Kodak Black - Dirty K [Official Music Video]

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Kodak Black

4 aylar önce

Kodak Black - Dirty K
'Haitian Boy Kodak' OUT NOW!
Stream/Download: Kodak.lnk.to/HaitianBoyKodakID

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Y.F. Stunnah
Y.F. Stunnah 16 saatler önce
D. Average Murphy
D. Average Murphy Gün önce
Pure Krack
SL Ethan
SL Ethan Gün önce
That beat go crazy
Sway Bless
Sway Bless Gün önce
Best song he made this year
Johnny Knox
Johnny Knox 2 gün önce
I respect you as a artist yak
Clyde Bailey
Clyde Bailey 3 gün önce
Favorite song by Kodak
kyle gill
kyle gill 5 gün önce
Kodak the GOAT
Daniel Norris
Daniel Norris 6 gün önce
I’m starting to like yak less and less. Not bc of his music, but realizing this man is no longer a man of god. You can just tell.
Tayo Deniro
Tayo Deniro 7 gün önce
trshow.info/watch/cfAjKfZNJxo/video.html "Gimme 2 seconds of ya time"
ferragamofreddie 7 gün önce
Eric McCloud
Eric McCloud 7 gün önce
youngboy genie song he said free Kodak
Rpg K
Rpg K 8 gün önce
Kodak is a legend fr
Rpg K
Rpg K 8 gün önce
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 9 gün önce
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 9 gün önce
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 9 gün önce
Its crying to me the pain omfg it was so melodicccccccc bruh on bs🤣
DsoLowkey X
DsoLowkey X 10 gün önce
Shit so fire I can’t stop listening to it/singing it out nowhere
JustHereTo Laugh
JustHereTo Laugh 11 gün önce
Kodak You Just Need To Hit The Rd On Tour n Never Come Back !
samuel agbugba
samuel agbugba 11 gün önce
10^10000 replay
samuel agbugba
samuel agbugba 11 gün önce
Floating 😮‍💨🤘🏾
samuel agbugba
samuel agbugba 12 gün önce
kodak on some different shyt no kizzy
HIGH guYYbiiHH13
HIGH guYYbiiHH13 13 gün önce
Yak finna win a Grammy dis year
brian puente
brian puente 13 gün önce
Kodak cuando vienes a visitarme en san diego no mas una foto con tigo i lla me puedo morir agusto :)
speedy Aj
speedy Aj 13 gün önce
Rapn Ass Deejay
Rapn Ass Deejay 13 gün önce
“ We Working “ Rap’n A$$ Deejay x @Kodak Black Golden Acres Projects 4k Video #SniperGang #1800 trshow.info/watch/HsLVO2fMWik/video.html
King3X_Xavier L
King3X_Xavier L 14 gün önce
Draco8686 16 gün önce
In my 40s and Tupac would luv this nygga kodac 💯. Can't do no wrong in my eyes.
Austin Martinez
Austin Martinez 17 gün önce
This sooo hard
Dan Rolf
Dan Rolf 18 gün önce
Bruh so crazy Donald Trump actually pardoned him. So proud of da boy🥲
Axel Cruz
Axel Cruz 19 gün önce
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 19 gün önce
Free dmo 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💙💙💙💙💙
HipHop Aa
HipHop Aa 20 gün önce
Kodak over YB any day
parodyking's 21 gün önce
Taylor told me that she never leave me.....
Arturo Soto
Arturo Soto 21 gün önce
Fuck post Malone, release the song!
A P 21 gün önce
the magnifier goes in front the holographic lol
V.I.P Dance
V.I.P Dance 22 gün önce
My comment will probably get lost but whoever reads this.. you got this! whatever you are going through will get better hang in there 💛
DP93 Reviews
DP93 Reviews 22 gün önce
That Boy SLID TF Out This Shit. What's Some Similar Songs?
