Can Koreans Tell who is a Foreigner just by their Korean? Find the Native Korean! [Den and Mandu]

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Yıl önce

I've created this video to celebrate for reaching 100k subs! It was a really fun film and thank you all our guests to help with this video :D
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xthatwhiteguyx Yıl önce
Them ragging on the only Korean was pretty hilarious.
JustKlay 16 gün önce
Andrei Mathew Castillo
Andrei Mathew Castillo 6 aylar önce
@AquariusLeah - Playz same here HAHAHAHA
last to first
last to first 7 aylar önce
elaine 7 aylar önce
@PG nah hes korean-american born and raised in america with very thick americanized korean accent, the others did indeed speak better korean than him. im half korean if you wonder how i can tell, partially raised in korea, but i think even untrained ear can hear how different his pronunciation is from the rest
elaine 7 aylar önce
@fluffytomato he's korean american, he has worse pronunciation than most of these foreigners, he has the very ''americanized'' pronunciation speaking korean, i woouldve immediately though he was foreigner
tired demonspawn
tired demonspawn 10 aylar önce
alternate title: 5 foreigners try not to audibly laugh while 2 people diss the korean guy's name
Best comment
Space 6 aylar önce
I mean it's not like John Smith, but at least feels like Smith Johnson.
cakessUwuUU xOxO
cakessUwuUU xOxO 6 aylar önce
last to first
last to first 7 aylar önce
E A 8 aylar önce
This should definitely be the title of this video
CL L 9 aylar önce
When the American guy said “my Korean friend” is a dead giveaway. Because if you’re Korean, naturally you wouldn’t say my Korean friend lol
certification시바 16 gün önce
@Almond? 이정도면 거의 한국사람인거 같은데.. 디테일이 남다르네
Nithin Aylar önce
that's why they all laughed
Rai 3 aylar önce
Yeah, the girl next to him immediately saw his mistake. So did I. I would never say 我的中国朋友
Ranya Choo
Ranya Choo 3 aylar önce
I use “my Korean friends” so many time. Maybe becuz im not in Korea
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 3 aylar önce
Lol...I was going to disagree, but then I thought if someone said "My American friend" in English and that would definitely remind me of Borat XD
Dan F
Dan F 10 aylar önce
The Turkish lady's Korean is perfect, she's even able to use that nasal sound that Korean girls do, amazing.
ValentinaAFK 20 gün önce
@escapism. oh god I’m Hispanic and Spaniard (half mexican) and it’s so hard to pronounce although I just started learning 🤣😅
awkward human
awkward human Aylar önce
@bro I aint creative it's actually easy to imitate the pronunciation for spanish speakers -argentinian
kekax 2 aylar önce
@Fire Water well no it's not because of that. The turkish girl is just good at speaking korean. Proto-Koreans were from Manchuria, not central Asia. The only similarities is agglunative features and SOV word order
Fire Water
Fire Water 2 aylar önce
Korean and Turkish have a lot of linguistic similarities. That's because Turkish and Korean both have common Central Asian origins (where the Turko-Mongol tribes lived).
kekax 2 aylar önce
@Mick Plender they aren't, turkish people will not understand Japanese people at all even while listening carefully. The altaic theory is controversial and many altaicits stopped supporting the theory because of the many flaws it has
Lasitha Jayawardana
Lasitha Jayawardana 8 aylar önce
Kudos to the Iranian girl whos only studied Korean for 1 1/2 years. Everyone else has been at it for at least 7 years.
Lasitha Jayawardana
Lasitha Jayawardana Aylar önce
You can study a language before hand for sure, but one sure fire way to learn and learn rapidly is "immersion".
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Aylar önce
Alorand she said since coming to Korea
SunnyDaysArt 3 aylar önce
@Senyorita2030 for me with my native language, children, especially girls, put on a lilty, high pitched voice when it is not their first language.
Senyorita2030 4 aylar önce
@Maahak Q sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone. It's just how I hear it, especially when women speak. I am sure you could name a 'typical' trait of my native language, and I would think its nonsense :))). And yes, I had hundreds of colleagues, university friends and even a lovely Persian partner back in uni days. So Farsi is a special language to me.
정우 5 aylar önce
@Mukhammadjonov Ayubkhon I study English for 3 years
—neo. Yıl önce
Alternate title: Kyung-soo being attacked for 15 minutes and 46 seconds
rine🌞 Yıl önce
Don't Worry OUR D.O KYUNGSOO has been attacked for more than 10years😆
WhitenotBlank Yıl önce
Sounds like a nice click bait for dandanies LMFAO
Varsha John
Varsha John Yıl önce
@Hans Roberts i was thinking the same 😂😂😂
TundraMC Yıl önce
??? : 헤이 경쑤 돈두댓!
Ziena Mohamed
Ziena Mohamed Yıl önce
Erica Beattie
Erica Beattie 3 aylar önce
Kim’s going to go home and ask his parents “am I really Korean?” 😂😂
Essyl Bungay
Essyl Bungay 8 gün önce
@𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘦𝘴 his real name is really Kim Kyung Soo...Koreans write and say their names in that order (Last Name followed by Given name). His last name is Kim and his given name is Kyung Soo..He also goes by the name of David in English..He's a youtuber😊
mitty 17 gün önce
his first name is Kyungsoo, his last name is Kim! the name was written correct in the video :)
은하 18 gün önce
bananaketchup 2 aylar önce
@Erica BeattieYeah, I live in an Asian country and my Chinese friends mostly write their names down with their last name first, but we still call them by their first names
𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘦𝘴
𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘦𝘴 2 aylar önce
@Erica Beattie ahhh ok ok didnt even know that was like something that was done 😂 now im curious to know what his actual name is. also i love your name omg it sounds so pretty 💜
Aleko B.
Aleko B. 8 aylar önce
I don’t know a lick of Korean and I can totally tell the American guy has a major accent lol... it’s so obvious how can he get mad about them noticing
QueenOfDirt 7 gün önce
You can tell he has an accent but you didn't notice that he's clearly overreacting for comedic effect? he's not actually mad at them lol
Rayhunter 8 gün önce
@extrapepper it is impossible for ppl in other countries to view Americans even worse than they do now. It just serves as confirmation bias.
Sir Pengy
Sir Pengy 22 gün önce
I tho his issue was not that he had an accent, but that they said he sounded japanese and he hated that they say he sounded like he had a japanese accent
Aylar önce
I wouldn't say major accent but yeah a little
Leah  Blake
Leah Blake 2 aylar önce
@Amneet The Delicious Sandwich he actually was rude rhe whole way through, from the very beginning. Watch the video again and pay attention to only him. People who are just joking don't do that the entire time. He was straight up rude.
Sam Parkinson
Sam Parkinson 7 aylar önce
Korean guy: *breathes* Them: sounds martian, let's move on
jauxro 2 aylar önce
he failed the vibe check 😭
rattled 2 aylar önce
i never laughed so hard from one comments like this lmaoo
dilay 5 aylar önce
Nosferdo 3 aylar önce
It is interesting, that she said the Estonian girl is Japanese (I am also Estonian), because Estonians pronounce letters very similarly to Japanese.
Susanna Bonke
Susanna Bonke 6 gün önce
Thanks for that Info.
Evvu 19 gün önce
FR , estonia gang is here🤞
jauxro 2 aylar önce
Woah cool :o
tine chris
tine chris 2 aylar önce
That's interesting
Jimmy Yıl önce
The American was literally getting offended that they thought he was a foreigner. Hate to break it to you, but um, you are indeed a foreigner.
oceana311 12 gün önce
@ur mom he wasn’t even mocking them he was obviously being funny and sarcastic you guys are weird
oceana311 12 gün önce
@PotatoAlpacas exactly it’s clear he’s just being sarcastic and funny the cultural differences are obvious here
oceana311 12 gün önce
@Clarice he didn’t even make it seem like that he was just confused because the american accent is nothing like the japanese one stop making something out of nothing
SlashBat 27 gün önce
He wasn't offended, he was joking. They were literally all laughing. And he knows he's a foreigner, but he also happens to know he isn't from Japan
universal subliminals
universal subliminals Aylar önce
@PotatoAlpacas right! i dont understand how people don't understand that sense of humor. people act like this all the time where i live, it's normal behavior lol
DJ M 8 aylar önce
As an American, that American guy was so embarrassingly cringe. Please, do not let his childish behavior represent the average American language learner. lol
Julia Shireen
Julia Shireen 12 gün önce
DJ M 21 gün önce
@응응 I'm not angry at all. lol
응응 21 gün önce
@DJ M Well, don't be so angry. He must have known that Korea and Japan are historically not on good terms. I think he intentionally tried to know Korea and Japan well and make them laugh.
Yekta Gol
Yekta Gol 2 aylar önce
@Clamp pls no swear :( mommmy sad
Lorenzo Servedio
Lorenzo Servedio 3 aylar önce
@Clamp As another Canadian, please don't think less of us because of Clamp 😂
Mother Theresa Suga ll
Mother Theresa Suga ll 9 aylar önce
"She sounds like our part time worker" So Eun? Shout out to soeun who works part time near konkuk university
LizHasMetalFever! \m/
LizHasMetalFever! \m/ 3 aylar önce
Mother Theresa Suga ll
Mother Theresa Suga ll 6 aylar önce
@Saint Burnsy (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
Saint Burnsy
Saint Burnsy 6 aylar önce
I thought your profile pic was a Star Wars character at first
Erica Beattie
Erica Beattie 3 aylar önce
They’re not judging their Korean, they’re judging their names 😂😂 But this was very funny to watch.
Inn Hyejoo
Inn Hyejoo 2 aylar önce
I am from Korea and I can tell that this must have been hard for the people guessing because everyone spoke Hangul very well and clear! Sending love from Korea ❤️
ianreal Yıl önce
Kim Kyung-soo: *is korean* Choi Kwon: HE'S ITALIAN
ㅇㅇ 5 aylar önce
그리고 경수님이 이름으로 의심 받은 게 좀 웃겨요 ㅋㅋ 교과서에 나올 것 같은 이름~ㅋㅋ
Stan Loona
Stan Loona Yıl önce
Did David dirty
Ștefania-Ionela Yıl önce
whooshifgay Yıl önce
Mm yeah, italy..
