Riding the Japan's Fastest Bullet Train l HAYABUSA First Class Seat 🚄

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Experience JAPAN

Experience JAPAN

2 aylar önce

This time, I traveled from Tokyo to Hokkaido on the Shinkansen 'Hayabusa,' which operates at the country's fastest speed of 320 km/h.
The Hayabusa Shinkansen features a first-class section known as 'Gran Class,' which I had the pleasure of riding. Additionally, the Hayabusa I took this time is coupled with the 'Komachi' Shinkansen bound for Akita.
There's plenty to see, so enjoy the ride.
Prices are at time of shooting.
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🚄 : East Japan Railway
URL : www.jreast.co.jp/multi/en/

@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Sorry, snoopy comic was not English, but Italian.
@chellastation 2 aylar önce
@arstd99 2 aylar önce
Darn, you beat me to it :)
@rockstopsthetraffic 2 aylar önce
You're being snoopy! Hahaha
@metingulbahar3711 2 aylar önce
You truly gentleman and humble
@moumitasom9914 2 aylar önce
​@@rockstopsthetrafficYou are a snoopy,Hahaha
@carolmiller5713 2 aylar önce
As an American it was humbling to take the bullet trains all over Japan. It's like going from 18th century to 21st century....starting with the food Excellent reporting! 🌟✨
@007alztruli 2 aylar önce
​@@upturnedblousecollar5811Everyone does it. And it is good because it gives you an idea of people's opinion on things outside your country.
@annguy5563 2 aylar önce
@@upturnedblousecollar5811 to compare Japan and the U.S.
@fewkeyfewkey5414 2 aylar önce
Definitely something to consider I always have to drive car around here to get from one point to another. Its not bad but if I wanna go somewhere far easily such as a train then it is going to be hard. The thing I hate about airports is the potential to have huge delays which I absolutely hate where trains don’t really receive these problems judging by going to France and UK once
@nafiu6885 Aylar önce
Shinto is my 2nd favourite religion after Islam
@nicolasbuzzbuzz1079 Aylar önce
Especially for trains where you run diesel slow trains, while here fast electric trains.
@MrRaleighman123 2 aylar önce
You'll never see such a nice and clean train like that in the USA. Congrats Japan!
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
@blaze7726 2 aylar önce
Japan has no blacks or latinos
@zajdizajdi1423 2 aylar önce
In usa this kind of train will come in about 100 years from now.
@uttaradit2 2 aylar önce
what - you'll never see an actual train in the UK !!
@grip2617 2 aylar önce
Generally speaking, Japan seems to be a very, very civilized country with respectful people.
@mrkts4811 2 aylar önce
it is but unfortunately with shrinking population. rapidly, in fact. My colleague once visited the Fuji and he left his purse. The person who found it took 1 day vacation and brought him to his adress and actually he was invited and they still keep the contact even that my colleague is back from Japan a decade roughly. It is unbeliavable, it could not happen in many countries.
@youairentian8867 2 aylar önce
@user-vr4do9tg2b 2 aylar önce
​@@youairentian8867Japan does not have nuclear weapons
@lynnd6669 Aylar önce
I have visited Japan once and I fell in love in that country. Respectful people , amazing technology, delicious food and interesting culture and traditions.
@jamesedgar3442 2 aylar önce
I've always been intrigued by Japan's bullet trains, mainly because I know we'll never have such things in the US. Too many people and companies only interested in themselves to collaborate on something so efficient. Glad I watched this video.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thank you for watching and sharing your thoughts! It's fascinating to see how different countries prioritize infrastructure and collaboration. I'm glad you found the video informative!
@davidjazay9248 Aylar önce
Agree a 100%, as a German. Their standard class looks way better than our "first" class.
@magalymendoza9653 Aylar önce
And never we gone have😮
@user-mv7wu2vm5r Aylar önce
Even in Japan, there is only 1 (one) Shinkanesen line that is profitable in a proper capitalist sense -- the one that goes between Tokyo to Osaka. In much the same way, there is only 1 (one) unquestionably profitable TGV route in France, the Paris - Lyon TGV. There is 1 (one) unquestionably profitable HSR line in China (the country with most high speed rails), the Beijing - Shanghai one, maybe extended to Hangzhou, and then there are like 12 that may or may not eventually, in many decades, become profitable. Most are never becoming profitable, and some like the XUAR line is losing money by operating, and they are all just pure politics. The US just does not remotely have the population density of Japan or France or China to have a commercially viable HSR network. There might be a place for a something like a high-speed rail going DC-Baltimore-Philadelphia-NYC-Boston, but that's about it.
