Grimes - Shinigami Eyes (Official Video)

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4 aylar önce

Official Video for “Shinigami Eyes”
Listen to “Shinigami Eyes” here:

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Directed by BRTHR
Written by Grimes

Starring: Jennie Kim, Dorian Electra, Ryon Wu
Choreographer: Symone Holliday
Dancers: Symone Holliday, Isis Woodruff, Iz Verdea, Jas Lyn

Producers: Luigi Rossi, Aiden Magarian, Bryan Younce, Sara Greco
DP: Christopher Ripley
Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
MUA: Natasha Severino
Hair: Preston Wada
Prosthetics: Malina Stearns

XR by Xite Labs
Xite Labs Creative Director: Vello Virkhaus
Studio Director: Greg Russell
3D Artist: Nusi Quero

Editor: BRTHR
Animation: Sam Hochman
Color: Aubrey Woodiwiss

YORUMLAR: 33 240
Jeancof 4 aylar önce
ern_yeager Gün önce
i was looking to see if anyone else noticed bc i didn't see any comments so i thought i was the only one for a sec its nice to see that people are actually respecting Grimes and her music/MV tho
Der LeFailergy
Der LeFailergy 4 gün önce
@Journey to the other side there are
Samrah Jabeen
Samrah Jabeen 6 gün önce
whats the point lol
Sasha Asoid
Sasha Asoid 9 gün önce
Keven Rosa
Keven Rosa Aylar önce
I definitely believe this is everything she’s always wanted, the setting, the production, I’m happy she’s getting at her highest potential 😍
sleewatcher 3 gün önce
Maybe should take Elon to court for child support lol
l sky
l sky 5 gün önce
@Captain Obvious Well,do better than her
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 9 gün önce
@Red Riddance So out with the new, in with the old? Nothing of this looks "new" to anyone who has been around during the 1980s...
Lighting the Dark Remote Viewing
Lighting the Dark Remote Viewing 10 gün önce
@Captain Obvious 😂😂😂
Venus Argo
Venus Argo Aylar önce
She was my subscriber about 12 years ago. I never thought she would become famous. At that time she just had about 2,000 subscribers. Now she has millions of fans. Best wishes.
Tiago Martinho
Tiago Martinho 4 gün önce
For those hating on this have no idea how it feels like to know a "star" before stardom came to them. I'm a VERY EARLY Grimes fan but not even as close as this. And it's wholesome. Thanks for sharing Venus.
cosmicbinary 9 gün önce
i mean i would brag too
Zedell123 10 gün önce
@Melissa Moonchild jealous
Kario 10 gün önce
@Melissa Moonchild it's pretty awesome. I appreciate it...
Melissa B
Melissa B 11 gün önce
@Melissa Moonchild I was thinking the same lol
chad chad
chad chad 19 gün önce
the more I listen to it the better it gets
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero 6 gün önce
Private Dancer
Private Dancer 7 gün önce
I have a stalker and she just can't handle my charm, she deletes all my comments so I'm sure the white fridge lady will be coming for me. Sorry we told you to take the trash out 21 years ago. I know, We are completely unreasonable . Either way you read all my stuff. Hoping to steal some quick witted comments. Tee hee.
golden trash
golden trash 15 gün önce
haha weirdly addicting
beezy hey
beezy hey 3 gün önce
This is such an amazing song!! Something magical in the way grimes turns a concept into such a beautiful piece of art. This track gives me a feeling I cannot describe👌
Mefumetto 4 aylar önce
The visuals are crazy on this one!
Glenn Herriott
Glenn Herriott 5 gün önce
they are amaaazing
Adrian 18 gün önce
the worst BRTHR clip so far
Mateusz Łyszkowski
Mateusz Łyszkowski 18 gün önce
Yesssss is true !
Gabe Burk
Gabe Burk 19 gün önce
It looks like it was done in the 80’s by a couple of kids in middle school.
Nailah Jac VLOGS
Nailah Jac VLOGS 19 gün önce
New fav music vid!
Mo も
Mo も Aylar önce
I was sleeping with my earbuds on and I woke up to this playing and now it’s on repeat 👍
Neeladri Ghosh
Neeladri Ghosh 2 gün önce
Why did you wake up?
