Hermitcraft 6: Episode 26 - GRIAN, ISKALL AND MUMBO GOLF!

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3 yıl önce

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 26 - GRIAN, ISKALL AND MUMBO GOLF! in todays minecraft hermitcraft the boys iskall, grian and mumbo all go golfing on cubfans minigame. He told us it would take 25 minutes, it took us over 2 hours. I tried to cut down this episode as much as I could, but it was still super long. I guess thats just golf.


Mumbo: trshow.info...
Iskall: trshow.info

Grian 3 yıl önce
Hey guys! Todays episode is MUCH longer than usual and is not a "normal" episode it may not be everyones cup of tea, but we had a good time playing golf and hanging out. Hope you enjoy all the same!
Makai Wise
Makai Wise Aylar önce
Watching this episode 3 years late and for the first time. Just wanted to say, you definitely lied at the end XD, you got 5 on hole 9, not 4
Kira 2 aylar önce
Khaqan Khan
Khaqan Khan 2 aylar önce
Grian you are not supposed to go up using the club/trident ; you are supposed to go forward and throw the pearl mid-air to go super far
Nightfury 2 aylar önce
i didn't even notice that it was so long, i was the whole time entertained! ^^
Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly 6 aylar önce
Love your videos
cubfan135 3 yıl önce
Hahaha. Fun to see you guys enjoying the course! Great episode!
Abraham Im
Abraham Im 2 aylar önce
This seems quite genius, bro, props. Even if I knew more about Minecraft, I would never have though of using riptide and ender pearls for golf
Sir Binlid I
Sir Binlid I 2 aylar önce
Hello there
Epic Gamer Ryuk
Epic Gamer Ryuk 3 aylar önce
Hiyo cub
Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans 4 aylar önce
@AllyXayn wrong
Patriot 4 aylar önce
just rotting
just rotting Yıl önce
iskall: *pushes mumbo inside the hole* grian and iskall: "the wind blew him in"
Guest‏‏‎ ‎
Guest‏‏‎ ‎ 2 aylar önce
@kylaxial at least you’re listening
Patriot 4 aylar önce
kylaxial 5 aylar önce
@Daniel Parsa fair enough
Daniel Parsa
Daniel Parsa 5 aylar önce
@kylaxial reading it is funnier and plus some people didn’t notice it
Mr.F 6 aylar önce
@kylaxial IKR
Black Skeleton
Black Skeleton Yıl önce
I really just watched 3 men play virtual golf for 45 minutes I am not disappointed in myself
Patriot 4 aylar önce
Carmen Wright
Carmen Wright 7 aylar önce
family russell
family russell 9 aylar önce
GravyWays 9 aylar önce
@Spidey that's one way to spend your day
Spidey 9 aylar önce
I've watched it 3 times
aesynthi Yıl önce
"it's not bats, grian, it's clubs" "sorry i forgot we weren't playing tennis" they're called rackets in tennis grian...
Elena 2 aylar önce
Its bats in Baseball
o _p0tterhead
o _p0tterhead 2 aylar önce
@Carrie Doyle yeah that just went straight over everyone's head lol
Carrie Doyle
Carrie Doyle 5 aylar önce
@Hexanne Thorium it is a reference for iskalls skin
Arnav Aditya Singh
Arnav Aditya Singh 6 aylar önce
In pure British fashion, every sport is CRICKET for him.
Jgxm 7 aylar önce
Nah, rackets are used in football
Pynapplz 2 yıl önce
This episode should be called "Grian on the Green"
Lord Egg of The Universe
Lord Egg of The Universe 8 aylar önce
Foxttell11 10 aylar önce
Should have been called grieean splats with mumbo and the sweed in shorts
Elegant Atrocity
Elegant Atrocity 2 yıl önce
Ah yes, normal golf equipment. Wedge Iron TRIDENT.
MarioPLEX !!!
MarioPLEX !!! Yıl önce
Petr Maťko Joe !