@johnfrench9608 2 aylar önce
I went to Japan in 1990 and went to Kyoto from Tokyo on the Shinkansen. I was completely blown away I was a 22 year old young man from the UK and had never seen anything like it. I would love to go again.
@thereal757_ap 2 aylar önce
What a cool journey. Those trains are incredible feats of engineering. Thank you for another wonderful video.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed the video and appreciated the engineering marvels. Stay tuned for more!
@freedomforever6718 2 aylar önce
What a wonderful journey. A much better experience than flying. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy Japanese transit.
@brianunderwood2966 2 aylar önce
I lived in Japan from 2004 to 2009 and loved every minute of it. Such a beautiful and amazing country! Sadly, all of my negative experiences there involved other Americans
@grimsonforce7504 12 gün önce
Not surprising at all, Japan is obviously not perfect however their discipline and respect is unmatched.
@rickpalo1 Aylar önce
This was a wonderful experience! I have always been fascinated with the Japanese Bullet Trains . I am Handicapped & don't get around very well, but watching your video was so great! I am looking forward to viewing more of your videos. Thank you so much.
@MudBuddy55 2 aylar önce
This country’s beauty and high tech simply amazes me and leaves the rest of the modernized world far behind.
@NoNORADon911 2 aylar önce
Visit before its invaded by ''diversity.''
@Dominator37 2 aylar önce
@@NoNORADon911and before a powerful earthquake,,,😵‍💫 ? 🤷🏻‍♂️🕺🏻
@tywins3669 2 aylar önce
@CrazyTobster 2 aylar önce
What a beautiful video. Japan is the 'future' that the rest of the world will never get too. You are very lucky to live such a great country. The people are incredibly friendly and trustworthy. This video wasn't just about the luxury of a state-of-the-art train, but an insight to Japanese culture. You seem like a wonderful person. I am certainly a new subscriber. Japan's natural beauty is breathtaking.
@j.j.s.jr.5136 2 aylar önce
Well said sir. couldn't haven't said it better myself.
@h50herman Aylar önce
Europe has also a lot of high speed trains. TGV in France by example.
@kahoo98 Aylar önce
@@h50herman But the all levels are different from Shinkan-sen.
@darylcarr8283 2 aylar önce
Took an 8-hour Shinkansen trip from Shinagawa to Hakata (Fukuoka) 12 years ago. Aside from climbing Mount Fuji, one of my best experiences in Japan!
@MichaelYoung-oz9xr Aylar önce
I've traveled nearly every train in the United States and it would certainly be nice if we could travel in trains as sleek as Japan has.
@davematthews255 2 aylar önce
I have visited Japan twice . Love it . The people, culture, food , landscape, tradition. Amazing
@yanni2112 Aylar önce
I did Okinawa during my Navy Daze, 1987
@KatsPurr Aylar önce
As someone who has never been to Japan but who has wanted to go there, it was extremely interesting to watch. Great job! I loved all the little details too!
@mjica7135 2 aylar önce
For people who are afraid of flying, this train service is a huge help and relief. I am happy to see such service like this. Thanks for sharing.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
I'm glad you found the info useful! Trains can be a great alternative to flying. Thanks for watching! 🚄
@XHachimanX 2 aylar önce
You're in luck, having visited Japan recently you can easily travel a vast majority of the country with rail and busses alone
@Fallen608 2 aylar önce
Rail and busses are far preferable to me in Japan. Not because i fear flying but because I despise the entire experience from airport to airplane.
@Crazy--Clown 2 aylar önce
Your chances of surviving on this after a crash alot slim than a plane
@Shiftheads 2 aylar önce
@@Crazy--Clown So you're saying you have a better chance of surviving a plane crash? LMAO
@BrianBaileyedtech Aylar önce
Loved this. I am in Japan right now using my JR Pass. I took your trip 18 years ago but at that time the Shinkansen only ran as far as Aomori, then you had to switch trains. I went through the amazing Seikan tunnel including the slightly scary station under the ocean which was leaking water when I was there. Gran Via looks very similar to first class on the Chinese high speed trains I took when I lived in China before the Pandemic - but they were, of course, much cheaper, at least for me on a western salary so I took them all the time. Of course, only Japan has service like Japan - the BEST.
