The Story of Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher

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Donut Operator

Donut Operator

4 yıl önce

Today we're going to dive into the case of Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher and his alleged war crimes. This video was created and uploaded before his hearing the other day so more information has been released since then. His trial date has been pushed back a few more months than what I say in the video.
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@DonutOperator 4 yıl önce
I'll be streaming shortly: This video was created and uploaded before his hearing the other day so more information has been released since then. His trial date has been pushed back a few more months than what I say in the video. Merch: Pledge to me on patreon:
@runner8142 4 yıl önce
Hello from Goodyear we have never lost a officer. The only cop to die here was by a unarmed man and the cop was a state trooper
@leopard2a6yes85 4 yıl önce
Whats up
@edwardlaba 4 yıl önce
Wheres the leak mam
@edwardlaba 4 yıl önce
He was a real life captain price
@larptm9083 4 yıl önce
What are your opinions on red flag laws?
@_myst_4267 2 yıl önce
For anyone showing up to this video late, Eddie is already free. 6 of the 7 charges were dropped and he is now a free man. He was only charged with "posing with a war casualty in an unofficial photo", but he didn't serve any time for that charge due to him already being imprisoned for longer than the sentence of the conviction.
@Caedo_The_Protogen 11 aylar önce
@VonKraut 10 aylar önce
more than that, they gave him the max sentence they could and tried to bust him down to an E1 and tried to take his trident away. Even though almost everyone in the platoon was in the pictures and none of them got charged besides Eddie.
@thearmy88ify 7 aylar önce
What is sad is that his men who accused him because he was too "hard" on them is representative of today's military as a whole. The good ones got out or retired.
@Kevin-qi5bh 7 aylar önce
@@thearmy88ify Lets not forget that it just came up that Dan Crenshaw was actively trying to put Eddie in prison even though he was innocent.
@thearmy88ify 7 aylar önce
@@Kevin-qi5bh I believe it and I dont like crenshaw but I dont understand what his motive is?
@rebaanderson5965 Yıl önce
It never ceases to amaze me how the military can so easily turn on one of its own. It doesn't matter how heroic or decorated the soldier may be, he still has no credibility of his own.
@JamesSmith-fd9oe 7 aylar önce
Unfortunately it's the nature of the beast and a reality that is so one sided.
@g54b95 5 aylar önce
Colonel Walter Kurtz.
@connorbranscombe6819 5 aylar önce
Ah yes, very heroic bragging about killing literal children lol.
@adamstephens5676 3 aylar önce
​@@connorbranscombe6819I bet your such an amazing person.
@BadazzShovelhead Yıl önce
As a Marine and combat veteran I believe and taking it to the bad guy. Big time- our job is to break shit and kill people not nation building. We are warriors for our nation and we have to do the right thing for our teams and fellow servicemen and women. That said, I'd like to point out (not making excuses) war sucks and it should suck. The "greatest Generation" did some pretty awful things, things far worse than anything I have heard that this SEAL was supposed to have done and it worked. We didn't revert into some awful nation we didn't become barbaric. I worked closely with many teams and I have my beliefs of what went on but I will keep those thoughts to myself now and always. I wasn't a SEAL having friends there and working very closely with them doesn't mean a lot they fight their war and I will not disparage them ever. I'd like to thank all of them and anyone reading these comments that served and you Donut for serving our nation. 7:51 is all you need to know. I had a mom once give me the best medal for valor I ever got. She wrote me a card and it said (I have it framed right here) "My Sean told me stories bout you and I hated you. I thought you were the devil sent to harm my son and I was very scared for him around you. However, he loved you and always defended how mean you were. I just spoke to him on the phone (as we were rotating back) and he said if it wasn't for you and how hard you were none of you would have made it. I love you now and if you ever make it to Missouri you will always have a home with us." Love Mom. Nothing given to me by command or anyone for that matter meant as much.
@bravozulu8638 Yıl önce
Thank you for your service brother !
@4doorsmorewhores651 Yıl önce
“Innocent until proven guilty” is something that our criminal justice system is struggling with as well
@SteveSmith-ze5mw 4 aylar önce
This was military law. You must prove yourself innocent.
@4doorsmorewhores651 4 aylar önce
@@SteveSmith-ze5mw I sat through a couple court martials in my time in the service. Both seemed fair but I was young
@heartandmindovercome3214 2 aylar önce
@darktoadone5068 2 yıl önce
I can understand how Eddie felt, I was never accused of war crimes as Eddie but I have been in a position where a low ranking member made up absolute lies about me because I worked him harder than some others and it got back to my supervisor and I was interviewed about the accusations and it pissed me off really bad and I felt like strangling the little lying bastard but then I would lose rank if I did that. So the little shit was assigned to another platoon but I sure let the LPO and LCPO know what was coming their way. A year later he was kicked out with a BCD, no surprise.
@ckoritko Yıl önce
Good on ya for retaining your composure and not giving the little PoS what he deserves, man. It’s a shame fools like that even make it in.
