Tailgate Brackets for CAT 785 Mining Dump Truck | Machining, Milling & Drilling

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Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

Cutting Edge Engineering Australia

9 aylar önce

In this video from our workshop we are making 5 sets of tailgate brackets for Caterpillar 785 Mining dump trucks. The brackets will be mounted underneath the body of the dump truck and will help to open the tailgate. We are using high tensile steel plate and need to do plenty of machining, gas cutting, milling and drilling to complete the brackets for our customer. We start with boring the plates in our LZMT lathe before using our UniMig straight line gas cutter and to cut the plates in half. We then use our milling machine and 45 degree face cutter to mill the surface of the top plates. After the facing is complete we use an annular cutter to drill the bolt holes into the top plate. We then complete the brackets by use our radial arm drill for drilling the bolt holes into the base plates.

In this video we are using:
- LZMT CW6280D Lathe
- UniMig CG30 Straight Line gas cutting machine
- BM-63VE Milling machine
- Hafco ZX3050X16 Radial Arm Drill

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Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Hey viewers thanks for watching todays video from our machining shop! There was a lot of different processes and tools in this video, let us know which you liked the best? 😎👍 Subscribe and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications so you don't miss our weekly uploads. 👇 🤳 Follow us online here: Instagram instagram.com/cutting_edge_engineering Facebook facebook.com/cuttingedgeengineeringaustralia/ Official CEE Merch shop: www.ceeshop.com.au
Ed Ruff
Ed Ruff 6 aylar önce
IMHO: Drilling the holes before cutting in half would have provided match-drilled holes without a lot of additional setup.
Geoffrey Kingston
Geoffrey Kingston 7 aylar önce
Another great video, quality content, just out of interest, why did you not mill to the top of the larger piece like you did with the cap ????
AbMbS ٥٠٥
AbMbS ٥٠٥ 7 aylar önce
يوجد خطأ وهو المفروض أن تقوم بخراطة القطر الدائري في الأخير. لأن فيه نسبة من أثر قص الحديد بالاكسجين ولم تحسب لهذا الشيء.
Robert Semple
Robert Semple 8 aylar önce
Just a quick question. You used the slugger on the caps and switched to a traditional bit for the bases. Any reason to not use same bit? Price of slugger vs standard but I suppose?
Robert McClaren
Robert McClaren 9 aylar önce
@mine own u
Wulferious 9 aylar önce
I love the fact that you still show WHERE the parts are being used on the equipment. It satisfies an itch.
Ben s
Ben s 9 aylar önce
yep i love this to, its really nice to know where stuff goes and what it is youve actually repaired.
Luke Augustus
Luke Augustus 9 aylar önce
@Cutting Edge Engineering Australia what he said Where I work we mostly do aerospace machining so we rarely get to know where the parts are going. Definitely make some cool parts
CW 9 aylar önce
💯 %
Jesper Rasmussen
Jesper Rasmussen 9 aylar önce
It never ceases to amaze me how clean of a cut you can get with a torch.
R S 6 aylar önce
Yes, a clean cut and even in width that is the amazing bit.
John Bookout
John Bookout 7 aylar önce
Well that’s not your average torch
Janne Heino
Janne Heino 9 aylar önce
It sure is clean and smooth.
pat verum
pat verum 9 aylar önce
@Doug Ankrum We tried propane instead of acetylene, didn't work very well, gave up on it. Output 20-30 tonnes a week.
Doug Ankrum
Doug Ankrum 9 aylar önce
Oxy-Acet (or propane/MAPP) still the best for steel plate...! I've done tons of this stuff, many tons. Plasma just doesn't do the job on 6" plate...
Scott Lange
Scott Lange 9 aylar önce
I love your out takes! I don’t think most people realize how much some of this type of machining can really pucker you up but you make it look easy! Thanks
Big House
Big House 6 aylar önce
I love that you always give the little details on everything you’re doing. Whether it is the type of insert you’re using or RPM of the lathe or the type of welding wire, feed rate, and welding gas you’re using. Thank you for including all those details! Love your content
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 6 aylar önce
Glad it was helpful!
Ferrum Ignis
Ferrum Ignis 9 aylar önce
I'll never cease to be amazed at how clean an oxy-acetylene cut can be. Was anyone else thinking "Make the noise" when he was using the level? 😄
routercnc 9 aylar önce
And in colour no less
Clarence 9 aylar önce
@Wigf1 its out btw
Clarence 9 aylar önce
BOM Quote on point
Andrew 9 aylar önce
Yup! All he needs now is a cup of brew and a "metal" magazine!
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson 9 aylar önce
@Wigf1 Told you!
Buford T Justice
Buford T Justice 9 aylar önce
The editing on your videos is always spot on. It always cuts or or gets sped up at just the right time when stuff starts to get repetitive. Well done.
