[White noise] Beautiful rain and thunder in the woods ⚡, extremely comfortable rain and relax sleep

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Nature music

The beautiful rain and thunder from the depths of the woods. This time I changed the new recording equipment and collected very clear rain sounds. This is extremely comfortable rain sounds, suitable for sleep, relaxation, healing, concentration, and learning. , Mindfulness, sleep aid, falling asleep, decompression, asmr, white noise, rain, thunder, natural white noise, 2021

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Copyright notice: The above video and audio content are all filmed and produced by myself. We are in high mountains and occasionally go out to travel and shoot. Hope it can help you relax and sleep! Thank you for watching and subscribing! Your support is my greatest encouragement! thank you all!

©Music of Nature, 2021. all rights reserved. Any reproduction or reprinting of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.

Hy My Trang
Hy My Trang 4 dakika önce
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Natalie Leonard
Natalie Leonard 31 dakika önce
I wish people were this pleasant in traffic as they are in this particular comment section. Blessings upon all y’all mmmmkay. You have restored a bit of my lost faith in humanity.
Angel Ochoa
Angel Ochoa 16 saatler önce
Gizell Thomas
Gizell Thomas Gün önce
Love it.
Alex Howard
Alex Howard Gün önce
This is my favourite of all rain sounds to go to sleep . Perfect rain sound and good thunder/ no thunder ratio. a real piece of art
Chill Relaxation Vibes
Chill Relaxation Vibes Gün önce
js creative priyambada
js creative priyambada 2 gün önce
So beautiful
楊鎮嘉 3 gün önce
AI MUSIC 3 gün önce
Visit for Relaxing Beach Video • Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music !!
Relaxing blog
Relaxing blog 4 gün önce
Very nice 👌
Exquizit relaxing sounds
Exquizit relaxing sounds 5 gün önce
What a lovely video. ❤ Thank you 🙏❤
Isaac Hargrave
Isaac Hargrave 5 gün önce
I love this too!!
Dark Fred
Dark Fred 5 gün önce
Can you maybe make a version with early morning bird sounds, which start at 3.30 am in the sommertime with rain and thunder in the distance. That is for me the most relaxing sound to calm down and start sleeping in around 10-15 min.
S B 5 gün önce
I guess no one uses that trail.
jada detorres
jada detorres 5 gün önce
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DogHouse Gmail
DogHouse Gmail 5 gün önce
Thank I needed that
Chillax Center
Chillax Center 6 gün önce
Keep believing that everything will be fine.
Hello Google
Hello Google 6 gün önce
Why'd you do it
Mental Relaxation Station
Mental Relaxation Station 6 gün önce
I could listen to this all day. So soothing and relaxing!
John 3:16
John 3:16 2 gün önce
Sooner or later you'll have to get up and become productive, if you plan to eat and pay the bills. Reality sets in very fast.
Alex Young
Alex Young 6 gün önce
Wonderful forest area, I could stand there with an umbrella. It's sad going outside seeing everyone constantly driving during the day. Always going to places when they should stop at least for 2 hours a day and appreciate Gods creation.
Alex Young
Alex Young 4 gün önce
@Jay Jay lol God is good that's why he saved my life 15 years ago when I was pushed off a cliff into a 2 mile down only being stopped on one of the ledges head first. Doctors said only 1 in a billion could make the fall and survive, guise that means I'm one of those 1 in a billion. To clarify your response, don't tell people to repent for they're sins. God gave us bodies and individual souls to make those decisions not others telling others to repent, we as individual people have our own way and right to decide when and how and if we want to repent.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 5 gün önce
God is good. That's why He sent Jesus. To save you and me. Repent for your sins and mine. Go to Him and you'll find freedom and life in Him
اكرم حسن
اكرم حسن 7 gün önce
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وآله الطاهرين الطيبين الكرام بعدد خلقك ورضا نفسك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك آمين يارب العالمين وفي الملأ الأعلى إلى يوم الدين دائما وابدا
INFP THE HEAIER 7 gün önce
اين يقع هدا المكان اتمنى ان ازوره يوما ما هو يعيش في احلامي
Michigan Kid
Michigan Kid 7 gün önce
Peace and love to all.
SoothingSync 7 gün önce
Serenity at its finest, these videos are so relaxing.
Ann taylor
Ann taylor 7 gün önce
I feel so worthless...
