Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020

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Jordan - Rhapsody - 's Got Talent: January 6, 2020

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Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation 11 aylar önce
What a fantastic performance and arrangement!
stalin Alvarado
stalin Alvarado Saatler önce
El secreto de su bella voz está en su sencillez y si no miren sus ojos y verán lo que digo
stalin Alvarado
stalin Alvarado Saatler önce
No se pero se escucha esta canción más hermosa cantada por Angelina
Anupong B
Anupong B 14 saatler önce
@Azril Azami 1
Siri889 Happy Channel
Siri889 Happy Channel 11 gün önce
El Macho
El Macho 19 gün önce
@RyanSkweeks no
Out of this world singing. May God bless you!
SAM 5 gün önce
@Lydia Bentley 👍🏻❤️
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 5 gün önce
@SAM absolutely Sam
SAM 5 gün önce
Yeah 🇮🇳❤️✨
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 15 gün önce
Learn English online with Krishna. Totally agree with your comment and Angelina is one-of-a-kind
Joshua Sayson
Joshua Sayson 16 gün önce
uhmm shes already blessed
Joanna Przybyla
Joanna Przybyla 19 gün önce
Kocham ten głos,wielki talent oglądam setki razy i za każdym razem jestem zafascynowana
Abdelhamid Berrahma
Abdelhamid Berrahma 2 gün önce
Pure talent ! What a wonderful 14 years jung girl ! Power Voice, perfect voice, beautiful version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddy Mercury would certainly like it.
103mrg 2 gün önce
abdel She was 13 in this performance.
Izabel Santana
Izabel Santana Gün önce
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 7 aylar önce
what a beautiful voice this artist has is incredible
julianna Gün önce
@LaserBait her voice control is amazing bro get your hearing checked
100 story TV
100 story TV Aylar önce
Точнее тут и не скажешь, прекрасный голос этого артиста имеет невероятность
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's Aylar önce
@Ferenc gracias
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
alysiaa 2 aylar önce
@LaserBait All you are is a sore hater who does nothing but degrade somebody on the internet. She’s 13 and has incredible voice control. She literally won Norway got talent at only 7. You’re unknown and pathetic. Get better.
Bonnie O
Bonnie O Aylar önce
Now that’s what’s you call totally unique. You will never find another voice like that. “Stunning” absolutely STUNNING
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Totally agree with you
zilda maria
zilda maria 20 gün önce
Apaixonada por essa voz menina de um talento imensurável. Parabéns que Deus abençoe esse garota
Elena Lange
Elena Lange Aylar önce
Она маленькая пела..очень талантливая девочка!🔥
talana 17 gün önce
This child is a superstar, easily the best vocalist of our time!
Tabatha Staples
Tabatha Staples 10 gün önce
Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson 13 gün önce
Haley Reinhardt and Paolo Nutini are well up there too. If you haven't heard either of them you should.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 16 gün önce
Totally agree
Patrick Rasmussen
Patrick Rasmussen 2 yıl önce
She is so much more than the best singer i have ever heard,she has raised over 20 million for children's charities ,is Norway's youngest published author(at 10 years old ) has sung,by invitation,for Barak Obama,Quincy Jones ,the Nobel Peace awards (at 8 years old) had a jam session with Gene Simmons and so many other achievements i can't list them all.
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
Lana 4 aylar önce
@Clyde Harris kortunkowa
Αικατερίνη Μελά
Αικατερίνη Μελά 4 aylar önce
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 4 aylar önce
@Jazzmannycosplay yes, Angelina is special
Joyce Danzero
Joyce Danzero 4 aylar önce
@Jazzmannycosplay Someone made Norway special year's ago. Morton Harrket and Aha.💗
Softs 16 gün önce
As Freddie once said "do whatever you want with my music as long as you don't make it bad" I think he'd really like this
Frank Neudeck
Frank Neudeck Aylar önce
I àm an old "Queen" fan and Freddie is for all times the best singer. But this girl is brilliant. Respect.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 12 saatler önce
@Beverly Rios Angelina has Healing Voice.
