TOP 3 Singing Auditions On Britain's Got Talent 2022!

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2 aylar önce

What's Poppin'?
Britain's Got Talent recently drew to an end for 2022 but you can relive the TOP 3 singing auditions NOW!

Rudy Tofik
Rudy Tofik Aylar önce
Coś wspaniałego, utwór ciężki dał sobie radę 👍
Vernon Wood
Vernon Wood Aylar önce
Loren Alred doesn't just sing the song never enough she embraces it with elegance and grace. Perfect.
Karen Flowers
Karen Flowers 15 gün önce
Wow, she is so beautiful inside and out and , who said it, otherworldly captures those goosebumps I got and the inspiration in that level of yearning mastery
A D-S 27 gün önce
How people didn't know about her is mind boggling. She has released songs, been on the voice US and had been referenced anytime a major recording singer had done a version of the song.
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
You are absolutely so right
Ingrid Maier
Ingrid Maier 2 aylar önce
What an outstanding voice the young lady has... if anybody has ever deserved the Golden Buzzer, then she did!! ❣❣❣❣
A D-S 27 gün önce
I respectfully disagree. People who aren't known ate the ones who should get the breaks. She is always being referenced by other artists. How some people didn't know about her is mind boggling and not a chance did the judges not know that Rebecca Ferguson was lip syncing as it had been well documented and Rebecca herself in many interviews after the Greatest Showman was released said it was Loren who actually sang and she was lip syncing.
Pamela Silverman
Pamela Silverman Aylar önce
@Jes marie Heart thank #$
Ruth Widlund
Ruth Widlund Aylar önce
Ithought Tom was her equal in voice and singing.
thomcorp Aylar önce
She shouldn't have told them who she was. The judges reactions would have been fantastic to see.
Rupert Sui
Rupert Sui Aylar önce
@Sandra Sanut The Greatest Showman - Never Enough
Terry O
Terry O Aylar önce
Well Nick, everyone is gonna want to play that during the father/daughter dance at their wedding. I loved his tone, it was beautiful. Great job.
TheLastMughal 26 gün önce
What’s the song called?
barry Aylar önce
I have a son and a daughter, and 4 beautiful grand daughters. I was absolutely destroyed listening to this. So, so perfect.
cikimanry 1981
cikimanry 1981 Aylar önce
Tq nick!!
topgazza Aylar önce
Astonishing voice from Tom. The guy has the talent. One question, does the hyped up audience EVER listen to a song without squealing and clapping at the wrong moments and why at all ? Let the artists perform
mikelheron20 10 gün önce
@Jennieke Johnson I would say it's a lack of culture.
Tom Cee
Tom Cee Aylar önce
Maybe cultural, and I think that in general, live music has lost the artistry of waiting for the performance to end before applauding. It still happens in some venues, but obviously not this one.
Donald Easterlin
Donald Easterlin Aylar önce
@Gordana G on
Mark Ferry
Mark Ferry Aylar önce
that is the fault of the audio's like a laugh track, and they pump the hype in to keep the show more exiting.
Ann Jackson
Ann Jackson Aylar önce
@Tammas 2000 the boards should be used to beat them until they shut up 🤣
David S
David S 2 aylar önce
Incredible voices. Loren gets recognized for her amazing talent.
David Hopkins
David Hopkins 2 aylar önce
Loren's audition is arguably the best audition ever on AGT.
Elena Blacud
Elena Blacud Aylar önce
@Martin Murray po
Stephen2846 Aylar önce
@Martin Murray He meant, "Americans Have Talent."
Martin Murray
Martin Murray Aylar önce
Considering it wasnt on Americas Got Talent , i doubt it. But i would agree its one of the best auditions on Britains Got Talent.
Euclides Felippe Filho
Euclides Felippe Filho Aylar önce
Especial a voz agradável específica altura de um dos melhores canto que existe até hoje
Judy Hayes
Judy Hayes Aylar önce
How are you
Ruth Widlund
Ruth Widlund Aylar önce
Nick was the only one who had the audience hanging onto his every note and word.The sign of the greatness.
