The Pit Stop AS6 E04 | Trixie Mattel & Monique Heart Score At Halftime | RPDR All Stars

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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

6 aylar önce

Facts are facts when All Star favorite Monique Heart joins @Trixie Mattel at The Pit Stop to break down the latest episode of All Stars 6. The goopery is real!

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Esteban Universidad
Esteban Universidad 6 aylar önce
Monique confidently saying "Cheryl Canning" has the same energy as her confidently serving giraffe print as brown cow. Never change.
MicroMoron 4 gün önce
It was so close, that when she 1st said it I didn't even notice.
SakariWolf13 Aylar önce
She was so confident, Carol Channing had to double-check her birth certificate.
sahra skellington
sahra skellington 4 aylar önce
@Felipillo Morris? Who’s Morris? 😂😂
Felipillo 4 aylar önce
@sahra skellington Same energy Alyssa Edwards screaming was a rigga morris girl 🤣
Hazel Mae Tackett
Hazel Mae Tackett 5 aylar önce
This is hands down the best comment I've ever read. Lmao
Iago Marçal
Iago Marçal 6 aylar önce
monique is EASILY one of the most charismatic queens ever
Vanessa Whitney
Vanessa Whitney 3 aylar önce
@Fonsi Bonilla I do! :)
Fonsi Bonilla
Fonsi Bonilla 3 aylar önce
But do you follow?
Vanessa Whitney
Vanessa Whitney 5 aylar önce
Talking about the wig... "It was a lovely little 'oooh ah oooh'..."
Vanessa Whitney
Vanessa Whitney 5 aylar önce
LOVE her...
Gerald McCray
Gerald McCray 5 aylar önce
love her!
Caelen Mystwalker
Caelen Mystwalker 6 aylar önce
"There's tons of hard group choreography." *Cuts to shot of the AS3 contestants walking around in circles*
swaisha 2 aylar önce
@iambored678 couldn’t have been a better clip imo 😂😭
edro51188 3 aylar önce
@iambored678 I would've used the clip of the Julie Andrews choreography. Still amazed that BenDeLaCreme SLAYED it as hard as she did.
iambored678 5 aylar önce
They DID have hard group choreography, they just chose a horrible clip HAHA
Gucci R
Gucci R 5 aylar önce
E Presley
E Presley 6 aylar önce
April Gillam
April Gillam 6 aylar önce
Monique: “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains.” Trixie: “Are you having a stroke?” I SCREAMED LAUGHING. IYKYK.
Valencia Prime
Valencia Prime 5 aylar önce
Nacha Campos
Nacha Campos 6 aylar önce
Nobody’s talking about Trixie’s interpretation of the Janet Jackson voice in Divas like LMAO it was SO good
Владислав Косоруков
Владислав Косоруков 4 aylar önce
@Grant Harrison while her Ariana sounds like Shakira
FaireWeather 6 aylar önce
"shut your mouth" is so fucking funny
marquis ellis.
marquis ellis. 6 aylar önce
i was literally just about to talk about that. that part SENT me💀
Michael G
Michael G 6 aylar önce
9:18 for curious bbys
Mary Susan M
Mary Susan M 6 aylar önce
It was so hilarious
Miss Goodness Competition
Miss Goodness Competition 6 aylar önce
Monique saying "TRIXIEEEEEEE" gave me years of life
Michael Gambrell
Michael Gambrell 3 aylar önce
15:01 that face gave me DECADES of life - she said "biiiiiitch" XD
Fast and Queerious
Fast and Queerious 6 aylar önce
Trixie: Look at the camera and say it Monique: SHE BOMBED 😂😂😂
Gucci R
Gucci R 5 aylar önce
@MyidolGwen lmaoo bigger bomb. Multiple bombs
MyidolGwen 6 aylar önce
Monique what do you think of Asia's lipsync for the crown?
LauryB 6 aylar önce
I'm glad Jan finally got her win, but had TKB's runway been better, she would've won for sure. Also I really hope Ginger slays Snatch Game because so far it's not looking good for her. The one week she did really good she still ended up in the bottom lol.