Cesar Avila
Cesar Avila Yıl önce
Brian Lichtenstein
Brian Lichtenstein 2 aylar önce
Question for native Korean speakers: I saw in another video that Kim Kyung-Soo speaks perfect English, which makes me think he lived in the U.S. for a while. Often, if someone lives in another country for a long time, their native tongue can become slightly accented. Does he sound a little bit like a foreign born Korean?
DA 8 gün önce
Yes, he sounds like a typical Korean American I think
Brian Lichtenstein
Brian Lichtenstein 2 aylar önce
Don’t worry I used google translate! That’s so interesting! I guess it makes sense that they thought he was a foreigner
ᄋᄋ 2 aylar önce
네. 어색한 억양 또는 발음간의 미묘한 차이가 존재합니다 sorry i can't speak eng TT
Liv 8 aylar önce
I love how they are roasting the real Korean guy without even realising 😂
Glitter Boom
Glitter Boom 6 aylar önce
I really enjoyed watching everyone having fun in the video. Their smiles were contagious. =D
G G 8 aylar önce
I'd love for them to try this experiment with Chinese and Japanese.
clumsyjoon Yıl önce
the guessers were HILARIOUS. this video would have been funnier if not for the American guest, brought down the mood of the video
Elana :]
Elana :] 6 aylar önce
@서단우 It's just like how your comment is a joke, bit comes off as rude. It's just a different humor style.
silenceafterviolence Yıl önce
@kushal curry EXACTLY
silenceafterviolence Yıl önce
@Tina H. idk if you lying or what but if you was an actual american like me you'd damn well know its a melting pot here, he has a cold resting bitch face that some Americans more than likely will HAVE as it is well AMERICA? Im like that as well, his humor seemed poorly timed but maby the guy hella nervous who tf knows. Man all you ppl actin like you know sum 😂😂
silenceafterviolence Yıl önce
@GAgaV8 .....huh? Are yall/you okay? His face is LITERALLY like that from the VERY beginning????? Im very fucking concerned man VERY 😐.
silenceafterviolence Yıl önce
@Tiffany Yu now THAT was lil meh, but everything else was completely fine like? Even the sliting throat thing is kinda status quo for an american ngl, its shitty n rough over here
Chris Park
Chris Park 7 aylar önce
Really fun to watch and even though I only know minimum Korean I felt the students spoke very good Korean. Well done to all the Japanese students 😃
alina [Gura12]
alina [Gura12] 8 aylar önce
it's surprising how the foreigners who learned korean have like PERFECT korean speaking accents, like i wouldn't recognize that they were foreigners if i had only heard their voice (aside from grammar).
ew, I prefer grande 🙄
ew, I prefer grande 🙄 6 aylar önce
@neposklo English is my first language and I struggle with it on a daily basis🙂
neposklo 7 aylar önce
@Solo Nada a lot of practice of course. English also isn’t your first language so that’s probably why
Solo Nada
Solo Nada 7 aylar önce
How are they able to speak so fast? I can't even speak that fast in English, and it's the language I use the most conveniently!
neposklo 7 aylar önce
except the last, who;s only studied 1.5 years. her speaking is amazing but there is an accent.
akdlg9lsjjslk8 4 aylar önce
I’m the same age as these guests, and I really wanted to learn Korean around the time they started learning Korean. I gave up on taking classes in college and just focused on finishing my degree. I regret it a lot, bc I imagine I would’ve spoken like them if I didn’t give up. But that’s okay. If I give it 7 years I can hopefully speak like how they’re speaking now right? I’d be in my thirties but that’s okay!! Enough of me having self-pity for missed opportunities when I was younger. Let’s focus on now and the future :)
Choco Mandu
Choco Mandu 7 aylar önce
As a Korean native, I think the Ukranian girl has the best and most natural accent. The Turkish girl is good too, but the Ukranian girl is spot on.
Choco Mandu
Choco Mandu 7 aylar önce
@nick n I'm talking about the Ukrainian girl, not the Estonian.
nick n
nick n 7 aylar önce
*She's estonian.
Avian M.
Avian M. Yıl önce
korean guy: *is korean* his fellow koreans: who is this *FOREIGNER* speaking to us
Captain Hawking Republic Forge
Captain Hawking Republic Forge 8 aylar önce
lol. It be among us
₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎ 8 aylar önce
Oof lol
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj 8 aylar önce
Sabria Linton
Sabria Linton 8 aylar önce
who? 11 aylar önce
when they started making fun of his "fake" name, that was hilarious
Wilma Lundberg
Wilma Lundberg 8 aylar önce
As a swedish person living in Japan, I think this would be really difficult in front of a camera. My intonation goes all over the place when I'm nervous. Drunk me would be excellent at this though lol
Rrika Aylar önce
I can relate :))))
Glitter Boom
Glitter Boom 6 aylar önce
I love listening to people speak in different languages, the way everything is pronounced to the tone of their voices is like so beautiful to me and so interesting too.
최초록 3 aylar önce
나도 저렇게 유창하게 타국어 유사할 수 있었으면 좋겠다 다들 멋있어요
이름뭐하지 8 aylar önce
6:13 As a Korean, her voice and her accent do sound like a real korean
레나싸 2 aylar önce
ew, I prefer grande 🙄
ew, I prefer grande 🙄 6 aylar önce
@RealNameNeverUsed WAIT YES PLS
Emie Morin
Emie Morin 7 aylar önce
@RealNameNeverUsed truuuee
RealNameNeverUsed 7 aylar önce
I don’t know Korean but her laugh too sounded very Korean to me.
Bitlife Ideas
Bitlife Ideas Yıl önce
Ana.아나.アナ Yıl önce
@Oliver 👍
Puspita Bella
Puspita Bella Yıl önce
Prince Plotena
Prince Plotena Yıl önce
But this questions though... Haha
Bitlife Ideas
Bitlife Ideas Yıl önce
Ahahahahhahahahaha yesss your so right!
Oliver Yıl önce
Eric Bomfim I honestly don’t see why not! They can promote Parasite and BTS, but not allow him to do his lil ole restaurant?! He was just talking about menu items!
TalixZen 8 aylar önce
I used to have Korean roommates and they taught me one or two sentences. One day one of their mothers called and said that they weren't there in Korean and she was convinced that I was Korean by my accent. I was just saying it the way my roommates would.
emirī vlogs
emirī vlogs 5 aylar önce
the american seems so mad in the back every time they talk about him xD
Cutofill Aontact
Cutofill Aontact 2 aylar önce
@Benjamin Tanko Ew
Tito Alo
Tito Alo 3 aylar önce
Everybody praising him probably got to his brain...
Angela Z
Angela Z 5 aylar önce
lolll im sure he was just a little disappointed that he got called out so fast XD
Benjamin Tanko
Benjamin Tanko 5 aylar önce
Is just an American being an American Plus he look like he play for the other team they be liking drama over there😁
Naveen Manjhi
Naveen Manjhi 5 aylar önce
You can get an American out of America but not America out of them. 😂 If you know what I mean.
Ed Ed
Ed Ed 9 aylar önce
That was absolutely hilarious - I cried with laughter!!
lenanana8 21 gün önce
You should repeat this experiment with all korean nationals and tell them to find the non-Korean national in the room. And tell the Korean nationals to adopt either their native satoori or some outrageous pronunciations. It would've been funny if one of the people in this video had satoori when they spoke. That would've made things interesting.
mrdsl Yıl önce
The american guy needs to understand that it's ok to not have a perfect pronounciation. even i could tell that he wasnt perfect and thats ok, since its still admirable for him to know the language so well
janelle 8 aylar önce
@j e s s i c a i dont think that sexuality correlates to personality. not every gay man is sassy. i think he should understand that theres a very huge cultural difference. especially since he's lived in korea for 2 or 3 years
j e s s i c a
j e s s i c a 8 aylar önce
Hes just sassy thats how American gays are
janelle 8 aylar önce
@Phuong Ngo aha sure i guess, im american as well and i make pretty sarcastic jokes too but he shouldve already adapted to korean culture?? (especially since he's lived there for 3 years) i think he should know which gestures and connotations are appropriate or not
gamergirl Yıl önce
@Mickayla O. I’m also American and I thought it was pretty clear he was doing the sarcastic sassy type of humor. The finger neck slice is usually only done in a jokingly way, in fact, the only time I’ve ever seen it as serious is in a cartoon or show from the villain. I think he was just awkward and his humor didn’t translate to people unfamiliar with that type of humor.
Mickayla O.
Mickayla O. Yıl önce
Phuong Ngo I'm American and I thought his gestures when they critiqued him showed he was offended (especially the finger across the neck thing, that's a violent gesture). He was very confident about sounding like a native speaker, and got angry when he wasn't being praised like the other foreigners were.
Ximena Zhao
Ximena Zhao 8 aylar önce
This is fantastic, because the Koreans doing the guessing are so cool and honest! I love them. :)
paz 7 aylar önce
imagine being perfectly fluent in a language AND accent after learning it for only 7 years
frogail 7 aylar önce
you can be fluent in a language after just 3 years yknow?
