We don’t eat anymore at KFC since I’m cooking chicken wings in the pan, with Cola!

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Appetizing - Meat Recipes

Appetizing - Meat Recipes

7 aylar önce

We don’t eat anymore at KFC since I’m cooking chicken wings in the pan, with Cola!
chicken wings - 1 kg (2.2 lb)
water - 1.5 l (51 fl oz)
sodium bicarbonate - 15 g (½ oz)
LEAVE 15 minutes
oil - 20 ml (0.7 fl oz)
butter - 20 g (0.7 oz)
for the sauce:
ketchup - 40 g (1.4 oz)
honey - 30 g (1 oz)
mustard - 30 g (1 oz)
soy sauce - 40 ml (1.35 fl oz)
salt - 10 g (0.35 oz)
black pepper - 8 g (0.29 oz)
Coca Cola - 100 ml (3.4 fl oz)
Cook 20 min
potatoes - 1 kg (2.2 lb)
salt - 10 g (0.35 oz)
hot water - 1.5 l (51 fl oz)
LEAVE 15 minutes
olive oil - 30 ml (1 fl oz)
rosemary - 10 g (0.35 oz)
parmesan - 100 g (3.5 oz)
bread crumbs - 40 g (1.4 oz)
sweet paprika - 10 g (0.35 oz)
garlic powder - 5 g (0.18 oz)
Tray size 32 X 32 cm (12.6 x 12.6 in)
IN THE OVEN 180° C (356 °F)/30 minutes
for the sauce:
sour cream - 100 g (3.5 oz)
cheese - 100 g (3.5 oz)
garlic powder - 5 g (0.18 oz)
dried parsley - 10 g (0.35 oz)
olive oil - 20 ml (0.7 fl oz)
salt - 10 g (0.35 oz)
black pepper - 5 g (0.18 oz)
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@susanlbk 3 aylar önce
This looks tasty 😋 Have a couple of things to add, 1. Season meat before frying otherwise the seasoning just gets lost in the oil. 2. Use Mexican Coke (it uses real sugar) if you are trying keep high fructose corn syrup out of your diet.
@stephen74gc 3 aylar önce
3. you shouldn't need soy and salt in sauce. lol
@rerunplaya532 2 aylar önce
Exactly! let them wings marinate in seasoning and there is high fructose corn syrup in ketchup and soda. HFC ROTS THE GUTS.
@ronaldscott5786 Aylar önce
Plus real Coke (made in Mexico and also Coke approved for Passover) tastes a heck of a lot better. It's the original Coke I drank as a kid.
@LittleGalaxyBoy Aylar önce
As a non American I had no idea that U.S coke used corn syrup until this comment lol Pretty sure European and everywhere beyond America is the same as Mexican Coke.
@liviu779 6 aylar önce
When i saw this recipe, i got wings and now i'm flying!!!! Liked and subscribed! Maybe not the usual meal, but the recipe is awesome, i like what you get, the arrangement of the food on the table is also great. I improved "the process" a little bit by cooking the potatoes at the same time with the wings, and i definitely used less utensils. But all in all, what you showed here is awesome!
@bigpaw01 6 aylar önce
Where you flying to?
@CawffeeTyme 6 aylar önce
Are you sure it's not the red bull you've been drinking.
@jenniferjivan6351 6 aylar önce
Lol😂 wings 😅😅
@malatibasu3647 6 aylar önce
very unhealthy!!
@user-ko7gh4os1n 6 aylar önce
Looks mighty good
@oldgeezer3324 6 aylar önce
This recipe for the chicken really looks good, I will try it. What I REALLY liked about this video is they showed how to make a good side to go along with the meat dish. I subscribed
@Celestial-Bleu 6 aylar önce
Agreed 👍. Did the same.
@MelodyMan69 6 aylar önce
@oldgeezer3324 6 aylar önce
@@MelodyMan69 The potato wedges at the end
@Wisdom24-7 6 aylar önce
If you gonna eat this recipe you better have some good health insurance 😂
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
okay recipe was indeed good, but you know what else is good??????
@hanikazei8188 4 aylar önce
It sounds so delicious thank you . Please send more recipes❤️❤️❤️
@Ada-qw8lo 6 aylar önce
My grandson does ribs with this same recipe. He adds the brown sugar and coke after cooking the ribs for 1.5 hrs, then place them back in the oven for another hours. Delicious!
