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Chef Jean-Pierre

Chef Jean-Pierre

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Hello There Friends, Learn how to make Butter in less than 10 Minutes! This technique is so simple a CHILD COULD DO IT! You only need one ingredient and one tool. I use a stand mixer, but you could also use a Food Processor. Either way it is super fast and super easy to make Butter! You should all try it at least once just to see how delicious it is! Let me know what you think in the comments below!
RECIPE LINK: CREAM! Fatter the Better
2 cups of heavy cream will produce approximately 1/2 pound of delicious butter!
About salt, you can add it at any time and how much really depends on your taste! If you add the salt before the wash some of it will wash off but most of it will stay in. Add a little at first and you can always add more! Good luck and Bon Appetit!!! 😊
❤️ Silicone Spatulas Set of 3:
❤️ Laser Thermometer:
❤️ Scrapper / Chopper:
❤️ Signed copy Chef Jean-Pierre's Cookbook:
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0:00 Intro
0:21 What do you need to make Butter?
0:56 Start Mixing
3:05 Whipped Cream
3:32 Over Whipped Whipped Cream
3:46 Start Separating
5:58 Rinsing the Butter
8:14 Final Form of Butter!
9:55 Tasting / Outro

PinchéBeckythatsme 3 aylar önce
I was in a rehab center that didn't allow us to have much outside food, but we were allowed to have coffee creamer. I bought heavy cream with the excuse of using it for my coffee. I made whip cream for the pie we were served and butter for my morning toast and muffins. I also mixed a little honey and boy was it a hit with the other residents. Heck, I can make it with very few supplies and ingredients then anyone can make it BTW, 2 years sober.
DirtySouthDog 23 saatler önce
6 years sober glad you made it
William Moore
William Moore 2 gün önce
this brought tears to my eyes, thanks for sharing. happy cooking
Brad 2 gün önce
God bless you Pinche Becky that's me/you lololo. I've been clean and sober for 21 years. I couldn't do it without Jesus. I'm so blessed in your account. Your creativity and God given brilliance shined through and your covert efforts conquered all your challenges. I would venture to say the pie tasted better and muffins a bit more tasty with this chef's guidance. You go sister. And God bless you with your remaining days clean and sober. ❤😇🤠
Noreen Danclair-Furlonge
Noreen Danclair-Furlonge 4 gün önce
Jude 7 gün önce
Good for you!
theshyguitarist Aylar önce
For anyone curious, you can take a mason jar and fill it with heavy cream about 3/4 full, tighten lid and just start shaking. It’s really that easy. After you get that lump of butter, simply rinse in ice cold water to remove the milky white liquid left behind called buttermilk. Then store in the fridge or freezer til needed. The only real issue is that heavy cream is also just about as expensive as butter... I use organic heavy cream, which only has cream in it, no preservatives, propylene glycols or other crap. Probably the most thumbs up on a TRshow comment I've ever received. Thanks.
D. P.
D. P. 3 gün önce
Impossible to find clean heavy cream unless it’s in a tiny expensive bottle.
Kay Sys
Kay Sys 17 gün önce
May be the same price but ohhhh the flavour!
Frances Ivey
Frances Ivey 20 gün önce
T 20 gün önce
I did that in daycare with baby food jars haha we added salt with it
DommyBoy Smith
DommyBoy Smith 23 gün önce
@LittleRedHairedGirl Steph haha I was just about to comment this. We did the same thing is 2nd grade.
DJ Bennett
DJ Bennett 7 gün önce
This takes me back so many years. My grandma made 1lb of butter from scratch every week on Saturday mornings. I loved to spend the night with her so I could watch her make it. When it was done and wrapped up in parchment paper and put half in fridge, half in the freezer, she'd get a couple of glasses from the freezer and we'd drink the butter milk together. You might ask: why glasses from the freezer? Me and grandma loved the teeny bits of butter that would escape from the cheese cloth, and the frozen glasses would keep it solid so we could enjoy mashing those tiny bits on the roof of our mouths. 😋 On Sunday morning gram would make pancakes, and she'd put that delicious butter on them. Oh the joy of nostalgia 😌
181cameron 2 aylar önce
Not sure why I saw this on my recommendations... But Chef's enthusiasm for butter kept me watching the whole time. And I'm definitely going to make some butter tonight. Edit: every time I use it, I sing "butter butter butter butter" like Chef Jean-Pierre.
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor 20 gün önce
I totally agree!!!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Kobe DeRosa
Kobe DeRosa 24 gün önce
This is the best food related video I have watched possibly ever😂
Curt Groen
Curt Groen 2 aylar önce
I am a 45-plus year chef and I love watching your videos. You push the same thing I always have, that cooking is really easy, it's just a matter of doing. When I was a kid we had a dairy at the end of our Lane and we got fresh milk a couple times a week and we would separate the cream from the milk making fresh butter, fresh ice cream and all that comes with it. Some of these comments takes me back to when I was running a White Winged Dove hunting camp in Mexico. I had my girls in the kitchen making whipped cream for dessert and they got busy and stepped away from the mixer for a bit. When they got back to it, they hollered at me to come quick. I went up and they had left it go so long that the sweet whipped cream had turned into sweet butter. They had no idea how to make butter and were so thrilled when they found out what they had done (and that I wasn'tmad at them). They were so thrilled, I taught them how to make butter the right way, lightly salted. What they had made by mistake actually went fairly decent with the cornbread that we made for one of our evening meals. Thank you for your attitude as you teach people how to cook. It really isn't rocket science and if people would just try instead of "I can't", they would find a whole new world of wonderful food for themselves.
