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Free Documentary - Nature

Free Documentary - Nature

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Russia's Icy Northern Sea Coast | Free Nature Documentary
Murmansk, the metropolis on the Barents Sea, is anything but Russia's cold north. There's always something going on here, for example the Olympic Polar Games. Ice surfing and ice swimming, reindeer racing, the first atom ice breaker in the history of the world, a corner shop in ice and snow, endearing village school lessons and the singing Norwegian Sea Fleet - arctic lifestyle far away, north of the polar circle.
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Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature Yıl önce
You like cold? At least from afar? We’ve got just the thing for you: The Arctic Circle by the Barents Sea. Murmansk and the Kola Peninsula, home to the Russian Fleet. The sea is ice free because of the Gulf Stream. Extreme weather especially the cold I think definitely influences the people who’ve lived there for generations. And I think we can learn from their approach is life. It’s simple yet so nuanced in its philosophical ness. I think we tend to be snobs and think we know best - we from the so-called more cosmopolitan places in this world. In some instances, I think we have much to learn from people who’ve got it in their DNA to survive the elements. Surviving the elements influences how one deals with life in general. And it’s actually quite nice. Resourcefulness, passion, endless patience. I think those three characteristics best describes the people who live and work in this part of the world. What you’ll encounter on your travels today: Some serious reindeer racers, Either strapped to a sleigh or on skis, hanging on for dear life. We’ve got the Walrus Ice bathing Club (Olga can spend up to 54 minutes in the icy waters. She’s the local champ) Ice surfing looks spectacular. Endless flatlands although you may encounter a big brown bear. Having said that, one walked through my friends backyard in upstate New York in the middle of a suburb. I think these people live more intensively and sincerely than a lot of us out here in supposed civilization. The school teacher is so invested in her five students. The individual talents are nurtured. Her students thrive. Some have dreams moving away. Who wouldn’t. But not all. Of course there are hardships: the nearest doctor? 100 km away. Snowstorms and blizzards mean delays of various basics people wait for. But they never give up hope, that their towns will once again flourish. In the meantime, they’ll perform their Russian dances and reindeer races and ice surfing contests. Ahoy!
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 2 aylar önce
TANYA SRI 3 aylar önce
This year in February I was in Russia. My trip included murmansk and teriberka with Sami village too. Can't explain in words,how exciting and happy trip it was for me and others. Russia is such a beautiful and spectacular country which really mesmerizes its visitors. The Arctic Circle or the Lapland.... The northern lights were one of the highlights of my trip to Russia. I would like to visit there again n again. The people, the culture and the cold tundra climate... everything was just more than awesome. Love from INDIA 🇮🇳❤️
jayaraman p
jayaraman p 11 aylar önce
The spirit and devotion of that Russian lady who teaches five children in the village is to be well appreciated. I pray for the bright future of those children. It seems this video was taken in 2014 ( I noticed from the calender hanging in the house). Now things would have changed. God Bless. From Tamilnadu India.
jayaraman p
jayaraman p 4 aylar önce
@Jimbojet I know that friend. It is just to express my feelings. But beyond our conception there is something which makes everything happen in the world. We call it God, Almighty or Nature.
Jimbojet 4 aylar önce
Your praying won’t help them, or anyone else. You know that!
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Yıl önce
I wish sometimes I was born in a remote place like this. I like the cold, I like the quiet, I like fish.. people seem to enjoy the simple things in life and love better than in big metropolitan areas in the west. Oh well always something to be grateful about any who ! Very nice documentary thank u :)
Tarek 14 gün önce
Same !
sk-kh Aylar önce
I wish to live somewhere without stress
Kristi Freeman
Kristi Freeman 2 aylar önce
Try north Dakota
brimac 3 aylar önce
@Esa Saarinen , cold is nothing more than the absence of heat. Peace
mahrez 3 aylar önce
Come to ireland
Cisium 5 aylar önce
I love learning about people with different lives than mine, and I've always found Russia particularly fascinating. I grew up in a cold place, but not nearly this cold.
charlie pearce
charlie pearce Yıl önce
Amazing people.. I'm an Aussie living in the desert most of my life and I absolutely hate the heat of 52c summers. I spent most of my time under ground digging for gem stones or under air-conditioning trying keep kool.
