FIFA World Cup 2010 All Goals

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Songs in the video:
- K'naan - Wavin Flag
- K'naan - Bang Bang ft. Adam Levine
- Sérgio Mendes - Emorio feat. Carlinhos Brown and Nayanna Holley
- Akon - Oh Africa
- Shakira - Waka Waka
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RptimaoTV 8 aylar önce
I also uploaded a version of this video without songs, just commentary:
Maikol Diaz
Maikol Diaz 4 gün önce
@Adnan Avdic de chlkjk
Maikol Diaz
Maikol Diaz 4 gün önce
@hola ❤
Maikol Diaz
Maikol Diaz 4 gün önce
@Javier Chaparro uu
Wang KL
Wang KL 8 gün önce
May I know the soundtrack name on 3.42?
Urban Larsson
Urban Larsson Aylar önce
So.... 18 and a half min of buzzing?
Sohel Rana
Sohel Rana 9 aylar önce
It’s impossible to forget 2010 South Africa fifa world cup's memories
ERT_Chimpanzee 16 saatler önce
I have forgotten most of the things.
*Claya-San Animations*
*Claya-San Animations* 18 saatler önce
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 3 gün önce
I forgot it bc I was 3
Eoghan Crowe
Eoghan Crowe 9 gün önce
No need that watch the video so
Daniel Blyth
Daniel Blyth 10 gün önce
Anything after 2002 has been dog shit. 98 was best.
DUKE229 5 aylar önce
already 12 years in the past... damn. Seeing the goals really touches me. It was awesome
Carl Lindelöf
Carl Lindelöf Aylar önce
yeah bro watching this with tears in my eyes and a huge smile!
Futbalverse Aylar önce
Time fly by...
Sami 2002
Sami 2002 Aylar önce
It was the best world cup 2010 ever
Jeremy van Grinsven
Jeremy van Grinsven Aylar önce
As a dutch guy, that final still hurt. But no world cup will ever match the raw energy, passion, beauty and nostaglia this one brings. This one made me truly fall in love with the beautiful game
Эмиль Суталинов
Эмиль Суталинов 2 saatler önce
Netherlands and Uruguay my favorite teams,bit was double hurts they lose 1st and 3rd place
WE PLAY 3 gün önce
I'm not dutch but i supported them and it hurts as well
Intensify 3 gün önce
@E sexta feira yeee ???? You have 0 idea of football then wtf.And this is the answer section, ur answering a comment, literally says ¨answer¨ so yea, u gave ur personal opinion over a comment from other person.He didnt ask you no, you want to hate its ok; didnt u say tho u didnt know why? suddenly u say why in ur next comment, get ur ideas straight lol
karyoplasma 5 gün önce
@Tom He misspoke. What he meant to say was "the biggest money in my pocket".
E sexta feira yeee
E sexta feira yeee 6 gün önce
@Uncle Fester futebol aborrecido
Ezequiel Nascimento
Ezequiel Nascimento 9 gün önce
Vuvuzela, Jabulani, golaços, jogos históricos, campeão inédito. Uma das melhores copas que já teve.
Richard Flechs
Richard Flechs 3 aylar önce
After doing some research on the ball used during this WC (controversial Jabulani Ball) it’s actually quite interesting to see just how influential it was. The unpredictable nature of the ball in the air definitely made it a nightmare for defenders and goalkeepers alike, as it seemed almost impossible to predict the flight path of the ball. Definitely made for some interesting goals, especially from distance or set piece.
Kollector Jay
Kollector Jay 6 gün önce
Made for one of the most entertaining world cups ever. That and the crowds in South Africa
Troy C
Troy C 10 gün önce
I never knew about the whole controversy about the Jabulani so reading this was pretty eye opening. I was a goalkeeper and remember during a tournament thinking that that specific ball moved really weirdly (it was used as a game ball for many of my tournaments from 2010-12), but my teammates thought I was crazy. I also recall it feeling really light to strike with a similar feeling to a kicking a beach ball, it seemed to explode off the foot! It was also extremely slick too, I remember having so much trouble just holding on to it. Glad to know I wasn't crazy!
green amogus
green amogus 18 gün önce
fast ball
B D 9 aylar önce
Diego Forlan is one of the best details for this World Cup. His goals make me loved this tournament. Good memories...
Doriva Santos pinto
Doriva Santos pinto 15 gün önce
Espana gano solo de 1-0 Holanda merecia
KillerBunnardo 2 aylar önce
Otro amigo un abrazo
M_M 3 aylar önce
For me it was David Villa. He instantly became one of my favorite players because of the heroics he showed. Pulled them through the groups stage, RO16 and Quarters. He would have been immortalized if he scored in the final but he gets overlooked a lot I feel. Spain would not haven't gotten near the finals without him.
