Unforgettable Goals in Football

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Unforgettable, spectacular and best goals in football. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Balotelli, Balle, Ibrahimovic and more in the video!

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TKHD Yıl önce
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Grzegorz Grzegorz
Grzegorz Grzegorz 24 gün önce
faking bullshit
Alan Hanan
Alan Hanan Aylar önce
Its nl not english🤣
Diogo Lima
Diogo Lima Aylar önce
swam htet win
swam htet win Aylar önce
@FIKRI WIBOWO 99999999999999999999999999
swam htet win
swam htet win Aylar önce
Croy Aaron
Croy Aaron 12 saatler önce
Sunday mba of Nigeria
Football Quizzes
Football Quizzes Gün önce
Random Football Fact: - Referees were not used in official soccer matches until 1881. Up until then, people playing were responsible for making any calls.
glenda martinez martinez
glenda martinez martinez Gün önce
El gol de Messi es el mejor
İbrahim Demirtaş
İbrahim Demirtaş Gün önce
Angara Messi?
Zack 4 gün önce
Status World
Status World 5 gün önce
Aguerooooooooooooooooo 🔥🔥🔥
Ahmad Supian
Ahmad Supian 6 gün önce
Halo bang minta no WA nya dong saya ada perlu buat nanya tentang nge youtube 🙏
THE DIEGO 7 7 gün önce
Minute 1:20 HOG RAIDER!
gamingusx550 8 gün önce
Messi is lama
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 9 gün önce
2:02 It's impossible to forget Messi's goal against Real Madrid in the 2011 Champions League.
The dark knight
The dark knight 11 gün önce
Title : Unforgettable goals in football. Maradona:"Am i joke to you?"
Yunuscan Poyraz
Yunuscan Poyraz 11 gün önce
Torres vs barça?
hadi diab
hadi diab 12 gün önce
العربي افخم شي
Odo Palcu
Odo Palcu 14 gün önce
Anteneh Melu
Anteneh Melu 14 gün önce
It is human no it's robot
George Redi
George Redi 15 gün önce
You are Greece
Santi Braian
Santi Braian 17 gün önce
el gol de gotze no venia al caso :C
Michu Montana Shorts Clips
Michu Montana Shorts Clips 18 gün önce
Where is Robert Lewandowski??
Nathan Abrahamsson
Nathan Abrahamsson 19 gün önce
zlatans goal was number 1 in all no one can ever score like that 2nd one was roberto carlos 3rd bales bicycle kick in finals best goal moment - 93:20 aguero
Serhat Yılmaz
Serhat Yılmaz 21 gün önce
Why is there no legend like Hagi?
Emelec Primer Campeon
Emelec Primer Campeon 22 gün önce
Donde estan los goles de Luis Diaz?
敦也 石上
敦也 石上 22 gün önce
5:37 ルーニーのゴールも凄いがナニのアシストもやばくねwふつうあんな曲がり方せえへんやん
Sambik Baru
Sambik Baru 23 gün önce
Peter durry
otiugeid 24 gün önce
0:54 WHAT IS THAT. The ball is like starting to go even faster approaching the goal. Unbelieveable.
Yavuz Simsek
Yavuz Simsek 25 gün önce
Hey guys, i have a question: i want to start a TRshow channel but i don’t have money for expensive subscriptions because i am a total rookie. I already know sites like pixabay, videezy or pexel and so on… But i don’t want boring stock footage, i want to create football, basketball, boxing…. videos. Videos like “10 best goals in WorldCup 2014” , “fastest KO’s in mma/boxing” or something like that but i really don’t know where to get the video footage for that, or where and how do the other channels get them? I hope u understood my question :) I would really appreciate a response.
🅥 Mkamel GG
🅥 Mkamel GG 27 gün önce
5:29 arabic moment
Cintia Fuentes
Cintia Fuentes 27 gün önce
What video more thread What video more thread
Sadece EGE
Sadece EGE 28 gün önce
Neden 3,1 abone ?????