Gerald Oliver
Gerald Oliver 9 aylar önce
I love the heat I lived in Africa many years I worked in the kalahari and in the karoo desert I found it pleasant the highest temperature I experienced was 54 not comfortable but at night it was cold I think the cold would worse for me
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh Yıl önce
Same here in India 😀
Ivan B
Ivan B Yıl önce
Interesting fact is that soon after this documentary was made (2014) Russian director Zviagintcev shooted his Leviafan movie in Teriberka village, it got a Golden Globe, Best Screenplay in Cannes, Oscar nom ... and tones of press coverage, as well as Teriberka itself. So tourists started to got to the place and some development happened, a hotel, a camping, cafes appeared there and they are finally building a proper motorway to get there all year round and avoid snow drifts
Mark Milan
Mark Milan 11 aylar önce
Thank you for the update!
Rasher 11 aylar önce
Thats really great to hear
Ross Lewchuk
Ross Lewchuk Yıl önce
Very informative & entertaining, with sincere human interest. Excellent! A good investment of anyone's time.
Hayerubi Hayerubi
Hayerubi Hayerubi Yıl önce
What strong decent intelligent people. Great documentary.
Rob 11 aylar önce
We don’t get sick she says… as she jumps into an icy lake to frolic around during a blizzard. I believe her.
Rocio A.V.
Rocio A.V. Yıl önce
Very interesting documentary in Russia's ice area and know little more about their traditions that are fascinating. Great job and congrats.🦌🦌🌏🌫🌧🌨❄⛄🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Eamonn Reilly
Eamonn Reilly 10 aylar önce
Great info.I spent a week in the area in winter and would love to visit again for longer.
Chase Ofori-Atta
Chase Ofori-Atta Yıl önce
With each documentary, I fall more in love with the beauty of Russia & her people--God bless & thank you for your friendship! -The Ofori-Atta Family
joga Pedro
joga Pedro 9 aylar önce
Muito lindo gostei
terry ford
terry ford Yıl önce
You are awesome!! Keep putting out these very educational docs!!
Ian Burns
Ian Burns 2 aylar önce
Reminds me some of when I lived in International Falls, Minnesota....for those Americans who want to experience cold that is the town in the US to visit. -20 to -40 is commonplace in January. Snow on the ground from about Halloween until May....very similar to Russia
David Gillies
David Gillies Yıl önce
I used to stay at a village called Aultbea by the shores of Loch Ewe Wester Ross Scotland. Where the Artic Convoys used to leave from during WW2. These headed to Murmansk. In very dangerous conditions.
ericgorder1 Yıl önce
i love the work ethics and the spirit of the northern Russians! This is awesome! Thanks for the video!
Baja Dan
Baja Dan Yıl önce
I was in Apatity near Murmansk -- it was a trip of a lifetime !
Zero Yıl önce
Don’t dont stop these videos bro I love them❤️
JJ R Yıl önce
@Free Documentary - Nature Yes, I loved the pace of the film. I though I'd watch a few minutes and instead sat entranced through the whole thing. Great! Thanks.
Rox A.
Rox A. Yıl önce
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature Yıl önce
We won’t! And thanks!
Cayenne Yıl önce
Such a lovely film, thank you to the people that shared themselves and those that brought them to us!
Jackie Reynolds
Jackie Reynolds 11 aylar önce
These are without doubt a special, particular, and a very robust and indivi- dual people to thrive in such a world as this. I am watching this baking in the southern Sonoran desert. It's a rather odd sensation.
Paul 4 aylar önce
This life looks so appealing, so peaceful, clean and quiet but I also grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the 70s and absolutely loved it, Brooklyn was awesome, always something to do, everything was in walking distance, cookouts in the park, climbing out our kitchen window on to the rooftop of the building connected to ours, chillin in a lawn chair gettin a burn
Merlyn Damianose
Merlyn Damianose Yıl önce
Very good documentary. At 70 I have seen a glimpse of life on the ice
fabsir2007 Yıl önce
Great documentary.
yousef milad
yousef milad 4 aylar önce
It looks nice for a week or Two! But I think its hard to spend entire life over there in a remote icy places like this.
Neer KG
Neer KG Yıl önce
Shoot more videos like this. It's better than a movie.
just dev
just dev Yıl önce
Anything is better than a movie. Even a video game is better than a movie.
