Last Minute Christmas Gifts to 3D Print!

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Maker's Muse

Maker's Muse

11 aylar önce

Are you stuck at home this Christmas with a 3D Printer? Use it to make some awesome gifts! This video contains some of my favorite models designed by makers all around the world.

3D Printable Models:

Blink Fox Dice Tower -

Animal Keychain / Smartphone Stand -

Universal Phone Stand -

Labyrinth Gift Box -

Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box -

Tippi Tree -

Puzzle Cube -

Sphericons -

Oloids and Wobblers -

Wild Rose Builds' Oloid Wobbler -

Nautilus Gears -

Sprocket Box -

Whistling Spinning Tops -

0:00 Intro
1:07 Practical Prints
3:08 Puzzles and Games
5:15 Mechanisms, Toys and Curiosities

What's that shiny filament you always use?!

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OldM8Greg 12 saatler önce
Should have included lithophones in this video there are still a whole lot of people that dont know you can even print them on a 3d printer
currently printing a bunch of kids toys for a friend things like ABC puzzles and articulated animals
Big Bacon Beats
Big Bacon Beats 3 gün önce
Great video bro, what app are you using in you vid? I’m super green to all of this.
Kim Ravn Hansen
Kim Ravn Hansen 3 gün önce
2021 edition?
Ethan Carlock
Ethan Carlock 5 gün önce
I’m printing a lithophane for different people
Happi Cat
Happi Cat 6 gün önce
Was that an Ender 3 or another model
Happi Cat
Happi Cat 6 gün önce
“And you won’t even have to leave the house” Like I can anyways
Wilson Chin
Wilson Chin 7 gün önce
It's the time of the year again where this video is useful!
Quentin Toner
Quentin Toner 8 gün önce
Lithophanes of family photos using white filament are a great personal gift aswell!
christian glimbrink
christian glimbrink 8 gün önce
@ Maker's Muse i printed your whistling top severel times and it still 100% silent. What am i doing wrong? I have 6 perimeters and 0.15 layers...
Chandler R
Chandler R 9 gün önce
I started printing lithophane images for everyone in my family!
Andrew Machleid
Andrew Machleid 13 gün önce
That dank pods video
2L3FTF33T 15 gün önce
Currently printing like a madman to make gifts for Xmas! Organizers, extending toy swords, desk planters for succulents, kit cards and the like.
Benjamin Hansen
Benjamin Hansen 15 gün önce
A resin version of this would be great for this year! (not biased at all)
Kailyn Skye
Kailyn Skye 17 gün önce
Too bad some people seem to think homemade either knit, crocheted or printed equals cheap and not good enough....
Roy Harald Amundsen
Roy Harald Amundsen 17 gün önce
Not a x-mas gift but printet a bansaibill as a moving-in gift. The best thing i ever gifted eny one :)
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax 18 gün önce
My uncle is the family authority on the coronavirus, he's had it twice & helps anybody who gets it. So I'm going to make him a gold (Atomic Filament True Gold) covid-19 cell! lol
linck7up 19 gün önce
i get toys for kids but dont do this for the rest. maybe if it takes more then printed parts like a RC plane or from a resin printer and u do a good job painting it
Iavor Hristov
Iavor Hristov 20 gün önce
Oh shit ye, Dankpods
Seba DG
Seba DG 23 gün önce
here we are again, november 2021...
Steve MAN
Steve MAN 24 gün önce
2021 gang here
The egg man
The egg man 24 gün önce
Osiris Rex
Osiris Rex 29 gün önce
Great gifts for adults but if you gift a plastic toy with good intentions for a kid they will hate you for eternity. They want a PS5 not a raspberry pi mini PS5 that plays Mario!
the great lumberjack King
the great lumberjack King Aylar önce
3:18 wtf does that even mean "stuck into the branding my parent's just take pictures and ask what it is
mszoomy Aylar önce
I always make my Christmas gifts and real people, the kind that are worth having in your life ALWAYS appreciate a handmade gift. Wether it's chain mail, paper crafts (I make all my own cards too, I need to get on that as x-mas 2021 is sneaking up on me quick) pyrography (wood burning) or now 3D printedb the people who matter appreciate the time, effort and creativity that went into making it. The people don't understand or appreciate the thought and time that went into creating a special gift.....well they don't get Jack-shit from me Time to make a Christmas gift 2021 video, it's getting close
