[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ 62nd GRAMMY Awards

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2 yıl önce

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@Debbie-fr2wh 2 yıl önce
Awww Tae looked so sad not being able to say the message he practiced so much but Jin and J-Hope were so sweet interviewing and recording him in place of it. I feel their love for each other.
@ire_0412 Yıl önce
Jin is literally the best hyung...
@saranyasevda1412 Yıl önce
2019 - presenting an award at the Grammy's
@Pars_ Yıl önce
Jin interviewing V when he didn't get to say his speech warmed my heart. They're such incredible and caring people
@sangeetabej1847 Yıl önce
Damn, I can't even count how many times I have re-played
@rue_o Yıl önce
I seriously want their first Grammy win to be their korean song
@dumbwhorejuicetm6116 2 yıl önce
the fact that Tae was sad that he wasn't able to say his little speech so jin was trying to cheer him up by making him say it in the video that Hobi took..and they also made him say it at the end , so supportive 🥺🥺🥺
@dsk5668 Yıl önce
Seeing them trying very hard to speak in English perfectly makes me cry and seeing Namjoon listening and helping them shows how great he is as a leader.BTS always appreciate little things they receive in their lives and thts what makes them who they are today.They never expect much but they always dream big.
@eun896 Yıl önce
the fact that taehyung prepared answers for the interview and didn’t even get asked to answer anything made me cry. but i’m so glad that j-hope and jin cheered him up and made him laugh! they’re so sweet 🥺
@tiffanym1601 Yıl önce
I like how Jin had V and JK give their speeches since they didn’t get a chance to. Namjoon going over everyone’s speeches since they were nervous. And Namjoon looked so sexy during their performance props to the stylist 💜💜. The guys did an awesome job!
@alonzalbrown1883 Yıl önce
I can't with Tae's vampire look! I loved everything about it! 🖤💜 I I'm glad all their preparations paid off! It was such an AMAZING performance altogether. It was definitely my favorite of the night!
@monbiffy3691 Yıl önce
So much respect for these guys. I feel bad for Taehyung because he always practices so diligently and then doesn’t get an opportunity show off his excellent and improving English pronunciation. Great job!! 💜🇨🇦
@manyakhare9633 2 yıl önce
Am I the only one who thinks BTS arrived at the red carpet like ROYALTIES.
@vig_zz Yıl önce
"It's not in my vocabulary"
@naseerajabbar5045 Yıl önce
V is very Attractive man, he doesn't need to show so much skin to be sexy..His attitude and the way he handle himself His personality is enough to haunt millions of soul....
@angelicaporras7085 Yıl önce
I was sad that V was not able to say his speech :( ,but Jin cheered him, he is the friend that everyone would want to have :3
I fell for them (Taehyung, especially, as he was the first to catch my eye) three years ago now but it feels like only yesterday. BTS are legends that deserve so much and more. ❤
Tae always practicing his english responses and getting too shy to actually say them is the most endearing thing ever!!!! they're so raw and honest to show this side of themselves!! that's why they're so special!!!
@pacheeyangpattinson 2 yıl önce
It’s so sad that TaeTae practiced his speech and wasn’t able to say it but I love how Hobi & Jin created an interview for him. 🥺 My heart..
@EditByLisa Yıl önce
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