J V 2 aylar önce
Wow all 3 were amazing. The third singer Really, really, really touched me personally. I had 2 daughters, Samantha and Sarah they were my world and I tried to be the best Dad for them. They always made me so proud, their smiles would melt anyone to get their way. I worked long hours but would try to be home before they fell asleep so I could lay on the floor in their room and put my arm up through the rails of their crib and gave them hold onto my thumb while they drifted off. By far some of the greatest memories for me. I wasn't the perfect father, I had some faults to me, drank some, drugged some but in the big picture I believe I was a helluva good father and husband. Well to my ex I wasn't good enough on either front, rightfully I must staunchly disagree. I'll never in my mind understand how I became not good enough for her. Well it became her life goal to destroy me, she became the most vindictive, evil monster I have ever met. She turned my oldest against me, I hardly got to see her for 2 or 3 years and when I did it was very uncomfortable. Thank God my youngest stuck by me and I'll never ever forget that. About the end of the third yr. From being separated the ex had a car accident and my oldest daughter was killed. I've got to go through the rest of my days knowing that our relationship was frayed with no way of gaining her forgiveness. I believe she has forgiven me and I her but has she? I really honestly don't know. Thank God I have my youngest, she actually saved me. But to have the ability to live with your kids ripped away by a vindictive woman just isn't fair. I lost alot of time with my girls that I'll never get back. So this is why that gentleman's song touched me so. Sorry for such the long book. Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest.
Breathless807 Gün önce
I truly understand, but I went through this with my Twin Grandsons when my oldest Son got divorced because his wife found someone else. They were married a short time later, moved away and absolutely refused to allow us to be part of their life. She married a man with three kids, two of which are twins the exact same age as my Grandsons. She wouldn't even allow phone calls. All the gifts I sent were never acknowledged, I don't even know if she gave them to them. I didn't just send My Grandsons gifts, but all five kids. They are now 21 and I don't even know how to get in touch with them. My life has never been the same without them. I was their caretaker while Mom and Dad worked from two weeks old until they turned six and were in school full time. My husband and I were so close to them, then all of a sudden, never saw them again. It's all I want before I die, to see them again 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Glenn Singh
Glenn Singh 4 gün önce
I have one daughter Avery it touch my heart ❤ even stop for one moment 💓 in time
ElizabethN[L Turner
ElizabethN[L Turner 5 gün önce
@Donny Burklow 7
Catherine Grant
Catherine Grant 6 gün önce
Know that your older daughter has most certainly forgiven you. She watches you from a place of love and is witness as to how you treat her sister and everyone else around you. God bless you.
Tammy Owens
Tammy Owens 18 gün önce
JV, I'm so sorry for all of the terrible things that have happened to you in your life. Don't for one minute consider yourself a bad Dad, please. We all, as parents, made mistakes as our children were growing up. Nobody gave us an instruction booklet when we had our kids to say exactly how to raise them. Your ex-wife sounds like she was a very evil and hateful person. Try to learn to forgive her and to not hold any grudges against her, for it will only drag you down in life. She has a higher power to meet someday and explain her actions, and she will be punished accordingly. As for your oldest daughter that was killed in the car accident. I can just about guarantee you that she is in heaven and GOD is watching over her. And without a doubt she has longed forgiven you. Live your life like you're supposed to and someday you will be reunited with her again. Keep the memories alive that you made with her. And keep making more memories with your younger daughter. I'm sure that's what the eldest daughter would tell you to do if she could talk to you. Just try and keep your chin up, you sound like you're a good man. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!
Erofim Hristov
Erofim Hristov Aylar önce
Simon, who created this show, is fully responsible for making our lives more beautiful by giving chance to people all over the world. Hope too. Thanks Simon! Otherwise, the 3 performers- hats down!
manos sergiadis
manos sergiadis 27 gün önce
And before Simon there were such tv shows.
Debraadams Adams
Debraadams Adams Aylar önce
The young lady singing ( NEVER ENOUGH) has the best most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She needs to release a soundtrack.
Hunain Ali
Hunain Ali 6 gün önce
She actually has released many songs just search Loren Allred on yt
Max Maximus
Max Maximus 7 gün önce
All three deserve to be spotlighted and have great careers.
Valteir Silva
Valteir Silva Aylar önce
Simplesmente perfeito.
Micheal Hensberg
Micheal Hensberg Aylar önce
@Guetner Bahr ..
Guetner Bahr
Guetner Bahr Aylar önce
Weltklasse Weltklasse
Mike Colie
Mike Colie Aylar önce
Loren's audition may be the best singing audition from any show, anywhere, anytime. Perfection.....