Gliff (alt)
Gliff (alt) Yıl önce
That's how Poseiden does it. Don't shame him.
Dr_Dremur Yıl önce
Taylormade Trident, I'm more of a Cobra Trident user myself
mmmmmmmmmmm Yıl önce
@Wesley LoL r/woooosh
Vishal Bhat
Vishal Bhat Yıl önce
@Shrek 1990 oof
Bumblebeeinnit Yıl önce
I don’t know why, but I LOVE Iskall’s accent. It just amazes me
shira shishu
shira shishu 6 aylar önce
Jennifer Rhoads
Jennifer Rhoads Yıl önce
**swedish accent intensifies**
DrossTheRobotGhost Yıl önce
Mumbo and Grian are saying random numbers, while Iskall is just silently wishing death upon the both of them. Anyone else rewatching?
Hope Cottrell
Hope Cottrell Yıl önce
"He's wearing shorts and we're surrounded by icebergs." Says the man wearing a skirt.
The astroguy
The astroguy 5 aylar önce
@The Super Yoshi Cane Reference to TF2
The Super Yoshi Cane
The Super Yoshi Cane 5 aylar önce
@Calamaribowl r u kidding?
Calamaribowl 6 aylar önce
Scotland is not a country, you are an English man in a dress
ZemmiWolfz Yıl önce
Actually a lot of Scottish men wear kilts in the winter when it’s snowing
emma 2 yıl önce
Mumbo: “good looking-“ Grian: “yes” Mumbo: “ . . . even more uh oh”
Fuzzy Studios
Fuzzy Studios Yıl önce
**Grian wearing Mumbo's moustache seeming to be smirking from under the Jumbolio's facial hair**
Diogo David
Diogo David 3 yıl önce
I spent 45 minutes of my life watching 3 adults playing golf in minecraft
Kira 2 aylar önce
What is their ages
lozza 5 aylar önce
@Mollof es regnet
Kris Dreemurr, Lightner & Connoisseur Of Fine Moss
Kris Dreemurr, Lightner & Connoisseur Of Fine Moss 10 aylar önce
and i dont regret a second of it
John Weber
John Weber Yıl önce
Worth it
Helen Wong
Helen Wong Yıl önce
Same as the 2m6 million other people who also watched this video
Random Dude
Random Dude Yıl önce
"We are in an iceberg and this man is wearing shorts." This reminded me how much I want temperature in Minecraft. *RLCraft flashbacks intensifies*
Leah Burcham
Leah Burcham 6 aylar önce
Survivalcraft flashbacks
Niko Cob
Niko Cob 6 aylar önce
@Killian O'Brien It's very limited though, you don't die from heat when you wear a full set of iron armor in a desert, you don't die from frostbite when in cold biomes, and when going to height limit you don't die from a thinner atmosphere.
Killian O'Brien
Killian O'Brien 10 aylar önce
There *is* temperature. Some biomes snow, some rain and some don't have precipitation
Maxim Leijh
Maxim Leijh Yıl önce
Firemaster0730 yea i know i did watch captian sparkels rlcraft
ew it’s ace
ew it’s ace Yıl önce
“Look How CuTe We Look In Our Lil’ Hats!” Ohmygoshyoupreciousthing
Sapphic Solace
Sapphic Solace 4 aylar önce
@sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿 thanks for the reminder, I was quite hunched over
Dalton Rice
Dalton Rice 6 aylar önce
Scar from season 8?
