MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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#MARINA #MansWorld #OfficialMusicVideo

Drey 37 dakika önce
procurem a tradução da musica é tudo
Stênio Silva
Stênio Silva Saatler önce
Marina- Man's World Remix (Feat. Pabllo Vittar) coming soon
Felipe Gg
Felipe Gg Saatler önce
where’re remix with Pabllo Vittar??
Natan Rúbens
Natan Rúbens Saatler önce
O feat dessa música com a Pabllo é real socorro tô passando mal
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 2 saatler önce
A Pabllo♡ vai está no REMIX mas ele não é um homem?
guuh nice
guuh nice 2 saatler önce
conheci pela pabllo
GLABSON souza 2 saatler önce
Quem veio depois do anúncio do remix com a Pablo vittar ?
Dacyell Goldens
Dacyell Goldens 2 saatler önce
Remix Pabllo vittar ❤️😍🇧🇷
X Æ Abel-12
X Æ Abel-12 3 saatler önce
Solta a batida Pabllo Vittar
hey ik ben Axl
hey ik ben Axl 4 saatler önce
yes i listen to this song everyday, yes i should spent more time at math but do i want to? NO!
Lya Limma
Lya Limma 5 saatler önce
Com a Pabllo vai ser tudoooooo
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 2 saatler önce
Mas ele não é um homem?
Alejandro Peixotto D. Rey
Alejandro Peixotto D. Rey 6 saatler önce
Sedenta no remix com a Pabllo Vittar
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo 6 saatler önce
Wallyson azevêdo
Wallyson azevêdo 7 saatler önce
O feat com a pabllo vittar 💖💖💖
Marco duarte
Marco duarte 7 saatler önce
Que música perfeita! Só vem Pabllo!
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 2 saatler önce
Tem outras incríveis ♡♡♡
Crimson Blade
Crimson Blade 7 saatler önce
She looks 40 but her voice sounds like she’s 20
luis 7 saatler önce
luis 7 saatler önce
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 10 saatler önce
Remix with Pabllo Vittar !!
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 2 saatler önce
Meu Deus a briga nada a ver KKKKKKK ainda bem que não sou desses, amo as duas igualmente tenho um carinho especial pela Pabllo mas a MARINA é simplesmente lendária eu amo demais, tudo que as duas fazem é perfeito, icônico, conceitual, memorável, não importo com o que falam o importante é que eu amo. ♡
Cássio De oliveira Brasil
Cássio De oliveira Brasil 4 saatler önce
@Anderson Alencar a única coisa que o povo do Twitter ta criticando é que a pabllo só é chamada pra fazer remix e nunca uma música inédita
Anderson Alencar
Anderson Alencar 5 saatler önce
@Cássio De oliveira Brasil o povo no Twitter
Cássio De oliveira Brasil
Cássio De oliveira Brasil 5 saatler önce
@Anderson Alencar e quem é que tá criticando maluco
Anderson Alencar
Anderson Alencar 6 saatler önce
@luis por que não apoia a pabllo vittar e ficam criticando ela, nem parece que é fã
Gabriel Cordeiro
Gabriel Cordeiro 10 saatler önce
Remix with Pabllo Vittar !!
Aurora Rossi
Aurora Rossi 12 saatler önce
Another probaboly minor detail, but I just LOVE that in some shots you can see Marina's hair is grey, not dyed. I think it's a beautiful thing that should be normalized, as everyone's hair turns grey at some point, no shame in that (or in old age in general!).
Jenna K
Jenna K 17 saatler önce
it's really nice to see different body types all being depicted as beautiful and ethereal, not just the butt of a joke
Andreja 23 saatler önce
the gray hairs are STUNNING on marina
Kevin Kurz’s art display
Kevin Kurz’s art display 23 saatler önce
I hated the video when I saw people wearing masks in the video
Julian Stalters
Julian Stalters Gün önce
The representation is this makes me want to cry holy shit
F T Gün önce
Vem remix com a Pabllo amores 🔥✨
F T Gün önce
Remix with Pabllo!!! Gooo ✨✨✨
samm skin brown
samm skin brown Gün önce
remix w Pabllo is coming
F T Gün önce
Yaas ✨✨
Leonardo Menezes
Leonardo Menezes Gün önce
O feat com a pabllo vem ai
Ítalo Gün önce
Amor da minha vida, Marina ❤️
Jacques Teixeira
Jacques Teixeira Gün önce
Remix Pabllo Vittar
Alberto García
Alberto García Gün önce
1:00 es el espejito del chuerk?