@jakobwhaley5641 Yıl önce
Lucky he didn't get his teeth kicked in
@Gunnl Yıl önce
Binary Coded Decimal ?!
@derwolfgaming7775 Yıl önce
@@Gunnl Bad Conduct Discharge. Essentially it's a bad way to be kicked out of the military.
@johnlinares4200 7 aylar önce
It turns out that the terrorist was killed by a medic named Corey Scott. He said it was a mercy killing because the Iraqis would have tortured the terrorist. The murder charge was a frame-up by the disgruntled Seals who served under Eddie.
@wtback238 2 yıl önce
Donut, you’re a great guy for doing this for Eddie
@BadazzShovelhead Yıl önce
I will say- I believe the Chief to be an honorable man who when confronted with a guy out of the fight did what came naturally to him he was first and foremost a Corpsman. I have known some hard ass docs and they would hammer someone to protect their Marines. That said, when it came down to it every single one of them was a compassionate and good soul that helped people that were hurt. Hard to explain but it is ingrained in their DNA it seems. For those who do not know corpsmen- We as Marines say- Corpsmen are- Usually a young, long haired, bearded, Marine-hatin' Sailor with certain medical skills, who will go through the very gates of Hell to get to a wounded Marine.. We love our Docs- always.
@sethdunlap7009 2 yıl önce
Eddie's amazing accomplishments sound almost too amazing.... Navy SEAL, Combat Medic, Marine Scout Sniper, Corpman... Honestly, who has that much motivation??? The Man should have been researched, not tortured.
@thearmy88ify 7 aylar önce
What is sad is that his men who accused him because he was too "hard" on them is representative of today's military as a whole. The good ones got out or retired.
@bengale8106 Aylar önce
@@thearmy88ifyyeah I find that ridiculous. How the fuck could you try and ruin another mans life cuz he took you down a peg and had high standards.
@Teddy_______ 2 yıl önce
And now after the trial we know how f**ked up the case against him was. Eddie is a hero. Glad to see he’s doing alright.
@patheticbread6861 2 yıl önce
Did he win?
@kathyborthwick6738 Yıl önce
Yes Eddie won!
@plaguedoctorjamespainshe6009 Yıl önce
Was he a hero when he shot a man carrying a girl to hit the girl killing them both ? Or when he parked his Humvee to shoot randomly at civilians, cars and buildings ? Maybe he was extra hero when he claimed to kill 3 people a day for 80 days including a 12 year old ?
@OrwellGrey 7 aylar önce
Just came across this. Great piece. If you haven't committed the same efforts to clear the MARSOC 3, please do. It's a tragic case of special operators (heroes) who are being denied due process, having their lives put on hold, and being charged for murder. All evidence exonerates them, but the Navy and JAG just doesn't care.
@damtheman 3 yıl önce
Still don’t understand how ANYONE can call an ISIS member an “innocent teenager”
@InsomniacXIII 3 yıl önce
What Green Lightning said, and also: regardless of general innocence or guilt, killing a defenseless unarmed prisoner is a war crime. Not that I think that's what happened, mind you - I don't think Eddie Gallagher stabbed that kid.
@damtheman 3 yıl önce
Arnold Faks And what about that makes them innocent?
@4gerars500 3 yıl önce
Green Lightning so basically like nazis?
@kevinzhang3313 3 yıl önce
Jesus Christ. NO ONE is saying he didn't deserve to die, or that he wasn't the enemy. Enough with all that bullshit. You can't expect warriors in combat to be angels, and everyone knows how the Geneva Convention makes them go out of their way, unnecessarily at times. He shouldn't have gone to prison for first degree murder. That being said, if we haven't abolished or ratified the Geneva Convention yet, what apparently happened was he shot him, and then went up close to knife him. Dont get triggered by this, but some people see that as cold blooded, a sadistic satisfaction, rather than hot blooded war killing. Still doesn't deserve a murder sentence. He was convicted of posing with the body. Hes bloodthirsty, but it didn't go to far where he is a real danger to people on our side or to commit mlre outright true unjustified acts of violence. Then again they cant just pretend the Geneva Convention doesn't exist. Then his buddy said it wasn't Gallagher, but that he strangled him, out of mercy so Iraqis wouldn't do worse to him.
@williamstratton6399 2 yıl önce
Thanks for doing this, it was nice to see and outside source look at this from a matter of fact point of view. I fully agree that NCIS (NIS when I was in the service) overreaches. I felt their impact as I was accused of some really petty stuff on only the word of a single NCS officer. Nothing came of it as it was eventually found out he lied, nothing happened to him but my friends and I had a nearly 2 month long period where we were presumed guilty. Good video, except for the crayon part, Semper Fi.
@mrmoderatormrbobmoderator69 Yıl önce
I love the US marines equally to the love I share for the Royal marines. Alliance is especially important during these 'uncertain' times' Keep doing what your doing. Much love 💪
@mwduck Aylar önce
God save the King.
