How US Prison Gangs (Nuestra Familia) Actually Work | How Crime Works

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John "Boxer" Mendoza is a former high-ranking member of the Nuestra Familia. He was part of the organization from 1994 to 2007 and was incarcerated at various California prisons, such as San Quentin, Pelican Bay, and Corcoran.
He was a member of the Nuestra Raza before rising to the rank of commander in the Nuestra Familia. Mendoza speaks with Insider about rivalry with the Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood, corrupt prison guards, attacks and uprisings, weapons, and yard fights. He also talks about life inside the gang, from rules to prison tattoos and methods of communication in jail.
Nowadays he has a TRshow channel called Paradigm Media News, where he does interviews with other former gang members and talks about life since leaving prison. He is the author of "Nuestra Familia", and can be contacted at for signed copies.
Find out more on John’s TRshow channel:
/ @paradigmmedianews
And on Twitter:
And TikTok:
00:00 - Introduction
00:34 - Chapter 1 | Joining the Gang
03:27 - Chapter 2 | Your First Day in Jail
05:43 - Chapter 3 | The Structure
07:43 - Chapter 4 | The Rivalries
10:07 - Chapter 5 | The Weapons
12:52 - Chapter 6 | The Guards
15:26 - Chapter 7 | The Codes
17:49 - Chapter 8 | The Money
19:18 - Chapter 9 | The Gang on the Streets
20:53 - Chapter 10 | The Truce
23:16 - Chapter 11 | The Fallout
27:21 - Chapter 12 | Bad Standings
28:23 - Chapter 13 | The Backstory
30:04 - Chapter 14 | War Stories
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How US Prison Gangs (Nuestra Familia) Actually Work | How Crime Works

@supahmariostyle 2 aylar önce
I quit being a correctional officer because of all the corruption at GEO formerly Wackenhut in Cleveland, Texas. I always used to say that the ONLY difference between a CO and a inmate is that the CO's haven't been caught yet for their crimes.
@yeadoe6627 2 aylar önce
Yea GEO got they hands in PA too..they play dirty🤦🏽‍♂️
@DallasLL 2 aylar önce
Only difference was one had keys the other did not
@billydelacey 2 aylar önce
You were part of the problem.
@QazwerDave 2 aylar önce
Only diff: one gets to leave prison every day.
@Adrian-2023 2 aylar önce
This mf prob got caught with the burner phones...
@ubergubber2101 3 aylar önce
His story shows how crappy this world can be. Given a different start in life, this man could have been a leader in any field that he decided to pursue. He is obviously intelligent, dedicated and hard working. These are 3 qualities that are in short supply these days. I am not trying to make excuses for his past or his decisions, but environment dictates behavior more than most people credit. Sir, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that life gives you back some of the serenity you have been missing. Dedicating your life to trying to prevent others from following the same path is admirable.
@AaronEbrahim 3 aylar önce
People stigmatize people like this way too much. I've been to prison myself and I can tell you from my own story as well as the VAST majority of the people I've met in correctional facilities, that is that these people "never had a chance" because a lot of the bad things that set them in bad directions happened to them as children. They were born on crack, without parents, ... they're the most tormented souls on the planet and when people stigmatize them they keep "the nightmare" going for them and they don't realize it. Love really is the only thing that "wins".
@peehussle_DRSGVGANG 2 aylar önce
@HardwiredZ06 2 aylar önce
Exactly. Couldn't have said it any better myself. The environment that so many children are raised in you know almost for a fact that they will be a product of that environment and so it goes. Get children out of that environment and into something positive that doesn't involve having to fight to survive and can focus on living a successful life without prison, drugs, violence, illegal activities, the list goes on.
@brianmeen2158 2 aylar önce
@@AaronEbrahimI wouldn’t say people in those situations “didn’t have a chance” but more so had a few things going against them from the start. Truth is we all do though - it’s just different struggles for each person
@marcusbrown2104 2 aylar önce
I appreciate your time and honesty and willingness to help the younger generation see there is a difference in your decision making. I went to jail for a weekend and I told myself this place is not the home I see myself living in. Thankfully I've never been back. I was born and raised in Compton in the mid 70s and 80s graduated in early 90s. I've lost so many friends to the gang world growing up. I'm thankful for my parents and my Christian up bringing to make those though decisions. Growing up in Compton it literally becomes a part of your life you just adapt to your surroundings. I enjoyed listening to your story and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk truth and knowledge. God Bless my brother and my condolences to you and your family.
@paperboy856 Aylar önce
Every one snitched i dont care who u are ... When your pusher up against the wall with no options. So lets keep it real. If are sentrnced zo lige on first charge then i understand... But i know u know you all want outta the cagr
@wrecklessknight230 Aylar önce
I am a Mexican. This gangster life destroyed our family. My older brother joined Sinaloan Cartel back in 1993. It all started when my brother was 14 and into that dope life. Poverty then, was rampant. And gangs were glorified and leaders were portrayed as saviour in some sorta way. Life was never the same in the family. My brother was gunned down in a rival gang shootout. Fortunately for me, Me and my Mom moved in the states and i could pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. But the horrors of murder and seeing dead bodies on the daily are still vivid in my memories.
@sirchadiusmaximusiii Aylar önce
Glad you made something of yourself man instead of that nonsense.
@rg7532 Aylar önce
@nofriendsclub69 Aylar önce
Good for you bro ❤
@BrionWatling Aylar önce
So myself, you can ultimately change your path.
