Amazing Albania - Hidden Beauty on the Adriatic Sea | Part 1: The North | Free Documentary Nature

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Free Documentary - Nature

Free Documentary - Nature

5 aylar önce

Amazing Albania- Hidden Beauty on the Adriatic Sea - Part 1: The North | Nature Documentary
Watch 'Amazing Albania - Part 2' here: • Amazing Albania -...
Shrouded by prejudice and entwined with horror stories about archaic customary laws, Albania lies like a white spot on the map of southeastern Europe.
Shaken by wars and decades of isolation from the outside world, it is home to warm people and incredible natural treasures. Here visitors will find splendid lakelands, unspoiled coastlines and breathtaking highlands. The two episodes show the unknown and unspoiled regions and the traditions with vibrant places of culture and the people they dominate.
Prejudice and reality are far apart. Albania is poor, but it is also rich: rich in landscape diversity, flora & fauna and in culture. After the dark decades of communist dictatorship, where all religions were forbidden, it is now a country where Christians and Muslims get along well.
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Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 5 aylar önce
A few people guessed correctly on yesterday’s teaser and FYI For Your Eyes Only was in Greece AND also in Albania. I remember because i saw it like 10 times as a kid. Right, onwards and outwards to Albania! Anyone ever been? I have not but I know a few people who are from there. Let us know in the comments your experience 😊
Sol Sol
Sol Sol 3 aylar önce
FYI means for your information
T 5 aylar önce
@Mendje Lire agreed!
Mendje Lire
Mendje Lire 5 aylar önce
Why are you posting a production that is at least 10 years old, without an indication of the the real time that this was fillmed? The bears issue has been solved years ago and it does not exist anymore. The current government sent all the captured ones in Prishtina's bear sanctuary and hunting has been illegal for years now. Bears nowadays roam free in the forests with all other wild lives. Another nonsense weaving carpets from the age of 15 under communism? Nobody under the age of 18 worked during communism, it was illegal. High school education was mandatory and free. God, who has lied to you so? Double check your facts, please.
missglobewanderer 5 aylar önce
do you know the name of the classical piece playing in the first few minutes of this documentary please? i'm a violinist and i'd love to find and buy the sheet music somewhere. thank you!
REDFLAG 2 aylar önce
Was in tears watching this I was born and raised there and left Albania when I was 13 years old. I now live in USA I'm 41 years old and have a Family of 3 kids a wife and a great job! Needless to say I have a great life BUT ALBANIA WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART when I go there once every 3 years I always kiss the ground and always bring back water with me from the rivers where I grew up. 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
intellectualgladiata 4 aylar önce
Visited this geographically beautiful country for the first time earlier this year. Definitely a country with huge potential. With the right political decisions countries like Albania are in a good position to attract people and capital and see their people become more affluent. Hopefully all the new construction around Tirana is the start of this process. Look forward to returning to see more of Albania soon.
Ervis Balaj
Ervis Balaj 5 aylar önce
Beautifully done ✔️ this is at least 10 years old production, things have changed alot but still more to be done
michaelclld 4 aylar önce
Wow what a beautiful place, didn’t know there was a place like this in Europe.
Sonita Ademaj
Sonita Ademaj Gün önce
We are a beautiful country with history and ancient culture. We are hospitable and loving people, you are welcome in Albania!
Robert Manjani
Robert Manjani 5 aylar önce
My beautiful country.. Worth visiting
koech leonard kibet
koech leonard kibet 3 aylar önce
i am from kenya ,and i like how your country looks,I hope in my old age to have good money ,i will visit with my family.
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 aylar önce
Hey I got better news for you the whole earth is yours
Christine Mcleod
Christine Mcleod 3 aylar önce
It sure is! 🇨🇦
Edna Shalev
Edna Shalev 4 aylar önce
It’s beautiful-all of Europe is beautiful-but very neglected.
sam alegre
sam alegre 4 aylar önce
D. Jason McNeese
D. Jason McNeese Aylar önce
I love Albania. Albanians are an incredible people. The country is indeed beautiful from top to bottom. Some of the best food I ever enjoyed was in Albania. May God bless Albania. 🇦🇱 🙏🏼🇦🇱🙏🏼🇦🇱🙏🏼🇦🇱🙏🏼🇦🇱
Rensina van den Heuvel
Rensina van den Heuvel 3 aylar önce
Thank you. This is a beautifully made documentary. I loved it very much. I am from Australia and I want to visit your country.
