Ma Long vs Zhou Yu | 2021 Chinese Super League (Final)

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Ma Long vs Zhou Yu | 2021 Chinese Super League (Final)
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Muhamad Farras
Muhamad Farras 12 gün önce
Difficulty level : Chinesse
Ramon Fernandez Conde
Ramon Fernandez Conde 12 gün önce
malon is the greatest player of all time, he is the 👑
Mahdi Hasan
Mahdi Hasan 13 gün önce
Ma long cool and clever ♥
hoang Trung trung
hoang Trung trung 17 gün önce
Currently only zhang jike can defeat him :))
Rob K
Rob K 23 gün önce
Outrageous! Zhou Yhouu played great! A Long played greater!!!
sunday sodiq
sunday sodiq 24 gün önce
😂😂😂😂.... what is that Jubilation at the end for?? Does that mean Malong has started watching wrestlemania 😂😂😂
D X 24 gün önce
ma long is 33. he is playing well for his age. Usually it is considered that peek is mid 20s.
TMH D Aylar önce
Excellent performance for both players!Zhou Yu,Fang Bo and Yan An retired from national team...Miss them💔 Hope to see them in big games in the future.
TiDi Aylar önce
shouted loudly in front of Ma Long and had a bad ending :))
Izul Gamer
Izul Gamer Aylar önce
ma long is still the dragon
gin green
gin green Aylar önce
Ма Лонг машина!
joyjit pal
joyjit pal Aylar önce
Reverse pendulum serve saved his a**
elau778 Aylar önce
Aleksandar Kostic
Aleksandar Kostic Aylar önce
Ma long is like a Novak Djokovic in tenis,incredible player Ma Long
カツオ Aylar önce
보드게임 Aylar önce
Big baga
Big baga Aylar önce
Ma Long's mental strength is invincible.
Brad Hodgkins
Brad Hodgkins Aylar önce
Harimoto is the worst thing to happen to table tennis. Now all these young cats just SCREAM after every point. Be like Ma Long. Act like you've been there before.
Arlyn Divinagracia Bigay
Arlyn Divinagracia Bigay Aylar önce
happy birthday malong
Lu Vinta
Lu Vinta Aylar önce
ZY : loud voice in the begining. Silent in last game. ML: calm in the begining. Loud in the end game. What a comeback
Алекс Петров
Алекс Петров Aylar önce
Очередной китайский зверь. Первый раз увидел Ма Лонга кричащим, и что то в конце он показал - через колено и рука вверх!!!
Александр Ж.
Александр Ж. Aylar önce
Как же я обожаю правый топс Ма Лонга! Никто в мире не атакует справа лучше него
Knotwilg Aylar önce
How he switched to a kind of reverse pendulum ... And then the revenge screams at the end :)
Chia hua Liang
Chia hua Liang Aylar önce
kwan sue
kwan sue 27 gün önce
Chia hua Liang
Chia hua Liang Aylar önce
@笑紅塵 正是!
笑紅塵 Aylar önce
Dewashis Rai
Dewashis Rai Aylar önce
This is why he's the GOAT 🐐
Master Neo
Master Neo Aylar önce
There is nothing more to write about ML legendary forehand. But for me most intriguing ability in his game is not his FH. In general ML has godly FH and functioning BH. But there are other players too have the same. Ex. FZ has better forehand and backhand in general. Both wings are so strong and balanced. The most interesting aspect is MLs adaptability. In first set ZY was in total control and most of the time controlling the rally while ML was trailing behind. But from 2 set to 3 rd set ML quickly adjusted his style of play analysing his oppenents during the game. As a result in final set we see different ZY who totally lost his focu and his ability to play. Only other player I have seen who posses the same smartness is LEGENDARY LIN DAN. To be a champion you should not be skillfull but also smart. What FZD lacks mostly is this trait of the game. ML the Immortal Chinese Dragon...
Peaceful Mind
Peaceful Mind Aylar önce
Ma Long and Lin Dan are on the same level of legendariness. Both players are godly dominant and their play style are also cool and beautiful.
Peaceful Mind
Peaceful Mind Aylar önce
Fan Zhendong does not have better forehand than Ma Long does.
Nagendra Singh
Nagendra Singh Aylar önce
Haha 😂Ma long also showing emotions
Всех Люблю
Всех Люблю Aylar önce
kwan sue
kwan sue Aylar önce
龍隊千萬不要退, 相信您還是當打之年!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Herbert Zhu
Herbert Zhu Aylar önce
José Gadea
José Gadea Aylar önce
*Zhou scores a point* The audience: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEUUUUUUUUHHHH *Malong scores a point* The audience: 😐
Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson Aylar önce
cerz lowe
cerz lowe Aylar önce
Ма Лонг слабак, игра - договорняк, фу таким быть :(
胡明言 Aylar önce
Eliza Lai
Eliza Lai Aylar önce
Both players have brought the game of table-tennis to a whole new level!
