Caravan park completely ruined | 2023 Murray River floods | Blanchetown to Murray Bridge

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K&M Adventurers

K&M Adventurers

7 aylar önce

Today we went out to have a look at Blanchetown as the flood water recedes. The caravan park there is completely ruined, cabins, caravans and just mud everywhere!
Also we looked at Mannum, hunter road is in very bad condition and will take time to fix.
Murray Bridge is looking good

Narelle Scott
Narelle Scott 7 aylar önce
Welcome home! I hope you enjoyed your holiday and break away. Don’t apologise for the slowness of your drone, it lets us have a good look around. I agree with your wife 😊 Look at Mannum! Getting back to normal but what a massive amount of cleaning up and repairs to be done. It’s going to be a long, slow journey for the authorities and property owners. It looks like the restoration of the Mannum caravan park has commenced yet. Thank you for posting, enduring the winds and the heat, it’s appreciated.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Thank you! Sure did, it was good to have that break, not the plane flight though! It's when I edit it looks way too slow and boring, but I do have to remember that I am looking at this footage for the 100th time and everyone else has not seen it. I have changed the settings in my drone to slow down a little. It is great to see some normality back in the towns that where affected, long way to go still and I can't believe how much silt and mud there is, its going to take a long time to clean up! Yes only just came back from Europe were it was 8 degrees most days to 40+ here. But I would not live anywhere else :) Thank you once again for watching and commenting 😁
LEANN Mclean
LEANN Mclean 7 aylar önce
Excellent footage. Didn't mind the slower bit as better chance to see buildings we're familiar with. Thanks for enduring the heat to bring us this post. 🙂
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Thank you and you’re welcome ☺️ my wife said the same! Its when I edit I think it’s way to slow! In future i will slow the drone down a bit. It definitely was toasty out there including today 😁
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 7 aylar önce
Thankyou for the update. So much mud silt but nothing compared to what happened in New Zealand. I wonder here in Australia whether we need a complete rethink as to where we build along river's and in fire danger areas.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
You’re welcome😁 there is mud everywhere the water has been but you right nothing compares to NZ. There has to be, insurance companies will likely change people’s minds before government will think about
Kaye Nash
Kaye Nash 7 aylar önce
Thank you, fabulous footage, it's good to see that the river has gone down for everyone.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
You’re welcome and thank you 😊 it sure is can get to businesses and shacks
Louise Brislane
Louise Brislane 7 aylar önce
It is definitely not as pretty now with the absence of the water but heartbreaking in all the devastation left behind. Months of hard work in front of people & where destruction occurred then a rethink about how to make any future dwellings safer from flooding. The saddest thing about it all is the length of time taken while the floods worked their way down the river, knowing it was coming & wondering if you had high enough levee banks etc to protect yourself. So let's hope that councils & people have learnt the bitter lessons of this flood as the next one could come sooner than later & one never knows that it won't be the one that breaks the 1956 flood. Thank you so much for the video as I have been wondering how things were going for that part of the river.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Definitely! The dirty water and mud is now exposed and it’s an awful site, lots of hard work and money for the months ahead. The caravan park that I showed was not insured. If people or councils have not learnt from this I would say insurance companies will remind them and make them think. One day a 1956 or larger can and likely will happen. Levees built came at a huge cost to protect, but I see another emergency service tax coming our way here to pay back. Thank you once again for watching and commenting 😁
Catherine Scarborough
Catherine Scarborough 7 aylar önce
Great follow up, spectacular footage as always, greatly appreciated. 👏😎 Keep shining! ✝️💖🕊️
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Thank you very much 😊
Daniel Herbig
Daniel Herbig 7 aylar önce
Brilliant video, thank you very much for the update!
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Thank you very much and your welcome
David Evans
David Evans 7 aylar önce
Excellent footage, the slow drone is fine for seeing all the details. Top job !!!
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
Great! Thank you very much😁 next video I plan to slow down a little Thank you again for watching 😁
loftie Fleet
loftie Fleet 7 aylar önce
you should done a hour ..keep it coming man ,no one else is..
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
hahaha I will hold you to that! definitely will be. thank you for watching :)
Donald Ward
Donald Ward 7 aylar önce
I thought this was called Paisely Island caravan park.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 7 aylar önce
And so did I, but google maps has it as blanchetown c/p. So I thought the owner has changed the name? Could well be still called Paisley.
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