Beverly Rios
Beverly Rios 13 saatler önce
The first time I heard Angelina sing, I cried so much. GOD meant for me to hear this beautiful voice . I had been lying to my husband and my family that I had made peace with my daughter's death. I didn't my heart was so heavy with pain that I could not believe. a person could hurt so much. I some how came across her video. I played it. It's as if she reached deep down inside to my heart and took all my pain away and I was at peace. I know my Father in heaven wanted for me to let go of all my pain for the last 7 year's. I had locked up in my heart. Thank you God my Father and Angelina.
BayArea 17 gün önce
Madam X
Madam X Aylar önce
@Frank Neudeck -👍 Couldn't agree more "old Queen." 😜
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti Aylar önce
The remaining members of Queen agree with you. They praised Angelina.
zeca247 Aylar önce
Me impressiona cada vez que escuto. É como se fosse uma nova interpretação. Não dá pra memorizar o que ela faz.... é simplesmente isso.
Valdemir Santos
Valdemir Santos 23 gün önce
mas é exatamente isso , ela moldou a musica completamente , inclusive simon o jurado fala isso, além disso a tecnica vocal dela é muito boa
Leonardo santiago
Leonardo santiago Aylar önce
Não canso de ver, a Angelina canta demais, ela mergulha na música e sente a música; e é um doce de menina um encanto.
Rolando Resurreccion
Rolando Resurreccion 10 aylar önce
I think even Freddie would be proud of Angelina and her version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Amazing
詹菊子 25 gün önce
Nick C
Nick C Aylar önce
@anouk he said that to his manager, not random people singing his songs. He told his manager he could remix and change the songs, but don't make them boring.
Katrin Gonzales
Katrin Gonzales Aylar önce
@Flying Spagetti h
Freedom 4 aylar önce
@anouk lol singing is a form of expressing the feelings of the songs through singing.. such as painting expressing the emotion of his heart.. musician express their feelings through their respecting feelings.. singing is never about technique and tones. That's why there are so many high vocalist sing like a robot.
POPculture 8 aylar önce
@thegolfballshop lmao
Beng San Arthur Lee
Beng San Arthur Lee 20 gün önce
Angelina Jordan is probably the one and only singer in a decade who could just casually pique off the Judges and say she only came to sing for Simon (because he is a legend) and that the other Judges didn’t really matter. She didn’t come just to win the AGT. That would be too simplistic for a talent like her.I think she actually came specifically & specially to sing for Simon and show him what he never thought singing could really be like. Obviously she won the AGT that year. The next best contender was 2 miles away. She can sing the simplest of songs and win hands down because she just lets her angelic voice do the job for her. She doesn’t need the AGT. They need her more than anyone else. The intonation of her voice, hitting each note at the exact tone with raspsodical twists and slurs, with range from the highest to the lowest of notes. That is what I call amazing. Confidence absolutely exudes from this 13 year old girl.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Truly a great comment
Larry Pifer
Larry Pifer 13 saatler önce
Angelina’s voice and her total being is like an ocean wave or soft summer breeze that takes you in and rushes you to places you have rarely experienced. Your heart rate increases, you find it difficult to catch your breath, chills and shells engulf you. You are now addicted to Angelina Jordan the finest story telling vocalist I have ever experienced.
HJR 27 gün önce
We were all surprised by this version. Great! ... Angelina is one of the great and original voices of today's music. Thank you for singing like this and your being like this
Sleed 25 gün önce
exactly, everyone these days sound the same
Cesar Gimenez
Cesar Gimenez Aylar önce
Excelente versión. Maravillosa Niña. Cada día Canta mejor.