Tessy Xavier
Tessy Xavier 28 gün önce
Mario De Bruin
Mario De Bruin 29 gün önce
Je bent er een vergeten die van Dennis Bergkamp
Caps and lands
Caps and lands Aylar önce
killy3259 Aylar önce
el de Messi fue una basura,cualquiera hace ese recorte y se la pincha al portero xd
Елена Иванова
Елена Иванова Aylar önce
Aldrin Casqui
Aldrin Casqui Aylar önce
5:08 eso me dolió
Mario Punzo
Mario Punzo Aylar önce
e maradona?
Heba Rabe3
Heba Rabe3 Aylar önce
ءش s e
vjnt1star Aylar önce
5:47 One can only imagine what went trough his head at this moment "I dont know exactly where the goal is, I must be like 40 meters away but yeah I can do it no problem"
Önce vatan Sonra Vatan
Önce vatan Sonra Vatan Aylar önce
Hakan Çalhanoğlu ? 🇹🇷
yes sir ϟ
yes sir ϟ Aylar önce
Santiago Aylar önce
goles inolvidables yo: el de alemania si fue inolvidable lo olvide y vino un hdp y me lo volvio a recordar
Nicola Taddeo
Nicola Taddeo Aylar önce
Questi goal messi tutti insiemi sono il coperchio della tazza del cesso di quello di Diego Armando Maradona in Argentina-Inghilterra 2-0 dei mondiali di Mexico 86.
sahal 444
sahal 444 Aylar önce
sotiris f
sotiris f Aylar önce
Van bronhost and tsabalalas goals always gets me……. BAFANA BAFANA!!!GOAL FOR ALL AFRICA!!!!
Milann Van rymenant
Milann Van rymenant Aylar önce
Google translate titel?
لاتسكو TV
لاتسكو TV Aylar önce
في أهداف عربية أحلا من كل هاي الأهداف ولا لأنو هدول أجانب عن جد شي مسخرة
joana Oliveira
joana Oliveira Aylar önce
Na expectativa
DrAmir Hussain SB
DrAmir Hussain SB Aylar önce
Not putting Martin Tyler's Legendery commentary to that Ageuro Goal is a CRIME..😑😑😑
SouthmoreConlin Aylar önce
People get so emotional over soccer jeez
Marcos MI
Marcos MI Aylar önce
And the Iniesta goal in the World Cup Final in 2010. That goal changed everything in Spain.
Nicolas Castillo
Nicolas Castillo Aylar önce
El de Götze sigue doliendo, aún más sabiendo que esa final era nuestra.
Mustafa AKSOY
Mustafa AKSOY Aylar önce
The Manchester City championship match you showed at the opening was a very good choice. I watched that match live. City deserved to be the champion that season. But the opponent was not conceding a goal. I had completely lost all hope now. Because the opposing team was still vigorous enough to play for another 90 minutes. Then somehow 2 goals came. But I still couldn't believe it was true. Because the opposing team seemed to have taken me under a spell. But CITY deserved the championship until the end of that season. İN TÜRKİSH Açılışta gösterdiğiniz Manchester City şampiyonluk maçı çok iyi bir seçimdi. O maçı canlı izledim. City o sezon şampiyon olmayı hak etti. Ancak rakip gol yemedi. Artık ümidimi tamamen kaybetmiştim. Çünkü rakip takım hala 90 dakika daha oynayacak kadar dinçti. Sonra bir şekilde 2 gol geldi. Ama hala bunun doğru olduğuna inanamıyordum. Çünkü karşı takım beni büyülemiş gibiydi. Ancak CITY, o sezonun sonuna kadar şampiyonluğu hak etti.
Schenck Bros
Schenck Bros Aylar önce
That busquets assist to Messi 🥵
Mattix_RL Aylar önce
Costa rica 2014😭😭💔
prabath rai
prabath rai Aylar önce
what football
Duane HP
Duane HP Aylar önce
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Vaibhav parihar
Vaibhav parihar Aylar önce
Cristiano Ronaldo's back-kick goal, is best goal ever in football 🐐🔥👑💪
Rizal Saefudin
Rizal Saefudin Aylar önce
4:33 legend Persib Bandung 💙
Asdar hidayat
Asdar hidayat Aylar önce
Ömer Özel YILDIRIM Aylar önce
6:29 my favourite
Zer0on144Hz Aylar önce
3:50 R.I.P Boateng
Kevin Rexa
Kevin Rexa Aylar önce
Bafana bafana 😂😂Martin
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Aylar önce
The outstanding odometer controversly compete because servant spatially suck amongst a funny leek. tacky, living himalayan
Vishma Neupane
Vishma Neupane Aylar önce
Missing both Marcelo & cr7
DubbleTee- Aylar önce
I'm fairly certain that Roberto Carlos goal with ever be topped.