Techpriest 7 gün önce
That moment when, you get spooked for a second because your half asleep mind thinks the cam was looking down hill and the rain was flowing up it /Facepalm xD
Roxie Roxie
Roxie Roxie 8 gün önce
Than❤️🙏❤️Q Many blessings to all!!!
David Pottinger
David Pottinger 8 gün önce
I wonder if this place is in Taiwan, near DaHu (big lake). I think there's a trail there that looks exactly like this, except I saw it on a sunny day.
Channel Zero
Channel Zero 9 gün önce
It's amazing how you can skip to any part of this video and still get the same sounds. I love it.
Bea 9 gün önce
I'm gay
oleg sokolov
oleg sokolov 9 gün önce
Засыпаю через три минуты!!!! Вот уже неделю приятные сны снятся под этот шум дождя! СПАСИБО!!!!!
Peppabot 1000
Peppabot 1000 9 gün önce
Man I need to sleep lol. My knee jerk reaction was to immediately want to take in the laundry as soon as possible the second I played this video. Man I only got a few brain cells to rub together left I need to use EM more efficiently lol
Sleepalooza 9 gün önce
to whoever reads this, you matter, you will get through this. everything will be alright, you are amazing and beautiful.
Relaxing Rain Sounds
Relaxing Rain Sounds 9 gün önce
Wow, nice rain sounds
Nature Therapy
Nature Therapy 10 gün önce
To whoever is reading this, you are loved. You are blessed. Your dreams are manifesting as we speak. Time is on your side. Everything will work out in your favor. May you find more love, peace and prosperity. Keep shining your light in this world. We need you and we love you.
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing 3 saatler önce
@Marko Bighead the fact that he has to allude to God is even more saddening and pathetic. All for the goal of achieving likes. As you indicated, him making people feel that the world belongs to them, although with seemingly good intentions, ain’t gonna help as they’re going to later realize it ain’t true and thereby feel like a failure and worthless
Marko Bighead
Marko Bighead 8 saatler önce
@Henry C. Double cringe. Go worship your dead carpenter Jew somewhere else.
Marko Bighead
Marko Bighead 8 saatler önce
@Jay Jay Cringe.
Marko Bighead
Marko Bighead 8 saatler önce
Toxic positivity is just as bad as cynicism and negativity. Gibberish like this doesn't help anyone, and often does not and never will apply to many. It doesn't inspire hope. It's just woefully naive and your words are hollow and meaningless when used so frivolously to the point of no longer having any significance whatsoever.
Travis Argenbright
Travis Argenbright 2 gün önce
@Î Like Girls haha
SuperMarioBurton 10 gün önce
SuperMarioBurton 10 gün önce
SuperMarioBurton 10 gün önce
SuperMarioBurton 10 gün önce
Goldx_xSaucer_FF 11 gün önce
Bug sound
Fresh Nature Channel
Fresh Nature Channel 11 gün önce
Nice video ...
Masuidi Sika
Masuidi Sika 11 gün önce
Feels soo good to sleep with
BOXCAR JAKE 11 gün önce
This helps me sleep soundly. I have bad ringing in my ears. I was over in the Iraq war. A civilian wrecker operator 2 years for the Marine supply convoys Al Taqaddum camp TQ. Also keeps the mind off some memories while asleep. Although I do miss the OTW convoy missions in Iraq, I miss my nights sleep more when I do not get it. Thank you
BOXCAR JAKE 7 gün önce
@Geezermann who’s Brandon?
Geezermann 10 gün önce
I also have bad tinnitus. I like the rain and thunder sounds to help me sleep. This one has very good rain sounds. I also like the ones with crickets chirping all night. Thanks for serving, glad you made it back. Let's Go Brandon.
Dennis J. Isreal
Dennis J. Isreal 12 gün önce
Me Saw Yesterday On The Edge Of Night, While Me Was Searching For Tomorrow; As The World Turns N2 Another Day Dream 4 Me 2 Live Out Today N Living Colors, Cause Me Said A Little Prayer 4 Me & The Young and The Restless 2
Meral Akbiyik
Meral Akbiyik 12 gün önce
Кот Урала 2
Кот Урала 2 12 gün önce
радуга пропаганда содомии
Wisteria bell鈴
Wisteria bell鈴 13 gün önce
クリティ高い音で その他多数のの自然音の中でも一番のお気に入りです💖 ありがとうございます!
