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I spent a day with North Korean Defectors to learn about escaping one of the strictest dictatorships. Sponsors ▸ betterhelp.com/padilla to get 10% off your 1st month! ▸Go to buyraycon.com/spent for 15% off your 1st order. ▸ kraken.com/padilla to learn more or search for “Kraken” in the app store.

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AnthonyPadilla Aylar önce
come back next week for *I spent a day with KLEPTOMANIACS* ≡ ▸ open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu  ▸ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250
Jdoogles 18 gün önce
@MrCommentGod fr I’m just just f fc vc c c tc
Corgimations 19 gün önce
@MrCommentGod shir
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Aylar önce
I have watched multiple documentaries on North Korea and the daily life within the country, the strict laws, and the consequences. Still, I can't even begin to fathom what it feels like to be in a communist country! Thank you, Anthony, for doing this. I Spent a Day With North Korea Defectors! It has opened my eyes even more than it already was.
Zamara Aylar önce
This brought me to tears by the end. Wow. You did an amazing job of telling there story. My heart really goes out to them.
Jaster Aylar önce
Careful Anthony, Kim Jong Un might cancel you.
Kizzy Harris
Kizzy Harris 4 dakika önce
“North Koreans are like birds trapped in a cage built by the dictator” that hits so deep, wow
Xairoh 2 saatler önce
Reminds me of the stories how people my father knew fled former eastern Germany (GDR / DDR)... that was only 32 years ago. Dad grew up in that horrible regime, and still carries scars to this day.
Toma 12 saatler önce
now i see North Korean president idk who they are but they're a narcissist
theforgottenschuylersister 18 saatler önce
That one girl’s story of escaping reminds me of the Handmaids Tale. Terrifying
theforgottenschuylersister 18 saatler önce
The American government is far from perfect. But it’s a great privilege to get to say that, I realize.
Danial Gün önce
I don't think God created North Korea
Cassi Woole
Cassi Woole Gün önce
wow this is just like america.
W Gün önce
The worse thing is that, when you escape, they can still get you back in.
Jeff Brehove
Jeff Brehove Gün önce
There is something I want to ask a defector: How do you feel about humor made at Kim Jong's expense?
Kiro Shinigami
Kiro Shinigami Gün önce
Any time someone complains about their freedoms in a Free country, They gotta shut up and understand there are still countries where your freedom is something you may not ever have! Thankyou for making this heard! I hope one day the North may be as free as the South. Thankyou Anthony!
Leaftiger12 2 gün önce
This has been the most in raged I have ever been. This is absolutely immortal and this needs to end! I which I could help, at this point it would take every country to gang up on North Korea to get them to stop but then there is the threat of nuclear war. I just want to do something but I can’t.
ann07 PS
ann07 PS 2 gün önce
The "Typical North Korean House" tag really makes me like..yeah right, typically shown by their government maybe? The sofas, the electric appliances, yeah, convincing..
calci 2 gün önce
Queue the Tankies in the comments
Epic Chill
Epic Chill 2 gün önce
This just changed my whole perspective
Nfnrjf Dhd
Nfnrjf Dhd 3 gün önce
Round of applause for these woman to speak out
Jessica S
Jessica S 3 gün önce
I'm happy these women made it out safely. For a lot of defectors the escape isn't over when they cross into China. These brokers will often times sell women into sex trafficking in China, and the Chinese government cooperates with NK to return defectors so they are still not safe in China.
piya t
piya t 4 gün önce
16:33 3-03 no wayyyyyyyy
fonzi 4 gün önce
I'm so grateful to live in America.
Keanu Jutsu
Keanu Jutsu 5 gün önce
I feel a lot of anger frustration and fear for the North Koreans 0 freedom shouldn't even be called a country in the first place
Max the bunny
Max the bunny 5 gün önce
The second girl in the first scene I think is still being hunted down
Max the bunny
Max the bunny 4 gün önce
@kaitlyn it’s making me sick of how they get treated
kaitlyn 4 gün önce
it's not just her. ALL north koreans who escaped are ALL be hunted down.
