Lil Wayne Honors Kobe Bryant With Performance Of His 2009 Track “Kobe Bryant” | BET Awards 20

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15 gün önce

Lil Wayne honors the late NBA player with a performance of his track entitled “Kobe Bryant.” #BETAwards20 #LilWayne #KobeBryant #Kobe #BETAwards


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Smart Ass
Smart Ass Saatler önce
No player will ever be better than Kobe!
Joy Edyvean
Joy Edyvean 2 saatler önce
Lily Wayne do you know joy edyvean Kobe Bryant he is my favorite fan tonight in basketball Los Angeles Lakers my favorite
Cheri Casarez
Cheri Casarez 3 saatler önce
KOBE is the greatest on the court. Rip Kobe 💛💜💛💜
Jarel B
Jarel B 3 saatler önce
John S
John S 6 saatler önce
What the hell is that shirt?🤢
yusuf solmaz
yusuf solmaz 6 saatler önce
Song reminded Bun B - II Trill
david shevy551
david shevy551 8 saatler önce
Micro_Thunder12 FN
Micro_Thunder12 FN 17 saatler önce
what a legend
Truth Triple X Media
Truth Triple X Media 18 saatler önce
Pushing that duality agenda I see
Broken Boy
Broken Boy 20 saatler önce
RIP Kobe
Lo'Key Official
Lo'Key Official Gün önce
Yeah he definitely just freestyled that whole 2nd verse and bodied it live... Weezy f baby and the f is for finisher
Helder Tati
Helder Tati Gün önce
Man you are the greatest ever... weezy
Jay Mac Muney
Jay Mac Muney Gün önce
Thank you Wayne
miguel sanchez
miguel sanchez Gün önce
Legendary tribute
Ntully Janga
Ntully Janga Gün önce
Andre Brown
Andre Brown Gün önce
I hope yall realize this was a freestyle
Turtle Sports Cards
Turtle Sports Cards Gün önce
lil Wayne owes @eliseckback money for this track. @esnews time for this dude to pay up.
Thomas J
Thomas J Gün önce
2 things. 1) the song is fire 2) set that shirt on fire
Lance Ward
Lance Ward Gün önce
Is he wearing birdman dress shirt?🤔
frederick Solomon
frederick Solomon 2 gün önce
Black Lives Matter thats a matter fact.
Juan Esquivel
Juan Esquivel 2 gün önce
I thought lil Wayne came out saying he ain't part of that Moment as he said he is a rich black mother#-"@)3& his live matters and that he didn't want part of politician and walked of interviewLil Wayne knows that being rich and black has nothing to do with black lives matter they look at him like a white person
Jaymes Martin
Jaymes Martin 2 gün önce
Wayne the goat, changed the song after over a decade and its still fire
BambouTube Diabs
BambouTube Diabs 2 gün önce
Lil wayne supports Black lives matter now ?
YOUNG U MUSIC 2 gün önce
Reporting live from lynwood California letsgetit allhustle salute
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell 2 gün önce
Wtf is he wearing? Smh
Bryan Ryan
Bryan Ryan 2 gün önce
BLM = Burning Looting Marxists
Blvdboy598 2 gün önce
Watch me get em like Kobe... sick wit it no Covid... black clouds break open..rain down black roses 🔥🔥🔥
kingBeekay F buyani
kingBeekay F buyani 2 gün önce
lil wayne said black lives matter wow
Monstar 3 gün önce
I didn't think this song could be better from years ago....but that second verse sheesh. And I been a lakers fan my whole life RIP Kobe and GiGi all the victims of the crash will be missed forever.
Mr. BLu3_
Mr. BLu3_ 3 gün önce
Kaynm 3 gün önce
This was the best honor to a man while he was living.. RIP to the Mamba
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 3 gün önce
Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant needs no explanation. Its iconic. AND WAYNE GAVE An UPDATED VESRE. Crazy !!
Goldiee Goldiee
Goldiee Goldiee 3 gün önce
The real goat no one is better then Wayne!!!!! This song is so electrifying he so intelligent an bright 👑🙏🐐! Wayne really had a love for kobe this song is perfect.
Diggady _1015
Diggady _1015 3 gün önce
Great to see Wayne still keeping Kobe name alive , even better to see him acknowledge black lives matter, I remember he had acted in denial about it few years back during a interview. 2 🐐 👑
Khosta Gün önce
He did it with word play too. Black lives matter, Facts. As a matter fact...
Cheikhouna Sene
Cheikhouna Sene 4 gün önce
Keon Mason
Keon Mason 4 gün önce
Sick with it no covid🔥
David Woodward
David Woodward 4 gün önce
Nihal Reddy
Nihal Reddy 4 gün önce
“The game is cold but I’m frozen” - weezyF 2020