BiGตูบ Aylar önce
Chwaaaaaa !!!!
Brandy Aylar önce
Damn Zhou Yu shouts like Harimoto in the beginning haha
Okpara dom
Okpara dom Aylar önce
ma long player yg tenang dan sangat menguasai keadaan,.dengan dibuktikanya kemenangan yang tanpa banyak teriakan,.pepatah indonesia mengatakan bahwa air beriak tanda tak dalam..permainan yang bagus dan selalu mengesankan ma long..🇮🇩❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻#MALONG
Фермер73 Aylar önce
Ма Лонг лучший на все времена
shenzhenpingpong2 Aylar önce
For a brief moment in time, Zhou was fantastic, but one knew he couldn’t sustain that unbelievable level of play. The inevitable happened. Ma Long is amazingly consistent when not injured.
Boris Graell
Boris Graell Aylar önce
ML is way more mentally stronger
Blackman Whitesuit
Blackman Whitesuit Aylar önce
That is a scary forehand from Zhou, but Ma Long is, well, Ma Long.
Athar Nabi
Athar Nabi Aylar önce
G.O.A.T. Period .
xShiro1998 Aylar önce
It’s unbelievable how good ML is...
Thanh nhân Tô
Thanh nhân Tô Aylar önce
Good Ma Long
hisa ko
hisa ko Aylar önce
chunkin leung
chunkin leung Aylar önce
XIAOZHONG Y Aylar önce
Ishariansyah Iyan
Ishariansyah Iyan Aylar önce
Ma long joooss
sashazxtt Aylar önce
The louder one screams, the more I want him to lose. My wish was granted.
The Roblox Mans
The Roblox Mans Aylar önce
which ones ma long i cant tell
The Roblox Mans
The Roblox Mans Aylar önce
wait nvm
Талгат Каленов
Талгат Каленов Aylar önce
Малонг очень перживал последний партия😀
Беку Сапарбеков
Беку Сапарбеков Aylar önce
o my got
Endeex Aylar önce
The Dragon is back
Alvin Jimenez
Alvin Jimenez Aylar önce
I'm now a fan of Zhou Yu 💓
yamahaU3 Aylar önce
yamahaU3 Aylar önce
@SimonHumble 周雨是右改左啊
SimonHumble Aylar önce
Tito A's Gaming
Tito A's Gaming Aylar önce
Ma long is still the best player👍👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Mohammad Sarparast
Mohammad Sarparast Aylar önce
Ma lang super hiro 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Миша Федоренко
Миша Федоренко Aylar önce
Ma Long's last gesture was very disrespectful. Sex is out of place here.
Findus Peterson
Findus Peterson Aylar önce
@Миша Федоренко You're just making a fool of yourself 😅 10:41
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison Aylar önce
@Findus Peterson Yeah, i thought so too :P
Миша Федоренко
Миша Федоренко Aylar önce
@Findus Peterson Don't make a fool of me, I understand gestures perfectly. But in Ukraine, eggs are beaten for such gestures (if you are not a nerd sticking out at computer games, but a real man.
Findus Peterson
Findus Peterson Aylar önce
@Миша Федоренко he's breaking a stick on his knee, whats so hard about that?
Миша Федоренко
Миша Федоренко Aylar önce
@Findus Peterson It’s a pity that I personally cannot show you such a breaking movement. It would be interesting to look at your physiognomy.
xkx mud
xkx mud Aylar önce
Zul Lampard
Zul Lampard Aylar önce
Thats harimoto chinese version
Shawn Chang
Shawn Chang Aylar önce
I don't understand why are there so many matches that all say (Final) in the 2021 Chinese Super League? Which one is the real final?
clara summer
clara summer Aylar önce
Chinese Super League (Final) is SHANDONG LUNENG(ML's team) VS SHANDONG WEIQIAO(LJK's team), They played five games(3:2).
yi wu
yi wu Aylar önce
team matches
Arlyn Divinagracia Bigay
Arlyn Divinagracia Bigay Aylar önce
Ryo釣り好きライバー Aylar önce
マロンがYGしてる ずっと巻き込みのイメージだったのに
Paul Chang
Paul Chang Aylar önce
Right now Ma Long did not know his team could not win a single game without him...sad
Paul Chang
Paul Chang Aylar önce
4:29 what a good manner from Zhou Yu !! Respect!
lookin4 alight
lookin4 alight Aylar önce
ZY lost but he performed really well, props
Kiyomori Miyasato
Kiyomori Miyasato Aylar önce
He's incredibly clever player !
kailicious620 Aylar önce
zhou yu just announced he’s qutting the national team! looking gorward to seeing him playing in other leagues, he did so well !
