Security Video Shows Parkland School Shooter Attacking Jail Guard

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Law&Crime Network

Law&Crime Network

Yıl önce

Broward County Sgt. Raymond Beltran described the video where the Parkland school shooter beat him while in jail in November 2018.
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@mburek9909 Yıl önce
I’m glad everyone can see what kind of a psychopath this guy is. He’s acting all innocent in court but in prison he attacks a guard for a situation he created.
@springstud Yıl önce
cruz has very bad emotional promblems when growing no body help him out whats going threw his mind
@jflack6 Yıl önce
@@springstud f all of that
@ItalianStallionTV Yıl önce
@@springstud 🤡🤡🤡
@Connection-Lost Yıl önce
I would imagine he's "acting all innocent" in court because it's a rare chance at visiting the outside world again, and seeing normal people. Even a violent inmate can suppress their emotions for a taste of a non-prison setting, even if only for a little while. Think about it. Any time they get to wear normal clothes and show up in court, it's almost like a mini vacation.
@JA51711 Yıl önce
It's amazing how long this one officer had to address the situation by himself with no backup. Absolutely atrocious that he had no backup. he is lucky he is alive
@Rick-the-Swift Yıl önce
This guy doesn't get enough pay, that I'm sure. The sad fact is that in most scenarios, the violent prisoners far outnumber the guards, who literally put their lives on the line daily just to keep the prisoners from harming themselves or one another. Can't say enough about this man's bravery and professionalism. That's what you call manhandling the situation.
@amyaubuchon2199 Yıl önce
There is definitely people who are "supposed" to be watching the screens in the surveillance room. The c/o did handle it amazingly, he's very professional. He deserves a raise.
@Chewbecca101 Yıl önce
There are a lot of witnesses that wish they got this chance to break things down so clearly, rather than steamrolled and then muzzled.
@thatoneguy454c Yıl önce
That is just how it is. He might not have pushed the emergency button in his radio in time. Even if you manage to hit the button it just depends how close another officer is to you. They could be there in 30 seconds or they could be there in 2 minutes. I was a correctional officer and it was a hard, and thankless job. I still have nightmares about some of the stuff I had to deal with inside the walls. All said and done he managed to survive and that is a win.
@Fixinhumans Yıl önce
There's always someone that writes "he or she is lucky to be alive." It ain't that serious.
@LoudWaffle 11 aylar önce
Look how compliant he is once he realised he lost the fight for the taser. This is pure psychopathy, he didn't attack in a fit of rage or mania, this was a calculated attack for the sake of violence, pure and simple.
@CSIPiper 11 aylar önce
Great observation!
@wheelchairgeek 11 aylar önce
No. This is rage.
@oscarkoop2548 11 aylar önce
@@klauskeast9475 nah, he's trying to get put in the hole to stay away from the other inmates
@tylerfrey8528 10 aylar önce
This isn't uncommon in a jail. It wouldn't go as far as to say psychopathy.
@tylerfrey8528 10 aylar önce
@@oscarkoop2548 Could be. Not uncommon.
@hellomorgz Yıl önce
Props to the guard, he handled the situation so professionally and also in court how he carried himself. 10/10 sir
@grandwonder5858 Yıl önce
I wonder why they let a single security guard watching over a dangerous murderous criminal all by himself! Shouldn’t there be at least two guards watching over a dangerous criminal at all times whenever they are being let out of their cell?
@kamurandeliormnli Yıl önce
Why guard is in court?
@maxcullen3427 Yıl önce
Yes indeedy bravo sir
@dbcooper2756 Yıl önce
@@grandwonder5858 Jails and prisons in general are dangerously understaffed. Most have over 100 long term vacancies at any point in time. I worked a level 5 state pen for a time. Some of our shifts overlooking 1100 inmates only had fewer than a dozen officers on duty. Mandatory overtime was insane to the point of turning all of us into semi awake zombies. On the worst nights a single dorm officer would also be the supervisor for an an entire side of the pound. We would have to go dorm to dorm doing security checks all shift long. When that happened we only enforced the most important rules while having to ignore everything else. The good news is that this little terrorist is going to an even worse camp than I worked in that is just as grossly understaffed. He isn’t going to survive long in a barely supervised gladiator camp.
@matthewdavis3726 Yıl önce
i love how in court you have to explain the same thing a hundred times.
@23ograin53 Yıl önce
And, you have to explain the same thing a hundred times in court.
@3RE77 Yıl önce
I like how they are asking him as if they have never heard of a taser before
@beantown702 Yıl önce
It's crazy how the same thing needs to be explained 100 times in court
@spacepanda420 Yıl önce
@javiernarvaez5297 11 aylar önce
The fact that he assaulted a prison guard and took this guards taser show how dangerous this guy truly is. He’s dangerous even in prison. When he was tased, this guy knew he lost. He fought the prison guard only to stand down when he lost that taser. Cowardly and pathetic.
@chrisdurham1144 4 aylar önce
Not uncommon. He was playing brinksmanship with the guard. He acted out up to the point that he would have gotten taze'd and then submitted. The guard would have gotten in trouble if he tase'd the inmate once he had submitted like that. It's all part of the game.
@TonyRule 3 aylar önce
He wasn't tazed.
@LinaSunshineOn Yıl önce
He hasn’t changed, he’s not sorry, he’s a monster. There is no excuse for what he’s done, and no adoption caused this. He deserves the full sentence of the law, he has NOT changed nor will he ever.