Kathryn Berryman
Kathryn Berryman 26 gün önce
Juan H
Juan H Aylar önce
Mama Camaño
Mama Camaño Aylar önce
@Curt Groen thank you!
Curt Groen
Curt Groen Aylar önce
@Dee Hatcher I usually start with 1 teaspoon per 4 oz.
Joana Aylar önce
Por favor! Como se tira o creme do leite? Pode mim ensinar ? Desde já agradeço 😊
Kim T
Kim T Aylar önce
Thank you for the video! When I was a kid, my mom would put cream in a jar and my sister and I would roll it back and forth down the hall, shaking it each time we got it, until it became butter. It was so fun! Then we would make buttermilk pancakes topped with our fresh butter.
Idid 11 gün önce
That's so cute! 😊
redfo3009 Aylar önce
So sweet! I love people’s butter stories on this thread
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Kim how are you doing today?
Tanner Kellis
Tanner Kellis 4 aylar önce
Can confirm a child can do it. When I was little my mom taught me how to make butter one Thanksgiving. That was my tradition to make it every year after that. Only difference is I made it by shaking it in a mason jar until my arm fell off. Love isn’t the only secret ingredient. Pain and suffering is as well 🤪🤪
Leah Hager
Leah Hager 20 gün önce
@Christina Barnes Someone said to add it at the beginning.
Leah Hager
Leah Hager 20 gün önce
@Lee Veler Probably to drain the buttermilk out when the butter was ready.
Leah Hager
Leah Hager 20 gün önce
@Linda Anderson Please tell us how to make Mayo! Was it the consistency of Kraft, Blue Plate & Hellmans? My fave brands!
Patricia Christie
Patricia Christie Aylar önce
Escape the Matrix
Escape the Matrix Aylar önce
+Tanner Kellis OMG! You only have 1 arm? Get well soon. lol
Noodles Aylar önce
I made this for the first time 3 weeks ago it takes less than 3 mins in a food processor. I felt like I discovered fire for the first time 😂. I was so excited I've been telling everyone how to do it. I've managed to get quite a few to have a go 👍
Coral Gün önce
I’m the same, I feel like I’m the first person to make fire or our case butter, why have we been living on processed butter all this time I’ll never know.
Laine Rafie
Laine Rafie 24 gün önce
Same here. Appreciate if you can share pls tq
Beth 28 gün önce
Yes, please share how to make in a food processor
Tracey Kays
Tracey Kays Aylar önce
Can you crack me up made me laugh when you said you felt like you had discovered fire for the first time
Valentina Vorobyeva
Valentina Vorobyeva Aylar önce
Please share how you make it in the food processor. I don’t have a stand mixer ( Thank you )
jonesmarc Aylar önce
Chef Jean-Pierre is not lying when he says; once you make it, you will never want to buy it again. When I was young, I remember turning the cream from our cows milk into homemade butter in a old daisy butter churn. Best butter I ever had.
Brad 26 gün önce
Sir. You have one of the most pleasant and naturally funny personalities without overdoing it. Just being yourself and making your lessons fun. God bless you.
Dimple_5 Aylar önce
I only have a cheap hand-mixer at home, but I gave this a go and just made some delicious butter. The price of butter here in the UK has increased a lot recently, so not only does my home-made butter taste better, it costs less to make it out of heavy cream. Thank you for being so fun and inspirational. I also now have a jug of buttermilk in the fridge - pancakes tomorrow 🙂
S K 22 gün önce
@Federico Prieto yes the super valu own brand butter is the cheapest on your list although FYI dairygold is not a butter, it's a butter spread so has oils etc added to it
Federico Prieto
Federico Prieto 23 gün önce
@S K I was recently in ireland and saw the prices of butter. Although it is true that in some brands they seemed more expensive to me, in others it was cheaper. I just got into the SuperValu page, which I think is the largest supermarket chain in the country and these are the prices per kg of some brands: *SuperValu butter: 7.47 €/kg *Dairygold original: 7.04€/kg Connacht gold: 8,05€/kg.... Obviously the Kerrygold and other brands are for 9 or even 10€ Kg (it has a lot of influence if they are packaged in plastic or paper) and what I did see is that the double cream is cheaper than in my country, well the cheapest liter I saw it for €7 and others from another Irish brand for €13, which is more or less the price sold here un my coutry. But taking accounts from what I saw, in Ireland it is not cheaper to make your own butter either. I don't know about England, that being outside the EU the prices of some products have risen a lot. And the prices I'm talking about are there, on the supermarket page, anyone can log in right now and verify them.
S K 23 gün önce
@Federico Prieto butter costs more than 8 euro per kg in ireland right now
Dimple_5 23 gün önce
@S K thank you, I didn't know that! Something new to try :)
Bravosmom1 Aylar önce
I’ve made this butter for at least 40 years. And when ready to chill, I put in little molds. When giving a dinner party, I use a different little mold for the butter for each guest. Making butter is simple and so great !