Claw Paw
Claw Paw 5 aylar önce
Well would you look at that? Ginger slayed
Emilia Povey
Emilia Povey 6 aylar önce
@liam to me Jan and Scarlet should’ve been top both the first 2 episodes. I don’t agree at all that they weren’t standouts. 3rd episode definitely not though
liam 6 aylar önce
@Brooklyn Baughman i think the most complaining is everyone saying scarlet and Jan needing to be in the top the first 3 episodes. It’s annoying since they weren’t really giving it nor bombing. It’s just okay, and there’s a lot of better performances from the first 3 eps than theirs, and people were YELLING their minds off for it. Mediocre and uncritiquable stuff isn’t gonna be in the top (uncritiquable referring to the producers finding no good comments to be made for them. That’s also a factor and people don’t rlly see it)
Brooklyn Baughman
Brooklyn Baughman 6 aylar önce
@Alicia zombie thats exactly what they're implying? they're saying that TKB did in fact do just a bit better than jan in the performance but her look was a lot weaker which made jan win.
Kanderson 6 aylar önce
blake 6 aylar önce
Monique saying Ra’jah looks like money when she only spent ~$600 to prep for AS6 is the definition of talent.
Spooky Cookie
Spooky Cookie 6 aylar önce
More like 2K.
IAMFRANZ 6 aylar önce
@Iago Marçal Yea, apparently she made all of her looks except one.
Iago Marçal
Iago Marçal 6 aylar önce
really?? wow
Daniel Lazaro
Daniel Lazaro 6 aylar önce
Monique is one of the BEST personalities of drag race herstory, plus she is naturally funny plus every year she gets more gorgeous!! Facts are facts planet Earth.
Luke Hermanson
Luke Hermanson 6 aylar önce
the way they edited moniques eyes when trixie said she didnt know that movie took me all the way out
Nicole Dumont
Nicole Dumont 6 aylar önce
Same! I'm dying
Sarah Beckett
Sarah Beckett 6 aylar önce
Akeria’s runway should have saved her from the bottom! It was flawless.
Gingersnaps1978 6 aylar önce
Sonique didn’t get her due for that performance. She really got Steven Tyler’s mannerisms
Reginald Rich II
Reginald Rich II 6 aylar önce
I totally agree!! 💯
Made in Busan
Made in Busan 6 aylar önce
T: "Who was the strongest performer in this cha- M: "Trinity." FINALLY SBD AGREES WITH ME
hollyobaby 5 aylar önce
josh miller
josh miller 6 aylar önce
Who is SBD?
Alec Collinsworth
Alec Collinsworth 6 aylar önce
@CA Santos another girl didn't deserve it though. She literally embodied Gaga in every single way. Idk, maybe only Gaga stans like me really understand that. Trinity would have been the other top All Star if we were going by those rules. But Jan also had a better runway, which is why she deserves the win.
Alec Collinsworth
Alec Collinsworth 6 aylar önce
How does anyone think Trinity did better? Jan brought all the mannerisms and faces and hand gestures and dancing in an extra way, and executed it all flawlessly. She definitely deserved this win. Trinity would have definitely been the other top All Star if this was going by those rules. Trinity did very very well, her dancing was on point, and she looked like Beyonce a lot. Just don't discredit Jan when she obviously did deserve the win
Wilma FistFit
Wilma FistFit 6 aylar önce
@Filipe Ferreira trash
Dominique Knight
Dominique Knight 6 aylar önce
The eliminated queens are just in the hotel lobby playing apples to apples
Chantée Jordan
Chantée Jordan 6 aylar önce
What an underrated comment 🤣🤣
Spawn 6 aylar önce
No they playin Uno 😂
Pax Ressler
Pax Ressler 6 aylar önce
So who is going to take Cheryl Canning as their drag name? Brilliant.
