I spent a day with people w/ TERMINAL ILLNESSES

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I spent a day with people who have terminal illnesses to learn the truth about navigating such a complicated and devastating diagnosis.
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AnthonyPadilla 7 aylar önce
come back this Friday for *I spent a day with people w/ ALBINISM*. 🎙NEW PODCAST: Spotify ▸ open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu Apple ▸ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250
TheArcticFox :D
TheArcticFox :D 4 aylar önce
@Exe I agree with u
TheArcticFox :D
TheArcticFox :D 4 aylar önce
My man really did take my request.
Becka Belle
Becka Belle 5 aylar önce
Tysm for this video, my tears complimented my pizza very nicely. Very much love and respect for everyone.
Alex M
Alex M 6 aylar önce
U should do maladaptive daydreamers in the future
Storm Boy
Storm Boy 6 aylar önce
These stories moved me so much. Thank you for doing this type of ISADW!
Victoria Pessotski
Victoria Pessotski 17 saatler önce
I watched this the day it came out, at the time my dad had stage 4 cancer. This helped me not be so scared for him. He died 4 days later. Thank you for bringing us some peace.
James Kirk
James Kirk Gün önce
As someone who had Guillain Barre and nearly died of that as well as having a strange kinda unknown condition on top of the nerve pain I got from recovery, this video hit a little too close to home. Sorry Anthony, I had to stop watching at the 7 minute mark
Nadiyah K
Nadiyah K Gün önce
these people appear so healthy looking, you’d never know they were terminally ill
Kirbules 005
Kirbules 005 4 gün önce
This comment section is extremely respectful, and I love it. Not many comment sections are respectful nowadays...
Bratt Rox
Bratt Rox 4 gün önce
I like the "I tied a bow on the day." Line it's quite accurate to what I try to do knowing so many stories of people who die unexpectedly. Definitely not the same as being terminal but it's import regardless to live your life as though you may leave your loved ones behind. Don't hurt others if possible help them instead and do what makes you happy not miserable. No one is promised tomorrow, but being promised to not have one seems extremly difficult and all the complications that go along with being sick.
Silver Mirai
Silver Mirai 5 gün önce
I think when you die your memory is wiped and you are reborn as a new animal, most likely on another planet, and most likely in another universe, in fact I think we'll live all lives, and we'll do this endlessly in the multiverse, as universes collapse then explode, repeating this cycle infinitely, and that there's no other consciousness in existence but our own, what you call me, is actually me in another instance of consciousness/life. Basically I came up to this conclusion on my own, then I found out it's the theory of panpsychism. What's cool about this is that if you help someone you help yourself, if you do harm to someone you harm yourself, and if you fuck someone you fuck yourself.
Sarah Schlotfeldt
Sarah Schlotfeldt 6 gün önce
Seeing lots of testimonies about this Dr Igudia on TRshow for permanent eradication to Diabetes disease not until i had to give it a try and my health was restored back to normal thanks Dr Igudia
carol luckesi
carol luckesi 6 gün önce
Miles Zvahl
Miles Zvahl 6 gün önce
My partner has CF but I don't know too much about the disease itself. So when he said that the average lifespan of people with the disease is 30 I broke. I wish I had done more research on their disease before, so at the very least, thank you Anthony, for bringing these types of things to light with your videos. I really wish I had known this sooner.
Cleo 9 gün önce
I could never laugh with people I know they will die early.A is strong I would cry all the time idk I am a soft person
Cleo 9 gün önce
The fact that they look healthy and confident wow I have so much respect for them
Andrés Mendoza
Andrés Mendoza 9 gün önce
We celebrate death in México. We don't grief, we accept and flirt with death.