Precious Haruna
Precious Haruna Aylar önce
Guy rest please
TIGER Aylar önce
Ermina Chinez
Ermina Chinez Aylar önce
Forta Cristioano Ronaldo is Mesiii
Samantha Gregory
Samantha Gregory Aylar önce
The reminiscent internet initially confess because stepson primarily tug versus a giant cafe. oceanic, ossified shears
Flier Aylar önce
I used to call Zidane “daddy”. He was just a mastro
channel4 Aylar önce
Mario balotelli evic
Jay Nemes
Jay Nemes Aylar önce
fernando caballi
fernando caballi Aylar önce
el que menos me gusto fue el de manolas
shohel Rana
shohel Rana Aylar önce
The divergent thomas historically prevent because coke ontogenically own despite a parched enquiry. daffy, political vase
Angel García
Angel García Aylar önce
Faltó el gol de rakitic que le marco al Tottenham en champions ...
Are-Jauw Aylar önce
The Portuguese goal was one of the hope of victory goal made history
Peter Melang
Peter Melang Aylar önce
Maradonna is missing.
Max Range
Max Range Aylar önce
viel zu hektischer Schnitt... so zerheckselt man diese wunderbaren Tore.... Ansonsten gute Idee
Ivar Asplund
Ivar Asplund Aylar önce
Messi vs getafe?????????
Xotic Aylar önce
5:09 still hits💔@ 8:40 ronaldo happiness😌
Elv gaming
Elv gaming Aylar önce
U said unforgettable I just forgot about it lol
adamsry putra09
adamsry putra09 Aylar önce
Kebanyakan gol Barcelona zzzz mungkin dia fans barca wkwk
Mirko da Udine Tifoso Interista
Mirko da Udine Tifoso Interista Aylar önce
Gol dell’inter ? Zero ! Ma per la vostra pagina l’Inter esiste ??
Naja Naja
Naja Naja Aylar önce
Vedran Bošnjak
Vedran Bošnjak Aylar önce
Goal of Cristiano against Juventus until world ends..
Djong Djaya
Djong Djaya Aylar önce
4:43 essien sebelum pindah ke persib
Min Ho
Min Ho Aylar önce
I watch Kun’s goal when MU finish this game! This amazing
Роман Байтораев
Роман Байтораев Aylar önce
Неимар красава
Jocelyne Williams
Jocelyne Williams Aylar önce
champions league semi-final origi, corner against barcelona
MRX Aylar önce
Falto el de Maradona
arif styawan
arif styawan Aylar önce
Ramos 90+3 in final champions league?
Thomas Melichar
Thomas Melichar Aylar önce
I think they mean soccer
Mareju _7
Mareju _7 Aylar önce
te faltó Ankara Messi es bruto o que te pasa te odio con todo mi corazón
Avik Mondal
Avik Mondal Aylar önce
Ronaldo opppppppp
كويتي بالتأسيس
كويتي بالتأسيس Aylar önce
The Unforgettable goals and there is no single goal for Maradona ! ... It is clear where you are heading... Hardluck :)
Metin Yüksel
Metin Yüksel Aylar önce
What is this! Edison Cavani goals ???
Alan Aylar önce
Ronaldinho’s goal and celebration against Chelsea is dirty, what a goal!!! 🔥 🥶
leo stracke
leo stracke Aylar önce
Luis Aylar önce
Watch this 1:43 longshot from ronaldo with the right foot but at 1:51 it seems like he shot with his left foot 🤯🤯
Mehmet Aylar önce
Wendler Nene
Wendler Nene Aylar önce
Inspirador sensacional só obras de ART!
ABC123 Aylar önce
best goal is jamws
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