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison 3 aylar önce
I have 3 little kids and my wife generally does all the baking with them. I just got into making bread with my son. They are butter fanatics, I can't wait to do this with the 3 of them. I'm gonna be the best dad in the whole world! Thanks Chef!
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison 5 gün önce
@marguerite clark Your response is a ? With no context? What am I to do with that?
marguerite clark
marguerite clark 5 gün önce
@Michael Morrison ?
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison Aylar önce
@Witty Witty 🤣
Witty Witty
Witty Witty Aylar önce
@Michael Morrison why are you doing all the work?? Make your wife contribute
N.D. 2 aylar önce
@Michael Morrison as a good parent we will always feel guilty and questioning ourselves is a good sciene of a good character
box2 bliss
box2 bliss Aylar önce
Thanks to this video I’ve Been making butter for a month now. What’s awesome is one large carton of whipping cream - use one quarter and cut it with milk and you have table cream - when making butter before you add salt take some out at the whipped stage for dessert and add sugar later it freezes well and plan to make pancakes or biscuits the day you make butter with the buttermilk. And you still have a quarter carton left. One item can turn into a few groceries that you won’t have to buy! Thanks for this video!
Christine Turner
Christine Turner Aylar önce
Just made this an hour ago - I love that it actually turned out and although I made plain butter, I'm excited to try some seasoned ones. Thanks for this video!
Afif Emiya
Afif Emiya Aylar önce
I never knew making a home-made butter was this easy.. Thank you Chef
Gercoa 2 aylar önce
Thanks! I just made my first butter and it’s amazing! Can’t believe how easy it was and actually cost less than buying the butter already made.
Angela Fitzmaurice
Angela Fitzmaurice Aylar önce
I’m so excited to be making this for the first time today! I’ve got a loaf of French bread ready...I suspect I’ll be in a butter-induced coma for the rest of the day! 😂 Thank you again, Chef 😘
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Angela how are you doing today?
Josy Banks
Josy Banks 3 aylar önce
I can only ever hope to be as happy doing anything as this man is making simple butter
D LeBreton
D LeBreton 3 aylar önce
Considering butter is 5 to 7 dollars a pound, this is a very good idea. Going to try it.
মণিদীপা গাঙ্গুলি
মণিদীপা গাঙ্গুলি 3 aylar önce
@Gina exactly. I too feel proud of myself when I make my batch of ghee (clarified butter) every month.. butter is just the stage before ghee
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 3 aylar önce
Gennaro Contaldo is another chef who's extremely happy whenever around food lol.
Tflyisme 3 aylar önce
@Wendy Hannan : ) Yes. I know she was nice. I can't remember her name, or face. I just remember storytime, and making butter. lol
Wendy Hannan
Wendy Hannan 3 aylar önce
@Tflyisme Sounds like a great kindergarten teacher.
price-sings Puccini
price-sings Puccini 28 gün önce
Tried this tonight with 35% whipping cream and it turned out perfect 👍 Thanks for the tips! Will be making buttermilk waffles tomorrow 😋
Steve Siegelin
Steve Siegelin Aylar önce
I was in elementary school they made us learn how to do this, they asked us to bring in baby jars and they taught us how to make butter as well as ice cream! I can't believe they might not do that in school anymore! That being said I'd forgotten how to make butter until I watched this video again🤣
Gloria Jean Shaby
Gloria Jean Shaby 21 gün önce
I am so excited! I just made butter! I never thought in my life that I would make butter! Thank you. This was so much fun to do. I'm going to have a smile on my face all day. 😁
Potrvlb 28 gün önce
Oh my goodness I love this chef! 🤩🤩 what’s fun guy and funny. Every family needs a grandpa like the chef here and now I’m going to go make some butter! I subscribed 🙌🤩
DR. NEERA SINGH, M.D. Aylar önce
Thanks Chef! Love the energy and your recipes.
lensman67 4 aylar önce
I was in the second grade when my class made butter by putting cream in a jar and passing it around to be shook by all the kids. When the lump formed the teacher washed the butter in ice water (like the chef did) and we passed around slices of toast so we could all eat some. Outstanding!
John M
John M 29 gün önce
My kindergarten teacher did this with us!
Sheila Aylar önce
@Kenneth maybe 20% wackos. LOL Sounds like you have it rough in your area. In mine the percentage is much better and from my travels I have seen better. I still have faith in humanity and typically do not stereotype. :)
Kenneth Aylar önce
@Sheila I'd say at best 40% good, 40% indifferent, and 20% are wackos
Sheila Aylar önce
@Kenneth As in any profession. 95% are good…. And then there are always a few bad apples in any place that you work. Just human nature.
Silver Aylar önce
I made butter by accident many many years ago by doing this technique! I forgot about the cream I was using for whipped cream. Came back and saw I had butter! Great discovery I made that day! I didn't know I was a chef lol 😆
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Silver how are you doing today?
John Delgado
John Delgado 2 aylar önce
Thank you chef! This was a great evening spent with my daughter! Now we have home made butter!
Smarty Pants
Smarty Pants 2 aylar önce
I'll never make butter, but I enjoyed watching you make butter. So awesome!!