William Hauser
William Hauser 6 aylar önce
Laughs in GoodTimesWithScar
Edmund Taylor
Edmund Taylor 6 aylar önce
that wasn't the case for scar in season 8...
the_dominator 6 aylar önce
@sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿 very true
scalpho 2 yıl önce
iskall and grian: *does anything* mumbo: wait. that's illegal
Catherine Kwon
Catherine Kwon 2 yıl önce
Mumbo: the guy who has no idea what he’s doing Iskall: the pro Grian! Poultry man skills so he has good ended pearl skills
Dyslexyc Kid
Dyslexyc Kid 7 aylar önce
Wdym, There Is No Proof Grian Is The Poultry Man
Zoran Stam
Zoran Stam Yıl önce
He’s not poultry man, it’s the man in the chicken costume
Silver duck
Silver duck Yıl önce
Huh, grian isn’t the poultry man
Hiede Marie Balundo
Hiede Marie Balundo Yıl önce
Makes sense because grian throws alot of eggs
ncredwolf Yıl önce
Actually that's a... good ideal
Zenpaii 3 yıl önce
"Lads, I'm going to suggest something mad here. Let's read the rules." -Grian 😂😂😂
Guest‏‏‎ ‎
Guest‏‏‎ ‎ 2 aylar önce
@Julia Kim ugh do I miss gio
Angi Yıl önce
Viewer Voting Guy
Viewer Voting Guy Yıl önce
Somebody Yıl önce
The0utlaw25 Yıl önce
I saw this comment right as he said that lol
Big Bazza
Big Bazza 2 yıl önce
"I landed crocs first" I'm dieing
Death Skull
Death Skull Yıl önce
Who else is here during hermicraft 7 just to get some swede-in-shorts content
kevin 2 aylar önce
The Will 35
The Will 35 2 aylar önce
I’m here with season 8
TheAFKMagma 2 aylar önce
i’m in 8
Carrie Doyle
Carrie Doyle 5 aylar önce
I’m here during hermitcraft 8
Faadi Nabhan
Faadi Nabhan 6 aylar önce
Hermitcraft 8
super duck
super duck Yıl önce
Mumbo wan Kenobi: Grianakin, go through the mountain! Grianakin: You underestimate my power!
Hiede Marie Balundo
Hiede Marie Balundo Yıl önce
Underated comment
K D Yıl önce
Grian: “get our bats” Iskall: “clubs” Grian: Oh right we aren’t playing tennis Me: You use rackets in tennis
rebekka pedersen
rebekka pedersen 2 aylar önce
This would be op if you did the ? At: You use rackets in tennis
Hitman20 3 aylar önce
@Burger King or gang wars
Burger King
Burger King 4 aylar önce
@Andy or attempted murder
Andy 4 aylar önce
@Burger King or a murder
Burger King
Burger King 4 aylar önce
@kek_fighter3 or spelunking
T_2wo 3 yıl önce
Grian has a skin for every type of event
Bean Lady
Bean Lady 13 gün önce
True, still does
Redstone Shiny
Redstone Shiny 20 gün önce
@Koyejo Osibeluwo rookie numbera
Koyejo Osibeluwo
Koyejo Osibeluwo 20 gün önce
@Rice so true
Koyejo Osibeluwo
Koyejo Osibeluwo 20 gün önce
I personally have 16 different skins wearing a hoodie.
Redstone Shiny
Redstone Shiny 2 aylar önce
Me too
quantumtacos Yıl önce
Mumbo: I like how we're just making up the rules as we go along Cause 42 pages of rules isn't enough xD
Ewan Mewha
Ewan Mewha Yıl önce
"This is the sort of shot we have come to expect from the Swede In Shorts"- Grian 2018
Teched Penguin
Teched Penguin Yıl önce
"I landed crocs first, what's wrong with that?" Me: dying from laughter
Cyberverted Yıl önce
emma 2 yıl önce
“You looked right up my kilt” This video is gold
Josh LePauloue
Josh LePauloue 3 yıl önce
Iskall: “It’s not bats Grian it’s clubs” Grian: “oh yeah I forgot we weren’t playing tennis” Me: “that’s.... also not right”
НИЧЕГО из пластилина
НИЧЕГО из пластилина 9 aylar önce
@Lorna Grewar what
tumblingartist Yıl önce
Kaw Ming Man
Kaw Ming Man Yıl önce
maty HoW u Noah
Yıl önce
@Kaw Ming Man ur probably 7 go on youtube kids. bros are allowed to be rude to eachother lmao
Yıl önce
@LosTSeanPlayzz no baseball more
kathvrt 2 yıl önce
when will mythbusters test "jumping off the empire state building crocs first"
Godzillatronus Studios
Godzillatronus Studios 6 aylar önce
I love that this is just the three golfing for like an hour. Literally the best hc6 episode
riceee 6 aylar önce
Grian and Mumbo making fun of scars tiny hat in season 8 Also Grian and Mumbo in season 6
godatwork2007 2 yıl önce
This is by far, my most favorite episode of hermitcraft! I laughed so hard. You guys are absolutely brilliant!