@hayesactual2656 2 yıl önce
If Donut can break all of this down in less than 20 minutes this shouldn't even be a case.
@billgalloway6383 Yıl önce
I had a friend who was a SEAL in Vietnam. I was a soldier. Veterans are Veterans, we all served.
@Slamspiffy_III 4 yıl önce
Love how thorough you are in your videos. You are easily my favorite TRshowr
@stickmanporn12345678 4 yıl önce
Slam Spiffy hes like a youtube private detective
@dayzlocke1340 4 yıl önce
I went to click the like button and it disliked the comment when I hit the like button..
@geeGoLLyitsDAVE 4 yıl önce
But he doesn't have any proof other then what is already been gathered by NCIS. A lot of this is opinion.
@molonlabe9635 4 yıl önce
@@geeGoLLyitsDAVE sounds like NCIS has nothing but a bunch of circumstantial "evidence" so a lot of that is opinion.
@trumpetdude2115 2 yıl önce
@Tecknicio 2 yıl önce
For anyone wondering; "Gallagher was acquitted on six of seven charges on July 2 by a jury in a military court. But he was convicted on the charge of "wrongfully posing for an unofficial picture with a human casualty." The charge is considered minor in comparison to other accusations"
@camostrike4395 2 yıl önce
Gallagher was acquitted on six of seven charges on July 2 by a jury in a military court. But he was convicted on the charge of "wrongfully posing for an unofficial picture with a human casualty." The charge is considered minor in comparison to other accusations. Here is the results of the case that badass has been released and is now living his best life (minus the ptsd)
@ohanailo7743 7 aylar önce
All the, Doc’s I ever served with were very, “Tuff individuals” and great respect for, Mr. Gallagher. They went everywhere the U.S. Marines would go and one, “Doc” saved my life. Love those guy’s. Semper Fi.
@Prodigy_ADED Yıl önce
I highly recommend the Shawn Ryan show with his episode with Eddie. He goes over a lot of the case and what led up to it and the aftermath. Great watch.
@rongerman6992 7 aylar önce
Thank you for this!! Outstanding coverage and information!
@KonwTheTrut 3 yıl önce
‘Sometimes crayons...’ As a former Marine...those crayons were gold in Iraq.
@ScumbagLemon 3 yıl önce
red ones taste the best
@memedealer4208 3 yıl önce
I like the green ones, they taste like trees.
@5lim429 3 yıl önce
@mwduck Aylar önce
The rules of evidence generally don't apply at an Art. 32 investigation. The investigating officer (who doesn't have to be a judge) can consider pretty much anything.
@dilligaf1009 7 aylar önce
I had a court that was hard me for lots of dumb shit. Looking back.... They were all important lessons and I will never forget them, or him. And I am grateful for that and the help he gave me when I needed it. Semper Fi BMCS!
@godbluffvdgg 2 aylar önce
Amazing video upload and you look like an operator...It saddens me to see how the military has changed since I served USAF under Reagan's term...Once they murdered Pat Tillman, it was all down hill...It seems that honor has been replaced with treachery and disloyalty...Between that and the overbearing gender malfeasance agenda, I would talk anyone I know out of serving... This is the first I'm hearing of this Chief Gallagher incident...Sounds like they wanted to beat him out of his pension...smh...Glad he was found innocent!
@dscheaffer Yıl önce
Thanks Donut, for the informative review of SEAL Chief Gallagher’s case. Very eye opening on how the military justice system works.
@dozerman8222 2 yıl önce
So sad to see that real fighting men are being taken down by top brass. Saddest part is generals like Milley are still in place with no consequences. Milley just points his finger at others and blames them.
@danielcurtis1434 6 aylar önce
Do a video on Tim Hennis!!! That case is a long story on its own with twists that you just don’t expect and are essentially unprecedented.
@401sFinest 4 yıl önce
This is absolutely rediculous... to treat a war hero like this is disgraceful. Thank you donut for doing your due diligence.
@brightgarinson3099 4 yıl önce
The Iraq war made no war heroes.
@colbywarren4364 4 yıl önce
Depends if he broke the Geneva convention or not
@ZbjetisGod 4 yıl önce
He's not a hero if he's guilty of his accusations. If he's innocent this is horrible and I hope he will be thoroughly compensated
@fenner1986 4 yıl önce
Alexander Martinez You're right, he just had an absolutely stellar career, that one day, during his last deployment, towards the end of a hell of a career said "Fuck it, let me screw the pooch on everything and kill someone unarmed" Like Donut said, you don't know jack fucking shit because you weren't there and Donut provided plenty of evidence that this man's character was otherwise and that his "brothers in arms" were leveling these charges against him out of spite. Either way it doesn't matter, everything we say here is hearsay until the court decides his fate.
@tylerjamz17 28 gün önce
Thank you for your service Eddie, glad to see that youre free.