@veronicavidal6815 6 aylar önce
No tiene nada que ver la receta de su nieto con esta la de su nieto es la receta normal de costillas con coca cola Esta es una receta asquerosa
@veronicavidal6815 6 aylar önce
Ahora ya sé cómo lo hacen en los restaurantes americanos y los que no son americanos y copian las recetas no vuelvo a pedir esta mierda
@RoseLoveUK 6 aylar önce
SAVE UR GRANDSON 🙏💞🙏 Please read my comment for more info xx
@user-fb1tx8hi8o 4 aylar önce
У Вас замечательный внук!И рецепт рёбрышек у него отличный.Привет ему и Вам из России❤❤❤
@AZ-mf5pl 3 aylar önce
@@rhmrr01I don’t like it not a fan of it
@strongheart1ful 6 aylar önce
This certainly is different, never used coke on chicken nor baked potatoes that way. It looks delicious, I will give it a try❤
@jocelynelefebvre2713 6 aylar önce
Moi je l'ai essayé et c'est vraiment bon ❤
@bravo2966 4 aylar önce
Did you try it?
@PSYCHIC_PSYCHO 4 aylar önce
@brandonwhittle6762 4 aylar önce
We always use coke
@faithtarusenga4895 4 aylar önce
Give it a trial its taste is fire
@kayanncee8291 6 aylar önce
Oh wow! Everything looked delicious. I just bought some chicken wings because I planned to make buffalo wings. This recipe has me re-thinking my plan. But I am definitely making those potatoes!
@LisaSwainson-eu5xe 6 aylar önce
Such a nice thing to have others share their ideas. I know that I will be switching up on a few things for sure
@alexandremonnier8398 6 aylar önce
going to KFC was a terrible idea in the first place 😂 but well done, cooking at home is definitely better than going to the local junk food spot!
@user-kh1zo4sc9l 6 aylar önce
Reminds me of my mother's secret ingredient for the best hush puppies on the planet. Instead of water in her mixture, she used 7up soda. Incredible taste.
@DearlADixon 6 aylar önce
Beer works well, and the alcohol is cooked away. But your mother's sounds delicious too.
@Clairvo-Love 6 aylar önce
This is a great alternative to eating out on a Friday or Saturday night! Instead of getting all of the additives associated with fast food making this recipe allows you the comfort of knowing what's in your food! Everything you eat is a give or take. I'm taking this recipe and running with it! Thank you ❤
@gg80108 6 aylar önce
Nothing bets KFC original!
@t0mc636 4 aylar önce
Sure, coca cola is free from additives... 🙄
@Clairvo-Love 4 aylar önce
@@t0mc636 mind your business! Notice I referred to myself, not you! Take the t off of troll and roll on to another post & mind your business!
@t0mc636 4 aylar önce
@@Clairvo-Love ouch... Another woke sh... I guess
@t0mc636 4 aylar önce
@@Clairvo-Love this is public if what i said made you feel stupid it's not my business :-)
@wernervanschalkwyk6652 5 aylar önce
Oh good I just bought some cow cheese but I didn't know what to use it for... I typically use pig cheese in my blender. Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe! (btw. What's cow cheese?! 🤔)
@aldobrezenti 4 aylar önce
Haha, I was wondering the same.
@richiedawood9900 6 aylar önce
Absolutely stunning and mind blowing recipe. I will definitely try it and I’m thankful that I found you randomly on TRshow. I’m your new subscriber. Hahaha. Love ❤️ from Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪
@GoneBuckWild-xd9mm 6 aylar önce
That food looked absolutely amazing. I will definitely try making those potatoes and dip!
@t0mn8r35 6 aylar önce
That sure is an excellent and easy recipe and it looks delicious.
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
if only u had money
@patriciamoesiufung1585 2 aylar önce
I*d just imagine.. not yet cooking but I "m sure this is yummy❤
@petrstastny2090 6 aylar önce
Looks amazing.. wings with these potatoes could be really very tasty.. thanks for inspiration, gonna try in near future :)
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
try me
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
and therapy too
@RuthNaters 3 aylar önce
Simple and easy ingredients,will surely try it out!!