Bano zavalla
Bano zavalla 4 aylar önce
Respect to my Albania and my Albanian brothers god blessed me when he made me Albanian I’m so proud of it 🇦🇱
Kalimi kalimi
Kalimi kalimi 4 aylar önce
Incredible soothing
Zoki Poki
Zoki Poki 2 aylar önce
I must say that i did not now nothing about Albania until i went on there, they have a beautiful mountains , beautiful sea side, i especially liked the mountains which are close to Macedonia.
SKYTOUCH 🕊 2 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this first part of the documentary, I hope to visit Albania some day.
SKYTOUCH 🕊 2 aylar önce
I enjoy this so much that I’m watching it over again. Please do other countries. This was awesome!
Christine Mcleod
Christine Mcleod 3 aylar önce
Fabulous show! I knew nothing of Albania-Beautiful country! 🇨🇦
somashekhar ertyug
somashekhar ertyug 2 aylar önce
Albania is not poor as narrator thought about it in the beginning of video its indeed rich in limitless beauty 🙂
augustusmd 2 aylar önce
very nice place❣️
J B 5 aylar önce
I'm going to have to check it out. It looks like it's been left back in time. Absolutely precious.
REDFLAG 2 aylar önce
I'm Albanian and this recording is at least 15 years old Albania is moving ahead extremely fast due to tourism and the money coming in from it. It's gorgeous now trust me
Edoardo 3 aylar önce
@Ontel L sad
J B 4 aylar önce
@Ontel L bummer.
Ontel L
Ontel L 4 aylar önce
Untrue. This is an extremely outdated production. Today’s Albania is vibrant, exciting and full of life with an array of all kinds of offerings for tourists.
Eugen Karanxha
Eugen Karanxha 4 aylar önce
Our people are beautiful and proud to be Albanian with a wonderful and vast culture
Border Reiver
Border Reiver 4 aylar önce
RD 4 aylar önce
Thanks for bringing forth the wonderful Amazing Albania.
Irene Sorina
Irene Sorina 4 aylar önce
A beautiful country.
decimated and soon to be destroyed
decimated and soon to be destroyed 4 aylar önce
Beautiful 💜
pbg 2 aylar önce
Such a beautiful country never been there before but not many know how beautiful it seems to be but not much people know anything about Kosova either I would like to see these countries that not much people know about them a lot of people go to exotic places but how many go these countries who are also beautiful
Darlene Alvarado
Darlene Alvarado 5 aylar önce
Absolutely Spectacular views WOW ☺👍❤❤❤
Gypsy Love
Gypsy Love 4 aylar önce
I want to see this beautiful country side.
ingrid durden
ingrid durden 3 aylar önce
that 15 year old boy is smarter than most adults. He says, when I wake up, I see the mountains. If i go to study in town I don't, and I won't be with my family. If you can live off the land like that, what more do you need? there is no need for money if you live in paradise
Kat M
Kat M 5 aylar önce
Deborah Wingard
Deborah Wingard 2 aylar önce
You couldn't pay me enough to visit ALBANIA!
Cedrick Gaton
Cedrick Gaton 5 aylar önce
such a beautiful documentary story and the voice of narrator is so amazing
A-Tirona 1979
A-Tirona 1979 Aylar önce
The Narrator may have amazing voice but the level of her ignorance is amazing as well.She said so many rubbish.Just ridiculous
Robert Craig
Robert Craig 5 aylar önce
Super awesome,,lovely country
Ameno Deus
Ameno Deus 13 gün önce
the name of the Adriatic Sea itself was created by the Illyrians (Albanians) this name still holds today, the only name that was not stolen by the Greeks 😅 Tirana Have About 1 Million People not 400k ,Thanx Four your Video 🙏🏻🙌
Dinesh Jaiswal
Dinesh Jaiswal 4 aylar önce
Beautiful amazing thumbs up from India
Ann Lu
Ann Lu 5 aylar önce
Super country Albania 🇦🇱 language . Mistere country you're History..
Irene Sorina
Irene Sorina 4 aylar önce
Love the documentary.
marlo Tree
marlo Tree 4 aylar önce
You do not realize what wealth you have... family values, wild and natural harvested food, huge water resources. Definitely want a spot there....back to eden
marlo Tree
marlo Tree 3 aylar önce
@HiveTyrant What's different? Not perfect maybe, but for me, wealth is in the eye of the beholder.... every country has its bad spots but with the world as your country (I am a self-sovereign world citizen with war immunity under common law) your options are so much broader....