@DeanCanady-gw4md Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for the hand you were dealt early on . Congratulations for pulling yourself out of that situation I am sorry for the loss of your brother
@Seedsofreason 2 aylar önce
I went to prison at 18 for weapons charges. The prison I went to was entirely ran by Bloods. I stayed neutral and by the grace of God made some good friends and dudes would tell their friends that I was off limits. I ended up meeting a guy named Gotti. He was high ranking and he was kinda like a mentor for me. He always told me how intelligent I was and that life wasn't for me. Long story short today I have a degree in business and I have worked for the Department of Defense, multiple health insurance companies and now I currently work for a bank as a senior banker. I give all the credit to God first and foremost but I will never forget people like Gotti and a few others that seen in me what I couldn't see in myself. Who would think that a gang member would be one of the individuals that helped me to stay on the right path and become a productive respectable citizen. I am eternally grateful for the people that believed in me when I thought I was nothing.
@yurilopes420 2 aylar önce
damn, yo gotti left prison and became a rich rapper LMAO
@voltrondoji7439 2 aylar önce
Do u ever contact gotti he's probably out of there by now.
@Seedsofreason 2 aylar önce
Lol I didn't say the rapper Gotti 😂😂.
@Seedsofreason 2 aylar önce
I wish
@thedude4196 23 gün önce
All the Norteño homeboys I grew up with are doing life forgotten by their wives, girlfriends and families, dead, in wheelchairs, on the run forever from US Marshalls in Mexico, Homeless living on the street, taken out by their own people in Prison or the County Jail by some young dude trying to earn his keep in the gang. Some were just lucky to leave Northern California and the life behind, as Woodie the Norteño rap legend said in one his songs “Northside life ain’t nothing nice” Norteño and NF is the hardest gang to be in, you can get “Removed” by the slightest of reasons no matter how many years or sacrifices you’ve made for the gang. Strict gang rules make it hard to be a Norteño for life, it’s like walking on a tight rope for life.
@GEO828282 3 aylar önce
The biggest indication this man has made a powerful internal change is when he brought up his moms struggles. He made it clear he didn't blame her for his drug use. He had accepted his faults.
@Mister_Terrific806 2 aylar önce
Gotta spam that nonempirical psychological individualism 🤣🤣
@sicsempertyrannis7162 2 aylar önce
@@Mister_Terrific806nobody cares lil bro stop yapping.
@Mister_Terrific806 2 aylar önce
@@sicsempertyrannis7162 You care, that's why you're here *"yapping"* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@matta911 2 aylar önce
I have never seen such an honest description of prison politics, corruption and life. Everyone knows that COs bring in the lions share of contraband (they should get paid more for that job), but I don’t often seen it stated so plainly. Great interview!
@pedrolopez8592 2 aylar önce
I know COs that make 120k retired. They make enough.
@jshumphress13 2 aylar önce
@@pedrolopez8592 That is the exception, not the rule. Most of them that start where I live are 18-20 years old so only a high school diploma needed and they can start out under $30k. For the level of risk you have as a CO, that is not enough.
@nightfighter7452 2 aylar önce
They should be paid more for bringing in contraband?
@Kelly-ec9tn 2 aylar önce
They can never be paid enough to keep away from corruption The people who get in to that kind of job are not normal.
@BebehCookieIcecream 3 aylar önce
Rest in peace to your wife, sir. I can't imagine what that must have been like while still dealing with prison stresses and gang pressures. All the best
@kanepoe3346 6 gün önce
Hes a drop out, which is as bad as snitching.
@joebullwinkle5099 2 aylar önce
Well, it sure is very worthwhile to have the Gang Meme deconstructed by Mr Mendoza so that those considering such a lifestyle hear from someone who was in the upper echelons of that system and most importantly how that being a Gang member is a great big "DEAD END" to your life. Power to him for having the courage to reveal the truth and help educate young people on the real personal horrors of such a system.
@AmrikazNightmar3 Aylar önce
I mean it’s a good thing and it’ll maybe prevent some… but it’s a fantasy to believe there will never be criminals. And so, you just live with it. Just like there will always be murderers. All you can do is try to do the best with the ones in your life.
@magnusgranskau7487 Aylar önce
the problem is many feel that even a few good years living as a somebody beats living as a «nobody» paraphrasing this from a young mobster in the naples mob
@efaleafine 2 aylar önce
I had an opportunity to join a gang at 19 yrs old. I saw this in my future and decided that gangs is not for me. I’m very thankful I made the right decision. There’s so much more to life. There’s a whole world out there to see.
@stoneone1479 2 aylar önce
Who joins a gang as an adult?
@briancallaway1690 2 aylar önce
19 is pretty old to be joining a gang
@damienholland8103 2 aylar önce
@@briancallaway1690 maybe so but I wouldn't doubt they're recruiting people of that age. Obviously easier to recruit youngsters.
@ceo.sha3020 2 aylar önce
you did the right thing cuz at 19 you would of been labeled a goofy lol
@efaleafine 2 aylar önce
Don't worry about when I almost joined a gang. Focus on what I said about making the right the decision not to join.
@kkayenikki6687 2 aylar önce
I did 32 years out of 4 offenses in Texas. I was a member of the Mandingo Warriors. One of the biggest dumbest, stupidist mistakes, I ever made. I have the same story you do as to the inner working and politics. But it ended up being a part of something that deprived me of independence. My own life and a prisoner that belonged to a different set of guards and rules. I held rank but eventually my free speech and unwillingness to obey rules without question lead to them turning on me and injured. I got out of that slavery, I got out of prison and, I tell any fool thinking about joining a gang is, you will now have other overlords and your life don't belong to you no more. If it is for the reason of needing protection in there because unaffilated are targets, I get it but men standing on their own make it. You just will have to put what it takes into being independent that you will being your own man.
@mikefitzpatrick43 28 gün önce
Good on you brother you were not a sheep
@dsnowman2675 3 aylar önce
I worked as a CO for over 10 years. I had John on my tier. He was very respectful. I never had any negative issues with him. Good luck to you John. I hope you are doing well.