Luva Yıl önce
I feel sorry for chained dogs I see in many of these places, and it's a shame the animals are tethered, as they are. Love the culture. Thanks for the video, really enjoyed it.
Andrew C
Andrew C Yıl önce
Yup its true we can generate heat. I've worked outside in the rain and snow here in Canada for years, just got to keep on moving. If you work hard enough you can see your hands steaming even when they are still. I came from a small town in Poland, but I didn't see class sizes like that. I remember my friend down the street didn't have a running toilet back in the day, mid 90's. They want to build strong personalities they say, for sure if each child gets that much attention it will empower them for the future. Just my 2 cents. Takich pierogow to ja nie widzialem =) Best wishes.
Mmm Absinthium
Mmm Absinthium 11 aylar önce
zrobie niedlugo takie pierogi, z calych kawalkow ryb i zobacze czy na prawde takie smaczne! :D
Ben Burnett
Ben Burnett 10 aylar önce
Beautiful people and culture, seems like a tuff but rewarding lifestyle
Isiuwa Omorefe
Isiuwa Omorefe Yıl önce
I am watching from West Africa, it’s sunny outside my house , but I was shivering as I watched olga entered the icy water to swim🏊‍♀️ 😳
Barbara Henry
Barbara Henry 9 aylar önce
Haaaa I know
Surojit Pal
Surojit Pal 10 aylar önce
@Rónálðór Dáviðson he/she just his/her instent feeling you can stop being a hypocrite
Isiuwa Omorefe
Isiuwa Omorefe Yıl önce
@Purple Haze same weather pattern , Ghana and Nigeria. No icy water anywhere🤣
Purple Haze
Purple Haze Yıl önce
@Isiuwa Omorefe wow I'm in Ghana 🇬🇭
Madelyn Thomas
Madelyn Thomas 11 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your way of life..for those c of us who can't or don't travel it's like taking a little trip
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 11 aylar önce
Thank you for stopping to let us know you liked it. 😍
Mariavictoria Santos
Mariavictoria Santos 10 aylar önce
wonderful documentary video, it makes me intereting the culture of Russian country, seems so easy lsimple life.. hoping there's no poverty there, it's amazing as the way of living." it's a kind of another paradise creations
Jonny qwest
Jonny qwest Yıl önce
It's great to see how real people live
Shakeer Akram
Shakeer Akram 8 aylar önce
Beautiful place love it.. 💕
sammi atimodu mubarak
sammi atimodu mubarak 11 aylar önce
I am watching from West Africa, Ghana to be specific. Very hot here. Very informative, educative and entertaining. Thanks keep uploading more interesting videos
Laara Dalen
Laara Dalen Yıl önce
I was really curious-, it’s great to travel internationally by video. Thanks!
Mark Clinton
Mark Clinton Yıl önce
Hey 🌹
BadgerUKvideo Yıl önce
There are actually quite a few old forestry roads around that way. I assume the Murmansk Off Roading Club have repaired several bridges. Someone repaired a few about 10/15 years ago.
Nichelle Loh
Nichelle Loh 11 aylar önce
I love ur channel 🤗❤️! I love this type of filming! The ppl r awesome for allowing us in! Thank u & I appreciate all of u & the rein deer 2🤗❤️🇺🇲!
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis 10 aylar önce
I spent Christmas and New Year in Murmansk in the late 1960’s quite memorable
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague 9 aylar önce
Am absolutely LOVING this channel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
International Director
International Director Yıl önce
Great documentary God bless us.
Khaled Abdulazim
Khaled Abdulazim Yıl önce
I like this place! Great documentary.
Stephanie Villaluz
Stephanie Villaluz Yıl önce
The place is actually beautiful!
redrum 11 aylar önce
You are beautiful
Popular Air Travel
Popular Air Travel Yıl önce
Nature cannot be caught unkempt and half-naked, it is always beautiful.
MortalClown Yıl önce
"No one died in the water so far..." Me: I haven't been there yet.
L 11 aylar önce
My Boiler broke one winter in Canada. It was -35 and I waited so long for a shower I finally had one. It took 6x for me to stay under it for a while. After that I got used to it...I got my boiler fixed and now I still take cold showers by choice. Havent had flu or cold since .
Romella Karmey
Romella Karmey Yıl önce
I'm always sweaty and I hate my tropical country. So this place with natural air-conditioning and mosquitoes non-existent is a paradise for me!