Lyle Knox
Lyle Knox 9 aylar önce
I'd love to see some "stats" posted on some of your jobs. This would have been a good one, since you had so many changes to do. I'd love to know what the average set up time for each piece was, as well as the "working" time. When you do welding jobs, I'd find it interesting to know how many meters of wire you used for each weld as well as the entire job. I'd also love to know how may KILOMETERS of wire you use each year! :-)
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
hey mate thanks for watching and the suggestion some great ideas we will see what we can do with that! 😎👍
Janne Heino
Janne Heino 9 aylar önce
It is such a privilege to Be able to watch professionals on their craft working, and sharing their expertise. Thank you
Edwin Rideout
Edwin Rideout 9 aylar önce
Until I started watching your channel, I didn't realize the sheer amount of work that goes into most of the work you do. I now have a new appreciation for your industry. Thanks ps keep the outtakes coming too😁
Rupert 53
Rupert 53 9 aylar önce
I don’t know how you guys come up with the variety of content that you do - it’s bloody amazing and always without fail a learning experience - I don’t think you realise the level of skill you’re imparting to those of us who are learning the trade (very late as I’m over sixty) in some other countries you would be titled a “master” machinist I imagine youd be in charge of other machinist and lots of apprentices - your generosity and no bullshit approach to the work is as Aussie as it gets. Cheers.
roger davies
roger davies 5 aylar önce
Mike Home
Mike Home 9 aylar önce
The coolant ring thing was great. I think everyone should have a radial arm drill in the garage just in case! Seriously nicely done you make light work of whatever comes your way.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Thanks for taking time to watch the vid mate
Thomas Philyaw
Thomas Philyaw 9 aylar önce
That piece spinning in the lathe WAS terrifying. It sounded really smooth spinning which surprised me. I thought you would hear the out of balance. Thanks for another great video
Akimbo Jimbo
Akimbo Jimbo 9 aylar önce
@Rupert 53 they come with plenty of spare parts these days
Ionut Chira
Ionut Chira 9 aylar önce
@Ordog213 for a mere second i was thinking while reading you comment, that "it was not fun to put the apprentice back together " oups!:))
Rupert 53
Rupert 53 9 aylar önce
I know right - I would have tried to counter balance it and destroyed my lathe - this man knows his shit and the absolute limits of his machines - he rocks as the young folk say,
Ordog213 9 aylar önce
@Bretty Eleven Good thing is, that the machines n the apprentice shop got a kid of Ripcord Emercency Switch. One end was to Clip on your belt, the other side was a simple pin in a stopswitch on the machine. If the operator moved more tha 1,5 meters away, the machine stopps.
hool-e-gan[FUZ] 9 aylar önce
40 Minutes overdose of CEE, love you guys! I’ll appreciate it so much that Kurtis is showing all this. I’m driving such machines all day, and to look up how big repairs are done is just great. I would even love it more, if there was more excavator stuff, like Bucket repairs and all kinds of excavator repairs 🥳
Joe Gee
Joe Gee 9 aylar önce
Awesome, another great production. Good job both on the machining as well as the video production. And yeah, that thing spinning on the lathe was terrifying. Must put a lot of stress on the shaft and bearings on the lathe.
Topper Machine LLC.
Topper Machine LLC. 6 aylar önce
Nice work! I had a similar production job years ago that was much smaller. Only way to do it better would possibly be with a horizontal mill. Keep up the great videos!
Papaburf 9 aylar önce
Thanks again for the great content Kurtis - the best part for me in this particular sequence was the manipulation of the radial arm drill. Versatile, powerful, smooth and precise.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Hey mate thanks for watching and sharing your comment it's always great to know what viewers enjoy the best. Cheers
Eisen 9 aylar önce
Those have to be some of the cleanest torch cuts I've ever seen on material that thick. And thank you for the content Curtis even though it's hard to express yourself at times.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Hey mate appreciate it and thanks for watching glad it was enjoyed
Michael Hofer
Michael Hofer 6 aylar önce
Damn, that comes dangerously close to the ways of the lathe! I love watching your work. When I graduated high school in 1976 I had 2 career paths, either a mechanic, or my first love, working in a machine shop. I let personalities dictate my decision so now I live vicariously through your work! Spot on mate!
maggs131 9 aylar önce
I love this kind of work for a lot of reasons but chief among them is when you are done sweeping up all the chips and gravel from torch cutting and welding you know you made something awesome 😎👍
Passenger 67
Passenger 67 9 aylar önce
Such a wide variety of work coming through the door. It makes for an interesting day. One of the things that set you apart from the other engineers is the short explanation at the start of what and where the part goes. The finish on the flame cut was much neater than I expected. I don't have a favourite part (other than Homey). It's all good. It doesn't seem that long ago when you had 100k subscribers. Now you're knocking on the door of 200k. Well done to all. A brilliant achievement which is testament to the popularity of your video collection. Thank you camera lady. Brilliant as usual.