Ethan Harper
Ethan Harper 6 aylar önce
If this was Among Us, Kim Kyung Soo would be ejected immediately.
wesurftexasbrown 5 aylar önce
Kim Kyung Sus
Yo 6 aylar önce
hehe 6 aylar önce
Procastination_is_my_passion Aylar önce
Yall are giving the american such a hard time. I think he just has a resting angry face but he hasn't said or done anything disrespectful, he is actually quite lively in other videos and even in this one, you can see him laughing and playing along with the jokes
shayra H
shayra H Yıl önce
The American guy throughout the video: side eye look, and cringe, whenever they both said someone laughed or cleared their throat like a foreigner 😅😂 Edit: I seriously thought his reaction to the duo's assumptions and at some parts when they seemed like generalizing foreigners were hilarious. I just noticed he even rolled his eyes slightly at one point. 😅 It's just a matter of perspective, in my opinion he's just over exaggerating his reactions (maybe so he can get more screen time, because Korean TV, reality shows, audience in general love the type of exaggerated humor). Don't take unnecessary offense, it's really not a big deal.
lemons Yıl önce
He seems more British than American the way he reacted. His reaction reminds me of Korean show host Jun Hyun-moo on the show Abnormal Summit. I feel like the entire comment section can't differentiate between exaggeration and rudeness/getting offended it's quite hilarious.
YANNA Yıl önce
I think it’s also a difference in culture. I personally found him hilarious and this video made me want to be his friend. Though, I understand why some people might take offense.
Ami Yıl önce
I initially just agreed that he was too much and my comment got more likes than expected. I really don't want any hate to come to him because we are all different and this is not a big deal. Just expressions. No reason to hate on him and send him hate. I hope this helps prevent any unnecessary actions and that we can all leave it at a simple too much.
Ami Yıl önce
@Sema nur lol I'm British so I guess we are quite opposite😅
J M Yıl önce
he came off fussy and rude and unmanly. However, funny story... my mom in LA knew this asian lady for 5 years from a store she went too. My mom finally introduced me to her, and the lady was so happy to meet me. I turn to my mom and go "she's korean. not chinese" - simply by the way the lady laughed. The korean lady wasn't offended, but my poor mom had no idea. THey are still friends, but it was kinda funny because "stereotypical" mannerisms do exist. It's like europeans act differently than asian guy which are different than american guys and do forth. At my university, koreans and japanese took a mannerism class to learn how americans react such as "ouch, owe" "what wait why?" "huhhhhhhh" ve "ehhhhh in korean" or etc even how people dress can give away alot. regardless...the white guy rubbed me the wrong way. i can't even imagine what he sounds like in english acting that way
The end of faith
The end of faith 14 gün önce
They speak perfect Korean and the grammar is perfect it’s incredible how foreigners can speak this beautiful language so perfectly by the way I don’t know nothing about Korean language 🤷🏻‍♂️
어쩌라고 8 aylar önce
미친 발음 개쩐다 ㄹㅇ한국인과 다를게 없는데ㄷㄷ 진짜 열심히 공부하셨구나,,,
eva park
eva park 9 aylar önce
모두들 발음과 억양이 걍 한국인인데요 . 한국에 오래 살아도 발음 억양에서는 자연스럽지 않은게 보편적인거 같은데.. 대박 신기....왜케 잘해요.
Younes 10 aylar önce
8:02 that was clever ..I don't speak Korean but I think she did well keeping herself calm and hold the subtle intonation ..Number 3 is also good because she made a mistake and laughed and she fooled them anyway
Karla Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez Yıl önce
Omg David was getting attacked throughout the whole video i was dying 😂😂😂
Terry Kang
Terry Kang 6 aylar önce
@Gazpacho Soop yeah lmao I knew David because of dkdktv and I was legit confused for a seconds 💀 I thought I was clowning myself again
Gazpacho Soop
Gazpacho Soop 7 aylar önce
This thread is hilarious 😂 the level of confusion, like 58 people thought David is the white guy just coz of the name David
Colby Yıl önce
@Klonoaps1 idiot she is talking about david kim the korean not the american.
Colby Yıl önce
@Pop Naty stupid idiot, they are talking about the korean, his name is david kim kyung soo.
Ojasvi Sharma
Ojasvi Sharma Yıl önce
Me: oh that's David. Want that's DAVID
ReznoV Vazileski
ReznoV Vazileski 8 aylar önce
14:12 As a Dutch person I feel this so hard :') Most of my foreign friends that had to learn Dutch as a second language put so much time and effort in nailing every single detail of the pronunciation, grammar, spelling you name it that I'm confident they can sound more Dutch than me when we all try our hardest xD I grew up with it, I got lazy and just speak sloppy Dutch because I know damn well how bad my Dutch can become before it becomes incomprehensible causing me to ride that line much closer than them generally :')
Annelies van Overbeek
Annelies van Overbeek 7 aylar önce
Hahaha same, mijn Engels is veel beter dan mijn Nederlands...
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego 5 aylar önce
I come from an English speaking country and in general we are used to seeing/hearing people from many different nationalities speak English but it is not as common to see non Asian people speak an Asian language (I know there is a huge variety). When I went to Europe I tried to learn basic phrases from each country to be polite but in Asia I really struggled as it seems many of the languages rely a lot on intonation and pitch. In Vietnam I tried to say thank you and people were in hysterics. There are certain sounds that you almost need to learn very young or your muscles don’t co-operate correctly. Japanese was the only one I could say a few phrases (probably badly) in.
Surbhi M Kumar
Surbhi M Kumar 5 aylar önce
Love how most of them started learning Korean since 7 years ago
Só Somnambulist
Só Somnambulist 4 aylar önce
Woah! An Estonian! Never thought I'd see someone from my country in one of these videos ! Good going, Mariel!
Afaf haddad
Afaf haddad Yıl önce
Since everyone is talking about the American dude can y’all just sit for a moment and appreciate the Turkish girl and how fluent she is
Milli Şuur
Milli Şuur 6 aylar önce
Onlar nerede bir Amerikalı görse Amerikan sevici olurlar 😂😂🤟
Endof Creativity
Endof Creativity Yıl önce
For your information: korean pronunciation is not like turkish pronunciation at all believe me. And all those things about they are from the same language family are not true. They are very different. Only the way of structuring the sentences are similar. She did a great job really. Congrats!
Ggoddkkiller Yıl önce
@Person Hello I guess it was somehow too hard to realize his broken english and most probably he couldn't write what he meant, huh?? In Turkish we don't have a word as ''Turkic'' rather we use ''Türk'' such as Turkic languages translates as ''Türk dilleri'' in Turkish so he meant Korean is in the same group as Turkic languages which is called Altaic languages and it is true!! But if you think he needs to practice his english i would completely agree to that...
Engin Deniz Üçgün
Engin Deniz Üçgün Yıl önce
@Antioch excuse her most of us can't take jokes
daisy bin
daisy bin Yıl önce
@pvc ben de 2 senedir öğreniyorum kursumdan mezun oldum ve koreli biriyle konuştuğumda yalnız sesimi duyarsa türk olduğumu anlamıyor aynı şekilde gittiğim kurstakilerin de aksanı çok iyi gelmiş elin gavuruna türkleri gömemezsin burada korece bildiğini kanıtla bir şeyler yaz translate olduğunu anlarsam götümle gülerim
ajewell Aylar önce
I instantly recognized David from DKDKTV, so it was hilarious watching him be mistaken for a foreigner - his English is so good, it must be rubbing off on his Korean lol. It's just too bad he didn't get the BTS question; his Korean pride and Army status would've shone through, erasing all their doubts! I was unhappy with the American representative since his behavior & expressions came off a bit rude... he must have had a lot of pride in his speaking skills, though, to get so offended at being called out for what he is!
strawberries & cigarettes
strawberries & cigarettes 10 aylar önce
일본분인거 같다해서 빡치신거 왤케웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
뚝딱 13 gün önce
@ダンゴムシ 일본시민들 대다수가 착한건 ㅇㅈ 근데 도서관같은데 가면 혐한 서적이 불티나게 팔림 한국이나 일본이나 늙은이들이 문제인듯
ダンゴムシ 28 gün önce
@나비야 피해의식 있으신것도 아니고ㅋㅋㅋ 그냥 정부 싸움에 말려들어 불매 운동 한답시고 한국 일본 자영업자 들만 죽어 나갔잖아요ㅋㅋㅋ 역사도 역사이지만 일본시민 한국시민 끼리는 서로 싫어 하지말고 잘 지내자는 뜻입니다ㅋㅋ 한가지 더 말씀 드리자면 일본을 한번 가보시는거 추천 드릴게요ㅋㅋ 어디 애국 한답시고 폰헙 일본 무료야동 스트리밍 보면서 까불지 마시고 저는 일본에서 돈벌어서 한국으로 보냅니다ㅋㅋㅋ 깨시민인 동시에 애국자고요
나비야 28 gün önce
@ダンゴムシ 무슨 반일이 아닌 게 깨시민인 줄 아나 본데 한국은 일본한테 짓밟힌 역사가 있고 피해자는 가해자에게 적개심이 있는 건 당연한 겁니다 님은 가해자에게서 아무리 당해도 아무렇지도 않으신가 보네요 한국이 아무리 반일이라고 해도 일본처럼 무조건 인종차별하는 것도 아니고 예의는 차리고 속으로는 경계해야 한다고 여기는 겁니다
美意識高い系男子 2 aylar önce
@fvyi : いや、そんなこと無いですよw
fvyi :
fvyi : 2 aylar önce
@美意識高い系男子 日本人ですか?大体しか分からんけどコメ欄気分悪くないですか?
Charlene Jo
Charlene Jo 4 aylar önce
I found it funny how they were talking about the Korean guy because I’m Korean but I was born in the US so I have an American accent when I speak it. I feel like him sometimes when I talk to fellow Koreans, especially older adults. They’re always surprised when they hear me speak, that I can speak as well as I can. I do have to admit though, I understand better than I can speak.
Random Random
Random Random 2 aylar önce
Okay but Elly is amazing !! Her korean sounds just like a native speaker
Malia Moa
Malia Moa 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed watching this so much 😂
Leica Love
Leica Love 8 aylar önce
I'm gonna learn korean! It sounds sooo cute
flirting gracefull platypus
flirting gracefull platypus Aylar önce
interesting to see that the ones coming from non indoeuropean countries (and languages) sounded the more asian when speaking in korean..