HiveTyrant 3 aylar önce
This is 10 years old it's nothing like that now.
Stardust L
Stardust L 5 aylar önce
God's beautiful creation!
J B 5 aylar önce
I remember watching Channel 1 videos about the war in Kosovo and how people fled to Albania. What a tragedy wars are.
anon21 qwerty
anon21 qwerty 4 aylar önce
such a beautiful country! at 2:43, kids everywhere are the same. 🙂
Thomas Bacon
Thomas Bacon 4 aylar önce
With the beauty Albania offers, I hope they come to realize just how important the wildlife is to their economy. Tourism brings in wealth for all walks of life, but if they allow the devastation that comes from killing off the wildlife, they will lose that.
india Deshmukh
india Deshmukh 4 aylar önce
Wish i will visit this country one day.....
ana gropa
ana gropa 5 aylar önce
This documentary is like 20 years old. Albania has developed a lot during this time.
B E 3 aylar önce
@Free Documentary - Nature This is the problem with so many shows and documentaries here on TRshow, the date of the production. It says "posted 2 months ago", which means recently. But in fact, this is an old video. You are misleading and fooling the viewers. Why you cannot include the title in your video with the caption, "It's from 2015?
T 4 aylar önce
@Sandra Bentley it's still mostly natural beauty. Even the capital has a large park and a very walkable treeline city.
Sandra Bentley
Sandra Bentley 4 aylar önce
@Ontel L this looks wonderful, shame about the development. Would have loved to see it when it was so natural.
Sandra Bentley
Sandra Bentley 4 aylar önce
@ana grope. What a shame. Looks wonderful as it is.
CHAD 4 aylar önce
I didn't know a beautiful place like this even existed. You won't find anything like that here in LA.
B E 3 aylar önce
in skidrow
Anura Siriwardan
Anura Siriwardan 5 aylar önce
Will visit you one day..promise ❤ 🇱🇰
tmac 99
tmac 99 2 aylar önce
What a stunning place, beautiful and undeveloped a rarity in Europe. The worse thing to happen to this place is tourism with tons of people and their harmful demands like restarants and spas that reguire plumbing and sewers and other demands tourism will put on the landscape . The people that work in the jobs needed for tourism will need places to live and that reguires even more infrastucture . Leave the place alone there is an abudance of tourism hotspots in the region already.
The Crow
The Crow 5 aylar önce
Mother Nature Is Amazing
Altin Plaku
Altin Plaku 2 aylar önce
Tirana has changed a lot since this program was done.
J B 5 aylar önce
Any system of government without industrialization was a tragedy though. They bag on communism HARD, but they don't compare what the U.S.A. went through during it's period of growth; if it weren't for unions managing industrialization and trades, you would see even worse conditions. Kids lost their lives daily. Industrialization and computerization HELPS A LOT and politicians would have you believe it's better "their way", but it never works the same for everyone.
Mendje Lire
Mendje Lire 5 aylar önce
If you are referring to the lady who said she worked since 15 years old, rest assured that there is more to that story. Either she is lying or she was working illegally because it was illegal to work in Albania during communism under the age of 18 and high school it was mandatory and free.
west 4 aylar önce
California 🏖USA 🇺🇸 With love to Albania 🇦🇱
Franz Waltenspuhl
Franz Waltenspuhl 2 aylar önce
Gorgeous! But we were always told to make yourself appear big & yell at wild bears if encountering them. Throwing yourself on the ground doesn’t seem wise.
Mushtaq Ahmad
Mushtaq Ahmad 3 aylar önce
Masha Allah very beautiful videos life is very hard and very nice country said God bless you all Ameen
Paolo Santiago
Paolo Santiago 5 aylar önce
"I hope Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱 gets better someday coming from the Philippines.?!"
A-Tirona 1979
A-Tirona 1979 Aylar önce
And I really hope The Philippines,sooner will reach today's Albania's standards.😉
Liljana Sufaj
Liljana Sufaj 5 aylar önce
This documentary is soooo old... Albania is totally different nowadays, completely modern. Those people in the mountins have becomecso rich by tourism. The area is full of new, modern villas. I have no idea why are they putting this documentary out as if it is a new one..