@jamiecampbell486 6 aylar önce
I could literally watch her cut the chicken wings for hours with the way that knife glided right through those chicken wings like butter! 🥰
@ishido70 6 aylar önce
Резала по суставу ( между костей)
@CarlKem 6 aylar önce
A sharp knife should glide right through those wings. Her knife is dull. She shouldn't have to saw it like she did.
@birdycollins4470 6 aylar önce
I would love to have the way she did it in writing so I can try it 😂
@LasquenetSavage 6 aylar önce
​@@CarlKem a sharp knife doesn't just glide through bone 😆
@CarlKem 6 aylar önce
@@LasquenetSavage You don't cut the bone, you cut the cartilege, and if you have to saw it like she does with that knife, it's dull.
@garyowcar1423 6 aylar önce
In Pennsylvania we have plenty of bars serving fried chicken wings. But they are whole and never cut in pieces. Usually they are not breaded but dry seasoned when they come out of the deep fryer. Some places have as many as twenty sauces for you to choose from, either on the wings or on the side. I have never seen whole wings (like you see in the store) with all three pieces in tact other than in western PA.
@user-wm1dj9sr4i Aylar önce
Очень аппетитное блюдо. Благодарю за рецепт.
@keesvogelzang4588 4 aylar önce
The chickenwings were a hit and potatoes were a hit. No dinner leftovers. Thanks, for your contribution.
@user-rj9rv1jj9l 2 aylar önce
Looks so delicious 😋
@michaelhughes7718 4 aylar önce
I do this in 30 minutes. Boil the wings for 10 minutes in chicken stock, then roast them for 10 to 20 minutes then put them in a bowl and slather them in BBQ sauce. Bicarb can make the chicken tender but taint the flavour. Boil the wedges for five minutes in the chicken stock, drain and oil them then oven bake them for 20 minutes then coat them in salt and chilli seasoning. The chicken stock makes great chicken gravy once thickened, great for dipping the wedges.
@Regina_White 6 aylar önce
That food looks so delicious! Making me hungry, just watching it my stomach started growling Lol. I will definitely be trying this!!!!
@ceolbeats7182 6 aylar önce
Better watch Where Your KFC chicken comes from in Utube
@BlackCat-ij6gs 6 aylar önce
What an artful presentation and great recipes. Thank you for sharing.❤❤❤❤
@mariedalencourt3104 6 aylar önce
This was a bit different, then other recipes. This was a beautiful experience, 😋 and I will be trying this recipe tomorrow. Thanks
@Stony1116 6 aylar önce
For what she didn’t even rass season the wings! Strupes!
@wadidot69 5 gün önce
Thank's for your sharing. Just want to try it... Look so delicious....
@rochanhall9116 6 aylar önce
I am in love! My two favs together. Thanks for sharing ❤
@bounmacam 4 aylar önce
This video came out a couple of months ago, everyone commenting it looks great, can't wait try it. Yet no one comes back to say how it actually tastes. Hmmm....😂
@fuxbox 4 aylar önce
Do you really need someone to tell you it tastes amazing? Do you not have eyes?
@timsmith2525 4 aylar önce
Looks disgusting!
@climaxdesigns 4 aylar önce
i saw it on @bayashi tv and made these, it was great
@stellamiller6072 3 aylar önce
I agree most videos have people saying they cooked it
@shanijames29 3 aylar önce
@nedyalkatsanoval2886 7 aylar önce
Браво! Поздравления от все ❤!!!
@jameskilleen7120 6 aylar önce
The last time I went to KFC I got home with my chicken and when I took it out of the box it looked kind of funny. I wrapped some paper towels around the chicken and they became completely soaked in oil, obviously cooked in warm oil. That was over a year ago - I will NEVER go to KFC again! Now I can cook up my own now. Thank you for the recipe
@jupiter9463 6 aylar önce
It's old oil that does that. They are not changing their frier oil.
@Masteririsheagle 6 aylar önce
My Wife cooks all her meats In an Insta-Pot and ALWAYS comes out tender, Chicken, turkey Breasts, Pork of all kinds And it doesn't take long at all. I'll Mention this Cola idea to try. Thanks for Video.