Strudel_Reviews 6 aylar önce
Me I'll take it
Marie LeBone
Marie LeBone 6 aylar önce
I want. I NEED. Monique to have a regular appearance on trixie's channel. The energy. The chaos. I adore this.
boo loo
boo loo 3 aylar önce
I come back and rewatch this one episode monthly I’d say, it gives me the power to go through my life …
Simon Guerrero Cruz
Simon Guerrero Cruz Aylar önce
This one and Violet´s
Veronika Permaul
Veronika Permaul 2 aylar önce
I love your PFP and it's this one, the ones with Bob and the ones with Katya for me
Archivist Sethia
Archivist Sethia 6 aylar önce
Moniques whole look this interview is gorgeous.
stop08it 6 aylar önce
Brilliant, lovely, gorgeous
E-bae 6 aylar önce
@Deflated Hypnotist The garment isn’t my favorite but the way that she’s styled it with its complimentary color is absolutely gorgeous to me. Plus her makeup is just *chef’s kiss*
Deflated Hypnotist
Deflated Hypnotist 6 aylar önce
You like that purple blob? 😝
JessaRose Gabrielle
JessaRose Gabrielle 6 aylar önce
A’keria is one of the most beautiful drag queens ever, even though she’s had a rough start, Im really rooting for her. Symone and Trixie had a lot of rough days, but like Monique said, they still won. #teamakeria
Matt Ponce
Matt Ponce 6 aylar önce
I enjoy drag race but i get annoyed with the judging. It feels really off sometimes. Eureka and Ginger felt like the bottom queens this week and! Trinity felt like the winner this week.
lizagna618 5 aylar önce
Eureka was definitely off. I didnt live for her runway, and the madonna felt very forced. And although i was a jan stan season 12 and i was happy to see her finally win, tkb had this one in the bag. I dont care what anyone says, her runway was fucking STUNNING. I literally gasped when she turned the corner lmao
Dalsemien 6 aylar önce
Ginger was not the bottom at all. She performed good and had a good look, and got praised for being professional. I love A'Kera and Yara, but they had off performances.
Punk Funk
Punk Funk 6 aylar önce
Right! Sometimes you can tell they’re trying to push a storyline and the judging shows that.
Joshua Triplett
Joshua Triplett 6 aylar önce
Trixie: You think Ginger should’ve worn corn-rows on television?! Monique: I mean. . . It wouldn’t have be the first craziest thing white people have ever done. Lmao. . . . That took me all the way tf out! 😂😂😂 However, we’re the lie? 🤔
S D 3 aylar önce
And it surely wouldn't have been the last either
amanda lett
amanda lett 6 aylar önce
Facts are facts, America. We need more Monique on tv!
Haryoungnah Stacruz
Haryoungnah Stacruz 6 gün önce
Condragulations!! The gay gods listened.
stop08it 6 aylar önce
Excuse me?!!
Keegan Medlock
Keegan Medlock 6 aylar önce
@Luis Collado #YournotspeakingforthepeopleandhowDAREyousayyourspeakingformeandeveryoneelse!
Gray K
Gray K 6 aylar önce
Trixie telling us to go follow Monique on social media. Meanwhile, I’ve been following that treasure since season 10
Levin Legend
Levin Legend 6 aylar önce
Yes please
Nacha Campos
Nacha Campos 6 aylar önce
Nobody’s talking about Trixie’s interpretation of the Janet Jackson voice in Divas like LMAO it was SO good
Sebastián Baeza
Sebastián Baeza 6 aylar önce
So spot on!
Sofia 6 aylar önce
Ginger’s choreography reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Oompa Loompas
rose mae
rose mae 5 aylar önce
Take a seat in the electric chair 😭😭
Bia 6 aylar önce
NOOOOOOOOOO 💀💀💀💀💀💀 im dead bye
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 6 aylar önce
OMG!!! so wrongggg but so right!!! :D
Rico Hernandez
Rico Hernandez 6 aylar önce
TM: “Did you know that Carol Channing was the first halftime performer?” MH: “They said that and I was like gagged. Was that the look?” TM: “Yeah” MH: “Gag ” 😂😂😂😂
Samirah Stanford
Samirah Stanford 6 aylar önce
The look on Monique’s face for Eureka’s frill appearance was EVERYTHING
Debottamaa Sarkar
Debottamaa Sarkar 6 aylar önce
Everybody is talking about TKB's performance but I'm really happy to see her change in attitude this season. Such positive vibes! I like it.