@Beth-gq9yj Yıl önce
@@realcritical-kr2dd idk why you think your edgy but I recommend you seek help
@HydzDaNPC Yıl önce
@@Beth-gq9yj how does his comment equal to him needing help because at this point you legit have no point to make
@HydzDaNPC Yıl önce
Don’t really think your comment gonna change anything
@yaw4life193 Yıl önce
@@HydzDaNPC i mean it wouldn’t change anything anyway its a youtube comment section tf 🤦🏾‍♂️
@HydzDaNPC Yıl önce
@@trueeast who said there was a excuse
@alexsmith1739 Yıl önce
Where was this guy's help? The fact that this officer was alone with this guy blows me away.
@JJ-us5kr Yıl önce
Does it really blow you away?
@morelivethanyou Yıl önce
same thing I said!!!!!!!!
@coffeebean5975 Yıl önce
The close proximately of the single guard with a mass murderer is surprising. This a great risk to the guards safety and better safety protocols should be started. Either have two guards present or have that psycho exercise in a bigger cage by himself. This was a fight for his life, the guard showed way too much restraint.
@terrancewood9322 10 aylar önce
22ks On average there is a 5:1 inmate to staff ratio
@greyghost8763 9 aylar önce
Usually its 3 inmates per gaurd, could have ended worse if the rest were out
@PreciousB1983 4 aylar önce
The fact this monster didn’t get the death sentence has me flabbergasted, he’s remorseless and empathy impaired. Why should his life be spared when he intentionally killed so many innocent people? He’s such an actor and a coward. Pure evil and he enjoyed watching people die.
@ph6tixel 4 aylar önce
They want him to suffer
@papapabs175 4 aylar önce
I believe from what I read, one of the juror’s was against the death penalty, therefore he was only going to receive a jail sentence.
@chrisdurham1144 4 aylar önce
Take some solace in that it is a soft death penalty. His lifespan will be shortened from all the processed food served in prison in addition to the constant stress.
@giathuanleviet4138 3 aylar önce
Death sentence would be too good for him
@FLdancer00 10 aylar önce
I hope all the people defending him watch this. He's not some poor, bullied kid. He searches for chaos.
@yousinnedfirst8078 3 aylar önce
Is he in search for chaos? Remind me where he was put? In heaven according to you?
@creamtwink 2 aylar önce
i agree
@novruzlutfiev4436 Yıl önce
The fact that a office defending his life against a psycho is having to go through all this is crazy.
@W4R71G3R Yıl önce
they are often forced.. its their job win or lose
@andrewa6171 Yıl önce
You must not know how law works, you can leave lmao.
@tcsprynce5748 Yıl önce
@@andrewa6171 you must not know how jobs work. People like to get paid money lmao
@JoeMama-tx5bq Yıl önce
You really think the guard didn’t goad him into this? A man with issues gets taunted by a guard, in a video with no sound, and gets attacked by said man with issues. I’m not defending him but I’m guaranteeing that the guard isn’t a great person either.
@livirose9437 Yıl önce
This dude is literally psychotic. Kudos to this officer.
@Eman-vp5wk Yıl önce
Too bad it wasnt any audio to the video
@larazanz 11 aylar önce
He is literally not psychotic. He doesn’t have psychosis.
@tjpowers88 Yıl önce
This kid is just sickening to watch. I can’t take it anymore and I cannot imagine how the families of the victims go through their days knowing he still walks the earth with absolutely no remorse. Disturbing.
@zarahmida Yıl önce
@daphnethurlow5388 Yıl önce
Total agreement..and people falling over themselves to say " oh but he's not been proved guilty yet" huh?????
@Scratchingforcash 5 aylar önce
This guy is an actual monster. He should’ve received the death penalty
@user-io3gv4kk8d 4 aylar önce
don’t give him the death penalty let him suffer for the rest of his pathetic life in prison
@emilianaao 4 aylar önce
right like I don't want to be paying taxes for the government to keep these kind of people alive.they should bring back the electric chair🥰🥰
@JanekWL1 4 aylar önce
@@emilianaao they shuld bring back torture
@emilianaao 4 aylar önce
@@JanekWL1 yes!!!
@stuffsparklez 4 aylar önce
@@emilianaao No.
@mperalta13 Yıl önce
That officer is and rightfully so, the epitome of professionalism. Showing massive amounts of restraint!
@crocroo7811 3 aylar önce
This is what happens when you don’t deliver a capital punishment to a serial killer. An officer who was lucky to be alive, has to come before the court and defend himself, along with his life previously. Pathetic.
@veronicaBolanos-mc4fc Yıl önce
It is utterly alarming that his lone officer had no backup! Like nobody appeared to help him. That is unacceptable. Actually getting tired of this circus.
@brettstarks1846 Yıl önce
Jails are infamous for being understaffed, so can’t say I’m surprised.
@amzarnacht6710 Yıl önce
Standard cell block. I ran cell blocks with up to 200 inmates at a time all by myself for 15 years. I would quickly identify the problems and the allies and if the problems acted up I had the control officer roll the cells of the allies (who did **NOT** want their cell block disrupted or locked down, impacting their 'business' interests) who would quickly quell the problem child. And if I couldn't roll the allies out, I dealt with Problem on my own - with extreme prejudice.
@Affmassot Yıl önce
It is so heartbreaking to look at all these people who have lost a loved one so close and dear to them…
@dorothyhannon3188 Yıl önce
This person has killed 17 people and seriously injured 18 others. One cannot expect that he will ever behave in a right way. He is devoid of morality and has no conscience and this makes him very, very dangerous. It would be useful to try and discover how he, and others like him, came to be this way. He was not born in a void. Like the rest of us, he was part of a society which nurtured and took care of him, as were his victims. One cannot imagine the pain of the victims families. I do hope that they will eventually find peace.