RuneRaccoon 2 yıl önce
Iskall, why do you have so much stuff in your inventory?! *well he probably didn’t expect to die in a game of golf grian.*
John Weber
John Weber Yıl önce
ROCK Yıl önce
Imagine Dying in a game of golf
Mya Ursus
Mya Ursus Yıl önce
no one ever does...
Just_ISe Yıl önce
he probably forgot to empty it lol
Catriona Marshall
Catriona Marshall Yıl önce
@Katie Gumpher Very true
Rainbow_Rocks1800 2 yıl önce
Woah the nether hub was so different back then. I just watched Episode 100 Hermitcraft has changed so much.
Luna_Yu 2 yıl önce
"I'm wearing my Scottish golf outfit!" *Me being a Scot* : *OK cool*
C's Art
C's Art 2 aylar önce
The Super Yoshi Cane
The Super Yoshi Cane 5 aylar önce
Hello fellow Scot
Hana 2 yıl önce
2:00 "Oh my God..." "Oh my goodness" Iskall got it right
cami twig
cami twig Yıl önce
“we could do some pythagorous or i could just throw my ended pearl” killed me
space train baby
space train baby 3 yıl önce
the hermitcraft equivalent of anime beach episodes
Emero. A. Scythe
Emero. A. Scythe 2 aylar önce
Mumbo: "You, you looked right up my- my kilt. " Grian: "Yeah, I was a bit close for comfort. " There. That was the fanservice! XD
FNAFPlushUltimate 3 aylar önce
ofc not the case for JoJo if you know, you know
FNAFPlushUltimate 3 aylar önce
ofc not the case for JoJo if you know, you know
tumblingartist Yıl önce
XD i mean,, yeah
Hero Win
Hero Win Yıl önce
a fanservice we deserve
Soda-Kun 8 aylar önce
"so we got bats" "its clubs, grian, not bats" "sorry i forgot we arent playing tennis" grian, my guy, its still not bats
{Gacha KoolAid}
{Gacha KoolAid} 2 yıl önce
*This whole video is just three you tubers Yeeting themselves off of things you cannot change my mind*
Daniel Parsa
Daniel Parsa 5 aylar önce
Alice Animated 713
Alice Animated 713 6 aylar önce
Me.......yeet My friend from far away .........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!😂
Foxttell11 10 aylar önce
Sir you are right
A Sunflower
A Sunflower Yıl önce
Yıl önce
Adam Jackal
Adam Jackal 2 aylar önce
0:37 so much nostalgia when he flies out the base. season 6 best season ever
NightWing Yıl önce
“Have ever tried voice recognition technology? They don’t do Scottish accents.”
Preminger Gang
Preminger Gang 2 yıl önce
I didn't even realize this was 45 minutes long until I had watched all of it, quality entertainment
Ax 3 aylar önce
Oh my god I didn’t even notice
Radioactive Elephant 🧣
Radioactive Elephant 🧣 5 aylar önce
I didn't even realize this was 45 minutes long until I had read this comment.