Max the bunny
Max the bunny 5 gün önce
Yea they said that if anyone found her they will kill her
Leah Park
Leah Park 5 gün önce
i know the last segment where lucy was talking about the hamburger was meant to be a moment of brevity, but i can't help but be sobered by the fact that these basic human rights... the right to ENJOY their favorite FOODS of all things is not available to those in north korea. as a korean-american, i am grateful to realize the privilege it is to listen to the stories of my brothers and sisters across the DMZ from the comfort of my own home. shout out to both lucy and cherie for their bravery and they should be rewarded with as much as possible with the hamburgers and other little delights of life out there.
shadowbrucelee 5 gün önce
Sounds a lot of the Marleyans from Attack on Titan
JOSH 6 gün önce
It really shows how much we take things for granted
Somebodythatiusetoknow 6 gün önce
World war 3 definitely would be coming possibly in the future to bring NK down
isa 6 gün önce
the fact people rather kill themselves if they got caught instead of going to labor camps speaks volumes.
e t h e r e a l
e t h e r e a l 6 gün önce
I am pretty sure all people with humanity would rather have their loved ones dying than being tortured for all their lives.
Krish Mehta
Krish Mehta 6 gün önce
3:11 it is exactly parallel to used to happen in Nazi Germany can't believe stuff like that still happens
BananaLips 7 gün önce
This sounds like something that you would see in some crazy fiction film holy smokes
Leaf Perot
Leaf Perot 7 gün önce
what's so funny Anthony?
Union Unicorn
Union Unicorn 7 gün önce
I had no idea it was this bad. I’m so sorry for all those souls suffering there. I wish people would do something about it. This is wrong. 🥺😢
Jfarmer's watermelonღ
Jfarmer's watermelonღ 7 gün önce
I remember watching N.korean soldiers escape it was scary af
Sara 16
Sara 16 7 gün önce
this reminds me a lot of how albania was like under enver hoxha's rule
BreeBree135 7 gün önce
Thank you for using your platform to raise people’s voices and spread awareness 💕
bret 8 gün önce
I spent a day with- is one of the most amazing things on youtube honestly So well done! Great questions, amazing guests, sensitive, compassionate host and covering such a range of taboo and undiscussed topics Another great video team!
Left2dye 8 gün önce
No not guud video
Nala and the Sibalas
Nala and the Sibalas 8 gün önce
Having to clean up any blood at hospital from birth so bring a mop ( another woman shared her story) that's how they treat the woman and 99.9 % of people .I believe it was someone on cheries channel or related . So much joy for these beautiful ladies for making it out .
HumanMaraca 8 gün önce
North Korea is the dystopian future of our nightmares. And people are living there right now. This is fucked. We need to bring down the Kim family, but think about the people who’ve been brainwashed by their government, they’ll just think that we’re even more evil than they already do
Malia'n Gloqowej
Malia'n Gloqowej 8 gün önce
Please start lighting ur fire place Anthony 👏🏾 it will add a little something
i_stole_jimins_jams _93
i_stole_jimins_jams _93 8 gün önce
6:20 it's shouldn't be shocking when america kills all over the world and when you realise what America did to native Americans and currently is doing to Muslims
Emily Earles
Emily Earles 8 gün önce
It does go to show how powerful of a community we have in the United States. So many people who are able to own firearms, have freedom of speech, and even though it doesn’t seem like it, a lot of people have a lot of love and help to give. All these things prevent the government from infringing on our rights. We really are somewhat privileged over others. Things could and should be better though.
Trory Nesser
Trory Nesser 8 gün önce
Thank you all, I hope people will stop joking about North Korea and (I'm Russian) Gulags bc it's incredibly traumatizing for generations on
Kaviya Bills
Kaviya Bills 9 gün önce
North Korea take a plane to United States
BlacklessRed 9 gün önce
you sound like dream
Lia Esguerra
Lia Esguerra 9 gün önce
*cough* kim jong un 2nd hitler...
Alice 9 gün önce
I really hate how the Kim family made the people in North Korea feel like slavery and literally human trafficking is okay and normal. It sucks, I wish more people knew about this horrible government. This really sucks.
iamanidiot 9 gün önce
I feel like…. if there weren’t people that escaped, we wouldn’t know about the poorness of the country and the idk…
A Corgi's Playthrough
A Corgi's Playthrough 9 gün önce
I Think The Woman Who Escape from North Korea with Help from Friends and Allies, Are Extremely Brave Considering the Risk they are Putting themselves Through.