lonzo woods
lonzo woods 4 gün önce
Da lanes is close, but im bowling.. 💪💪
Cebrina Mon’e
Cebrina Mon’e 4 gün önce
Wayne gave him his flowers while he was here 😌🖤
Thierno Sarr
Thierno Sarr 4 gün önce
Ezra 4 gün önce
Yeah Lil Wayne! Make that Kobe death money!
Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver 4 gün önce
Lets "go" wayne
Bob Scorpion
Bob Scorpion 4 gün önce
Nii Amartey
Nii Amartey 5 gün önce
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better,...🔥🔥🔥.black lives matters, that's a matter of fact 💥
MrAac2020 5 gün önce
Little Wayne needs a hair cut....and directions to a men's clothing store Hope he knows his outfits look like a combo of county lockups & maturnity.
Curtis B.
Curtis B. 5 gün önce
I literally cried as soon as he spoke, I took me back
gLiscere 5 gün önce
Dwayne, you cannot fit that Extra Medium.
Nitta Bell
Nitta Bell 5 gün önce
Oohhh. Sad.
Neal Cummings
Neal Cummings 5 gün önce
Total garbage 🗑
wandering sword
wandering sword 5 gün önce
Too bad rap is talentless.
Nicco Sanchez
Nicco Sanchez 5 gün önce
Rest in Power & pray for Peace!🙏🏽✌🏾💘💯
Mwanzie Saffa
Mwanzie Saffa 5 gün önce
Weezy F. Baby!!! "Rest in Power"? & hope for Peace! On sum'n ONLY the ORIGINALS could git wit'!
Sergei Boris
Sergei Boris 5 gün önce
Another lesson we can learn from Kobe in times of trials was what he said when he spoke in Pilipino. He said......”Walang Iwanan!”.... which means, No One is Left Behind.
Kokoette Sunday Itim
Kokoette Sunday Itim 5 gün önce
BLACK LIVES MATTER facts, as a matter of fact. Wayne 2020
JudgeJr 5 gün önce
🔥 🔥 🔥😭😭😭😭👍🏽 🐐
Oreo Ingram
Oreo Ingram 5 gün önce
If this version ain't on the NBA 2K21 soundtrack, I ain't buying the game. Good job Wayne! That's how you pay homage to a legend. Rest in Power #24
Zay Poccets
Zay Poccets 6 gün önce
The game is cold but I’m frozen🔥 The lanes closed but I’m bowling 🔥
Iania Staton
Iania Staton 6 gün önce
Stupid tuff
Tyler Lowe
Tyler Lowe 6 gün önce
Christopher Parris
Christopher Parris 6 gün önce
Weezy is so much better when hes actually talking about something and is focused
Tre Y.L.G.
Tre Y.L.G. 5 gün önce
Jermaine Carter
Jermaine Carter 6 gün önce
He’s free-styling the last verse if you guys know anything about Wayne
TreyWay92 6 gün önce
Where the rest of views never thought I'll see the day the 🐐 is being slept on nobody goes this hard til this day
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 6 gün önce
I love him
Jiamas Johnson
Jiamas Johnson 6 gün önce
Amazing, a that new verse was 🔥🔥🔥
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 6 gün önce
shanee joseph
shanee joseph 6 gün önce
Yes!!! This is the lil Wayne kinda music, flow, and lyrical fire the world has been missing....
Tekesha Carter
Tekesha Carter 6 gün önce
Spider9131 6 gün önce
I miss Kobe.
Colwin Moore
Colwin Moore 6 gün önce
Bars 💯
Krissy Deleveaux
Krissy Deleveaux 6 gün önce
R.I.P black Mamba Gigi & the rest who lost their life on that tragic day
Khai French
Khai French 6 gün önce
Idk why you put lil wayne in this category when hes absolutely against this shit.
Alanna Good
Alanna Good 6 gün önce
He can honor kobe but blm doesn't matter to him. People i grew up loving are no longer respected to me now
Dennis Plesz
Dennis Plesz 6 gün önce
Thats 1 of the best ways to make a family feel appreciated chills all over my prayers go out to Kobe's family and I truly thank you little Wayne for doing this goats got to look out for goats stay healthy peace
Dom Braswell
Dom Braswell 7 gün önce
"Rest in power, hope for peace"...🔥
Flo Avi
Flo Avi 7 gün önce
Great!!! I invite you people to join us on the pan African social network via @t in order to build our community! Enjoy it, reveal yourselves, chat, and assert your dignity!!!!!!!!!
Super Rhino Bros
Super Rhino Bros 7 gün önce
Rip Kobe
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 7 gün önce
Man Wayne’s still the greatest man he never fell off for a second. Legend
Ansu Keita
Ansu Keita 7 gün önce
Too much talent
afro panorama
afro panorama 7 gün önce
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws 7 gün önce
You are the man!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 7 gün önce
would do with his opponents.
Ddad Beats
Ddad Beats 7 gün önce