Felix E.
Felix E. 9 aylar önce
The flame cutted surfaces are absolutly amazing! 😃 Every time I watch your videos I asked myself why do you use so often air powered tools instead of electric powered tools?
Louis Tyrrell
Louis Tyrrell 9 aylar önce
Hi Curtis. Your videos are very inspiring. I now feel more motivated to expand my machining abilities on the lathe, mill, welder, ect. Keep the videos coming mate, love it. Cheers.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Great to hear mate
TheDistur 9 aylar önce
I was wondering how you were going to split them. Really got all the tricks there, such a smooth flame cut.
Nicola Prisco
Nicola Prisco 9 aylar önce
Hi mate, very interesting project with a great variety of setups and equipments. Everything was executed to perfection as usual. Beautiful silhouette of the security chief. Zoe is growing very well, Staffies are the best breed. Greetings to all
Eric Romig
Eric Romig 9 aylar önce
Great video as always!!! Thought is was interesting when drilling out the holes that on one piece you used the that custom drill to cut out what looks like a slug and on the larger pieces, used a traditional drill to cut the holes. Interesting project that looks great. Cheers mate!!!!
Bruce Boschek
Bruce Boschek 9 aylar önce
Friday joy! I love the way Karen beamed right in on the gap between the swinging part and the lathe bed, the spot every lathe operator looks at first. Clearance = clearance. We're good. Another 1A video. Thanks to all three of you.
Gary S
Gary S 9 aylar önce
Sure wasn't much clearance there. Fucken lathe has to be built like a monster.
ahmad7889 9 aylar önce
It would be awesome if we could see your work after some working hours so we can see what stress and wear they go through . As a engineer i gotta say love your vids man :)
Jay Minor
Jay Minor 9 aylar önce
My new, favorite machine shop channel. Super practical approach to challenging jobs. Not used in this video but the tail stock chucks are great. Thanks much. Almost forgot about the great senses of humor that you guys share.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Hey mate thanks for supporting the channel! We really appreciate it and great to know the videos are being enjoy. Cheers
Mark B
Mark B 9 aylar önce
I appreciated the bit at the end about the tailgate as I had never seen one on those big trucks (visited some mines up north in my youth). Great job as usual.
Benjamin Highfield
Benjamin Highfield 9 aylar önce
Hey mate, great vid. I work for BSF over in creastmead and I’m fairly sure we use the same steel plate supplier. I’d recognise that writing and pallet wrapping anywhere!
Alex Funke
Alex Funke 9 aylar önce
Wow! Really heavy machining. It’s great to see you set up that huge overhung load. And a new tool we have not seen before, the gas axe on a track. Thanks !
Buckinthetree 123
Buckinthetree 123 9 aylar önce
You do really nice work. I know I've told you that many times, but you I'm sure it's nice knowing people appreciate your work. I really hope to see your channel continue to grow.
sven sven
sven sven 9 aylar önce
Another great video , as usual , just wondering at the risk of sounding like I’m criticising , was there a reason you didn’t drill them before you cut them or would the torch burn the edges of the hole away ?
john hunter
john hunter 9 aylar önce
Thanks for an excellent video, as always.Thought you were going to drill the holes before you split them. Amazad how clean a cut you can make with the oxy torch.
Luis Silva cortes
Luis Silva cortes 9 aylar önce
Muy buen video, felicitaciones, no olvidar los elementos de protección personal, ya que estamos educando a nuevas generaciones.
David 9 aylar önce
Not only is the machining top notch, shout out to Karen for the camera work.
David 9 aylar önce
@Cutting Edge Engineering Australia You're very welcome 😀
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Thank you 😁
77gravity 9 aylar önce
Hi Kurtis, another great video, thank you. A couple of questions. (1) Why not drill the holes before splitting the rings? (less measuring, etc, but I assume a space limitation on the machines) and (2) why use the annular cutter for one side, but the 26mm twist drill for the others?
Gary S
Gary S 9 aylar önce
@Cutting Edge Engineering Australia Now you fuckin tell me, I wondered about that and commented about it earlier.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Hey mate thanks for watching, good questions, The voids from the holes would create terrible blow back and splatter from the gas cutting and ruin the plate. The coolant pump is burnt out on the radial arm drill so can't run the annular cutter 😭
Garrett Nelson
Garrett Nelson 7 aylar önce
You do phenomenal work, it’s amazing to watch!
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 7 aylar önce
Thank you! Cheers!