Olivia 10 gün önce
Jemery is such a beautiful person
Victoria Garcia
Victoria Garcia 10 gün önce
28:00 "if we are not able to laugh, then whats the !&@$ing point?" *remembers when i came out of fathers day to my parents at chili's, leading to me crying in a bathroom stall* ... yeah your right
𝑅𝑂𝑆𝐸 10 gün önce
could you make a video with recovered addicts and the stigma around addiction? i feel like addiction affects so many people but has so much hate and judgement pushed at it and i think it could be really eye opening to a lot of peopl
lablabi kun
lablabi kun 10 gün önce
where i live we burry ppl directly in the soil to "feed" the plants wich i think is assome
Darkworld Infinity
Darkworld Infinity 12 gün önce
Live life to the fullest
Leona C
Leona C 12 gün önce
I made myself sit down and watch this because I've been mortally afraid of the idea of death since I was 5, I had panic attacks at that age at the concept of death and to cope with not thinking about it I developed a tappig/counting ocd to stop my thoughts (thankfully that's stopped now) I had to pause halfway through this video because the sadness is overwhelming for me. I wish I could go spend time with someone who has a culture that views death differently, I need to change my relationship with it because because so afraid that I pretend it doesn't exist doesn't do any good for my life or anxiety either
Hel_ Gaming
Hel_ Gaming 12 gün önce
My heart goes out to these people. My mother has crohn’s , MS, and 2 brain tumors. She always tells me to live everyday with no regrets and make the best of every moment I have and always make sure to write me notes before I leave back to college.
Sketch With Aaron
Sketch With Aaron 13 gün önce
Jeremie completely calmed me down about the thought of death. I’ve been struggling with just imagining it lately but this video completely reversed that. Thank you. These people are all so individually amazing and hold so much wisdom.
The Emerald King
The Emerald King 13 gün önce
I have an estimated 3 months left to live due to cancer. I'm putting this comment here knowing that when I'm gone this will still exist and some random strangers will know I existed.
Edgy Umbreon
Edgy Umbreon 14 gün önce
With how happy that guy is about dieing he seems like he would be a serial killer who would take his victims and then do the Tibetan sky burial thing with his body and his victims once he dies and give everyone's body to nature... hes a little too obsessed with death ngl
ellen 15 gün önce
i have cystic fibrosis too and it’s very inspiring and such a relief to see people talking more about i, thank you!!!
Camila de Aquino
Camila de Aquino 15 gün önce
I would love to have more deep and meaningful conversations with people like this, especially about such a pertinent and unavoidable subject as death. Those people are rare and precious, I appreciate having the opportunity to listen to them and to know a little bit about them and their journey. Thank you!
Lia Velecico
Lia Velecico 15 gün önce
My best friend has cancer but she survived I’m so happy
Nancy B
Nancy B 16 gün önce
The people who follow Zoroastrianism here in India also practice the Tibetan sky burial.
Kadeja Mize
Kadeja Mize 18 gün önce
What if he did like “ I spent a day with different political parties” cause I am really curious on why people think the way they think
teresita 16 gün önce
Kenny van Diemen
Kenny van Diemen 19 gün önce
Absolutely love this series! Especially the more controversial and difficult topics. Although we live in a free-speech society, some subjects are avoided or actively repressed, these videos are a great way to re-open the conversation and start thinking and talking about these subjects. I do have two points of feedback: 1) I noticed in this video (and a couple of others) that some guests get less screen time than others. As a viewer I don't know why this happened (in this video probably because of the video quality). It might be an idea to include a sentence or two in the video to explain why this happened. 2) As an interviewer you have a tendency to go on a little monologue from time to time. There's nothing wrong with giving your own perspective, but during a interview you could start that section with 'I can imagine that....' or 'From my perspective.....'. It helps to keep the guest's story and your own perspective separated. Again: Love this series and please keep on being awesome! I've learned a lot from these videos and the guest's unique perspectives has helped me grow both personally and professionally (as a therapist). Video idea: Children of parents with mental illness. It's hard to separate your personal story from that of your parents. For me it's been a struggle with a lot of anger towards myself and towards my parents. But also an extreme sense of loyalty to protect their story, halting my own progress in therapy. A lot of misunderstanding from the outside world. (What do I have to complain about, I haven't gone through any trauma... right?) A video about this subject might help those struggling to claim their own story and feel heard and understood. (These days I'm in a good spot, I've found a way to channel my story into a positive force in my work and the bond between me and my parents is healthy and stronger than ever).