Jason Eng
Jason Eng 6 aylar önce
@laila you're clearly trolling. Anyone with good vision can look at me and see that I'm Asian (Malaysian Chinese to be exact). I don't have any white features. We don't know how you look like so I can fully assume you're the white gay who's calling a black queen bitter just like how you're assuming right?
laila 6 aylar önce
@Jason Eng race is based on looks bby and you are white. good try tho?
Jason Eng
Jason Eng 6 aylar önce
@laila I'm Asian but thank you for the assumption
laila 6 aylar önce
@Jason Eng you’re white bby.
mr_flydotcom 6 aylar önce
I just want to know what’s happening with the eliminated girls 👀
RayJ-HT 6 aylar önce
I love how honest Monique was I really liked her more here than I have before. Not to mention I agreed with about everything she said.
TenNineEight 4 aylar önce
Why was Monique Heart so perfect during this ?!?
shikun 6 aylar önce
Moniques ”Is that not it!? TRIXIIIE!” is sooo cute lmao
Kéja 6 aylar önce
Monique still self directing herself I can’t breathe
Cassidy Billet
Cassidy Billet 6 aylar önce
The way Monique does her eye makeup makes her look like she is a lit light she’s a neon sign goddess. Positively glowing
Fabiano FKB80
Fabiano FKB80 6 aylar önce
She's stunning!
nyc dyke
nyc dyke 6 aylar önce
@RanchoFundo can’t tell if this is a compliment or not cause I have no clue what a wind tunnel is
RanchoFundo 6 aylar önce
Her face is like she's inside a wind tunnel
Stevie Conti
Stevie Conti 6 aylar önce
her makeup had such a major glow up i love it
Ahtziri Sanchez
Ahtziri Sanchez 6 aylar önce
I would’ve switched Akeria with Ginger in the bottom, and Eureka with Kylie for top/safe
Nicole Dumont
Nicole Dumont 6 aylar önce
Fully agree!
Draconelius 6 aylar önce
A'keria's dress was inspired by Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, Madison Anderson's national costume representing the national flower of Puerto Rico, flor de maga. It is breathtaking!
Kawaii Kiryu
Kawaii Kiryu 6 aylar önce
The amount of screen time that Jan got was so obvious that she was going to win the challenge
a a
a a 6 aylar önce
@Kawaii Kiryu lmao
Kawaii Kiryu
Kawaii Kiryu 6 aylar önce
@a a lol at first I was like is she gonna go home? Because sometimes they give a queen a lot of screen time when they r going to get sent hone, once she said im going to give them my wrath I was like it’s so obvious lol
a a
a a 6 aylar önce
That’s how they edit every episode lol (not to be mean, i totally agree with you)
Stephen pina
Stephen pina 4 aylar önce
Monique Heart; still directing things til this day. 'If production could cue that in, it'd be real cute'.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 6 aylar önce
This video should be called “Trixie living for Monique not living for nothing”
raibug 6 aylar önce
she was about to leave this earthly realm
Bee 6 aylar önce
@[ P e r s e p h o n e ] often times, in AAVE, the double negative is used to double emphasize. relax. it just means she's not living for anything anything
shikun 6 aylar önce
@Alex Lopez Dont worry gurl, its actually a common construction nowadays to say ”not... for nothing”. more slang-y tho!!
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 6 aylar önce
@Edwin Soza It's upto personal taste but I found her looks to be very hit and miss in All Stars 4 too. Misses, like her Elegance after Dark, Her extra large heart on Angelic White, The denim shorts on Boots, the Plastic bananas. But hey, she was a guest on the show and that was what she was asked to do. She didn't like it, so she said it.
C.K. Edwards
C.K. Edwards 6 aylar önce
Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 6 aylar önce
I agree with Monique, Jan wasn’t giving. Something was off. She still did amazing though. Is that weird to say? And Trinity was GIVING!!! I fell in love with her this episode and I love for her confessional commentary.
Trauma Recovery Initiative
Trauma Recovery Initiative 6 aylar önce
Monique parties like a southern mama, sittin in the corner stitching and being part of the moment. Love ya Monique ♥️
Yelen Banzon
Yelen Banzon 6 aylar önce
I live for TKB! Her performance was absolutely incredible...