Ночью пописал это хорошо, плохо что в постель
deez1 nutz1
deez1 nutz1 13 gün önce
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Amanda M
Amanda M 13 gün önce
Trying to drown out the sound of snoring😖
اكرم حسن
اكرم حسن 14 gün önce
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وآله الطاهرين الطيبين الكرام بعدد خلقك ورضا نفسك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك و في الملأ الأعلى إلى يوم الدين وزد وبارك آمين يارب العالمين
Joseph Harkrider
Joseph Harkrider 14 gün önce
One day I'll have a cabin in the woods. And I won't have to come to TRshow for this
ストレス解消 音楽
ストレス解消 音楽 14 gün önce
ついに癌がないというニュースを得た後、これを聞いています。 ここに来たすべての人に愛と光を送る
Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson 14 gün önce
Luv this feel asleep with my phone on and woke up to a dead phone XD best sleep I've ever had.
Relaxing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds 15 gün önce
Nice video!!!
Noel Gonzalez
Noel Gonzalez 15 gün önce
This is in Costa Rica ! I know this location
Tedcy Ted
Tedcy Ted 15 gün önce
If we still doing earning money unlimitedly, we'll no longer have this kind of sound in reality
Bob B.
Bob B. 15 gün önce
Hibiscus tea and this audio made for a wonderful nightmare/ dream. Isochronic would be ideal cause that's how I listen through one bose speaker with lots of bass.
Kathy Rowland
Kathy Rowland 15 gün önce
Ýv v.
16 gün önce
睡 不 著
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Forrest 16 gün önce
Oh my gosh, thankyou so much. I am prone to bouts of acute insomnia and have had lteraly no sleep at all for 4 days. Listening to this just relaxed me so much. The overall sound was so real and familiar to me . I was soon out for a walk in the hills when the rain came in, but I was was soon in a nice little wooden shelter with a bench so I just lay on that and closed my eyes. I was so greatful when I realised that I had had a micro-sleep, then more. I think I ended up getting a solid hour or so. Thankyou so much..🙏
FernandoJPC 16 gün önce
Espero que todos puedan encontrar tranquilidad y puedan relajarse, todos nos merecemos un descanso, muchas gracias por todas las buenas vibras que me transmiten sus comentarios. 💚
John Bluncao
John Bluncao 17 gün önce
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Good Night Sounds
Good Night Sounds 17 gün önce
Muchas cosas van cambiando pero unas serán aternas como estas melodías. Uffff. Quien está de acuerdo..
relax time
relax time 17 gün önce
Stéfani Rodrigues
Stéfani Rodrigues 18 gün önce
sleep tight guys! sweet dreams 🌙
W Washington
W Washington 18 gün önce
This is so nice, no static.
Dee Cook
Dee Cook 18 gün önce
The light never changes for 10 hours. How can that be?
薇薇薇鹅 18 gün önce
•••I love ramen•Do you?•••
•••I love ramen•Do you?••• 17 gün önce
後洿唹 にght
111touni 18 gün önce
Jay 18 gün önce
This is my favourite sound in the world.
JOHN MCBREARTY 18 gün önce
Realistic like I'm there Cool
Rosalie Beckwith
Rosalie Beckwith 18 gün önce
This is the best!I slept so well I didn’t hear my alarm ring. I might add that I am 80 yrs young ! Why do I have to set my alarm! I’m retired!🤷🏼‍♀️pleasant dreams and be kind to you!🧑🏽‍🎨 🙏✝️
southpoletrotter 5 saatler önce
You are wonderful! You are retired and this is the perfect time for you to truly enjoy all the essence of life as it is unfolding. I'd say, keep that alarm ringing and waking you up - get up in the morning and do a nice meditation, stare at nature, enjoy the morning with your favourite morning beverage, and then a slow mindful breakfast. May I suggest reading a book called "Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life". I think it's a beautiful book and you'll enjoy it! Much love!
StatzG0d 15 gün önce
Rosalie you are a legend. Wonderful to hear you've enjoyed this. I also love these sounds and get so much pleasure out of them
Aim A tepid
Aim A tepid 15 gün önce
Wish I could say the same……..I’m 60 years OLD !
