[New Years Edition] 20 Different DUBSTEP Styles (W/Examples)

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Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex

7 aylar önce

Which ones are your favorite?

Took me a good while to make.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these songs.

Style List:

1. Animestep: 0:01
2. Briddim: 0:22
3. Brostep: 0:46
4.Chillstep: 1:10
5.Classic Dubstep: 1:35
6. Deathstep: 2:00
7. Drumstep: 2:27
8. Future Riddim: 2:48
9. Glitchstep: 3:14
10: Hybrid Trap: 3:40
11. Melodic Drumstep: 4:07
12. Melodic Dubstep: 4:32
13. Melodic Riddim: 4:57
14. Metalstep: 5:22
15. Orchestral Dubstep: 5:59
16. Riddim: 6:15
17. Tearout: 6:45
18. Uwustep: 7:18
19. Vomitstep: 7:43
20. Wubstep: 8:11

Charlie Burgers
Charlie Burgers Aylar önce
Geoxor is probably the best Melodic Drumstep artist. All his songs are similar in style to Moonlight, being Anime-esque dubstep
Live By Music
Live By Music Aylar önce
can you tell me some songs simmilar to moonlight
Efficient 2 aylar önce
the tearout example is minatory (i believe), tearout would be some stuff from dveight, akvma, some stuff from graphyt, and many more examples.
Live By Music
Live By Music Aylar önce
tearout has more elements you can vibe to, minatory just makes you want to burn the world
Hqla Aylar önce
minatory is darker and have more white noise
Contra Aylar önce
@Efficient it’s not minatory, I can tell you that
Efficient Aylar önce
@Contra no bro ☠ ive never heard briddim at like 126 bpm with a crazy machine gun pattern
Cloud 3 aylar önce
For future riddim, spacetime is briddim. A better choice would be anything released on halcyon , or artists like oolacile, chime, etc.
BGD Aylar önce
oolacile is interesting
MikuDubs *Kasai
MikuDubs *Kasai Aylar önce
Our amazing genre continues its history! 🤧🙌
Рустам Максимов
Рустам Максимов Aylar önce
Dr.Phonics, Xtrullor, Dex Arson, Dj-Nate…Geometry Dash player?
WD35 GMD Aylar önce
Since I can't really tell solely from listening, where would Rukkus's songs place? If you don't want to go listen to any of their songs, most of the drops are either really screechy and harsh or really growl-y and harsh or somewhere in between. His best work imo, and a good example of the type of music he makes, is his remix of last Friday night. One of his other songs, untitled beat, was allegedly used as the base, so maybe check that song out too/instead? Or check out Hailfire, one of his better solo songs.
Corrosive 13 gün önce
you can just call it dubstep, it's like between classic and modern dubstep anyway
Slayde Forbes
Slayde Forbes Aylar önce
The deathstep sample is actually Tearout and maybe the Tearout sample is Minatory, Dubstep's heaviest and most demonic subgenre.
Pietruszka 2 aylar önce
I'm still waiting for a video where as an example of Melodic Dubstep there will be ,,Voidwalkers" by Au5 and Chime.
BGD Aylar önce
@Tyrannosaurus rex yep it's there now
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex 2 aylar önce
I saw this comment while making a revised version of this video and I decided to add that song in. The video should be up now.
Joel 7 aylar önce
I saw your comments on 2sprod so here’s my corrections: Animestep is a dead meme, Not a genre SITT is Hybrid Trap, and Brostep is Dubstep with metallic basses Falling Stars is Chill Trap, Doesn’t have Dubstep drums at all Death Juice is Tearout, Deathstep is Dubstep with Death Metal/Deathcore influences System Overload is New Beat Any Dubstep song uses a “kick clap beat pattern”, Riddim is a more rudimentary style of Dubstep, Not explaining atm Uwustep (thankfully) is also a dead meme
Joel 7 aylar önce
@Tyrannosaurus rex If you do here’s better examples of songs from genres you messed up Brostep: Barely Alive - Flak Jacket Chillstep: idk I don’t listen to Chillstep just look up Chillstep Deathstep: Viridus - Throne
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the corrections, I may or may not make a revised version in the future.
Illford 17 saatler önce
Is Animestep really a genre in the solid sense
BuVi Kristan
BuVi Kristan 12 gün önce
UwUStep (Can't believe I wrote that) Is like AnimeStep, A dead meme, They aren't valid.
semicolon77 Aylar önce
chill step is just chill tbh
Артём Плетнёв
Артём Плетнёв Aylar önce
Uwustep? What?
CrazyDestroyer5000 7 gün önce
code red :scared:
Car Rampage
Car Rampage Aylar önce
Enigma is trapstep I beleive.
Car Rampage
Car Rampage 12 gün önce
@BuVi Kristan I don't believe so. I believe so. Here's the explanation for the two I found online, as I don't listen to a whole lot of trapstep or hybrid trap. Trapstep: The terms "trap-techno" and "trapstep" are often labeled by producers to describe the musical structure of an individual track. The evolving EDM trap has seen incorporation and stylistic influences from dubstep, in which trap has been hailed as the superseding phase of dubstep during the mid 2010s Hybrid trap: A more recent subgenre of Trap closely related to Dubstep. It features aggressive mid-bass sounds that drive the song in an energetic manner, while still maintaing syncopated drums and powerful, distorted 808 subs, differentiating it from the Brostep formula. Based on these two explanations, they do both combine trap and dubstep, but indifferent ways, I think.
BuVi Kristan
BuVi Kristan 12 gün önce
Bruh, isn't that just Hybrid Trap?
Soarse Aylar önce
2:03 riddim*
ExileBoss Haiaosi
ExileBoss Haiaosi 11 gün önce
Tear out* xd
VENOM_DUBZ Aylar önce
Heavy riddim*
FoxSins Aylar önce
You used hybrid trap for Brostep, and chill trap for chillstep, briddim for metalstep. Everything else is good tho
Pain Life
Pain Life 2 gün önce
Such a terrible example of deathstep, if not any Code Pandorum's track then you could pick something from Evilwave or older stuff from Qoiet/Nimda/Kram/Feast for crows
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