Marta Krzesińska
Marta Krzesińska 4 gün önce
Zjawiskowo zaśpiewane ❤❤❤
joedragon Aylar önce
What a beautiful voice and to have such confidence at such a young age is simply amazing.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Totally agree with your comment
Marco Carneiro
Marco Carneiro Aylar önce
I guess she is not from this world. She is an angel among us. What a wonderful voice! Simply fantastic!
Miguel Illich
Miguel Illich 21 gün önce
Seguro que si que nos platique de su planeta, es facinante su voz, literalmente de otro mundo
Aquifer System
Aquifer System Aylar önce
She's human.
Marco Carneiro
Marco Carneiro Aylar önce
@Flying Spagetti Yes! It´s true😂😂😂
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti Aylar önce
She's an ANGEL (ina) from A STAR.
ana Baird
ana Baird 22 gün önce
Back to this again. Jan 1, 2022. She's simply stunning on so many levels. Smh. No words...except "WOW!!"
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Wow is enough
Khushi Munka
Khushi Munka 11 aylar önce
This version of bohemian rhapsody brings back a memory that never even existed. I just want to cry myself to sleep listening to this. It's beautiful.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 3 aylar önce
Khushi. Truly a great comment and I will give you a like then you would have 1000 sorry I can’t because I already have
Prasanga Niraula
Prasanga Niraula 10 aylar önce
Glitch in the matrix.
Rashi Hamirwasia
Rashi Hamirwasia 11 aylar önce
I swear yaaa!
Willi Darwin Sianipar
Willi Darwin Sianipar 11 aylar önce
Can someone tell me what soundtrack or song plays at the end?
-* Dori Holz *-
-* Dori Holz *- 11 aylar önce
This comment is the best comment I ever read.
Strictly Pom
Strictly Pom 3 gün önce
What an incredible natural talent. Bit of Amy Winehouse, bit of Mariah, bit of Macy Gray, all rolled into one unique voice. Loved it.
bcslack09 Aylar önce
I had never heard of Angelina Jordon until this came out on AGT. I AM IN LOVE! I watch everything she does. Incredible.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Aylar önce
Truly incredible
crypto zoology
crypto zoology Aylar önce
What a talent seeing i was 5 feet from freddie and seen them twice. I must admit this is fantastic, sure Freddie would loved it
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Well stated
luvid frank kelys linares
luvid frank kelys linares 2 gün önce
sin dudas esta generacion de cantantes supera las anteriores, fantastico.
rzum81 9 aylar önce
Her voice is hauntingly beautiful
Mike Hester
Mike Hester 6 aylar önce
@Chris Anthony John Martin The only fans you have are the kind that blow air, and hot air at that,🤤
Mike Hester
Mike Hester 6 aylar önce
And you are hauntingly beautiful, I'm just saying
Raymond Oflaherty
Raymond Oflaherty 8 aylar önce
so is your face
The091292 8 aylar önce
@David Weatherington indeed
Frosty 8 aylar önce
Specially the first part
Genevieve Chinir
Genevieve Chinir Aylar önce
An Angel with a heavenly voice.
bitTorrenter 11 gün önce
Honestly, her voice is amazing.
Enn Colina
Enn Colina Aylar önce
This version of her gave me goosebumps all over and brought me to tears 😭💕
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
That’s the effect Angelina has on most of us
Caio Martins
Caio Martins 13 gün önce
AM 3 aylar önce
She is without a doubt an old soul. For a 13-year-old to convey such emotion, aside from English not being her first language is insane.
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 2 aylar önce
@Iva Lee born Jan 2006. 13 in this video (2019). 15 now.
Rahul Bhattacharjee
Rahul Bhattacharjee 2 aylar önce
Absolutely..... 👍
Tausif khan8bp
Tausif khan8bp 2 aylar önce
She is singing from 4 years.