Genevieve Rich-Chesky
Genevieve Rich-Chesky Aylar önce
and she is a professional singer
Kathleen Helmstedt
Kathleen Helmstedt 2 aylar önce
She is a great great singer.Was lovely to listen to.
A B 2 aylar önce
As a daughter still grieving the loss of my father, Nick's performance touched me deeply.
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
@Greta Murphy Blessing on you...
Greta Murphy
Greta Murphy Aylar önce
@Patrick Crowther Thank you so much! You're very kind.
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
Sending healing prayers for
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
@Becky Sutton..Totally agree with you..sending prayers
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
@Greta Murphy ..((hugs))..soo sorry for your loss
Holleybery SATX
Holleybery SATX Aylar önce
The emotional connection is what music is all about - well done Daddy.
Maya Lisovska
Maya Lisovska 10 gün önce
Loved Nick 😍 If there is any justice in this world 🌎 please give him a record label Somebody sign him up He is the real deal !
Burt Huffman
Burt Huffman Aylar önce
WOW! what an amazing show. The talent and tears never ended.
Toni Y
Toni Y 12 gün önce
Tom was fabulous! Such emotion, beautiful audition!
Anita West
Anita West 2 aylar önce
I liked all 3 of the singers. Each had their own groove. Well done to all!
tom thomas
tom thomas Aylar önce
@Patrick Crowther Thank you.
Patrick Crowther
Patrick Crowther Aylar önce
I totally agree with you
tom thomas
tom thomas Aylar önce
They were sh1t.
Dougal Douglas
Dougal Douglas Aylar önce
Not the first one, rather flat, but others liked it, and that is what counts. Second one so much life, most brilliant. I never expected to last singer, and how he silenced everyone present, utterly speechless, just such an amazing song, and such an amazing voice, topped the lot. I do hope his talent gets picked up and he goes far, as natural talent is so rare these days.
Patricia W
Patricia W Aylar önce
Tom is an amazing singer, what an outstanding performance ...
fateme h
fateme h Gün önce
Oh my god, the third performance was great I am still crying, it touched me deeply🥺
Nonna Yabusiness
Nonna Yabusiness Aylar önce
They were all. Excellent.. The guy at the end brought tears to my eyes. Being a father, it touched my soul. 💚
Rodney Jaynes
Rodney Jaynes 2 aylar önce
Very few songs bring tears to my eyes, "Never Enough" did . That woman needs a contract!!
tom thomas
tom thomas Aylar önce
Tears? W1mp!
krisone63 2 aylar önce
Loren Allred, she was on The Voice in 2012, got eliminated in the live playoffs, but kept going and actually Michael Buble is the one who discovered her after the movie, The Greatest Showman. Pretty amazing determination and she is from Utah not BK, don't know why she would say she wasn't.
Daniel Holm
Daniel Holm Aylar önce
Now that u said that I remember her
charlie poodle
charlie poodle Aylar önce
She’s from Pittsburg, she only went to university in Utah.
Kathleen Helmstedt
Kathleen Helmstedt 2 aylar önce
You are a fantastic singer Loren ❤️
Sofia Tachmatzidou
Sofia Tachmatzidou 2 aylar önce
Wow... Tom was absolutely outstanding!!
Gordon Etee
Gordon Etee Aylar önce
Allred got me over the sky with her beautiful voice giving out the beautiful vocals. I am in love with "Never Enough" song
Susi Beneke
Susi Beneke Aylar önce
Oh never enough song really got me, Beautiful
Yvonne Gill
Yvonne Gill 22 gün önce
I have enjoyed hearing you sing everyday, beautiful! Thank you!
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Same here ,this makes my day come through ,where are you from?
Tina Harshman
Tina Harshman 2 aylar önce
Wow, she takes my breath away! She is amazing! GOLDEN BUZZER!
jennmooney Aylar önce
Its not asthma? Use your inhaler! Just joking.
rhian jones
rhian jones Aylar önce
As someone who has just lost a dad recently Nick Edwards performance touched me Deeply very much indeed.
Yvonne Gill
Yvonne Gill 22 gün önce
I have twin sisters who are 13 months older than me , so we looked like these two little girls but were three of us.
Gail Weatherall
Gail Weatherall Aylar önce
wonderful voice, great presentation, love him.