Bear 13 gün önce
This was so entertaining I’d love to see these to do something together again they worked well together
Kevin Sigman
Kevin Sigman 5 aylar önce
“Symone was there 4 times and the bitch won the crown!” Miss Monique with the facts, lol. Loved that line.
Andrelo Rodríguez
Andrelo Rodríguez 4 aylar önce
11:38 I'm living for every single quote that Monique give us
Jazmin Ruiz
Jazmin Ruiz 6 aylar önce
I could literally listen to Monique talk all day she is so funny ❤❤
Runnereye 6 aylar önce
It’s so ironic to see the fandom’s “JAN WAS ROBBED. GIGI DIDNT DESERVE TO WIN THE RUSICAL” turn into “JAN IS BEING FAVOURITED BY PRODUCTION. TKB DESERVES TO WIN”. The fandom completely turns on queens with the drop of a hat. It’s wild
MyidolGwen 6 aylar önce
Exactly I noticed this too but I think what happened was Jan fans and those on the fence waiting to see what she could prove saw how she handled that lipsync and realized she isnt well rounded and can do it all and is mediocre at things thus not being this amazing slept on queen. The dynamic switch is just so hilarious though but yeah maybe finally it will shut people up seeing Jan bomb on her own accord when she was given a fair fighting chance
Mitch Conrad
Mitch Conrad 6 aylar önce
Facts are facts.
Kanderson 6 aylar önce
It’s a tv show.
Tim van den Burg
Tim van den Burg 6 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw Cheryl Canning again.
Christian Ureña
Christian Ureña 6 aylar önce
Thomasina Jefferson
Thomasina Jefferson 6 aylar önce
You win ☠️
kb 6 aylar önce
1sweetpeach 6 aylar önce
Omg 💀😆😆😆💀
Sophie A
Sophie A 6 aylar önce
Ahhhhh 🤣
Nikolai 5 aylar önce
I have watched this video like 12 times since its debut, but I cannot get enough of Monique Heart!😍🥰👏🙋‍♂️💖
Rony Ramdan
Rony Ramdan 6 aylar önce
Nothing but respect for the runner up of AS3 and the winner of AS4 👸🏻👸🏻💅🏻
Rhyana Shah
Rhyana Shah 6 aylar önce
In my opinion, I believe Jan deserved the win. But I’m SO confused by Kylie Sonique and A’Keria’s placement? Surely the bottoms were Yara and Ginger? Yara’s performance was good but she was wearing Fringe. Not frills 🤷🏾‍♀️ Also also, the concept of performing as a person lipsyncing another artist?! It’s madness
Benard Samuel
Benard Samuel 6 aylar önce
I’m glad Jan finally got her win but this was meant for trinity
Maria Rose Belding
Maria Rose Belding 6 aylar önce
Someone needs to claim the drag name “Sheryl Canning” immediately
FocusedVoices 6 aylar önce
Coming to the stage...
Hayley Drawmer
Hayley Drawmer 6 aylar önce
Am I stupid, could be an accent thing, but why?
Melissa Edwards
Melissa Edwards 6 aylar önce
Haha I laughed so hard.. Trixie just wanted Monique to keep repeating it. Then she's like yes "Channing Tatum" 😂
Lollipoppy 6 aylar önce
@Floevs true!! Come on basic let’s get sickening!
J. Alex the Dancer
J. Alex the Dancer 6 aylar önce
Boom….trademarked. Lol
I say what I want
I say what I want 2 aylar önce
I could hang out with Monique all day, she is such a vibe 😩😂
Hoover Carvajal Vinasco
Hoover Carvajal Vinasco 6 aylar önce
Monique: Who was your diva again? Tracy: * Dying inside * Dolly Parton
Totalmente Eng
Totalmente Eng 4 aylar önce
@Madam Chloe no, she meant Tracy.
Madam Chloe
Madam Chloe 5 aylar önce
Tracy? You mean Trixie?
Sam Pam
Sam Pam 6 aylar önce
I can't get enough of Monique, i absolutely love her energy 😭♥️
NIXUSinc 6 aylar önce
15:01 !!!!!! The moment that makes this vid... priceless... (and serves as submissible evidence in court) Thank you The Heart... of Trxie's (and co) Pit... and Stop.