MrRadiofx 3 aylar önce
Jabulani made Forlan famous
Vincenzo 3 aylar önce
Diego Forlan Prime
SwaeLee 5 aylar önce
The best world cup vibes ever. The music, passion, and everything was just amazing. I remember being 14 years old playing club soccer and it felt like this World cup was resonating everywhere. Will never forget this one
Big Mick
Big Mick 19 gün önce
Definitely not the best ever, the games were mostly awful lol, still great atmosphere and memories but it’s overrated af
Iván Arturo
Iván Arturo 3 aylar önce
@michael ellis was unique
michael ellis
michael ellis 4 aylar önce
What music? it was just the sound of a swarm of bee's.
Russian politician with a silly moustache
Russian politician with a silly moustache 5 aylar önce
That first goal of Shabalala and the South African celebration will always remain as my favourite celebration of all time. So natural, so wild, so...artistic.
Ocho Cinco
Ocho Cinco 3 gün önce
We don’t care South Africa is mid unfortunately
Ezequiel Nicolas Dagnino
Ezequiel Nicolas Dagnino 5 aylar önce
GROUP PHASE 00:00 South Africa 1 - 1 Mexico 00:38 South Korea 2 - 0 Greece 00:52 Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria 00:57 England 1 - 1 USA 01:15 Algeria 0 - 1 Slovenia 01:19 Serbia 0 - 1 Ghana 01:33 Germany 4 - 0 Australia 01:54 Netherlands 2 - 0 Denmark 02:04 Japan 1 - 0 Cameroon 02:08 Italy 1 - 1 Paraguay 02:19 New Zealand 1 - 1 Slovakia 02:37 Brasil 2 - 1 North Korea 02:59 Honduras 0 - 1 Chile 03:04 Spain 0 - 1 Switzerland 03:09 South Africa 0 - 3 Uruguay 03:29 Argentina 4 - 1 South Korea 03:58 Greece 2 - 1 Nigeria 04:15 France 0 - 2 Mexico 04:39 Germany 0 - 1 Serbia 04:53 Slovenia 2 - 2 USA 05:18 Netherlands 1 - 0 Japan 05:23 Ghana 1 - 1 Australia 05:38 Cameroon 1 - 2 Denmark 05:53 Slovakia 0 - 2 Paraguay 06:04 Italy 1 - 1 New Zealand 06:14 Brasil 3 - 1 Ivory Coast 06:49 Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea 07:22 Chile 1 - Switzerland 07:36 Spain 2 - 1 Honduras 07:55 France 1 - 2 South Africa 08:13 Mexico 0 - 1 Uruguay 08:18 Nigeria 2 - 2 South Korea 08:37 Greece 0 - 2 Argentina 08:54 USA 1 - 0 Algeria 09:08 Slovenia 0 - 1 England 09:13 Ghana 0 - 1 Germany 09:17 Australia 2 - 1 Serbia 09:36 Slovakia 3 - 2 Italy 10:19 Cameroon 1 - 2 Netherlands 10:34 Denmark 1 - 3 Japan 11:01 North Korea 0 - 3 Ivory Coast 11:16 Chile 1 - 2 Spain ROUND OF 16 11:31 Uruguay 2 - 1 South Korea 11:55 USA 1 - 2 Ghana 12:25 Germany 4 - 1 England 12:53 Argentina 3 - 1 Mexico 13:26 Netherlands 2 - 1 Slovakia 13:42 Brasil 3 - 0 Chile 14:01 Paraguay 0 - 0 Japan 14:15 Spain 1 - 0 Portugal QUARTER FINAL 14:15 Netherlands 2 - 1 Brasil 14:40 Uruguay 1 - 1 Ghana 15:13 Argentina 0 - 4 Germany 15:32 Paraguay 0 - 1 Spain SEMI FINAL 15:38 Uruguay 2 - 3 Netherlands 16:14 Germany 0 - 1 Spain 3RD PLACE 16:24 Uruguay 2 - 3 Germany FINAL 16:59 Netherlands 0 - 1 Spain
Ezequiel Nicolas Dagnino
Ezequiel Nicolas Dagnino 16 gün önce
@Harry Hermawan ?¿
Harry Hermawan
Harry Hermawan 17 gün önce
U forget the 13:07
Davidoff Productions
Davidoff Productions Aylar önce
@Ezequiel Nicolas Dagnino Bro said he watched 18 minutes of footage and typed all of that in 15. Bro thinks he's Barry Allen
GodBlessYou2008 2 aylar önce
Chris 3 aylar önce
Hay que estar al pedo
Mateo gnr
Mateo gnr 3 aylar önce
3 meses... solo 3 meses para vivir una nueva copa del mundo, que sin dudas va a ser muy especial por el hecho de que va a ser la última copa del mundo de muchisimas leyendas que recordaremos por siempre.
ChimoStone - Yellowworlds
ChimoStone - Yellowworlds 8 gün önce
es hoy es hoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
GuXel 8 gün önce
Y la peor de la historia
Yanzz 8 gün önce
ahora solo queda un dia amigo, que lindo que es el futbol
Antonio Glez
Antonio Glez 11 gün önce
Solo 3 días ahora 🥺
Mateo gnr
Mateo gnr 28 gün önce
@LANG'Z YT messi, ronaldo, neymar, benzemá, neuer, modric, thiago silva, suárez, di maría, lloris, lewandowski, bale, cavani, pepe, etc.