@richhoops2413 3 aylar önce
@DIARRHEA-PANIC 3 aylar önce
I personally hope he leads a short and miserable life along with all "the homies"
@kingsavageson4879 3 aylar önce
The fact that he survived two greenlights, shows that he still had respect with some individuals within the organization...
@joelpineda2042 2 aylar önce
Time is still not up for him yet. He did something real bad. No matter wat he did when he was running the yard. Just saying wat he is saying now pisses a lot of people off
@kingsavageson4879 2 aylar önce
@@joelpineda2042 Right. I said HAD ...
@bornrebel007 2 aylar önce
Reading is fundamental lol
@jdm06types 2 aylar önce
This dude is articulate & is very well spoken. I’d like to hear this guy on a podcast & have him talk for a couple of hours & have him break down NF & the politics behind it. This was a great sniper for folks sitting on the outside to understand this criminal organization.
@jacobcarrillo7896 2 aylar önce
He has a youtube called paradigm media news
@SwayOsoarrogant925 Aylar önce
He has a book on everything broken down an he’s read it on his channel
@ShOcKtObErIsHeRe Aylar önce
He got a interview with Dj Vlad that is a couple hours long....I haven't seen it yet.... should be a good one tho....😮
@The.Nasty. Aylar önce
Nice to hear that the 3 strike policy was an actual deterrent to violent crime, I was a big fan and hearing that gangsters actually CHANGED their crimes to be more drug focused only reinforces my opinions.
@lxxwj Aylar önce
@The.Nasty. Aylar önce
@@lxxwj problem?
@unom8 Aylar önce
Yeah, that was an interesting comment - as to the negative side effects, maybe the fact that it only deterred violence shows a path towards not using for non-violent crimes full-stop
@The.Nasty. Aylar önce
@@unom8 I thought it was interesting too… Just be careful with taking it too far, most crimes are redeemable in my opinion. Can easily be taken to an extreme and dark place.
Hands down one of the best prison testimonies I have heard!
@jonloftness5210 3 aylar önce
I retired as a deputy warden at USP Leavenworth. Around 2006 or 2007, I had a lot of Sureños and Norteños and they were constantly trying to kill each other. Washington DC finally realized we couldn't house both on the same yard, so we started moving Norteños out. Eventually I only had two Norteños left in SHU. They would ask me to release them to the yard. I would tell them it's you two against 100 Sureños. You know what their response was? "I'm good with those odds." I will admit they have no fear.
@jinknight5336 3 aylar önce
Where did they send the Nortenos to if they can’t stay there?
@jonloftness5210 3 aylar önce
@@jinknight5336 sorry, but I don’t recall. I doubt they were sent to the same place but I had 2500 inmates so as long as they were gone it was one less thing to be concerned about.
@soniasg8639 3 aylar önce
​@jonloftness5210 The more prisoners the more money goes into prison? Just like public schools, the more children the more money.
@Docioso 3 aylar önce
They started doing split yards at the USP’s. I was in Victorville USP and we fought the split yard concept for years with work stoppages, voluntary lock downs, and food strikes. But eventually they got it done. Atwater had one, as well. They built a long fence straight down the middle of the yard and separated all enemies on their designated sides, including Northerners and South Siders. They split all the programming in half to make it equal for everyone. So instead of getting all day yard and programming, we all went to half and half. The rest of the time, stuck inside the unit while the other side programs. That was their solution. Which just created more violence because too many people around each other in the units always caused friction.
@Brovillion559 2 aylar önce
A family member did some time in a very serious prison and he said the first time he saw guards taking bets on prisoners fighting. When he was telling me this his eyes got watery and he tried to explain “why” it was happening. It’s just part of the process he said. A young black man was released to the yard and killed over an accidental door opening. A 19 year old kid stabbed to death because these guys hate each other for actual reason other than prison policy. He said it was a cheap bet to. He never told me the amount but it wasn’t much.
@sammhyde7589 2 aylar önce
Your family member sounds soft
@bretcappola6904 2 aylar önce
@josetobon6461 Aylar önce
​@sammhyde7589 nah bro, a real man has compassion in his heart. A real man can put himself in someone else's place and understand one's hardships. Soft men fight or kill for a couple of letters, territory that will never be theirs. Bozo type of life, the real suckers are gang idiots.
@kittygalore2486 Aylar önce
I read his book when it initially came out-I was a philosophy and social science major with a minor in racial studies at the time. It was very informative and captivating. I can see why some folks are highly upset he’s out of prison. I can also see why some are happy he’s gotten a 2nd chance at life.
@theonlyalexoliveira Aylar önce
The needless credential brag lol
@saljablo2767 Aylar önce
@@theonlyalexoliveiraloooooooool minor in racial studies
@dr.andmrs.phibes7454 2 aylar önce
So many of the films and books around this lifestyle glorify gang life. This one was particularly well done. Thank you.
@jamirbingham4101 2 aylar önce
No they don’t lol, they just give information like he did clown
@Durk1408 2 aylar önce
@@jamirbingham4101They sort of do, they tend to put an entertaining twist to it to drive engagement rate.
@marquisbean1752 Aylar önce
He makes you feel like sharing a beer and just reflecting on life. People like this make a difference.