Da Broccoli ブロッコリ
Da Broccoli ブロッコリ 9 gün önce
I think the dictator himself has been brainwashed by his dad. He was programmed to be the kinda man he is today.. do y’all agree ?
brooklyn ramirez
brooklyn ramirez 9 gün önce
There so brave to share their own stories ❤️🥺Strong women for escaping from North Korea
JS 9 gün önce
If you only really knew what goes on there... You have to wear what you're told! You can only have limited hair styles. There's no internet! Even on the cell phones if you're lucky to have one. The list goes on and on! Oh and this year mother's day has been removed! If you're house has a fire you must save any and all photos! Or you're done! Go educate yourself!
Eric Magana
Eric Magana 9 gün önce
And yet people believe the usa is a bad country and bigots and all that shit, we have a great country and freedom and people need to stop believing we have problems as big as they, we live in heaven in comparison
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Skwisgaar Skwigelf 10 gün önce
These stories put me in tears. There’s no reason these people should have to live like this. Mad respect to the people who have escaped and have gone through lifetimes of trauma for their freedom… they deserve it as they are the strongest people I’ve ever seen. They are still smiling and fighting for their people.
ThePanPlan 10 gün önce
The fact even their mother had planned out suicide as a backup if they got caught is just horrible. I wish we could help the people still stuck in north korea.
Hidenka31 10 gün önce
I wanna meet this girl and hug them and tell them how amazing they are. ❤️
Mikey Stubbington
Mikey Stubbington 10 gün önce
He totally went into this with a few jokes prepaired, and then he realised just how serious the conversations got.
Gemini sun
Gemini sun 10 gün önce
I'm commenting halfway through. I just noticed that in most of the pictures with the young women (who were groomed) and Kim, they all look like they are sad upset or crying 😢.
Ris Teng
Ris Teng 10 gün önce
i have parents who grew up in heavily communist china (the cultural revolution era and such), and my mom was watching part of this with me and she said "this was like my childhood." it's so saddening that so many people have been under power/greedy governments.
sstepdaddy 10 gün önce
I have mad respect for anyone who escaped North Korea because it is almost physically impossible for the majority of the public of North Korea to escape because it takes lots of strategic planning and lots of hard traveling and even if they do they could risk all of their family being tortured and killed if they don't bring them with them, plus majority of the surrounding countries other then Mongolia, Thailad and South Korea *which is completely unrealistic to get too tbh* will deport them back too North Korea and they will be tortured and killed
Ui Sasaki
Ui Sasaki 11 gün önce
I didn't know this was what north korean people faced. I truly believe this should be known to everybody so they could see how people are treated in other countries and not everyone and everywhere is heaven.
Emma 11 gün önce
The fact that most people are forced to work all day in the military and then have to go searching for food in the evening because the government make everyone starve. After doing that all day you could have no time to polish the kim portraits. And doing all of that everyday, working hard and searching for food... trying to survive in that terrible country and then the government could come into your house and find dusty pictures of the presidents and send you to labour camp. Absolutely INSANE.
Spirited 11 gün önce
it's really upsetting that this video has few views when people should know what happening in there world outside of their bubble
Gabriel Blanco
Gabriel Blanco 11 gün önce
Can you interview Venezuelans since they are also under dictatorship?
Marco David Velazco Castillo
Marco David Velazco Castillo 12 gün önce
You should do one of these about venezuelan people. We are the biggest migratory movement in the recent history and everyone turns eyes the other way just for political reasons...
Frosty_ 12 gün önce
These stories are very interesting
Danny Spider
Danny Spider 12 gün önce
Everyone complaining about America even after they got their man in office and not even paying attention to surrounding countries. By all means please leave if you hate the U.S! It’s as good as it gets in America along with other great countries
LittleBunny And ChimChim
LittleBunny And ChimChim 13 gün önce
So there aren't nuclear bombs or there are but they are too focused and closing off their people to make a move?
gObLeT_of_FIYYAAA 13 gün önce
Me watching his old ones and crying sometimes Me watching these ones and being invested instead of sad
Elizabeth Carpenter
Elizabeth Carpenter 13 gün önce
Honestly, Kim jong il, un, all of them can suck it
TDArulesclub4 13 gün önce
So everything just to worship one family and if you didn't, you were just killed. And we thought Trump had an ego.
jackie huang
jackie huang 13 gün önce
Kim Jung Um make no sense as a human being.