amber hardin
amber hardin Aylar önce
kamcio 2345
kamcio 2345 Aylar önce
Love it!! I Was listening to this someday em at the repeat
lozpopo Aylar önce
The beat on this song is so hypnotic. I love the harp intertwined with the rhythm and synths, totally mesmerising.
Claudia Y.L
Claudia Y.L 16 gün önce
David Aylar önce
This is the first song by Grimes I’ve ever listened to, and holy. shit. The visuals, the music, the history behind shinigami, wow. Every preconceived thought I’ve had about her is out the window. She. Is. An. ARTIST. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Rapunzel ASMR
Rapunzel ASMR 3 aylar önce
Im in love with the futuristic vibe!
Алена Осокина
Алена Осокина 6 gün önce
@Captain Obvious Why are you so hateful towards her? The vibes are immaculate, the song is fun, the video is aesthetic and creative af. People like you are a pain in the ass for every artist alive 🙄
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 22 gün önce
It's not "futuristic", it's retro, at best - this is so totally the 1980s... or even 1960s, with the LSD look. Has been. Boring. Re-heated crap.
Leonie 2 aylar önce
This is a retro vibe.
Christian Zimm
Christian Zimm Aylar önce
I can't wait for her new EP and album!! She is truly the definition of an artist who grows with every album. All of her albums are amazing in their own way, but just look back at the demo-esque sound quality of Geidi Primes, and look at her music now. EVOLUTION.
A Michaels
A Michaels 6 gün önce
She just keeps on improving🌠💙
PineappleGMR 10 gün önce
OMG I LOVE THIS she looks like a character from a fantasy game or anime
Jameson 5 gün önce
Love it, reminds me of the really good demo songs you'd hear in FL studio back in the day.
Jon Minaj
Jon Minaj 3 aylar önce
Grimes with a high budget is unstoppable
SK ElonPoop
SK ElonPoop 2 gün önce
Daddy Elon
my nguyen
my nguyen 5 gün önce
She always serves such good visual concepts! Love seeing artists like her push the envelope and doing it well ♥️
Jack 6 gün önce
@Gamma epsilon2002 “the most know well person in the world” first im gonna say thats not true lol. look up how much grimes is worth and then look up the same for elon. if he does pay her in “influence” that is weird as hell and gross and no excuse to not pay child support 💀
ramon cruz
ramon cruz 7 gün önce
Hahahah yeah
Lucas Castro
Lucas Castro 27 gün önce
Despues de años sin escuchar grimes me encontré con tremenda joyaaaaaaaaaaaa
Churro 20 gün önce
This feels like it would be played like a sort of outside event and you would vibe and like the song and never hear it again but then you just randomly find it years later
Jarek Aensland
Jarek Aensland 13 gün önce
Visuals are amazing! And of course the song too! 🤩🤩🤩
Alessandra Denis
Alessandra Denis Aylar önce
Mis favoritas juntas 😍😍 demasiada perfección ✨ 💕
Karina TPerez
Karina TPerez 4 aylar önce
This is visual eyecandy, I could just easily pause and draw each frame. The composition and costume design are 100/100 !!!
KERMIT freak
KERMIT freak Aylar önce
@Lalalauren the broke up a while ago and he didin't give her any money so...
Andi Andi
Andi Andi 2 aylar önce
'visual eyecandy'. Glad you are addicted to this and don't have epilepsy after watching the video 🤣
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 2 aylar önce
She reminds me of Angelina Jolie in the movie Hackers 1995
Angelica Duncan
Angelica Duncan Aylar önce
In a weird way.. I feel like I’ve lived there before in this music video. Does anyone else feel that way
Sandra Munoz
Sandra Munoz 17 gün önce
Iris Aylar önce
elaine _03
elaine _03 11 gün önce
I'm totally stunned by this. Literally hearing it 10 times I a day. ☺️
Lisa Goodman
Lisa Goodman 21 gün önce
Very creative, imagery outstanding. Love it 💖
Linda Popadince
Linda Popadince 20 gün önce
I have been listening to her music since I'm 58, I'm 59 now and I still love her music!
