3 Tips For FIXING Your Beats (DO THESE!)

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Navie D

Navie D

Yıl önce

3 Tips For FIXING Your Beats (DO THESE!) | Troubleshooting your beats can be one of the most difficult things to learn as a producer. There may be many issues with your beats, and in order to improve your beats and level up your producer skills, you will need to learn how to identify these issues and solve them.
And this is why I made this tutorial video today. I want to show 3 particular types of problems that occur often in many newer producers' beats, and why they happen. After looking at why these issues happen when making beats, I then explore the potential solutions for these beatmaking mistakes.
Even though this video was made using FL Studio, this can still apply if you are using Ableton, Logic, Garageband, Maschine, or any other DAW!
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IceyOnDaOnes Yıl önce
Navie is definitely the best production tutor on YT. Why? Because he actually teaches and teaches well. Hes knowledgeable. Hes not like most of these other tutorial guys who don't really teach anything or understand what they are saying themselves and are really flexing their producer muscles while hiding behind the word "tutorial". This was a good video and I learn alot. +1 for us. Thx alot Navie
PananGram Gepearanan
PananGram Gepearanan 3 gün önce
This is so true, they always say tutorial but don’t actually talk or put words on the screen about what they are doing, they just make a really quick song in front of you with no explanation. This guy is great, gives you tips, and is actually trying to lead you to better beats. This guy is great glad I finally stumbled upon a channel like this 👍🏾 God bless y’all 😊❤
Red0ctane 4
Red0ctane 4 4 aylar önce
@Shaun Gurley Very true. How could we have not mentioned that prior?! His metaphors are top notch comedy.
Shaun Gurley
Shaun Gurley 4 aylar önce
@Red0ctane 4 His Canadian sense of Humor is what really keeps us coming back!
IceyOnDaOnes 7 aylar önce
@Lord Liquiir Say it again for the ones in the back. Better Beatmaker is a gem of a course too. Gets me to think differently when approaching my music
Lord Liquiir
Lord Liquiir 7 aylar önce
And the fact that its free. He also doesn't have an arrogant vibe like ALOT of mentoring producers have. He comes across like he legitimately wants to help people create music
Eazy Ersi
Eazy Ersi Yıl önce
Lesson learned : *dont use reverb on every element on your beat*
Prod. Tens
Prod. Tens 9 aylar önce
I learnt that the hard way. So many tracks ruined by being drowned in reverb
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards Yıl önce
you are hands down the best tutorial dude in youtube. so helpful for people that have been making beats for a while but looking to take to the next level
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards Yıl önce
@Navie D yeah man you taught me how to make the most of my sampled drum breaks. before felt so flat but when i put them in mono with decapitator and a transient shaper... amazing
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you Jack! I hope your beats have improved since you've started watching my videos!
luvclara! Yıl önce
thank you a ton navie, lately ive been feeling super unmotivated and just kinda stuck in everything, but seeing how you always push forward and teach super well has helped me to get back into the groove of things. im far from good at beat making , but ive come a long way from where ive started, and much of that i own to u!!! luv u soooo much
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
As long as you keep making progress my friend
Shino BeatZ
Shino BeatZ Yıl önce
i really like that you treat the other beats with respect and refer more to the own flaws you used to make then the flaws in the other beats.
NaturalBornHuman Yıl önce
Nevermore Yıl önce
Thank you for showing us your past mistakes and sharing your experience with us! It means a lot! I've been subbed since like 5k and I'm really happy to see you winning :) You're one of the best producer-youtubers out there!
Jester Beats
Jester Beats 7 aylar önce
I cant tell you how much I appreciate your knowledge at such a crucial time in my production career. You sir are doing gods work. Very transparent, and appreciate your knowledge on the mixing side.