Ben Riley
Ben Riley Yıl önce
@Romella Karmey lmao what’s the snap
Romella Karmey
Romella Karmey Yıl önce
@Ben Riley You can come and visit here, babe. My parents aren't home. 🤭 LOL
Ben Riley
Ben Riley Yıl önce
I will switch with you any day, I live just north of Fort McMurray and it is freezing here almost year round. I hate it
Eva 8 aylar önce
I like to see people from different cultures, most of the time their lives are tamed and boring, no much hope but they’re still content. Hard to imagine. Watching all that I come to realization that I am very lucky where I live and all my dreams that I have fulfilled.
Sean Connery
Sean Connery Yıl önce
Very good video,I am awaiting more videos like this.Thank you.
Roseforres 16 saatler önce
Strong people, beautiful country. I wish there was no war.
Kumail Abbas
Kumail Abbas Yıl önce
Wonderful ♥
Hichem Bb
Hichem Bb Yıl önce
I like the east of russia from magadan to viladevostok and the sea of okhtsk and sakhalin and kuril islands and wrangel island😍
Martin Bjalončik
Martin Bjalončik Yıl önce
Blessed and strong Russia, stay like that, for the sake of the whole TRULY FREE world!
FRIENDS Play 10 aylar önce
Tahir Malik
Tahir Malik 11 aylar önce
It's really appreciatable!!
Quest4Adventure 11 aylar önce
The sail maker seems an extraordinary gent.
Bob Hoven
Bob Hoven 11 aylar önce
Lovely documentary, thank you 👋
Pek Ky
Pek Ky 11 aylar önce
Great documentary!
Barbara Henry
Barbara Henry 9 aylar önce
The reindeers are so beautiful I want one !!!! They swim in cold water 💦 oh my !!!!!
Talley Matthews
Talley Matthews 8 aylar önce
I am simply amazed by the lady swimming in the icy cold water what is the temperature? I noticed it was a mast the man was 🎿 skiing how nice the land is uninhabited. Not many people I am sure you love your home
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 8 aylar önce
That lady in the freezing water is NUTS. I would DIE upon contact with the cold like that!!
SaNaM Yıl önce
Love and respect Russia from India..
wolfofrhodeisland X
wolfofrhodeisland X Yıl önce
The sailmaker is a fine craftsman.theres not many men left like this.just like wooden shipwrights.
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek 9 aylar önce
Growing up my dad owned a Polish deli, we made all kinds of pierogi, cabbage, potato and cheese, cheese, apple, blueberry, prune, but I’ve never heard of fish pierogi. 😂
Aurius Blancheman
Aurius Blancheman Yıl önce
Bless that teacher !
Toms onfire
Toms onfire Yıl önce
I miss the cold, it's summer all year round where I live now so I watch these docs with rain and blizzard sounds in the background...ahhhh
iCeleb 10 aylar önce
This place would be an interesting place to live.
DownkneeFresh 9 aylar önce
6:10 is quite true. I'd rather be cherished and appreciated and it not mattering where i want to go than have it the other way around. Maybe that's why so many here are so lost in the west, we have more choices than ever yet more than ever we have the feelings of lack of purpose.
Science_is_Never_Settled Yıl önce
I prefer to wake up under my electric blanket, take a hot bath, drink hot tea, and then sit in my sunroom. 😂
Jampa Surprenant
Jampa Surprenant Yıl önce
Great to learn about the Russian people lived and the way of life in Russian. The people are very tuff's Peoples not afaces of the Weather or the involvement How their are liveing. What is wonderful For the Russian people.
Excellent documentary
kumar s kuppa
kumar s kuppa Yıl önce
Watching the film & thinking how quiet or beautiful is different & practically living there is different. You can't imagine how much those people are struggling to live there
Page Rhoads
Page Rhoads 3 aylar önce
I could never go swimming in ice water 💧 😩
InSearch OfNemo
InSearch OfNemo Yıl önce
In which month was this documentary shot? Wondering if they have the long polar night.
excalibur1812 Yıl önce
All of Texas right now in a rare massive winter storm. I haven't seen it this cold here since 1984 where we had 30 days of -0 temps. The whole state is frozen right now.
B E Yıl önce
@Ivan I lol
Ivan I
Ivan I Yıl önce
So, feel the spirit of arctic!!