Jake Livermore
Jake Livermore 8 aylar önce
Villa, Forlán, Muller and Klose made this World Cup for me. Incredible players, all of them.
FOUDEFOOT85 4 aylar önce
@LekkerFruit which world cup as better ? 2002 2006 2010 ?
Jake Livermore
Jake Livermore 4 aylar önce
@LekkerFruit hahahaha salty Dutchie
LekkerFruit 4 aylar önce
In every match, Spain got lucky lol....
FOUDEFOOT85 5 aylar önce
hi whiwh world cup was betterfor you ? 2002 2006 2010 ? WHY ?
Maart18x 5 aylar önce
@Jim Profis that Maicon goal always gives me goosebumps, it's so magnificent!!! (Feel kinda bad for those North Korean players tho, who knows what happened to them…)
Arash M
Arash M 10 gün önce
By far my favorite World Cup. The music, the atmosphere, the football, so many legends playing
OxenFloxen 14 gün önce
So many fond memories of this WC. This was the first real tournament I watched as an American and as a kid, so this cup will always have a special place in my heart. From Tshabalala to Iniesta, Sjneider to Forlan, Ghana going as far as they did, America advancing, Portugal destroying DPRK, the whole thing, absolutely iconic.
Cristian González
Cristian González 5 aylar önce
Como español siempre recordaré este mundial como el mejor de mi vida y como uno de los mejores momentos con los que crecí.
~Tash~ 9 gün önce
melhor copa do mundo pra mim! muita nostalgia
A&EVideos 9 aylar önce
2010 South Africa was my first World Cup I watched and knew what was going on. It was the best world cup so far, and watching it fills me with nostalgia. Even though it was a tournament, at the end of the cup it was an event of union and sharing the passion for a beautiful sport.
Matej 18 gün önce
@a. demifemiflapo you cant tell me why 2018 was shit 🤡
Matej 18 gün önce
@a. demifemiflapo 🤡
Matej 18 gün önce
@a. demifemiflapo and yeah in 2010 world cup they were 145 goals...
Matej 18 gün önce
@a. demifemiflapo and yeah world cup 2014 is only iconic for james rodriguez and 7:1
Matej 18 gün önce
@a. demifemiflapo 2018 world cup was far more interesting then 2002 2010 2006 was good
christian ortega 3
christian ortega 3 6 gün önce
Para mi este fue el mejor mundial que se pudo vivir el mejor de todos el himno la emoción la juventud todo todo lo tenía al igual que el de Brasil pero el de este año deja mucho que desear no hay ni pisca de emoción
cleidson calderon
cleidson calderon 6 aylar önce
Essa copa e a do brasil foram únicas, de um sentimento unico que só uma geração vai saber.
BJJGuy Aylar önce
Insano o que Diego Forlan jogou nessa copa, só Golaço!! Insane what Diego Forlan played in this Cup, only beatiful goals!! Una locura que en esta copa jugara Diego Forlán, solo gran goles!!
Leandro Henrique Nunes de Melo
Leandro Henrique Nunes de Melo 2 aylar önce
Nostalgia! foi a primeira Copa que eu assisti eu tinha 7 anos nessa época e agora eu com 20 anos esse ano é a vez do Qatar 2022
Vinícius Alves Dos Santos
Vinícius Alves Dos Santos Aylar önce
Foi a primeira copa que assisti tbm com 7 anos. Lembro me de como chorei quando o Brasil perdeu para a Holanda, mas foi épico
Jack Fairclough
Jack Fairclough 8 aylar önce
There was something truly special about this World Cup. The Players, the goals, the music, Africa, the fans, the Jabulani... Even the Vuvuzelas. Not much to enjoy being English but still - really enjoyable tournament.
Sicket Mög
Sicket Mög 4 aylar önce
@Thiccbreadticc I don't hate England (though it IS a depressing place). I just think it's hilarious when they lose.
Thiccbreadticc 4 aylar önce
@Sicket Mög I have no idea where eternal champions comes from as that is never sang in the song and if you know the song it’s ironic as it talkes about England fans having faith just to lose again and again, it’s a very sad reason to hate a country
Sicket Mög
Sicket Mög 4 aylar önce
@Thiccbreadticc No true non-English football fan doesn't find it hysterical whenever England, the "it's coming home eternal champions", lose. It's been funny since the damn 60's mah dude.🤣
Thiccbreadticc 4 aylar önce
@Sicket Mög just sad really
Sicket Mög
Sicket Mög 5 aylar önce
@Thiccbreadticc Immense satisfaction.👍
HighlyBaked 4 aylar önce
what a time to be alive, feels like yesterday. One of the best world cups ever
Lewis 5 aylar önce
Excelente edición y calidad, impresionante. El mejor mundial de todos los que he visto desde 2006. Los recuerdos que me trae de mirar los partidos de Uruguay en la escuela es impresionante
TJ Koren
TJ Koren 3 aylar önce
@Lewis el de italia 90 de lejos es el peor de la historia
Lewis 3 aylar önce
@TJ Koren y si bobina, pero no soy el ùnico, para la gran mayoría de los futboleros esto se resume entre Italia 90 y Sudáfrica 2010.
