the lakers are best when Westbrook is benched lol
Don D
Don D 4 aylar önce
@PeaneutzTV well you can’t change the contract but you can try to find the best strategy
Don D
Don D 4 aylar önce
@Amarhi Bailey I watched the whole game
Amarhi Bailey
Amarhi Bailey 4 aylar önce
They definitely aren’t, did you watch the 3rd quarter?
PeaneutzTV 4 aylar önce
@Don D His ego and his contract. You don't pay 41M/year an unreliable 6th man. Carmelo is paid 2M/year for instance.
Don D
Don D 4 aylar önce
@irGuilty exactly- I wondered if he would help the lakers more as a 6th man - imagine the numbers he would put up. However I think his ego would stand in his way
Cpaudio Djjdjs
Cpaudio Djjdjs 4 aylar önce
3:23 Tá porra westbrook 😳😳😳
MIS 91
MIS 91 4 aylar önce
Wow #14 Lakers
Jay R
Jay R 4 aylar önce
Please sign stanley johnson
The fact that you skipped after Russ dunked it straight away, is disrespectful to your viewer, show me the mean muggin
bratan TM
bratan TM 4 aylar önce
Even though we won, we still suck
Dukeof2 4 aylar önce
Imagine dedicating mroe time to that crypto garbage than to one of the best dunks of the year... smh
wsj 4 aylar önce
woae el menor matando la liga nba
You're Breaking My Balls
You're Breaking My Balls 4 aylar önce
The Lakers beat a good team?? Is this a fake video??
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler 4 aylar önce
No, that is the f*ckin REALITY! 🙃
poch vincent oporto
poch vincent oporto 4 aylar önce
Still lakers wont win the chip this year or even next year.
Simone La Rocca
Simone La Rocca 4 aylar önce
3:22 wtf!
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