@PluslineNeko 2 aylar önce
On my recent trip to Japan I also went to Hokkaido and I took a Hayabusa too, but in Ordinary Class. Even on Ordinary Class, there's A LOT of legroom and the car bathroom is spacious and clean. Plus, Hokkaido is a sight to behold and it's quite a bit cooler than mainland Japan. Worth a visit! (I went in August) If you're going to Hokkaido do yourself a favour and book a night at the onsen town in Noboribetsu (1h45 from Sapporo, 2h30 from Hakodate). Beautiful town and tons of onsens to choose.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the awesome tips! Totally agree about Hokkaido's beauty and the comfort of the Hayabusa, even in Ordinary Class. Will definitely consider Noboribetsu for my next trip! 🌸🚄
@mehchocolate1257 2 aylar önce
@@experience_japan do you live in Japan or just passing through
@rztrzt 2 aylar önce
@@mehchocolate1257 Nihonjin desu
@Fallen608 2 aylar önce
Agree, even regular class on the Hayabusa is very comfortable.
@joeearley3351 2 aylar önce
Yes it is. What a experience it is hope to return some day.
@P533580 2 aylar önce
Esses trens do Japão são muito top, parecem mais uns aviões. Conforto e segurança.
@gaileestriegel7102 2 aylar önce
Thank you for filming this amazing journey. Japan is truly beautiful in culture, technology and geography. Totally enjoyed this video.
@michaelgranaldi186 Aylar önce
As an American, this train really puts into perspective how behind we are in technology in certain categories. The cleanliness of station, the heatable meal by pulling a string and the respect for each other as humans is incredible. I hope America takes this route at some point. In the meantime can't wait to visit Japan. Thank you for the video.
@jayabacromby675 Aylar önce
All one has to do is think back to days of post WW2, and remember the slogan. "What's good for GM is good for the country." That's why there are no HS trains in America. Definitely visit Japan, you will love it.
@Sunshine-uz4cx Aylar önce
We just return from Europe.. in Poland we rode intercity gorgeous comfortable train 250 km per hour!! Fastest train in America is about 100 km per hours Even small country Poland ahead of USA Americans live is denial they are number one Big mistake to ignore reality
@LeMerch Aylar önce
@@Sunshine-uz4cx European Union is behind much of the current and future development of this type of infrastructure, not just each individual country.
@livealittlepedro6379 Aylar önce
No shouting, screeching or show boating, just an informative and relaxing video. I like this chap.
@itsmemariko 10 gün önce
I loved this video. Even as a Japanese I'm not sure if I'll ever get to have that experience but it's good to see so much of it before you actually do! Thank you for making the video of your experience! Also made me more proud to be a Japanese and of my country!❤🇯🇵❤
@bluesentaiproductions 2 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this video. I've been wanting to show people in the US how great the Shinkansen service is, and long ago, well before world War 2, US trains used to be as luxurious with some trains being entirely like Gran class, known as Pullman class in those days. Those days are gone now, but I will share this, hoping we can build enthusiasm over here for services like these.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It's fascinating to hear about the luxurious trains of the past in the US. Let's hope your sharing helps reignite that enthusiasm for high-quality train service. Stay tuned for more! 🚄
@AlfariziZakaria 2 aylar önce
US express trains are like Japanese trains from the 70s lol
@bluesentaiproductions 2 aylar önce
@@experience_japan looking forward to seeing more. It's fun to go along for the ride
@bluesentaiproductions 2 aylar önce
@AlfariziZakaria I don't even believe we have express trains anymore. Amtrak runs like a glorified commuter service. Since it was established they got rid of both luxury and high-speed services. But America is a democracy spoken by Dollars, and the people voted to get stuck in traffic, or wait for hours for a flight to depart. What a time to be alive, haha
@o.c.g.m9426 2 aylar önce
​@@bluesentaiproductionsNot if you have tsa pre check & a business class ticket 😂😂
@kevinpeterson1398 2 aylar önce
I want to thank you for making your videos. Japan is one country I would absolutely LOVE to visit but will never. Your videos are fantastic and wonderful. I love how you just show some basic day to day things and keep the natural sounds instead of overlaying music in every scene. Thank you again for your videos. Keep up the great work 😎👍
@shaneobrien2257 2 aylar önce
I have been to Japan 5 times, I have a pal in Sapporo. I love it. Skiing, the food, the people. Your videos are absolutely fantastic. Great camera work and amusing subtitles 🤭. Keep us the brilliant work. Thank you from Manchester, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🙏🙏 👏
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying Japan and my videos. Cheers from Japan! 🇯🇵🙏
@cagneybillingsley2165 2 aylar önce
the train designs are so aerodynamic, they are starting to resemble actual bullets. japan after ww2 has become the greatest nation on the planet. i hope they can recover their replacement birth rate. we need them around
@betterd9160 2 aylar önce
Is there beach towns in Japan? Thanks
@bobbyblenio4571 2 aylar önce
Blue Meth…🤣🤣🤣
@ksyvrbc 2 aylar önce
I've just returned from a brief visit to Tokyo. I didnt get to ride the Bullet train on this visit, though for sure next time. I have the highest respect for the people of Japan who are among the most civic minded & politest on this planet. Thank you sharing your own excellent vlog.