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa Gün önce
This is so brilliant and beautiful
Unnamed Jello
Unnamed Jello Gün önce
I love the part about women being violets coming to light, as violets were used in the United States by people fighting for the women’s suffrage movement!
Loria Whensday
Loria Whensday Gün önce
Nailson Ferreira dos Santos
Nailson Ferreira dos Santos 2 gün önce
Já assisti mais de 20 vezes e cada vez que vejo o clipe fica mais maravilhoso.
SuperCelia2 2 gün önce
Can somebody explain the reference to the hotel of LA? cause I don't understand. Please
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano 19 saatler önce
@Medidi sure thing :)
Medidi Gün önce
@Vincent Escolano thank you
Vincent Escolano
Vincent Escolano Gün önce
Hassanal Bolkiah is a Sultan and Oil Sheik who Marina references in the song "owned by a sheik". He also owns the Beverly Hills hotel line and he advocates for Sharia law which endorses the execution of gay people simply over sexuality alone.
Glorpan kul
Glorpan kul 2 gün önce
yea yea yea
Wilmer Figueroa
Wilmer Figueroa 2 gün önce
This song make me feel woman 😂
Doge E. Times
Doge E. Times 2 gün önce
I didn't like it. But....Marina, you're still my favorite.
Manuel Kazan
Manuel Kazan 2 gün önce
I just realised now that the back of marina’s green dress is Blue😱😱
Lisa Pollitt
Lisa Pollitt 2 gün önce
"The planet has a funny way of stopping a fight"...her lyrics always get me. She is brilliant. And the video is perfection. Women in the desert drinking wine! Amazing
Aika Ito
Aika Ito 3 gün önce
First of all. This music video is literally perfect. And second this song is amazing!! I love you Marina
It's - Faithikins
It's - Faithikins 3 gün önce
I still want her green dress 😢🥺
Chaleman R
Chaleman R 3 gün önce
Her music is wonderful. Her body is just OMG! I appreciate it.
Chaleman R
Chaleman R 3 gün önce
Political song? Feminist?
1derLand 4 gün önce
The future ain't feminist we've waited for it along.. we've to make the PRESENT FEMINIST ♀️💖
1derLand 4 gün önce
I DON'T WANNA LIVE IN A MAN'S WORLD ANYMORE.. I'll scream it with the to of my motherf***ing lunges 'cuz yeah it's time for our violets to light💜✨
- Axcrt.traducoes
- Axcrt.traducoes 4 gün önce
AII prazer... AIII AIII, Patroa......
xristina diamantaki
xristina diamantaki 4 gün önce
oui 4 gün önce
Maria Vlaicu
Maria Vlaicu 4 gün önce
Can we appreciate how beautiful are these people?🥺
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez 4 gün önce
so amazing
TheCapatalistPropagator _
TheCapatalistPropagator _ 4 gün önce
As usual an extremely privileged white woman bashes men , who made this civilization so that women and children could be protected first Waiting for the day when patriarchy falls and true disorder falls on society so we can go to the barbaric age of 500 Ad
Milk Bread
Milk Bread 4 gün önce
She's underated but has good songs😌
M McConnell
M McConnell 4 gün önce
It's 333 for a reason
Tommi 4 gün önce
Honestly the world would be such a better place with women in power, with perfect love and acceptance for everyone
Madara Uchiha BR.
Madara Uchiha BR. 4 gün önce
Kevin Chavez
Kevin Chavez 4 gün önce
Why is nobody talking about this song? *___*
Seba HP -not what u think-
Seba HP -not what u think- 5 gün önce
Pedro Arruda
Pedro Arruda 5 gün önce
So leave the world...
Kelsi Owens
Kelsi Owens 5 gün önce
Why isn’t anyone talking about this song 🥺🥺🥺
KillStupidPeople 5 gün önce
Electra Heart
Electra Heart 2 gün önce
Incel agenda
smile and be happy
smile and be happy 5 gün önce
What ?
toorf 5 gün önce
I'll forever be grateful for this woman and the impact she had on the music industry, although she's rarely recognized for it. She inspired so many of the new wave of artists. 💕
PERUPIXD 6 gün önce
I miss "Primadonna" days... No agenda, just fun...
david castro
david castro 6 gün önce
What’s wrong with this ?
