*Cinderella*...Fun or Embarrassing?

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Dylan Is In Trouble

Dylan Is In Trouble

2 aylar önce

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GayAsSh_t 3 saatler önce
Why is Hanes cordon in soo many musicals? There’s this, cats, into the woods, TV is loosing itself by using like- 85 major celebs in each movie
Deldar Ali
Deldar Ali 3 saatler önce
We should all admit that this is just a reason for a us to watch these movies without being embarassed.
-雨恋Ujou 4 saatler önce
Dylan, thank you for sacrificing your two plus to see this so I won’t have to 🙏. Your review is honest, hilarious and on points 😂👍🏻. Here are things I got from watching many reviews of Amazon Cinderella 2021: - Girls hate Camilla!Cinderella, boys hate the prince. - It’s too freaking loooong! - Wow, so everyone hates James Cordon 🤣. - The movie is half bake attempt! Not full comedy, not full sadness, not nothing!! - Cinderella’s magic dress is questionable because here she is a “dress maker” and the one got her the job is not her design! - The mice speaks the most sensible things!? - The romance no one is rooting for: Cinderella and the prince. - Their Love is based on how handsome you are??? - Tunes are bad, songs are WTH, storyline is lazy writing! 😅 I appreciate all of you reviewers’ sacrifice. I feel brain damage just seeing the reviews. And who knows about all the crazy pop ups on Amazon. Wow, subscribers have to pay to get that kind of treatment!? 👍🏻 Dylan, if this movie went the way you wanted it, it could have had a saving point. It didn’t.
Emma Opdyke
Emma Opdyke 9 saatler önce
This is the worst remake of Cinderella by far, utter trash i love the actors and actresses in other movies though for sure
Timeless Tales Beauty
Timeless Tales Beauty 18 saatler önce
I legit hated that they made the fairy godmother a gay man, like I get wanting Representation but come on the fairy godmother is an iconic symbol it’s too much and I never see anyone talk on it bc people are So scared of being attacked for it lol
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest Gün önce
I’ve never understood why Cinderella remakes keeps explaining her name, just make Cinderella her actually name, it doesn’t need a backstory.
hanna joy
hanna joy Gün önce
I HATED the earring.
anon 2 gün önce
I kinda love that Amazon puts the actors in the scene on the pause screen lmaooo I love how much you hate it though
Andrew Crain
Andrew Crain 2 gün önce
You know Dylan’s straight when he doesn’t know Material Girl is by Madonna 😭😭
xyr3s 2 gün önce
i'm sorry but for all the roasting dylan does about various things, i can't take him seriously any more, the fact that he doesn't know that material girl is one of madonna's absolute bangers lol. i mean dylan looks like he is in his twenties. i'm sure he has heard of madonna, next thing you know, he'll be asking if jolene is a real song : p
Indigo Detry
Indigo Detry 2 gün önce
the first thing that came out my mouth was “oh my god” when i saw dylans shirt
Cranfaerie 2 gün önce
Minnie Driver is also in Grouse Point Blanke which is definitely in my top ten movies! Gotta love a black comedy about hitmen!
Angelina Cardin
Angelina Cardin 3 gün önce
I know you hate suggestions but I think Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts is the kind of movie that hits a lot of your critiques here
Ceirra Burdyck
Ceirra Burdyck 3 gün önce
Watch Ella enchanted!!!!
Minnie Davis-Asare
Minnie Davis-Asare 3 gün önce
it was great hearing one of my favorite youtubers say my name, it's rare to get that experience bc Minnie for a name is not really common :)))))))
Emily Williams
Emily Williams 3 gün önce
Not Dylan disgracing the Queen of Pop like that
Queen Mayra
Queen Mayra 3 gün önce
"Famous ... movie.. star... known for her work in BREAKING UP FIFTH HARMONY" Bro that shit had me DEADDD
SagoriX 4 gün önce
The fact that he was ranting about the character list on the side when he could have clicked a little arrow at the top and it would've gone away
charlie will
charlie will 4 gün önce
"I choose you pikachu"
kat hoogzaad
kat hoogzaad 4 gün önce
I love how Dylan is explaining his points but also being a savage
RoseByChoice 4 gün önce
🛑 I like how Dylan was roasting the Amazon prime interface screen for the movie where it shows you the actors and actresses in the movie in the music that’s playing and then proceeds to use that interface throughout the entire movie. He even goes as far as to ask if a song is a real song or if it was ready for the movie and if he had just use the little interface found out that it was originally a Madonna song. You can make any argument about something being useless but if you end up using it it ain’t useless no more.