心星 Aylar önce
@kailicious620 >>去香港好了 ! 還是日本.
kailicious620 Aylar önce
@Scarbosul yup it’s true! he announced the news via weibo!rumor also says that fang bo and yan an will be leaving too, these three aren’t included in the upcoming wttc training so yeah
Scarbosul Aylar önce
What? Really?
Samuel Marcatto
Samuel Marcatto Aylar önce
Sorry, but you must show some respect when battling against the GOAT. Zhou was busy celebrated each single point, while Ma Long studied his moves and got him on serves. Really pleasant match to watch
HOPE Aylar önce
Ma Long has swag!!!! The other player did all the shouting at the beginning. Ma Long at the end. When it counts!!!
Fiona Jack
Fiona Jack Aylar önce
LaZanzaraReturn Aylar önce
THE DRAGON - THE DICTATOR - And he is 32........ Incredible player The greatest
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison Aylar önce
Ma Long can easily play till 40 years old like Timo Boll
LaZanzaraReturn Aylar önce
@Peaceful Mind YES :))))))))) Thanks
Peaceful Mind
Peaceful Mind Aylar önce
Ma Long has one week away from his 33 th birthday.
Noel Palanas
Noel Palanas Aylar önce
Ma long is ma long walder is walder is walder... But this two legendary players can't defeat CHOW YAN FAT!! HAHAJAAJA.JAJAJA...
yipeng guo
yipeng guo Aylar önce
banjarmasin 186
banjarmasin 186 Aylar önce
Malong.. The best in table tennis
Yıldırım Kaya
Yıldırım Kaya Aylar önce
What was the gesture he made with his leg after winning the match?
Yıldırım Kaya
Yıldırım Kaya Aylar önce
@K. Leandro P. I see. I thought pretty much the same or maybe Zhou Yu's teammates were doing something which pissed Ma Long.
K. Leandro P.
K. Leandro P. Aylar önce
@Yıldırım Kaya Well, in my guess (cuz I dont know really well the personalities of the players) Zhou Yu indeed was kind of "ball-kicking" attitude within the match.
Yıldırım Kaya
Yıldırım Kaya Aylar önce
@K. Leandro P. Thank you. I have never seen him this excited and expressive. He did not react this way when he won 2019 Wttc or 2020 Olympiads. What was the reason? Was he pissed to the opponent? Was there a ton of pressure on him?
K. Leandro P.
K. Leandro P. Aylar önce
It looks like the classical mortal kombat breaking the spine of the opponent
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Aylar önce
0:27, is that a 2021 Ma Long? The guy is playing like he was in 2015-2017. I am not sure if Fan Zhendong will be able to take out the Dragon in the upcoming WTTC World Championships. By the way, what happened to Team Guangdong?
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond 19 gün önce
@Ruoxi Guo Wow! Thanks for your brief but clear explanations. Similar to you, I am also a TT fan but wouldn't have a chance to know about what you mentioned. I love TT and cannot afford to travel and therefore, youtube is the best channel to watch international competitions. I remember Fan Zhendong used to be with the PLA Team but I thought Ma Long was from Team Beijing.
Ruoxi Guo
Ruoxi Guo 19 gün önce
​@Ben TheKeeshond You might confused the Chinese Super League system with the provincial team system. The CTTSL is just like T2, commercial league that are sponsored by corporations and can buy players & hire foreign players(ML has the highest bid in history I remember). Teams are named after the company and the based Province, like Shandong Weiqiao ( LJK, ZQH, Zhou Yu 2021 and they won 1st), Shandong Luneng(ML, Yan An, Fang Bo, WCQ 2021 lost to Weiqiao) are two teams based in Shandong province. The players can be traded so they change teams frequently. However, in national game like China National Game or National Championship, the teams participated are Provincial Team and players normally don't change their teams. Before entering National teams, the players are trained in their home provincial teams and they still need to represent their province in national games to repay the cultivation even after recruited in national teams. FZD, LGY and ZQH are from Guangdong provincial team who just won the 20 National Championship & 21 National Game while ML, WCQ are from Team Beijing. Usually, you are trained in your hometown provincial team, like LGY and ZQH are born in Guangdong (FZD too but picked by the Army team before he entering the Guangdong provincial team. The army team Bayi disbanded so he came back to his mother province), Nevertheless, ML, who is born in Liaoning province, switched to Beijing team under his coach's suggestion because he can recieve better training there. I am such a fan girl that I wrote soooo much while having 3 ddls to do.
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Aylar önce
@clara summer Thanks!
clara summer
clara summer Aylar önce
@Ben TheKeeshond LJK from SHANDONG WEIQIAO, the same state of ML's team, but anothor sponsor. FZD got 2 points, but his teammates not that stable
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Aylar önce
@clara summer It must be that crazy Zhou Qihao didn't do good. How could they lose with Fan Zhendong? Zhou Qihao is not playing like he did the last 2 years. Lin Gaoyuan has always been unstable. Congrats to LJK and his team. What state or city is LJK from?
