3 Tips For FIXING Your Beats (DO THESE!)

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Navie D

Navie D

Yıl önce

3 Tips For FIXING Your Beats (DO THESE!) | Troubleshooting your beats can be one of the most difficult things to learn as a producer. There may be many issues with your beats, and in order to improve your beats and level up your producer skills, you will need to learn how to identify these issues and solve them.
And this is why I made this tutorial video today. I want to show 3 particular types of problems that occur often in many newer producers' beats, and why they happen. After looking at why these issues happen when making beats, I then explore the potential solutions for these beatmaking mistakes.
Even though this video was made using FL Studio, this can still apply if you are using Ableton, Logic, Garageband, Maschine, or any other DAW!
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IceyOnDaOnes Yıl önce
Navie is definitely the best production tutor on YT. Why? Because he actually teaches and teaches well. Hes knowledgeable. Hes not like most of these other tutorial guys who don't really teach anything or understand what they are saying themselves and are really flexing their producer muscles while hiding behind the word "tutorial". This was a good video and I learn alot. +1 for us. Thx alot Navie
Shino BeatZ
Shino BeatZ Yıl önce
i really like that you treat the other beats with respect and refer more to the own flaws you used to make then the flaws in the other beats.
Eazy Ersi
Eazy Ersi Yıl önce
Lesson learned :
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards Yıl önce
you are hands down the best tutorial dude in youtube. so helpful for people that have been making beats for a while but looking to take to the next level
Jester Beats
Jester Beats
I cant tell you how much I appreciate your knowledge at such a crucial time in my production career. You sir are doing gods work. Very transparent, and appreciate your knowledge on the mixing side.
luvclara! Yıl önce
thank you a ton navie, lately ive been feeling super unmotivated and just kinda stuck in everything, but seeing how you always push forward and teach super well has helped me to get back into the groove of things. im far from good at beat making , but ive come a long way from where ive started, and much of that i own to u!!! luv u soooo much <3333
Nevermore Yıl önce
Thank you for showing us your past mistakes and sharing your experience with us! It means a lot! I've been subbed since like 5k and I'm really happy to see you winning :) You're one of the best producer-youtubers out there!
IXXI Records
IXXI Records Yıl önce
I learned the filter trick really early on from the EDM guys. They've got really exceptional sound-design tips over in that realm of production.
Red0ctane 4
Red0ctane 4 Yıl önce
Late to the party, but appreciate this one! The first tip will help a ton while I'm trying my hand at EDM. Just so much going on and such dense sounds that it can be overwhelming. I also never fully knew what the resonance knob did. Super helpful to now envision what it's doing thinking in terms of seeing it on an EQ. And of course distortion. Can't forget that one! Appreciate it my friend!
Hey... a lot of these tips are great! However, I predominately use Reason 12 to make beats. Some of your concepts are difficult to translate. Could you do a video on how to transfer these concepts to Reason, Ableton and whatnot? Even if you’re running them as plugins?
hey bro
Dox Dos
Dox Dos Yıl önce
I really dig the content man! You are very knowledgeable when it comes to beat making. Can the techniques used in better beat maker be applied to the Mpc One or is it specifically tailored for FL studio?
Beats By B Magic
Beats By B Magic Yıl önce
I never understood the difference between EQ and filtering. Thanks for sharing this information with the music producer community, Navie. I'm going to start using this tip more
I swear you write the
MVN STN Yıl önce
Inspirational and super helpful, per usual!
I love the fact that you ALWAYS incorporate an aspect of funny into all of your videos, you are my absolute favorite YT music teacher bro. That explanation for the hair in a can had me DYYYINGGG! LMAOOOOO
Fonzie Pedroza
Fonzie Pedroza Yıl önce
I came across your video randomly and this made me want to subscribe. I fully agreed with all of your points plus I learned a few new things to help me on my own production. Thank you!!!
Anthony Gavina
Anthony Gavina Yıl önce
Love your teachings they bless me every time I can relate these to my beats 🙏🏼
BenjiG Yıl önce
Woah that third tip really helped man! Adds more movement in the high frequencies instead of a block of lowered volume.