Anastacio Morales
Anastacio Morales 3 aylar önce
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. Not a grimes fan like that but wow. Gotta give credit where it’s due, this is next level shit.
helveticaneue Aylar önce
You're missing out
josué Aylar önce
That's what I'm saying.
Karma Sutra
Karma Sutra Aylar önce
I have been liking some of her music. This is pretty awesome
redplague Aylar önce
It would be a worthy winner of Best Video at the MTV Music Awards this year. Probably won't even get nominated though.
LLM Aylar önce
Or Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé , David Bowie, or NIN.
Mr. Tomatos
Mr. Tomatos 8 gün önce
Just perfect, thanks Grimes
E Johnson
E Johnson 21 gün önce
Are you ready to die on my shinigami eyes? Everything is fine! Just two phrases carried the entire song… love it!
Selena Vega
Selena Vega 18 gün önce
First time hearing Grimes.. so unexpectedly talented 👍❤️
Lara Saikali
Lara Saikali Aylar önce
Probably the best music video I have ever seen in my life visually! I love the song too!!!!
Trijnie D
Trijnie D 3 aylar önce
She finally got what she deserved. 1 million subs but she deserve even more than that. I'm listening to her music since she released her first song and shes amazing. I love that she has her own style. Totally amazing. You go girl!
ïzmïr s.
ïzmïr s. 5 gün önce
@Agatsuma what is the meaning of life?
Agatsuma 3 aylar önce
@riku hell bro i was just answering to spider assasin7 as he asked what is blackpink. Why bothered when I said nothing to you? I didn't mention your name or whatever, why getting on your nerve
💅Boobookittyfuck 3 aylar önce
She's set for life now, she had a kid with the richest man in the world
Chaseon Ritchie
Chaseon Ritchie 15 gün önce
Such An Underrated Artist That I Love She's To Die For In This Music Video
Zmeyka Zzz
Zmeyka Zzz Aylar önce
Damn I can’t stop watching and listening this song. It’s just incredible!! And so hypnotic. I’m in love 😻
Edil Nolorves
Edil Nolorves 18 gün önce
Perfeito demais pqp
Chronos Aylar önce
Brasil marcando presença. Cool video. Wish Grimes were more recognized in my country. She deserves for all her creativity.
LEXNDRO 4 aylar önce
eikei 3 aylar önce
@JeonbunnyKookie🐰 o maior fã do bp do mundo
⁷Airam⟭⟬ 3 aylar önce
@JeonbunnyKookie🐰 please don't do that it makes us look bad
Apollo dumalanta
Apollo dumalanta 3 aylar önce
BTS = Broke The Stoveyeondan
BTS = Broke The Stoveyeondan 3 aylar önce
@JeonbunnyKookie🐰Man this is why your dad went to get the milk and never came back. And I don't blame him because I wouldn't want to come back either.🙄
Ariadna Rivas
Ariadna Rivas Aylar önce
I'm so happy that I found this. This is amazing and unique!
Roy Bodin
Roy Bodin 26 gün önce
Didn't think I would enjoy this but turns out I really do enjoy it.
mskada 29 gün önce
I absolutely love it ❤️ what a great futuristic vibe 😊
さば Gün önce
Grimesは私の青春のひとつ。 通学する時とかに車でかけるとテンションを上げてくれた。 大好き。
Alfonso Zamarripa
Alfonso Zamarripa 2 aylar önce
Grimes is really going deep into her dystopian evil overlord elf queen role and I am here for IT
Jan Johnson
Jan Johnson 29 gün önce
LOL... been there done that
iamlost2 29 gün önce
It's been done for a long time. She is not unique in the world of fairies and other types of mythical creatures, it's been done by others since time immortal
instagramsci Aylar önce
Em... There is no vision only aesthetic
David Aylar önce
I legit feel like I’m at a rave in Final Fantasy. And I never, ever want it to end.
Jahziel Makkenon
Jahziel Makkenon Aylar önce
Luv the description
Melissa Ball
Melissa Ball Aylar önce
Love it❤ Grimes you are amazing 👏
Ян Дмитриев
Ян Дмитриев 12 gün önce
Grimes is the personification of something unusual and I can't convey it 2022
meagan david
meagan david Aylar önce
grimes is awesome,, so creative
Callixx Aylar önce
I AM OBSESSED the song, the lyrics, the video, the asthetic just everything!!! Tysm for this masterpiece!!!