@Banyo__ 3 aylar önce
As a former teacher in the literal hood, stories like this were everyday. I taught at an elementary where we had to bus students 3 blocks home from school to keep gang members away from our elementary kids. We could not get any delivery services because they'd all been robbed way too many times. We had three incidents in 6 months of students as young as 7 bringing guns into school. We'd have some kids with some promise that you'd hope to guide out of there somehow, but a few months later, they'd disappear into these gangs which would start training them up to sell drugs and be enforcers and then it was all too late. If you listen to a lot of ex gang members, they describe life in prison just like this, these elaborate organizations that would rival any corporate entity, and I wish with this level of talent, you could see more black and brown and poor peoples running things at the top and making a difference for those that come behind, but if mom/dad aren't at home because they're working 18 hour days, and brothers in jail, and the kids go home on empty stomachs, they aren't lured by an education or the promise of a potential good future that may take years to come, they want the immediate--food in belly, money to help mom/dad (if they have one) pay rent and not make them homeless, and the gangs give them all of that at the high price of imprisonment or their eventual deaths. Just a lot of days thinking why did we even bother, but someone's got to give a damn for the 10 that may make it out or choose to change their lives.
@antonioquijas8033 3 aylar önce
Thank you. Some want a way out but their circumstances and surroundings won't give them a chance to do so. Imagine yourself living in the way you described these youngsters living and knowing what they're faced with daily. Same scenario, living in filth in a fatherless home, starving and knowing nothing but pain and abuse. Eventually this turns us into what he just described. Lot's of people only judge us but never put themselves in our shoes. How would they turn out under the same circumstances? Better yet how do we change this? I commend all whom are aware of what we face and want to help and make a difference even if you're only able to reach 10 out of 100 it's worth the effort.
@lomeli14217 3 aylar önce
What city did you teach in?
@rileyjohnporter4274 3 aylar önce
It's better to run with a gang then not if you live in the hood. If you want to try and make something legitimate of yourself. You only have a real chance of making something if you join a gang. Then you go legit later, oftentimes still a gang member when not committing crimes for a living.
@sera2775 3 aylar önce
You either have a jump shot or you're slinging rock.
@slimsilesh1 2 aylar önce
Having unsupportive parents often results in a challenging life and poor decisions. This is a significant issue within Western society
@miketexas4549 2 aylar önce
All of these fathers not sticking around for their sons is ensuring their doom.
@furthereast6775 2 aylar önce
Fact: 90% of felony inmates grew up without consistent father at home
@RealPugzo 2 aylar önce
My father in early 2000’s worked at CCC, in Susanville CA, not too many details for obvious personal safety reasons but there was a man named “Dollar”, he had a buddy in his bike group that was keeping the bed warm for his wife. Ended up taking the guys life and ended up in High desert, NF was still live and just as active in ‘08 as might be now, however word was Dollar could be heard across the yard hitting the heavy bag, turned out he was killed when leaving the gang 3 days before he was allegedly getting paroled, supposedly the details in the case were either 50% lies or were overly exaggerated too the highest limit. As I was born in 2005 it fascinated me that a guy I never met and only heard about somewhat, I only hope the best for his two sons back home in my old hometown.
@user-qs6mc4qo3e 2 aylar önce
The fact that this man brought up his mother's difficulties is the clearest sign that he has undergone a significant internal change. He was clear that he didn't hold her responsible for his drug use. He was aware of his shortcomings.
@thisiscait Aylar önce
Weird how you almost completely copy-pasted the other more popular comment
@BipolarBear777 2 aylar önce
I was a corrections officer for 7 years before becoming an armed security officer for the federal government so everything he has said is correct.
@undergroundwes2682 6 gün önce
Although I never joined a gang personally, I was definitely exposed to guys who were gang members.I learned early that it only ends in 2 ways, prison or death.
@nerdraged7322 3 aylar önce
Glad my dad kept me out of all the crime fam business. Most certainly has kept me out of jail and prison throughout my life. Sadly the same cannot be said for nearly all of his own nephews and close family; many of them dead or in prison for murder and gang-related felonies. Such a small separation between a life with no criminal record full of peace and love from my own family now, to what may have been, a violent danger hellbent on feeding the lurking monster inside of me. What a difference a good father makes. Never forget this fellas, be a good father to your kids.
@Seeklip6T 3 aylar önce
All of the inmates write mother's day cards. None for Father's day. Heck yeah it's a Fatherless issue, but no one wants to talk about that. Fact.
@Vex916T 3 aylar önce
Yep, one of my fully tattoo brother in law did crime most of his younger life until he met my sister, but for the past 10 plus years since he had children with my sister he stopped his criminal life and trying to help their children live a non-criminal life. So yes, a strong and ethical father figure does make a huge difference to how a child is raised and who he/she become in their life.
@ocnightflyer1359 3 aylar önce
@miguelramos6663 3 aylar önce
Well Said Brother!!! We Need Jesus in Our life’s
@hutchphilpot6870 3 aylar önce
@@Seeklip6T I’m just here to ask why you put a period after “that” then again after fact? If you wanted to accentuate fact, you could’ve just capitalized it.
@JorgeMartinez-qr1kf 3 aylar önce
Boxer Mendoza thank you for your help and time in giving us your true life stories and thoughts and helping us understand more and in helping people and kids stay away from drugs and alcohol and gang life and the true harsh reality of it! Blessings Ephesians 6:18..
@Harold450 2 aylar önce
@enriquer7363 2 aylar önce
Bro gave his whole life to a gang that when they misunderstood something they didn’t give boxer the chance to explain himself. Dudes went with feelings over facts. Boxer sounds solid AF, good luck to you bro thanks for your knowledge teaching the youngsters.
Sadly your one of the few people in these comments that’s mature.
@sway2006200887 2 aylar önce
They didn't misunderstand anything. He was cooperating with the pigs.
@cloudyns 2 aylar önce
Some guy tells you his side of the story and you're quick to believe him and be so gullible lol. He snitched and everything else was just noise to minimize and excuse and even justify why he snitched. Read the paperwork. I don't care but what bothers me is the lack of honesty and acceptance of what he did.