Northern Cali Man
Northern Cali Man Yıl önce
I love watching your videos you're so knowledgeable about music production keep them vids coming bro
Fox Maven
Fox Maven Yıl önce
Inspirational and super helpful, per usual! I wonder, could I substitute Decimort for, say... Fruity Squeeze? lol Also, chances on a "cookup" type video? I'm interested in the Legend's workflow! Thanks, and cheers!
Fox Maven
Fox Maven Yıl önce
@Navie D Oh? Musta been before I subbed then... haha Seriously, though, I don't see it failing this time. Perhaps you have better traction now?
RIDDIM Yıl önce
Second the cook up!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thanks Fox! I have never used Fruity Squeeze unfortunately, so I am not sure! Last time I did a "cook up" video, it failed. Maybe I will try again though
Dox Dos
Dox Dos Yıl önce
I really dig the content man! You are very knowledgeable when it comes to beat making. Can the techniques used in better beat maker be applied to the Mpc One or is it specifically tailored for FL studio?
Lesedi D. Damane
Lesedi D. Damane Yıl önce
🤣 The analogy drove the point home as always.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Hahah excellent, I am happy it made sense
Hey... a lot of these tips are great! However, I predominately use Reason 12 to make beats. Some of your concepts are difficult to translate. Could you do a video on how to transfer these concepts to Reason, Ableton and whatnot? Even if you’re running them as plugins?
Anthony Gavina
Anthony Gavina Yıl önce
Love your teachings they bless me every time I can relate these to my beats 🙏🏼
Kid Rajah
Kid Rajah Yıl önce
On Sato’s beat, I wouldn’t put reverb on the drums. On melody is okay with modulation.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
It's best to have something in your beat that's dry to create that dimensionality
IXXI Records
IXXI Records Yıl önce
I learned the filter trick really early on from the EDM guys. They've got really exceptional sound-design tips over in that realm of production. You're a fantastic teacher, keep up the great work. ✊🏼
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you my friend! EDM does have some great techniques one could use
BenjiG Yıl önce
Woah that third tip really helped man! Adds more movement in the high frequencies instead of a block of lowered volume.
Heavy Metal Farmer
Heavy Metal Farmer Yıl önce
OMG thank you for sharing your knowledge. I almost feel guilty for learning this for free.
Red0ctane 4
Red0ctane 4 Yıl önce
Late to the party, but appreciate this one! The first tip will help a ton while I'm trying my hand at EDM. Just so much going on and such dense sounds that it can be overwhelming. I also never fully knew what the resonance knob did. Super helpful to now envision what it's doing thinking in terms of seeing it on an EQ. And of course distortion. Can't forget that one! Appreciate it my friend! Edit: P.S. The analogy killed it as always. 🤣 They always cracked me up but get the point across so well. Idk how you think of them, but never stop. Hahaha!
Red0ctane 4
Red0ctane 4 Yıl önce
@Navie D Haha I love it! Idk how you keep a straight face, but it adds so much.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Hahah thank you Korbdog. I dunno how I think of this weird stuff either
Simon 26 gün önce
hey bro when i first clicked on your videos i was like 3 years into producing and i felt like ok man this is some dope content but it is way too advanced for my skill lvl right now. now 2 years i feel like i am on the right lvl to really improve from your videos just wanna say thank you very much for your cool content it really helps me alot and i really learn how to see things in different angles and from another side that i am used to!! keep it up :)
Beats By B Magic
Beats By B Magic Yıl önce
I never understood the difference between EQ and filtering. Thanks for sharing this information with the music producer community, Navie. I'm going to start using this tip more
LukeSLy Beats
LukeSLy Beats 18 gün önce
There is no difference, other than the fact that an eq gives you far more control. You don't need a filter to add resonance to a High or low pass filter. It can be done in an eq in two seconds. I'm kinda shocked that navie put this info out there tbh
Fonzie Pedroza
Fonzie Pedroza Yıl önce
I came across your video randomly and this made me want to subscribe. I fully agreed with all of your points plus I learned a few new things to help me on my own production. Thank you!!! #Subscribed
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Glad to have you on board Fonzie!