@zachman938 Yıl önce
except he was born in a void its the things nature
@willajohnson8577 Yıl önce
He will never leave prison alive. Now we have to worry about the rest of them
@chrisdurham1144 4 aylar önce
He was behaving just fine until he was told to go back to his cell early.
@aaronharman5431 2 aylar önce
@@chrisdurham1144 he was reminded of the lack of power he possessed outside of jail, now realized he also lacks that power in jail. He’s a complete loner dork.
@chrisdurham1144 2 aylar önce
@@aaronharman5431 I don't know if it's exactly that. Perhaps. He exercised power by going after the guard and also exercised power by assuming the prone position with his hands behind his back so that the officer couldn't tase him without getting into trouble. -- He felt like he could get away with assaulting the guard when he assumed the prone position.
@anishkrishna8255 6 aylar önce
I have never thought I would say this about anyone, but I welcome the day that we all hear that that murderer was taken out in prison for what he did. He is not a sick or mentally broken loner; he is pure evil, PERIOD.
@geraldstamour1312 4 aylar önce
At any rate, @anishkrishna8255, that makes at least two of us! He'll get what's coming to him, guaranteed!
@yousinnedfirst8078 3 aylar önce
evil itself is illness. Satan is sick, wealth comes from God, not from evil.
@linrogers4326 Yıl önce
Sometimes some people are just evil. This is one of those times. I admire all the families for their dignity and restraint. I have no doubt that justice will be done in prison. Love from Great Britain.
@carrieb5711 9 aylar önce
Exactly 💯
@torinux4980 11 aylar önce
This is why you have to put them to rest. These individuals won't change. What are they waiting for? Waiting till he actually hurts or kills a guard?
@adaraholisticdrilmatar2684 10 aylar önce
He probably was trying to get out of that pod for w.e reason I’m sure it’s inmates in there that want to hurt him
@KC360_killz 10 aylar önce
@@adaraholisticdrilmatar2684 good
@vivid3729 Yıl önce
For anyone saying, “Oh I can’t imagine what’s going through his head” just know that he’s already been exposed for faking insanity during his interrogation. There’s a whole video breaking down his entire interrogation.
@Ervinabrahamian Yıl önce
Yup, JCS criminal psychology
@Black-English Yıl önce
He attacked the guard because he knows it's more consequences attacking a prisoner.
@mussawar3698 11 aylar önce
R.i.p to all the kid's who lost their lives in the parkland shooting
@margaretwallace1578 Yıl önce
This has got to be so traumatic for the families. God be with them. They are in my heart.
@AABB-ez3ny Yıl önce
Why exactly?
@alanna7869 Yıl önce
@@AABB-ez3ny their kids died? And on top of that this killer clearly has no remorse for taking their lives
@bazerkly907 Yıl önce
That guy is obviously a danger to others even in Jail !
@taslynmatina Yıl önce
There are more dangerous inmates waiting for him when he arrives!
@patrickshannon4516 Yıl önce
Your right this guy should be in solitary confinement only and should not be around other inmates he doesn't care if they have to kill him he will hurt someone no doubt
@Eman-vp5wk Yıl önce
Why isn’t there any audio to the prison footage?
@patrickshannon4516 11 aylar önce
@@koburrr I doubt that will happen they will probably be scared of him
@billhillard Yıl önce
I cannot believe that the jury spared the life of this POS. Can't we as a society just override the jury's decision? The fact that we, as a society, have to feed, clothe and house people like this while innocent people starve to death, or die from neglect of, or lack of proper health care, speaks volumes about humans as a species.
@bdechief Yıl önce
Well said!
@slickmoney031 Yıl önce
It's up to prison society now. Never been to prison but had plenty bunkies in county who did. Hopefully true justice is served
@billhillard Yıl önce
@@slickmoney031 Just had to say, love the name dude. Remember to always be careful with your dose! You can always add more later. You can never subtract once it is in your system. Just one old psychonaut to another. Have a great holiday, dude. 😁
@victorqwilleran3331 Yıl önce
@@billhillard I'm beyond curious.
@uzmam2612 6 aylar önce
Looking at the victims' families makes my heart hurt. I can only pray for them...
@patriciarichardson5570 9 aylar önce
How in the world was he given an opportunity to attack the guard... horrible criminal justice system.
@dezznutz3743 4 aylar önce
Even worse when you realize a jury saw this and still did not give IT, the death penalty IT deserved.
@truthseeker2797 Yıl önce
We can all hope he receives justice from other inmates. The kid’s a monster.
@realitycheck966 Yıl önce
I'm just glad he didn't trip on his slippers.
@DrNaftak Yıl önce
@@jamesf1111 My Uncle is also in that prison and says the same thing.
@TatianaBazan Yıl önce
@@jamesf1111 what does "green lighted" means? Im spanis please explain.
@trentbest7343 Yıl önce
@@TatianaBazan means no other inmate will come to his aid, and anyone who attacks him pretty much earns respect. In some cases green light mean even guard will delay helping him
@kathenley2811 Yıl önce
This officer did an outstanding job. It's not easy to try and reach for your radio or spray while fighting. I am surprised, from reading these comments, how many people are shocked and disappointed to see officers working alone- when this is very commonplace. This officer was professional and did a great job of getting a high stress situation under control. Nothing but respect from me for him.