Brendhan Gambino
Brendhan Gambino Aylar önce
Question Chef: When in this process is the best time to add salt, and approximately how much? We're gonna make the unsalted first, but plan on trying a salted version at some point after. Much thanks for all you do. We love your videos!!
megazab13 19 gün önce
@Bryant Walley Don't add salt until you use it on in the dish you're cooking. I usually buy unsalted butter anyways and add my sea salt later :)
Bryant Walley
Bryant Walley Aylar önce
​@Nancy Louise how much salt would you add for the amount of butter here in the video?
Chad Neu
Chad Neu Aylar önce
@Nancy Louise yup. or else you're just salting the water. Think of like "folding the salt" into the butter.
Nancy Louise
Nancy Louise Aylar önce
Add salt after rinsing the butter
Florence Wang
Florence Wang Aylar önce
Love watching you cooking. Like spending time with a great family chef. So fun. ❤
Char Ribs
Char Ribs 3 aylar önce
I did it! I did it! My wife made homemade bread and chicken vegetable soup tonight. I made butter. Yes, she did all the hard work. But this butter was the perfect topper for her fresh, warm bread. This was SO stinkin' easy. I will do this again (as soon as the pound I just made is finished)!
Kris Hannam
Kris Hannam 2 aylar önce
Yum! All of that sounds so tasty! 👍
Shari Taylor
Shari Taylor 3 aylar önce
Well done 👍 I bet it was an absolutely delicious meal worth all your hard work! ❤
robert casey
robert casey 2 aylar önce
This popped up on my time line... and I'm so glad it did.... I wanna learn how to make everything from scratch now 😎
maureen barlett
maureen barlett Aylar önce
I love your recipes x 😋 The butter was delicious and my friends were very impressed ☺️🧈
AcidicMentality 29 gün önce
MY first experience with homemade butter was in the 3rd grade. We were going to watch Little House on the Prairie and our teacher brought in a sealed tub of cream. Throughout the movie the tub was passed around for students to shake 5min at a time. At the end we saw it had turned to butter and we has homemade butter and cornbread.
Ams B4DaFunk
Ams B4DaFunk 24 gün önce
Nice Y’all were taught how to transition cream into butter These days same but kinda different 3rd graders are taught how to transition.
Troy Jones
Troy Jones 29 gün önce
That must have been the best teacher coming up with something that creative.
tiger8linny Aylar önce
Thank you, chef!!! A delightful presentation and I am anxious to try it❣️
Genny Bernard
Genny Bernard 4 aylar önce
When I was little, my older brother (rest in peace) and I sat on the back porch and together we did a variety of kitchen chores. We churned butter, shucked corn, stringed beans, shelled peas, made ice cream, and so much more. Thank you for reminding me of those fond memories!
Kenneth Ocasio
Kenneth Ocasio 2 aylar önce
Sandra Wilde
Sandra Wilde 3 aylar önce
Those were great times and memories!
Shirley Cartwright
Shirley Cartwright 3 aylar önce
A question… can you add table salt to make salted butter?
Stormy 3 aylar önce
We never had a garden tho we were country. Good memories u got.
Tracey Kelly
Tracey Kelly 3 aylar önce
Wow. Look what we lost.
Arthur Mabee Jr
Arthur Mabee Jr Aylar önce
This is great since I have a stand mixer with whip, dough hook attachments. I make my own bread, butter, and I even make my own baked apple, blueberry pies, crossiants, with many other pastries at home. The last Christmas we went to friends, and neighbors house, everyone asked me and my wife where we bought the blueberries pies? We told them I made them, and baked them: I loved baked hand pies better than fried because of the grease in fried pies. I make a baked apple pies that has only 3 carbs, 45 calories, 11g of fiber so, it's idea for those on keto. I'm not keto myself but I do watch my carbs because carbs do slow your metabolism way down.👍💯❤
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 24 gün önce
WOW that’s awesome if you don’t mind can you please share your recipe for low carb?
Helga Bruin
Helga Bruin Aylar önce
I have not ever heard of a fried pie! I can not even imagine how one would fry a pie.
Two Songs
Two Songs 5 gün önce
“I dunno EXACTLY how many years”… Vous me faites rigoler, Jean-Pierre 😄 Vous êtes superbe!
Marlee E.
Marlee E. Aylar önce
I've been wanting to make butter for a while but it always just seemed so complicated. Guess I might just have to try it now- this seems easy :)
Kris Young
Kris Young 2 aylar önce
Seems like this would make wonderful buttercream frosting. Can't wait to try it.
J&A 2 aylar önce
Thank you for making this video. I enjoyed it so much. It was simple, educational and entertaining. 😊
Lorena Davila
Lorena Davila 3 aylar önce
I have been practicing baking bread with my 3 grandsons for a couple of months now and today I promised them we were going to learn how to make our own butter. I’m so happy I came across this channel. This Chef has such a wonderful energy to him which kept me engaged to his video. I’m looking forward in doing this butter with my boys and learning more from him 🥰
Lorena Davila
Lorena Davila 2 aylar önce
@Mar Lan I have made butter twice already and the first time I used the buttermilk to make chocolate cake and today I used it for pancakes. Everything comes out so much better.
Lorena Davila
Lorena Davila 2 aylar önce
@Beanetrice McDaniel Hey there! I have made the butter twice already and we love it. I've made some salted and some without salt.
Lorena Davila
Lorena Davila 2 aylar önce
@Pinche Bruha I love your profile name 😜I don't think I will get grandkids from my youngest daughter. She too only brings plants but instead of puppies she brings books. 😂 She tells me that her sister already gave me enough grandkids so she will pass.