Alter Ego Carson
Alter Ego Carson 6 aylar önce
They literally speak so well that I thought there was a voiceover. My Korean is less than preschool level, but even I could tell haha
Capri Nicole
Capri Nicole Yıl önce
Everyone else: I’ve been studying for 4-7 years The girl from Iran: I’ve been studying for 1.5 years Lmaooo??? Her korean is amazing what a inspiration 😩
Dracarys 5 aylar önce
@melaxy Lol no Chinese and Japanese are closely related to each other compared to Korean. Japanese uses hiragana, katakana and kanji words. Kanji words are basically Chinese characters that they borrowed from China. So Japanese is similar to Chinese. But their pronunciations is completely different.
Sanaz Lol
Sanaz Lol Yıl önce
@Lou Lou exactly haha I’m persian and I’m trying to immigrate ASAP So we basically have to learn a language in a year tops
Parnia blnd
Parnia blnd Yıl önce
Im from iran and actually iranian people are Smart..
Mahtab Bayani
Mahtab Bayani Yıl önce
@Lou Lou most of the iranian can speak English fluently... and many of them choose French or German as third language. She possibly choose her third language as Korean ....
meggie Qin
meggie Qin Yıl önce
@Lou Lou so instead of saying she is talented you are bashing her country? Lots of teens and young people in Iran are learning Korean because they love korean culture and media. its the exact same reason that someone from US or any other country would learn korean.
DaniH 6 aylar önce
I listen to Korean everyday and I find that there is more up and down intonation that with English so I find the American’s comment a little strange. If any language is spoken flatly, it’s English. I also speak Swedish and the intonation compared to English and Swedish is so different. Swedish is up and down, sort of sing-song. English intonation rises and falls mainly with questions. Canadian english (which is what I speak) is also noted to have many more ups and downs compared to American english. Canadian english is distinguishable from American english by what is called Canadian “raising” so American english is very flat compared to even our english.
Novelty 10 aylar önce
Disclaimer: No, I cannot hate a person I've never met. No, I'm not targeting him for being American, I'm addressing his actions and how he presented himself in this situation. 6:54. There's some truth behind every "joke." His immediate response to being called a foreigner shows his true colors, even though he _is_ a foreigner. Although it may seem like he was joking, many people who overconfident use passive-aggression in a form of a "joke." You can tell this right after he finishes his gestures at 7:10. He may not be trying to be rude, but he definitely has not grasped the respect aspect of many East Asian cultures. Clearly, 3 years of residency is not enough.
Phoenix Echoes Audio
Phoenix Echoes Audio 8 aylar önce
@jeffrey poh that "go touch some grass" is so played out. Stop
jeffrey poh
jeffrey poh 9 aylar önce
its a 15 minute video. Go touch some grass.
LSB 9 aylar önce
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who found that a little weird and rude.
torself 10 aylar önce
seeing other people speaking fluent korean always really messed with my mind 🥴 🤯 it like a real-life body flipbook
Lani 2 aylar önce
한국인으로서 그들의 한국어는 모두 놀랍고 정말 좋습니다. 저는 원래 호주에서 왔기 때문에 한국에 왔을 때 배우기가 매우 어려웠지만 지금은 한국어와 영어에 능통해서 매우 좋습니다
koyukiny 11 aylar önce
All of their Korean is nearly perfect. Grammatically perfect, and pronunciation is perfect too. The only one with a noticesble foreigner accent is the American guy but his Korean is grammatically perfect too. the rest of them speak perfect Korean both grammatically and in pronunciation. I am actually amazed by the fact that foreigners can pronounce Korean as perfectly as native Koreans. They must have studied really hard
ain miky
ain miky 29 gün önce
Korean accent is kinda easy to imitate for some reason
IKaRu 3 aylar önce
@DieFlabbergast No, it's not. I've seen some foreign people speaking perfect Portuguese, even the accent was on point, I was amazed. There are people who can imitate people really easy
BLACKZ The BLACKZ 3 aylar önce
i thought this was a Grammarly add cause you said grammatically so many times
Tasie 6 aylar önce
his voice is just deep and he was trying to relaxly say it.
Mash 6 aylar önce
@Apps Hướng Dẫn It's extremely hard to get a natural accent. My dad moved from Korea to the US about 20 years ago (and he works everyday in a company) and he still has an accent. You can only get a natural accent if you try really hard to fake it for a long time. Then you'll start doing it normally. However, their skill in the language grows a lot by living in Korea.
Siti Annisya
Siti Annisya Aylar önce
I do not know why I laugh the whole time watching this😆 I like it!❤️
hh j
hh j 6 aylar önce
다들 한국어를 정말 잘하시네... 보면서 놀랐어요. 특히 터키에서 온 제렌이란 분은 정말 발음이나 억양이 원어민 수준
김운학 4 aylar önce
터키같은 경우 우리 한국어와 어순이 같아서 터키인들이 한국어를 쉽게 배울 수 있다고 하네요.
수빈 9 aylar önce
와 근데 진짜 다 한국인같다... 발음도 좋고 말도 진짜 잘한다
Hannah1113 Yıl önce
I was so confused when David introduced himself with his Korean name lmao
Terry Kang
Terry Kang 6 aylar önce
I clicked on this video when I saw him in the thumbnail like "wait- what if he's not actually a Korean" 🤡🤡
Gabi C
Gabi C Yıl önce
Loveable Idiot
Loveable Idiot Yıl önce
@Kottonkandy09 18-10= 8 Kyungsoo has 8 apples
Sofia Flores
Sofia Flores Yıl önce
Bro thats what I said too
Trecia Drummons
Trecia Drummons Yıl önce
I thought I was the only one
Julia Kiel delos Reyes
Julia Kiel delos Reyes Aylar önce
all of them there voice is pretty amazing im gonna aplause
czennie bagel
czennie bagel 8 aylar önce
This suddenly makes me want to learn Korean
Dave USA
Dave USA Aylar önce
I would love to do this with foreign born people that have ESL in America. The dead give away would be to ask them to talk with a southern or northern accent. Soooo much slang in the U.S.
눈에눈이들어가니눈물인가눈물인가 Aylar önce
Yeah English has too many accents
엠마Emma Aylar önce
i mean, i grew up in the U.S and i wouldn't be able to do a southern accent if you paid me
Isabelle Bastos
Isabelle Bastos 10 aylar önce
This is so tense in a weird way. And the guessing people super serious and with that Interpol vibe. I loved it, please make itnto a serie.
Pjm sparkle
Pjm sparkle Yıl önce
Them: SHE IS JAPANESE HE IS JAPANESE Me a Japanese: If only I sounded like them-
el ci
el ci 2 aylar önce
Pjm sparkle
Pjm sparkle Yıl önce
@Ri _ Um? I don’t even watch anime’s? まあまあ日本人じゃなかったらどおやって日本国籍をもっているのかねー。すまんだけど日本にすんでいるし。うるせやつ(^ν^) I gave you a little parting gift in my monther tongue, oh and don’t mind translating it because I specially put in native slang words and words that is only used for speaking so translating it would be a mess. And to educate you small brain, I learned in an international school so it’s normal for my English to be fluent and for me to catch up with English trends. Not a lot of us get the opportunity, but I’m lucky enough to be one. If you’d fill doubt then I don’t really care, at least I know, and the people around me know.
R K Yıl önce
@Pjm sparkle Magicccc
Pjm sparkle
Pjm sparkle Yıl önce
biscyuttie Yıl önce
On My Way
On My Way 2 aylar önce
wow they all speak Korean very well. If you cover your eyes and hear them speak, it'd be hard to tell apart
Joan Lee
Joan Lee 7 aylar önce
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이거 진짜 너무 재밌게 봤어여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하필 성함이 경수씨여서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5분 다 한국어 너무 잘하셔서 진짜 신기했고 앞으로도 화이팅!!!!
스무스라잌태태 17 gün önce
신기해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 외국어를 원어민 레벨까지 끌어올리는게 가능하구나!👍👍
Vesper 2 aylar önce
I'd like to see a video that asks foreigners to explain their reasons why so many of them decide to go to South Korea to live, instead of just to visit...?
Claire Isabella
Claire Isabella 11 aylar önce
korean native: hi my name is kim kyung soo korean couple: what a stupid name he's for sure a foreigner NEXT
얍얍얍 Aylar önce
도경수는 약간 성씨가 독특해서 있을 법 한데 김경수는...ㅋㅋㅋ 성 이름 다 너무 평범해서 오히려 작위적임.
Julija Kublicka
Julija Kublicka 2 aylar önce
@あらさか bro it literally says married couple at the beginning
Justin Liu
Justin Liu 2 aylar önce
@あらさか they said at the beginning that they were married
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 3 aylar önce
Yeti 3 aylar önce
z 5 aylar önce
It’s easy for me to learn languages like Japanese and Korean maybe because I’m Chinese and they’re kinda related? So it’s pretty easy honestly.
Hyun Park
Hyun Park 3 aylar önce
I enjoyed the clip and it was quite fun to watch. However, one thing to keep in mind is that how we describe other people matters, even if it is compliments. Sometimes when native speakers compliment on non-native speakers’ accents it could be construed as rather discouraging comment. There are articles (written in Korean) which describe that non-ethnic Koreans and non-Koreans feel aloof even if they are not discriminated but rather because they are put on pedestal with spotlights. Imagine, that you are an immigrant and natives in that country constantly praise how good you speak their language and know their cultures, you will feel that are not truly one of them. Korea among many other countries, is becoming richer with immigrants and non-Koreans interested in Korea. To keep them interested and let the talented people stay in Korea, it is paramount to realize that everything is NOT good just because you are complimenting them; it can have opposite effects.