@caroleclare6023 5 aylar önce
Looks lovely😋 will definitely do soon. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻⭐️🇬🇧
@GeorgeMorgan6600 4 aylar önce
@Hello there; how are you doing this blessed day?
@basretie5179 6 aylar önce
2 Hours work ... KFC 10 minutes ... But ... nice to see how you can do it yourself and give it your own taste. Top video, worth to try !!
@l.a.1743 5 aylar önce
OMG she can Cook!! Especially with love and just it just oh my gosh it has to be delicious 😊
@shellyroke 6 aylar önce
LOVE that the full recipe is in the description!
@chrisebbesen5798 5 aylar önce
Took a while, but ya got there. Looks surprisingly appetizing.
@watitduful 5 aylar önce
Very delicious looking! Gonna have to try it!
@huseyincosar533 6 aylar önce
I swear I fell in love with food while watching the recipe, you are very successful.
@tremoo5987 Aylar önce
I was blown away how the sodium bicarbonate turned all the drumettes into wingettes.
@conwaybam 6 aylar önce
Awesome , all of it.. Will definitely be giving this a go soon . I only came on here looking how to clean garden furniture too 😊
@williamcooper2368 6 aylar önce
It looks delicious.❤️
@mikiemojo 4 aylar önce
Well KFC's chicken ain't been fit to eat for about 15 years now. But this did look tasty. I like to make campfire meals, wrapped in aluminum foil and tucked down in the coals and embers with beef, veggies, salt & garlic and Pepsi (cause it's sweeter than coke). Super good.
@robwembley 6 aylar önce
This is totally fantastic. Easy to follow. Simple ingredients with superb results !
@LoriKasprzak-yk6nc 6 aylar önce
No matter how it tastes, the recipe is not healthy so I'm passing on it.
@rainerOkra 5 aylar önce
amazing. wish I could have a taste. Looks scrumptious
@Danny-ju2ip 6 aylar önce
I'll try this at some point. I usually just put wings on pan sheet in oven for about 50 mins at 350 . Simple but delicious. Wings dont have to be difficult.
@loisjohnson7272 6 aylar önce
I put wings in the oven for few minutes too because I like dry wings, not so wet,,they will dry some in the oven etc
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
ud waste hrs cheating and not 50 mins to eat?????
@boxhawk5070 5 aylar önce
Agreed. There would be zero crispiness to these wings, more like rubber.
@user-fx2mh7cy7h 6 aylar önce
Очень красиво и никакого крахмала для картофеля. Спасибо))
@Caravino2003 6 aylar önce
Reading the wings recipe and looking at the video I see the "sauce" being mixed and then added to the wings while they are cooking. Is some of the sauce reserved to be used for dipping? The potatoes are delicious!
@KaronLAdams 4 aylar önce
Looks awesome. I'm def gonna try this one. Thank you.
@tomgates316 6 aylar önce
Like the use of the baking soda soak to get better crispness in the skin. Two questions, 1- what type of mustard was used? Wasn't yellow or Dijon, that I could tell. 2- what is considered "cow's cheese"? It appears to be very soft, almost like Ricotta cheese. Lots of cheeses made from cow's milk. Just curious. Thanks! Looks GREAT!!
@MsTrish1955 6 aylar önce
I wondered what the cow's cheese was also. I see it often in recipes not made in the USA. And a research on google gives many different results.
@jo2dfields457 6 aylar önce
It's a brand and it's laughing cow cheese. Comes in a tub like butter.
@kjersey6781 4 aylar önce
Omg it looks delicious I'm going to try it thanks for the recipe.
@huytfeh 6 aylar önce
This looks delicious. Thank you for taking the time for weights and measures, I'm sure that you are a lot quicker when NOT doing a video. Haters have to hate, cooks gotta cook.
@elpayasito2011 6 aylar önce
@BRICK_BATTLER 6 aylar önce
My brother in Christ it's chicken in cola
@Uncommonsensesc 4 aylar önce
Oh, good gosh. Can you kiss up anymore? You haven't even made the recipe or you'd know that it would go faster if our standard measurements (cups, T or t) were used.
@huytfeh 4 aylar önce
No sucking up. I know what the recipe is. The point of the post is positive feedback. Being a cook myself and the satisfaction from people enjoying my meals is enough for me. Post your own recipes. If I like it, I will comment about it.