Alex Santiago
Alex Santiago 3 aylar önce
What if I want that dize tower, but without the holes for the dize... Like that fox would be amazing as decoration!
Unknown Legend
Unknown Legend 5 aylar önce
Josh Drexler
Josh Drexler 5 aylar önce
Look mate, 3D printing has many uses, but no one wants to receive a piece of plastic for a gift, unless maybe it's a repair part for a $400 food processor or something.
tomokari11 6 aylar önce
i got so happy when i saw dankpods i started hitting my desk and chanting dankpods
Koobos01 6 aylar önce
Windows ten 3D builder I’m putting this here so I can remember next time I watch the video
Blue__Acid 6 aylar önce
Unexpected dankpods hype
Eyes had I
Eyes had I 6 aylar önce
1:23 "the exit of the tower" that's one way to put it...
L!VE BMX 6 aylar önce
thanks for reminding me to subscribe :) lol great vids bro keep it up!
evil sugar
evil sugar 7 aylar önce
Tippy tree
GhostAttack - Scale 3D
GhostAttack - Scale 3D 7 aylar önce
Printing someone something may not be "as much effort" as hand crafting an item, but it is a HELLUVA lot cooler than store bought. If properly planned, you can make someone a multi-part large prop from their favorite game or movie. Good luck buying that unless you're related to bezos I'm printing a friend of mine an "ace of spades" hand cannon from destiny 2 for his birthday this year
The 3d lab 2.0
The 3d lab 2.0 7 aylar önce
Tippi tipmas
Immortal Pyro
Immortal Pyro 8 aylar önce
Well past Christmas, but this gave me a super idea for Easter. Thanks!!
Ender 8 aylar önce
HenryThePineapplePooch 8 aylar önce
Are you a furry? Asking because I saw your comment on a furry youtuber’s video...
Marshall M
Marshall M 9 aylar önce
E McManus
E McManus 9 aylar önce
yeah but its not last mineute if you have to wait a hour or two for it to finish printing
Chris 9 aylar önce
Digging that Dankpods Plug lol
a life with poetry
a life with poetry 9 aylar önce
Verrry cool!! 😍
Hans-Erling Hanssen
Hans-Erling Hanssen 9 aylar önce
Ever heard of the Aztek Death Whistle? You should do a Makers Muse version of this, as you have a way of over-engineering things and make them even more awesome.
Vash Baldeus
Vash Baldeus 9 aylar önce
2:58 Dankpods detected.
Garythesnail101 10 aylar önce
Can you do one for resin printing?
Subcount_ Zer0
Subcount_ Zer0 10 aylar önce
1:57 wait is that the Japanese symbol for beginner? SKEPPY?!?!? Also DANKPODS?!?
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan 10 aylar önce
So many great ideas!! Great upload!!! 👍🏻🇦🇺🍀🍀😎
Iliano Guerra
Iliano Guerra 10 aylar önce
last minute? i think it is last hours :)
BLUE_beep BLUE_beep
BLUE_beep BLUE_beep 10 aylar önce
Nice stuff thanks. The key ring phone stands are perfect hand arounds 🙂
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 10 aylar önce
Make a Gömböc
Fury0fAssassin 10 aylar önce
Maker's Muse Hey I hope you are having a good day. So I just bought a endr 3v2 and then I go to boot up my PC and it doesn't work anymore. I am just wondering if possible where I could get 3-D models with the G code so I can start printed just using my phone? I thank you for your time.
BJamesThompson 10 aylar önce
Why do you get to be smart, talented, AND attractive? I quit!
David Liljelood
David Liljelood 10 aylar önce
can someone help me my 3d printer wont extrude the pla i use the extruder gear just slips or clicks i have looked and i do not have a clog anywhere and i bought a new nozzle and i still does not work. sometimes the pla goes into the hot end but does not come out. I have a Anet ET4 someone help me pls?
Brendan 10 aylar önce
Mate, thank you. My girlfriend is going to be sick of random 3d printed gifts.
Cody Blues
Cody Blues 10 aylar önce
Angus.......... Missing your videos, hope all is well.........
Tinzalix 10 aylar önce
@Maker's Muse Great to hear!
Maker's Muse
Maker's Muse 10 aylar önce
Taking a bit of a break, I'll be back :)
Pelayo García
Pelayo García 10 aylar önce
JustAnotherGamer JAG
JustAnotherGamer JAG 10 aylar önce