Mimsy Goodcat
Mimsy Goodcat 20 gün önce
Anthony, do you stay friends with these people? Sickbay seems like such a laugh and a great guy. I hooe he's still around.
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 20 gün önce
Could you do a video with people who have survived covid?
Matchmantis 72
Matchmantis 72 20 gün önce
I was going through a tuff time and watching this guy not give any sh** about the little things actually made me think a out life differently and makes me feel better and now I can actually get thu the day in a better mood then before I watched this video. So thank you for helping me thu my tuff time lol
Spheraz 22 gün önce
Ashton Kerr
Ashton Kerr 22 gün önce
Thank you for this video. I too have a terminal illness known as Huntington's Disease. It's a hereditary genetic disorder that causes neurodegeneration, the death of neurons and their pathways, and it also messes with the basal ganglia pathway (what controls motor functions). My father passed away when I was only 12 from Huntington's, and I got genetic testing to test if I also have Huntington's, and I do. Definitely up there in the top ten worst birthday presents from my dad. There is no cure, but there are medicines that can help you manage. I don't really talk about it, unless people ask me directly about why I have jerky movements (the Medical term is chorea). I've only ever told my best friend about it unprovoked. I don't want people to treat me differently because it, so I don't really talk about it. But listening to these interviews has pushed me to consider letting more people around me know about what I'm going through. So, again, thank you Anthony.
WaiLoud? 23 gün önce
thank you anthony genuinely thank you so much
Emma McKee
Emma McKee 23 gün önce
I have a galaxy coffin tattoo with the quote from chief Seattle “there is no death, only a change of worlds.” I think it’s the truest, coolest quote ever. I think it’s so comforting because it holds true no matter your beliefs. We aren’t just our bodies, we’re a soul or an energy. We simply take a different form, go to a different realm, or provide energy to another body. We dont ever end, we just change.
Beetless 23 gün önce
We do just end
Lewy Hipp
Lewy Hipp 24 gün önce
My sister has cf, when she was a baby she was dying and every doctor my mother went to wouldn’t or couldn’t help her. She finally found a wonderful cf doctor that diagnosed my sister and saved her life, he was her doctor all while growing up and truly was a gift to our family. Both of us were raised with the knowledge of what cf means, grew up with our parents crying because insurance wouldn’t cover medicine or machines that would keep her healthy, trying to afford it all, but in the end we have a real appreciation for how precious life is and how important family is
cadencore 24 gün önce
i have cystic fibrosis but it's always been classed as a chronic illness not a terminal illness-- but i mean ..they're not completely wrong i guess (but im on trikafta which is a new medication for it which basically gets rid of/greatly reduces most of my symptoms so i'm okay :))
Bryn Johnson
Bryn Johnson 24 gün önce
Hey Anthony! I loved the insight I gained from this video 💜 would you consider doing an episode focused on people with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain disorders? I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I’d love to see interviews with others with similar chronic illnesses.
learner boy 14
learner boy 14 26 gün önce
Actually you never die! Your body does. You are spritual being and have always existed and will always continue to exist.
VirtualBeam 27 gün önce
Why’d this video take away my phobia of death.
Homo Nerdese Stupidicus
Homo Nerdese Stupidicus 28 gün önce
I just realized that he's the artzooka host omg!