@easymoneyrad Yıl önce
Not about respect but the lack of safety
@kathenley2811 Yıl önce
@@easymoneyrad again...that would be Admin's fault not the officer.
@Jason-bc4qx Yıl önce
@@kathenley2811 the officer never should’ve been sitting down in the first place. Those 2 seconds it took him to get up is a lot of time in a fight. All that could’ve been prevented
@kathenley2811 Yıl önce
@@Jason-bc4qx respectfully, I disagree. If the officer was standing then would it be interpreted that he was in a confrontational stance? There is no way to predict how this could have been prevented. There is only the knowledge and training that these things happen. This officer was keeping an eye on him. The best way for this to have been made better is for better staffing procedures. By this officer testifying on this experience, he is trying to ensure there is documentation on the offender's behavior so that it will be easier to place certain in-custody restrictions on his free time in the future.
@ashleyprieto5711 Yıl önce
You handled the situation so well and I’m glad you are okay! He don’t belong in the real world…
@Christian80806 Yıl önce
This officer is a hero! The restraint is inspiring!!! He deserves a pay increase & promotion
@elmowilcox Yıl önce
In this case the restraint is kinda frustrating honestly.
@joeyj5924 Yıl önce
You can tell that he is in the right line of work, he was alone, but he was ready through experience and it showed. I think not only that he did a fantastic job, but you could see that it was nothing personal to him. That's something that alot of us can't do. He knew that he was in one uniform and the guard was in another. They watch many people who have nothing to lose. Respect 🤜🤛 he definitely should of had some help though Smh.
@marlawalker6893 Yıl önce
Let him pace in his cell, he doesn’t deserve any freedom whatsoever. This is what this society is creating. Sad times
@kristenbarker29 11 aylar önce
@E 🙄
@KC360_killz 10 aylar önce
@SirTomFoolery 9 aylar önce
yeah, we all know there was no violence or mental illness before "this society" ruined everyhitng
@iShaymus Yıl önce
As a corrections officer for 13 years I can honestly say that both the way the officer conducted himself and the lack of response from there rest of the prison are both very very concerning.
@alekhinesgun9997 Yıl önce
What did the officer do wrong?
@alekhinesgun9997 Yıl önce
Anthony Rubio Two very, very, different situations
@universal6558 Yıl önce
@@alekhinesgun9997 everything. Hes a disaster and a small guy at that.
@yogiman3615 Yıl önce
Officers's conduct !!!! You have to be kidding.
@lizzieb6311 Yıl önce
It’s a shame the guard wasn’t able to end it right there…. He would have done what one juror refused to do: deliver the sentence he deserved.
@lizzieb6311 Yıl önce
@@shelleycharlesworth5177 Exactly! 🙌
@ZenithKamiBlackwings Yıl önce
I want to announce to anyone who thinks the death sentence is what criminals deserve when they commit the most heinous crimes that involve the deaths of innocents. It's not worth it. You will gain more satisfaction knowing that whoever did the crime is serving a LIFE sentence. Because they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars, with no way to EVER escape. They will rot in prison. And they will suffer every second of it. You want them to know that death is the easy way out and they won't be able to get the last laugh.
@Daniel_Antonioarellano782 Yıl önce
I know one guy that worked as a guard in state prison. He also said the same thing. It is a dangerous job to do. God bless you. Good man for thinking of you're family and a better future.
@romeopanelli2639 Yıl önce
Man that officer showed alot of restraint.
@BlarginBro Yıl önce
Dude I would’ve went for the eyes and nuts lmao if I was the guard
@Initium1000 Yıl önce
@@BlarginBro I don’t know if he could have. He was in danger of getting reversed or him getting the taser from him
@Eman-vp5wk Yıl önce
I can’t tell if he’s expressing restraint or not. I can’t hear anything in the prison video. I can’t tell if the guard is instigating or not, all we have is his testimony
@lbpalexcool1 Yıl önce
The faces of the parents and loved ones is heartbreaking 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️
@ijustchangedmyname7794 Yıl önce
Is that they guy in the grey suit in the benches?
@TypicalThia Yıl önce
And still didn’t get the death penalty. It’s really amazing what people can get away with.
@ElixerS5 2 aylar önce
Eh, let him suffer. Bring back torture
@Lieutenant-E Yıl önce
I am a retired correctional Lieutenant, you NEVER sit when an inmate is walking near you. You are at a disadvantage when attacked as shown in this video.
@TheGmanC3 Yıl önce
Not only that but why would you put your head down as you’re being rushed🤦🏻‍♂️
@ashleighmackenzie8670 Yıl önce
Glad you said that. Because that’s exactly what I was thinking. Why tf would you be sitting down when an inmate is pacing around you? You’re at a clear disadvantage if anything pops off. Typical lazy American cop.
@smartandstreet Yıl önce
They always do though
@Jonathan.D Yıl önce
Much respect to you and the others in your profession. The stress and physical demands are more than most people can handle. Every second of every day you have animals playing mind games with you and at any given moment anyone of the animals could try to end you. They don't pay you enough to do this important job that few can do and most don't want to. I worked with a guy who worked for 20 years in one of America's most dangerous pens. After the third time that he narrowly escaped with his |ife, he took early retirement. The many accounts of his career in the pen were shocking to many. His strong will and kindness were all that saved him.
@gr8da2u2 Yıl önce
The danger in locking up these heartless people is never gone with - their are correction officers, other less evil inmates and lawyers always at risk as shown here. Props to the CO.