Any idea why now that I downloaded 4.8 it now only prints with a 100% infill evan though I have it set to 15% is there something that I'm missing,I've never had this problem before.thanks in advance
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez 10 aylar önce
Hey Angus have you experimented recycling plastic into filament? Would be awesome a video about it. As plastic seems to be getting harder and harder to get future might be recycling ;) thanks for your awesome videos
Leigh Gray
Leigh Gray 10 aylar önce
I have a question, if i wanted engrave later, is there an add on for the Creality Ender 3 pro or should i buy the Creality CP01 & get it all in one & is it worth getting, if you've already done this please leave a link, love your work.
Tom H
Tom H 10 aylar önce
If doing as job, how do you price your jobs?
tony schaub
tony schaub 10 aylar önce
I had just gotten my first printer, covid hit and caused me to be home 3 months. I learned my printer,slicer,fusion 360 and you were the first/best of my teachers. It’s all so addicting. Even the smell of pla printing will be etched in my brain forever. Thanks Angus!!!
Limitless Science
Limitless Science 10 aylar önce
Can you send me some filament...:)
Maths with Luigi
Maths with Luigi 10 aylar önce
Love dankpods!
Restoration Australia
Restoration Australia 10 aylar önce
Great ideas.
oljobo 10 aylar önce
Uh Oh.. I think you have 555 videos now ‼️ 555! Look out for big changes 😮
MONTY 11 aylar önce
@Maker's Muse Al'right mate, how's it going down under ? Anyway Here's a question that's been bugging for for a while. Just how degradable IS PLA. Can we trust what's said on the tin that it is . Have you ever really tested this out. I've kind of stopped printing now after looking around my house and seeing just how much plastic there is now compared to before I had a printer. Every shelf has a benchy or some crap on it :) I started getting guilty about the use.
Øutław 11 aylar önce
My first video of you was your video about Popeye from 3 months ago is he still around? I absolutely loved him
JuliartaSuw 11 aylar önce
Halo sir, i just notice that stepper motor in 3D printer is hot. is it normal or its a problem ? i cant measure how hot it is, but feels like same with bed temperatur at my case are 55 celcius. can you make video about 3D printer temperatur ? thanks a lot. will appreciate.
BoundlessOwl 11 aylar önce
what do you suggest for someone in the market for a 3d printer today?
[Sally] 11 aylar önce
Currently I am working on a birthday gift to myself, since it's my bday today, so I am modeling some tool racks for my printer and for my labeling machine, haven't been able to see many attachments for them. Also some more attachments for my easel!
Art by Kaleb
Art by Kaleb 11 aylar önce
Going into 2021 now what is the 3D printer you'd recommend under $300 for someone who wants good detailed prints without spending a lot of time getting up and running reliably? Thanks
Mason Towey
Mason Towey 2 aylar önce
Ender 3
Melon Musk
Melon Musk 11 aylar önce
can't help but notice that your hairstyle is becoming shorter .. pretty boy
Bob Newbly
Bob Newbly 11 aylar önce
I got new filament and I’m not sure if it is too soft or what but when the print has to retract and extrude quickly it chews up the filament before it reaches the nozzle and I was wondering if you knew why this happens or how to fix it?
Popinmo 11 aylar önce
you should do a sunlu s8 review
Xiao wright
Xiao wright 11 aylar önce
HELP! Angus can you show or explain how to do a pause at height using Cura for an Ender 3 v2 with Marlin please. when I try using the post g code approach my printer pauses for 10 sec and then resumes. I've searched everywhere and nothing makes sense. You're my only hope.
Pineapple Kiwi
Pineapple Kiwi 11 aylar önce
I printed one of the labyrinths and put a mini safe in it with the passcode on it in morse code so it took my cousins 2 hours about to get the $20 out of the middle
Frida Jacobson
Frida Jacobson 11 aylar önce
Last Minute Christmas Gifts to 3D Print! Might take you several days to print all the leaves
Andrei Marius
Andrei Marius 11 aylar önce
Keanu Reeves is getting younger everyday
Gazza S
Gazza S 11 aylar önce