Erick is SWELL
Erick is SWELL Yıl önce
The explanation of using filters helps alot 😩 you're the best man.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you Erick!
I swear you write the 9:40 analogy bits first and reverse engineer how to make a tutorial video using them. You wake up in the middle of the night with a crazy ass analogy and quickly scribble it down in your handy analogy pad. Love it. Keep em coming.
Gifted 6 aylar önce
I love the fact that you ALWAYS incorporate an aspect of funny into all of your videos, you are my absolute favorite YT music teacher bro. That explanation for the hair in a can had me DYYYINGGG! LMAOOOOO
Walter Yıl önce
Navie the absolute 🐐 have no idea where I'd be without you homes! Best beat tips on TRshow
Walter Yıl önce
@Navie D just doing my job mr navie man 😊
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
How kind, thank you sexyman Walter
Makafish Beats
Makafish Beats Yıl önce
So what I learned from this video is to use Hair in a can to fix my mix problems, damn why didn't I think about it! on a serious note tho I really love your videos they're super helpful and enjoyable thanks a lot!
Ignorez beats
Ignorez beats 10 aylar önce
Love your videos, your critical and analysing aproach and using your brain! Also well done those fixes. im just curious, in what country do you live? :)
Kiada Cleve
Kiada Cleve 10 aylar önce
I appreciate your content Navie 💯
Navie D
Navie D 10 aylar önce
Thank you! I appreciate you my friend
Isaiah Long
Isaiah Long Yıl önce
Hey man, I was wondering if you can do a 4 Techniques video for El-P. I really like his production style, so it would be a joy to see you do it.
Benjamin Prosser
Benjamin Prosser Yıl önce
Joshua Phelps
Joshua Phelps Yıl önce
Hell yeah! El-P is Very unique! I grew up on CoFlo decades ago.
kapoww Yıl önce
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Oooh El-P is a mad man. Good idea!
Summerof08' Yıl önce
This channel is extremely helpful. 🙏🏼
D. Mike
D. Mike Yıl önce
Brother Navie D you have so much clarity to what you say here on youtube !! thank for your tips and knowloedge !
Middle Religion
Middle Religion Yıl önce
Love the info Navie!!!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you boss!
Jairus Clark
Jairus Clark Yıl önce
11:19 Navie is so focused it looks like he is getting ready to box his monitor 😆
Xiro Yıl önce
I understand the point of the second tip, but I feel like Sato's original beat would be great in the context of a Cloud Rap song or something hazy and dreamy like that.
Omar O
Omar O Yıl önce
Thank you, this is great content
Halim Htm
Halim Htm Yıl önce
شكرا لك على كل التوضيح والمجهود المثالي ،أنت سيدي تقدم تقنيات فعاله اتمنى ان ترفق فيديوهاتك بالترجمه الى اللغه العربية لكي يتسنى لنا فهمك بنبة كبيرة ..شكرا لك
kKneb Yıl önce
i love these explanations
Simon Lajoie
Simon Lajoie 9 aylar önce
even though im not a fl user love to watch your video, great teacher.
Bazard Dah-Bzah Aka TsirObiangBzah
Bazard Dah-Bzah Aka TsirObiangBzah Yıl önce
Very Helpful. Bravo!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you Baz!
Connor Delacerda
Connor Delacerda Yıl önce
Can u do a video on how to properly arrange a hook/verse sequence once everything sounds good ?
NaturalBornHuman Yıl önce
Would love to see that
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
I was actually thinking of doing this. Must add to list
HYBRYD Beats Yıl önce
Sometimes 6:42 isn't wat we wanna hear... BUT ITS THA ABSOLUTE TRUth... 💪 Appreciate ya hommie 💯 wud love to get in on the next beat submission!!!
Mysti-K Yıl önce
Helpful Thanks 🙏❤
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you dude!
internetfase Yıl önce
hair in a can on the master - got it. thanks, navie.