@jaeyoung6077 Yıl önce
This guard is a HERO... he would have been more than justified in getting some revenge, but he handled it 100% professionally. Nothing but respect for him👍🏾💯
@brandondye2989 11 aylar önce
I feel like this guy is intentionally doing everything he can to get the death penalty so he doesn't have to serve his entire term. I hope his plan doesn't work if that's what he's actually trying to do.
@JIGWIGPIG 11 aylar önce
That's what we should give him. If he wants it, send him off to the shadow realm.
@LEARNING-67 11 aylar önce
If you wanna test out your fun theory, you should apply to be the prison guard who has to watch him every freaking day, I guess that'd be a fun job.
@YokaiX 11 aylar önce
@@JIGWIGPIGthis really is one of those things where I personally don't see a right or wrong answer. On the one hand you can argue death is too easy of a mercy for him, better to let him suffer a painfully mundane existence, isolated from society for everyone's safety. On the other hand, if the death penalty ever has exceptions, this would certainly be a valid one for someone who handed out death and tragedy so freely.
@shawnfoogle920 11 aylar önce
Soooo a whole life worth of tax payer dollars wasted to keep him alive ? death is not really justice i want Tor_ure for these evil criminals. but that will never happen sadly
@angelslayer169 Yıl önce
The fact this guy is being fed and housed yet shows no gratitude at all is just a reflection of his true character. If there were any sense of what he should be getting he'd be sentenced to burn on a pyre
@vas716 4 aylar önce
Your feelings are understendable. But are you really sure that living the rest of life in prison is really less painful than those spetacular deaths? Human mind has many biases. Maybe we are underestimating the suffering of this "thing".
@Bunnybella765 8 aylar önce
This officer should be commended. This is how officers should handle situations like this. He deserves a medal.
@fajon2 Yıl önce
The fact that nobody came to his aid shows a lack of staffing. This could have gotten so much worse if the poor guard hadn't gain control.
@FuzzBucket69 Yıl önce
@pandaman3367 Yıl önce
There's normally more guards spread out throughout prisons like this, it's usually one guard per block, and more at security stations, the lobby, walking around the facility, the cafeteria, etc. If the officer did radio for help 2-3 other guards likely would have showed up.
@sexchickenpow Yıl önce
@@pandaman3367 ya, buddy system should be required, it is more than just worth it, it should be required. feels like for every tax dollar meant to fund necessary personnel , we see it going to ultimately line the pockets of politicians. seriously 2 should be required or more period when dealing with unstable people like prisoners. it is simply irresponsible to not have a buddy system in place for these facilities or hazardous environments. honestly it is straight negligent not to do so and anyone who is hurt because of this lack of oversight gets a huge early retirement and those of whom are responsible for the negligence are removed. it is not that much more cost for a much more safe environment.
@pandaman3367 Yıl önce
@@sexchickenpow yeah, maximum security prisons do have buddy systems from what i've seen, but yeah, we could definitely use another guard or two in the cell block at all times
@osbjmg Yıl önce
But think of the profit margins of the prison.
@andrewadams4650 Yıl önce
Former CO here. It was very common for us to work in a unit with 30, 40, 50 inmates out at any given time. Mind you in my county were were not permitted to have any defense weapons or deterrent on our person. All we had was a radio, a "man-down button", unit keys and a telephone. IPC skills and hyper vigilance/awareness were your only means of protection and going home at the end of watch.
@TIGRESSA73 Yıl önce
But don't other guards do their job by keeping watch on the cameras making sure other COs are sent in the even things get out of hand??? This is insane!
@kerbe3 Yıl önce
What are IPC skills?
@beaupeterson188 Yıl önce
Why the direct counsel does not have control of video operations is beyond me. Why do we have to have someone else operate the video, other than the person who is showing you something.
@lolwillow188 5 aylar önce
You have a solid point
@mindgames50 Yıl önce
Great job on the officer very well spoken and detailed the experience very professionally
@mialia15104 Yıl önce
This guard seems like a good guy. He handled all of this as well as one could have
@laurent-weberdaoulas5436 11 aylar önce
this guard did a really good job : being attacked and reacting with no violence in return, only the necessary force...
@harrypalmer7169 Yıl önce
Well done to Sgt. Raymond Beltran for gaining control of a life threatening situation. He showed incredible restraint after being attacked.
@mollyjackson1906 Yıl önce
Perfectly said Harry.
@RosaKrystleRose Yıl önce
He should’ve never lost control.
@sam7324 Yıl önce
Death penalty is for monsters
@troyalger1603 Yıl önce
My dad and brother worked at the prison south of Tucson Arizona and also my dad worked at Florence. My dad was a teacher and my brother a guard. So kudos to this young man that got attacked. You handled it very well.
@moimeme1928 Yıl önce
It's incredible how one broken mind can destroy so many innocent lives.
@mamallama7708 Yıl önce
He knows exactly what he is doing, not broken, EVIL!
@Eman-vp5wk Yıl önce
It’s amazing how many broken gangstalkers it takes to try to take down one man
@DinoPimp 11 aylar önce
Officers should never be alone in a unit with these types of prisoners.
@rosepierce9370 Yıl önce
This corrections officer is very professional. I wish he had a partner for back up for a situation like this. Such a stressful day for this officer. Thankyou Sir!
@canyounot4706 11 aylar önce
The guy in the suit was (rightfully) in awe at this officer lol. I feel him.