Lily McCowan
Lily McCowan 4 gün önce
I know this isn't your newest video but I NEED to tell you that Netflix made a Princess Switch 3!!!
Amanda DeMarco
Amanda DeMarco 4 gün önce
This is the only way I would want to watch this - thank you for your service
christina chavez
christina chavez 5 gün önce
I hated the princes acting literally I wish that Camilla would have had another suitor
Chie 5 gün önce
“So am I hwrOngg”
HaFaOs 6 gün önce
08:58 new kink unlocked ✅
Janani K
Janani K 6 gün önce
"I used to play piano" *shUt* *uP*
Misato_kirby 6 gün önce
Why is no one going to talk about the light in the background?👀
Erinsy 7 gün önce
5:27 He sounds like salad fingers, why does he sound like salad fingers??
Leechy 7 gün önce
I avoided watching this cuz I knew I would hate it but also Amazon original shows are actually SO surprisingly goof
Lizzie Mihelich
Lizzie Mihelich 8 gün önce
you should react to les miserables the musical or the phantom of the opera :)
Raven 9 gün önce
can you please watch love and monsters
Zoey Richards
Zoey Richards 10 gün önce
if you pay attention enough you can see things like his earrings that dosen't fit the time era and it had me pondering for a while.
Paul ?
Paul ? 10 gün önce
Dylan In Trouble is a successful TRshow star who has utilized the platform to entertain his fans. He first gained fame for his Dylan Will Not Participate TRshow channel. Reaction videos, live music performances, and other intriguing stuff were featured on the channel, which was started in 2016.
Paul ?
Paul ? 10 gün önce
Stick to Lana del Reymoron comments
Joëlle Dieduksman
Joëlle Dieduksman 10 gün önce
"I've never been to Paris, but I hear it's a lovely country"
Nayy Chu
Nayy Chu 5 gün önce
thanks, I was looking for this comment sksksks
Louise Klein
Louise Klein 10 gün önce
Megan Segovia
Megan Segovia 10 gün önce
OMG GOOD WILL HUNTING IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!! dude that just got me because any time i talk about that movie, no one has ever even heard of it 😢
Katatat 11 gün önce
Glad Dylan has been using honey for a year or whatever, cuz no one else is. Side note, is anyone else annoyed more by sponsorships than regular ads, because you're being lied to by the TRshowr you like and respect, and the TRshowr has to knowingly lie to their audience. It's sooo fucked up, not that I can blame them for doing it. I blame capitalism.
Aarya Sinha
Aarya Sinha 11 gün önce
That farm boy looks like Dylan
Samriddhi 11 gün önce
i want someone to show dylans future child this video for exactly 27:11
Samira Chowdhury
Samira Chowdhury 12 gün önce
You press one button to press x ray off 💀 I like that it shows cast and IMDb lol
thestaceofspade 12 gün önce
12 monkeys doesn't have bad editing. They also don't have ear piercings. It's a good time. Plus lots of people die which is nice.
Bea Ysabelle
Bea Ysabelle 12 gün önce
isnt the king the actor for the old james bond movie?