Mar Lan
Mar Lan 3 aylar önce
With the buttermilk resulting from making butter, you can make bread or pancakes. Pancakes are very nice with fresh buttermilk.
Melissa Roth
Melissa Roth 3 aylar önce
@rubyxcube3 thank you 😊
Food for Health
Food for Health Aylar önce
I adore your energy, the excitement that spreads through your fingers. It was fun to watch all the way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
AMLE LAMLY 2 aylar önce
Thank you Chef Jean.I love your videos and the stories that come with it.
Neutraal37 10 gün önce
I just made my first pound of butter thanks to your video Jean-Pierre. It is realy delecious. The taste brings me back to the 1070s when butter still tasted like butter. Thank you so much!
Don Gordon
Don Gordon 28 gün önce
Thank you chef for the basic knowledge of making butter. Tried this for the first time and it was amazing! Now I've incorporated roasted garlic cloves with Bleu cheese crumbles in it for my steaks and the results were brain shattering!!!!
Mike Rhodes
Mike Rhodes Aylar önce
I remember making butter with Grandma Weiss using a hand churn paddle when we were kids. I recall she had a wood block form to create the cubes, although I don’t remember how she got the butter out of the block.
Joe Forestandi
Joe Forestandi 2 aylar önce
Chef, I know this video is a month old but my mom and I made butter yesterday and it blew us away. It came out perfect. Thank you for all you do!!
Erik Blue
Erik Blue Aylar önce
I must say, I love this man's energy! Thank you for the swell recipe!
Judith Storck
Judith Storck 2 aylar önce
Chef, I will definitely make this butter. Thank you so much. The store bought butter (salted & unsalted) we had I made Ghee - two different batches 16 pounds of butter each batch. So we have that back-up. Now with your instructions I can make our own butter. Thank you so very much. Judi
Linda Murray
Linda Murray 2 aylar önce
It made me think about my mom who told me when she grew up on a farm in Canada, they used to make butter and buttermilk that had thick chunks of butter in it and when it was cold, she said it was so good.
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Linda how are you doing today?
Kat Wright
Kat Wright Aylar önce
I am so impressed! I can't wait to try this 😁
Albigensiac 2 aylar önce
Chef Jean Pierre! I grew up in Northern Quebec (the Frenchest part of Canada!) and we made butter! I could write a 100 page story about my memories of butter making. (Like the time a little orange kitten got into Matante's butter churn, and she pulverized him for a good 10 minutes before she realized he was in there!) My FAVOURITE memory of butter making was the butter bell on the kitchen counter. And I am always so disappointed to see a butter making video that does not mention a butter bell. Especially from a French chef!!! For those who don't know, it is a way of storing butter that comes all the way from 16th century France. It is a 2 piece contraption. You put some water in the bottom of the "jar". (My mom would boil water then put it in the fridge, just to have absolutely germ-free water for the butter bell.) then the "lid" part has a bell that you fill with your freshly made butter, and you put it UPSIDE DOWN with the rim in the water. This keeps heat, light, bacteria and dirt away from your butter. AND it is always the perfect temperature for spreading, unlike that rock-butter that comes out of your fridge! You change the water every 3 or 4 days, and your butter is good in the butter bell for about a month! On hot summer days, my Mom used to drop an ice cube into the butter bell, to keep the butter from softening too much or melting in the heat. EVERY SINGLE HOME in my hometown had a butter bell, and I've spent the last 50 years explaining it to "city folks" who've never heard of this amazing French invention! (With over 4,000 comments on this video, I know no one is going to read this, but I just had to tell people one more time.)
Lovely Hiro
Lovely Hiro 3 gün önce
Wish there is a video on this butter bell .
Sworddove 21 gün önce
I read it and thank you for the reminder. 🙂
whatsapoop 4 aylar önce
The response to this latest video shows the amazing power this man has as an expert not only in his life long craft, but as an entertainer and a great all around good guy. The massive number of likes, views and comments in such a short amount of time is just wonderful to see for him and all of his behind-the-scenes crew. Many people are looking for an escape from all the negative crap going on in the world and Jean Pierre's channel most certainly provides that escape. We JUST made his recipe for the absolute best pot roast we have ever made in our life for our Thanksgiving meal. Our guests were absolutely impressed and we made sure to pass along the recipe AND the CHANNEL!! We actually sat down (after we were stuffed of course) and watched a few of his videos. I'm certain he will pick up a few more subscribers from central Florida. Thanks Chef for the great entertainment and wonderful recipes.
Shelley Roberts
Shelley Roberts 3 aylar önce
This is the pot roast recipe
Carolyn Bodnar
Carolyn Bodnar 3 aylar önce
I wish I had the receipy
Cherrie Wilkerson
Cherrie Wilkerson 4 gün önce
I did this in a water bottle, took a bit but was fun. I didn't think to save the butter milk for anything cause I just decided to make it for my first loaf of bread I've ever made...the butter was better than the bread 😂
Darren Sanderson
Darren Sanderson 2 aylar önce
I have no idea why this turned up on my youtube suggestions, but I'm going to have to try this :) I'm also going to have to watch more of this guy's videos because holy crap is his enthusiasm infectious :D
Gina Ismail
Gina Ismail Aylar önce
Thank you chef pierre for sharing this... God bless you for teaching us so many food preps. This is wonderful! ... BTW, you don't talk too much... I like you explaining and telling us some background info about what you are making. You are so entertaining as well as informative! Keep it up, chef!!