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Love him more .where are you from?
Laura Antic
Laura Antic Aylar önce
Never enough of this great singers💞🦋
brenda dickinson
brenda dickinson 2 aylar önce
What a Voice I would Love ❤️ to hear her sing more songs 🎵
Jane Worrall
Jane Worrall Aylar önce
@Solar Plexus Apologies, her name is LOREN Allred.
Jane Worrall
Jane Worrall Aylar önce
@Solar Plexus Her name is Lauren. She sang “Never Enough”!
Solar Plexus
Solar Plexus 2 aylar önce
Her ?
Dale Hercules
Dale Hercules 2 aylar önce
Wow, what a great voice and stage presence. I give you a golden buzzer..!!!
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Same here ,just trying to have this lovely voice someday ,LOI ,where are you from?
Louis Neill
Louis Neill Aylar önce
The greatest voice ever! Absolutely stunning!
Guetner Bahr
Guetner Bahr Aylar önce
what a perfomance wao
LabGorilla Aylar önce
Christ Almighty. Loren is an Angel. Well done to Rebecca Ferguson for letting this voice be heard. It is a gift from mount Olympus itself. And Nick , if you’re reading this. You have this moment immortalised forever . Thank you for sharing it with us all. As a father of two little girls, you touched my soul.
Dehne Rhoades
Dehne Rhoades Aylar önce
What a humble young man with an exceptional voice
Loren Allred singing Never Enough was sublime.
Dee Florence
Dee Florence 15 gün önce
Very nicely sung !😊
Kay Butler
Kay Butler Aylar önce
Brilliant. Well done Tom. 👏
Pam Clince
Pam Clince Aylar önce
The second singer is not only beautiful, she is awesome!
Ana De Cruz
Ana De Cruz Aylar önce
ESPLÉNDIDOS los tres 💞💞💞💞
J. Awesome love the strings D.
J. Awesome love the strings D. 18 gün önce
Fabulous, touching! He picked a great song,he’s awesome!!!
Victoria Brillantes
Victoria Brillantes 2 aylar önce
Well deserved Golden Buzzer, OMG, what a voice...extraordinary voice
A D-S 27 gün önce
Shouldn't the golden buzzer be given to people who are unknown? Loren Allred is well known
Debby Van Dansik
Debby Van Dansik Aylar önce
Glennis grace
Katt Hill
Katt Hill 2 aylar önce
Jennifer Hudson sings it opinion
rondo2K Aylar önce
All 3 singers were absolutely great. Didn't expect what I got with the third one, but my eyes are still not dry while writing this.
Mr D
Mr D 24 gün önce
Notice these people not only have talent, but they look presentable & carry themselves with humility. Splendid. Loren Aldred is a superstar. Just gorgeous and a perfect voice.
Kathy Carter
Kathy Carter Aylar önce
This guy should have won. Great voice!
Ursula 22 gün önce
OMG! Loren Allred sings it best of all! What a voice ! What grace! Stunning!!!
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Honestly speaking ,where are you from?
Viv Sheriff
Viv Sheriff Aylar önce
I thoughly agree with you. Tom sings with great expressions and clearly sings very well and deserved the golden buzzer. Why to the judges say how great they are, then not give them the golden buzzer. I haven't a clue!!
Pam Clince
Pam Clince Aylar önce
I just can’t stop smiling, Tom Ball is awesome!
irallan Aylar önce
As a father who still grieves 25 years on for two beautiful little angels ..thank you Nick.
C Bryan
C Bryan Aylar önce
So sorry….😢❤️
Lena Cheney
Lena Cheney Aylar önce
I'm so sorry
Donna P Sisk
Donna P Sisk 2 aylar önce
He has a great voice.
rosierosie Aylar önce
Three outstanding singers were on stage. My faves are the two guys though, because Loren already is a professional.
Desley Kakoulidis Gallaway
Desley Kakoulidis Gallaway Aylar önce
Tom was brilliant 🙏🏻and so sweet
Diane Garcia Prieto
Diane Garcia Prieto 2 aylar önce
Loved Tom Ball.All three fantastic .👏💯
Wati Shepherd
Wati Shepherd Aylar önce
Mandy Hughes
Mandy Hughes 2 aylar önce
What a lovely warm young man who has the world at his feet xxx
Annette Lynch
Annette Lynch 2 aylar önce
What a beautiful audition. However it would be nice if we could hear them sing. Sometimes people can very rude and inconsiderate. It must be hard for the contestants too.