Melanie 6 aylar önce
FINALLY the curse of queens doing Bey dirty has been broken and justice has been served. trinity and shangela ♥️🏆
EmpressGaz 6 aylar önce
@Macy Sinrich Yes, cuz they need to get it thru their thick heads that Beyonce is not funny. Snatch Game is about being funny and having iconic words and phrases that they can work and twist. They all want to do Beyonce because she's pretty but pretty alone does not make a good Snatch Game. Reference Gottmik's Paris Hilton where it gets done right.
Gamaliel 6 aylar önce
@A D yeah and she did too much. there should be a singing challenge and maybe jan would kill that instead
A D 6 aylar önce
@Gamaliel Agreed. Jan did a good Lady Gaga, but she didn't really embody it for me. And, she looked nothing like Gaga.
Gamaliel 6 aylar önce
trinity shouldve won again
A D 6 aylar önce
Turns out, all you have to do in order to to Bey successfully is just NOT do her for Snatch Game or any comedy-based challenge. Who knew?
Mario PG
Mario PG 6 aylar önce
Yara did well even she was not smiling, Ginger and Eureka were my bottom places, Yara and Akeria did well...........
Unique Wineteer
Unique Wineteer 6 aylar önce
This is one of the best pit stops in all of literally ever. I can't stop re-watching it!
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 6 aylar önce
One of the best episodes of the Pitt Stop in a long long time! Just loved Monique & Trixie together 🥂
milliebobbyblue 6 aylar önce
Cheryl Canning is probably my bet to win this All Stars Season along with Miss Piggy
Professional Watcher
Professional Watcher 6 aylar önce
I can’t say “STUNNING” without saying it like Monique.
rose mae
rose mae 5 aylar önce
@_ratboy it either comes out like her’s or monique’s. context !!
Michael Isaiah
Michael Isaiah 6 aylar önce
It’s “facts are facts” for me lol
Damara Carpenter
Damara Carpenter 6 aylar önce
I say it either Monique or Juno Birch style. Can’t do anything else 😂😂
shiroi201 6 aylar önce
I heard it😆
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 6 aylar önce
I combine them. "STUNNING!!!.. Yes Stunning..."
Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards 6 aylar önce
Monique is a literal DELIGHT!! More Trixie and Monique❤️! Please??!!
MandyDeadite 4 aylar önce
I've watched this twice this week. It brings me joy.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 aylar önce
Monique saying "TRIXIEEEEEEE" gave me years of life
Jeffrey Tamayo
Jeffrey Tamayo 6 aylar önce
Trixie: what do you think of the lipsync Monique: "long pause"
The Sound Of Static
The Sound Of Static 6 aylar önce
I mean Jessica killed it...
MyidolGwen 6 aylar önce
they protected jan heavily there, you know they cut out the 5 minute laughing fit of them mocking the hell out of jan's horrific lipsync lmao
Berline Madrid
Berline Madrid 6 aylar önce
Julian Umaña
Julian Umaña 6 aylar önce
Now “but is it fashion” has a worthy contender
sandra Jones
sandra Jones 6 aylar önce
The very definition of a brain fart... 🤭
Mario Lepera Fuster
Mario Lepera Fuster 6 aylar önce
Trixie: what's a Fergie iconic performance? we haven't seen one. Me: her interpretation of the national anthem. Iconic and fun, for all the wrong reasons.
Jerrylonga 6 aylar önce
Monique is truly one of my favorites, I love her so much
Whitney Smith
Whitney Smith 5 aylar önce
I’d love this video so much their chemistry is amazing, you can tell they are such good friends and enjoy each other’s company!
Claudia 6 aylar önce
THIS PIT STOP WAS SO GOOD TO WATCH!!! I love live for Monique!!
Cal 6 aylar önce
Trixie: "all these big personalities" Producers: *Zooms in on Pandora and Kylie, the two quietest cast members*
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 6 aylar önce
@Faris Shah she can shine in a challenge though or runway - I was talking about her talent.
