The Neighbourhood - Lost in Translation (Official Video)

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I’ve been getting lost in translation
trouble keeping up communication
we were having, fun now i can’t wait to be done
it feels like i’m the only one that’s sick of playing
why you gotta keep me hanging?
like an apple of temptation
you let me get a bite
outta sight outta mind
until i found the bruise on the otherside
do it to me one more
i’ve been getting lost in translation
trouble keeping up communication
we were having fun, now i can’t wait to be done
feels like i’m the only one that’s sick of playing
sick of people telling me “be patient”
i’m trying to light the fire with no flame
tryna figure out what you’re saying to me
i wish i didn’t need you to explain
do it to me one more
i’ve been getting lost in translation
trouble keeping up communication
we were having fun, now i can’t wait to be done
feels like i’m the only one that’s sick of playing
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #LostInTranslation

smy plt
smy plt 12 saatler önce
most underrated neighbourhood song
Charlie Ancco
Charlie Ancco 13 saatler önce
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I swear to God, I thought this song was from 2003. I don't know if most have seen Lost In Translation (Coppola), but this song seems to be on the film's soundtrack.
Kaiaya. Gün önce
Just found my next Halloween costume....
Madeleine McCaughey
Madeleine McCaughey 2 gün önce
David Bowie & Miguel vibes
risha singh
risha singh 2 gün önce
the neighbourhood : 🖤🏁🔗🕳🩹🚬 chip chrome and the monotones : 🤠✨🌀🔫🔮🚨
Vintagevibes 3 gün önce
Chip chrome 🥺
h oliver
h oliver 3 gün önce
This song is so upbeat and a huge bop but I feel like the lyrics are really sad y'know
Brianda Daniela Enciso
Brianda Daniela Enciso 4 gün önce
Vengo a decir que me encanta the neighbourhood, y al chico que me gusta también le gustan, pero siempre me llama básica y me tira mucho hate, pido ayuda porque siempre las mejores soluciones se encuentran en los comentarios de TRshow:)
a 4 gün önce
wow so amazing!
GHOST_97 5 gün önce
Diese Kommentarsektion ist jetzt offiziell eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
GHOST_97 Gün önce
@•⊹𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 ⊹• deine Meinung zählt nicht
•⊹𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 ⊹•
•⊹𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 ⊹• Gün önce
Jean Sanjines
Jean Sanjines 5 gün önce
If I squint I see a very shiny bill nye dancing
miss waste
miss waste 5 gün önce
damn, we have good taste in music..
Ella Kurm
Ella Kurm 6 gün önce
i actually am obsessed with this song
Karceo 580
Karceo 580 6 gün önce
Reflections by the neighborhood but in the rain
Joana Lacerda
Joana Lacerda 7 gün önce
Found Gamora 😂 But seriously, love this guys since the beginning. This song is awesome!
Lauren Schnoebelen
Lauren Schnoebelen 7 gün önce
Parece que alguém se inspirou no Jonnathan Bree não é
Cinthia Bernal
Cinthia Bernal 7 gün önce
Setri Paragile
Setri Paragile 7 gün önce
I have their album on repeat. It's so good.
they will never make a bad song and that's on facts
wiktoria krempa
wiktoria krempa 7 gün önce
I´m really scared because i think a man covered with metallic paint is hella atractive
chlo 8 gün önce
ok how are all of the neighbourhoods songs amazing-
say real
say real 8 gün önce
this is my 60th time here
Richard Montenegro
Richard Montenegro 9 gün önce
This song sounds like Rick Astley lmao
Richard Montenegro
Richard Montenegro 9 gün önce
SamuKenn 13
SamuKenn 13 10 gün önce
240p remember me the 90s...
N M 11 gün önce
Angie 11 gün önce
this is perfect.
G -
G - 11 gün önce
Luciano Umpierrez
Luciano Umpierrez 12 gün önce
No esperaba menos de ustedes, siempre haciendo arte.