Joshua Phelps
Joshua Phelps Yıl önce
Just spray it right on your laptop and interface too! That’s glue compression in a can!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Oh no. Oh nooooooooooooooo
Convoluded Dude'd
Convoluded Dude'd Yıl önce
Amazing advice! Putting reverb on everything reminds me of my homie who puts gross beat halftime on everything LMAO
Hxman737 Yıl önce
thank you for this video!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Aardvark04 9 aylar önce
Great video! Loved the hair spray analogy!
Marvin Bennett
Marvin Bennett Yıl önce
Ol FL lol, haven't used it in a few months since I got that mpc live but FL made me a monster but this damn mpc is some whole other shhh. Great vid as usual naive D.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Oooh I take it you're enjoying the MPC?
LukeSLy Beats
LukeSLy Beats 9 aylar önce
So why use a filter instead of an eq when you can just add the resonance to the eq, did I miss something?
ProdByJOD Yıl önce
That hair in a can example was amazing thank you🤣
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
I hope it made sense, as weird as it was
Omni One
Omni One 4 aylar önce
Great Teaching !
luaks pudaus
luaks pudaus Yıl önce
You're awesome ! thank's 4 this ! ... i was tryng to download your drumkit but never came any mail or nothing ! help me please! Navie Di G.O.A.T.
Arya Vahedy
Arya Vahedy Yıl önce
You're the best men🔥🔥🔥
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you Arya!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Plz don’t ask where I got that pic at @10:35 from
The kattemax
The kattemax Yıl önce
oh boy....
SD Yıl önce
I used to put reverb on everything... Now i put reverb on send track on everything.
jjbing3 Yıl önce
Are my beats broken? 🤔 Great video. 👍🏾
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you JJ!
Saint.Llaines Yıl önce
The best🔥🔥
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you my friend!
Kami Zharfa
Kami Zharfa Yıl önce
This is Fire ❤️
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page Yıl önce
Good stuff. Thanks man.
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page Yıl önce
@Navie D Yes sir. I incorporate your theories into my beats.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you for watching!
sleepy sleepy
sleepy sleepy Yıl önce
Can you do a series of this type. Fixing beats?
S.P Pérez
S.P Pérez Yıl önce
Unc Navie dropin a gem on em as always
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
I wonder if I will be grandpa Navie still doing this years from now
GXXN!E Yıl önce
Gems as always🖤🐐
1Prodbyaj Yıl önce
1st tip is basically, less is more !
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Or, less is less when you need to do less
Kamlak Bmbo
Kamlak Bmbo Yıl önce
10:44 nice example : )
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Thank you Kamlakkkk
uDingswayo Yıl önce
Bro, please do a short video on how to modulate samples or chops emulating that Maschine sound
uDingswayo Yıl önce
@Dub Konnection Nah bro Im not talking about that, im referring to modullation eg like that tremolo effect on a piano but doing that on a sample or chop.
Dub Konnection
Dub Konnection Yıl önce
Cuts and pause
James2touch Muminkoh beats.
James2touch Muminkoh beats. Yıl önce
This coming video is cool love it
Рижий Бро
Рижий Бро Yıl önce
Wanted to take part in your special courses but the price is way too big for a foreigner like me (thanks to currency exchange and taxes >
Wali Dank
Wali Dank Yıl önce
Yo got all the tips on structure for drums and bass but u should work your melodies and removing the high end out of the sounds you make chords out of it seems likes it screams at you when u hear it
Charles Martin
Charles Martin 8 aylar önce
Zaalim Beats
Zaalim Beats Yıl önce
10:48 Mission Accomplished
Zaalim Beats
Zaalim Beats Yıl önce
@Navie D haha. would like to but got no boss.
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Try it IRL!
ReallyUnruly Yıl önce
Flamingo shirt Navie is definitely one of the most terrifying forces in the producer universe.
Denver Callahan
Denver Callahan Yıl önce
Analogy game just as strong as the production..