DP93 Reviews
DP93 Reviews 10 gün önce
@James TooCold im finna check it out
James TooCold
James TooCold 11 gün önce
This shit different 😭😭😭 but lonely with coi Leray he was on that shit too
ButtahCup Del!ght
ButtahCup Del!ght 23 gün önce
The Aaliyah sample is dope 🔥 RIP Aaliyah 🙏🏾🕊
James Chung
James Chung 25 gün önce
People said trump was racist but yet he feed kodack and Lil Wayne. Yall stupid af
Shaye Towns
Shaye Towns 27 gün önce
Wrecked my favorite car off this song I miss my cross baby but I was doin to much now watch me pop out wit my knew lah baby soon
Shaye Towns
Shaye Towns 27 gün önce
Phuck noggah put 12 on me
Zrazra Vybz
Zrazra Vybz 28 gün önce
Free yb💚💚
Charnelle Walker
Charnelle Walker 28 gün önce
This A Real Hit
Terrence Catholic
Terrence Catholic 29 gün önce
I stay with my 🔥 yea yea
Tommy Jacobs
Tommy Jacobs Aylar önce
This best song I’ve heard in a while
Tommy Jacobs
Tommy Jacobs Aylar önce
The melody the lyrics
Bgm BaqStreetKing
Bgm BaqStreetKing Aylar önce
he got a soft spot fa young boi dats y he's upset wit jacoboi cuz he felt like he fuqed dat relationship up💯
Sg Will
Sg Will 21 gün önce
What ? Kodak started the beef outta no where jackboy don’t even know what the beef bout he was just sticking up for kodak
LongLive 36
LongLive 36 Aylar önce
Somebody need to tell Post Malone to gone head release dat song
ladon cooper
ladon cooper Aylar önce
This shit made me cry 😢
Purple Wrld
Purple Wrld Aylar önce
Chicago Kid
Chicago Kid Aylar önce
This shit so hard
Shawn Kush
Shawn Kush Aylar önce
This the best song in the world
Tumelo Mdaka
Tumelo Mdaka Aylar önce
Taylor told me that she will never leave me!
Runner 2pit
Runner 2pit Aylar önce
This song actually baught piece. 👏👏👏
Zodak Red
Zodak Red Aylar önce
Steven Todd
Steven Todd Aylar önce
Mane Lamar you free ni?
TheOneAndOnly Icy
TheOneAndOnly Icy Aylar önce
This is the best artist out in 2021 he serving errbody‼
Trilly Trillz
Trilly Trillz Aylar önce
i f$$$ wit all of kodak songs but i can lie this ☝🏽 really really touch the soul and like i said all of his songs do that but this right here n$$$$ this right here sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh he jumped in the booth like i’m home 🏡 now it’s bout time i took this s$$$$ ova even though in my 👁’$ it’s been ova shit realtalk
Mr. Kwa'me Rashad M'butu
Mr. Kwa'me Rashad M'butu Aylar önce
InshaAL WALI, I pray that Al NasreeYah God of Queen Mary will bless Mr. Kodak Black with Knowledge of Throwing Hand Gestures! YAHAWAH says the Wicked "Talk with Their hands/Fingers!" Proverbs 6:13
Wyatt Crane
Wyatt Crane Aylar önce
this song needs more views
BopCentral Aylar önce
2k baby.version better than this 😂
Deangelo McMurtry
Deangelo McMurtry 28 gün önce
Lol chill bra
Sg Will
Sg Will Aylar önce
You wish 😂😂 what’s 2kbaby version name ?