@6.7guy Yıl önce
Eddie seems to be doing well, he trained me today at the range 🤙🏼
@jackielaney5635 7 aylar önce
Wonderful shake his hand for all of us true Americans
@imadequate3376 Yıl önce
Everyone I've talked to who has fired those Carl Gustav Recoiless Rifle says they kick ass. I was told by a guy the M2 early model was like 30lbs, but the new ones come in at like only 12-15lbs and they are pretty damn accurate and pack a wallop. I think that massive weight reduction is why the US is finally buying in, the Swedes have been making these forever and they've made gnarly ass rounds for them.
@Uhoh29 Yıl önce
Can’t imagine how bad it feels to sacrifice everything for your country, just for them to turn on you and try to throw you in prison to rot.
@johnlim7308 Yıl önce
I worked with Eddie as a logistics officer in Iraq. Just remember the day we were told we wont work with him any more.
@user-iu2zw3bk2t 4 yıl önce
I love you donut. I hope he gets out
@uapinc5550 4 yıl önce
@lvanzant3074 4 yıl önce
Me too
@aj5374 4 yıl önce
He and so many others should have got the death penalty long ago
@lvanzant3074 4 yıl önce
@@aj5374 how many tours do you have overseas?
@Shakester71 2 yıl önce
We ask these brave people to fly thousands of miles away to a desert to fight for our freedoms while putting themselves in harm’s way. Right or not, I’m always going to give our warfighters the benefit of a doubt until there is absolute certainty and proof.
@TRspeaksTRUTH 2 yıl önce
This Man is a HERO. Period. Haters gonna hate.
@ransomdekafenya2584 Yıl önce
I'm a veteran, and my wife, who has never served, loves the TV show NCIS. But she doesn't understand why I have reservations or why I question things that happen on the show. And this video touched on something I think is absolutely and unequivocally essential to the UCMJ, and that is the idea of reform. The idea of a jury of one's peers is phenomenal. And I can even get behind keeping a jury of service members so that the context of the engagement or offense is understood and common language can be established among jury members. But if you look at it, court is one of the *only* areas where the military refuses to utilize contractors or civilian employees for critical roles. Such as, for example, a defense attorney. That is absolute horse shit. In a similar fashion, the military can deem a trial so essential to national security that media of any kind is not allowed in the chamber *at all*, and attendees are kept to a minimum of allowed items on their person. This means the forfeiture of private property if civilians are in attendance. And not private property of the 9mm variety. The kind where pen and paper aren't allowed. People like to think we are the land of the free. And we as civilians are. But sometimes our service members are called to protect the very freedoms they themselves are denied in essential, life shaping moments. If you are thinking about enlisting, just remember that the moment you do, you become a unit, and not a person.
@mwduck Aylar önce
The accused person in a court-martial is always free to hire a civilian defense counsel. All are entitled to representation by a judge advocate. If you hire a civilian, you can have both. We have good reasons for keeping national security cases out of the public domain. As I'm sure you know, the government has to put on evidence to make its case. When the evidence is classified, it has be treated and protected like all classified material.
@arkadiuszk41 2 yıl önce
legend!! and what they did to him is just sick all the best Eddie stay strong
@-Zer0Dark- 2 yıl önce
I came here after he was on "Vigilance Elite" yesterday. They talked for over 5 hours about this whole thing. It was very enlightening, and also shocking how he and his family were treated. The guy seems like a fantastic leader and I believe he served with honor. 🇺🇲
@edzachary8657 2 yıl önce
Same, that was a great interview
@-Zer0Dark- 2 yıl önce
@@edzachary8657 -- It really hit me in a lot of ways. I can't imagine how he must feel being betrayed by the very institution he served for. At least justice won out, I suppose.
@jamesblaser799 2 yıl önce
Yeah amen mate
@jetlink172e9 2 yıl önce
I was thinking the same thin both great work but donut gave us the cliff notes...good detail too if I may add!!
@hafidza.p8584 2 yıl önce
Psyco leader
@rippleandgrendel 2 yıl önce
On July 2, 2019, they acquitted him on six of the seven original charges but found him guilty of the seventh charge of "wrongfully posing for an unofficial picture with a human casualty". That charge carried a maximum prison sentence of four months. Since Gallagher had already served more time during his pre-trial confinement, he was released. Then President Trump pardoned him later that year
@tomkiser1418 2 yıl önce
Thanks. You did a great job or reporting this "judicial crime". It comes down to You can't please everybody all the time. The Squad he inherited always had the worse ratings until Eddie took over. They excelled. The bitched because they were in a combat zone ..even though Eddie agreed to send them back for R&R every other week..while Eddie stayed the entire time. Eventually , one by one the 4 team members recanted their stories. Even with this, NCIS Still pursued charges. EVEN after Trump Stepped in basically and say Cease and desist, higher ranks still gave Eddie a hard time. SEAL teams are normally TIGHT. sometimes, its rare, you get some malcontent who doesn't want to work hard.