@timlideen6751 4 aylar önce
What brand of wings are those and where did you buy them? How many did you have to buy to get the perfect wings??? My favorite food :)
@user-my9rf1ir8q 6 aylar önce
Parece muito gostoso. Vou fazer depois venho contar se deu certo.
@dwalker6868 5 gün önce
I will definitely be making this. Thank you.
@samanthafox2664 6 aylar önce
OMG I effin' LOVE FRIED CHICKEN but one look at those wedges dredged in spices and parmesan AND that's the thing I REALLY want to make x
@joseph6948 4 aylar önce
Excellent recipe. Thanks, good editing too!
@firehowse1 6 aylar önce
Really looks good I can't wait to try it!!!
@paulakoncki4029 6 aylar önce
Looks delicious!! I presume that the " COW CHEESE " is Cottage Cheese! 🥰
@heloizamaria1834 6 aylar önce
Meu Deus como o ser humano é inteligente glória a Deus ❤😂😊
@jackieburnett6881 6 aylar önce
That really looks tasty!
@juanfigueroa-serville2465 3 aylar önce
Nice!! Consider adding ginger paste and garlic paste in that wet mixture as well.
@randypettiette 6 aylar önce
Looks great! What a snack to enjoy! Very detailed precision preparation and cooking. 😊
@finklegarbledcrap7361 6 aylar önce
I can't tell if this is Vegan or not, you use iodine salt, but use Caffeine Coke with High Fructose Corn Syrup... Your mixing Healthy with non-Healthy, it's just weird as a combination... oO
@corm7538 6 aylar önce
Those wings sound good but I would add a little Sriracha to that sauce you made for them as I like my wings to have a bit of that kick you get from Sriracha sauce. Pro-tip as someone who's worked in the restaurant/food services field for 50% of my adult life you should never use a wood cutting board with raw meat of any type, especially with chicken as food-born germs can get trapped in the porous fibers of the wood. it's best to use a plastic cutting board for raw meat of any type because after those juices have dripped on it, they can be tossed in the dishwasher to be cleaned and sanitized. Look for a board with grooves around the outer rim to collect those dripping juices. Wood is okay for anything else as long as its never been used for cutting raw meat.
@johnmerton3630 6 aylar önce
in Australia we are taught to use our hardwood as a cutting board as it is suppose to kill gems . --maybe our meat has less germs than yours LOL
@stevemorlock5366 4 aylar önce
Haven't butchers been using butcher's block wood forever?
@daleklessig1377 3 aylar önce
Some people do not like hot sauces. Let each person decide for themselves if they want a mild sauce or hot ,
@antonina6326 Aylar önce
thank you, this is useful information for me🕊
@archstanton6965 6 aylar önce
Cool. I would use A&W root beer instead of coke but I may have to try the wing thing.
@user-zx4kx6wb6o 29 gün önce
Roflol, the coca cola seems to be the cluckbait in the recipe. 😂 My old lady used to make coca cola chicken too. She would dump the chicken in a pan drowned it in coca cola and cook it till it was burnt. Tasted awful but i was usually high so i rarely noticed. We had bourbon chicken one night and we both got so drunk that we nearly set the trailer park on fire. Apparently you dont just dump bourbon in a red hot skillet????😂
@playerx2006 6 aylar önce
Don't think anyone eats at KFC no more lol Sometimes I do just to get that nostalgia taste from when I was growing up. But even then, KFC tastes way worse now than when I was a kid 25 years ago.
@Uncommonsensesc 4 aylar önce
And KFC has really increased their prices while reducing their menu. It's not worth it anymore. We have a grocery store in town that has a hot bar with better tasting and more affordable chicken than KFC has now.
@lynnelaine594 4 aylar önce
Try 50 years for me. I cut the cord with them because prices r way to expensive and the peices are extremely small
@pamelab7871 3 aylar önce
This looks so absolutely delicious!! Yummy!
@GeorgeMorgan6600 2 aylar önce
@Hello there, how are you doing this blessed day?
@adamellis6785 6 aylar önce
When you cut the wings in half, you put both the flats and the drumettes into the water/sodium bicarbonate. After letting them sit for 15 minutes, all the drumettes had magically transformed into flats. I wasn't aware that sodium bicarbonate could DO that to chicken! (Or was it the water?)