@meyoumeyou.-. 2 aylar önce
thank you so much for taking this long journey, I love Japan and their Bullet Trains so much. I totally understand why people gather around the trains and take pictures, it designed beautifully, inside and out! Can’t wait to ride one ( probably will ride more=>)someday!
@rubikclockweights 23 gün önce
I went in March this year visiting my son who is married to a beautiful Japanese lady. I experienced the Shinkansen, but only from Osaka to Tokyo.....That in itself was mind blowing. Thank you...I'm going again in March 2024...we want to go to Sapporo.I think its worth the money..!!
@Akaza_1002 2 aylar önce
It looks really cozy but the price is very high, was it worth it? Apart from that, Japan has beautiful trains and great views, thank you for taking us with you.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and supporting always! I think the experience was worth the price, especially because of the scenic views. Glad you enjoyed the video!
@banquojoburg6617 Aylar önce
Wonderful ❤ Japan is on another level 👌 👏 I wish to take a ride on that bullet train! Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa
@THEDUDE912 2 aylar önce
Really cool and user-friendly features like the reclining seat with fixed metal recline so the passenger in reverse clearly sees the boundary and it doesn't affect their section. Japan is just brilliant for this kind of thoughtful function built into every design decision whether that is cars, cameras or bullet trains. Yet still very expensive for this American...someday perhaps.
@rebekkaninan5123 2 aylar önce
Thanks. The video is so well filmed and explained by subtitles that I feel I've experienced the same journey myself 😊
@MachimadaSandeep Aylar önce
The HAYABUSA First Class looks like the ultimate way to experience Japan's fastest bullet train. I loved the scenic views and the overall experience you shared in this video. Japan's train system is truly world-class!
@chloevalantinettv3789 2 aylar önce
Such an amazing looking train, and i was amazed at the speed! the 2 meals you had looked very very yummy and made my mouth water! Also, like I told you in another video, Hokkaido is one of the very many places I wish to see when my girlfriend and I move to Tokyo next year. I learned about Hokkaido in the anime called Bakuon, and wanted to see pictures of Hokkaido, and instantly fell in love with the beautifulness of the area! Thank you again for another wonderful video, that was calming and relaxing for me after a stressful day! Can't wait for the next one!
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Wow, thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad you found the video relaxing. Hokkaido is definitely a must-see, especially if you're an anime fan. Stay tuned for the next video! 😊
@truthadvocacy 2 aylar önce
"when my girlfriend and I move to Tokyo" roving parasites.
@hickfarm 2 aylar önce
@@truthadvocacy I just want wanna steal a girlfriend and bring her back 💀
@elnicves 2 aylar önce
Fun to watch. Very well made! Japan is an unknown land to me and it's great to be able to see it. Thank you!
@stevegilroy4343 2 aylar önce
I was fortunate enough to travel on this same train and route a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
So glad you got to experience it too! Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts!
@ssake1_IAL_Research 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this video. I will probably never get to visit Japan, but this gave me a vicarious experience of riding the train. A very clear and thorough presentation. it was brave of you to video the uncoupling and jump back on-board!
@ryanohara476 Aylar önce
I have always loved Japanese bullet trains! These ones, the "E5 and H5 Series Shinkansen" are indeed a very interesting and a very attractive piece of Japanese railway engineering! I'm very impressed I love the colourful liveries and the shape of it!
@tanner1ie Aylar önce
Very impressive! If the two trains were only about €320, i'd say it was well worth it! A normal flight (IF cheaper), couldn't be much cheaper, while surely a first class flight would be quite a lot more! Similarly to where i recently travelled on a very nice car ferry for the first time, rather than flying, aside from the extra time it takes and similarly seemingly not having to go through tedious and invasive security checks, whenever you have the time, i'd say that you should choice any other form of travel rather than flying! 😮😂 . Overall i'm very impressed with what i saw, with even the other two classes on the train being nicer than most trains i've been on (what's the price from the other classes for the same route?!). The one thing i didn't like was the seemingly limited choice of food as some trains i've been on over the years had dining cars where they served a pretty extensive selection of food. (Unless there was a dining car with more choices that you didn't go to, which would have been nice to see!) While the "Western dishes" on this menu didn't look any different to the Asian ones... I wonder what the "Date Chicken Meatball" is?! - is it like a chicken burger or as i suspect, only a variation on the other Japanese dishes on offer - of course when travelling in other countries, you can't expect all the food to be to your liking, but if that wasn't some sort of chicken burger, there'd be nothing on that menu i'd really eat so i'd have to pack sandwiches! Also the "beef tongue" sounds rather unappetising and i'd be afraid that it was slimy, but it looked surprisingly like a portion of rashers! (sliced bacon) and MIGHT taste ok 😯 . I really enjoyed this video but the only thing i found rather odd and annoying was your use of American terms and American English, rather than more European ones and using British English! - for example, no-one but Americans uses the terms "restroom" or "powder room", they just say bathroom, toilet, WC etc, while the "powder room" just appears to be a sink and an extension of the bathroom! Anyway, you just gained a new fan! 😀🤘.