ᄋᄋ 2 aylar önce
나도 보면서 같은 생각한거지만 아직 한국이 그런것들에 대해 닫혀있는것은 사실이에요 아마 동영상 제작자들이 내수용 콘텐츠에만 신경쓰고 세부적인 뉘앙스에 대해서는 인지를 잘 못하는것같음 반대로 네이티브 한국인들이 해외나가서 영어 잘 한다는 얘기를 들으면 대부분 칭찬으로 받아들이고 기뻐하는데 그들은 이런 사소한 문제에는 깊게 생각하지 않는 경향이 있는것같다
Sesang_x Aylar önce
I love the Korean language so much.
dandan 9 aylar önce
I love how they are convinced that the native korean guy is from Italy 😂😂
Giershel Yıl önce
david being called a foreigner the whole time was hilarious, but the american guy seems so rude with his facial expressions.
jen Aylar önce
@remi nii it’s super rude to act that way in most Asian cultures, it may be lighthearted where u live but not for us
Pakacha 4 aylar önce
Sorta unrelated but the American guy also said English had these...Intonations? While I do know that English has a lot of words that may be hard to wrap someone's head around for many reasons, I don't think English is hard because of the intonation. Languages like Mandarin and Japanese have those intonations, however
orange Yıl önce
@chúc mừng you ever heard of a joke?
Grandma Shelton
Grandma Shelton Yıl önce
A lot of Americans are sarcastic...
remi nii
remi nii Yıl önce
Giershel you’re offended by his facial expressions? Fucking hell what kind of world do we live in?
Jel 9 aylar önce
this motivated me to study harder, hope i can speak fluently one day
rocket girl
rocket girl 7 aylar önce
i love this video so much i’ve rewatched it so many times
hehe 2 aylar önce
Kfkfk Kfkfkelzn
Kfkfk Kfkfkelzn 3 aylar önce
I.N.K. 4 aylar önce
I am shook. Their Korean is waaaaaaaaay better than mine and yet they aren’t actual Koreans, yet know how to speak the language fluently 😆🤩.
TheCarlScharnberg 8 aylar önce
They're all really good. I'm impressed.
Ember Nyx
Ember Nyx Yıl önce
RIP Kim Kyung-soo. The poor dude was just getting bashed the entire time.
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti Yıl önce
I know 😭
CHAINS Yıl önce
Aww poor david !! Someone bring danny to him, he needs to be protected 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Yıl önce
@YummYakitori I guess they gave him the water character because his horoscope/fortune said he lacked water? And respect is because his siblings all have the word respect in their names? Do they do that in Korea too? That's how it would likely be for a Chinese name...
Jae Swag
Jae Swag Yıl önce
David from DKDKTV
jeno's smiling eyes
jeno's smiling eyes Yıl önce
Xung Nham
Xung Nham 7 aylar önce
This is crazy. As an american, I am certain I can tell anyone who has only been living in America for only 3-4 years from a native speaker.
탱크성애자 5 aylar önce
7:08 뒤에서 일본인 같다니까 빡쳐서 넥슬라이스 하는거 개웃기네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ㅌㅇ 8 aylar önce
아 진짜 1,2,3번분들 웃는 리액션이 개 좋아서 볼맛남ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ1,3번 외국분 웃는거 ㄹㅇ 한국인ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 미국분은 막 웃다가 갑자기 얼굴 급정색하면서 혼잣말로 뭐라하는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dan 6 aylar önce
와 한국말 엄청 잘하는데... 이정도면 걍 얼굴 안보면 한국인인줄 알 정도임ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 영어, 일본어 해봐서 아는데 외국어 저정도로 하는거 진짜 대단한듯...
Hildxnie Yıl önce
"Is Kim Kyungsoo a foreigner?" "Yes, I think he is. I think he's from Italy" Me, an Italian: 😳
Elvira Yıl önce
Ciao sto imparando il italiano
Juan Yıl önce
That guy has a TRshow channel called dkdktv
Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET
Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET Yıl önce
Did he not sound Italian? Lol🤣
Tom19142 Yıl önce
@JJ nella mia galleria ho la tua stessa foto profilo 🤣
Tom19142 Yıl önce
@Hildxnie beh, ora ci staremo ancora di più...
욤욤 5 aylar önce
아 진심 이번 편 왜케 웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 배아파 디지겠넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 김경수앀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Teaholic anonymous
Teaholic anonymous 7 aylar önce
Speaking fluently Turkish and learning Korean I can confirm that the grammar and pronunciation of Turkish and Korean is similar the same is with Japanese. I also speak English and Dutch. To Learn Korean I had to think and rely on my Turkish. Learning Korean by Thinking Turkish has made it much easier in comparison with Dutch which is my native language . In my humble opinion I do think there is a connection between all the languages that originated from central Asia (Altaic) ☺️
Aziz Bereket
Aziz Bereket 7 aylar önce
Deriving a new verb in turkish 1.(Der-mek= ~to set & to provide)=ter'kib & ter'tib etmek (used after the verbs which ending with a consonant) Verb-root+"Der" is used as suffix for the subtle voiced words (ter-tir-tür/der-dir-dür/er-ir-ür) Verb-root+"Dar" is used as suffix for the thick voiced words (tar-tır-tur/dar-dır-dur/ar-ır-ur) (ak-mak>aktarmak)(bakmak>baktırmak)(almak>aldırmak)(çıkmak>çıkarmak)(kaçmak>kaçırmak) 2.(Et-mek = ~ to make). (mostly used after the verbs ending with a vowel sound and when the suffix "der" was used before) Verb-root+"T" is used as suffix for the subtle voiced words (t-it-üt) Verb-root+"T" is used as suffix for the thick voiced words (t-ıt-ut) (ak-mak>akıtmak)(bakmak>bakıtmak)(yürümek>yürütmek)(yırmak>yırtmak)(öldürmek>öldürtmek) 3.(Eş=partner)..(together or with partner)-(all together or altogether)- (each other or about each one) (with someone or against the other) Verb-root+"Eş" is used as suffix for the subtle voiced words (eş-iş-üş) Verb-root+"Aş" is used as suffix for the thick voiced words (aş-ış-uş) (bul-mak>buluşmak)(görmek-görüşmek)(girmek-girİşmek) 4.(Al / El)= to get this by someone or something (to get being ...ed) Verb-root+"El" is used as suffix for the subtle voiced words (el-il-ül) Verb-root+"Al" is used as suffix for the thick voiced words (al-ıl-ul) (it's used to shorten some verbs as ...N (git-mek>-gidilmek)(sevmek>sevilmek)(yemek>(yeyilmek)-yenmek) 5."En"=own diameter(self around)=(about own) Verb-root+"En" is used as suffix for the subtle voiced words (en-in-ün) Verb-root+"An" is used as suffix for the thick voiced words (an-ın-un) (gör-mek>görünmek) (bulmak>bulunmak) (yıkamak>yıkanmak) (kıvırmak>kıvranmak) Mak/Mek...(emek)=exertion /process Git=Go ...(verb root) Git-mek= to go (the process of going) (Git-der-mek>gittirmek)=1. Götürmek= to take away.....(2. gidermek=~to resolve) (Git-en-der-mek>gidindirmek)= Göndermek= to send Gel-mek= to come (Gel-der-mek>geltirmek)=Getirmek= to bring 1.Gelmek...2.Getirmek...3.Getirtmek...4.Getirttirmek..5.Getirttirtmek....and it's going so on Dür-mek= to roll it up (to make it becomes a roll) Dör-mek= to rotate on its axis ( törmek=old meaning)-(to stir it , to mix it(current meaning) (döngü)törüş/törüv=tour (törüv-çi=turqui)(tör-geş=turkish)=tourist...(törük halk=mixed people) (Dör-en-mek)>dörünmek= to rotate oneself(old meaning)-(to turn by oneself(current meaning)) (Törünmek>Törnmek)>Dönmek= to turn oneself (Dön-der-mek)>döndürmek= to turn it (Dön-eş-mek)>dönüşmek= to turn (altogether) to something (Dön-eş-der-mek)>dönüştürmek= to convert it into Yürü-mek= to go on (to walk) (Yürü-et-mek)>yürütmek= to make this goes on (Yürü-et-der-mek)>yürüttürmek=to be provider ensuring this is going on present simple tense for positive sentences Var-mak= to arrive (at)...(for the thick voiced words) (positive suffixes)=(Ar-ır-ur) Er-mek= to get (at) ...(for the subtle voiced words) (positive suffixes)=(Er-ir-ür) for negative sentences Ma=not Bas-mak= to dwell on (to press onto/into) (to pass over) (negativity suffix)=Maz=(ma-bas) =(No pass)=na pas=not to dwell on= ~give up =(~vaz geç-mek) ...(for the thick voiced words) Ez-mek= to crush (to press down) ( to compress) (negativity suffix)=Mez=(ma-ez) =(No crush)=(do/es not)= ~skip =(~es geç-mek)...(for the subtle voiced words) (Uç-mak)= to fly (Uç-a-var)= Uçar= that flies ( gets to fly) (Uç-ma-bas)= uçmaz= doesn't fly (~gives up flying) (Uç-der-ma-bas)=(uçturmaz)=uçurmaz= doesnt fly it (doesn't make it fly) (Uç-eş-ma-bas)=uçuşmaz= doesn't (all)together fly (Uç-al-ma-bas)=uçulmaz= doesn't get being flied Su=water (Suv)=fluent-flowing.....