StargazeR 4 aylar önce
Yo tambien empece con la del 2006 y esta de sudafrica 2010 la tengo mucho cariño
TJ Koren
TJ Koren 4 aylar önce
Jajaja lo dices es porque lo viste en tu infancia
Bruno Rodriguez
Bruno Rodriguez 5 aylar önce
@German Moreira Mal... La final contra España hubiera sido realmente épica, ahí no me hubiera importado quien ganara (claramente hubiera hinchado a muerte por mi país) Pero si ganaba España no me hubiera quejado ya que llegó limpiamente a la final, realmente me alegro que haya ganado ese mundial y haya dejado segunda a la sucia y corrupta Holanda de ese entonces.
Príncipe Sky
Príncipe Sky 3 aylar önce
*A vida inteira eu vou ouvir Wavin' Flag e sempre, sempre chorar igual uma criança. Não existe um tema que defina as emoções e os sentimentos de uma Copa do Mundo melhor do que esse para mim. Que atmosfera incrível teve essa Copa.*
James Hoffmann
James Hoffmann 3 aylar önce
eu escutava mt antes de jogar interclasse, ja ia entrando no clima e me inspirando kkkkkkk, essa foi minha primeira copa que assisti (tinha 10 anos) e ate hoje e a melhor que ja vi.
KyrGyZOnTopIzatN 5 aylar önce
Посмотрел, прослезился... Это был лучший ЧМ по атмосфере которая царила во время него, с танцами футболистов ЮАР хозяев в первом же матче после великолепного пушечного удара Шабалала, ну и танцы Асамоа Гьяна, да даже Вувузела бесячая казалось в то время, сейчас уже не кажется таким. Колорит африканских народов это что то с чем то, обязательно нужно провести ещё один ЧМ на этом континенте,🤗
Định Nguyễn
Định Nguyễn 7 aylar önce
The best World Cup ever. My memory, my childhood, songs, goals... Wish i could go back to the good old days.
αlinuș 2 aylar önce
That brown boy
That brown boy 3 aylar önce
Pure nostalgia
AtomaticoM18 4 aylar önce
I‘m German and although we won in 2014 and not 2010 this will always be my favourite world cup. The whole tournament isn’t just about the eventual winner but about its multiple stories and journeys. 🔥
Benji Rodriguez
Benji Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
2006 way better
M0nster 4 aylar önce
Yes it’s such a nostalgic experience
weskley silva
weskley silva 13 saatler önce
Essa copa foi mágica 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾⚽💙
Rodrigo Ignacio Vergara Alday
Rodrigo Ignacio Vergara Alday 2 aylar önce
Siendo Chileno es increíble lo que jugó Forlan en ese Mundial, GOLAZOS.
ᴳᵒᵒᴰᴮˡᵒᵒᴰ 4 aylar önce
Sudáfrica 2010 fue el mejor mundial que he visto y no hablo de estrellas porque hubo muchas estrellas que no llegaron a ese mundial pero fue emocionante más que nada al ver a España campeona del mundo la música todo estuvo 10 - 10 el mundial
Freezee 8 gün önce
The feeling, and the atmosphere... wow!
Cherkezi Drin
Cherkezi Drin 9 aylar önce
The World Cup 2010 in Africa is once in a lifetime experience! Congratulations to Spain. Such a great tournament.
ReDx 8 aylar önce
and btw wheres that star i dont see it
ReDx 8 aylar önce
@Joshua19 bro stfu we won
NYA 8 aylar önce
Full Pad
Full Pad 8 aylar önce
@jota remerber the European championship of 1988 who won rhat
Rivalino Rumpza
Rivalino Rumpza 8 aylar önce
@IndigoFox04 you are right about that, but it wasn't this moment he was offside. He was offside the play before this
Astra Ben
Astra Ben 5 aylar önce
Probably the most beautiful moment in international football in the last 20 years. Such an amazing tournament, everything around it was just amazing.
@HBO Nordic Qatat will be the biggest fiasco the world of football has ever seen
HBO Nordic
HBO Nordic Aylar önce
2022 will soon take that place lol
Astra Ben
Astra Ben Aylar önce
@Girts Dzerins I don´t think you understand what makes a WC special
InDigo 4 aylar önce
It was shite.
kruku55 4 aylar önce
to było coś pięknego i te wuwuzele !
netweed09 2 aylar önce
Beautiful. I remember that amazing song - so much nostalgia. Many people didn't like this World Cup - but Spain breaking their duck against all the bottling odds?? Even though it may not be the best as a spectacle overall - it's still my favorite World Cup of them all!