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Hahah thank you!
Schoefer Productions
Schoefer Productions Yıl önce
Wait, just so that we are clear, I should NOT spray my boss in the face with aresol artificial hair…?
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
There is a time and a place, just don't do it EVERY time
Anohnymouss Yıl önce
bruh that analogy 😂😂😂😂😂
Mucho Bandz
Mucho Bandz 8 aylar önce
Wish I would’ve seen this before I sprayed my boss in the face 🤦🏾‍♂️ but thanks anyway
Kelly Kell
Kelly Kell Yıl önce
My favorite 😍
Kelly Kell
Kelly Kell Yıl önce
@Navie D wonderful!!! I’m back in the states! It’s been a amazing summer despite the current events in the world! I’m actually starting a new job next week so excited about that and just moved out on my own for the 1st time in life so everything is going well!!!
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Aww how sweet Kelly. How is life treating you
Heart Beats Production
Heart Beats Production 6 aylar önce
You have great knowledge and content sharing, but your examples and analogies are so gd weird man xD
Str8representing beats
Str8representing beats Yıl önce
This is one of those golden nuggets videos
ivan serraventoso
ivan serraventoso 7 aylar önce
What is that video game that plays at the beginning ?
Navie D
Navie D 6 aylar önce
My Friend Pedro
not bad ☝🏿
Aaron Vizcarra
Aaron Vizcarra Yıl önce
The spray can theory to massage your grandma’s gremlin hands and feet ? NOPE ❌
Dub Konnection
Dub Konnection Yıl önce
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Yıl önce
I switched to Logic pro x but still here 😬 someone else?
Alexunder Ground
Alexunder Ground Yıl önce
there's nothing a spray can not fix 🐔
Alexunder Ground
Alexunder Ground Yıl önce
@Navie D I just picked him for his “I’m a rooster, I know shit” look 😀
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Hmm I feel like you used that emoji for a reason
Ryoto Yıl önce
Babe wakeup Navie has uploaded another banger
Ryoto Yıl önce
@Navie D well I'm not gonna let my girl see what she's missing out on am I?
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Babe turns out to be the name of your pet rodent
Spartakos Yıl önce
yes sir +)
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
jeboi愛 Yıl önce
man, you really sound like edgar from techsource
PROD. MARCO Yıl önce
nice vro
ty(WaterGawd) Yıl önce
The 2nd sample was dope that 808 was too nasty. But EVERYYYBODYS beats sounded like that at one point
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
This is true. We've all had those pains
Young semi truck 4x4
Young semi truck 4x4 Yıl önce
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
That's an interesting username
Lupac Made this
Lupac Made this Yıl önce
Navie > busyworkbeats
vidoe maken oke
vidoe maken oke Yıl önce
Computer is gehackt door anderen mensen wat doe je danls je tegen gehouden word
Middle Religion
Middle Religion Yıl önce
Massaging grandmas feet 🦶👵🦶
IKEA MAN Yıl önce
@Navie D 😶😂
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
We all have our kinks, let's not judge
Sam Yıl önce
too much reverb is terrible
The kattemax
The kattemax Yıl önce
Car gets a fucking mustache lmao
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
LITZ Yıl önce
I need a hair in can asap
LITZ Yıl önce
@Dub Konnection 🤣🤣😭👍
Dub Konnection
Dub Konnection Yıl önce
Buy It quickly, after this video prices are skyrocketing
prod. Heinz Schmidt
prod. Heinz Schmidt Yıl önce
You composed my friend Pedro?
prod. Heinz Schmidt
prod. Heinz Schmidt Yıl önce
@Navie D loved the soundtrack playing that
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Steve Lewis
Steve Lewis Yıl önce
morphyne Yıl önce
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Ooh so close
L!!T Yıl önce
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Close enough
Rapamental Yıl önce
I’m the fourth
Navie D
Navie D Yıl önce
Well done my friend!
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