I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator

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Let's Game It Out

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I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator - Let's Game It Out


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More about Gas Station Simulator (from Steam):

Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands.

Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 8 saatler önce
Download now for FREE: operagx.gg/LetsGameItOut
Zwezz01 6 dakika önce
opera gx gaming browser is a free gaming browser
patat pannenkoek
patat pannenkoek 16 dakika önce
I approve
Crxstal gaming
Crxstal gaming 19 dakika önce
no thanks
scorpion core universe
scorpion core universe 38 dakika önce
Timothy B
Timothy B 55 dakika önce
Please if you dont ever acknowledge me again please I beg of you play this more I loves this episode please please please
true guy
true guy 28 saniye önce
I had a gas station that was like that but wasn't a good place because it was a dog on the ladder from the chimney not being with the gutter and it became very disappointing because the cat was with the star that started being abusive to the kidnapper through the kidnapper that was killed by the rabbit but it wasn't that bad
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 2 dakika önce
7:15 How Elon Musk started his carrer in america!
Rymeths 2 dakika önce
8:13 Watch out! Watch out! There he goes! Rko outta nowhere!
Bob Cat
Bob Cat 2 dakika önce
Human Technology
Human Technology 2 dakika önce
I got banned live time by ebay because opera gx. :) Support won't change it back.
Sawyer Nugent
Sawyer Nugent 3 dakika önce
Bro #3 in gaming
ick oke
ick oke 3 dakika önce
i am watching this on opera GX
Jack LaserWing
Jack LaserWing 4 dakika önce
Number 1 on trending les go
Game Time
Game Time 4 dakika önce
Welcome to insanity
Zerg620 5 dakika önce
This is definitely an instant classic! I'll be returning to this later.
Jerrold White II
Jerrold White II 5 dakika önce
Number 1 on trending
Game Dev Alien
Game Dev Alien 5 dakika önce
I think this video was the first one that filmed itself :D I don't think Josh had to do much.
Max K
Max K 6 dakika önce
please come back to this
Dominic T.
Dominic T. 7 dakika önce
You should come back, there was an audible lack of Grace in this one
Pierre Coornaert
Pierre Coornaert 8 dakika önce
Yep i had so much fun watching your video
Spiteful Crow
Spiteful Crow 8 dakika önce
This game definitely takes place in The Longest Drive universe. I'm expecting to see Goldbar Man roll up at any moment.
JhonnyTheJeccer 8 dakika önce
Opera gx is not available for linux. And i am not gonna give up my large collection of amazing firefox addons.
Tomblairau 8 dakika önce
More of this please
officialnucky 8 dakika önce
Excellent, as always, Josh!! Made me spit vodka over my new keyboard! See you in 6 months
Davis Voelzke
Davis Voelzke 9 dakika önce
how is this #1 on trending
Owlzindabarn 9 dakika önce
Such...incredible...game physics.
Juggle Brain
Juggle Brain 9 dakika önce
H- how am I early
kobyi8 i8
kobyi8 i8 9 dakika önce
Smurgle Streamdancer
Smurgle Streamdancer 10 dakika önce
Comment to help YT algorithm
Ozzy Gonzalo
Ozzy Gonzalo 10 dakika önce
your videos never fail to make me laugh😂😂😂😂
mikael gaming
mikael gaming 10 dakika önce
I always wait for ur vid bcs its the highlight of my life
Julie Fugett
Julie Fugett 11 dakika önce
Yes plz to more gas station simulator! Also what museum did you steal that phone from?
Wrekuiem 11 dakika önce
Oh my god, I saw this on Steam today and immediately thought "Josh would love this". And lo! There's a video 2 hours later. Praise be to Josh!
Aitor Navarro
Aitor Navarro 11 dakika önce
Oh my god, Im crying xDDDD Love it
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 12 dakika önce
Sorry but when I saw the Opera GX ad I have to comment about it. It's pretty cool when it works, but most of the features of that browser work a good 2% of the time on my computer. If they ever fix it to where it actually works, it is killer. Anyway great video like always.
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain 12 dakika önce
Josh!!!!! Medieval Dynasty just left early access yesterday!!! Get you back on it yo.
ِ 13 dakika önce
me when developing game: I should find more testers TRshow:recommends me this
Danilo Jirik
Danilo Jirik 13 dakika önce
S1mp1ist1c 16 dakika önce
the reason these videos are so funny is because they have the power of time and being dead inside to make this so funny
ALF337 17 dakika önce
gloriousthe1 17 dakika önce
I do use it and there’s a super satisfying clicking noise when you type
Fortnite Parsa
Fortnite Parsa 17 dakika önce
i've saw ads on opera gx before but i didn't care but cuz ur a good and funny youtuber i'll download it with ur link
Rich Hutter
Rich Hutter 18 dakika önce
If they don't fix that broom they could have a minigame where you just launch cars
ACP 18 dakika önce
Crap man that game has severe problems, staying away from that one.
blitzo 19 dakika önce
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Jackson Funke
Jackson Funke 19 dakika önce
I love and hate his upload schedule. I get so happy when I see that he uploaded, but annoyed when he doesn't upload in a month, but then he posts 2 things within 4 days of each other, and it's amazing. He makes amazing quality so it doesn't really matter.