@jackkanoff6265 6 aylar önce
I even watched it again. The hand is definitely quicker than the eye, because I can't see it. I'd really like to know, because I'm more of a wingette dude.
@corettejones 6 aylar önce
Yeah, the drums magically turned to all flats!😳🤣
@joegirardi-thegirardihomes9369 6 aylar önce
You'd be amazed the things Coca-Cola can do 🤣
@adamellis6785 6 aylar önce
@@joegirardi-thegirardihomes9369, ah, but the change took place BEFORE the Coca-Cola was added!
@truthteller6701 6 aylar önce
At 8 seconds into video it says use 1 kg chicken wings.
@alperguloglu7859 6 aylar önce
Yaşasın yemek yemek 💓😍
@tomsmith2013 6 aylar önce
*Wegman's fresh wings. Pour into a bowl. Add Frank's hot sauce to your taste. Add teriyaki sauce. Add Italian seasoning. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup Jack Daniels (not the sauce :) *Stir. *If not in a hurry, soak for 30 min. *Preheat the Webber Griil to 300. *Barbecue on the Webber grill until crisp or even blackened. *Start to finish: 20 minutes. (without soaking) *Enjoy with Marie's Extra Chunky Bleu Cheese. Hmmmm .... !
@brettstaley3730 6 aylar önce
Lmao bro I don’t think you understand what blackening is…..
@jackkanoff6265 6 aylar önce
Hey Tom. Is really true? Is that how they make wings in heaven?
@CharlesOnikosi-ql5sb 6 aylar önce
Wegmans chicken wings teriyaki. Yeah 👍👍👍
@CharlesOnikosi-ql5sb 6 aylar önce
Most generous comment.
@andrejslabejs1433 6 aylar önce
​@@CharlesOnikosi-ql5sb valuta 5:57
@douglasmilan5436 6 aylar önce
@umkhaladalbayati6818 6 aylar önce
@brendaterry2354 6 aylar önce
@Ramz377 Aylar önce
@CharlesMokoena-he8sf 3 aylar önce
Very mouth watering. I am going to try it tonight 🎉
@user-ds6de7gm8w 6 aylar önce
Спасибо так красиво и вкусненько
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
yeah same oui oui
@jamestravenetti7970 6 aylar önce
This is an old trick i've used for spareribs for years. Marinate them in coca cola and worstershire sauce for a day in the fridge. The acidic quality of the coke loosens the meat from the bone and the sweetness soaks into the meat. Wrap them tightly in foil , bake them until cooked through, drain the fat off, let them cool to room temperature then theyre ready for the grill. Just long enough on the grill to char them and caramelize the sauce. A great alternative for those of us who dont have meat smokers or 14 hrs of time on our hands!😊😊😊
@deloissanders8416 6 aylar önce
@Travis_22 6 aylar önce
Have u got a good ribs sauce recipe?
@jamestravenetti7970 6 aylar önce
@@Travis_22 no, I never really bothered with that. It translates into work!
@someoneelse9059 6 aylar önce
I use this method on corned beef, use the cheapest cola you can find, last time I did it, I used sugar free cola, so I added half a cup of brown sugar and a spoonful of whole peppercorns.
@maryh-w8647 6 aylar önce
looks so delicious!
@peggybassett2634 4 aylar önce
❤❤ Looks fantastic !!!
@kevinplumridge4258 6 aylar önce
Much too salty for me, but I will make again and adjust the salt. The chicken was so moist! I must try again, thanks for sharing 👍
@wholesomegaming9665 6 aylar önce
Soy sauce is plenty salty as is so salt on top of the mix was to much
@jaysun070476 3 aylar önce
Looks good . But also looks like a long wait time for dinner my wife would of gotten tired and passed out lol.
@XxcowardicexX 6 aylar önce
This is beautiful and all but the mixing method has me at a loss because I'd have chicken wings and potatoes thrown all over the place in those tiny ass bowls 😂.
@MsTwiththeTea1980 6 aylar önce
@wyliecoyote09 6 aylar önce
I was thinking maybe ziplock bags?
@krisolyboy1823 6 aylar önce
Im going to have to add this one in my recipe book for the family to enjoy. thank you for sharing
@DearlADixon 6 aylar önce
Just look out for that salt intake.