@BruceWayne-cb2ys 2 yıl önce
It's always up to the behind the scenes brass hats what happens to you in the "military justice" system, and nothing is worse than being an "enemy " of the first shirt system. I saw a lot of fine people who were kicked out, including 1 who was a body builder who was "too heavy for his height". Very sad.
@billyandrews4728 2 yıl önce
Solid coverage in limited time.Good job, Donut.
@milt6208 7 aylar önce
Hey Cheif, this Tin Can Sailor respects the hell out of you and thanks you for being the tip of the spear of those who protects our country.
@jamesevans938 3 yıl önce
Update for anyone Eddie strolled out of court a free man he was only found guilty of appearing in a inappropriate picture and had already spent more than double the time before the trial. The case against Eddie killing the isis soldier took a massive blow when the prosecutors main witness said on the stand that he not Gallagher killed the fighter buy plugging his breathing tube, a mercy killing so the fighter wouldn’t be tortured to death by Iraqi forces
@thetute59 3 yıl önce
Yeshua is Lord. Eddie was only found guilty for posing in an inappropriate picture. However, he already spent so much time that he served his sentence twice (and therefore was free to go). One witness later testified that eddie didnt kill the isis fighter at all. The witness apparently said that he himself (the witness) killed the ISIS-fighter. He did so in order to prevent the ISIS-soldier being tortured to death by iraqi forces. Basicly a mercy killing. Hope this helps.
@TheBigsmith79 3 yıl önce
@@yankee891 he and the other seals who made up the stories had immunity, so they went back to the teams to be ostracized. He tells his story on a free range American podcast.
@especiallyabsent 3 yıl önce
Lutoreos the dude didn’t actually do that he perjured himself on the stand because like cops and gang members seals aren’t supposed to rat on each other
@especiallyabsent 3 yıl önce
Andrew Smith who made up the stories 😂😂 that’s a good one
@loganwittlief6215 3 yıl önce
The people who accused him of killing some one with our any real evidence did you even watch the video?
@karny96 2 yıl önce
One thing that people don’t understand about the uniform code of military justice is there’s no “innocent until proven guilty” or even guilty till proven innocent” there’s “guilty if the military wants you to be”. Once saw one of my buddies charged and punished for being “guilty of being a suspect” over a pair of stolen sunglasses
@mwduck Aylar önce
Actually, the UCMJ contains the same "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" same, as under any state law in the US. "Guilty of being a suspect" isn't a proper charge under the UCMJ. Your friend must have gone to NJP, where the CO is God.
@mikespence2417 2 yıl önce
great job sir -well researched and excellent delivery of information...
@jimhenry5107 7 gün önce
Hey, Donut Operator thanks for the run down. I spent 25 years @ JAG school. Admiral Crawford was my boss but as a civilian I had very few words with him. I find it interesting to have these higher ups putting their nose where it doesn't belong.
@Dj_-zn5zl 2 yıl önce
If they (9 squad mates) can’t come on stand to be used against him they should be considered irrelevant. In America if there was no opportunity to cross examine them or speak against him they are declared irrelevant by the judge. Example: if a victim won’t take the stand against the perp no matter if someone will “tell it for them” it’s a he said she said situation.
@darthonly5664 2 aylar önce
Had the honour to got his team as pur overwatch back then during a rjoin rescue op with JSOC. I've been circulated his case to entire Army SF community to solicit some support. Little did I know a congressman actually actively works against him behind the scene for political favor. Shows how Ef Up the Navy brass and the former officer there who happens to be the said congressman. There's the reason that some officers that were not climb from enlisted is sucks and only capable for brown-nosing the brass and quick to stole some credits. - Former O3 from 3rd group.
@mixflip 4 yıl önce
Dayummmm....he was the 1st Navy Corpsman to go to Marine sniper school? That's so bad ass. Doc with a sniper that is some serious skills.
@wuthemaurine735 4 yıl önce
hes not playing with his class's weapons
@mixflip 4 yıl önce
@@wuthemaurine735 I am not sure what that means?
@ryanlin3783 4 yıl önce
(Mixflip) he mean like in a video game, where there are classes. Specific classes can only use their given items
@mixflip 4 yıl önce
@@ryanlin3783 oh i see. Videos games....gotcha. I'm old
@ryanlin3783 4 yıl önce
Ur welcome also btw its Nathan Lin
@richardbonczekii8241 2 yıl önce
Great reporting/investigating, better than anything found on mainstem media!!!
@patrickdort3128 Yıl önce
They essentially deliberated for one full day and then came back first thing in the morning and had a cup of coffee and gave their verdict. And the verdict was essentially that Eddie Gallagher was found not guilty of all of the serious charges - murder, attempted murder.Aug 24, 2021
@Felix-vr9gd 2 yıl önce
Imagine having to go through literal hell on earth, the fact that you've killed people weighing on your conscience, but doing your best in every aspect and working hard, only for the men you worked with to fucking shit all over your reputation.