MunchTime Frenchie
MunchTime Frenchie 13 gün önce
Holester music as soon as you walk in and see long boards and v neck t shirts
Gary Sandstrom
Gary Sandstrom 13 gün önce
this is crap i dont know what happened to this band but they have surely gone in the wrong direction not to be confused with one direction they suck ass also there a experation date on this shit cuz there first album was pretty dam good they should of continued on the path of "afraid" and sweater weather they had a new sort of sound and im 55 years old and dug there first album but this is complete crap...... its unbearable too get through an entire song its like one bad toon after another come on guys you can do better than this im sure some 7th grader is ganna hand me my ass but im sorry this band has officially made me want too screem at the top of my lungs that now they suck all the way ..........
shaylyn dunlap
shaylyn dunlap 13 gün önce
Devon ate this up.
Zoe Therrien
Zoe Therrien 14 gün önce
devon lee carlson is everything 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Alexander García Hernández
Alexander García Hernández 14 gün önce
Son los peores cantantes del mundo
LucillEdits ;
LucillEdits ; 12 gün önce
BizKwikTwist 14 gün önce
This goes hard
Spider Man
Spider Man 14 gün önce
Why are they wearing mask on their face’s? Just curious.
HelloKelly 16 gün önce
I love skating/cruising to this song it’s such a vibe 😌✨
• X h y o •
• X h y o • 16 gün önce
Todo lo que se tenía que decir se dijo ya en comentarios antes que el mío. No tengo nada más que añadir, muchas tardes y buenas gracias.
billi boi killer
billi boi killer 16 gün önce
and this was the moment i realized i had more than 0% attraction to men
Yellow Honey
Yellow Honey 16 gün önce
There’s just something about this song and MV
J 16 gün önce
Wow I've been a good streak on finding good artists. This slaps. I've actually only listened to sweater weather but this came up on recommend and I dont regret it.
Brunna Danielle
Brunna Danielle 17 gün önce
Dek Fodase
Dek Fodase 17 gün önce
The neighbourhood never make a bad songs, change my mind, if you can
C o u l d l I e
C o u l d l I e 17 gün önce
El Pensador
El Pensador 17 gün önce
Só duas coisas eu tenho a dizer,uma que esse clipe é perfeito e essa música também.
zab zab
zab zab 18 gün önce
Here before tik tok
Meekoh 18 gün önce
If Bill Nye had a science band.
Isadora Cruz
Isadora Cruz 19 gün önce
god i love them!!1!1!1!
Brianna Cummings
Brianna Cummings 19 gün önce
He reminds me of a retro Bill Nye
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips 20 gün önce
This like to dislike ratio says that this is real music!!
Marko Medic
Marko Medic 20 gün önce
devon is the cutest
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 20 gün önce
People are Strange
People are Strange 21 gün önce
Y’all chip chrome is in love with an alien
Nou Hang
Nou Hang 21 gün önce
Your taste in music is amazing!!! Quav Ntswg! Even if it’s not for me. Whoever that special person is, I hope she knows that she’s one lucky girl. If only every girl has a man like you, this world be a much happier place. 🥰
Juan Camilo Cortes Rodriguez
Juan Camilo Cortes Rodriguez 21 gün önce
aki esta tu comentario en español
Slushy Brawl Stars
Slushy Brawl Stars 21 gün önce
Everyone who just came for ohohohohoho part be like
The Killjoys
The Killjoys 21 gün önce
This is incredible. It's like Bowie but in silver. And it also reminds me of idkhowbuttheyfoundme's album Razzmatazz which has a similar 80's vibe only it's like apocalyptic jazzy rock. It's awesome, you all should check that out too.
Adam Michael
Adam Michael 22 gün önce
Lovely Colors. ;)
Regii La Vitola
Regii La Vitola 22 gün önce
i hope tiktok don't ruined this song leave your like so it doesn't happen..
Mayrenne Montero
Mayrenne Montero 22 gün önce
I'm in love of this song
Jessiii 26
Jessiii 26 23 gün önce
Listening to The NBHD's music always brings me happiness :)
Aintgot Noway
Aintgot Noway 23 gün önce
Oh my gosh Davon
dimie 23 gün önce
yo 2020 aint even that bad now....