@fancyflowz Yıl önce
He is not crazy, he’s pretending to be crazy so he can get an “insanity plea”
@sw9979 Yıl önce
Exactly what I said and some people are just falling for it!
@drill_fiend1097 Yıl önce
Makes sense.
@lafrecuencia2627 Yıl önce
So nobody is crazy? listen to you bro...
@fancyflowz Yıl önce
@@lafrecuencia2627 listen to yourself. I don’t get the point your trying to make
@herculesbrofister265 Yıl önce
Is that his dad they keep showing, like at 5:36? That guy, whoever he is, seems very off
@grtjr71 Yıl önce
Big thumbs up for this guard keeping his cool and being a professional. I think I would have been so upset that I would have beat him down hard at the end. Yet the guard showed what a true professional he was all the way through the situation. Looked so calm and cool even at the end of it.
@bearbryant3495 Yıl önce
Former CO here. A couple of observations, we wore radio-like units that would notify the control room if we were not standing upright for ~5 sec or so and yard men or floaters would respond to assist, we called them "man-down units". Also we were never alone, there was always at least 2 COs on a post when inmates were out of their cells. I wish we could've carried tasers, the best thing we could carry was pepper or a PR-24.
@spanishh2001 Yıl önce
Pepper spray is much better, in a close environment..... tasers are effective only when you have distance.....
@lloydkim371 3 aylar önce
07:00 He's one of true officials who have faith toward his career not just only for career benefit, especially if anybody involved ex-school bullies in the past
@M310GL Yıl önce
Those are well trained guards. The level of self-control is remarkable. I mean, If I had been in his place, I don't know how many blows I would have given him, which obviously would have been terrible for the trial.
@JWRay-xh9wl 7 aylar önce
My school I graduated from in 1982 was Columbine. This,person,can never get out. Each one of them...has put a label on our,my,school (s)...Forever. Because that's all my school will ever be remembered for,nothing good we did. That's all each of us who went there,all we will ever be remembered for. That's all every parent of everyone who went there will remember it for. That,either I lost my child,or thank whatever God it wasn't their child. That's what each school will be remembered for,even when you rip them down to move on. You can't erase this,you can't fix it either,you can't. Therein the conundrum never ending,only accelerating,and it will accelerate as we go along. It was very predictable to me how it was going to go as I lived my life with guns pointed at me. More than one occassion,one too many. My first time was having a 38 short barrel pressed against the back of my head ,as I kneeled on all fours in a bathroom. There's so much more....I wish we had never discovered gunpowder.
@thatoneguy454c Yıl önce
As a former correctional officer I can tell you that it is very common to work alone. Even if you hit the emergency button on your radio it can still take minutes before backup arrives. Also, fights in prison are not the same as on the streets. A person attacking an officer has only a few possible intentions. They might be a "check in" (trying to get sent to solitary or just off a specific unit) they will most likely hit you once or push you than immediately cuff up. Or they want to hurt you bad, or kill you. If you have never been in a fistfight with your life on the line it is hard to understand what happens. All in all this officer did a good job, there were a few things he could have done better, but that is something you think about after the fact. Correctional officers have a very hard and dangerous job. The coward on trial here is nothing compared to some of the people who they deal with on a daily basis. 90% of street cops would quit within a few months if they had to work in a prison. All I had was a radio, pepper spray, and my own hands while I was often alone with almost 200 inmates. : I edited the comment to fix a mistake that was causing confusion. Replaced the word formal with former.
@aris6756 Yıl önce
Jesus Christ. Glad you are okay man!
@zenamariex Yıl önce
It’s not an easy job but I admire you for what you do.
@thatoneguy454c Yıl önce
@@zenamariex I appreciate it, but I do not work for the department of corrections anymore. I meant to say former correctional officer. I work in the industrial/technical rescue field now. Confined space, high angle, water, stuff like that. Working for the department of corrections was not very rewarding, and was causing problems with my family life. I was worried that if I stayed I would just become a cold, bitter, alcoholic with anger issues. Our prison system is completely messed up and it turns people who simply made a mistake and got in trouble with the law into hardened criminals. The idea is rehabilitation, but that's not what happens.
@alittlewheiser521 Yıl önce
Everything you said is correct. I too worked in corrections, alone in a unit with 160 male penitentiary inmates and I’m a woman. The threat to correctional officer is an everyday thing. It’s dangerous. We didn’t have tasers, weapons or pepper spray…just a body alarm. You fight or talk your way out of a confrontation.
@Garzza3165 Yıl önce
I’m a prison officer in the uk, I don’t even have pepper spray or cuffs. Stay safe man
@tungsten1979 Yıl önce
When you think your job is hard just watch what this guy had to go through to make it back home. If he had lost that fight it might as well be the end of his life cause backup did not show up.
@davidsmietanski6035 Yıl önce
God Bless the officers who deal with these evil people so we don’t have to. Thank you officer.
@Memegod326 4 aylar önce
“I had to get the taser back” The judge: “why” 💀
@1337fraggzb00N Yıl önce
"I have to get the tazer back." "Why?" "Well, since my earliest childhood, I always was very passionate about not getting tazed." "Why?"
@_Sylens 7 aylar önce
I was so confused when he asked why. LIKE HUHHHH.
@johnmason6213 Yıl önce
The most incredible restraint I’ve ever witnessed!
@MrJdblunt 8 aylar önce
With all due respect, This judge is a beautiful representation of our judicial system!
@MrAmc1291 3 aylar önce
She just got repirmanded for her conduct in court. Judges have to be fair and impartial in every case. She obviously wasn’t impartial especially when she hugged the family members after the killer was sentenced.