J&A T Aylar önce
Who cheers for Ma like the other team? Who stands and yells? I dont understand how he does not have his own entourage.
Ali Yilmaz
Ali Yilmaz Aylar önce
King of table tennis 🐲
Scarbosul Aylar önce
Breaking news: Ma Long sustains serious back injury from carrying his entire team.
Nishan Bhattarai
Nishan Bhattarai 20 gün önce
Gastón Herrero
Gastón Herrero Aylar önce
they had us in the first half ngl
1 Jahr älter als das Jahr
1 Jahr älter als das Jahr Aylar önce
David Jia
David Jia Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 This comment deserves way more likes
Mộ Gió
Mộ Gió Aylar önce
I hate Zhou Yu's scream
Shucheng Chao
Shucheng Chao Aylar önce
Club 25 pondok bambu official
Club 25 pondok bambu official Aylar önce
permainan yang sangat seru, menegangkan dan menghibur. selamat Ma Long, kamu menginspirasi kami.
Ignacio Martina
Ignacio Martina Aylar önce
Ma Long has the best forehand in the world
Lion K
Lion K Aylar önce
we know
Victor Tan
Victor Tan Aylar önce
Ma Long is so flexible. Chop blocking and Reverse Pendulum serving his way through the tournament. Insane player
Bhushan I
Bhushan I Aylar önce
Yup. He is the perfect player ever. He can defend, chop block , powerful backhand , godly forehand and when he want he can play touch game like koki niwa. Plus the perfect serve
WeArePublic Aylar önce
Malong mode saiya 🔥🔥🔥
Huawei Phone
Huawei Phone Aylar önce
Ma long.the dragon! What a beast! As strong as his opponent was he get more stronger than ever! Unbelivable ! Awesome!
chrstiansotnas Aylar önce
Ma Long's reverse pendulum serve looks hella sick
1 Jahr älter als das Jahr
1 Jahr älter als das Jahr Aylar önce
It looks different than that of ZJK, FZD and LJK
Ghana Table Tennis
Ghana Table Tennis Aylar önce
Ma Long = Consistency, Consistency = Ma Long
一个说话大声的中国人 Aylar önce
perfect artisan, beauty and beast, power and finesse, etc., etc., etc., if there were any flaw, he is a human.
Dippa Rangga
Dippa Rangga Aylar önce
MA LONG still the best. Kungfu Master.
ken huang
ken huang Aylar önce
malong yyds
笑紅塵 Aylar önce
25wonder1 Aylar önce
Malong new serve is so cool
Omadbek Tursunov
Omadbek Tursunov Aylar önce
Ma Long Best😊👍
孫進興 Aylar önce
心星 Aylar önce
[團體賽] 的 關係. ^^..我倒覺得 氣氛熱烈的
E in
E in Aylar önce
It shows that except Fan, there’s no worthy competitor for Ma not only in China but in the world.
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Aylar önce
@Samuel Pardana Xu Xin is definitely not in the same class as Ma Long. Liang, being young, has a chance. We can never know how a player evolves. Most likely not, but strange things can happen.
Samuel Pardana
Samuel Pardana Aylar önce
neither xu xin nor liang jingkun can be put in the same tier as ma long and fzd
Amru Aylar önce
you forgot LJK
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Aylar önce
But Fan Zhendong lost to Ma Long in the most prestigious tournaments. I am hoping Fan can take out this old Dragon in the next WTTC World Championships.
Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan Aylar önce
xu xin has flopped this year
Chuan Shan
Chuan Shan Aylar önce
I really like ZY but his FH has obvious flaw that prevent him from going to the top 3... Same for all the future rising stars, improve the FH in this BH flick era is still important, simply look at ML
Blackman Whitesuit
Blackman Whitesuit Aylar önce
I thought his FH was weak at points, but his hands looked quick, at least early on. I did notice that ZY's flick vs ML's flick was a big discrepancy of skill, but still, I liked ZY's game a ton. I didn't know he was FZD's doubles partner before.
TTime Aylar önce
Zhou Yu and Xu Xin have maybe the longest forehand stroke, compare that to Boll or Mizutani
Appearing Aylar önce
馬龍一個人扛贏兩點還是輸了… 只能說大頭啊 你那點要是贏了該有多好
Te Chan Lin
Te Chan Lin Aylar önce
大頭大頭下雨不愁 被王大頭玩完了
米飯統領 Aylar önce
snail power
snail power Aylar önce
le poid dans les balles de ma long. da's ses coups droits surtout c'est ouf 😵
TTime Aylar önce
Ma Long won both matches against Zhou Yu and Liang Jingkun but still his team lost the final
To3Y_43 Aylar önce
Same as fzd’s team
Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson Aylar önce
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