Sasha Howell
Sasha Howell 28 gün önce
hey what does terminal mean i typing it up and all there is, is a turle
keriialee 28 gün önce
• dj •
• dj • Aylar önce
i thought 'he usually says the wonderous world' but you didn't this time, love it
Trenbologna Sandwich
Trenbologna Sandwich Aylar önce
Dude just gave Anthony 9 hours to live holy fuck
hannavuorio83 Aylar önce
I hope these intreviews read my comment... Even if you know you will die "early" (or not, we all die someday) I hope that You remember that you are YOU, there isn't any reason why you should be "saint". You can be one a*s someday like anyone else would be. You can be scared, feeling helpless etc... There isn't reason to Be something else... Hope that you understand what I mean, not everyone have to like you, only ppl who care about you ♥️ I have been "dead" and I can tell that there isn't light or anything else behind it. There's nothing to be afraid of (my heart stopped and meds really made work to get me back here). Only living ones will have hard time after, but you know before and can do so much before "your time to go", so I hope you Will Be happy and live this time fully♥️
Bonkers Aylar önce
why are they here if they don't have high chances of dying and don't see huge differences with their life
Bonkers Aylar önce
not a survivor you still have it
Bonkers Aylar önce
diagnosed we should know pretty well undiagnosed we don't
HaleyGetsBored Aylar önce
Memento Mori
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox Aylar önce
Everyone go watch Ask A Mortician!
S B Aylar önce
Got them white folks. BIPOC are in another category
Milena Martins
Milena Martins Aylar önce
This video helped me seeing the death in other way! All of them are so brave and inspiring. I cant even explain
Graceeb Life
Graceeb Life Aylar önce
Wow. With someone with cystic fibrosis, it was really cool to see someone else’s perception of their life with this illness. Hope all are staying healthy & well 🥰✨
Fluffygirl 1000
Fluffygirl 1000 Aylar önce
I hope that everyone in this video is doing well even with their illness
moth Aylar önce
i hope someday i grow to be as comfortable of death as jeremie. i am mortified everytime i think of it. it just freaks me out so much. and i hope that ill be able to get over that yk
Mulder Simp
Mulder Simp Aylar önce
Honestly don't understand americans who aren't willing to pay more in taxes to get free health care.
Robin Hollinger
Robin Hollinger Aylar önce
Wow. This is an amazing video.
Nadia Majeski
Nadia Majeski Aylar önce
I resonate with Jeremie and his idea of giving his body back. I’m donating my body to science for more research on my rare disease and because I can’t donate my organs because they aren’t viable. It’s hard having to constantly explain that my life isn’t a given. But I use humor to cope but it sucks so much. But this makes me feel so much better.
Morgan Rosentrater
Morgan Rosentrater Aylar önce
There’s a relatively new burial option in Washington state where you can have your body composted. Your family still gets some of the compost so they can spread it like ashes, but that way you have a more environmentally friendly burial.
UwU Da Fluffalo 🪓🐇
UwU Da Fluffalo 🪓🐇 Aylar önce
Bless them ❤ Nobody.. NOBODY should ever feel this way so young.
Alondra Rocha
Alondra Rocha Aylar önce
He is literally Jake Johnson
dxnzaii Aylar önce
Thank you for this video, truly. I have never really had to face death first hand until the death of my grandma during COVID of last year. She was an amazing beautiful women and I never saw her without a smile on her face. She protected me, loved me, cared for me. I still love and appreciate her memories so much. Since it was my first time dealing with death in the face it was scary but honestly it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. It made me realize that death gives our lives meaning. If you were immortal and unable to die every thing you do is pointless because eventually you will do absolutely everything this realm of existence has to offer. Since we have a day we die, because of that simple fact alone everything we do has meaning. We give time to take care of ourselves, to spend time with people, to enjoy the present because we only have so much time in this world to do those things. We are actively choosing how to spend our time in every moment and everything we decide to do. Watching this video, me commenting, you scrolling through comments. It is an option and makes every little thing important because we are using our time to do it so it must be important to us or someone else in some sort of way. I think this video was a beautiful reminder of that. We ourselves and our bodies are useless shells that will slowly decay over time no matter what we do. With our consciousness we decide to do everything every action. It makes every single so much more special if you think of life in not terms that nothing means anything and we all die but the idea that we all die so we need to appreciate every moment we have. Thank you for reminding me of that, keep doing what you’re doing because you do absolutely nothing spreading and sharing love in the best way Anthony and I thank you for each and every topic you cover.