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Gina how are you doing today?
Johnelle Williams
Johnelle Williams Gün önce
I tried this tonight and it turned out perfectly ❤❤❤ Thank you!
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck Aylar önce
This brings back memories of growing up on the farm. We used to sit around in the evenings with a huge jar of cream about 2/3rds full. One person would shake it vigorously for as long as they could hold out and then pass it off to the next person. Old school butter. And yeah we milked our cow by hand, and skimmed off the cream by hand (after letting it sit for a while in the fridge). And home grown home milled whole wheat buttermilk pancakes were sure to follow. We worked hard but we sure ate well.
Sergio Elizondo
Sergio Elizondo 3 aylar önce
Chef Jean, you make everyone feel like your friend right away in any video. You make things look so easy and they are because of your presentation skills. Keep doing what your doing! Thank You!!
Mike Turner
Mike Turner 3 aylar önce
Is it because he always says “Fwend”
Pippa 3 aylar önce
He's so loveable!
cherub112361 Aylar önce
I want to make one batch with garlic and another with honey. I'm glad you showed how it is supposed to look like. I always wondered but never did. Next time I go shopping I'm getting the heavy whipping cream (will look for % but don't remember seeing it before now). Thank you and God Bless Chef!
Susie Williams
Susie Williams 12 gün önce
I made this butter for the first time today ! What a blast ! Thanks you for your fun videos and recipes.
Tess W
Tess W Aylar önce
Your personality is amazing! Thank you for this simple recipe. I had no idea it was so easy to make my own butter! 😆
B's Gaming
B's Gaming Aylar önce
The man is a absolute bomb to watch, love this guy!.
greenjelly01 2 aylar önce
This is great! I didn't realize you could do this with heavy cream. This still starts with industrially produced heavy cream. When I was young, we used to get milk directly from the local milkman, and collected cream directly from the milk. After a few weeks we had enough cream to churn it into butter (with a wooden churn). I have never come across butter that tasted better!
Dimple_5 Aylar önce
@Jaymer I mixed the cream and kefir together in a large bowl then covered it with a dish cloth and left it on the kitchen worktop for 24 hours. Your cream/kefir mix will still ferment in the fridge, just at a much slower rate. If you have a warm kitchen then 12 to 18 hours might be long enough. You know it is ready when you see little bubbles forming on the surface.
Jaymer Aylar önce
@Dimple_5 "leave it sit"? in fridge or not?
Dimple_5 Aylar önce
Hey @Greenjelly01 , you can recreate that flavour by culturing your own cream. Just add a tablespoon of live yoghurt or kefir to each cup of cream you use, and leave to sit for 24 hours before making your butter. It takes the taste up one level.
Michael Stusiak
Michael Stusiak 4 aylar önce
The chef continues to remind me that even at 71, there is so much that I haven't experienced. Thank you, Chef for starting my week on a high note.
Stizel Swik
Stizel Swik 3 aylar önce
@Grant Fahlman I just learned something a few minutes ago!!! Proves that us "old dogs" CAN learn new tricks, eh?! lol
susan curtis
susan curtis 3 aylar önce
@Vieux Acadian Joyeaux Noel ❤
Vieux Acadian
Vieux Acadian 3 aylar önce
C'est verite mes ami . Bonjour de Louisiane . Joyeaux Noel .
Lunchbox Larry
Lunchbox Larry 3 aylar önce
@vincentlenci when you get older you start to go through childhood stage again 🙂
Dies1r4e Aylar önce
I am not going to lie, I watched this, and I almost started to cry, I had a wonderful uncle, and he was as excited and kind as you are when doing what he did. Reminded of me of him, and the joy of learning something new and having the confidence to do those new things. One comment in a sea I am sure, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make stuff like this.
Amanda Mendoza
Amanda Mendoza 2 aylar önce
You made my day! The joy you have in your life shows!❤
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Aylar önce
Hello Amanda how are you doing today?
John Meneses
John Meneses 24 gün önce
Chef Jean-Pierre I appreciate your videos. My wife and I are eager to try to make some butter now thanks for showing us so enthusiastically, it serves as an encouragement to us.
Roy Sperry
Roy Sperry 2 aylar önce
I love it! I just got a case of heavy cream from the food bank. Time to bring out the mixer thanks Chef. Butter makes it all better. Freeze it too, that's a plus
Keiana Johnson
Keiana Johnson 23 gün önce
When you tasted the butter, your reaction was priceless!!!😋 Now I must go a make my own butter!!🤎✨🧈
Julia Margaux
Julia Margaux 2 aylar önce
Teaching a 5th grade class: after reading Little House On The Prairie I put the cream in a plastic container sat in a circle and rolled the container back and forth between 20 kids and we had butter in less than 5 minutes. We spread it on crackers and the kids were delighted! I had 20 Mothers call and ask me how we made butter... Because their kids were pestering them to make butter!