@8eck 2 aylar önce
4:33 trains are so clean, that you can see a reflection of people in it. 😁That's amazing. Love Japan for its clean cities.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thank you! Cleanliness is something we really take pride in. So glad you appreciate it too! 🚄✨
@grip2617 2 aylar önce
The cleanliness shows a very high degree of education and civilization.
@Harold_Francis_Callahan 2 aylar önce
My wife is from Akita. Been all over the country but I love northern Japan the best. In my opinion it's an overlooked treasure by many foreigners.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
I totally agree! Northern Japan has its own unique charm. Glad you appreciate it! 🍁
@arthurcampbell1159 2 aylar önce
Wow!!!! Thank you for showcasing the high-speed train and your journey to Sopporo! It is truly helpful for those who want to travel and see your beautiful country! Thank you 🙂
@rgglick Aylar önce
Thank you for the very informative "trip"! I enjoyed seeing all of the details that you shared. Sadly, I doubt that I will ever have the opportunity, but I would love to take the same trip. Impressive! Thank you so much!
@ultimobile 2 aylar önce
we took that Hayabusu from Tokyo to Aomori a few weeks ago - the red part at the rear disconnected maybe at Morioka to continue to Akita, while the aqua front continued to Aomori. I wondered if it had a longest non-stop section being over an hour at full speed from maybe Sendai south coming back towards Tokyo. We had a JR Green Rail pass - wider seats, reserved only - it took me a while to work out the seat edge front socket was a Japanese 2-flat-pin power socket for 110V 2A so you need that kind of plug to charge your devices. I researched the way-elongated nose as I figured it wasn't needed for speed - turns out it's to reduce the bang when entering tunnels, of which there are many in Japan. Standard class seats seemed to be 3+2, green cars were 2+2, this gran class looks like maybe 2+1. Also my understanding is the 'fastest' Nozomi don't go any faster, they just make fewer stops - and all Shinkansen travel at the same max 320kph. My only complaint about green class seats were the electric recliner footrest was for a shorter person, and my six-footer toes would hit the seat in front when fully reclined. This gran class may have more legroom. And while people might assume the shinkansen to Hokkaido goes to Sapporo, AFAIK it doesn't and goes to Hakodate instead, which is some distance from Sapporo.
@sallyfearnley5135 Aylar önce
Wow, that looked just amazing. So spotlessly clean and beautifully presented. So sad in a way to see this compared to the UK trains (which fall way below that kind of standard, it's shameful really). The bullet train is something else too, amazing!
@8eck 2 aylar önce
I remembered our trips in Spain, they also have very fast trains, which also travel 300~ km/h. We were traveling from Malaga to Seville.
@jimshoe402 2 aylar önce
TGV did 199mph not 200mph train was late..🥰🥰🥰🥰
@samteks125 2 aylar önce
​​@@jimshoe402Merde alors!
@PeterGarlinski 2 aylar önce
I'm very jealous. I'd love to do this trip if I ever get to visit Japan.
@Meta_Travel_ 13 gün önce
Living the dream on Japan's fastest bullet train, HAYABUSA! 😍 First-class perks, breathtaking views, and a touch of luxury - this is travel goals! 🚄✨ #BulletTrainBliss #HAYABUSAAdventure
@Gregory_TheWatchman 24 gün önce
That was very entertaining and thank you for sharing your journey! The entire tour experience, gave a sense of being there and what to expect. Since I was a teen, I've always wanted to visit Okinawa. One of my instructors was from there. He said it was beautiful country. Maybe one day.
@briangardiner3520 2 aylar önce
Been to Japan many times working as rigging supervisor on F1 great country used the bullet train a few times great service polite staff and always on time. Best thing about Japan you can get a vending machine in the street selling beer and other drinks and they don’t get vandalised, we in UK could learn a lot from Japan.
@quakxy_dukx 2 aylar önce
That looked like a pleasant trip, much better than the 25 hours I spent in an uncomfortable standard class train seat just a few days ago.