Star Shine
Star Shine 9 aylar önce
Same lol
7Digits 10 aylar önce
Ikr I thought it lasted 10 min
Scott Kaplan
Scott Kaplan 11 aylar önce
SAME lmao
The Last Supertiger
The Last Supertiger 7 aylar önce
coming back to this video when season 7 ends brings back so many memories and how beautiful this season was
Mobster_Lobster69 2 yıl önce
4:54 lmfao that was such an intense shout from Grian
Skyz25 Yıl önce
I could nt stop laughing
CrayRT 2 yıl önce
17:12 Grian: Iskall, Iskall. I dont feel so good. I dont want to go.
Hiede Marie Balundo
Hiede Marie Balundo Yıl önce
I just thought of the same thing lol
Ruben Berrino
Ruben Berrino Yıl önce
Lol I didn’t notice that before, good Spider-Man reference
Abe Verzosa
Abe Verzosa 2 yıl önce
28:17 Grian: Later Nerds! Grian from other videos: Im having a total nerdgasm!
jseven 3 yıl önce
Grians videos are slowly becoming "Hermitcraft: The Musical"
starlight Yıl önce
I'd pay money to see a musical about hermitcraft
Hiede Marie Balundo
Hiede Marie Balundo Yıl önce
@BedirKhan he never did it rip But at least he put every best moment from every best episode in the finale episode
0Dragonhearted0 3 yıl önce
AllyXayn 3 yıl önce
Bekahoot 3 yıl önce
I actually think that could happen. There are a lot of musically talented Hermits!
Dortemos Gaming
Dortemos Gaming Gün önce
I don't even know how many times I rewatched this episode in the past 3 years. Always gives me some good laughs!
Havel The Roque
Havel The Roque 2 yıl önce
I had a blast watching this episode. It's always fun to see you guys just having a great time and laughing together. Cheers, gents.
Dracoscale Flamefang
Dracoscale Flamefang 4 aylar önce
I've watched this episode so many times 😂 pure entertainment And I just realized what an age we live in, where an american can watch two Brits and a swed play golf with tridents and a teleporting pearl in a video game 😂😂😂😂😂
emma 2 yıl önce
No one: Grian: alright lads
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter 2 yıl önce
Iskall's outfit makes him look like an American golfer. Or a tennis player. Or a man scout.
Dull_Demon47 2 aylar önce
@GodzillaGaming no
GodzillaGaming 2 aylar önce
@Dull_Demon47 scoutman
Expelly 3 aylar önce
@Dull_Demon47 god it’s a joke. But ok. And I kind of agree with you
Dull_Demon47 3 aylar önce
@Expelly bitch, quit correcting me. Idgaf if you think it's manscout, I'm saying golfer and I will continue saying golfer
Expelly 3 aylar önce
@Dull_Demon47 * M A N S C O U T
Nancy Hammer
Nancy Hammer Yıl önce
4:54 and then, the hero known as Gman was born
Playful Plushies
Playful Plushies Yıl önce
2:48 I turned on captions just to see how it struggles and it changed Cub's name to cup 😂
mikeus69 4 aylar önce
This is still just like… the best episode! I come back to it from time to time to brighten my day
King Roach
King Roach 2 yıl önce
It's 2am and my brain morphed the sound of a ghast to sound like a little girl giggling somewhere in my room, it freaked me out so much
Redstone Monster
Redstone Monster 2 aylar önce
oh man, this trio is the best. I am hoping they will do something together in season 8
michal pravda
michal pravda 2 aylar önce
me too, its weird they are not interacting at all this season
Ottertoons 12 gün önce
This episode is definitely high on my list of favorite hermit craft videos. Cub did amazing!!
Michael Spiller
Michael Spiller 2 yıl önce
I am not sure any episode was as filled with laughter as that one. I would love to see a part 2 now that you know the game. Great episode.
Nami 5 aylar önce
I had SUCH a good laugh! It was so nice to see the three of you enjoy golf together, really a wholesome experience! Kept you in the background while building (I kept switching it was madness but so fun) and I didn't even realize 45 minutes had passed! So good!