Faris Shah
Faris Shah 6 aylar önce
I think with age, naturally, Pandora isn’t really gonna try hard to get her personality to be ‘seen’ for camera time. But she would do a joke a lil and there, out of her genuine real life personality, rather than the amped up ones that people do in front of camera for a TV show.
e11e 6 aylar önce
My thoughts exactly haha 😂
Bre George
Bre George 6 aylar önce
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 6 aylar önce
I have such a soft spot for Pandora - I really want her to have that great moment! And Jan? Living!!! She’s quickly becoming my favourite this season! But Raja! Stole my heart with that lip sync she back and killing it! 💖💖💖💖💖 xxx
Theresa Claire
Theresa Claire 6 aylar önce
Trinity ate this!
Melissa Bosoanca
Melissa Bosoanca 6 aylar önce
I adore Monique!! Always so entertaining, please more of herrrr ❤️
Marine Manaphy
Marine Manaphy 12 gün önce
I don’t love rewatching every old pit stop but my GOD Monique is just so fun to watch. Like her energy is unparalleled, I love her so much.
Kaylin Smith
Kaylin Smith 6 aylar önce
Monique is one of my favorite queens. I could listen to her talk about nothing all day. She just makes me smile.
Fernando 6 aylar önce
"Grindr, bringing people together" -Monique Heart
liam 6 aylar önce
@A H 🚪
A H 6 aylar önce
people cumming together
Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson 6 aylar önce
This friendship and Trixie’s open relationship giving me life
liam 6 aylar önce
Did she lie? You can’t stick anything in from far away 🙊 (Edit this is a joke and doesn’t meant anything btw omg)
gorgeous 6 aylar önce
Cheryl Canning
cyqa 6 aylar önce
omg yes Monique!! I've been saying A'keria since the cast announcement! I still believe she is going to have a huge comeback moment and blow people away. I wouldn't be mad it Ra'Jah or Trinity won either since they are both killing it.
Law Abo
Law Abo 6 aylar önce
OMG can we talk about the runway??? That was phenomenal, easily my fav set of looks (Akeria and Scarlet's look omg)(oh wait Kylie and Rajah's too) I've never been blown like that Also i wanna know the name of that white dancer
Tonganqueenb 6 aylar önce
Love the chemistry of these 2. Can Trixie host this show forever?
Ozzy Ruiz
Ozzy Ruiz 11 gün önce
I LOVE these ladies, they never fail to make me laugh! This is some rewatchable sh!t here. love!
Jayce Horton
Jayce Horton 6 aylar önce
I’m rooting for Trinity 100% this season. she’s definitely stepped her game up and I’m so excited to see what else she has for us
Lewis 6 aylar önce
@Jayce Horton all stars 7 better have jessica... They have teased her enough! Ru even menitoned Jessica in ep 2!
rubygems84 6 aylar önce
@Alan the Jandom surely 😆
you suck
you suck 6 aylar önce
I'm new to rag race I started off with katy and trixie unhhh the watched Bianca's season didnt know trinity was there but convenient of course and I'm rooting for her to be in the top 3
Ling 6 aylar önce
Absolutelyyyyy. She’s incredible.
M Elizabeth
M Elizabeth 6 aylar önce
@knockers minaj yeah I felt like the critique of Trinity's runway (even if Jan's runway was better) from Michelle sounded very forced
Lisa Fitzpatrick
Lisa Fitzpatrick 6 aylar önce
I’ve followed you for years Monique! Trixie please do more with Monique! This was hilarious 🤣 your so funny together!
Christian Caceres
Christian Caceres 6 aylar önce
this season of All Stars has been so good, so naturally the Pit Stop has been amazing also, we stan Monique
Rebekah Olson
Rebekah Olson 5 aylar önce
I will remember Cheryl Canning for the rest of my life. I just keep coming back to it.... Her impact.
Joshua Chandler
Joshua Chandler 6 aylar önce
Monique needs her own show immediately 😂 shes a star ✨
Noah Gunn
Noah Gunn 6 aylar önce
I could truly listen to monique talk FOREVER
Gray K
Gray K 6 aylar önce
I’ve been following her since season 10, the obsession is real
Evita Medina
Evita Medina 6 aylar önce
Same she needs her own podcast
Brentt Bumatay
Brentt Bumatay 6 aylar önce
@Charlie whoah whoah whoah
Lou-Cid Mire
Lou-Cid Mire 6 aylar önce
@Charlie Opinion invalid, go to jail.