Jahayra Sanchez
Jahayra Sanchez 4 aylar önce
Me sorprende que YG haya permitido a Jennie participar con una artista, de todas maneras, estoy feliz ver a mis chicas en nuevos proyectos, y felicidades a Grimes por su lanzamiento, me gustó su canción y el estilo que tiene, ahora empezaré a escuchar su discografía. 🖤💓
Mia 4 aylar önce
@rosé ♡ no, pero aún así YG es dueño de la imagen de Jennie
rosé ♡
rosé ♡ 4 aylar önce
@Betzi R. No solo porque es una artista de su empresa tiene que contar todo de su vida
Betzi R.
Betzi R. 4 aylar önce
@Jahayra Sanchez en mi opinión yg no sabía.... La ropa, el peinado y el maquillaje es del mismo dia..... De cuando Jennie estaba en varias fiestas en halloween.......😞✌️
Betzi R.
Betzi R. 4 aylar önce
@Génesis PV a sorry entendí mal 😞✌️
maddiemayart 22 gün önce
i have this song on replay LMAO im so excited to see Grimes in August i hope she performs this song
kamcio 2345
kamcio 2345 Aylar önce
I Am Impressed Like Hell Its Like a Whole New Universum!!! My Fav Hunter Grimes With Her Shinigami Eyes!!!
Martika Boers
Martika Boers 9 gün önce
probably my fav song of 2022 and most listened on Spotify :')
Wazza Shaikh
Wazza Shaikh 19 gün önce
My uncle introduced me to her through her track Oblivion and now I got a massive crush on her since then...
Billie Q
Billie Q 9 gün önce
she likes elden ring too! shes not like the other girls (bazinga)
Rat Prophet
Rat Prophet 3 aylar önce
Grimes is one artist I wholeheartedly believe when she says "I'm so fucking high"
James Latta
James Latta Aylar önce
@Jaxon Pickett No it's everywhere these days. All around me here in our neighborhood. People use on a recreational basis. Back in the day it was an occassional thing. You'd trip on special occassions. Take LSD for a special concert, or a movie or something. Same with speed (Meth.) You'd use during a time when you needed to keep your energy way, way up and then stop. And now no one is afraid of using needles (Heroin.) It's mainstream to mainline (including shooting up Meth) which is insanity.
Jaxon Pickett
Jaxon Pickett Aylar önce
@James Latta People may "think" it is, but recreational use is not widespread. The rare rec user who stumbles onto it accidentally is in for a rude awakening, literally.
simspawn 2 aylar önce
@Timothy Exner did you just claim nobody od's on heroin?
Lucy K
Lucy K 2 aylar önce
@[ Мистер ИКС ] channel man this is yt comments not your diary!!!
James Latta
James Latta 2 aylar önce
@Timothy Exner Acid is not a recreational drug. But these days people think that it is. Same with heroin and meth.
João Helder
João Helder Aylar önce
Masterpiece!!!! 🙌❤️
Deepak Chermakani
Deepak Chermakani Aylar önce
Have you got your shinigami eyes on? Are you ready to die on my Shinigami eyes? The lyrics and the way she sings it are cute and funny and magical, all the same time
Aylar önce
And to think a lot of footage was lost 😭 and still this video is a masterpiece.
Jamie Rubino
Jamie Rubino Aylar önce
She's a DREAM. She's PERFECT. 💯💯💯💙💙
lisana 4 aylar önce
En lo posible, siempre trato de apoyar cada uno de los proyectos de mis nenas, y me ponen muy feliz las nuevas oportunidades que tienen y que vendrán. Muy feliz por vos Jen, y muchas felicidades para Grimes por su lanzamiento!!
kpop y memes
kpop y memes 4 aylar önce
ᒍIՏOOᴍɪᴍᴜᴊᴇʀ 4 aylar önce
@kpop y memes no es colaboracion xd
kpop y memes
kpop y memes 4 aylar önce
Yo me he quedado así🤡 esperando a que Jennie se pusiera a cantar
Enex 7 gün önce
This feels like those videos that play while you're drunk at the bar.
Natalie Aylar önce
Honestly it's a cool videos and I do love the song. For me though I wish it had more Death Note like elements.
sry4gotmyusername 18 gün önce
Grimes, Queen of the aesthetics.
sushifornico Aylar önce
Hey Grimes - wow your music is super awesome!
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