Online 2 aylar önce
This is one of my favorite episodes of Season 6
DylHomeAccount 10 aylar önce
I never knew how competitive Grian, Iskall and Mumbo were. I love it 😂
Mat R
Mat R Yıl önce
Over two years later I still come back to this episode. It's a Hermitcraft classic.
Jeremy Lapham
Jeremy Lapham Yıl önce
Same here
Faiz Sufrikhan
Faiz Sufrikhan Yıl önce
These guys having fun made me feel so happy xD
Dani S
Dani S 2 yıl önce
First page of rule book: make sure you have applied a feather falling potion! Grian: this game was poorly designed because we die from launching ourselves into the air! I DID read the rule book! Made me laugh 😂😂
AmusedOrange 4 aylar önce
@rufus r/ihadastroke
•• Yıl önce
Iskall said that
rufus Yıl önce
Just Human nah wynne is right it the boots not slow falling because if they jad slow falling they wouldnt rlly meed tridents and it would be rlly easy
M e l o d y
M e l o d y Yıl önce
No, it's a potion of slow falling.
Wynne Prajna
Wynne Prajna Yıl önce
It's feather falling boots, not potion
Saika Heart
Saika Heart Yıl önce
I know this video came out like a year ago but being a person who works at a golf course, I really can't judge iskall for wearing shorts golfing for I have seen many people come to play golf in shorts whether it be sunshine, rain or snow. The dedication is real.
Weird_Ghostix Yıl önce
1:20 🥺🥺🥺 I swear Grian is too pure for the world and seeing him being best friends with Mumbo is even better
Erika Butterfly
Erika Butterfly 4 aylar önce
Considering trying this myself! All I have to do is make sure I'm on the right version, download the map, figure out where everything is, waste a bunch of time getting ready only to fail miserably and rage-quit. Sounds like a fun afternoon activity :'D
BigBossAdidoss Yıl önce
HEY. This isn’t season 7! I thought Grian released a new episode but TRshow thought it would be funny to recommend this to me under the guise of season 7
Lois Jade
Lois Jade Yıl önce
This was hilarious and one of my favourite episodes ever!
Starry Night Gacha
Starry Night Gacha Yıl önce
Ahhh I love captions "We could do some Pythagoras or I could just throw my under Pope"
JustRed Yıl önce
Oh my goodness! I didn't even realized that this is 45 minutes! time flies when your having fun!
Evan Moore
Evan Moore Yıl önce
Im re-watching and the old nether hub brings memories
EmbreFrosste 3 yıl önce
“We are surrounded by icebergs and this man is in shorts.” -Man who doesn’t realize he’s in a kilt
Chubby 7 aylar önce
I read this while he said it.
Isaac Lancaster
Isaac Lancaster Yıl önce
@TaitoBros I might be wrong but I don't think anyone lives in Antarctica and also if you went outside you would die
Pheobe A soggy potato sack
Pheobe A soggy potato sack Yıl önce
@TaitoBros so YOUR the one veiw he gets from Antarctica 😂
McCluckin 3 yıl önce
@TheBigSAM Thanks.
TheBigSAM 3 yıl önce
@McCluckin That's a very lazy joke, but i like it
Ack Pyjamas
Ack Pyjamas Yıl önce
Why did I spend 45 minutes and 18 seconds watching 3 grown men play Minecraft golf and make jokes about quilts and specific outfits? *Because it's freaking amazing*
Fritha Stalker
Fritha Stalker Yıl önce
3:07 Iskall and Mumbo go down stairs while Grian flies down the stairs
Stream Show
Stream Show Yıl önce
Probably one of the funniest most entertaining episodes on Hermitcraft ever :)
Charleyeyey Yıl önce
"I landed crocs first" - Mumbo Jumbo 2018
someasshole 2 yıl önce
Iskall had American style golf apparel and they lost they're minds over it😂😂
4O1k Yıl önce
@May Emperess nah that’s what people where to golf
Just some random country dude on the internet
Just some random country dude on the internet Yıl önce
someasshole Yıl önce
@wheybig297 this comment is a year old kid
wheybig297 Yıl önce
No iskall definitely had tennis clothes on. If he wanted to where “American golf” clothes he would wear long pants.