7710 power
7710 power Aylar önce
More teachers should teach real life skills
Colin Aylar önce
*THIS* is how you raise kids that are not fussy with food: get them involved in growing/making/preparing it. 👍
Hans-Bertram Steinke
Hans-Bertram Steinke Aylar önce
I did it with elementary school kids an 5th graders, put cream in a glas with a turning lid, close the glas and shake it, until you have your own butter. I always bring sliced brown bread, so they can taste it. Some students don't like to eat the butter, but for others it is the first time they ate butter (and it is self.made butter).
Marlene Slater
Marlene Slater Aylar önce
How much cream to make a 1/2 lb???
Aluminium Knight
Aluminium Knight Aylar önce
How can one be a mother and not know that lol
Yashaswi M G
Yashaswi M G 2 aylar önce
Pro tip #2 as a continuation of Pro tip #1 already shared by @graceh2684 -> Use cream OR curd at ROOM temperature. -> When you notice that the butter has separated from the (butter)milk, add ice cubes and mix once again for about a minute - this makes it easier for warm butter to coalesce. And also ensures that the butter-extraction bit a lot less messier.
Matt Branham
Matt Branham Aylar önce
So, I never knew I wanted to know how to make butter. Now I know. Thank you, this was Awesome.
Shep Shape
Shep Shape Aylar önce
Subscribed. I could watch this guy make just about anything! What an infectious personality! Definitely going to make some butter soon.
Joe Fusco
Joe Fusco 5 gün önce
I did it! It took longer to start separating than I thought it would but I did it. SO simple.
p7estates 23 gün önce
Thank you I just made my first homemade butter and it came out perfect just like yours. Thanks again.
S V Aylar önce
I made whipping cream as a child and when I asked my mom if it was done, she simply said, "you've made butter". I never forgot that but have been amazed at how little I've made butter over the years. I made some over the weekend to use up some heavy whipping cream. It's delicious. I didn't know that you need to rinse the butter though- will do that moving forward. Thanks!!
Steve Guerrini
Steve Guerrini 4 aylar önce
I like to add a little salt, if you want to make a softer butter that’s very spreadable, add a little extra virgin olive oil, this is how they make the spreadable butter in the tubs, you can also season it for specific recipes, like with rosemary and thyme or sage, it’s such a treat, so if you have some heavy cream in the fridge, and it’s getting close to the date and you don’t know what to do with it, make butter, the chef did a great job with this video 🇮🇹😎🇮🇹
Eirik Groetting
Eirik Groetting 2 aylar önce
@Karena Turner It´s butter
Earth Boots
Earth Boots 3 aylar önce
@Lauren55 sorry to be that guy but you’ve got it the wrong way round - you 100% add oil to butter to stop the butter burning and increase the smoke point. Source - me, pastry chef for 30 years. 😊
Steve Guerrini
Steve Guerrini 3 aylar önce
@Lauren55 I love to delicately fry in olio d'oliva, but if I have serious frying to do I like using peanut oil, it seems to hold up really well, but olio d'oliva has such a great flavor, if I can get away with it, it’s my go to.
Lauren55 3 aylar önce
@bob733333 it's actually the opposite...add butter to oil so the oil won't burn. The more fat ( animal products contain more fat) the slower it will burn. Avocado and coconut oil have a much higher smoking point than olive oil as well.
Marjian91 3 aylar önce
@Steve G You're very welcome. Mine is a Ninja too, great machine. Have a great Christmas ⛄️⛄️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Fredrik Nesse
Fredrik Nesse 16 gün önce
Great stuff! Just (intentionally)made my first ever butter🤗 Thank you so much for the great explanation
Crystal Pupillo
Crystal Pupillo Aylar önce
This butter is absolutely amazing! Live watching all of your videos!
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson Aylar önce
You are correct; kids can do this. I made butter when I was in kindergarten. We poured heavy cream into a pint jar, put the lid on it, and shook the jar into there was butter. No mixer needed! Of course, that was 52 years ago. Thanks for this channel.
🌐 world-wide
🌐 world-wide Aylar önce
You explain things really well 👍👍👍 .. straightforward to the point
Emerson Aylar önce
Minha mãe após obter a manteiga a lavava diversas vezes, batendo-a em uma tigela com água à temperatura ambiente, fazendo várias trocas da água até que a água não ficasse mais leitosa.
Chef Jean-Pierre
Chef Jean-Pierre Aylar önce
Concerned Voice
Concerned Voice 3 aylar önce
Yes, children can make butter. One of my classes (grade 1 or 2), had our teacher take a jar, put cream in it and it was handed to us to shake a bit then give to the next kid. Within a short amount of time, we has a solid lob of butter in the jar! It was a cool way to show how butter was made.
ccway 7
ccway 7 3 aylar önce
Same here during a school wide bingo event
Tucker Fox
Tucker Fox 3 aylar önce
We had to sit at a churn at the front of the class and rotated throughout the day
hizzle mobizzle
hizzle mobizzle 3 aylar önce
@jonny on the spot He used about half the container so $4-6 for a pound.
Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson 3 aylar önce
I did this as a child as well😊.
Curtis Whitehurst
Curtis Whitehurst 3 aylar önce
Same here, but we each had our own baby food jar that we made and ate with crackers.
Eddy Frigeri
Eddy Frigeri Aylar önce
"We got butter!" My first time watching and I love this guy. Will show this to my wife. I so want to try this.
kk Des
kk Des Aylar önce
Can't wait to see a video on compound butter recipes!! I've just started watching and I'm hooked.