Ethan😍 2 aylar önce
It's because she's an arts soul! They are the best at conveying feelings, Jane's Arthur is also one
Iva Lee
Iva Lee 2 aylar önce
17 not 13
Lindsay DeClute
Lindsay DeClute Aylar önce
Brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps, she’s truly incredible!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Lindsey I totally agree with your comment Angelina is incredible
RootBeerFlavored Aylar önce
@stupididiot21 Yeah, she was so awful that it was painful to watch and listen too. I really feel bad for wannabe children artists, especially when they fail so miserably.🥱
stupididiot21 Aylar önce
Same here.
Fatima Vieira
Fatima Vieira 29 gün önce
saad aladdin
saad aladdin 16 gün önce
The way she start was the right choice for a new born star and the way she ends it was like reaching to the star like a live show ever .!!!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 14 gün önce
Well stated
Cleonice Lopes
Cleonice Lopes Aylar önce
Esta garota é uma deusa!
P B 2 yıl önce
I expected something good from her , but this was outstanding!!!!
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 11 aylar önce
3:08 I watched this hum like 30 times over! It’s so perfect!
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 11 aylar önce
@Tuệ Cao same! It’s just so perfect!
P B 11 aylar önce
@HT N tôi nghĩ vậy
HT N 11 aylar önce
cô ấy hát thật hay
nenad ristic
nenad ristic 11 aylar önce
Goat Gate
Goat Gate Aylar önce
Only time, first time ever have I replayed any musical performance three times before I was satisfied. Totally talented singer. Extraordinary! Bravo!! Bravo!!!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
A real great to comment
Crystal May Jaluag
Crystal May Jaluag 4 gün önce
can't help but to watch this masterpiece every single day
Mark S
Mark S Aylar önce
Just watched her performing this song on her Xmas concert. Absolutely stunning.
Jarek P
Jarek P 13 gün önce
On moze byc legendą ale to ona podbiła serca ludzi
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 10 aylar önce
In my opinion Angelena should’ve won the whole show just on that one song. Even Simon was totally shocked as soon as the first note came out of Angelinas mouth. Angelena is so special and such a treasure
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 2 aylar önce
@Gina Backes I remember Susan Boyle‘s performance on Britain’s got talent and it was a total shock to everybody and I thought she was amazing
Gina Backes
Gina Backes 2 aylar önce
I would like to see susan boyle and angelina jordan do a duet together....that would be amaaaazing
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 2 aylar önce
@Comedian and Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards absolutely
Comedian and Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards
Comedian and Motivational Speaker Sally Edwards 2 aylar önce
Beyond stunning!
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
Lady Tea
Lady Tea 16 gün önce
Perfection…. No words to describe besides perfect! Because her voice and talent is perfection! What a beautiful blessing of a talent! Magnificent!! Perfect!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 14 gün önce
Totally agree with you
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Gün önce
This is when the star is bigger than the show. Whether she wins or not is irrelevant to her career. The biggest test is whether she can handle all the praise and end up like other such talented people.
Debbie Linck
Debbie Linck 17 gün önce
Whew! Such an impactful, emotionally beautiful performance! You go girl!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 14 gün önce
So true
playprogram Aylar önce
Angelina tiene de esas voces que te transportan directamente al paraíso.
Reinaldo Artidiello
Reinaldo Artidiello 9 aylar önce
I feel like I was the one waiting for 10 years just to hear her voice.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 8 aylar önce
@beernutsonline I have watched Norway’s got talent so many times because I am addicted to Angelina now. She was absolutely amazing and still is
beernutsonline 8 aylar önce
She started early, this was on our 'Norway got talent': in 2014, (7 years old) Of course she won it all.
Emilie 8 aylar önce
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 8 aylar önce
Me too
Rot Offgun
Rot Offgun 9 aylar önce
Aww me either 🥺🤍
Tanya Hunt
Tanya Hunt 10 gün önce
Simply beautiful 🤩 such depth of feeling in her voice. Amazing 🤩
ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇aaah- CHUU ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ
ᴗ ̇ ̊ ̇aaah- CHUU ̇ ̊ ̇ᴗ 12 gün önce
She's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment.