Namel Macedo
Namel Macedo Aylar önce
A melhor Copa do Mundo até então.. Só de recordar dá arrepios. 🙌
N O M A K A _ D J 🇨🇻
N O M A K A _ D J 🇨🇻 Aylar önce
melhor copa de todos os tempos-🥰
Gabriel Mike
Gabriel Mike 2 aylar önce
As an African this world cup will forever live close to my heart❣️
egon bernardo
egon bernardo 2 aylar önce
não sei se foi a primeira copa que eu tenho recordações, na época eu tinha 7 anos; as vuvuzelas, a música da Shakira, a narração do Galvão bem baixa porque só ouvia o barulho da torcida junto as vuvuzelas, os jogos, o álbum da copa da época, tudo isso me marcou muito, hoje em dia vejo os jogos e gols que aconteceram e parece que volto lá em 2010, aqueles momentos pareciam mágicos mesmo não sendo o Brasil que estava em campo. Só recordações boas!!
phazaron 5 aylar önce
I just believe that the World Cups which are held outside of Europe have been more stunning so far, making this tournament more unique.
Fortcraft Ch Shorts
Fortcraft Ch Shorts Aylar önce
already 12 years in the past... damn. Seeing the goals really touches me. It was awesome
VAGALUME CDS 2 aylar önce
Pra mim a melhor copa foi essa e a de 2014 sdd desse tempo bom que não volta mais
Javier Smith
Javier Smith 4 aylar önce
15:38 WHAT A FANTABULOUS-OFF THE CHARTS- AMAZING GOAL!!!!!!!... definitely the best of that tournament, that was an unstopable dutch rocket the uruguayans had nothing on to stop it.
RedKing 01
RedKing 01 4 aylar önce
Cuando prescencias la historia de como una seleccion B con la mejor camada de la historia de futbolistas se vuelve una seleccion A... simplemente hermoso
ImmaSlapYoFace 7 gün önce
Watching this World Cup as a 10 year old is what made me fall in love with the game. All of Forlans goals and Tshabalaba’s opener were iconic
Fortcraft Ch Shorts
Fortcraft Ch Shorts Aylar önce
3 meses... solo 3 meses para vivir una nueva copa del mundo, que sin dudas va a ser muy especial por el hecho de que va a ser la última copa del mundo de muchisimas leyendas que recordaremos por siempre.
Zetina Medel Angel Yael
Zetina Medel Angel Yael Aylar önce
Que recuerdos es el primer mundial que me toco ver aun recuerdo a toda mi familia reunida en casa de mi abuelita para ver la final
Ádám Kiss
Ádám Kiss Gün önce
This was the best world cup, i've ever seen. Incredible players incredible songs, incredible feeling. My favorite of all time.
Tenia 11 años cuando vi ese mundial , viendo a mi selección Honduras . Fue el mejor mundial para mi por todo lo que se vivió en esos tiempos
🔸Axel SR🔸
🔸Axel SR🔸 2 aylar önce
El mejor mundial de mi vida, sin dudas 🥺
Se me enchina la piel y llega la nostalgia. Ojalá que en Qatar volvamos a vivir cosas icónicas porque será el final de muchas leyendas. Messi, Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Cavani, Luis Suárez, Di María, Andrés Guardado y muchos otros dirán adiós aqui.
STOP HERE Aylar önce
ميسي قد يلعب سنتين أخرى.. كريستيانو اضنه سيعتزل
Buzinada Aylar önce
This was BY FAR the best world cup we had. From my memories, the vibes my country (Brazil) had, in our schools, sticker albums, musics, NO one wasnt hyped for it. Everybody was united, cheering for Brazil, no politics, no hard discussions, just plain and simple Brazilians cheering and enjoying a great football cup. World cup in brazil 2014 didnt had 1/3 of the good vibes gave from South Africa. It was a heavy, melancollic and political pressed discussion about favelas, hospitals and building stadiums for the world cup. And we got humiliated by germany too, 7-1. So unfortunately, the cup in our home didnt had a good vibe at all (at least for the locals). BUT THIS? This is perfection. Everything about it, the no racism being promoted in Africa, the musics, the jabulani ball, the sticker albums, the games, the goals, everything about south africa's cup was amazing.
Houssem Hammami
Houssem Hammami 9 aylar önce
for me, this is the best world cup, so many great memories and amazing goals, there is something magical that happens when things are done in Africa even the stadiums were amazing too, not to forget the vuvuzelas, people say it's annoying but heck it added a touch to this world cup that no other country will do
Matej 21 gün önce
@Fisjy bro 2018 wc was so good so many tense matches and dark horse teams like croatia
daveeol1987 7 aylar önce
@Fisjy what state are you from that says hella everthing?