@eschdaddy 2 yıl önce
Thanks for this. He’s kind of like the security guy at the Atlanta olympics bombing. I never knew the whole story then, and I never knew this whole story.
@pauls5745 Yıl önce
excellent research. a little fast-paced for me, but I believe in Chief Gallagher and his honorable service. I'm glad to know he was pardoned. still inexcusable the treatment a decorated soldier and family were treated to
@bengoodwin465 3 yıl önce
This reminds me of the British Army Officer Brian Wood who led a bayonet charge against terrorist forces at the Battle of Danny Boy. Years after the battle, he found out that allegations of war crimes were being brought against him. Eventually, he was acquitted and it turned out that the lawyer who brought forth the allegations was just looking to make a quick buck by winning this case when all of the evidence had long since been lost. Just really sucks to see decorated war heroes not being giving their due just because of some assholes that don’t like them.
@ghostunknown7552 2 yıl önce
One of my favorite TRshowrs I can watch your vids all day love your content man keep it up ❤️
@thebarkingmouse 7 aylar önce
Slicing off clothes, or removing clothes is standard procedure when you're trying to gain access to wounds so you can work on them. That should be obvious to anyone with even basic first-aid training.
@justincredible520 Yıl önce
Eddie Gallagher is a beast and a hero
@sgtrod 2 yıl önce
Love that boot Chief Eddie G. Just like in our current corrupt political landscape Chief is an undeserving victim of military politics after surviving real combat overseas. The real criminals are the military brass who are truly spineless no good to anybody but their own agendas POS’s. Semper Fi brother we stand behind you every step of the way.
@DanielSmith-nl7wz Yıl önce
What I wouldn’t do to get trained and led by such a badass. Why anyone would want to screw over a true American hero is above me because this guy is the guy I’d love to serve beside.
@hubriswonk Yıl önce
Right! Me too.........
@raysteigerwalt5272 4 yıl önce
As a vet of 3 deployments my father a veitnam vet made me promise to do whatever it takes to come home alive. He told me he rather have me judged by 12 than carried by six. I didn't figure out what he was talking about until I got 7 months into my 1st deployment. The world's a messed up place
@peanutbutterballs1863 4 yıl önce
so don't jump on the bomb?
@malx7756 4 yıl önce
Most people don't understand the fucked up shit that can happen & does happen in war. The jungle environment of it all. International law really goes out the window
@jamesrelinski8853 4 yıl önce
You're absolutely right Sir. Most will never know the horrors of war and what it does to a man... My father too was a Vietnam Veteran. I can't imagine what he went through watching his only son go downrange time and again. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.
@imapopo2924 4 yıl önce
Well, I thank you for doing the fighting so I dont have to, sir. You and your father have my eternal respect and gratitude.
@DJSavvy2012 7 aylar önce
Hearing about the corruption being that bad in the military back then, I'm glad I never went into the army after I got out of high school.
@polecatjob 6 aylar önce
Thank you Donut for providing facts on this case, it’s sad that even the seal teams are full of 🐱 if we don’t get our poop together, it won’t matter. We’ll all be speaking Chinese in a couple of decades.
@dudeblues10 Yıl önce
I do not doubt for a second that this generation would do this. They believe they have to fight EVERY battle and never take responsibility for their own actions.
@chrisragone8785 2 yıl önce
Listen to the Shawn Ryan former SEAL podcast where he interviews Eddie for 5.5 hours. Guy is totally innocent.
@wyatt8513 2 yıl önce
He and donut were recently on a podcast
@chrisragone8785 2 yıl önce
@@wyatt8513 Nice! I’ll have to check that out.
@wyatt8513 2 yıl önce
@@chrisragone8785 it’s on the free range American podcast the one hosted by brcc
@blackwaterfrog 2 yıl önce
Someone should do a Stolen Valor check on Ryan, probably an impostor as well.
@Becarhodzic 2 yıl önce
@@blackwaterfrog What have you done for this country?
@shaunrogers8811 11 aylar önce
You can clearly see by Eddie’s demeanor in the video, that he did not kill the fighter, he brought back to base and tried to save to get intel from. He doesn’t look haunted by guilt, at that point he still has faith that he will be found justifiably innocent
@brimstoneonsteam9069 11 aylar önce
Our boy Sherlock Holmes over here solves any case by just looking at their body language. Goofy AF.
@livelucky74 11 aylar önce
@@brimstoneonsteam9069 well... he was right since they dropped all the charges
@death99ification 4 yıl önce
That is such a shame. Screw those guys. They don't deserve a chief like him.
@liam9431 4 yıl önce
Yea, he shot two civilians in the street, bragged about his kills, threatened witnesses who would report the murder, called in false grid coordinates in order to strike a mosque and executed a pow. Totally not a war criminal. We dont deserve him.