Asia D
Asia D 5 gün önce
Sztos!!!!!! Rozwaliła system!!!!⭐⭐⭐
9Vida Selvagem9
9Vida Selvagem9 Aylar önce
Eu vejo o Elvis Presley em você.... Deus te abençoe nesta vida sempre e para todo sempre. MARAVILHOSA!!!!
Cody Gerstung
Cody Gerstung 4 aylar önce
Who hurt her? She sings like shes working through 40 years of pain and heartbreak. Beautiful.
patrizia pace
patrizia pace Aylar önce
Artistic soul I guess
Axes !
Axes ! Aylar önce
@Igor cringe. No one calls beautiful that. It was a metaphor to show the emotion in her voice.🙄
Ladybug 2 aylar önce
She is from God. God knows our pain. He died for us.
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
Gregory Tomaszewski
Gregory Tomaszewski 3 aylar önce
@notjustamum two greats!!
Ana Valdez
Ana Valdez 3 gün önce
Se me salen la lágrimas cada vez que escucho a esta niña cantar.
Clara D Zubiria
Clara D Zubiria Aylar önce
Maravillosa, genial interpretación. Me recuerda a una cantante de jazz antigua. Sublime.
Iolauza Lage
Iolauza Lage Aylar önce
Acompanho a trajetória de Angelina: perfeita
Nando Aylar önce
Passei por aqui, em Dezembro de 2021, sou fã e seguidor de Angelina Jordan.
Dara Samudra
Dara Samudra 4 aylar önce
penampilan yang sangat memukau, perfect!
EunChick Emperor•• 🌌
EunChick Emperor•• 🌌 2 aylar önce
@Lee Prasetyo sama. Kita satu wilayah (๑'ᴗ')ゞ
Lee Prasetyo
Lee Prasetyo 2 aylar önce
Gwe nya ciba ikuti improve nya malah kesedekk gwe nyah..🤣🤣🤣✔️btw...slam kenal Dr solo
EunChick Emperor•• 🌌
EunChick Emperor•• 🌌 3 aylar önce
Dewi Lawa
Dewi Lawa 3 aylar önce
Saepuloh 3 aylar önce
Hey, Hallo Indonesia..
Bewild Erment
Bewild Erment 23 gün önce
New years day 2022. I still LOVE this version and, of course, Angelina.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Well stated
Bronco Billy
Bronco Billy Aylar önce
Wow, that brought a tear to my eye. Incredible.
Arctic Igloo
Arctic Igloo Aylar önce
Lawrence Morman
Lawrence Morman 28 gün önce
She’s fantastic, a brilliant and unique style
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Definitely is
Lafonda williams
Lafonda williams 17 gün önce
i honestly dont have words for how beautiful that was just wow
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 16 gün önce
Angelina often makes us speechless with her beautiful instrument
Ziba maddah
Ziba maddah 8 aylar önce
She made it sound like a brand new song. With her own signature.
playprogram Aylar önce
Le dio su propio sello, eso indica que no es necesario tratar de imitar cuando se puede plasmar a idea propia, el tema es eterno, por siempre a nuestro recordado y grande Freddie Mercury.
Jack Hanzo
Jack Hanzo Aylar önce
Can't help but come back to this song, this audition. Just live, just lovely
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Well stated
HAN SOLO 20 gün önce
E niente...sono due anni che ascolto questa ragazza cantare questo brano e...sono due anni che continuo ad emozionarmi fino alle lacrime! Fantastica e meravigliosa!!
MrRonkard 17 gün önce
Incredibbile. Ce' qualcosa di magico in lei che ti fa ascoltare un brano mille volte e non ti annoia mai, anzi, ti emoziona sempre.