Cecile Hoffman Cecile
Cecile Hoffman Cecile Aylar önce
How wonderful. A love letter to His girls! How heart rendering.....
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Yeah ,you said it all ,where are you from?
Yvonne Gill
Yvonne Gill 2 aylar önce
Tom Ball you are very brave to share your talent with us. Very enjoyable for me.,
Ian Nicol
Ian Nicol Aylar önce
That song at the end got everyone, including me lol. He really does have a great voice. How did he get on with the rest of the show. First dude was great too but needs a bit of landscaping on those eyebrows lol. But the cremdelacrm was her singing!!!! Blew me away and I thought Simon was gonna cry actually. All 3 were amazing.
Secret Agent
Secret Agent Aylar önce
Loren is OMG AMAZING. 3rd guy is a good songwriter, and solid voice. interesting the guitar and words were there... must be snuck in by his mom
LourdesE Salvador
LourdesE Salvador Aylar önce
Excellent voice! ! 👏
LAMP LIght Aylar önce
What wonderful, beautiful, amazing auditions. These three people were absolutely the best in Humanity. Their Love shines through for All the TRshow World, to see. You just know that they’re making a difference whatever their doing in their lives, by just being themselves. What a great example to us All. God has definitely Blessed them!! Blessing Love Light to All in this traumatic time in our chaotic World. 🙏🙏🙏💜💚💖✨💫🌟🇬🇧🇨🇦🇺🇸
Andre de jongh
Andre de jongh Aylar önce
Speachless... what a VOICE! Loren
Em Spearing
Em Spearing Aylar önce
OMG Lauren! Other worldly amazing! And, oh, Nick. I'm a daddy of a gorgeous little girl. Closed my eyes and shed a tear, realizing that time flew past so quickly and she then gave two more angelic little girls, granddaughters. Hit me in the heart, Nick.
poppykok5 Aylar önce
Your sweet comment is making me teary eyed ...Your family must really treasure you...God bless...
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne Aylar önce
Beautiful lady to match her voice, but extremely humble.❣️
Jeffrey Gumz
Jeffrey Gumz Aylar önce
I felt it a father to three moved me...oh it
Helena bythelake
Helena bythelake 29 gün önce
Tom was outstanding! Just love him.
Doug Shepherd
Doug Shepherd 2 aylar önce
The second audition was mind-blowing, but the third one had me choking up.🤯🥺😭
Fauziah Kader
Fauziah Kader Aylar önce
D 2 aylar önce
Nick's performance got me bawling my eyes out. It was so touching!
Sns 2 aylar önce
tom should get a golden buzzer
Silversurfer 2 aylar önce
god bless her she deserves it
Yoel Santana
Yoel Santana 28 gün önce
Maravilloso increíble e irrepetible q talentaso unico
JP 2 aylar önce
I love Lauren, love the song, my daughter choreographed a ballet dance to it. BUT, I thought this was an amateur contest
A D-S 27 gün önce
Exactly. Shouldn't the golden buzzer go to unknown talented people and not someone who is known around the world and has sung with so many recording artists because she sang the song in the movie. It's not a secret that Rebecca Ferguson was lip syncing. It is well known and Rebecca, along with other actors from the movie, have always spoken about Loren Allred
Barbara Bos
Barbara Bos Aylar önce
Christopher Franklin
Christopher Franklin 2 aylar önce
Loren is no rookie. You can find her in several YT videos. She is a dynamic singer.
Joe Newman
Joe Newman 17 gün önce
WOW all three were excellent last one being a dad to a daughter had some tears in my eyes.
Bottos Iwan
Bottos Iwan Aylar önce
It's so sad for Nick and Tom , cause they really were brilliant .But they have to battle maybe the greatest voice ever . Heard Never Enough before , but seeing it performed alive is so incredible .What a singer , what a song .But Nick was brilliant too , such a moving song We'll have to wait for his second song . .And Tom could have won in another season. This season however will be for LA Allred.
amy baby
amy baby Aylar önce
TOM your voice gives me chills AMAZING
Ricardo Antonio
Ricardo Antonio 2 aylar önce
Beautiful voice!!!