YN WA 7 aylar önce
@Adi Muntean you get it.. WC 06 was the best WC ever in football history
The Nzimande
The Nzimande 8 aylar önce
@Raj Das That World Cup sucked
MHS mhs
MHS mhs 8 aylar önce
Worst WC I've watched. Weird ball movement, slow pace tactic, annoying trumpet noises
Jeferson Barreto
Jeferson Barreto 5 aylar önce
só me lembro do waka waka kkkk❤ sdds da melhor copa q já teve nesse mundo
PABLOGARCIA_1223 Aylar önce
es imposible, siempre me emociono con ESE gol, siempre Este año tambien vamos a hacer algo grande, lo se, yo confio VAMOS ESPAÑA JODER
Titanium Art'S
Titanium Art'S 5 aylar önce
Até hoje guardo esse álbum, sdds
Pedro de Oliveira
Pedro de Oliveira 5 aylar önce
Copa do Forlán Muito bom África precisa organizar mais uma copa
火 Vinnie RX
火 Vinnie RX 9 aylar önce
_Diego Forlan, craque ! Jogou muito nessa copa !_
Gonzalo 4 0 4 5 7
Gonzalo 4 0 4 5 7 7 aylar önce
Práctico con la pelota del mundial en su casa que se la envió adidas eso es lo que pasa
Abdias Gama
Abdias Gama 8 aylar önce
Eu nao conhecia ele. Descobri hoje antes mesmo de saber quem é. Fiquei maravilhado
Kirk Zelayhon
Kirk Zelayhon 8 aylar önce
M Subirat
M Subirat 8 aylar önce
the best
Eudys Choquecallata Aguirre
Eudys Choquecallata Aguirre Aylar önce
De los mejores goles de los mundiales, no entiendo por que el balón era odiado el diseño era espectacular
Hector Rizzo
Hector Rizzo Aylar önce
Exactamente por el diseño, era difícil para los porteros atraparlas y si te das cuenta el disparo era como recto, esto se debe a que el balón era totalmente liso y esférico por lo cual al estar en el aire el viento no infería en su trayectoria, haciendo un disparo "limpio", algo que ningún jugador estaba acostumbrado. El que logró dominar ese balón fue Forlán, lo cual hizo que sea el goleador del mundial.
An Unusual Ironic Circumstance
An Unusual Ironic Circumstance 8 gün önce
Watching this on November 20th the start of the World Cup 2022. During 2010, a lot of people were saying that this World Cup was the worst one due to the vuvuzelas. Looking back now, it was a fantastic World Cup. 🥹
Dmitriy Nechaev
Dmitriy Nechaev Aylar önce
El momento más inolvidable es que Alemania estaba jugando y reventando a todos pero en semifinal empezaron a caminar unos 90 minutos sin hacer nada :)
Mateusz Aylar önce
Najlepszy mundial w historii. Te niesamowite wuwuzele na stadionie.
David Diaz
David Diaz 3 aylar önce
This might of been one of my favorite memories as a kid, all the family came over to watch the games such good times
Abdullah Konneh
Abdullah Konneh 5 aylar önce
The unforgettable year 2010 😘😘 what a memories 😘😘😘
Roberto Campos
Roberto Campos Aylar önce
El efecto Jabulani! increible la cantidad de goles porque el arquero suelta el balon en un tiro al centro sin peligro y terminaban en remates fáciles a gol. En su tiempo los porteros se quejaban mucho de ese balón pero en esta recolipación realmente se ve el impacto que tuvo.
Nice Ya
Nice Ya 18 gün önce
My first world cup memories 💙
Damian López
Damian López Aylar önce
Best world cup in my memorie. I remember when Abreu kick that last penalty I jump out the couch and went out to scream whit all the ppl, so many emotions in the same game. That nigth Uruguayan capital was insane, we party all nigth. And Forlan was incredible in that cup.
Dennis Calixto
Dennis Calixto Gün önce
Melhor copa de todas, ce loco até arrepia
GaryStill 15 gün önce
Loved this world cup, overal was probably my fave, so nostalgic now, i was 15 at the time and i watched 60 out of the 64 matches, was so invested and loved it at the time, unfortunately one of the matches i missed was due to an exam and it was the 7-0 portugal win over north korea, bet that would of so been good live! not been as active into football as got older so the more recent tournaments i only really watched the important matches.
Dj Igor Solano
Dj Igor Solano 5 aylar önce
Tenía 7 años y tuve la oportunidad de poder ver esté mundial sin duda es mejor mundial🇵🇾 Aguanté mi querido Paraguay se que algún dia llegaremos otra vez en esté momento que tuvimos🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾
Lusio oo
Lusio oo 5 gün önce
@titi se nota que eres joven jaja
titi 5 aylar önce
decis q es el mejor pqes el unico q viste clasificar a paraguay
Diogo Apolinario
Diogo Apolinario 5 aylar önce
Nasci em 2002 e essa de 2010 foi a melhor musica de copa
Red Morphins
Red Morphins 5 aylar önce
The first goal it's very very memorable moment❤
Xavier Vasquez
Xavier Vasquez 2 aylar önce
Uff Que recuerdos, con 9 años fue la primera copa del mundo que me vi y aunque soy ecuatoriano el partido de uruguay por tercer puesto lo vimos todo mi barrio apoyando a Uruguay. Que bonitos recuerdos :,)
Denis 2 aylar önce
That period was so special for me, every memory is good about 2010, i miss everything
Guillermo Nuñez
Guillermo Nuñez 18 gün önce
Amigo, tan cerca estuvimos de ir a semis, si llegabamos iba a ser re feliz, un podio mundialista, un sueño aca en Paraguay.