(suvu)=Sıvı=fluid, liquid Suv-mak=~ to make it flow onwards Suy-mak=~ to make it flow over Süv-mek=~ to make it flow inwards Sür-mek=~ to make it flow on (something) Suv-up =(soup), Sür-up(shurup)=syrup, Suruppah(chorba)=soup, Suruppat(sherbet)=sorbet, Şarap=wine, Mashrubat=beverage (Süp-mek)=~ to make it flow outwards (süp-der-mek>süptürmek)=süpürmek=to sweep Say-mak=~ to make it flow (drop by drop)one by one (from the mind) = ~ to count up, ~ to deem) Söy-mek=~ to make it flow from the tongue (Söy-le-mek= to make (the sentences) flowing by the tongue =~ to say, ~ to tell ) Sev-mek=~ to make it flow from the tongue (to the heart) = to love (Söv-mek)=~ call names Süy-mek=~ to make it flow from inside (süyüt) =Süt= milk Soy-mak=~ to make it flow over it/him/her ( to peel, ~to strip, ~to rob ) (Soy-en-mak)>soyunmak=to undress (Sıy-der-mak)>sıyırmak= skimming, ~skinning Siy-mek=~ to make it flow downwards =(peeing) (siyitik) =Sidik= urine Süz-mek=~ to make it lightly flow from up to downwards (~to filter, strain out) Sez-mek=~ to make it lightly flow into the mind (~to perceive, to intuit) Sız-mak=~ to get flowed slightly/slowly (~to infiltrate) Sun-mak= to extend it forward (presentation, exhibition, to serve up) Sün-mek=to expand reaching outward (sünger=sponge) Sın-mak=to extend reaching upward or forward Sin-mek=to shrink reaching downward or backward (to lurk, to hide onself) Sön-mek=to be decreasing reaching inward or outward (to be extinguished) Sağ-mak= ~ to make it pour down (Sağanak=downpour) (sağ-en-mak)>sağınmak=~ to make oneself pour from thought into emotions (Sağn-mak)>San-mak= ~ to make it pour from thought into an idea Sav-mak=~ to make it pour outwards (2.>put forward- set forth in) (sağan)=Sahan=the container to pour water (Sav-der-mak)>(savdurmak)> savurmak... (Sav-der-al-mak)>(savurulmak)> savrulmak=to get being scattered/driven away (Sav-en-mak)>savunmak=to defend (Sav-en-al-mak)>savunulmak=to get being defended (Sav-al-mak)>savulmak=~to scatter around (Sav-eş-mak)1.>savaşmak=to pour the blood of each other=to shed each other's blood 2.savuşmak=to get spilled around.(altogether-downright)=(sıvışmak=~running away in fear).. (Sav-eş-der-mak)1.>savaştırmak=(~to make them fight each other)2.>savuşturmak =(ward off-fend off) Sürmek = ~ to make it flow on (something) (Sür-e--er)= sürer = lasts, (drives it) (goes on) (Sür-der-mek)> sürdürmek= to make this to continue (~to sustain) (Sür-der-e--er)= sürdürür = makes it to last forward ,(makes it continue) (Sür-ma-ez)= sürmez = doesn't drive ... (2. gives up flowing on) (3. gives up going on) (Sür-der-ma-ez)= sürdürmez =doesn't make it go on (doesn't make it continue) (Sür-al-ma-ez)= sürülmez =doesnt get driven by any.. (2.doesnt get followed by any..) Sür-en-mek> sürünmek= (~to makeup) (~rides odor) (~to paint oneself) Sürü-mek= taking it away forward (or backward on the floor) (Sürü-e--er)=sürür=takes it away forward (Sürü-et-mek)=(sürütmek) sürtmek=~to rub (Sürü-al-mek)=2.sürülmek=to get expelled (Sürü-en-mek)=2.sürünmek=to creep on (Sürü-en--der-mek)=süründürmek=~to make it's creeping on (Sürü-et-en-mek)=sürtünmek=to have a friction (Sürü-et--eş-mek)=sürtüşmek=to get rubbed each other (Gör-mek)=to see (Gör-e-er)=görür=(that) sees.. (Gör-ma-ez)=görmez=(that) doesn't see (Gör-en-ma-ez)= görünmez= doesn't show ownself (doesn't seem) (Gör-al-ma-ez)= görülmez= doesn't get seen by any.. (Gör-eş-ma-ez)= görüşmez= doesn't get seen each other (Görs-der-ma-ez)>göstermez=(that) doesn't show (Görs)=(Khorus)=(one) eye=(pineal gland) Göz=Eye (Görs-et-mek)>(görsetmek)=to make it visible (Görs-der-mek)>göstermek=to show (Tanı-mak)= to recognize (Tanı-ma-bas)= tanımaz= doesn't recognize (Tanı-et-ma-bas)= tanıtmaz= doesn't make it get recognized (Tanı-en-ma-bas)= tanınmaz= doesn't inform about oneself =doesn't get recognized by any..(doesn't get known by any) (Tanı-eş-ma-bas)= tanışmaz= doesn't recognize each other (doesn't get known each other) Tanışmak= to get to know each other =(~to meet first time) Danışmak= to get information from each other 1.(la/le = to make via)-~getting by means of do it through this...~getting with ..)... (used after the nouns and adjectives) ( ( (....lemek-..lamak.)....(...letmek- ..latmak) (..lettirmek-...lattırmak) Tıŋı=the tune (timbre) Tıŋı-la-mak= to take a sound out >(Tınlamak=~answering/reacting )(~to take heed of) Tıŋ-mak= to react verbally Tiŋi-le-mek=to take a sound in >(Dinlemek= to listen) Tiŋ-mek=to get soundless >(Dinmek= to calm down (to get quiescent) Tıngırdatmak=to try playing the musical instrument 2.(laş/leş =(ile-eş)= (to become equal to..) (to become the same of..) (used after the nouns and adjectives) (....leş-mek-..laş-mak.)...(..leş-der-mek-...laş-der-mak)....(...leş-der-et-mek- ..laş-der-et-mak) (....leşmek-..laşmak.)...(..leştirmek-...laştırmak)....(...leştirtmek- ..laştırtmak) 3.(lan/len =(ile-en)= (to become with)- (to get it by..)(to have it by..) (used after the nouns and adjectives) (....len-mek-..lan-mak.)...(..len-der-mek-...lan-der-mak)....(...len-der-et-mek- ..lan-der-et-mak) (....lenmek-..lanmak.)...(..lendirmek-...landımak)....(...lendirtmek- ..landırtmak) by reiterations (Parıl Parıl) parıl-da-mak= to gleam (Kıpır Kıpır) kıpır-da-mak (Kımıl Kımıl) kımıl-da-mak by colors Ak= white Ağar-mak = to turn to white Kara= black Karar-mak=to become blackened Kızıl= red Kızar-mak= to turn red (to blush) (to be toasted) by a whim or a want Su-sa-mak= to thirst Kanık-sa-mak öhö-tsu-ur (öksür-mek)=to cough tüh-tsu-ur (tüksür-mek/tükürmek)=to spit out tıh-tsu-ur (tıksır-mak) hak-tsu-ur (aksır-mak) hap-tsu-ur (hapşur-mak)=to sneeze
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Question words in turkish .. (Mu)=Bu= this (Tsu)=Şu= that...(ts=~th))=θ (peltek S) Ka=(Qua)= (which) U=(ou)= it (that) (Ka-u)= Ki=(Qui)=which that Ne = what (Ça -çe)(Ca-ce)= As An (en) = time (moment) Dem= time (demurrage) Vakit= (time) while Saat=hour / (its o'clock) (Tsu-dem-an)=(that-time-moment)=- Zaman =the time (Dem-u-en)= Demin= Just now Di= now on (Şu-dem-di)= Şimdi=(that time now on)= now Tsu-an=Şu an= this moment (now) Tsu-an-da =Şu anda= right now (currently)(at present) Hal= situation (status) Hal-en =Hâlen= currently Hâlã= still Henüz=yet Hazır=ready (Hal-i hazır-da)=hâli hazırda= at present Hem-di =emdi=imdi=Now on Hem-an =Hemen=(all the same-as moment)(exactly the same time)=in no time (Hem-mã)=(not exactly the same) / not really ...(amma) Ama= but (An-ça)= Anca =as moment= (just) for that moment =(barely) (An-ça-ka-u)= Ancak =so this much (for that moment)=(just this for now)=all but=( but just this ? ) Denk=(deng)=equal Denge=balance (equilibrium) ....(deŋer)=değer=value Dar= nearest to the other- (narrow) Dara=specific weight (Ka-dara)= which specific weight.. (Ka-değer)= which value.. (Ka-dar)= which proximate Kader=~potential (measure) Kadar=extent (Ka-u)=Ki=(Qui)=which that=(it's so)= so that (Ka-u-mu)=(Ki-mu)=Kim=(which that so this)= Who? (ki-mu(=which that such this)=kimi=gibi=like) Ki-mu-tsu-ne=(kimesne)= kimse=any one (whosoever) (U-çün)= İçün=için= (that factor)= For.. (that's for) (Ne-u-çün)=Niçün=niçin=(what-that-factor)= Why.. (what-for) Ne-ğe = Neye=(what to) what-where toward = ~for what Ne-u-ğe=Niye =(what that to )= Why (Çün-ka-u) =Çünki =(c'est-pour-quoi)=(that's why))=(therefore)= Because Ne-çe =Neçe/nece=How.. (like what) (as what) (Ne-u-çe) =Niçe/nice=what as that= how long/how much... (how too much) (Ka-ne-çe)=Kança =(which-what-as) (Ka-çe)=(which-as)= kaç..=how many /how much /which number O Bunu Yaptığınca=Bu'nu yap-tı-ka-u-ne-çe= (how much/long (in that time) s/he did this)=as much as s/he does this O Bunu Yaptıkca=Bu'nu yap-tı-ka-çe= how much/many (in each once) s/he did this=as s/he does this (each time) (Ka-ne-çe)=Kança ............(Ka-çe)=Kaç........ =How many (as a numerical quantity)/ which number (does it have) (Ne-ka-dar)= Ne kadar =(what extent)= what-which-nearest= How much (as the attribute) Ne-ğe ka-dar= Neye kadar =what which closest to Ne-yir-ğe ka-dar=Nereye kadar =where which nearest to =where up to Ne zaman=When ......Ka-çe-an= Haçan= when.... Ne vakit= when Ne zamana kadar=(when which nearest to)= when up to Ne-yir-e-denk = Nereye dek=(where equal to)= where till Ne-yir-e denk-u-en= Nereye değin=(then where equal to)= where until Ne-zaman-a denk-u-en= Ne zamana değin=(when-equal-to-then)= when until (Ka-en)= Ken=which time=~(When) (U-ka-en)= İken = (that-which-time)=when it's (that when...) (Ka-ne-u) =Hani =which what so Ka-u-tsu= Kaysı.... Ka-ne-tsu=Hansı..... (Ka-ne-ki) = Hangi =which Ka-ne-ki-tsu=Hangisi=which one that Ka-yir= which place.... Ne-yir= what place Ka-yir-de= Kayda=harda= where.......Ne-yir-de= Nerde=nerede= where Ka-ile-u=Kalay....Ne-u-ile=Neyle....Ka-ne-deng =kanday........Ne-asıl=Nasıl= How Ne-de-en=Neden=thereat what (at what reason then)= why Ne-yir-de-en=Nereden (nerden)=thereat where =(1.where from)=(2.under what condition)=when/where and how Dã-en=(Dan-Den) =from (at.. then) (than) (thereat) (when there's it/ then there's it)