Aesthetic Sirens
Aesthetic Sirens 6 gün önce
For anyone not understanding,She is talking about the issues in todays world,She mentioned all these subjects because it's getting terrible.Some of yall are confused why she mentioned LGBT well..Because still till this day alot of them get discriminated by majority of men.Men believe they are stronger and better and have huge ego's ''some do''.Yes Gay men are ''men'' but in the inside they have a females heart.Mahjority of the lgbt are carrying and loving and care about things not as the same as straight men ''some''.There is some good straight men out there and thats good but there is alot of men who are causing bad things.For centuries men have been causing war you never see a woman do that throughout history have you?Them fighting for land and think violence is the key of powerful.Alot of rich people get payed for ruining the climate and they dont care only about money,people think the world is Eternal but everything has an expiration date.Mother nature will unleash something big one day and it will happen at the end of the day mother nature always win's.As a Gay Man i only stay with Woman because they are kind and carring thats why you never seen Gay men with some straight men because some are rude.I Appreciate all the Woman in the comments and world i apprciate my girl friends to for being there for me too.At the end of the day ill be on the womans side even though im a male i have a ''Womans'' heart.
Pussyslayer 123
Pussyslayer 123 5 gün önce
And thats why life without pure hatred against somebody is good, and being "toxic" is actually why we as a humanity are now in the considerably best time in all human history
rumeysa 6 gün önce
anaskm çok iyi
Cyan Eye
Cyan Eye 6 gün önce
I can't even decide which marina song is my favorite anymore, I love her art so much 💜💙
Daniel Echassendague
Daniel Echassendague 6 gün önce
Political correctness ruins everything
Daniel Echassendague
Daniel Echassendague 2 gün önce
@Jimena Durand not really, the song is shit
Jimena Durand
Jimena Durand 2 gün önce
Why? This is perfect
david castro
david castro 6 gün önce
Like what ?
Salvador 6 gün önce
Amo que amo e afins
Candybrine64 6 gün önce
This confirms that Marina has been a goddess all along, right?
Just Some Loser Geek or Whatever
Just Some Loser Geek or Whatever Gün önce
Yes, yes it definetly does
Halina Werner
Halina Werner 6 gün önce
I dont know who needs to hear this but women men black white tan yellow purple green gay lesbian bi pan non bianry etc are equal as a human The way she made her dancers things wear masks is just like i- stan her so much more
Pussyslayer 123
Pussyslayer 123 5 gün önce
J Princess
J Princess 6 gün önce
I am so depressed because I’m tired of living in a man’s world. Biology is so cruel. Why can’t men just be happy with one woman and treat her as a human being. Why is porn seen as normal. I can’t wrap my head around why.
J Princess
J Princess 6 gün önce
@Sic Sempra Tyranys and you are one of those people that defends porn. I can’t believe you’re actually trying to convince people that porn is made by women for women. Just have a look at it and quit kidding yourself. There is no purpose in discussing this with you.
Sic Sempra Tyranys
Sic Sempra Tyranys 6 gün önce
@J Princess you wrong. 30% of US women see porn every week, next 30% every month. Most women always say they want nice guy, but then choose alfa male, its biology.Btw., most people watch amateur homemade porn ,not professional,and today is so mucht feminist porn from female directors.The reality is diferent.
J Princess
J Princess 6 gün önce
@haypochi I’m not dating anyone at the moment, I was referring to society in general. Second of all, a lot of porn is forced or the women get tricked into doing things they did not consent to. Third of all, consent becomes negotiable when money is involved. If slaves decided to be slaves would that make it ok? My point is that the fact that so many men desire for it to exist in the first place depresses me. And on top of that porn is all about the man and very degrading. It’s just so upsetting I can’t even talk about it. I wonder how men would feel if sex could easily be painful for them, and put them at risk of being pregnant and giving birth. And then women ignored them unless they wanted sex from them, but simultaneously told them that’s all they’re good for, but also shamed them for it, and then dumped them to the side once they got it from them and went after another man. And imagine if on top of all that, they didn’t even get to orgasm, and porn was all about the female orgasm. And women pushed men for more and more things that hurt them. Imagine if women felt entitled to getting head and pegging men and then ejaculating their disgusting fluids onto their face, and then expected them to eat it, but didn’t for a second consider how the man feels or do anything to make him orgasm. That’s what porn does to women and men don’t care. So yeah, just not watching it doesn’t make me feel any better.
haypochi 6 gün önce
I mean, it's a choice to watch it- and a choice to perform in it. If you have a problem with your guy watching it, you should talk to to him about it. If he doesn't stop, then why stay with him if you have such a problem with it??