Tesfaye 4 aylar önce
A country in abundance has been only remembered for a long time as a communist society of its own style "Albanian Communism" to the rest of the world; and for some, such as me, it was a bad example of communism full of restrictions. I now know it is a country where adventures can be experienced in abundance.
Asro Andeston82
Asro Andeston82 3 aylar önce
Indah sekali
Planet London
Planet London Aylar önce
It appears that the communist regime and bad administration of the post-communist government have turned this naturally rich, beautiful and fertile land into the poorest country in Europe. It is clear that this country needs a lots of foreign investment, eco-friendly project and infra-structural development and many young entrepreneurs with new ideas .With proper planning and execution Albania can be the hot spot for eco-tourism and other industry.The country just needs a vision .
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 aylar önce
Once we start seeing us as in one culture one earth .we're never going to get nowhere
Simon Elliot
Simon Elliot 5 aylar önce
No matter how amazing Albania is, I wouldn't be able to enjoy a moment of it with like 90% of everyone huffin' away on cigarettes all day.
alb0zfinest 4 aylar önce
The majority of Albanians don't smoke lol. It's still present enough that obviously you'll see it but I would estimate that no more than 35% of the people smoke.
Based Redpill boycott coke products
Based Redpill boycott coke products 5 aylar önce
a lot of smoking in Europe but they smell less bad than american ones imho
Francis Sherpa
Francis Sherpa 4 aylar önce
Great country almost like Darjeeling
Keonne Williams
Keonne Williams 4 aylar önce
Great story.💚✌️🎥🎧
Nam Thomson
Nam Thomson 5 aylar önce
Nice 👍
Jurgi 4 aylar önce
Why would a documentary filmed more than 7 years ago be released now? I don’t get the logic behind it. As far as I am concerned a documentary aims on educating the public. This one in the year 2022 could be considered misleading as it doesn’t show nowadays Albania. Does anybody please know why a documentary would be released after such a long time?
CKLG 3 aylar önce
Kendall Kahl
Kendall Kahl 5 aylar önce
Unspoiled and Gorgeous. I really dread the thought of mass tourism ruining it so for now its a good thing transportation infrastructure remains underdeveloped. The Hollywood image of Albanian gangsters at least keeps some tourists away. It makes you wonder if its deliberate to spare the country the woes of the modern world.
Brent Elisens
Brent Elisens 5 aylar önce
don't let corporate consumers get a hold of it ugh
omega Ω
omega Ω 5 aylar önce
❤️🙏thank you
Michael Ambrosano
Michael Ambrosano 4 aylar önce
I loved this video,..
Based Redpill boycott coke products
Based Redpill boycott coke products 5 aylar önce
great young man
Kuya Lalong
Kuya Lalong 5 aylar önce
So good
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 aylar önce
You know some people are just fine living with OUT MONEY we some act like the ones without are without something lol
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 aylar önce
That lady weaving is wonder full
bedbugtrippin 5 aylar önce
Wheres part 2 dammit?! 😜
Sean Connery
Sean Connery 5 aylar önce
1.10.2022.Very good and best.
Kelly George
Kelly George 5 aylar önce
sheep herder
sheep herder 3 aylar önce
A T Aylar önce
Shame the gangsters and the young find it easier to be criminals in other people's countries rather than work for a living in their own country!
Brent Elisens
Brent Elisens 5 aylar önce
if someone will ship me over there, i'll work on the poachers & loggers
Mendje Lire
Mendje Lire 5 aylar önce
No poachers & loggers anymore. This is an old documentary. Hunting has been illegal for years now.
Itairus Mihsah
Itairus Mihsah 18 gün önce
...and i just knew how to pronounce anver hoxha!!!
Syrthdr09 Sybr
Syrthdr09 Sybr 5 aylar önce
Looks like someone forgot to put the parking brake on, 26:50
Charisse Ellsworth
Charisse Ellsworth 3 aylar önce
I wonder what happend to bear and animal poaching since then?
Cool Girl 007
Cool Girl 007 5 aylar önce
Ollie Bommel
Ollie Bommel 5 aylar önce
Best thing for Albania is to keep the tourists out !!
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 aylar önce
What you mean by poor no money other then that wow
William Wallace
William Wallace 2 aylar önce
Are they not all in London .