DiscoClam 13 gün önce
I would be fascinated to hear what North Korea was like when Kim Jong Il died. That transitionary period must have been crazy to live through
Juliya Craver
Juliya Craver 13 gün önce
This was a hard one to watch
elliottyewhong lim
elliottyewhong lim 13 gün önce
Maybe spent a day with a gundam builder or modeler
prettyboricuaa 13 gün önce
you should do this with Venezuelan survivors...
El1m1nator _YT
El1m1nator _YT 14 gün önce
The fact that this is happening right now is what makes the world so scuffed, we are humans so we should treat each other like humans. There needs to be more people touching on real life world problems.
Koder 14 gün önce
I love how Cherie says: “Hi Anthony!”
Cormac Animations
Cormac Animations 14 gün önce
Trump Feck Black People Kim Funny
tan 14 gün önce
Attack on titan be like
jacob cornwell
jacob cornwell 14 gün önce
When North Korea is inevitably liberated, I believe I will be in the the 21st century, and I will love to see so many people being welcomed into the world of freedom
BasedToons 14 gün önce
Anyone else seeing the parallels with what people are wanting to bring into the U.S.
OuterspacePanda2 15 gün önce
Happy for them that they escaped :)) Ps. Also sorry this is unrelated to the topic but I can't help it I'm gonna say it anyway 😣 Lucy looks like Song Hye Kyo.
Rodrygors 15 gün önce
This was very funny and all but i think the north koreans that might see this video in the future (ahhaahaha not) wont be able to understand their message
Nelson Jiang
Nelson Jiang 15 gün önce
Criticizing the president. Is a past time. And that truly is a glorious thing to be able to do
Chedder Charles
Chedder Charles 16 gün önce
Clearly a show of western propaganda. North korean is the physical equivalent of heaven. The leaders have given people a utopia
Chedder Charles
Chedder Charles 10 gün önce
@kyng lex no
kyng lex
kyng lex 10 gün önce
@Chedder Charles im sure you wouldve heard someone speak up about it but no there are only negative things surrounding north korea
Chedder Charles
Chedder Charles 10 gün önce
@kyng lex yes
kyng lex
kyng lex 11 gün önce
Carp Fishing Yoda
Carp Fishing Yoda 15 gün önce
TheBlackDemon1996 16 gün önce
I thought the title said "I spent a day with NORTH KOREAN DICTATORS" for a sec there...
Reaganation 16 gün önce
Do you remember Anthony is a founder of smosh and a plays manchild characters? Now he's a professional interviewer, im impressed.
Mira Swead
Mira Swead 16 gün önce
Literally 1984
Reedchi 17 gün önce
These people are liars, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is one of the most free and peaceful countries in the world.
kyng lex
kyng lex 11 gün önce
negative thins are all u can find im sure if thats the case you would've heard someone come out on that on the contrary its the opposite
Carp Fishing Yoda
Carp Fishing Yoda 15 gün önce
Fortnitekid39 17 gün önce
Who wish he was in smosh again
Ajie 17 gün önce
This video is so emotional and emotional
Get a load Of this guy
Get a load Of this guy 17 gün önce
North korea makes china look good
Kit Goolsby
Kit Goolsby 17 gün önce
Anthony! Spend a day with cancelled influencers!!!
Sir Animator
Sir Animator 17 gün önce
IT'S NoTs ReAl COmUniSm
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 17 gün önce
Jesica S-bangtan
Jesica S-bangtan 17 gün önce
muy interesantes historias tristes pero ciertas en cuanto un régimen dictador como lo es corea del norte, quisiera que ese tipo de vida y política caiga pero lamentablemente todo tiene un precio si eso llega ocurrir y solo se puede desear que la sangre que se derrame no sea de muchas personas, eso solo el tiempo lo dirá.
yaoi_boi_lover 18 gün önce
I am so glad that they are safe
lucia 18 gün önce
yeomi park - in order to live is such an amazing insightful book
RipTide 20 gün önce
The mans got 3 sponsers
noor 20 gün önce
I cant imagine the fear that they had to go through
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