KBOS Aviation
KBOS Aviation 11 aylar önce
Interesting how a cold in Russian, "gripa", is the same as in Spanish :-)
Sebastian TH
Sebastian TH 9 aylar önce
Estaba pensando en lo mismo :D
HealthyTalk 7 aylar önce
Amazing Documentary.
Ranadeb Ray
Ranadeb Ray 9 aylar önce
Wonderful documentary done. 👍👍
AndroIDnord 10 aylar önce
I wish you all the best from Murmansk!
Ramiz Northland
Ramiz Northland Yıl önce
I’m sitting in a warm room and I get cold just by watching her in that cold water….brrrrrr ❤️❤️❤️
Lee Sunmi
Lee Sunmi Yıl önce
I’m from a country which is near the equator. It’s very hot and sunny here 365 days summer. I wish to stay there, I like cold n quiet place very peaceful. I never get to see snow before.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze Yıl önce
Lol I relocated to Ghana 🇬🇭 and its too hot for me. I'm not used to this type of extreme heat.I don't know if I am ever going to get used to it but everything else is ok for me.
handsupbud 9 aylar önce
How often does the power go out here? It can snow lightly here in Texas and the lights go out for sometimes hours or maybe days.
O L 9 aylar önce
love to live there 4 months of a year
Cathy Heston
Cathy Heston 10 aylar önce
Very much enjoyed!
Kids Friends PonyRang TV 포니랑 TV 波尼朗
Kids Friends PonyRang TV 포니랑 TV 波尼朗 3 aylar önce
Wow, Hello my friend.. All the best to your channel and hope you have a wonderful day !!!
comment 10 aylar önce
Ugh, i hate the cold. I REALLY hope the climate does warm up, so that Russia can become at least a little more temperate.
John Smith
John Smith 10 aylar önce
Me to. I live in Canada ,Global Warming if fine with me. Sooner the better.
Zakaria Yıl önce
Rellay amazing lifestyle and good video graphy thank you very much sir
Noboh Dy
Noboh Dy Yıl önce
You mean thank you , ma'am
Mark V
Mark V 9 aylar önce
What is the name of the song played on the accordion at 35:28??? I love it!!
sandaruwan ruwan
sandaruwan ruwan 10 aylar önce
The program is very interesting..i ve never seen before like this presentation
Hummingbird 22
Hummingbird 22 9 aylar önce
Those navy dancers were amazing !
Maria’s channel
Maria’s channel Yıl önce
Wonderful video ! Thank you !!!
Mark Clinton
Mark Clinton Yıl önce
Hello Maria how are you doing
Rock 9 aylar önce
i love how first family calendar is set on 2014 and the guy in ship has one from 2012 what time travels are going on in this video ?
Quadri M.A.
Quadri M.A. 11 aylar önce
Beautiful presentation
David Alien
David Alien Yıl önce
I didn’t heard single complaint they just stick to what they have I have been in Russia few times and I love it it is different world. That clock in shop I nearly exploded 😂😂😂 I started shopping now for that clock that will be lovely wedding present lol 🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 . Nice and interesting documentary
David Alien
David Alien Yıl önce
@Eva Levy probably not or it will be edited but I have been in Russia good few times I won’t talk about whole nation but I have been meet quite a lot people there and they stick to what they have
Eva Levy
Eva Levy Yıl önce
If there were complaints do you think they would include it in the show?
Tiffany Stephens
Tiffany Stephens 7 aylar önce
Ryan’s Ark
Ryan’s Ark 10 aylar önce
That old lady could probably take on any man of her own age and probably younger, she was cut for a old lady if you notice when she was explaining about the cold in the hands when she needs to get out. ✊ I probably couldn’t even do a lap in that icy death pit
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda 8 aylar önce
That was pretty damn good.
geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz 11 aylar önce
Amazing world. Very nice film. I like looking at it but not a big cold fan. Brrrrrrrr
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott Yıl önce
This is interesting. But I wish "Free Documentary - Nature" would post the date when this was created. It is only at the end that I gain some context by seeing the credits posting a 2014 Copyright notice
Kri MD
Kri MD Yıl önce
Yeah they steal other people’s content. Actual networks that make these vids .. copyright infringement for sure
Ingrid Hohmann
Ingrid Hohmann 3 aylar önce
Down to Earth people
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