@death99ification 4 yıl önce
@@liam9431 funny... I thought all of that was saved for the higher ups with all the scandals they have had. Just in case you are in the crowd of, " he did this shit": I side with Eddie. There is next to nothing that can prove any of this happened other than what some disgruntled squadmates of his say. Nobody else can confirm this. Those people should be dishonorably discharged or at the very least court martialed. They have tried to ruin his life over him being, "too harsh and demanding". It's just a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Everyone else loves him and vouches for him except for a couple guys who have an issue being under his command.
@waynefletcher9884 2 aylar önce
In the military you’re Presumed Guilty The military justice system is not only complex, but it also has blatantly unfair aspects that you simply cannot ignore. The law says that you're “innocent until proven guilty,” but military law enforcement, commanders, convening authorities, and prosecutors often think differently.
@alanluscombe8a553 2 yıl önce
I was in Iraq and one of our e5 team leaders thought it was funny to tie a hand grenade to someone’s door in a fashion where when he knocked on the door and they opened it the grenade would drop the spoon and fall on the ground, that is a war crime and he paid for it, also had someone come forward saying while he was in Afghanistan he ran down some people with an lmtv but I was not around for that
@solidjohn6856 Yıl önce
Thank God for the outcome of Eddies case I hope something is done about over reaching NCIS Agents and Prosecutors Eddy is a American Hero! Thanks Eddy for all you have done for our country. And Mrs Gallagher also
@cadencarlson7812 Yıl önce
To anyone listening to this recently I would highly recommend shawn Ryan’s podcast that has Eddie ad a guest. It’s worth hearing his side of the story!
@justinpowell3174 3 yıl önce
Jesus. His actual credentials sound like those stolen valor people. Navy seal medic sniper
@GTBANNA 3 yıl önce
Justin Powell Lol that reminds me of that navy seal, doctor, astronaut.
@alexanderfielding4344 3 yıl önce
@@GTBANNA no that's just Johnny sins hahaha
@acewiddlewade2566 3 yıl önce
Alexander Fielding amazing
@rickylugo14 3 yıl önce
@@alexanderfielding4344 Johnny Kim bro, search him up, fucking badass.
@kingblackheart919 3 yıl önce
Don’t forget; all around badass!
@DeadBaron 2 yıl önce
For anyone looking for an update: "At the end of November 2019, Gallagher retired from the Navy with full honors, pension, and medical benefits. Following his Navy career, Gallagher began commercial ventures including a clothing line and a nutritional supplement endorsements." GOOD FOR HIM!
@doug9172 2 yıl önce
Finally a concise summery about this. The guy is a hero!
@Bluepickles333 4 aylar önce
Thank you for telling this story
@lof563 7 aylar önce
I completely agree with everything you said however I read an article in the Marine times that said he was convicted of taking a picture with the dead enemy or trophy picture
@canadianguy7291 4 yıl önce
Can we just point out real quick that the court with no primary piece of evidence other than accusations from enlisted men who had a history with Chief Gallagher still sent it to Courts Martial
@canadianguy7291 4 yıl önce
Brad Roberts ty
@walterarrit5511 2 aylar önce
Not true. You just made that up.
@matthewbodmer5552 2 yıl önce
After seeing the Vigilance Elite video, it's utterly stunning some of the SEALS he served with ever made it past BUD/S. Disgusting what they did to him.
@doctorwebman Yıl önce
Legend has it that when he was found not guilty and was let go, the court and prison apologized to him for not working harder.
@CoffeeMug2828 Yıl önce
One of the hardest aspect of being a civilized soldier fighting terrorists is that you have to follow a set of rules while your enemies are free for all. you have to move and treat the enemy based on the guidelines set by war time laws, meanwhile your enemy doesn't have those rules to follow and just basically executes people for being Christians. with those in mind, you can't really blame the soldiers if they just up and say "an eye for an eye" and do some stuff that are against the wartime law.
@ronaldedwards8301 7 aylar önce
Thank you seal Gallagher and your family for the sacrifices and service to our great , we do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out very simple... the military had plans on revamping they had to get rid of honorable soldiers in order to do what they wanted to do. Jump Ahead a little bit and look what the hell has happened to our military.
@oooshiny23 5 aylar önce
People attacked him cause poor boo boo couldn't have their pie with their cake. So, vultures swooped in to try and destroy his name and career. Hope his life is back on track. And thank you for severing your counrty.
@TylerGrey21 3 yıl önce
For those who don’t have any military experience, and I’m surprised Donut didn’t know this because of his service, the Carl Gustav is a “recoilless rifle”, which i *believe* is an 84mm rocket. Largely used for Anti-Tank capabilities and other armor, and there’s a buncha different rockets. H.E.A.T. rounds are High Explosive Anti- Tank and H.E.D.P are High Explosive Dual Purpose. These rockets can be massively disturbing to the operator of the Gustav. If you are to shoot more than like four or five in a period of 24 hours, you can have damage done to your head and internal organs. Doesn’t happen often, just thought I’d clear that up for anyone who doesn’t know why that Officer were to say that him making his SEALs shoot that Carl Gustav a dozen times would be too disciplinary. Even then, sack up, you’re in country. Get fucked. Go Gallagher.