@UKRenna 7 gün önce
@@MrAmc1291very difficult to be impartial when dealing with this kind of case. The guy is just a disgrace.
@joshh8395 Yıl önce
Such a waste of taxpayers money. If you know without doubt somebody committed a heinous crime like he did why go through trial and let somebody like this continue to waste oxygen and food? The fact that him living out the rest of his life in prison is on the table is disgusting to me.
@sandhanitizer17 Yıl önce
I really, really hope he gets the DP
@mikeh2129 Yıl önce
@@sandhanitizer17 I feel the same way
@baxterandcotton Yıl önce
Because there have been many cases where people "knew without a doubt" but were in fact wrong. He's a POS but the justice system is important regardless.
@Icyshot Yıl önce
He's a POS but everyone deserves a right to trial
@PolarEyez Yıl önce
I'm a former prisoner and I've seen some sick and heinous things guards had done to people. I wish all guards acted in this manner, he got it under control, he didn't beat the s*** out of him which he deserved. He was professional. There are some good guards but lots of psychopath guards too. This animal will have a tough road ahead. He will run into a relative (cousin, uncle, friend) of one of his many victims one day and I hope his life gets cut brutally short for killing all those kids. My heart goes out to all the Parkland victims. And to that animal, I hope he becomes someone's June June, someone's boy who gets his cheeks taken every night.
@elixorvideos Yıl önce
That fight was more violent than I expected it to be. Imagine throwing your life away like this. Also, imagine being sat next to Cruz and not strangling him to death.
@jeremiahthomas2050 11 aylar önce
NEVER take your eyes off a dangerous person. Especially if you're alone, and if there were other inmates around. It would have started a riot. Your lucky to survive, I hope you learned from your mistake.
@jasonstam5328 11 aylar önce
this was not the guards fault by any chance
@oklkllk 7 aylar önce
Okay Mr tough guy. Sure you would've got tased in that situation and lost your life
@Wh4L205 6 aylar önce
@@jasonstam5328 you missed the entire point! Of course it’s not the guards fault!
@jasonstam5328 6 aylar önce
@@Wh4L205 the guy is blaming him for having this happen to him
@KevinGoettel Yıl önce
I'm actually very surprised at how Nikolas was actually able to overpower that cop - for a moment. He's a much more capable fighter than I would have imagined. You can even see him trying to wrap his legs around the cop when he's on top of him, which is what you would do in wrestling. He must have been in fights with his brother growing up. I was shocked when I saw that, I figured a coward like him wouldn't be a capable fighter at all.
@TIGRESSA73 Yıl önce
Now a days everyone watches UFC 🤣
@skie6282 Yıl önce
He might know how to hold his own for a minute, but he also clearly has no stamina. I think thats the main reason he gave uo he got tired and quit. If you pick a fight and have energy and havnt been youd keep fighting.
@timothywatson5738 Yıl önce
He didn't overpower him, how fast would you react if someone came charging at you all of a sudden after walking like usual
@wheelchairgeek 11 aylar önce
​@@skie6282 probably gave up because it was a temper tantrum and he regained his senses again.
@MrCmon113 8 aylar önce
Giving up your liberty just to kill some random people is about the least cowardly thing to do.
@hustlecrowe845 Yıl önce
The amount of courage and professional restraint this guy counseled holy smokes! He didnt tune that guy up...(at least on cam, that's when the beast police shows up).
@ryanvargas4889 Yıl önce
It’s scary to see how dumbfounded some are in the court audience. People need to have more situational awareness and know the capability of those who might do harm in this world. This country needs to realize you are your own first responder. Always take measures to keep yourself and loved ones safe.
@baxterandcotton Yıl önce
Yeah that's the most shocking thing in this video is the wide mouthed audience who just are shocked at how violent criminals behave. This is actually a very tame attack, because he's a scrawny kid. I'm happy people have been sheltered from violence but you gotta educate yourself before it surprises you one day
@NoReflection333 Yıl önce
are they overacting in hopes of being on tv? I didn't know why they kept showing that couple unless it's his parents, but they dont appear to be in the same genepool
@sns22895 Yıl önce
@@NoReflection333 i was wondering who those two people were as well, especially the man with the ever changing facial expressions
@JennaJ221 Yıl önce
That dude has been so expressive thru out this trial. After the initial attack, when it transitions to this man, you can see he was smiling (not at the attack itself, but when the guard is punching Cruz). Needs to better control that, bc the camera is fully on him at all times it seems..(which I don’t think these cameras should be, let these victims families have a lil privacy here to continue to mourn, especially having to hear such horrific detail over and over throughout this entire thing..)
@NoReflection333 Yıl önce
@@sns22895 i think he cared more about being on camera than anything, as he keeps glimpsing at it, fixing his hair, overly expressed, etc.
@lisa1111 Yıl önce
Depraved of a heart. I always have pity for these destroyed minds, however he is exactly where he needs to be. All of his victims 💔🙏🏽
@franklinalmanzarescarraman5881 Yıl önce
Excelente trabajo del oficial, no deberían trabajar solos cuando tienen criminales tan perversos como ese tipo. Fue muy profesional, manejó muy bien la situación.
@molder2233 Yıl önce
These legal proceedings can be so tedious. They feel the need to ask the most obvious questions. Why did you have to get the taser back? 🤦‍♂️
@tonyfourpaws4511 Yıl önce
Crime does pay. Especially by the hour.
@Panz82 11 aylar önce
the law must reach the conclusion that is the closest to the truth. and you have to know every single detail to get there man.