@NAVUSMCVET 29 gün önce
Spent a lot of time on a level five maximum security penitentiary in Texas. It was a "Gladiator Farm." It is nearly impossible to describe in a way that people who've never experienced it can understand. It's a different world.
@mrgreen4688 Aylar önce
what’s fascinating to me. Is many of these prison leaders could just as easily be a CEO or a senior manager in a legitimate business. A gang like this is really the same: there’s rules, heirarchy, guys get stepped on, politics etc. It’s just they took a left turn instead of a right at some point in their life.
@TheKenganKing Aylar önce
Bro no
@andrewtanczyk4009 2 aylar önce
Definitely 💯% inspiration! He just persuaded me not to go to jail. Not that I even had the gangster in me for the first place. Just that anything can happen in life. Therefore he just reminded me to lift more weights and if I plateau to do half reps and keep going.
@benjaminmartin956 3 aylar önce
This dude probably has a lot of knowledge to share with the youth. He is a good story teller who really lives that life. It seems he has taken accountability for his actions, learned from his mistakes and changes for the better. Keep going big homie you are changing the lives of the younger generations.
@Catdaddy510 3 aylar önce
He does. TRshow channel is Paradigm Media News
@mannyboyaztlan5127 3 aylar önce
@@Catdaddy510😂he a peceta didn’t survive the game he loved 😂😂😂
I appreciate your words. I have taken responsibility for my actions and I realize that this struggle is a daily struggle. But it’s far from over. My TRshow channel Paradigm Media News is all part of a bigger plan to continue putting my message out there and to continue trying to help guys that either made some of the same mistakes I made or the youngsters who are heard in that same direction. Again I appreciate your comment and your positive words
@WretchedDrummer 3 aylar önce
He wrote a book. “Nuestra Familia: A Broken Paradigm” 👍🏼
@packersfan117 2 aylar önce
Im a 10 year CO. Its interesting to hear about these things so candidly from a former member. I hope John spends the rest of his days in peace.
@billydelacey 2 aylar önce
You're part of the problem.
@chrisgod1702 Aylar önce
you're part of the problem. @@billydelacey
@thomasryan2679 Aylar önce
I'm sure you grew up wanting to be a jail guard.
@Crakmonkey691 3 aylar önce
Unbelievable the man was completely devoted to the cause and rather than lift him up they just threw him away like he was nothing. His story only proves that gangs use their members until they're all used up and then they just possum away like trash there is no retirement plan there is no 401k you're just thrown away like your trash at the end
@tornagawn 2 aylar önce
Gangs are like evil snakes, eating their own tails to keep fed. They have no redeeming aspects at all, ever. Even those that purport to be ‘anti drug’ are just using it as a diversion.
@chrisprou9216 2 aylar önce
There is redemption and restorative justice if we accept our past and our faults and work to slowly be better than we were, week by week and month by month. This man is intelligent, and his life was derailed by societal forces beyond his ability to control. We are all tiny boats thrown about by massive waves.
@MaharionPendragon 2 aylar önce
This video was amazing. The way he spoke, his narration, his tone, no doubt he was a shot caller of a certain level.
@yutehube4468 22 gün önce
This was really interesting, I wish there was more of it like six episodes this long.
@jacobflores15 7 gün önce
One week in the holding was more than enough time for me to realize that I didn't want to end up there. I got clean and joined the Army.. served honorably with 9 deployments... Med boarded at 16 years in.. retired early. Grateful to be sober for 22 years and honorably discharged.
@jaredmckeown1033 3 aylar önce
I’ve been in the dep for 22 years . I’m at Folsom prison. I read your book a few years ago and it’s as real as it gets. I commend you for the choice you made. It takes a real man, a powerful man to step up and turn the other way. I’ve seen your book get passed around for sometime now inside. I know for certain you have made a positive impact in many of these men inside. I pray you keep up the good work and stay blessed. My condolences for your wife and mother.
@rageius 3 aylar önce
Amazing thought I just had, how people educate themselves so well inside. I had the good fortune of having a father send me all the books I ever wanted and ever read in jails, rehabs, and other places I wasn't allowed a phone. But I only read books when I'm away from the internet. I feel like if I was down for that long I would get a masters and become a jailhouse lawyer. On the outside it's just too hard to work and go to school. But when you're inside? No worrying about meals, where you're going to sleep, a lot of different types of stress are taken away and exchanged for new ones. Maybe I'm just making excuses for being lazy but I write now and work full time at a normal job.
@MrWallyrock 3 aylar önce
@@rageius Probably making excuses, but I am not bashing you for it. I am the same way. I learned alot when I was locked up for a year. I had so much focus. Now that I am free, I dont over achieve much. I can relate.
@senorclash3543 3 aylar önce
What’s his book called?
@mr.nuna916 3 aylar önce
​@senorclash3543 it's called "A Broken Paradigm "
@peteylab4186 2 aylar önce
My deepest condolences goes out to you and family. May your mother & wife rest in peace. Maferefun Oggun!!!!!! Great interview, many blessings!!
@otisbeck5327 3 aylar önce
Right on for Mr. Mendoza! I'm glad that he turned his life around. The way he explained prison politics is interesting. Despite the differences with the gangs, they virtually share same tenet of "blood in blood out."
@RayPaganJr 2 aylar önce
If he would have put that much effort into a legitimate education, imagine how well he could have provided for his family. That’s something to be proud of and something for your children to appreciate. I am aware though of the struggles, the racism and oppression minorities go through and some feel or have no other alternative.
@joseluispalacios5753 2 aylar önce
I saw most of what he spoke of, my family almost pushed me to become a gang member to protect myself and have a sense of family
@solomonkane408 3 aylar önce
I feel his plight and how the organization deemed him bad was a slap in the face . You want to have honor and be a warrior but they want you to be a pawn . His story is very enlightening.