Dona Holleman
Dona Holleman 16 gün önce
Yes why do you have to set the alarm? I am also 80 years young. Wonderful to sleep in in the morning. First thing while still in bed put on this "music'. Morning meditation!
Nieves Moreno Sánchez
Nieves Moreno Sánchez 19 gün önce
Hola como megusta es cuchar las tormentas esta es Bonita ladoi 10.
tanto si sa chi c'è dietro questi nick
tanto si sa chi c'è dietro questi nick 19 gün önce
Cat with a Beard - Chill Chill Bangkok
Cat with a Beard - Chill Chill Bangkok 19 gün önce
Joan Thompson
Joan Thompson 19 gün önce
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Alicia plus Alex TV
Alicia plus Alex TV 19 gün önce
love nature sounds
سِين الحربي
سِين الحربي 19 gün önce
Never Catch A Falling Knife
Never Catch A Falling Knife 19 gün önce
At least there are no "I don't you who you are, I know you might be having a difficult time, but I want you to know that I love you" vomit inducing posts here (as far as I can see) BTW I've subbed to this channel this will help me unwind and sleep much better. Thank you
Ритуля Жемчужная
Ритуля Жемчужная 19 gün önce
Шикарно! Чудесно! Всё отлично со звуками. Но не хватает только к этой музыки дождя свежего воздуха - озона !!!👍👍👍🤔😄🌨️⛈️💧
Natalhia Karollaine
Natalhia Karollaine 20 gün önce
katerina tsoleridou
katerina tsoleridou 20 gün önce
Hello from greece always calming thank you💞
Luz Ester Lazo Rojas
Luz Ester Lazo Rojas 20 gün önce
Buenas tardes, como no hemos tenido lluvias yo por las noches pongo este video cierro mis hojos y imajino que esta lloviendo y me quedo dormida extraño la lluvia ☔ gracias por este video bendiciones 🌹
Light Rain Sounds
Light Rain Sounds 20 gün önce
I wish for you a beautiful life filled with amazing moments that take your breath away and remind you the value of little things are immeasurable. Have a wonderful day ahead beautiful souls♥️
This kind of music is so beautiful 😍💕 i mean like i was in a deep deep sleep , 💤 im going to keep listening to this all the time i love nature sounds😘💯
t kutty samule
t kutty samule 21 gün önce
സൂപ്പർ .നല്ല ഉറക്കം
不想睡的貓 21 gün önce
Chillout Music ♪
Chillout Music ♪ 21 gün önce
For the 2% who read this, I wish you for a total success in your next project!!!
Nicky S
Nicky S 12 gün önce
Of course You too 💙
Nicky S
Nicky S 12 gün önce
Ahwww thank you I needed your comment had bad news in my project, little hope left now I am going to see my two best friends ♥♥ maybe we can get a solution. You put a smile on my face with your comment. Lots of Love from Germany 💙💙
Atul D
Atul D 15 gün önce
Thank you.
Line ELG
Line ELG 16 gün önce
Thank you ! You too :D
Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh 16 gün önce
U'd be surprised who reads comments.
Joan Molina Carbonell
Joan Molina Carbonell 21 gün önce
It's difficult for me to sleep, but with this sound I can relax and sleep properly. Thank you very much.
i got mad skills
i got mad skills 21 gün önce
Dj P
Dj P 21 gün önce
Sizzling bacon
teneburrell 21 gün önce
Been listening to this for the last few days and my sleep has been perfect! Thank you 😊
Larry Ward
Larry Ward 22 gün önce
The video is on a 15 second loop.
Adrian Roman
Adrian Roman 22 gün önce
is my favorite
Yilun Mao
Yilun Mao 22 gün önce
 Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation 22 gün önce
Gostaria de dar meu testemunho, a alguns dias fiz uma entrevista de emprego e fiquei esperando a resposta, ontem a noite para acalmar meu coração, eu fui dormir escutando esse áudio, e pra minha surpresa quando acordei, tinha recebido um email dizendo que tinha sido aprovada! Quero deixar aqui minha gratidão a Deus e ao universo por ter atendido às minhas vibrações! Gratidão 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌻
Aviel Ramírez
Aviel Ramírez 22 gün önce
Nice 😊 on the sleep 😴
Pherce Akil
Pherce Akil 22 gün önce
i’m smoking
Time - The Soul Of Flower
Time - The Soul Of Flower 22 gün önce
This sounds so perfect
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