Behind the Scenes of the Gay Men's Brotherhood

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Gay Men Going Deeper Podcast

Gay Men Going Deeper Podcast

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💯 IT'S OUR 100th EPISODE 💯
We are taking you behind the scenes of the idea that started it all, The Gay Men's Brotherhood.
We represent a group of thousands of men who share a vision to create a community where people feel more authentically connected, and more comfortable showing up vulnerably to establish deeper bonds within our community.
We have invited our moderators to the podcast to join us as we share our personal experiences as a leadership team.
In this episode we talk about:
► The origin story of the Gay Men's Brotherhood
► How this community has impacted our lives
► What it's like to be a leader in the group
► The challenges that come with being part of a community
► Our fondest memories
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Welcome to Gay Men Going Deeper, a TRshow series where your hosts Calan Breckon, Matt Landsiedel and Michael DiIorio talk about all things personal development, mental health and sexuality.
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This is a conscious community for gay men to connect with each other on the journey of healing from shame and becoming more authentic and aligned to their truth. We aim to offer inspiration, support, connection, healing, and a safe space to show up just as you are. Our vision for the members is to learn to feel more comfortable showing up vulnerably so deeper intimacy can be established in our community. We dream of a gay community where everyone can feel more connected to one another in more ways than just superficial and we can feel less lonely and have deeper connections to one another.
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harreson cebiliak
harreson cebiliak
Congratulations on 100 episodes! There’s a wealth of information and resources within these podcasts that will hopefully guide and help all those who tune in for a long time to come. Thank you for all the invested time and work that you’ve put into this project. May it continue to evolve and assist in our community’s journey of healing and authenticity. 😎❤️💋
Richard Karnes
Richard Karnes
Just one quick message: I love you guys. Thank you!
Gabe Zesa
Gabe Zesa
Oh you guys! Im so happy for all of you, it was nice to see some more of you, get to know you a bit better, and seeing how great this path has been for you all. Thank you so much for everything you do for us, and here’s for another hundred episodes!🍾🥂
Bernardo Fitzpatrick
Bernardo Fitzpatrick
You guys rock 🤙🏽this sharing was so deep and authentic.
John Eonas
John Eonas
Thank you for the video.
Kevin Elzia
Kevin Elzia Gün önce
when are the zoom hang out's and how does one get connected?
Kevin Elzia
Kevin Elzia Gün önce
where is there that men are meeting virtually, I am not currently a user of Facebook, I would love to help and I have a passion for the creation of Safe Space. Like many of you I have done some personal work and served in various leadership positions .....I am enjoying listening to the podcasts and i would appreciate more.
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