Trance Jedi
Trance Jedi 9 aylar önce
That was awesome to watch.... Expert machining , I could watch your videos for hours , brilliant camera work from the Boss Karen and all done under the watchful eye of the best health and safety officer in the business...lol , well done guys.... another awesome upload , Gotta love the bloopers at the end .... Always a fuck up but so funny too.....big thumbs flying high again from a galaxy far far away called Ireland ☘️🇮🇪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Cheers mate!! Thanks for this support we really appreciate viewers taking time to share such great comments
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 9 aylar önce
That at 10 minutes is what I know as a track torch setup. Very good at what they do. Glad to see someone still using them.
steve Nelson
steve Nelson 9 aylar önce
Hi Curtis, I was impressed that you got such a clean cut with the torch. When your drills become dull do you sharpen them yourself or send them offsite to another company to sharpen them for you? Cheers Steve
Ben Puthoff
Ben Puthoff 9 aylar önce
crazy how straight and clean that torch cuts. relatively quick, too
paolo giamello
paolo giamello 9 aylar önce
Another job done in a perfect way, my compliments, also thinking that all the processing phases are carried out by yourself. at least 10 people could easily work in a workshop like this. Until next time I always follow you with interest and admiration
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred 9 aylar önce
What a great finish the cutting torch gives on the guide roller. Fantastic work CEE🇦🇺🇦🇺
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
Thank you! Cheers!
Dr. Craig D. Smith
Dr. Craig D. Smith 9 aylar önce
I was shocked on how well that plate cutter worked, I was thinking water jet or saw, that was awesome! Love how your Doggo talks to you, such a sweetie, you can see how much he loves you.
Jackalovski 9 aylar önce
Big parts like this with overhands spinning in the lathe always make me think of how mangled someone could get if they got too close. I've only ever seen someone loose a thumb from such an incident thankfully.
outbackladas 9 aylar önce
Nice solid lathe, thought you may have needed a counter weight, but at the slow speed it seemed okay. Didn’t have those fancy magnetic swarf cleaner upperers in my day, they work great 👍. The dog gets more popular all the time, he’ll be up for a TRshow award next, love your videos, top job !!!
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
hey mate thanks for watching, yeah the lathe is a bit of a beast. Everyone loves that magnetic wand, it does work great. We know who the real star of the show is and he gets chauffeur driven to lunch ahhaa
Michael Guinn
Michael Guinn 9 aylar önce
Kurtis & crew, thanks for taking us along, really like how you explain what you are making, what type of equipment the part(s) will be used for, and the machining steps. By the way, you look better minus the beard!! (Lol)..be safe & GOD BLESS!!!
Here 2 There
Here 2 There 9 aylar önce
Will the unbalanced piece in the lathe ever run the risk of making the cut uneven. Or is the lathe just beefy enough to hold it...up to a limit of course.
TonyA552 9 aylar önce
Just curious to know what happens to all the swarf and scrap metal you have at the end of a project. Does any of it get recycled somehow or does it all simply get tossed away? You might mention this in a future video. Thanks!
TonyA552 9 aylar önce
@ron black Thanks for the reply. I've never worked around a machine shop before and had no idea that all that steel scrap could be recycled.
ron black
ron black 9 aylar önce
steel is one of the most recycled things on the planet. some say asphalt is number 1 but it depends on how you measure.
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
hey mate we have a big metal scrap bin and all the swarf/metal goes in there then gets sent to the metal recyclers 😎👍
Michel Grenier
Michel Grenier 9 aylar önce
Always excellent work , But I always wondered how accurate those edge finders are ?
John Fox
John Fox 9 aylar önce
Amazed how clean the cut is using the torch.
̇George H.
̇George H. 9 aylar önce
Homey was like... "Cool, a new chew toy!" When he seen that plaque/sign, lol. Bet he could chew it to pieces too if you let him. Anyway, thought it was neat how the pieces made the twang noises as the gaps opened up from the stress in the metal when you were torching them.
kempy666999 9 aylar önce
If I was the customer and I knew Homeless was coming along for the delivery I would have ordered them one at a time :-) Thanks for another great video. All the best, Paul
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Cutting Edge Engineering Australia 9 aylar önce
🤣 maybe we should have a "superstar surcharge" haha
tasesq 9 aylar önce
Excluding the late and the mill, what do you reckon a rough total cost would be for all your other tooling? (Plasma cutter on wheels, the facing mill, the plug cutter etc) - I’m betting all those bits to do a professional job cost more than the job is worth!
2779mattie 9 aylar önce
I got to use one of those torches on a track I don’t know what they’re called either along time ago in school those things are freaking awesome man you can make a real clean straight cut
Gleepwerp TheEye
Gleepwerp TheEye 9 aylar önce
No idea how I found this channel but I am so glad I did. A fresh honest view of an industry "in the wild"
D B 9 aylar önce
Wow. I can’t believe how good of “finish” that torch puts on those.
Jake B
Jake B 9 aylar önce
He even cuts open packages with precision 🥵😅 keep up the outstanding work bud 👏
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