AjaxTheOtter 19 dakika önce
The car repairs would be hilarious to see Josh take a whack at
Sekou Sidibe
Sekou Sidibe 19 dakika önce
MindlessAero 20 dakika önce
My question is why are all the cars FWD when some are clearly RWD
Toad Phillips
Toad Phillips 21 dakika önce
Why are all those old vehicles fwd though? Lol
John A.
John A. 22 dakika önce
Would love seeing Josh make a video of Kerbal Space Program, that game is already mayhem.
Elliott Green
Elliott Green 22 dakika önce
This video is basically just the UK right now.
Earnie from boblox
Earnie from boblox 22 dakika önce
Friendly old piece of a popped purple balloon
Friendly old piece of a popped purple balloon 23 dakika önce
Please return to this, I was crying from laughter
Serena Tremblay
Serena Tremblay 23 dakika önce
6:43 uh what you doing on the other side of the screen
• Scrithen •
• Scrithen • 24 dakika önce
Everytime i try and play this game it fucks with my graphics card and i have to take it out and put it back so my monitors will work
A Wooden Crate
A Wooden Crate 24 dakika önce
Nice to see that Josh is willing to help up flipped cars with their upside-down drivers
Maou 25 dakika önce
omg i lmao so hard :D :D :D
AWeeLittleFox 25 dakika önce
Yesssss please play more of this! Would also love to see you do Potion Craft!
Andrew G
Andrew G 25 dakika önce
Normally I skip adds, but I had to hear you out on this one. No scrubbing necessary.
j the gamer
j the gamer 25 dakika önce
coincidence that i am using opera gx to watch this video
JONY MATVEI 25 dakika önce
it/s a zombie gas station !!!!!!!!1
Guy Sandler
Guy Sandler 25 dakika önce
Great job getting to 1# on trending!
britishcommando 22
britishcommando 22 25 dakika önce
Parker Walton
Parker Walton 26 dakika önce
Definitely do this game again lol
2O16 26 dakika önce
You say worse I say best
Gaming Hawk
Gaming Hawk 26 dakika önce
This is the most I cried laughing at one of your videos
Thecesarshowiscool_YT 27 dakika önce
#1 on trending!!!!!
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 27 dakika önce
#1 on trending, dang bro congrats 👏
Super Cool Kids/Gaming
Super Cool Kids/Gaming 28 dakika önce
God I love his irl phone lmao
Play station 1 Home entertainment system
Play station 1 Home entertainment system 28 dakika önce
The website even has a music player! Lol just play a song on TRshow on loop
Akeva Banshee
Akeva Banshee 28 dakika önce
I never stopped laughing. Josh you are nuts. I approve!
Spencer P.
Spencer P. 28 dakika önce
Definitely need more of this!
CrazyLoveOwl 29 dakika önce
#1 on trending! great job Josh
Lazy_gxcha 29 dakika önce
Congratulations on trending man (Pls pin)
Mess Grey
Mess Grey 29 dakika önce
This was gold
Porten 30 dakika önce
I loved it!
Hamter 30 dakika önce
Dakota H
Dakota H 30 dakika önce
Dude yes there is still so much potential for destruction!
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory 31 dakika önce
Yes do more please
owen sammons
owen sammons 31 dakika önce
8:10 watch out watch out ohhhhh KO IN MID AIR
Alien Warlord
Alien Warlord 32 dakika önce
I’ve recently went to your twitch channel and you NEED to make a aliens fire team highlights because I was chocking at the firefight between maverick and empyre. Still love your stuff man been a long time fan keep up the videos :)
v2 32 dakika önce
I'd actually love to see more of this game
johnRylex 32 dakika önce
2:23 man has a 1996 mobile phone
Nocturne 32 dakika önce
Josh you don't just get to show some kind of unholy Blackberry abomination as your phone and get away with it
WickstaPlays 33 dakika önce
Opera is what powered the Wii's internet channel.
Bobby Patena
Bobby Patena 33 dakika önce
The man just got 54k subs in 7 hours
Harry Baker
Harry Baker 33 dakika önce
Perfect timing video for the UK fuel 'shortage'
mauriciovic100 34 dakika önce
Oh, please, PLEASE come back to this one! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
DinoRedRex 34 dakika önce
Imma be honest, the promotion to GX was actually the only promotion in a video I actually liked, with a little joke inside and also opera GX is actually really good, I used it before
The Roblox blue bricks
The Roblox blue bricks 34 dakika önce
anottee 34 dakika önce
Been watching Jill and valor play this just waiting to see if you were going to so ecstatic to see you've already made a video
WhoeverNevermind 34 dakika önce
Come back to this one
ShmexyCringe69 34 dakika önce
Justyna Z
Justyna Z 35 dakika önce
Yes yes so funny
Zach Nonconnah
Zach Nonconnah 35 dakika önce
PLEASE revisit this. This is incredible. The untapped potential must be massive.
POEPROductions 36 dakika önce
Oh God! I actually need to put gas in to my car
Adhiansyah Ancha
Adhiansyah Ancha 36 dakika önce
This GTA game is so good
I like Gogo’s crazy bones
I like Gogo’s crazy bones 37 dakika önce
Yes, I would like to see another video of this game
TheJono1170 37 dakika önce
Elon Musk is in the game
Perry Davies
Perry Davies 38 dakika önce
The fact you can leave a game for days and forget about it makes me question if you have Attention Deficit Disorder
oxi 38 dakika önce
scorpion core universe
scorpion core universe 38 dakika önce
Great game play you know how to really make things go crazy.
probader1 38 dakika önce
when he uploads within a week back to back : hold up wait a DAMNNNN MINTUE
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