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 23 gün önce
On replay 🔁
stuck with her
stuck with her 24 gün önce
quiero ser devon:(
Letícia Moura
Letícia Moura 24 gün önce
*problemas na vida* Procurar ajuda❌ Ouvir the Nbhd✅
sunshine ッ
sunshine ッ 13 gün önce
Yara Wehbe
Yara Wehbe 24 gün önce
I wonder if they see That you don't belong to me Wish that you would be mine Mine, wish that you would be I've been getting lost in translation Trouble keeping up communication We were having fun, now I can't wait to be done It feels like I'm the only one that's sick of playing Baby (baby), why you gotta keep me hanging? It's like an apple of temptation, oh yeah You let me get a bite, uh, out of sight, out of mind Until I found a bruise on the other side Time, oh Do it to me one more I've been getting lost in translation Trouble keeping up communication We were having fun, now I can't wait to be done It feels like I'm the only one that's sick of playing Sick, tired of people telling me, "Be patient" Hey, trying to light the fire with no flame (no flame) Uh, tying to figure out what you're saying to me I wish I didn't need you to explain Time, oh Do it to me one more Time, oh (do it to me, do it to me one more time) Do it to me one more I've been getting lost in translation Trouble keepin' up communication We were having fun, now I can't wait to be done It feels like I'm the only one that's sick of playing I've been getting lost in translation Trouble keeping up communication We were having fun, now I can't wait to be done It feels like I'm the only one that's sick of playing
Fishau 25 gün önce
Amé este video y la canción 😍😍😍😍
Cherry flavoured girl
Cherry flavoured girl 25 gün önce
I love love my boys so much 🍒📡⛓️
Andrea Hendricks
Andrea Hendricks 25 gün önce
This jam is a mood booster
m 26 gün önce
who decided to put Gamora in a NBHD music video😳
unloved loser
unloved loser 26 gün önce
sorry for questioning but are they transexual or something?
Michmich 26 gün önce
Istg this is the best mv ever
박준우 26 gün önce
ibmnb 27 gün önce
this was my fav of this album I'm in love
Matt Campbell_Musician_Traveler
Matt Campbell_Musician_Traveler 27 gün önce
When I first seen the sponsored ad for this video pop up on Facebook, my first thought was wtf.... But then I gave it a chance and I'm kind of in love now!
stupendisss 27 gün önce
Why is this an ad
hannah 28 gün önce
one of my favorites on the album
Mithila 28 gün önce
Yess bring back the 80s back. 🤟🏾
ᴀɴ ʟᴜɴᴇ //
ᴀɴ ʟᴜɴᴇ // 28 gün önce
The girl is so beautiful.
ThePowerOfEquality432 29 gün önce
when jesse said: I wIsH i dIDnt needya to EXPLAAAIN
Divany Nuñez
Divany Nuñez 29 gün önce
just a h00man bean
just a h00man bean 29 gün önce
David Bowie vibes⚡
Naomi Zawadzki
Naomi Zawadzki 29 gün önce
This song is soo good
Igor Aylar önce
old but gold mtv vibes
Dominic Pezzimenti
Dominic Pezzimenti Aylar önce
Am I the only one who thinks the lead singer looks like Bill Nye from the 90’s if he painted himself silver?
Tony Berry
Tony Berry Aylar önce
My first time listening to this song and the group. Too cool
WIKI Aylar önce
Euzin quando vou traduzir os comentários
caelyn Aylar önce
i came here for devon
Bryan C
Bryan C Aylar önce
Okay. This is cringe.
Ida González Ríos
Ida González Ríos Aylar önce
i mean, this is really good
Jennifer T
Jennifer T Aylar önce
Rebekah Scheible
Rebekah Scheible Aylar önce
Eastern bioenergy practitioners are able to light fires with no flame. Just say'n, it should be shred common knowledge at this point. Chi harnessing science, technically could power your home entirely free, they don't want us realizing this mentor reader Edison imposes farse
Luna Díaz
Luna Díaz Aylar önce
Ok, definitely I'm in love, new fan. 😔👌
Allen Parks
Allen Parks Aylar önce
Reminds me of abc the look of love I love this new day 80s and early 90s groups have been doing
valeria तितली
valeria तितली Aylar önce
And I'm sure that in a few years I will listen to it and it will be as if I were listening to it in another way
Jorge Alexander Mtz Ramos
Jorge Alexander Mtz Ramos Aylar önce
Que asco
Zenayda Aylar önce
I love it.
Johnathan Martin
Johnathan Martin Aylar önce
Keep it up love your music coming out from Charlotte North Carolina and I’m black keep them hits cumin ✊🏾Black Lives Matter
Alex Aylar önce
yeah, jesse Me too
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