Zungkuk-a 3 aylar önce
One of the greatest goal celebration in football history, Tshabalala and his friends 🔥
MDtheLegend 98
MDtheLegend 98 5 aylar önce
The first World Cup I’ve ever watched. Ahh memories 😌
Warley Jhonnatan
Warley Jhonnatan Aylar önce
Essa foi a melhor copa 🇿🇦
Tobey Slater
Tobey Slater 8 aylar önce
Unbelievable its 12 yrs ago. Time flies, such a good tournament. In my memories the best WC next to 1998
Gonzalo 4 0 4 5 7
Gonzalo 4 0 4 5 7 7 aylar önce
For me Brasil 1014
TTM TV 7 aylar önce
@Dotabuff with lack of freedom
Abdishakur Mukhtar
Abdishakur Mukhtar 7 aylar önce
@Dotabuff lol 2018 world cup was pretty average no where near 2014 and 2010 world cup
Dotabuff 7 aylar önce
Sid 7 aylar önce
@Luke you are
Donald NGOUMEZO Aylar önce
Tt les émotions étaient au rendez-vous, une coupe du monde avec tellement des légendes de foot. L'une des meilleures coupe du monde
ukg corky
ukg corky 5 aylar önce
there will never be another feeling in my life that this world cup made me feel its was supernatural in nature
Angry Pickle
Angry Pickle 21 gün önce
Oh my god Forlan. Incredible goals and technique hitting the ball.
꧁༒ℐℕℱᎯℳᎾUЅ ༒꧂ 2 aylar önce
Man, I remember just like yesterday. How fast time flies. I feel nostalgic ❤❤❤
Reijav 7 aylar önce
Todos los goles de Forlan eran golazos, impresionante. Bien merecido se tuvo el premio a mejor jugador.
Manuel L'Z
Manuel L'Z 2 aylar önce
ese tipo fue un crack como jugador que golazos se mando en este mundial
fredericofurlan 5 aylar önce
Galvão é fofa, timbre incomparável
OnceIWasYou 16 gün önce
This is great, being reminded of these goals and what was happening when you saw them! Tshabalala, The Rob Green error....That Maicon goal (Isn't that the game that North Korea "Won"?), that Forlan dipping goal, Spain's brilliance, Lampard's goal not given etc. Amazing tournament! ....Except the vuvuzelas!!
Jugistoteles Aylar önce
I remember the final very well. Couldn't believe Van Marwijk brought off Van Bronckhorst and Kuyt who had done so well to protect the left flank and replaced them with Eljero Elia (which I could sort of stomach) and Edson fricking Braafheid. How the latter even made it to the competition is still beyond me.
Box Champ
Box Champ 5 aylar önce
Iniesta’s goal still gives me goosebumps
Nancy Gonzalez García
Nancy Gonzalez García 9 aylar önce
You know the World Cup is gonna be amazing when the first goal is a screamer
Ferghal Molloy
Ferghal Molloy 6 aylar önce
@God of Victory Yeah I was a bit harsh with 1990. Just the final was shit. The tournament itself was good.
God of Victory
God of Victory 6 aylar önce
@Ferghal Molloy I agree 2010 was a crap WC. But 1990 was pretty good actually.
Lovro Karajković
Lovro Karajković 7 aylar önce
@Niko Seufert why was 2018 worst one?
an nguyễn
an nguyễn 7 aylar önce
Or an own goal ( like WC 2014 and euro 2020 )
MVJ Bass
MVJ Bass 7 aylar önce
@Niko Seufert The 2010 is widely considered as one of the worst
Eun S
Eun S Aylar önce
Nothing but the good memories when I think of 2010 World Cup. I miss it so much of those times
bubbbles 5 aylar önce
Best WC. Awsome vibe, awsome football, awsome players, awsome fans. My favourite. 14’ WC got almost the same vibe but 10’ WC still remain the best.
Oscar Arvizu
Oscar Arvizu 6 aylar önce
El mejor mundial nunca se repetirá uno igual
TheMrMors Aylar önce
Как же сильно изменился футбол. Не счесть сколько там голов было забито из оффсайда, турнир мог быть другим
Zlatandinho 7 aylar önce
So many incredible goals from outside the box at this World Cup, my goodness. Also, lol at this moment 13:07.