Assy Mcgee
Assy Mcgee 2 aylar önce
Well you learn something new everyday, I thought they were all people smugglers & drug dealers
Abi Brown
Abi Brown 5 aylar önce
wildlife in cages-moving on
Unwashed Unelected
Unwashed Unelected Aylar önce
@Simon Elliot depends what pathogens they are carrying too. (I have a passing interest in effluent management, interesting subject, that reflects how truly civilised people are). Cholera outbreaks are still common enough, (wars don’t help).
Simon Elliot
Simon Elliot Aylar önce
@Unwashed Unelected So true. What I considered "fertilizing the grass,"... they considered "pooping on their lawn." It's all about perspective, I guess.
Unwashed Unelected
Unwashed Unelected 2 aylar önce
@Simon Elliot its all relative?. One man’s whale is another man’s cow.
Simon Elliot
Simon Elliot 2 aylar önce
@Unwashed Unelected Yes. Nobody cares. Thanks for asking.
Unwashed Unelected
Unwashed Unelected 2 aylar önce
@Simon Elliot bit like you with smokers?
Savannah Dockins
Savannah Dockins 5 aylar önce
Beautiful country. But I can see why many are immigrating to the UK.
charjl 5 aylar önce
21:10 Maybe try another angle?
Royal Castriotta
Royal Castriotta 3 aylar önce
THINWORLD@P 4 aylar önce
now I get where my name camr from
John Murray
John Murray 4 aylar önce
Why are they leaving in droves and illegally entering the UK.?
Royal Castriotta
Royal Castriotta 3 aylar önce
Someone gotta grow that weed man. John, we know you ain't going to grow it yourself.
Mohd Fahmi
Mohd Fahmi 4 aylar önce
Lawa nya..em..
ogerta vasili
ogerta vasili 5 aylar önce
This documentary is old and it doesn't show the real beauty of Albania.
Joseph II Mulee
Joseph II Mulee 3 aylar önce
Maybe the local people are hungry and need to feed themselves and that's what God gave them to eat?
Jebril Abdulazeez
Jebril Abdulazeez 4 aylar önce
Because of the take over of communism in Albania,the father of of the greatest muhadith in our time sheikh Albania migrated to Syria and therefore the muhadith was made in Syria. May Allah have mercy on him and his father!
Bee 3 aylar önce
Stay home and homeschool. Order books and check with libraries for books they might give you. Jesus Christ provides. Acts 2:38 saves. AKJV.
Edna Shalev
Edna Shalev 4 aylar önce
Albania could use better relations with Israel. We know how to develop a country.
Endri S
Endri S 3 aylar önce
The relations are excellent
𝒌𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒍 𝒋𝒐𝒔𝒉𝒊
𝒌𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒍 𝒋𝒐𝒔𝒉𝒊 5 aylar önce
Hindi ducumentry not your please
Liljana Sufaj
Liljana Sufaj 5 aylar önce
First of all this documentary is more than 15 years old. Secondly, what the heck is that Lake Skadar? It's called Lake Shkodra, just like the name of Shkodra. Don't call it Skadar, that is how Slavs of Montenegro call the Lake Shkodra. Skadar its not its real name. Shkodra 's Ancient name, thousands of years before the arrivals of Slavs in Balkan area was Scodra, so Skadar is a foreign name to it.....
Endri S
Endri S 3 aylar önce
Mendje Lire
Mendje Lire 5 aylar önce
Slavs of Montenegro don't call it they actually mispronounce it.
E K 3 aylar önce
It's ridiculous how you pronounce the names of the places shown in this video, not even close to what locals call them.
Nam Thomson
Nam Thomson 5 aylar önce
Hi 👋
Endi Nexus
Endi Nexus 3 aylar önce
28:00 Albania is poor ? what is that ? so bad and nonsese starting from a seriuos channel. but is not your foult, is our foult, because we call ourselfes poor even we have 2 or 3 cars for every home, and anyone using the lastest smartphones, we call ourselfes poor because we do not get enough being rich, i was visiting so many countries, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland, and i didnt seen big diference of living between there and in Albania. no dear, Albania is a perfect place for living in every way
Zak 3 aylar önce
I was enjoying this until that wierd anti communist bs
Ontel L
Ontel L 4 aylar önce
Incredibly outdated production of today’s Albania. Pointless and not worth watching as it reflects nothing of modern times in the country.
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