Mary Ann Roth
Mary Ann Roth Aylar önce
He has an amazing voice!
Bobby Raymond
Bobby Raymond 6 gün önce
Yeah ,so adorable ,where are you from?
Mark Rowlands
Mark Rowlands Aylar önce
Sometimes the Stars and Planets Align and you get to witness 3 totally different but unique and wonderful Voices. All of These are Stars that have a deserved RIGHT to Shine Vocal MAGIC, Beautiful 💓💓💓
Katherine Nartates
Katherine Nartates 2 aylar önce
My tears running down nick.its a lovely song for your lovely daughters.congratulazioni.watching From Italy
whoAreWeFoolin Aylar önce
That last performance had a pure reaction from the audience... It was nice to have no extra cheering and whistles thru out the song. Well so it seems. I'm sure there's still a bit of tweaking no matter what
Michael Staub
Michael Staub 2 aylar önce
A voice to remeber,....and a face to rember.
Dave Scott
Dave Scott Aylar önce
It is difficult to judge singers voices when the audience makes SO MUCH NOISE
Linda Synnøve Wahlmann
Linda Synnøve Wahlmann Aylar önce
Loren has an voice as an angel, but Nick made me cry. I'm turning 48 this year, lost my dad i 1999 ( he was 67), but still miss him
Sandra Banna
Sandra Banna 2 aylar önce
Wow such a nice voice 👏 😍
Sammar Kasaji
Sammar Kasaji Aylar önce
Loren's voice is out of this world ..
Lif Jyruss
Lif Jyruss Aylar önce
Great voice AND great eyebrows?! I'm here for it.
Kathleen Helmstedt
Kathleen Helmstedt 2 aylar önce
Tom is also a great singer.
Raymond Platt
Raymond Platt 27 gün önce
How beautiful. I love this show
Joseph Mango
Joseph Mango 2 aylar önce
Very well done. Understanding the audience excitement but let him sing. They were drowning him out.
Leah Williams
Leah Williams 2 aylar önce
That's what I came to the comments to say. Ugh so annoying. The music was a little too loud too...
Kanno Emelda
Kanno Emelda 2 aylar önce
OMG the second singer. Her singing literally made me emotional😭☺️
lhungdim shokholal
lhungdim shokholal Aylar önce
Oh oh... I can't stop watching, every time I watch tears came out from my eye and couldn't stop it... Tom, Loren and Nick I love them all Tom personality hit me hard... and Loren makes me very special for watching her sing that incredible song by herself it would be a Pleasure moment to be one of the audience who witness that special moment, and Nick.. Oh those little lovely cutie I love them, and Nick what a surprise ... he sing with his heart and he truly has a beautiful voice ... Thanks for posting this kind a heart melting shows... Credit goes to Popcorn..thanks.
Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sanchez Aylar önce
Loren have a massive voice, she is a excellent singer, but she is a profesional singer, even was in Billboard Hot 100 with "Never Enough" , like that isn´t a faire competition, sorry for my pretty poor english
Radiant Gardens Television Show
Radiant Gardens Television Show Aylar önce
The contract you have to sign, is what matters on these shows. Anyone can audition but you have to abide by their "rules". I heard from someone who walked away saying that they couldn't perform after making it into the second. round hence no income. We only see one side of the story.
R D Aylar önce
The crowd was so irritating for Tom. He has such a potential ❤
Neville Pitout
Neville Pitout Aylar önce
Goosebumps. Wonderful singer
Rick Rickard
Rick Rickard Aylar önce
#3- THE most authentic, natural, and beautiful audition, I've ever seen. We've seen staged, set-up, and "Made for TV" auditions. This was a man not expecting any of this. And it was a joy to behold.
Jane Worrall
Jane Worrall Aylar önce
And he’s the daddy to the cutest little girls. Just adorable. Two very lucky little kiddies.
aundrea smith
aundrea smith 29 gün önce
Nick’s voice is fantastic. The beautiful song about his daughters is just amazing. Every Father should feel this way about their daughters. My Dad had a lot of girls, and he loved us all. He had the patience of Job, with all of our different personalities. I’m so grateful for a loving Father. He’s been gone a long time, and I still love and miss him. Dad was wonderful with all his grandchildren.We all loved him so very much. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mirjam Varga-Bolla
Mirjam Varga-Bolla 17 gün önce
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