Blen 12 gün önce
8:42 and 24:42 are my favorite parts lmao
Amy 13 gün önce
16:17 “don’t be flippin’ get to work farm boi” has become an active part of my vocabulary and I’m not even mad about it 😂
tree sap
tree sap 13 gün önce
I love Billy and Idina, no hate to them, but damn this movie didn't hit. I don't understand why they wanted to reprise the Cinderella role AGAIN, rather than making an entirely new concept to cater to modern audiences. Everyone already knows the story to Cinderella, so why try to remodel it now? and for the young people who are too young to know the story, why not make an entirely new concept? It just seems like they're trying to make a feminist version of an old classic, which is great, the motivation is great, but why not create a new feminist role model and target the new demographic with a tailored princess? Maybe I'm giving this movie too much props, they probably didn't think about it that deep. This is probably a cash grab -_-
Mia Roxanne
Mia Roxanne 13 gün önce
Why is no one talking about how Dylan predicted the caterpillar to butterfly metaphor 😂
Prolet Vladimirova
Prolet Vladimirova 14 gün önce
Embarrassing if ask me
kawii_cupcake0 14 gün önce
its the unbuttoned shirt for me- 🥵
Jules 14 gün önce
Ok but can talk ab how good he looks in this🤨
Shreya Prasad
Shreya Prasad 14 gün önce
rewatching this coz I NEED MORE DYLAN CONTENT!! oh btw, if good will hunting is one of your two all time fav movies, what is the other one??
Daisy-Marie Murphy
Daisy-Marie Murphy 16 gün önce
British: Adore James Americans: Get the fck out of here James
Daisy-Marie Murphy
Daisy-Marie Murphy 16 gün önce
I hate this movie so so much
chillipepper 16 gün önce
Every time I see cinderella, I remember about the snl parody of the real housewives with disney princesses. When cinderella says "here's a tip: never marry a guy that's really into shoes" and then the prince says, while looking at rapunzel "rapunzel, rapunzel, burn down that dress ahaHA" 😂 I think this can be applied here too, never marry a guy who's so into musicals
chillipepper 16 gün önce
That lady sporting a nose ring when we all know from actual history no posh royal from 1700s France ever wore that is just.. yuck. The need for the characters to be quirky is really so embarassing, really
SAMPO 16 gün önce
Did you just say you hear paris is nice country???
KirbyAk 16 gün önce
There's one Cinderella remake where she fucking decks her sister. It was fantastic
KirbyAk 16 gün önce
I remembered! It's called Ever After: A Cinderella Story
Ultima 15
Ultima 15 18 gün önce
Who’s funding Cinderella’s studio basement? How does the family make money? I thought they were fashion designers, but no.
daniella 18 gün önce
I actually really enjoy the technical aspects he talks about
Pranamitha B. Nair
Pranamitha B. Nair 18 gün önce
Dylan hating on amazon more than the movie is such a bliss to watch🤧
Cinderella Oyewoga
Cinderella Oyewoga 19 gün önce
Watching the Cinderella yelling scene hits more when your name is Cinderella..
yourlocalcatrasimp 19 gün önce
i just came from watching one of his videos from 2020 and i- 👀
Viranjitha C
Viranjitha C 20 gün önce
At 1:23 Dylan looks like a frowning Ryan Gosling. Please tell me someone sees it.
Euigeon X Taeyong
Euigeon X Taeyong 20 gün önce
i also hate James with all ny heart.
witney a.
witney a. 21 gün önce
DYLAN, you look ... DYLAN
Alexa Forgione Disney glee girl
Alexa Forgione Disney glee girl 22 gün önce
i seen cinderella 2021 this year in school in september . and i loved it
Sula Gordon
Sula Gordon 22 gün önce
my soul hurt when dylan asked if material girl was an original
lydia pinnell
lydia pinnell 22 gün önce
He’s too fine in this I can’t watch
Mia Garden
Mia Garden 23 gün önce
My favorite Dylan quotes from this: I choose you, Pikachu! That's how it gets left behind?... She threw it as a weapon!? And it didn't even kill anyone?... Ooooh, I would give my son away SoOooo quick to dominate the world!
pamela p
pamela p 23 gün önce
Whaaat?! He's here?!
gabrielle 23 gün önce
dylan u look too damn good in this
Katie Griffin
Katie Griffin 24 gün önce
Holy fuck, I just found your channel (idk how because it’s pretty big lol) but this video gives an incredible combination of comedy and intelligent criticism that I am 100% here for. Also, Good Will Hunting is in my top 3 fav films so hearing you say that it’s in your top 2 was sweet.