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21+ tenses in turkish language... Anatolian Turkish.verb conjugations A= To (toward)(~for) (for the thick voiced words) E= To (toward)(~for) (for the subtle voiced words) Okul=School U=(ou)=it= (it's that)=(it's about ) Git=Go (verb root) Mak/Mek (emek)=exertion /process Git-mek=(verb)= to Go (the process of going=get-mek =to get there now on ) Gel-mek= to Come 1 .present continuous tense (now or soon, right now or later, currently or nowadays) it's used to explain the current actions or planned events (for the specified times) YOR-mak =to tire (~ to try , to deal with this) >Yor=~go over it (for the subtle and thick voiced words) A/E Yormak=(to arrive an idea/opinion onto what's this) I/İ/U/Ü Yormak=(to arrive wholly over it) is used as suffix="Yor" (iaʊr) positive. Okula gidiyorsun ( you are going to school)= Okul-a Git-i-yor-u-Sen > School-to Go-to-try that-You=(You try-to-Go to school) Evden geliyorum ( I'm coming from home) = Ev-de-en Gel-i-yor-u-Men > Home-at-then Come-to-try i-Am=(from home I try to come) negative A)..Mã= Not B)...Değil= it's not (the equivalent of) examples A: Okula gitmiyorsun ( you are not going to school)= Okul-a Git-Ma-i-yor-u--Sen (School-to Go-Not-it-try that-You) -(You that try-it's-not-Go to school) B: Okula gidiyor değilsin ( you are not going to school)=Okul-a Git-i-yor değil-sen (You aren't trying-to-Go to School) Question sentence: Mã-u =Not-it =(is) Not it? is used as....suffixes ="Mı-Mi-Mu-Mü " Okula mı gidiyorsun? ( Are you going to school?)= Okul-a Ma-u Git-i-yor-u-sen ? (To-school/ Not-it / You-try-to-go)(~Towards the school or somewhere else are you going ?) Okula gidiyor musun? ( Do you go to school?)= Okul-a Git-i-yor Ma-u -sen ? (To school /Try-to-go /Not-it-you) (~You try to go to the school (anymore) or not ?) (Do you go to school at some specific times ?) Okula sen mi gidiyorsun ? (~Are only you that going to school ?) 2 .present simple tense ( it's used to explain our own thoughts about the topic) (everytime, always or never ,at all, often,rarely, any time or sometimes, now on, soon or afterwards, so it's possible of course inshallah) positive VAR-mak =~ to arrive (at) ...(to attain).....(for the thick voiced words) is used as suffixes >"ar-ır-ur" ER-mek=~ to get (at) ...(to reach).....(for the subtle voiced words) is used as suffixes >"er-ir-ür" examples Okula gidersin ( you go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-er-sen (I think that> you get to go to school) Kuşlar gökyüzünde uçar ( the birds fly in the sky )=Kuş-lar gökyüzü-n-de uç-a-var ( The birds arrive at flying(get to fly) in the sky) Bunu görebilirler = (they can see this) = Bu-ne-u Gör-e-Bil-e-er-ler =(They-get-to-Know-to-See this-what-that)>They get at the knowledge to see what's this Question sentence: In the question sentences it means : is not it so? or what do you think about this topic? Okula gider misin? (Do you get to go to school ?)= Okul-a Git-e-er Ma-u-Sen ?>You get to Go to School Not it ?=(What about you getting to go to school ?) negative Bas-mak =to dwell on (~ to press onto/into) (~to go by pass so (leaving it) (for the thick voiced words) Ez-mek = to crush (~ to press down) (~to compress) (~to go quickly passing over)(for the subtle voiced words) Mã= Not Ma-bas=(No pass)=Na pas=(not to dwell on)>(to give up)=(vaz geçmek) (in the thick voiced words) suffix ="MAZ" Ma-ez= (No crush) =does not>(to skip over)=(es geçmek) (in the subtle voiced words) is used as suffix ="MEZ" example Okula gitmezsin ( you don't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-ez-sen (You no-crush--Go to school)=( you skip of going to school) O bunu yapmaz (s/he doesn't do this) = Bunu yap-ma-bas ( s/he no-pass--Do this)=(s/he gives up doing this) Niçün şuna bakmazsınız = (why don't you look at that )=Ne-u-çün şu-n-a bak-ma-bas-sen-iz (2. plural)= what-that-factor at that you give up looking 3.simple future tense (soon or later) it's used to explain the events we thought that will happen Çak-mak =~to fasten , ~to tack, ~to keep beside (for the thick voiced words) Çek-mek=~to attract , ~to take ,~to fetch (into mind), ~to keep close, ~to want (for the subtle voiced words) suffixes= ("CAK"-djäk) - ("CEK" -djek) positive.. Okula gideceksin ( you'll go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-çek-sen (~You fetch (into the mind)-to-Go to school) (~You wil -to-Go to school) Ali kapıyı açacak ( Ali will open the door)= Ali Kapı-y-ı Aç-a-çak (~Ali keeps close to open the door) negative A. Okula gitmeyeceksin (you won't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-e-çek-sen (~you don't (will) to go to school) B. Okula gidecek değilsin (you will not to go to school)= Okul-a Git-e-çek değil-sen (~you are not to go to school) 4 . simple past tense (currently or before) it's used to explain the completed events which that we're sure about Di = now on (anymore) Di-mek(demek) = ~ to deem , ~ to mean, ~ to think this way is used as...suffixes=.(Dı-di-du-dü) positive Okula gittin ( you went to school)= Okul-a Git-di-N Okula gittin mi ? (did you go to school ?)= Okul-a Git-di-N Ma-u ?( You went to school Not-it ?) Dün İstanbul'da kaldım (I stayed in Istanbul yesterday)= Dün İstanbul-da kal-dı-M negative Okula gitmedin ( you didn't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-di-N Bugün hiç birşey yapmadık (We did nothing today) =Bugün hiç birşey yap-ma-dı-K Beni zaten görmediler (They did not already see me) =Ben-i zaten gör-me-di-ler 5 .storial past tense (which we did not witness)- (just now or before) it's used to explain the completed events which that we're not able sure about MUŞ-mak = ~ to inform , (muş=moush) (muşuş=mesaj=message...muştu=müjde=evangel) means... I'm informed about - I noticed that- I got it- I learned such - I heard that - so they say...or it seems such (to me) if it's within any question sentence .Do you have any inform about? .do you know..have you heard?.are you aware?. or does it look like this? is used as suffixes= (Mış-miş-muş-müş) positive Okula gitmişsin ( I heard about) you went to school)= Okul-a Git-miş-u-sen (I realized You've been to school) Hata Yapmışım=Hâtâ Yap-mış-u-men (Seems that I've made an error) Yanılmışım (I noticed I fell in a mistake) negative A. Okula gitmemişsin (I heard that) you didn't go to school)= Okul-a Git-ma-miş-sen (I learned about) You're not gone to school) B. Okula gitmiş değilsin (I've been informed about) you hadn't gone to school)= Okul-a Git--miş değil-sen (Got it) You haven't been to school. İbrahim bugün okula gitmiş mi? =do you know /have you heard did Abraham go to school today? 6.Okula varmak üzeresin (You're about to arrive at school) 7.Okula gitmektesin (You're in (process of) going to school) (~you have been going to school) 8.Okula gitmekteydin (You had been going to school) 9.Okula gitmekteymişsin (I learned,,you've been going to school) 10.Okula gidiyordun (Okula git-e-yor er-di-n) (You were going to school) 11.Okula gidiyormuşsun (Okula git-e-yor er-miş-sen) ( I heard that) You are going to school)(2.I learned you were going to school) 12.Okula gidecektin (Okula git-e-çek erdin) (You would go to school after/then)(2.~I had thought you'll go to school)(3.~You'd said about going to go to school) 13.Okula gidecekmişsin (Okula git-e-çek ermişsen) (I heard that) you'd like to go to school then)(2.I learned that you'll go to school) 14.Okula giderdin ( Okula git-e-er erdin) (You used to go to school bf) (2.~you would go to school bf/then) 15.Okula gittiydin ( Okula git-di erdin) ( I remember you went to school) (2.