Last Christmas I printer presents for my great Nephews and Nieces and they loved them. I did print age appropriate models
chris 11 aylar önce
hey ill tell you something thats like magic to 3d printed stuff. you can electroform it with copper for under 100$ with mostly stuff from walmart and lowes . you just seal your 3d print in your conductive ink and drop it in the bath let it sit for a few hours and bam its covered in a thick layer of copper
BullGod 11 aylar önce
One word: Lithophanes
JavaJack59 11 aylar önce
I printed a chess set and some quickie "Orange Screamer" siren whistles from Thingiverse.
alejandro 11 aylar önce
hey im new to the channel and i was asking my self if youcan you tell me or someone who knows whit what program do you create the g code? thanks
Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen 11 aylar önce
Love the t-shirt. Where did you get it? And great ideas! I got a 3d printer for Christmas and can't wait to play with it more.
4captain2chaos0 11 aylar önce
New to the 3d printing world and find your videos awesome!!! I made all kinds of cookie cutters and stepped it up to a couple playable Ocarina's!! Thanks for all the tips, tricks, and ideas!!!
Sopito 11 aylar önce
Can you make a video about noise designs, like your two way to one way and the spinning top? not only the loudest of all but any kind of noise or interesting sound that can be accurately reproduced, like a musical instrument of the percussion genre
auto_chris420 11 aylar önce
Just want to say thank you and happy Christmas To you your videos have been helping me out so much I just got a printer on Christmas Day XY2 pro My dinosaur work perfectly fine but then my octopus messed up with just 30 minutes left but i put it on again before I went to bed and woke up to a fail again The filament got tangled on the real and snapped but I tried to replace the filament but when I resumed print it started printing on another layer and completely messed everything up 3rd time lucky fingers crossed 🤞
james melemede
james melemede 11 aylar önce
they roll like my eyes when you do yo cheesy subscriber drive ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Vivian Myers
Vivian Myers 11 aylar önce
I printed the Blink Fox. Oh My. Gosh. it's absolutely stunning. Printed with Eryone PLA Ultra Silk Red
goofyfoot2001 11 aylar önce
No, it's actually cheap and tacky. I know you guys want this to be a thing but
Jonathan Birch - NJ 3D Printing Studio
Jonathan Birch - NJ 3D Printing Studio 11 aylar önce
Awesome video. Keep on living your dreams.
Joe Carpenter
Joe Carpenter 11 aylar önce
I just got an SL1, and I've been printing puzzles inspired by your puzzle cube for family members (Different profiles for the sweeps, to adjust the difficulty.). The tighter tolerances I can get with it make them _very_ finicky to assemble since everything has to be lined up perfectly, but that's part of the challenge >:D The difficulty of ending up with *_only_* four bodies after the cuts are done, while still generating a nicely complex geometry, was a bit of a surprise, it's harder than I expected, but satisfying when finished. Thanks for the inspiration, and Merry Christmas.
Peter Gamache
Peter Gamache 11 aylar önce
How am I not already subscribed? That's easily fixed! :)
Jiovanie Velazquez
Jiovanie Velazquez 11 aylar önce
Maybe not such a good last minute idea... 20 hours later and you get a print fail and have to start over
Niklas S.
Niklas S. 11 aylar önce
I have printed personalized Christmas balls for our whole family. They came out great
Carson Allee
Carson Allee 11 aylar önce
have you heard of carbon fiber infused filament
MCRideout 11 aylar önce
I’ve been making “project trays” for the kids so they can stay organized with different arts and crafts. They seem to be useful and popular.
Dtr146 11 aylar önce
nice to see you watch dankpods
Thomas Tomasic
Thomas Tomasic 11 aylar önce
I found some nice gifts a couple months ago. I came across 3 anet a8 printers plus extra parts for a total of $20. I took each apart and rebuilt them right. Added BL Touch to each. Updated to the last Marlin and tweeked them out. I ran a test and they worked perfectly. So now my sons are each getting one.
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