Jolanta Kuczek
Jolanta Kuczek Aylar önce
To jest lepsze od oryginału. Cudowna ❤
xks16 Aylar önce
Lepsze od oryginału? You must be kidding Jolanta. Had Angelina been the first performer of the Bohemian Rhapsody, this masterpiece would've never be voted the greatest rock song of all time.
Alicia Moncaglieri
Alicia Moncaglieri Aylar önce
Magnifica interpretación de Angelina ,un digno recuerdo al gran Freddie Mercury!!⭐
Hati Budak
Hati Budak 7 aylar önce
I love how hauntingly beautiful she managed to carry us all through the song from the smooth beginning and emotionally struck in the middle and sadness silence in the end. She’s a real talent.
moon light
moon light 7 aylar önce
Fabulous performance 👏.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 7 aylar önce
Great comment
André De SOUZA
André De SOUZA 14 gün önce
Uau!!! Muito lindo!!! A América tem salvação, ainda....
Célia Flor
Célia Flor 13 gün önce
Eu me emociono toda vez que a ouço
Gina Greenlee
Gina Greenlee Aylar önce
So, I honestly never thought I'd hear a version I loved more than Freddie's. And I heard that in person, live, Madison Square Garden in the 70s as a teen. This girl needs to tell us more about her planet.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Hi Gina I liked your comment and many people say planet jazz
Miguel Illich
Miguel Illich 21 gün önce
Exacto que nos dija de que planeta nos visita, es muy impresionante como interpreta y entiende la musica
D Hill
D Hill 14 gün önce
I have contributed to at least 200 views of the total votes, this young lady unreal! This was the first time I had heard her and I could not stop replaying her, wished the song was longer!!!!💖💖💖💖🌹🌹💖💖
hello TV
hello TV 6 aylar önce
For a 13 year old she carries her self like a queen! So mature!
Jessica Kirk 2
Jessica Kirk 2 5 aylar önce
'queen'. I can see what you did there lol
Darcy L
Darcy L 5 aylar önce
@Jesus Gonzalez It's a tragedy that shit like that still happens. I think Angelina chose to go down her own path instead of being manipulated by the industry. That decision will probably have repercussions for her career but I think she really doesn't care about getting rich or living in a fishbowl. I think just singing is enough for her.
Darcy L
Darcy L 6 aylar önce
@JoziGirl Jealousy is an ugly thing.
Don’task 6 aylar önce
@JoziGirl yall wanna downplay ppl so bad its sad
JoziGirl 6 aylar önce
@Darcy L ahh your math states 2+2=5...
julian jimenez
julian jimenez 9 gün önce
Superar esta actuacion es la tarea a seguir. Increible . Vocalizacion y personalizacion poco escuchado. Una estrella
degacci Aylar önce
Damn what a beautiful cover/composition! Gave me goosebumps all the way down to my feet!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
That happens to all of us
Gregory Lashley
Gregory Lashley 12 gün önce
She is amazing. She turned a contest into a concert. Amazing
Thiago Dantas
Thiago Dantas 10 gün önce
Her face at the end as though she’s thinking “You know I’m good. I know that you know I’m good, and I know I’m good, and yet I’m just too humble to admit that”. This girl has got something… her voice is undoubtedly very special! Every time I need to relax and get some inspiration, I must watch this performance over and over. The music, this version, her voice and her vocal arrangements… that’s perfection! Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷!
jose09841 3 aylar önce
Just speechless, this is not a child's voice, she sang like an old soul who was hurting, I felt that song!! May God bless this young girl, she is going places 😃
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 2 aylar önce
@Ceola Gordon I was totally addicted to Angelina the first time I heard her
Ceola Gordon
Ceola Gordon 2 aylar önce
Oh my when I first heard her sing Billie Holiday, I was so hooked. This child has been truly touched by the Creator, I hope that they're gentle with her out there in that business.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 2 aylar önce
Angelina leaves most people speechless
Brenda Pettit
Brenda Pettit 3 aylar önce
Absolutely awesome ! And so young !