Dorottya Szeles
Dorottya Szeles 6 gün önce
I really love Marina because she and her art is so inspiring. I had a really bad period in my life and I couldn't draw because I was motiveless. It was horrible because I always loved to draw. When this song came out the lyrics the video everything was a bumm in my mind and I said: I want to draw something. And finally I have new ideas and inspirations because of Marina. I really love her earlier songs too but this one is one of my favorite from her. Thank you Marina 💛💛💛 (Sorry for my english 😅)
Hurtley M
Hurtley M 7 gün önce
i luv u
Rola 7 gün önce
It's unacceptable that this is the first time I've heard of Marina.
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 6 gün önce
Really listen to her albums they are all so good and diferent you dont gonna have regrets believe me (sorry for my english)
Alis KissKiss
Alis KissKiss 7 gün önce
Ive been listening to her music for many years , her songs provoke to think!
E S 7 gün önce
The problem is not men, but the KIND of men who run the world. I wish real men would replace them.
Jonhasperhoven 7 gün önce
lanie aliz
lanie aliz 7 gün önce
I love this songs message. But I disagree with the fact that she says Mother Nature's dying. I believe she's most definitely getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger. As Marina says, don't underestimate the making of life.
Zheraz Annuh
Zheraz Annuh 7 gün önce
Brett S.
Brett S. 7 gün önce
even as a man I don't want to live in a mans world anymore
Iancharles Flores
Iancharles Flores 7 gün önce
this song is soooooooo good omfgggggggg!!!
Ladey Gags
Ladey Gags 7 gün önce
Beautiful work mom
Christin Köhler
Christin Köhler 8 gün önce
I love everything about this song and video. this pictures are art and with the music a damn powerful statement. And can we appreciate that this is lived diversity. All this different women*! I love it.
Saliva Baby
Saliva Baby 8 gün önce
this makes me want to punish a man
Joan Alegría
Joan Alegría 8 gün önce
Hola, alguien sabe cuando sale el nuevo disco de Marina?, lo necesito
Jonny Fredheim
Jonny Fredheim 8 gün önce
Nice song, floating like the calm ocean! 😊 🇧🇻
Neko Marc
Neko Marc 8 gün önce
someone please do a tik tok trend about this song so Marina gets the Attention she deserves
Chaleman R
Chaleman R 3 gün önce
Won't work. Tiktok is all Yo Yo Yo Pop Pop Pop culture music. Twerking. Ghetto terrasssh. G.L. though.
Neko Marc
Neko Marc 5 gün önce
@toorf yes!:3 i hope someone does one :c
toorf 5 gün önce
Fr it would work so well, especially with the chorus. I imagine a "dumb things men do" kind of Tik Tok.
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes 8 gün önce
You are the most underated Singer that I have ever seen! Marina GOAT!
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes 8 gün önce
Alguém do Brasil? 🇧🇷 👇
lucia bazzani
lucia bazzani 8 gün önce
crying this is so good
Cassandra Glazier
Cassandra Glazier 8 gün önce
Marina says trans rights!
Alice Oliveira
Alice Oliveira 8 gün önce
conceito coesão e aclamação !
mahalia h
mahalia h 8 gün önce
I can’t explain how much I literally worship everything she is
Pineapple Gacha
Pineapple Gacha 7 gün önce
Oml sameee
yaqbec23 9 gün önce
Ah, of course. The mythical patriarchat. I'm kinda disappointed in her right now.
Marry 9 gün önce
I don't know why but tbh this song reminds me about a book named "Burned Alive"
Iancharles Flores
Iancharles Flores 9 gün önce
Mode PDX
Mode PDX 9 gün önce
Sky cannon bless her Truth.
mhmmd.h salehi
mhmmd.h salehi 10 gün önce
marina is art
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