@ahmadtheaviationlover1937 27 gün önce
The trains are really sleek and state of the art looking! Very futuristic
@cornflake73 2 aylar önce
I wish America would adopt the rail transport system like Japan's. I would use it and so would a lot of other folks as opposed to air transportation. those that do ride the rail Amtrak are disappointed for the most part. You folks are so organized, clean, and respectful.
@AbsentWithoutLeaving Aylar önce
It's a lot more complicated in the US - 50 separate states with their own state legislatures and complicated transport funding, national disputes over funding (and it takes a lot to maintain hi-tech rail systems like this one - can't afford any cost-short-cutting at speeds like this, for one thing!), and of course, the distances in the US as compared to Japan. Japan's land mass is approximately 378,000 sq km while the US land mass is approx 9,833,500 sq km! But I'm with you on this one, cornflake73! I love rail travel, even on Amtrak, although I wish more attention was paid - clearly the Japanese rail experience is a world away from the US rail experience.
@munepuppie Aylar önce
For all the talk about revamping the U.S.'s rail system, unfortunately I don't think it will ever happen. Think about it, Americans love their cars. They will never totally embrace rail, public transportation, bicycles, etc. By the way, I live on the East Coast and have travelled to Chicago twice, once by plane and once by Amtrak. Personally I enjoyed both journeys; I like both planes and trains. The train experience was good because I was able to see the actual countryside on the ground level instead of flying quickly over it.
@patkav Aylar önce
I fully agree with you! But are the American travelers willing to pay $320,00 for a 4 hours trip?
@firstpostcommenter8078 Aylar önce
US does not have good Bus, Tram, Train connectivity like EU so forget Japan.
@keithfalkingham8861 20 gün önce
What beautifully designed trains, I love the slippers & the self heating bento, very classy, Japan is definitely world leaders in stylish travel. ❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@tessietesoro7407 2 aylar önce
Loved riding it, so quiet, so fast, so clean!
@joshuasaxby7879 17 gün önce
What a lovely train journey! We Brits invented trains, but Japan perfected them! The diesel express train journey at the end reminds me of some of the scenic regional journeys you can make by diesel train on our network...
@VishnuKamath 2 aylar önce
I am so glad India decided to opt for Shinkansen/use japanese technology. Eagerly waiting to see them in India. Hope to ride one soon in Japan
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the comment! It's exciting to see the Shinkansen technology going global. Hope you get to ride one both in Japan and India soon! 🚄
@alex-shanghai 2 aylar önce
No offense but I heard that Japanese only built 10 kms in the past several years. On the other hand Indonesia has already tested and started operating their HSR. Wish you the best luck.
@PlasmodiumV 2 aylar önce
@@alex-shanghai Japan is financing and sharing technology for bullet trains in India. Entire project of Mumbai-Ahmedabad route 500+ km) was divided in 12 phases and all has been allotted to various Indian infra companies. 85KM of elevated concrete section (rail tracks will be laid in due course) been completed already. This project delayed a lot due to legal issues with private land owners and a state government (opposed Central govt of India) which was not in favor of the project. It's estimated to end by 2027, project running late by 5 years.
@Victor-dx2ew 2 aylar önce
@@alex-shanghai No offense, but if this is an expertise contest, Japan INVENTED High Speed Rail in 1964, they rank 5th today and built only 10kms because of lack of space to build on because they are a literal island, not because they can't for some other reason, china ranks 1st because you've got more land than you know what to do with and therefore can build more lines than demand.
@adamwest3637 2 aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo but now the Gran Class is absolutely on my bucket list 👍👍
@btread8875 2 aylar önce
Wait! How did you get my itinerary? I traveled the exact same route back in June! Since I love to travel, I had no problem spending hours on the Shinkansen. Very scenic! Thanks for making this video. It definitely brought back happy memories. 😁
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Haha, what a coincidence! So glad to hear the video brought back happy memories for you. The Shinkansen route is indeed a scenic journey! Thanks for sharing your experience and for watching. 😁🚄
@acaciobango4240 Aylar önce
always loved Japan... need to go there
@PatrickPenn-zc4hi 2 aylar önce
What a truly amazing country Japan Is. The people are dignified and extremely polite. The Infrastructure is the best in the world. The country is spotless. Like this train, they utilise technology for the benefit for the people. It truly is a beautiful country. I'm from the UK and I hope to visit one day. With the way the west is heading, I'd love to stay there permanently.
@sten260 2 aylar önce
well this train isn't for peasants though, i bet the ticket is like 300 bucks or something
@Julius-Ver 2 aylar önce
welllll, the netherlands has better infrastructure, so its not the best, only the third best. (singapore doesnt count)
@tomyamartino 13 gün önce
A lovely video. The lack of talking so we hear only ambient sounds is very nice! I went to Japan once on business in the mid 80s. I loved everything about it.