Ammna Ghazy
Ammna Ghazy 24 gün önce
I watched it a couple of times and I noticed the prince’s earring only when he mentioned it
monotonie 24 gün önce
bruh why this is so funny
Rejoice Favour Chiamaka Uyamadu
Rejoice Favour Chiamaka Uyamadu 25 gün önce
Is it just me or this guy looks like Dr. Mike? 😂
Angelina_not_jolie 25 gün önce
I have been laughing for the past 5 minutes at Dylan screaming ReBuK!!!!
Lani 25 gün önce
Dylan, youre hilarious
AZBrant56 25 gün önce
Ab-di-cate, YES, you are so smart! LMAF!
SKY fitsHEAVEN 25 gün önce
Did you cut the video? I'm dead sure the first time I watched it there was this song sth sth my name and now it's gone (or I'm blind and can't see it)
elise clavel
elise clavel 25 gün önce
The plot lines they tied up were women getting what they wanted like the little girl becoming the town drummer
elise clavel
elise clavel 25 gün önce
He made his throne bigger he didn’t dance with her he was rude too her
Karen Maktabi
Karen Maktabi 26 gün önce
Thank you Dylan for commenting on the technical stuff, cuz I am part of that small percentage of people in your viewers who does enjoy that! great video :)
Cameryn 26 gün önce
Them saying “Cinderella work” makes me think of “Charlie work” from it’s always sunny lol
MaKayla Coles
MaKayla Coles 26 gün önce
"Who is this for?" question of the century.....what audience was this movie intended for???
troublemaker833 26 gün önce
Can we talk about how triggered Dylan is by the Prince’s earring, when it looks EXACTLY like his own nose ring🙈 I’m sorry, but I can’t take this seriously😅
troublemaker833 26 gün önce
Cinderella has been done sooo many times before, so there’s not gonna be a show stopping Cinderella movie anytime soon. HOWEVER, I saw a lot of people being angry that this movie was trying to shove an agenda down their throat, which yes, it kind of was, but literally every single one of the classical Cinderella movies are about an abusive family situation, in which the big escape and the happy ending is marrying a man and being provided for for the rest of her life. So, yeah. They changed the message a little aggressively. If you don’t want to expose your kids to it, feel free to show them one of the literal thousands of more classical Cinderella movies.
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 27 gün önce
Abdicate is correct
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 27 gün önce
The Fairy Godmother is played by Billy Porter
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 27 gün önce
I have an astigmatism on my right eye which is why I need glasses
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 27 gün önce
Idina Menzel as the Wicked Step mother
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 27 gün önce
I actually enjoyed this movie
Amzon 27 gün önce
Dylan: She threw it as a weapon and it didn't kill anyone? Me: dying the f out
Amzon 27 gün önce
*Nobody* *Not even you* *Not me* Dylan: It'd be better if you weren't in it Jordan...
Laura Avalos
Laura Avalos 27 gün önce
this video could have been called “dylan discovers jukebox musicals” lmao
Mariam Kitt
Mariam Kitt 27 gün önce
Dylan: "yoUve knOWN her a dAAY" my volume: at 2 bars Me: "WHY R U SO LOUD"
Mary DidYouKnow
Mary DidYouKnow 27 gün önce
Who is this for? Women who hate men and men who hate women enough to think they know what it feels like to be one and don't care how women feel about that or how they feel about being exposed to men in bathrooms and locker rooms and dressing rooms. Too bad women, especially those who survived sexual assault, we don't really care about how you feel or your safety.
Alakazella e-Commerce
Alakazella e-Commerce 28 gün önce
Not making a recommendation because I know you don't like that. If you check out the actor who plays Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) in this movie and the charter, he plays in ("Chambers" TV Series 2019). It's a jarring juxtaposition.
Melanie Yvette
Melanie Yvette 28 gün önce
Hey dylan you look really good
Crystal Water
Crystal Water 28 gün önce
Is it just me or does he look like a prince in this 🤣
Nikki Wilson
Nikki Wilson 28 gün önce
Bruhhh are you kidding, I LOVE the pause screen interface thing... I'm always like wait, that person is familiar what do I know them from, and instead of going to IMDb, all the shit is just already there. EZ
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