Charlie 6 aylar önce
You must be deaf, her voice is so annoying I almost didn’t even watch the episode because of her.
neen 6 aylar önce
Monique is meeee with how animated she is when she talks lmaooo I love her my hometown queen 😩💕
wig 5000
wig 5000 6 aylar önce
I’m glad to see Monique is still directing and producing ♥️
Stfu Biqtch
Stfu Biqtch 6 aylar önce
Funny Monique said “money” about Ra’jah when the queen only spent $600 going to all stars. Ra’jah is the winner. period.
rose mae
rose mae 5 aylar önce
So proud of her 🖤
MyidolGwen 6 aylar önce
shes already pocketed 20k... GIRL LMAO... she invested $600... ok and canceled gigs but man she is a BUSINESSWOMAN
Lola Bolton
Lola Bolton 6 aylar önce
on Purse First Impressions Thorgy said she thought that when Yara got the list of runways, she might have seen "frills" and mistook it for "fringe" and it kinda makes sense to me now
Herbert Anthony
Herbert Anthony 6 aylar önce
This season of pit stop is honestly 100/100 so far. Monique looks A M A Z I N G
Gaia Carney
Gaia Carney 6 aylar önce
💜💛 Monique Heart 💛💜 a perfect name for a Queen who’s joy-giving, exact facting & smile can ELEVATE your soul. One of the Very Best. facts.
Francesca BonBon
Francesca BonBon 6 aylar önce
I'd watch an entire press conference by Monique. She commands the room. Queen of queens.
Kylee Zumach
Kylee Zumach 6 aylar önce
Monique, my absolute favorite rpdr queen and a true underrated icon
Alyxwrites 6 aylar önce
I definitely thought that A'keria was better than Ginger, at least if someone, who doesn't watch the show and who didn't know what they were doing, would recognize Prince before they recognized Fergie. If anything, someone might think she was Madonna lol. A'Keria's runway was stunning, I literally gasped like I did when Violet came out to pass on the crown. I also thought Eureka was just okay. Kylie should have been out there because her Steven Tyler was my favorite until TKB's Beyonce.
Simisola Adingupu
Simisola Adingupu 6 aylar önce
Me too
Elise St. George
Elise St. George 6 aylar önce
Kylie really killed Steven Tyler and it was def overlooked.
Antonello Calò
Antonello Calò 6 aylar önce
@Extravagant Sobriquet Trinity said that because Beyoncé is an icon and her Superbowl performance is very memorable, so someone had to pay homage to her. As the Queens have confirmed, they were told to choose autonomously a character for this challenge in the weeks BEFORE coming to set, so that they could prepare the outfit and study the singer's manierisms, and if two Queens chose the same thing production decided which one could keep it based on who they thought would do the more interesting performance. This happened to Silky and Jiggly: production told Jiggly to choose another singer because another queen had picked her same choice. Of course many of the Queens work together, are friends and speak to each other so they already know who's gonna be in the season with them because they tell each other secretly, so Jiggly immediately called Silky because she knew it must have been her who had picked her same singer 🤣 I don't remember the name of Silky's pick but Jiggly decided to do Janet Jackson as her second choice. You discover a lot of private information by watching the videos of the Roscoe's events with the Queens from the show
Alyxwrites 6 aylar önce
@Austin Diehl I wasn’t sure about Scarlett but I definitely was getting Madonna from her too 😆 but she was fine I guess lol
Austin Diehl
Austin Diehl 6 aylar önce
i thought scarlet was gonna be near the bottom
Fiammetta Verdiani
Fiammetta Verdiani 6 aylar önce
omg ahahahah trixie literally cracks me every episode! the best hostttt!! and all the queens amaing as well of course
latitvie 6 aylar önce
I can’t express enough how much I love Monique Heart! #FactsAreFacts!
Izabelle Des.
Izabelle Des. 6 aylar önce
Thank you Garls ! You made me laughed like crazy.... !! #LoveDrags and special affection for Monique ;-))🌹🌹
JOE COUSINS 6 aylar önce
This was the funniest episode in ages. Absolutely howling 😂😂😂
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