@SherrifOfNottingham 2 aylar önce
It's so sad to see the Hayabusa carrying so few passengers all the way to Hokkaido, though I do feel like if they extended the line all the way to Sapporo more people would use it.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
I totally get what you're saying. Extending the line to Sapporo could indeed attract more passengers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🚄
@tarpanc34 2 aylar önce
i just came from my near by beach in clearwater fl. and stumbled on this.. your country has very nice transportation systems we Americans could never compete. lol thanks for this video.. was very interesting to see how other country train systems . work.. how nicely it was made for comfort.. anyone riding a chicaco train. would be very impressed.. the speed of 200 mpr.. thats crazy fast.. would love an opertunity to travel that fast.. and still be able to walk around..lol cheers and best wish's from usa clearwater florida..
@clinton14121972 Aylar önce
I love Japan and will put this on my to do list next time I go back. Great clip too.🙂
@pindiwentuli3913 2 aylar önce
I enjoyed every minute, now Japan goes up on the list of countrys to visit.🤩
@alistairmcelwee7467 2 aylar önce
This train just looks fast, even before it moves!
@clintstinytrailerconversio5560 Aylar önce
Thank you for creating this video so we who might never experience the bullet train, see what it is like. So clean and fast as hell!
@bryantabares 2 aylar önce
That's gonna be my next trip but I want to make it in winter to enjoy the Onsen and Winter festival in Hokkaido. And once again a great video. We all love your work doing these videos❤
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much for the love! Winter in Hokkaido is magical, especially with the Onsen and festivals. Can't wait to hear about your trip! ❄️🛀
@evaneysouza2336 2 aylar önce
Que lugar incrível, recomendo 😊
@genesisfox8008 16 gün önce
Wow! I went on one of the bullet trains in Japan! I wished in the US trains were like this ): it's train stations are grimy, dirty, and most of all dangerous, Thank you for sharing us you're adventure.
@vietnam1566 2 aylar önce
This is a great video, very well done, we love it, THANK YOU very much. Japan is one of the exceptional country that one must visit. It is on our list in year 2024.
@karimoore106 2 aylar önce
Can you tell how fast the train is moving? Especially when your walking? What a fun way to travel!
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Please check at 18:21 . It was 200mile/hour
@gunashekarr2294 2 aylar önce
Nice video. Love Japan & the people of Japan ❤
@priyamd4759 2 aylar önce
Thanks for a wonderful video. I do not think I will be ever lucky enough to do that journey myself so this was pretty exciting. 13:35 In parts of the World where toilet seats/ commodes are not prevalent and the squat position is used for the said purpose, some people mistakenly, ignorantly squat on top of the seat/ commode. This leaves foot prints on the seat and even worse, making the seat useless for the next passenger. You will see the same instruction on Indian Railways, for example. Regards,
@NoNORADon911 2 aylar önce
@robertcong-leton3275 10 gün önce
Thank you for taking us on the journey with you - GREAT trip!!
@treefarm3288 Aylar önce
Thanks for the video. I took my first couple of Shinkansens this year, whereas on my last trip to Japan I couldn't afford them. However I also took Shinkansens in Taiwan, where they are 1/3 the price per km. Same speed and efficiency, but they have just one line. But all trains in Japan are good.
@RetroHoo 2 aylar önce
The train coupling is used in Europe a lot as well. I've traveled first class on the TGV/Thalys a lot, I absolutely love it. It uses a pretty similar chair layout in the cabin. This is way more luxurious though. I would love to try this one day
@natehill8069 2 aylar önce
Its a Scharfenberg coupler, invented in 1905. Its an automatic connection and passes brake air as well as pushing/pulling the train. In this updated incarnation it also connects electrical signals, thats the rectangular piece on top. Of course as used here it is only for controlling the following train as both trains propel themselves.
@RetroHoo 2 aylar önce
@@natehill8069 Thanks for that interesting piece of information! I've looked it up and indeed the Scharfenberg coupler has been in use since 1934 on trams and trains here in the Netherlands (and probably many other countries in the EU)
@natehill8069 2 aylar önce
@@RetroHoo I believe the Chunnel train has one right in the middle; in case of a fire or something, they can get everyone from the front into the back (or vice versa) then cut the train in half and use the not-on-fire half as a lifeboat to escape.
@AmbientWalking 2 aylar önce
Your channel always brings something great to the table. I really appreciate this! Thank you so much!
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
You are so welcome!