@lindangede8049 Yıl önce
What a justice system! ⚖️
@Thespicygoat 4 aylar önce
The fact that this dude might die after me in prison while I pay for him to live a full life is just plain weird. Why does the justice system need to be so…unsatisfactory…
@DIYDaveT Yıl önce
VERY PROFESSIONAL GUARD. He didn't get angry or try to take revenge. He just did his job, and very well at that.
@TheStep1980 Yıl önce
A fine example of use of force. He escalated his force only when necessary and immediately reduced his force based on the aggressor's actions as he handcuffed Cruz. Notably, he didn't take any cheap shots after he was cuffed. Excellent training material for others around the country to see.
@rubiconoutdoors3492 Yıl önce
Well, the guard knows how high profile this dude is, and he knows he himself is on camera. Believe me, Cruze is not going to have a good time in jail.
@Riaa666 Yıl önce
@rubiconoutdoors3492 Yıl önce
@@Riaa666 *Guard
@DareToBeDeviant Yıl önce
I'm fairly confident everyone in the room knew what a taser is and how it operates... except the one perpetually asking questions. My mother knows how one works and she doesn't know much of anything. Good job on the guard for coming out on top.
@iloveallthepeople Yıl önce
You would be surprised. 9 out of 10 people call stun guns and cattle prods tasers. However, since the deployment was ineffective and the only option was to contact drive, it doesn't matter. He could have said it shoots lasers and casts spells, someone would have believed him
@keepingitrealUK Yıl önce
Just goes to show how vulnerable these guards are. But sitting like that behind the table between the stairs he put himself in an even more vulnerable position. It could have been even worse if he had got him to the ground behind the table, as the guard would not have been able to protect himself. Thank God he managed to get out from there.
@jackiejohnson5913 8 aylar önce
God bless this man that things ended well for him.
@GMMXX80 Yıl önce
You knows really sad? In this video, and in this moment, this Correction Officer is seen as a hero, but every other day, the public sees him as a villain. He suits up every night to walk amongst societies worst for minimal pay to serve his community and protect them so they can lay their heads down at night in peace, and wake up and go to work every day knowing the bad guys of the community are locked up and kept behind bars while his family wonders if he'll be coming home at night, every night, as he misses holidays, birthdays, and family activities and events, all to keep you and I safe, every shift, for what life he may have left. I believe he and so many others deserve your most heartfelt gratitude and respect for what they do on your behalf. I made $12/hr doing his job with the same risk, same potential for outcome, and same sacrifice. I hope he's treated and appreciated better than I was. He's earned it
@FurryWrecker911 11 aylar önce
It's interesting seeing how those "demons" he spoke so frantically about are still haunting him. What a joke.
@firefly2508 Yıl önce
My respects to this correctional officer. He had to keep watch on this psychopath and could've lost his life. I'm glad he is safe. Job well done.
@bobbiew7355 Yıl önce
I agree whole heartedly.
@jenessalundgren9025 Yıl önce
Job well done??? Maybe for staying in a fight that could have been easily avoided and or stopped. a complete sitting duck...probably kept the same routine every shift....lack of manpower and burnout I am sure...but for the love to sit down and watch a murderer doing hot laps while you are completely shut off making yourself a sitting duck and easy target...just took him back to corrections training 101...he should be thankful he is okay, alive and no doubt his ego is bruised. Staffing wasnt even paying attention in the pods...completely unsafe and extreme lack of common sense...
@merericaac Yıl önce
@@jenessalundgren9025 ok 😂 none of anything that mentioned happened so it's all good 😊👍🏼
@jenessalundgren9025 Yıl önce
@@merericaac unfortunately it does every single day…he was a very lucky officer. He wont do that again, I can promise you that. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@merericaac Yıl önce
@@jenessalundgren9025 but not this time fortunately 😘
@23ograin53 Yıl önce
Superb self restraint and professionalism by the officer, this is a good cop.
@dianekruger5977 Yıl önce
Did any of defendants family ever go to trial? If none did, that's very disappointing. Just shows you his family didn't care, that that was some of the problem. Basically ignoring him.
@franklinwaynejohnson2161 Yıl önce
I have never seen lawyers treat a judge with so much contempt. They spoke over her regularly. The public defender should be disbarred. He would not listen to her ruling multiple times then acted as if she was unreasonable. They should all be fired by the county.
@dertreffer 11 aylar önce
such monsters dont deserve anything but straight getting death penalty hopefully the guard recovers fast and completly in any way from the attack
@roxannemoser Yıl önce
This corrections officer shouldn't have been working alone. No corrections officers should be working alone. Thank God the officer is OK. This video absolutely proves this confessed killer should be given the death penalty. The officer was looking out for the killer's safety, and he gets attacked.
@lambdalambdalambda257 Yıl önce
Ok. So what's the solution if you can't find enough staff? Let all of the inmates out?
@simster1001 Yıl önce
C.Os are expendable as per our Federal Govt.
@tajahsea8272 Yıl önce
He knew better than to Fock with a killer
@samanthavazquez502 Yıl önce
I use to be alone with 40-60 woman face to face. Exactly why I left corrections
@not-this-fartoofar3606 Yıl önce
Kudos to the Guard. Calm and professional.
@F59x 9 aylar önce
@TrueTrue7 Yıl önce
This guy saved his own life. 🧡 Good job man
@gregorymoi8436 4 aylar önce
“He reached for my taser, so I tried to get it back” “Why?” 🤦‍♂️
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