Wilbur Foot
Wilbur Foot Yıl önce
As an American, I can confirm that absolutely nobody casually wears special golf attire except for old men.
Kayla Joy
Kayla Joy Yıl önce
Waiting for more Hermitcraft season 7 episodes to come out. I decided to come watch some season 6. So glad I picked this one to start with. It is pure gold.
family russell
family russell 9 aylar önce
Can anyone else remember being really exited for an extra long hermit craft
NekoMimi Yıl önce
Rewatching , gotta say this brings back very good moments
TheDuckKnight 2 aylar önce
I like to come back to this one and play it in the background while working on stuff It's just so fun
Lego Commander Cody
Lego Commander Cody 2 yıl önce
I love that this is literally all 3 architects before they had even invited iskall to help with Sahara
Blast Yıl önce
John Weber
John Weber Yıl önce
@Tatiana Malyshchytskaya true
Lemonade Yıl önce
I noticed a mistake in your comment It's spelled Architech Not Architect
wali sardar
wali sardar Yıl önce
Taylor Yıl önce
Spoilers wtf is Sahara wait don’t tell me spoilers
Lore Van Belle
Lore Van Belle 2 yıl önce
1:25 Iskall is so funny (anyone else rewatching)
Regan Newberry
Regan Newberry Yıl önce
This episode made me laugh 🤣 so many times it is so funny
Maizie Yıl önce
I never thought I would enjoy watching 3 grown men play gold in minecraft for 45 minutes.......2020 lockdown rlly got me doing some crazy stuff
Jaye Coulson
Jaye Coulson Yıl önce
I come back every few months to rewatch this. Its just too funny
Camryn 3 yıl önce
*_Its like jumping off the empire state being like "ill be fine ive got my umbrella"_* *_"Ive got some crocs on, why am I dead?"_*
Autumn Bourne
Autumn Bourne 2 yıl önce
This bit honestly killed me XD idk why but I found it hilarious.
Digitaldr 3 yıl önce
How it feels to fall out of bed
TenkoLunar 3 yıl önce
Sean K
Sean K 3 yıl önce
He landed crocs first!
WypmanGames 3 yıl önce
thats basicly how i feel every day when i wake up
Snowman 2 aylar önce
2021 and i still want to see another golf in HC
emma 2 yıl önce
This is hands down my favorite hermitcraft video
Galarticuno Yıl önce
4:15 Ah yes, the days before BDubs was back on the server
Ludvig Witschel
Ludvig Witschel Yıl önce
Makes me think back to the golf tournament in Season 6. Good times!
FNAFPlushUltimate 3 aylar önce
uh, this *is* season 6
Fayin Kay
Fayin Kay 3 yıl önce
This is literally Golf With Friends but in Minecraft and it's great
_ SofafoS _
_ SofafoS _ Yıl önce
The thing about this comment is that it's funny cuz u can't even argue it, because it's correct
theoneandonlywuluf 2 yıl önce
I play Golf With Friends... Without friends.
Alex Barbat
Alex Barbat Yıl önce
I legit thought mumbo and grian had golf balls in their heads lmao
Pien 2 yıl önce
I like it so much that Grian the hole time uses different skins😂💛
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Yıl önce
Honestly... I can’t think of a better way to spend 45 minutes!
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name Yıl önce
Who knew Grian was such a great golf announcer
Unknown Specimen
Unknown Specimen 3 yıl önce
I like how mumbo was always just like “That’s illegal!” All the time XD
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 2 yıl önce
Wait that’s illegal.
Art With Zac
Art With Zac Yıl önce
Grian: Calls clubs bats! Also Grian: I forgot we weren’t playing tennis Me: They are called rackets!
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