Casey Zayas
Casey Zayas 3 aylar önce
you should see her sing bang bang when she was a very young girl, same thing applies there
Rex Tex
Rex Tex Aylar önce
The Norwegian singer Angelina Jordan was signed by one of the largest record companies in the world at just 14 - years old.(15) today. She has been hailed by The Queen on Twitter. Her current views, which are over 1 Billion on YT & over 3 Billion on FB, for a total of over 4 Billion & that's not even including reactions where she only gets credit for 1 view (from the reactor) while the reactor gets credit for thousands of her views. Please give her the credit she deserves. . She has sung for 40,000 in South Korea with Nora Jones 11 years old. She has sung at the Nobel Prize concert 8 years old. She was specially invited to Quincy Jones' 85th birthday to sing in the O2 Arena - London. He discovered Michael Jackson and said she was the greatest talent since him.
Эльдар Алиев
Эльдар Алиев 3 saatler önce
Прекрасно! Очень точно и чистенько,но нет взрыва,увы.
Nista Aylar önce
The very definition of a beautiful old soul,what a gift to everyone who had the privilege of hearing her.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
I agree
Akeylie Tovar
Akeylie Tovar Aylar önce
she's the only person who has made me feel this certain type of way when listening to her sing and this feeling is so hard to explain but it's basically really happy and sad, and kinda in shock all at the same time and all I know is, it's a great feeling.
Akeylie Tovar
Akeylie Tovar 19 gün önce
@Lydia Bentley Thank you so much
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
I really liked your comment
thejack01 Yıl önce
If Freddie were here he would be stunned by the huge talent of this pretty young woman. I'm sure he would, as well as we all are. I love the girl, her voice, her charm her tone. Shame she didn't win the show.
Macayla Reilly
Macayla Reilly 10 aylar önce
@What Da dawg doing obvs is his song smh
Shirley Bishop
Shirley Bishop 10 aylar önce
She is GREAT !!!
Shirley Bishop
Shirley Bishop 10 aylar önce
GREAT singer !!
Nova Pellaers
Nova Pellaers 11 aylar önce
@What Da dawg doing obviously, nobody beats freddie. Still this girl did really well and shouldve won the show. ive never heard a cover of this song done so well
The Dark Void
The Dark Void 11 aylar önce
@What Da dawg doing not many people can beat Freddie, but that doesn't mean that this was bad, infact it was probably one of the best covers to this song, ever!
Angela Magic Salveson
Angela Magic Salveson 12 gün önce
My favorite version of this song. Amazing!!
Jose Davila
Jose Davila 29 gün önce
De escalofríos escuchar esta versión , canta increíble...👏🏼
yani simeone
yani simeone 21 gün önce
She has such a soul and jazz tone to her voice, so soothing!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 13 gün önce
@Lynder Herberts thank you for your reply
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 15 gün önce
@Lynder Herberts I have continued to watch Angelina’s journey since she was seven and I have always been totally amazed at how wonderful she sings
Lynder Herberts
Lynder Herberts 15 gün önce
@Lydia Bentley That's very true. I rewatched her performances ඬwhen and could barely understand her English as she sang, but I could see the judges did. Precious tiny 7 year old having to share the little stage with her competitors standing behind her (all bigger kids and adults). She has many videos of her studio recordings from child jazz-style singer to present. There is a man who sponsors open air concerts for her. She's a fine young lady.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 18 gün önce
@Lynder Herberts that is why she sings jazz so brilliantly
Lynder Herberts
Lynder Herberts 18 gün önce
Jazz is her favorite style of songs to sing since she was little. You may enjoy her videos.
Małgorzata Osęka
Małgorzata Osęka Aylar önce
Angelina jest najlepsza. Pozdrawiam z Polski.