Billy Blanc
Billy Blanc Aylar önce
Mad Ting
Mad Ting Aylar önce
Underrated song
Robert Starling
Robert Starling Aylar önce
Kodak to cheap to go get that Kevin Gates full fit so he bought a a blanket with his broke whining rappin ass
Alex Cuffe
Alex Cuffe Aylar önce
Alex Cuffe
Alex Cuffe Aylar önce
He better not leave because Kodak is a better and he speaks facts nba YoungBoy is all talk and his fans think too munch that is cap yb gonna die in 2022
Johnnie Clark
Johnnie Clark Aylar önce
TRshow Jay Skreetz 😈
Johnnie Clark
Johnnie Clark Aylar önce
TRshow Jay Skreetz 🪐🔒💯😈
steakhouse Aylar önce
Kodak ❤️
Skuwee Promo
Skuwee Promo Aylar önce
Randy Beckham
Randy Beckham Aylar önce
Randy Beckham
Randy Beckham Aylar önce
Yea mon let's go bih
Alex Ovilma
Alex Ovilma Aylar önce
If u ain’t listening to Kodak then u ain’t listening to the goat talk😎🐐🐐🎯
BackStreet Peso
BackStreet Peso Aylar önce
Frezoe Aylar önce
Radh Aylar önce
Kodak never fell off ya just be sleep 😴
Davey D 707
Davey D 707 Aylar önce
How senseless have more views than this😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Andre Aylar önce
When he said “I’m havin problems showin people that I really care” 🖤
Elmor Davis
Elmor Davis Aylar önce
This that real project baby
Johnnie Clark
Johnnie Clark Aylar önce
TRshow Jay Skreetz 🪐
Jody Hus
Jody Hus Aylar önce
Hardest one he put out lately y’all sleep
Connor Flimss
Connor Flimss Aylar önce
He really get better on his words
Sherrod Walker
Sherrod Walker Aylar önce
On Repeat 🔁 Forever ♾️
Cristina Melgar
Cristina Melgar Aylar önce
Him n YoungBoy needa squash the beef I fw both of them.
Sway Bless
Sway Bless Aylar önce
That Aaliyah sample hit serious….
Ced J
Ced J Aylar önce
I can listen to this song 🎶 every day 🔥🔥🔥
Brohooseurdaddy Aylar önce
I can guarantee that was a stack of one dollar bills
Only Ambitious Thrive Here
Only Ambitious Thrive Here Aylar önce
Tonemaktone GodsOns
Tonemaktone GodsOns Aylar önce
Tonemaktone GodsOns
Tonemaktone GodsOns Aylar önce
Heff Giovanni
Heff Giovanni Aylar önce
“Must be something wrong wit me cuz I can’t keep my friends” I played this back 10x. 🐐
Redacted One
Redacted One Aylar önce
im goin pop cuz i aint tryna catch a murder rap im kinda tired of this fame and internet cuz they playin wit my name like i wont kill a bitch
Arturo Soto
Arturo Soto Aylar önce
Kodak w/o lean or drugs would be unstoppable! Someone needs to get him on hotboxin with mike tyson
Abdulmalik Bhadmus
Abdulmalik Bhadmus Aylar önce
He made shoes out of gold when i gat nothing
Nico Christian
Nico Christian Aylar önce
Appreciate this fucking king. Are you mad. Fireeeee alerrt
Always X Workn
Always X Workn Aylar önce
what kinda shoes he got on
Keith Brown
Keith Brown Aylar önce
They blackballing yak!! This video got at least 20 million views💪🏾💯
Sg Will
Sg Will Aylar önce
Nahh he finally getting his views back
Trevon Rhodes
Trevon Rhodes Aylar önce
Most direct nigga in the game
EBK Shaun
EBK Shaun Aylar önce
26.13.6 Kill Bill Da 🐐
Street Hype TV
Street Hype TV Aylar önce
Fun Fact - Kodak Black & Jayda Were Together Before Lil Baby Was Here..
Sg Will
Sg Will Aylar önce
@Jojo 74 look it up
Jojo 74
Jojo 74 Aylar önce
Dakota Trail
Dakota Trail Aylar önce
This bih hard af
Sergio Walls
Sergio Walls Aylar önce
Kodak smoking a black an not going mild.....going 🔥🔥🔥
Chino Ching -Topic
Chino Ching -Topic Aylar önce
Love this track Kodak Black dumass slapin
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