Irvin Gudino
Irvin Gudino Aylar önce
I cried when he read the autobiography, because i am not a terminally ill patient yet feel the same way. Yes i am diagnosed with mental disorders but i really dont see the point in many things.
Lestat de Lioncourt
Lestat de Lioncourt Aylar önce
I kinda love the idea of a Tibetan sky burial… no vultures where I live though.
Lycon Solo's
Lycon Solo's Aylar önce
Jeez, Jeremie got diagnosed early. My mom wasn't diagnosed until she was 16. She is fine and alive still, she is a great mom and keeps me on my toes. Also, fun fact, she doesn't a pancreas so when she eats, she has to take meds to digest her food. She forgets it half the time lol
UsernamesForDummies Aylar önce
My family and I have purchased a tree grave. In my country, these are designated trees in a normal forest. They are only marked by a two-letter code. Once someone has died, the roots of the tree are opened up and the ashes are poured inside, then the hole is closed again. There is no grave stone and flowers and trinkets are not allowed. There is no gardener who will attend to the grave, the gardener is nature itself. You can go around the forest and chose from the designated trees the one you like. Prices vary according to the tree. You pay once and can bury up to 10 people there, including pets. The tree is yours for 30 years, I think. Since neither my brother nor I have children, we thought this is a great idea. And we will all be together with my mum, our partners and pets. And the nutrients from our ashes will make the tree grow.
carot Aylar önce
Imagine he was some crazy wizard who cursed whoever set their timer for 9:30 and now everyone who did it will die when it hits zero. that would be unexpected I think
JustARandomPerson Aylar önce
Crohns and being anemic isn’t exactly terminal but it certainly isn’t fun. I can’t imagine having something even worse, that could shorten your life.
Identity External
Identity External Aylar önce
As someone whose mind is often on the meaning of life and hard work vs giving my self time to recoup...this changes a lot. In a good way though. My philosophy is the same, but this actually ended up being very uplifting. It makes me want to just go for it on a lot of things...and also question the merit of doing things all for a cumulative result...but the knowledge I'm looking for is for me just like it is for that result. I'm still scared, but I can be brave.
Identity External
Identity External Aylar önce
I entered this video knowing I would get existential again, but I think it's got to be worth it.
vmars Aylar önce
Ayo its the dude from artzooka😔
the g note jumpscared me- but like… emo jumpscare 🖤 ⛓
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott Aylar önce
You should do an episode with funeral directors! Caitlin Doughty (Ask a Mortician) would be a fabulous guest!
Candace Winfield
Candace Winfield Aylar önce
Sending prayers and positive thoughts for all the guests , thank you so much for sharing such a personal part of your lives with us. Thank you Anthony for being strong enough to handle this emotional issue 🤗
Perth Shawarmas
Perth Shawarmas 2 aylar önce
I wanna give all these ppl a big hug
Mahira Majeed
Mahira Majeed 2 aylar önce
jeremie sounds like andrew from buzzfeed
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura 2 aylar önce
Man, jeremie is so cool, like, thats the kinda person I admire, because it's 100% the way I see life too
2 aylar önce
thats deep
MrPontikas 2 aylar önce
that intro lowkey gave me Unus Annus vibes
Derpy Cats
Derpy Cats 2 aylar önce
My mouth dropped at feeding the body to the vultures. To think once you’re dead you’re just vulture food But I agree a casket burial is too much. I’d like to return to the earth in some form too
Rickey 2 aylar önce
I sat in a doctors office for five min just yelling them I was recommended by another nurse for an enhauler. No kidding 5min that was 200 usd after insurance.