@vasmajority45 3 aylar önce
Reminds me of the story of Christian Knighten and how the Mexican mafia turn on him, even though he was the most loyal
@commentforthealgo5383 3 aylar önce
"enlightening"? this is what you call enlightenment? Buddha would be so confused.
@ThisIsslang-nb9ic 3 aylar önce
@unitedsteal2587 3 aylar önce
@@commentforthealgo5383weird ahhh
@rickgarza5985 2 aylar önce
I wasn't gonna watch this but I'm glad I did . My respect to you homie for having the balls to come forward and expose the evil. May God bless you and your family and your passion to help the youth . 🙏
@SenorTucano 2 aylar önce
Imagine if western society wasn’t so sickeningly corrupt and these intelligent and skilled men could actually put their talents to work for good.
@ToiOraLAT 2 aylar önce
Great stuff. Mendoza is a charismatic and intelligent guy who, as we all do if we are lucky, has become wiser with age. His words have the ring of truth. He doesn't brag or glamourize his former life, like some other ex cons on TRshow who have turned their lives around. I once found myself bunking with a Mexican guy who was a senior gang member. He was also intelligent and well spoken. I am grateful I got to spend a few days getting to know him. Mr Mendoza reminds me of him. I guess what I take from these two guys is that winding up in a gang is in many ways, not a decision a young man makes entirely of his own volition. For many youth, especially someone incarcerated, the decision to join is almost made for them.
@reneq4949 2 aylar önce
Well said...if only others spoke & spelled as well as u😅
@siner2442 2 aylar önce
Key word of the day: “true believers!” 😂 Respect to Box giving a great interview and giving everybody more than they can chew on… as a su. To his channel I think he makes great content. There’s so many countless stories of ppl willing to do anything and dedicated to one of these Prison Organizations, that instead of moving up in the Org. And getting a promotion, just rather end up getting killed as an option… The US Gov created a system that created a system with the mentality of “Everybody is disposable!”. They threw us away and now we throw us away… makes u wonder how longs this machine has been running that created this system, what’s it predicted every 50yrs? People on the inside can’t look out and people on the outside can’t look in, very smart way of them to separate us 😠
@lifestyleofamillennial3983 3 aylar önce
Good for you brother! He realized that gang life served him no good at all. Thank you for educating the public. We need people like you
@rockenOne 3 aylar önce
making money of crime
@LuisHernandez-sf5hf 3 aylar önce
@@rockenOnethe legal way 😂
@getthebagnelly 3 aylar önce
He also put a target on his head
@mourning3301 2 aylar önce
From on the outside listening. This is utter insanity. The prison system must be reformed. Gangs shouldn't be allowed to function and people imprisoned should be protected from all assault and violence. Sounds like a fabulous system for organizing violent criminals.
@ErikClinton-wy9hs 2 aylar önce
The people he looked up in the gang life are the same people that sold drugs to his mother and made her an addict which set him on this path in his life.
@nickydanger9 2 aylar önce
Great video. This shows excellent insight into the prisons and how it effects how people think inside.
@eggytoast 2 aylar önce
I hope he finds peace in his life. He looks like he's in pain when talking about the past
@dwaekiicolor 3 aylar önce
My dad grew up in east Salinas around the 80s, where a lot of activity was going on, and still is in some areas. This was such an articulate outlook on all the corruption and violence, and I really enjoyed this video 👍🏼
@Coco-xw3wp 3 aylar önce
I hope everyone can tell that this guy has a "FAT SUIT" on to Disguise his identity. I would be undercover also if I was doing all this talking....
@Salasixpolero 3 aylar önce
Salinas is a different animal these people don’t know about the saladbowl! Small farm towns but all mob tied
@WretchedDrummer 3 aylar önce
I was in high school in Salinas back in 2008-2009 when they were breaking the murder record in Salinas.. making Washington D.C. National News Headlines.. it was a wild time back then. Per capita it was considered one of the top 5 most violent cities in California. Monterey County was considered “youth murder” capital of California. During that time, Latino males age 13-25 were most at risk of being killed by gun violence in the county where Salinas is the capital.
@Woody13woodpecker 3 aylar önce
​@@Coco-xw3wpit's methadone my guy, he's bloated since his heart can't pump enough for his weight, and his kidneys probably don't work well, as well as the liver. Methadone is possibly worse than heroin.
@BrionWatling Aylar önce
That's pure knowledge, I figured out at an early stage of my life, I joined the Army and found out I was smart and useful to my Country and my brothers.
@fargouberguy 2 aylar önce
This man deserves respect for turning his life around
@MJPTHA3RD 2 aylar önce
John's description of prison gang affiliation rings true even in the early aughts and 2010s. First-hand accounts I've heard line up from loved ones who have gone through the carceral system line up with his story to a T.
@Tech_-on1ou 2 aylar önce
Im so glad i ended up going down a different path. I was a little shithead as a teenager and was fairly tapped into the local gang activity because of a few familial ties and the people i hung out with. Did some crime. Sold some drugs. Never anything obscenely violent, personally, but there were fights for sure. I was asked to get put on a couple times but was nervous to make the commitment at the time. In slightly different conditions, i might have been persuaded. Shout out to boxer for what hes doing. Takes serious cajones to do that.
@LaponidasNBA2kDunkShow 2 aylar önce
Mad respect 🙏 lots of words of wisdom
@omarespinoza1974 2 aylar önce
A buddy of mine became a Norteño. Then one day he had a baby with his lady and decided he wanted to change his life for the better. He wanted out of the gang. Norteños went to his house, stabbed him in his front yard, threw him in their car and drove away. His body was found burned alive. Absolutely horrific.
@Salasixpolero 2 aylar önce
Blood in blood out
@anthony-L.A.6946 2 aylar önce
He should have went to another state.