@TOAOM123 3 yıl önce
Nah he mentioned what it was sardonically
@gavincross2902 3 yıl önce
Actually it is more harmful to the 2nd man but when I trained on one I would volunteer to fire 20 if the army could ever afford that kind of thing. They are a lot of fun.
@definelogic4803 3 yıl önce
Oh no muh internal organs. For real though who cares
@larss337 3 yıl önce
I know guys who used the 84mm CarlGustaf. It's the propellant going off next to your head that is the problem. Operators sometimes gets nosebleeds after a few shots and there have even been cases of concussion. Is very individual how you react, to some people 12 shots in 24 hours can be really bad. Now, in a war shit happens and I'm sure those 12 shots were not fired just for fun.
@etvonrashke3763 3 yıl önce
I was ordered to fire the 84mm twice in 1988 without hearing protection. My ears are still ringing. 12 times would be harsh treatment in my opinion. Even with double plugging my nose would usually start to bleed after 5 or 6 shots with Gustav or 106mm recoiless.
@ericditillio237 2 yıl önce
You should look into the SF team that he was attached to and why they didn't want him after one deployment.
@callencharles7523 6 aylar önce
Donut: Stud, Patriot, Operator! Thanks for this episode.
@wazhazhe5831 Yıl önce
Thank you for covering this.
@WEEZlUS 2 yıl önce
Absolute disgrace that this isn’t the first time this has taken place. You serve your country faithfully and dutifully, some little wimp wants to be relevant and make his career relevant so he decides he is going to literally send someone to prison for the rest of their life, even though he knows the guy doesn’t deserve it. Can we consider that a form of treason?
@dylanwiggins1621 4 yıl önce
As of 6/2/19 Gallagher is released from custody awaiting further trial
@Nillowo 4 yıl önce
Thank you for the update. This comment should be liked more so others can see it more easily
@JonnyRicter 4 yıl önce
Elibrius Project he was released from custody by the presiding judge due to prosecutorial misconduct.
@funda1958 4 yıl önce
@MangoStJohn 4 yıl önce
JonnyRichter- does that mean he CAN or CANNOT be retried? Is it over?
@luckylilrobot4719 4 yıl önce
6/2/19 American date 2/6/19 English date ( and possibly else where )
@williamspendlove 2 yıl önce
Chief is a hero, plain and simple.
@tim4cn759 2 yıl önce
He sounds like a HERO, and it's sounding a lot like NCIS railroaded Eddie.. we need heroes 🙏 like this and if soldiers are not doing their jobs and file a complaint they are cowards
@briancarrier9299 11 aylar önce
I hope the names of those unseal like seals is posted so they can be shamed for life.
@longblacktrain7528 Yıl önce
I never got to meet the man but I heard of the chief while I was over there. Mostly good things and he was a complete douchebag if you got on his side. Other than that he was a pretty skilled combatant. Glad we are on the same side. SSGT Pratt. Good luck chief.
@jaymac2702 7 aylar önce
Eddie's interview on Shawn Ryan's podcast was worth watching. The government keeps doing this type of garbage while they cry over recruitment numbers being low...
@colin7763 4 yıl önce
My father did two tours in Vietnam. 64 66. When I asked him if he had any regrets during those years he had only one story. Tay Ninh, 65. He was given wrong map coordinates and he called in a airstrike. Wiped out an entire village. It was a mistake, fog of war. In today's climate, my dad would be in prison.
@Sam-ve3ji 4 yıl önce
@colin7763 4 yıl önce
@@mqbq3651 that's hard. But these stories given to us by our elders is why we should try and advoid war. WW2 Korea and Vietnam.. I couldn't understand the brutal tactics. WW1 as well.
@Sam-ve3ji 4 yıl önce
@@mqbq3651 we never know what truly happens and we might not want to and I feel terrible that during every war the front lines and in general everyone that are there go charging in facing death and for Random people they don't know? Forced? For respect? Glory? Who knows, only they truly know And lots would do anything to go back home alive not in a casket. It makes me think lots of us have it easy because of them
@Sam-ve3ji 4 yıl önce
@@mqbq3651 war is scary we should all know that. And if people talk trash about those who died for us I wish they could feel and see what they went through. Never disrespect those who died or fought for you/us
@colin7763 4 yıl önce
@@mqbq3651 See my friend, this thing you just told me. This. I understand that wars and the political things that lead up to it are very messy. I do what the people who fought told me. Forgive. It wasnt the people as much as the political leaders. Remember, love the solders.. Not the political leaders..
@simplydoz 2 yıl önce
I'm glad this has a happy ending. Its obvious that the courts in the military are broken in order to maintain power where power is wanted. We need to contact our congressmen to get this corrected.
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