Me Virgo
Me Virgo Aylar önce
I love that moment verymucb😂
jorge velis
jorge velis 3 aylar önce
@Emiliano Avila he is still feeling pain in his ass because of argentina xd
ae 5 aylar önce
@José Mendoza Mendoza fatherless behaviour
Lautaro Tramazaygues
Lautaro Tramazaygues 5 aylar önce
@José Mendoza Mendoza Dolidaso pq los cogio arg XD
天誅飛脚 5 aylar önce
When I see this, I know the timestamp will definitely appear in replies.
Alvaro Zevallos
Alvaro Zevallos 4 aylar önce
Fue uno de los mundiales mas bonitos del mundo.
Ezequiel Martinez
Ezequiel Martinez 6 aylar önce
Muy buen video. Cada país con su relator nacional. Un genio
rodrigo susperregui
rodrigo susperregui 4 gün önce
Sem dúvidas na minha opinião a melhor copa do mundo até hoje era sensacional.
Sebastian Martínez
Sebastian Martínez 4 aylar önce
Los narradores te contagian la alegría con el gol de Iniesta
Tade 9 aylar önce
Datos y cosas a destacar del mundial 2010 - Primer mundial en suelo africano - España fue la seleccion campeona del mundo con menos goles a favor - A pesar de quedarse en primera fase, Nueva Zelanda fue la única seleccion invicta de ese mundial - España se sumo a otras 3 selecciones campeonas del mundo, en perder un partido y ganar el titulo, estas son Alemania 54, 74 y Argentina 78 - España ademas igualo los hitos de Alemania y Francia, en ser campeones de la Euro y Mundial, al mismo tiempo. Alemania (Euro 72 - Mundial 74), Francia (Mundial 98 - Euro 2000), y por ultimo, España (Euro 2008 - Mundial 2010 - EURO 2012) - El grupo A del mundial 1966 y 2010, fueron casi los mismos. 1966, tuvo a Inglaterra (anfitrión), Francia, México y Uruguay y en 2010, Sudáfrica (anfitrión), Francia, México y Uruguay - Algo similar, pasa con el grupo de Argentina en USA 94. En 1994, el grupo estuvo conformado por Argentina, Nigeria, Grecia y Bulgaria y en 2010, Argentina, Nigeria, Grecia, Corea del Sur - Los rivales que se enfrento Alemania en 1966 y 2010, fueron casi los mismos, ya que, en ambos torneos se enfrento a España, Argentina, Uruguay e Inglaterra. - Con la final perdida, Holanda se convirtió en la seleccion que mas finales jugo, sin nunca ganar el titulo - Algo similar pasa con Uruguay, es la seleccion que mas veces jugo el partido del tercer y cuarto puesto, y nunca gano la medalla de bronce. 1954, 1970 y 2010 - Alemania vs Uruguay, se convirtió en el duelo mas repetido del tercer y cuarto puesto. Se enfrentaron en 1970 y 2010 - Mientras España llego a las semis después de ganar por 1-0 a Portugal y Paraguay, Alemania llego después de meterle 4 a Inglaterra, y Argentina. Poco importo eso, ya que en esa semifinal, España volvió a ganar 1-0 - España 2010 es la única seleccion campeona del mundo, que gano todos los partidos de fase eliminatoria por 1-0 - Fue la séptima final de Mundial, en la que ambas selecciones llegaban sin nunca antes ganar el titulo, las otras fueron en 1930, 1934, 1954, 1958, 1966, 1978.
LosFurlanes 3 aylar önce
@David Pirela no amigo, Brasil siempre fue campeón invicto. Quizás te confundas con Francia '98 (donde perdió con Noruega en fase de grupos) pero no fue campeón, perdió la final
LosFurlanes 3 aylar önce
El dato que más me llamó la atención fue el que Alemania repitió 4 rivales del mundial 1966
Tony's Place '83
Tony's Place '83 4 aylar önce
El ejemplo más claro fue la final de la euro 2012, contra Italia. Italia se abrió para ir a por el partido, dejando atrás tantas décadas de catenaccio, y les cayó 4 en la misma final.
Tony's Place '83
Tony's Place '83 4 aylar önce
España ganó 1-0 todos los partidos porque le juegan a la defensa. Sin embargo, Alemania marcó tantos goles porque Argentina o Inglaterra le jugaron de tú a tú, abriéndose al ataque y por tanto teniendo más huecos donde meter la bola. Si a España le hubiesen jugado de tú a tú, habría goleado a cualquier selección en aquella epoca, incluyendo Brasil.
Salomon Castellon
Salomon Castellon 5 aylar önce
daniel diaz
daniel diaz 2 aylar önce
Para mí desde que he visto mundiales este ha Sido el mejor de todos, había demasiado nivel y todos estaban en su prime, la España de casillas, Iniesta, Puyol, la Holanda de sneider, roben, la Francia de Ribery, la Uruguay de Forlán, ozil, muller, Klose en Alemania, lampard en Inglaterra, la costa de marfil de Drogba, fue el mejor mundial 😢
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