How to Survive a Car With No Brakes?

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You are in your car, driving along nicely. You see the lights ahead turning red and naturally you hit the brakes.... Nothing happens. You slam on the brakes harder, but your car doesn't slow down. In fact, because the road is on a slight downward slope, you are speeding up. Do you know how to stop without hurting yourself and other people? Let's find out.
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00:00 Introduction: What If Your Brake Fails?
00:29 The Greatest Feature of a Car: The Brake!
01:00 What are the Different Types of Friction?
01:49 Tribology: How is the Friction Force Calculated?
03:30 Microscopic Causes: What Causes Friction?
04:08 Macroscopic Causes: How Does Friction Stop Objects?
04:45 Why is Friction Important in Engineering?
05:30 How Do Brakes Work?
06:30 History of the Brake: How did we learn to stop our cars?
07:28 How does a drum brake work?
08:19 Disc Brakes: The Birth of the First Modern Brakes and Modern Brake Technologies!
09:47 Margin for Error: Why Brake Failure?
10:57 How Does the Handbrake Work?
12:23 If Your Brake Fails, Don't Forget to Warn Surrounding Vehicles!
13:05 When and How Functional is Rubbing Against Walls with a Flat Brake?
14:30 What is Engine Braking? How Does It Work?
15:23 Why Downshifting is an Effective Deceleration Method
16:47 Recovery Ramps: Take Advantage of Gravity!
17:13 What are Secondary and Incorrect Deceleration Methods?
18:07 Closing: Superheroes Who Can Stop Their Cars!
📽️ Videography & Post-Production: Cinar Ege Bakirci
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