@Pareshbpatel 17 gün önce
Nice recipe! - Just what I was looking for. Thanks. {2023-11-20} PS Made it today. Turned out nice! - Thanks again.
@MissX905 6 aylar önce
Cooking with cola works to help brown the meat and tenderizes it. Use soya sauce for a lot of things in cooking.
@ccolasa3419 5 aylar önce
Descripción de ingredientes en sub- titulos español por favor gracias Montevideo Uruguay 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾 🤟🤟🤟
@tazydeelopez5704 6 aylar önce
Omg! That looks so delicious! Yum ❤
@ameliarubiomillan4236 6 aylar önce
🤣😂🤣😂🤣it is dangerous for health!
@sarahmccombs1082 4 aylar önce
Looks good but what's wrong with measuring the old way? Measuring spoons don't have metric or do they?
@jamelynlane-zu7kt 6 aylar önce
Aww,shoot thought was the recipe for the KFC hot wings. Dang now I just have to go in and get some ❤
@adamlewis5700 6 aylar önce
When I lived in China, I had dinner with some friends and they cooked chicken wings like this. Surprisingly good.
@lk4871 6 aylar önce
And unhealthy
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
are you sure its not dogs or cats? say bismillah before you get us a multi-covid
@user-fl2py3tp9u 6 aylar önce
sa7tenn hope the roaches on the sides tasted like chicken too
@auroraborromeo5536 6 aylar önce
Love it I will try your recipe Looks yummy thanks
@GRACIELA5308 6 aylar önce
Se ven deliciosas. ! A preparar esta deliciosa receta. Muchas gracias por compartir.
@allanheinrich7184 4 aylar önce
What does the sodium bicarbonate do ? Or does it do the same as regular table salt
@chrisbigg392 6 aylar önce
When I see the coke I thought you were crazy. I watched till the end. Unsure about the coke still, but I'm definitely going to make this. My kind of night in. Looks good.
@tammyanderson2105 6 aylar önce
No you can cook ribs that will melt in your mouth in a dutch oven with coke.. and other ingredients it is great
@iamcoachleon 5 aylar önce
It’s amazing how all the wing pieces turned to flats. 😬 Looks good
@ChicagosM0stWanted 5 aylar önce
@bubblehulk7647 5 aylar önce
They only cooked the flats. 🤷‍♂️
@robertpitts1621 4 aylar önce
Big facts
@georgefisher1995 6 aylar önce
Perhaps try it with Goya Malta soft drink instead of Coke. Malta has a distinct malt under-flavor not unlike beer, as well as hints of Worcestershire and soy.
@aminaabshir1495 6 aylar önce
💯♥️🙏 looks delicious 😋
@hottie8974 6 aylar önce
Instead of using all those bowls to pour measured spices, and all the cleanup, I use a small jam jar and spoon measured spices into it. Put on lid, shake and spread on food. Clean up is measuring spoon and jar.
@QuotidianStupidity 6 aylar önce
It’s pretty easy if you have a dishwasher. It’s also very satisfying if you have mild OCD
@johnalexander7490 6 aylar önce
@@QuotidianStupidity Or Major OCD lol
@driciruproscoviastv9657 6 aylar önce
I'm acef
@ernest1576 6 aylar önce
How about instead of doing all that you just go too KFC
@alidabotes6264 6 aylar önce
Very good tip!
@pawetaaj1241 3 aylar önce
Wow! I also added to the sauce 1 tbsp sweet garlic chilli sauce 🙂
@conniemills6384 6 aylar önce
Looks so good Yummy 😋
@LaughingGreenShirtGuy 4 aylar önce
this video makes me appreciate the women who can actually cook 💯
@100RENE 6 aylar önce
She's definitely a chef, especially when I saw how she cut..I'mma try those wings look banging and wedges
@jenniferzemlansky7957 6 aylar önce
​@@renza1225 that's exactly how you are supposed to hold a knife. I don't know that I would brag about her cutting skills, but she is holding the knife correctly.
@rararara7009 6 aylar önce
I bought some Coke Zero on sale.. going to have to try it. But I'm just wondering. I can't have caffeine too late because it keeps me up all night. Do you guys think the caffeine stays in the food or should I have this for breakfast instead when I need caffeine?
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