Russia's Icy Northern Sea Coast | Free Documentary Nature

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Free Documentary - Nature

Free Documentary - Nature

2 yıl önce

Russia's Icy Northern Sea Coast | Free Nature Documentary
Murmansk, the metropolis on the Barents Sea, is anything but Russia's cold north. There's always something going on here, for example the Olympic Polar Games. Ice surfing and ice swimming, reindeer racing, the first atom ice breaker in the history of the world, a corner shop in ice and snow, endearing village school lessons and the singing Norwegian Sea Fleet - arctic lifestyle far away, north of the polar circle.
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Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 2 yıl önce
You like cold? At least from afar? We’ve got just the thing for you: The Arctic Circle by the Barents Sea. Murmansk and the Kola Peninsula, home to the Russian Fleet. The sea is ice free because of the Gulf Stream.
This year in February I was in Russia. My trip included murmansk and teriberka with Sami village too. Can't explain in words,how exciting and happy trip it was for me and others. Russia is such a beautiful and spectacular country which really mesmerizes its visitors. The Arctic Circle or the Lapland.... The northern lights were one of the highlights of my trip to Russia. I would like to visit there again n again. The people, the culture and the cold tundra climate... everything was just more than awesome. Love from INDIA 🇮🇳❤️
jayaraman p
jayaraman p Yıl önce
The spirit and devotion of that Russian lady who teaches five children in the village is to be well appreciated. I pray for the bright future of those children. It seems this video was taken in 2014 ( I noticed from the calender hanging in the house). Now things would have changed. God Bless. From Tamilnadu India.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 2 yıl önce
I wish sometimes I was born in a remote place like this. I like the cold, I like the quiet, I like fish.. people seem to enjoy the simple things in life and love better than in big metropolitan areas in the west. Oh well always something to be grateful about any who ! Very nice documentary thank u :)
Ivan B
Ivan B Yıl önce
Interesting fact is that soon after this documentary was made (2014) Russian director Zviagintcev shooted his Leviafan movie in Teriberka village, it got a Golden Globe, Best Screenplay in Cannes, Oscar nom ... and tones of press coverage, as well as Teriberka itself. So tourists started to got to the place and some development happened, a hotel, a camping, cafes appeared there and they are finally building a proper motorway to get there all year round and avoid snow drifts
charlie pearce
charlie pearce Yıl önce
Amazing people..
Ian Burns
Ian Burns
Reminds me some of when I lived in International Falls, Minnesota....for those Americans who want to experience cold that is the town in the US to visit. -20 to -40 is commonplace in January. Snow on the ground from about Halloween until May....very similar to Russia
I love learning about people with different lives than mine, and I've always found Russia particularly fascinating. I grew up in a cold place, but not nearly this cold.
This life looks so appealing, so peaceful, clean and quiet but I also grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the 70s and absolutely loved it, Brooklyn was awesome, always something to do, everything was in walking distance, cookouts in the park, climbing out our kitchen window on to the rooftop of the building connected to ours, chillin in a lawn chair gettin a burn
Rocio A.V.
Rocio A.V. Yıl önce
Very interesting documentary in Russia's ice area and know little more about their traditions that are fascinating. Great job and congrats.🦌🦌🌏🌫🌧🌨❄⛄🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Hayerubi Hayerubi
Hayerubi Hayerubi Yıl önce
What strong decent intelligent people. Great documentary.
canal do pepide
canal do pepide Yıl önce
Muito lindo gostei
Ross Lewchuk
Ross Lewchuk 2 yıl önce
Very informative & entertaining, with sincere human interest. Excellent!
Chase Ofori-Atta
Chase Ofori-Atta Yıl önce
With each documentary, I fall more in love with the beauty of Russia & her people--God bless & thank you for your friendship!
Rob Yıl önce
We don’t get sick she says… as she jumps into an icy lake to frolic around during a blizzard.
Neer KG
Neer KG 2 yıl önce
Shoot more videos like this. It's better than a movie.
Eamonn Reilly
Eamonn Reilly Yıl önce
Great info.I spent a week in the area in winter and would love to visit again
terry ford
terry ford 2 yıl önce
You are awesome!! Keep putting out these very educational docs!!
ericgorder1 Yıl önce
i love the work ethics and the spirit of the northern Russians! This is awesome! Thanks for the video!
Isiuwa Omorefe
Isiuwa Omorefe Yıl önce
I am watching from West Africa, it’s sunny outside my house , but I was shivering as I watched olga entered the icy water to swim🏊‍♀️ 😳
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