@chelkammer-rossi7446 2 aylar önce
Yea.. that is absolutely terrible. I’m sure there is a right way to get out and a wrong way that nobody speaks on but damn I’m so sorry bro. I hope the baby doesn’t ever grow up to know what happened to they father. Bc that is awful. 😭
@handgunando 2 aylar önce
This is some good stuff, he is a real former NF sharing real info. Hopefully he keeps sharing so we all get to know the NF for what it really is. Same goes for the EME
@thefallenone1718 2 aylar önce
People don't respect alot of gangbangers cuz they're exposed to low level gangstas who don't know how to conduct themselves. The respect level higher up the chain and the way they carry themselves is unmatched.theyre not jumping around yelling on Instagram, they're moving with respect and more importantly...silent. respect for your story brother.
@texastalk86 2 aylar önce
My cousin lost his mother and father while serving time didn'tget to attend funerals,and he was really close with his/ my aunt so i know he was torn apart, but by thr grace of GOD my boy rode that storm. One of the strongest people I know 🙏
@charlyshay1013 2 aylar önce
This video was very well done. Simple, straightforward, and informative. Disturbing, but informative.
@shanedog007 2 aylar önce
Disgusting to hear we let this go on. If someone is serving a sentence and they join or are a known part of such a crime gang, instant solitary for long measures, up to permanent for repeat, especially if they are doing more crimes. Or just death penalty. . .
@MylesCopping Aylar önce
You are why americas prison system is fundamentaly broken.
@lonewave1 3 aylar önce
I hope you're able to live a long life and keep helping the ones who want to follow the path you took earlier in your life and get them to change. I learned so much from you and your experience. Keep up the great work you're doing!
@Maxapoolza1988 2 aylar önce
This is one of the craziest stories I have ever heard. I know nothing about that lifestyle but damn talk about redeeming your own life! Good for him after being locked up most of his life. I hope his story helps other people and he enjoys the rest of his life with his family.
@user-zr7rc8xg9k 2 aylar önce
Love this Colonel..he has explained an entire lifestyle I never knew until after prison..💯⚒️
@caminho7340 3 aylar önce
Never ceases to amaze me how capable, disciplined and intelligent these guys are but use it to go down such a petty worthless avenue
@silentdogfart4892 Aylar önce
This guy is legit. Have to respect his determination and intellect
@MrJaimesJ 2 aylar önce
This man explains everything so well
@CharmanderThug 22 gün önce
Aren’t we all glad we’re watching this on TRshow and not experiencing this for ourselves
@yabo2424 2 aylar önce
Im sure his mother is very proud of him. Incredible how some people screw their entire lives.
@felixk1843 2 aylar önce
This is basically a lecture on why the goal of prisons shouldnt be to punish, but to rehabilitate (in most cases at least)
@Yesyou_ 2 aylar önce
I was a soldier in the streets of San Francisco with the Norteños and it limited me I couldn’t walk anywhere in the city without protection this was in the early 2,000s I’m glad to see that It’s not as bad and thanks god my kids don’t have to walk around with protection
@unknownoutdoors530 2 aylar önce
disrespectful to real soldiers, you were a crash dummy not a solider.
@danielburns4222 2 aylar önce
Hey my man. I felt everything you've said. My brother chose that path I did not. But I've never given up on him. I heat stories abt his every day routines and the way he has to move or its over. Uve Def opened my eyes up to why I still need to send him money so he don't get caught up worse. I know this is off topic but thank you brother. I wish u peace and prosperity 🙏 ✨️
@Delicioushashbrowns 2 aylar önce
I wish you the best with your brother! Hope he’s able to get out and start anew. I had two cousins in Chicago that went deep into the gang life and now they have a family and left that life behind. There’s always hope! ❤
@brooklynalldaybrooklynalln4254 2 aylar önce
90 percent of the people in these comments couldnt survive what this dude has been through.
@dan01_ca42 2 aylar önce
Genz has about 0% survival rate.
@MylesCopping Aylar önce
​@@dan01_ca42*Genz in america*
@luckypatino7018 3 aylar önce
An inspirational story of a real Mob Boss, much respect. Love the realism and genuine feel of your trajectory Big Boxer
@user-uc9nu1yn1n 3 aylar önce
a snitch that spent his whole life in the shu. "mob boss" lmao
@anthonybautista3585 3 aylar önce
​@@user-uc9nu1yn1nwell if u wanna call him a snitch feel free cuz I'm sure Jesus wants darkness to come down already
@poppypetsparis 2 aylar önce
​@@anthonybautista3585, Trolls are going to troll 😅. IDK why also haters are going to hate 😅. Jealous they never knew betrayal.
@sangredeindio3103 Aylar önce
This man really has strong manager skills.. glad to see him move forward in life 💯
@mosese1172 2 aylar önce
I know it’s crazy and it’s wild he was able to convince his ma to give him her item of choice, even though it’s bad- but as a somewhat younger viewer I used to read about drugs that are uncommon nowadays (heroin), and they would talk about how it was more prominent and when people used it they used it they in outlandish situations like that. I think him sharing that is hard but is just another way that he showed his progression and growth as a person as a whole. Some people can turn struggle into success and some of us get stuck in the cycle of just struggling because we’re raised in that kind of environment . We never know what might set a person in one of those directions
@ferrisxlove 2 aylar önce
I’m glad I left this life. I grew up with the Sureno culture so there isn’t much difference there. I had no problem throwing hands and took getting jumped a few times no problem. Just got ‘em right back so it was fine. I left because at that time I was definitely a selfish loner at heart who had a knack for abandoning people who trusted me and I got bored of the life so I left the area and moved without telling anyone where I was going. Been 11 years now living alone with no one trying to peer pressure me to do dumb ish to feel tough. I don’t regret leaving those fools behind one bit and I’d do it again in a heart beat if I woke up tomorrow right back where I was.