~I had seen you've gone to school) 16.Okula gitmiştin ( Okula git-miş erdin) ( I know that) you had gone to school) 17.Okula gitmiş oldun( Okula git-miş ol-du-n) (you have been to school) Bu bir Elma = This is an apple Bu bir Kitap = This is a book Dur-mak=to keep to be present there Durur=it keeps to be present there is used as suffixes=(Dır- dir- dur- dür- or Tır- tir-tur-tür) It's usually used on the correspondences and literary language... (formal) Means within the official speeches =(that keeps to be present there) Bu bir Elmadır= (bu bir elma-durur)= This is an apple (that keeps to be present there) Bu bir Kitaptır= (bu bir kitap-durur)= This is a book (that keeps to be present there) Means within the daily speeches =( I think that or I guess that) (informal) Bu bir Elmadır= (bu bir elma-durur)= (I think) this is an apple Bu bir elma gibi duruyor=Looks like an apple this is (~this looks like an apple) Bu bir Kitaptır= (bu bir kitap-durur)= (I think) this is a book Bu bir kitap gibi duruyor=This looks like a book 18.Okula gidiyordursun =(Guess that) You were going to school /bf or after that) 19.Okula gidiyorsundur =(I think that) then you are going to school ) 20.Okula gidecektirim =(Guess that) I would have to go to school /bf or after that ) 21.Okula gideceğimdir=(I think that) ~I'm going to go to school ) 21.Okula gideceklerdir=(I think that) they are going to go to school ) 22.Okula gitmiştirler =(Guess that) they had gone to school /bf or after that) 23.Okula gitmişlerdir = They have been to school (officially) 23.Okula gitmişlerdir =(Looks like that) they have been to school ) ....(informal) 16..."Okula gitmişlerdi"or"Okula gitmiştiler" =They had gone to school Anlayabilir misin= Aŋı-la-y-a Bil-e-Er Ma-u-sen? =You get at the knowledge to understand not it ?>Can you understand ? Anlayabilirim= Aŋı-la-y-a Bil-e-Er-Men = I Get-to-Know-to-Understand =(I get at the knowledge to understand)= I can understand Anlayamam = Aŋı-la-y-a Al-Ma-Men =I don't get (to have something) to-Understand = I can not understand Aŋ= moment Aŋı= memory Aŋıla=get via memory (save in memory= make it become a memory)
Aziz Bereket
Aziz Bereket 7 aylar önce
The language of Thoeruk people living on the planet W.. (Ou)=U=( it's/ that) (Mã-u)=(Mu)=Bu= this (Thë-u)=(Tsu)=Şu= that (şu=~xiou) ..(ts=~th)=θ (Hë-u)=(Hãu)=O= it (he /she) (Al /El)=(bearer /carrier) (Iz- uz) = S (plural suffix for doubling) Der/Dar=(der)= diger= other ...(dar)=(nearest to the other) (Ler/Lar= plural suffixes) (ɜ:ne)=Eun= Ön= (fore/first) = uno/ one (ilkçe/önce=~firstly)-(önünde/öncesi=~before)-(öncü=pioneer) (Kendi= own)=(Ka-eun-de-u= which's at fore/which one at first) (ɜ:z=euz=Öz= self ) (kendisi=own self/ oneself) in the oldest languages.. (One-this)=(eun-mã-u/ eun-u-mã)=enmo / enuma = me / I am (One-that)=(eun-u-tsë/ eun-thë-u)=enitë / entu = thou / you (One-hã)=(eun-hë-u/ eun-u-hë)=enhu /enuh = he our language (This one)= Mu-eun= (Men)= Ben= Me (That one)= Tsu-eun= (xien/thien)= Sen= You (These ones)= Mu-eun-iz=(miŋiz)=Biz = We (Those ones)=Tsu-eun-iz=(siŋiz)= Siz =You (Plural) Ou-ël=Ol =O= it (he /she) El=someone else (bearer / hand) (El-der)= Eller= other people (different persons) Ou-ël-dar= (Ouldar) =Onlar (The bearer and other-s nearest to it/him) Ou-eun-dar= (Ondar)=Onlar= They Mu-ël-dar=(Mouldar)-(Boular) =(This bearer and other-s nearest to this) Mu-eun-dar= (Moundar)-(Bounnar)=Bunlar= These Tsu-ël-dar=(Xiouldar)-(Shoular) =(That bearer and other-s nearest to that) Tsu-eun-dar=(Xioundar)-(Shounnar)=Şunlar= Those Dayı=(maternal) uncle Dayım=my uncle Dayımlar=my uncle and other ones closest to him=(~my uncle and his family) or (~my uncle and his close friends) Dayılarım=my uncles ikiz=(two similar ones) =twin ikiler =two and other dual ones üçüz=(three similar ones)=triplet üçler = three and other triple ones Men-niŋ=Meniŋ=Benim=My Sen-niŋ=Seniŋ=Senin=Your Ou-ël-niŋ=Olniŋ=Onun=his/her/its Miŋiz-niŋ=Bizniŋ=Bizim=our Siŋiz-niŋ=Sizniŋ=Sizin=your (Plural) Ou-ël-dar-niŋ=Oldarnıŋ=Onların=their Ka=(Qua)= which U=(ou)= it's (that) Ka-u=Ki=(Qui)=which that (Meniŋ-ka-u):=which that my...= benimki=mine (Seniŋ-ka-u):=which that your = seninki=yours (Olniŋ-ka-u):=which that his/her/its= onunki= his/hers/its Mak/Mek...(emek)=(exertion process) Çün=(chun)=factor Ka=(Qua)= (which) U=(ou)= it's (that) (Ka-u)= Ki=(Qui)=which that (Çün-ka-u)=(factor-which-that) =Çünki =(c'est-pour-quoi)=(that's why)=(therefore)= Because U-Çün = that Factor İçün=it's for= için=for Mak/Mek...(emek)=exertion (process) Gel-mek= to come (the process of coming) Gel-mek için = for coming =(the factor to the process of coming) Görmek için= for seeing Gitmek için= for going for deriving new adjectives from verbs A/e=to ...A/e + U-Çün =It's Factor To .. suffixes..(Icı-ici-ucu-ücü) (the pronunciation is like ~uji) (geç-e-u-çün) =it has the factor to pass =Geçici = transient /temporary (uç-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to fly = Uçucu = volatile (kal-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to stay = Kalıcı = permanent (yan-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to burn out = Yanıcı = flammable (yanıcı madde=flammable material) (bağla-y-a-u-çün) =it has the factor to biind/connect = Bağlayıcı = binding/connective for deriving new adjectives from nouns and adjectives Çün=factor ( Jiŋ= agency /being the agent/element of..) suffixes.. (Cı-ci-cu-cü) or (Çı-çi-çu-çü) = (jui / tchui ) (jaban-jiŋ) Yabancı = (outsider)=foreign-er (ish-jiŋ)İşçi= work-er kapıcı=doorman demirci=ironsmith gemici=sailor deŋizci=seaman for deriving adjectives from the numbers U-Ne-Çün =that-what-factor suffixes..(Ncı-ncu-nci-ncü) (Bir-u-ne-çün)=Birinci= ~first (initial) (İki-u-ne-çün)= İkinci= second (Üç-u-ne-çün)= Üçüncü=third (Miŋ-u-ne-çün)=Bininci=thousandth Annemiŋ pişirdiği tavuk çorbası =(Anne-m-niŋ Biş-dir-di-ka-u Tavğuk Şorba-tsu)= the chicken soup which (that belong) my mom cook-ed... Arkadaşımdan bana gelğen mektubu okudum= (Arkadaş-ım-dan baŋ-a (gel-ka-eun) mektup-u oku-du-m)= I've read the-letter (which-one-comes) from my friend to me Sen eve giderken = (Sen Ev-e Git-e-er u-ka-en) = (that-which-time You get-to-Go to-Home)= While you go home Seni gördüğüm yer = (Sen-u Gör-dü-ka-u-m yer) = (which-that-place (belong) I Saw (that) You) = Where I saw you İşe başlayacağı gün= iş-e başla-y'a-çak-ka-u gün (.Ki o gün işe başlayacak)=(which) the day s/he's gonna start to work
Aziz Bereket
Aziz Bereket 7 aylar önce
Çün=(chun)=factor ( Jiŋ= agency /being the agent/element of..) Ka=(Qua)= (which) U=(ou)= it (that) (Ka-u)= Ki=(Qui)=which that (Çün-ka-u) =Çünki =(c'est-pour-quoi)=(that's why))=(therefore)= Because (U-çün)= İçün=için= (that factor..)= For.. (it's for) (Ne-u-çün)=Niçün=Niçin=(what-that-factor)= Why.. (what-for) Demir=Temür=iron (ferroum) (Temur-çün)= Demirci =ironsmith (temuçin= mongolian) Deŋiz= Thengiz= Sea ( tchengis= mongolian) (Theŋiz-jin)=Denizci=seaman Kak-mak= to direct (Yukarı Kalk) Yukarı Kak= (direct (yourself) up) =Get up = (get yourself up) (Kak-der-mak) Kaktırmak= to steer Bunu Kaktır= steer this ...(bunu kalıktır/bunu kagıldır)=Bunu Kaldır=lift/remove this .. (Kakılmak>kalıkmak>kalkmak) (kakıldırmak>kağıldırmak>kaldırmak) Ka=(Qua)= which Ön=(eun)=fore/ first= one Kakğan= Kak-kan=(kak-ka-eun)= ( which one directs )= Who's directing Kakğan=Kağan=Hakan=Hahan=Khan=Han (All of them are the same meaning) Kak-ak = which thing to direct it = what to steer it Kakak= Gagak=Gaga (All of them are the same meaning) (Kuş'nuŋ Gagağı) Kuşun Gagası = ( the router of bird ) the beak of bird=(it's not bird's mouth or nose) Uç-ak=which thing to fly (uçak=airplane) Bür-ek= what to wring by twisting (börek=patty) (mantı=pasty) Han = director- manager-leader religious leader=Kohen (who directs us regarding the future=Kahin) (Mu-eun)=men/man= this one Kağ-man= kaoman=kaman=Xaman=Haman=the religious manager Kul =servant Han Kul'u = The servant of emperor =public servant Han-ca(hanja)=as Han Türk-çe(turqche)= as Turc (Türkçe konuş=speak as turk= speak turkish) Yaban = out of center =Jaban=Japan Yabancı = the outer of center= outsider=foreigner (Yaban Halk)=Japon halkı=Japan People=off-center people (just by us) but (2.hun=ni-fun)Nippon people for the Japanese
jihyostars 8 aylar önce
Their pronunciation is amazing 😩🤚
Ranya Choo
Ranya Choo 3 aylar önce
저 커플이 말하는 방식이 너무 직설적이어서 참가자들이 조금 기분나쁠수 있었겠지만 쇼에는 더욱 재미를 줬네요.
Dracon 6 aylar önce
It's very interesting because if you look Korean and sound Korean, people would never assume that you are not, but if you don't look Korean then others start looking for differences. I am a white guy and speak American English and despite being a European living in Europe, I was most often guessed as an American.
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