Raya Aylar önce
You are now my newest favorite chef dude. I love your attitude and your sense of humor. Might get a standing mixer just because of you. I want to make this and bread 🍞
Aida Longhi
Aida Longhi Aylar önce
My mother made it by hand, I make it myself. Thank you chef.
Luciano Gulin
Luciano Gulin 16 gün önce
The best butter I ever made was a home made kefir yogurt fermented butter. You put some kefir yogurt in you heavy cream and let it at room temperature for 5-7 days. Than you just follow the steps on this video. It's just amazing!
Trucker Jim
Trucker Jim 3 aylar önce
I made this butter with you. I kept pausing the video lol. Not only did it turn out, it tasted amazing. I even cooked with the butter milk. I made corn dogs with it. I served the butter for Christmas and it was a huge hit. Thank you Chef
Cannot Be Shaken
Cannot Be Shaken Aylar önce
@Shelly B So, your saying a good reason why someone would want to make it themselves is when they can purchase the milk from an organic farmer who doesn't process it to death. So in other words, "Raw Milk." Unfortunately in my country Raw Milk is against the law in most states, including mine. But Raw Milk would make a world of difference. If I could buy raw milk then I'd be making my own butter till the cows come home!!
Shelly B
Shelly B Aylar önce
​@Cannot Be Shaken There is such a thing as Creamery Butter, but it's harder to find than run-of-the-mill butter (that comes from dairies getting their milk from many, many different sources and mixing all together). Not as much processing generally; but harder to find to buy. Also milk and cream can be bought that comes from just one dairy farm, even organic. It is more expensive than typical grocery store milk. But again less processing, etc.. When I don't want to spend that kind of money, I buy a brand of milk that tastes better than some of the others -- tastes like when I was young way back in another century. [Nutrilait, from an Italian-Canadian company.] There can be perfectly good reasons to want to make butter ourselves. : )
saintly_trips on Instagram
saintly_trips on Instagram Aylar önce
⬆️👆🍄💊🍫 got shrooms LSD OXY DMT chocolate bars edibles and lots more,and delivers to your door steps....
peter johnston
peter johnston Aylar önce
How's it spread?
Cannot Be Shaken
Cannot Be Shaken Aylar önce
@Poppie Rose Poppies toys I am well aware of this and agree 100%. My question is, what are they doing to butter to make it less healthy than how you would make it at home? Because when you make it at home, you are still using the same crappy ingredients from the store to make it. The heavy cream you buy at the store is not healthy. The only way to make healthy butter is to have your own cow and create heavy cream from the cows Raw Milk. Or purchase Raw heavy Cream from the store. Which isn't sold in my state. Many things are healthier to make yourself at home, but I don't see how butter is one of them.
Natalie F.
Natalie F. 2 aylar önce
I love your personality and how easy you made it to follow thank you !!!
Julie Belt
Julie Belt 14 gün önce
I did my first batch with 40% cream on sale at Costco...and wow, it was amazing! Thank you Chef!!
Suju Jewel
Suju Jewel Aylar önce
I’m suddenly inspired to make my fave stuff which I gobbled - up more than I care about those said clogged arteries. I didn’t know it was this simple. Thanks Chef! I think of you every time I see butter. You’re cool and fun. Warm regards from kuwait.
elizabeth ladosinsky
elizabeth ladosinsky Aylar önce
I love watching your videos! I wish I could cook a meal with you, it would be a Blast!!😊
earthling 808
earthling 808 29 gün önce
Chef.. I follow all your videos and I know how much you love butter, as I do. Your videos are always entertaining but this is one of your funniest. Always love your expression when you say 'butter'. Cracks me up.
Chef Jean-Pierre
Chef Jean-Pierre 29 gün önce
Thank you 🙏
MrRufusjax 4 aylar önce
Chef has now taught me to make my own "emotional support butter"! Well done as always Chef, you've taught me so much since I discovered your videos! Even my wife now loves my cooking.
CarscatsandAliens 3 aylar önce
#1 trick to cooking..... Confidence
Peter Trebilco
Peter Trebilco Aylar önce
Quick question (thanks for the wonderful explanation), when do you add the salt? In the beating stage, or after cold washing? I guess my concern is to distribute the salt evenly throughout the butter. Is that just a matter of kneading? Thanks in anticipation!
Peter Trebilco
Peter Trebilco Aylar önce
@Chef Jean-Pierre Merci beaucoup, Monsieur le Chef!
Chef Jean-Pierre
Chef Jean-Pierre Aylar önce
I like to add it at the end but you can add it at anytime! Is you do it before the cold wash lots of that salt will be removed! 😊
kcgarthwaite Aylar önce
😂 OMG! I haven't laughed so hard on a recipe video...EVER! You are so funny! I love your personality!
Julie 45
Julie 45 Aylar önce
Great video. Question: Please, how long will the buttermilk off of the cream last in the fridge?
Reuma 14 gün önce
Oh my goodness, am I glad I stumbled onto this video because I was having a really, really horrible day, but the more I watched you, the more I smiled & then I found myself laughing. Oh my days, you are an instant healer for me & just as important, I learned how to make butter!!! Thank you for your wonderful video, I am honoured to say I am a new subscriber & I'm excited to see more from you! Thank you again from New Zealand 💓 💌🫶
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