curbalist 2 aylar önce
my mother had cancer :(
Sara Hernandez
Sara Hernandez 2 aylar önce
I did the thing where Jeremie said to pull out your phone and put in a timer. the moment he said that is the amount of time you have left before you die what are you going to do? "what are the things that you feel like you need to say that you didn't say yet, that you've been putting off to the side?" tears flooded. because I knew exactly what I wanted to do that I have been putting off to the side, which is cheesy. confessing to someone I know I have feelings for but I'm too scared to because I fear ruining our friendship. even if they were to reject me, at least I got to say it. I appreciate Jermemie's perspective of life and death.
bodhi 2 aylar önce
Can you please do a "I spent a day with people living with LVH" as it is not something that is really talked about as a chronic cardiovascular disease
Qwynn Preston
Qwynn Preston 2 aylar önce
My little cousins has cf
Kit Parker
Kit Parker 2 aylar önce
I like how these videos challenge my implicate bias. For example, upon clicking a video of those with terminal illness, I found myself expecting to see individuals who “looked sick”. This is not to devalue the individuals in the video nor anyone else fighting this battle, but to bring light to the fact that media has taught me to unintentionally devalue illnesses that are not “obvious” such as the common image of someone without hair and appearing very underweight to the idea of someone having cancer. I might have never realized this bias without videos like these as I myself have an “invisible illness” that is generalized anxiety and possible Asperger’s. Neither of which are terminal, but highly stigmatized. Even so, I am not immune to the bias that media puts out and am constantly challenging myself. Thank you Anthony and the wonderful people who appeared on this video and all others for sharing their stories and challenging my bias.
Emilia 2 aylar önce
this video really was like an awakening for me. I struggle with anxiety and depression and being an 18 almost 19-year old I had so many worries and weight on me from unnecessary things that don't matter. I've always struggled and been scared with the idea of death, the inevitable and not being able to control the inevitable. Before this video, I could have never imagined a person like Jeremie existed. A person who is in the position he is now and be so content and appreciating of his life to come. This video and Jeremie's words were the things I think I longed to hear, the words I feared but at the same time yearned for. To hear him talk about death in such a glorifying way put me at peace with my existence and made me want to step back from what life I had been living and focus on what really mattered. Not in a way where I just don't want to try anymore and that death is inevitable and my life doesn't matter but in a way where I want to do more, to achieve great things, to follow my dreams, and help the world and myself. I truly thank Anthony, Jeremie, and the rest of the people who appeared in this video for such an insightful look into the world and the lives we live.
Yogurt night
Yogurt night 2 aylar önce
This was a great ad for a Tibetan sky burial
Yogurt night
Yogurt night 2 aylar önce
So much love to all these people. I’m so happy that you guys were willing to come and tell us your stories. Thank you Anthony for being so respectful to all these people. ❤️💕
Lati 2 aylar önce
This touched me lol
Sharp 2 aylar önce
I've come to realize that happiness and anxiety/sadness are the same emotion/feeling, just perceived differently. It really makes you ponder.
Jqhnnyy 2 aylar önce
you always have so much time to jermie. and you connected with him more than the others. i see right through your bullshit
Jqhnnyy 2 aylar önce
disliked the video. you clickbaited adding a time in your thumbnail giving this misconception that these people are dying.
Nano_Boy31 2 aylar önce
Oh damn 1 whole dislike how will he ever recover from this
nikname 00
nikname 00 2 aylar önce
Idk why but when i heard that he loves cinema i just cried a little, maybe humanising or knosing that he wouldn't have as many chances as other people
Jessica Cloney
Jessica Cloney 2 aylar önce
I didn't know cancer has been around since 3000 bc 🤯
GamersParadise 2 aylar önce
As soon as I clicked on the video I got an ad on terminal illness
Twichy Ramen
Twichy Ramen 2 aylar önce
Anthony could you do a video with people who have trichotillomania?
Kalalilly Kal
Kalalilly Kal 2 aylar önce
Man, listening to Jeremie was so moving and inspiring. Like I started tearing up and he was just so right about death and mortality and just like wow
AdenTheWolfEngine 2 aylar önce
COVID IS NOW the number one thing I think that causes death
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