Fantomuraibu (Phantom Live)
Fantomuraibu (Phantom Live) 9 aylar önce
Freddie once said "Do what you want with my music, just don’t make it boring." I think Freddie would accept this edit: wow did not expect this comment to have any likes... just thought id put it out there
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
Justified By Faith Alone
Justified By Faith Alone 5 aylar önce
Dear Friends: Do you believe in the true Gospel of Grace? Jesus Christ DIED for our sins; He was BURIED, and He ROSE AGAIN on the third day (1 Cor. 15:1-4). We are saved by GRACE through FAITH in the BLOOD atonement of Jesus Christ. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Trust completely, with a heartfelt belief, in the blood atonement and finished work of Jesus Christ today!
Mike Hester
Mike Hester 6 aylar önce
He also said after this performance, Do what you want with my music, just don't be 13 and be this damn good😲
Jorge Escudero
Jorge Escudero 7 aylar önce
@Toni Kirk if you think this is "funny, and not boring" then you are deaf and with a terrible music taste. You shouldn't be listening to Queen. Go and stream Billie as much as you can.
The Stranger at Night
The Stranger at Night 7 aylar önce
@Jorge Escudero I agree. It sucks. Billie Eilish wanna be
Lloyd Sims
Lloyd Sims 13 gün önce
A lovely young lady that captures your heart with her voice and presentation... did you notice her curtsy? Classy.
Kanchan Gün önce
What a performance her voice.
Richard Obdeijn
Richard Obdeijn 13 gün önce
2022..the world keeps watching..this song is eternal..and this girl made sure of that!
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo 10 gün önce
Couldn't really keep the tears from welling down my cheeks... Bohemian Rhapsody till forever!
Curtis Hart
Curtis Hart 7 aylar önce
The general rule of covering Queen is that you DON'T EVER cover Queen, but this young lady made it explode. Freddie would be absolutely honored to hear this.
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas
Peace And Love Reaction Channel With Brett Douglas 2 aylar önce
DR BRETT DOUGLAS REACTION Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody America's Got Talent The Champions LINK:
Dee P
Dee P 5 aylar önce
@Free Stuff of course. I agree with you, she's young, and it will take years to develop her range, control and breath. No one can ever top Freddie but they say "imitation is the best form of flattery. " He would find it entertaining and would appreciate her ability and agility to sing one of his group's greatest hits.
Free Stuff
Free Stuff 5 aylar önce
@SixEight Guy I am rarely wrong. In fact it is about .003% chance of any statement I make to be wrong. I doubt this was 1 of them.
Free Stuff
Free Stuff 5 aylar önce
@Dee P I think she is an great singer but at her age she just hasn't learned to bring the emotion required to it yet. Freddie would have loved it though.
Shawn Grice
Shawn Grice 6 aylar önce
Freddy would be so honored, and she owned it.
Linda Wentink
Linda Wentink 25 gün önce
Just beautiful!! Such a mature interpretation
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
So true
Ina Smal
Ina Smal 24 gün önce
She was already a superstar before this show
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
Absolutely correct
RLC Aylar önce
My mama used to brag her to us that she has great voice and i have to look up for proof and yes I’m amazed. She has bright future ahead.. the voice, the looks its all complete plus shes young ❤️
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 19 gün önce
A great comment
Steph C
Steph C Aylar önce
WOW …WOW …WOW …What a beauty,!!!!…. The way she sang my favorite song. Of all time, was AmaZing!!!! I got goosebumps 🥰 bless ya girl. 💞💞💓😘
MJ C 4 aylar önce
I have Never heard anyone that can do this song justice. This girl would have made Freddy proud of this performance.
Shirley Millar
Shirley Millar 2 aylar önce
iris lopez
iris lopez 3 aylar önce
try brendon urie that guy has a voice higher than my grades. XD
Tenzin Dasel
Tenzin Dasel 3 aylar önce
Maybe she is Freddy in his new life
IAmWhosoever 3 aylar önce
You need to listen to Marc Martel then. He and Angelina are both fantastic.
And Amy Winehouse...
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