@b5maddog Aylar önce
Extremely powerful testimony. He spoke very articulate. Pray he stays free and clean.
@austinth_mas 2 aylar önce
I was at USP Allenwood with some Nortenos and they were chill af. One of them was called Cisco and this dude was so strong it didnt even make sense. USP allenwood was the only yard i heard of that still had a weight room and when I first got there I jumped in to workout with Cisco a few times. Anytime they had an issue with someone on the yard it ended in that person laying in a pool of blood all smashed up or stabbed up. No joke. prison changed my life in a good way and i met some guys i'll never forget.
@jimkozminski7693 2 aylar önce
Thank you Mr. Mendoza for telling an honest story. You carry yourself very well, and seem calm, resourceful, tough, and intelligent. Hope you're doing well, and staying free. Best wishes, brother.
@T0tenkampf Aylar önce
Its a lie that even the California Model is trying to rehab anyone. My dad was a 3 time loser in CA from heroin related crimes. They started a pilot program of inmates in the late 60s who were not violent but tested ok as far as intelligence. They put him through Control Data Institute and took away one of his strikes. He came out an electronics engineer and lived a good life after that. 100% rehabilitated. I will never forget the pride he had when he showed me the paperwork saying he could vote and own firearms again. They ended that pilot program for some reason.
@leighz1962 Aylar önce
It worked.. that doesn't make return customers for the prison business.
@shannonm.ehnert1701 3 aylar önce
Hey Box, you knocked this interview out of the park!! His channel on TRshow is awesome!! His book is a must read! He also does series, Inner Demons and War Stories!! I'm addicted to the channel and all the content he puts out!! I can see the sincerity in his eyes, and hear it in your voice!! So proud of you, and all the positive things this exposure will bring!! You are such a special man Boxer!! Take care Stay safe!!
@crudlrd2710 3 aylar önce
@ramonbriones4487 3 aylar önce
What's the channels name?
@shannonm.ehnert1701 3 aylar önce
@Dirtyweather916 2 aylar önce
This may be the biggest video from the prison genre
@Salasixpolero 2 aylar önce
@@Dirtyweather916it definitely is no one hits a mill let alone multiple
@taylormartin4346 2 aylar önce
Former CO here. I will say as a white guy, I never had any personal issues with any Latin inmates. The ones that we identified as Sureño or Norteño were often the most polite dudes we had, never any serious issues. That being said, they were also the only ones that really scared me.
@helenmonday3243 2 aylar önce
Excellent move! Glad you’re able to tell your story
@nicholas8315 3 aylar önce
respect man. you were meant to find the way out and help others.
@mariopadilla1294 2 aylar önce
You did the right brother, these gangs all they do is use you and discard you wants you are no longer needed, I have lived it and seen it and we need to brings this to light for all the youngsters .
@omnomnomnomnomnomnom 3 aylar önce
This guy is most certainly the boss you get to at the final level.
@villainess9092 3 aylar önce
kingpin irl
@Hello_Fuckers0 3 aylar önce
Y'all ain't joking holy cow
@theoutlawnews8897 3 aylar önce
If he's so echelon type of NF G , why hasn't he ever testified against any NF leaders , or led law enforcement to find NF leader bank accounts or drug operations.
@user-ou9th4yd1k 3 aylar önce
Read his book
@1984oner 3 aylar önce
@CarsCatAliens 3 aylar önce
At some point in everyone's life you come to realize what is truly important in your life. For most of us, it takes losing people we hold dear to our hearts. I have changed in many ways thru my years. Ive lost some family members, and ive lost close friends whom i considered family. It takes a lot of hurt,pain,and suffering sometimes to really start listening to the voice in your head, and following your gut instinct.. I live by 2 mottos. Well, i do my best to. The first is "A mistake is only a mistake if one does not learn and grow from it" the 2nd is one to live by. "Never look down on somebody unless you are helping them up"
@RochdChati Aylar önce
very bright and intelligent which honestly is often the case for a lot of these guys who move through the ranks - makes you wonder what could have been if they had a different upbringing or a better support system.
@williambrown8374 2 aylar önce
This guy has a channel. I forget the name. He has a montage of people and situations he personally knew and went through in prison. I really enjoyed a few of his videos and subscribed. He is LEGIT! Glad he turned his life around..
@julianhpham 3 aylar önce
Amazing how sophisticated and efficient their organization is. Imagine if they used those skills in the non-criminal world!
@chingonsaasss8601 3 aylar önce
Originally the movement was for the betterment of our ppl and that went left when the GUN cd came out in mid 90s
@briannellewellyn6844 3 aylar önce
These men had an extremely positive impact on my life. Nortenos kept me and my neighborhood safe. Sex offenders in my neighborhood were genuinely terrified of reoffending. There were two that tried and they regretted it daily for a whole year. The OG's steered me to get a higher education and try to be a lawyer or a counselor instead of some cracked out prostitute. Nortenos showed me love and support when I was suicidal. They taught me how crucial it was to have dignity and act with respect. They taught me about my rights and encouraged me to learn philosophy. Sometimes good men do bad things, and you don't always understand the reason for it. But these are principled people and most of them have big hearts. I will always be grateful to them cause they were the family I needed that I didn't have and being a member wasn't a requirement. I never got jumped in nor was I pressured to.
@anarcho-savagery2097 2 aylar önce
Respect to this dude because what he has done, ain't no joke.
@pkm5150 2 aylar önce
He is truly a product of his environment and he admits that. But, he got out and is trying to help younger people. Commendable. Keep up the good work. Though it's many years later condolences on the loss of your wife and mother.
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