@TheOtherBill 2 aylar önce
The Shinkansen looks like it should be driven by Gō Mifune. I had the Speed Racer jingle in my head through the whole video 😀
@richard1835 2 aylar önce
Absolutely magnifent specimens of engineering knowledge. To put all this together into a machine like the Bullet Train is a great feat. These people are great thinkers and there skills go beyond measure. They have gifts no one else has. They are Masters at what they do. Great video from the Experience JAPAN TRshow channel. Thank you
@fishbert17 Aylar önce
This is quite pricey but it looks so comfortable and relaxing. I want to do this journey!
@DerWagenix Aylar önce
Thank you for taking us with you on this trip. I think, for the most of us Japan is very strange. So it's good, to learn something about other cultures. Most strange for me (as German) is the politeness else- and everywhere. :)
@bernaignatius5795 Aylar önce
Most splendid video and you made me see Japan one country i had no idea of how it would look. Got a sense of city and village. Very grateful to you. I may not be able to ever visit japan though i would love to see the cherry blossom and taste their tofu. Love to you from kerala India snd big thank you.👍
@LondonLite02 2 aylar önce
My only experience with fast trains is the Frecciarossa in Italy, which is not even close to as fast as Japanese bullet trains, but man, the first time i experienced it going up to full speed, I was floored! Che veloce! It's very fast.
@swekz 2 aylar önce
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
That's awesome! I can only imagine how thrilling the Frecciarossa must have felt. If you're ever in Japan, you gotta try the bullet trains. They're on another level! 🚄
@HAPPYTHELEAF 2 aylar önce
I am hoping to visit Japan someday and I think I will use the train system to travel it is so efficient and clean, my plan fir now us to visit Hiroshima then south to Matsu, then back up to Kyoto then on to Hokkaido with some stops in between but what season to travel I cannot decide on..
@jimbotron70 2 aylar önce
Sì 👍🇮🇹
@jamesclark7266 2 aylar önce
Agree, Frecciarossa is awesome. Travelled on it last yr & in 2018. Frecciabianco is also fast. Bout 250km. Faster than anything we’ve got Downunder.
@rolahalabi5820 2 aylar önce
I love how everything is shiny and clean, even back at hotel area. Thank you for the trip and the video!
@donarmando916 2 aylar önce
I like Japan. Would love to visit it one day.
@vaavaablacksheep Aylar önce
I would love to go to Japan one day. 🎉 it's on my number 1 places to go!
@TokyoLonelyCommunications 2 aylar önce
Great commentary video!!! Thanks for introducing us to Japan😊
@BobH809 2 aylar önce
I recently visited the Railway Museum in York, UK. They have a very old white and blue Shinkansen there, but looking at its old interior, it looks and feels well ahead of any UK trains I have been on. Seats are way more comfortable, set out in a two and three row set-up, and with some room to them, not bunched up so much. There is a small TV screen before the entrance where they show a short video of the new Superconducting Maglev Technology version. The woman reading the Snoopy book has some taste, great books. I don't know what I would eat in Japan, I don't like seafood and rice and, and I only eat simple English food. It looked very colourful and I was amazed at the box (chemicals) heating it up for you. Thanks for an insight into travel on those amazing trains.
@johndavis6295 Aylar önce
i went to Japan twice and the only seafood I had was 2 large prawns in Dennys in Tokyo! otherwise I had all non seafood . restaurants have pictures in the window of the dishes served so can quote a number.
@donnabursey1457 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the relaxing and interesting video! The trees at the beginning were beautiful - like giant bonsai. And the train was incredible! Lovely colors on all of them. But...no Coke among all those drinks? Uncivilized! 😂 I agree, it was cool to see the train close itself after the decoupling...and I was thinking magnets, as well. Until next time - domo aringato.
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the scenery and the train. Haha, point taken on the Coke! Gotta step up our beverage game. 😉 Until next time!
@ganytronix10 2 aylar önce
First time to watch your videos, Japan is really beautiful and these fast trains looks amazing with high tech
@trystanfernandes1312 2 aylar önce
This is on my bucket list in Japan. Love the videos, it’s so amazing and interesting to watch. What’s the name of your speed app used?
@emildraxineanu7037 2 aylar önce
I was surprised at how small the meals are . I'm a skinny guy and tall but that there wouldn't be enough for me and probably most people. But Japan is very beautiful country with a lot of amazing history behind it . I love and respect 🙏 Japan
@midimoog 2 aylar önce
Welcome to the land of the midgets. The Japanese don't need to eat that much. The other explanation is that Japanese cuisine usually consists of 'a little portion of many dishes' as opposed to a single gorgeous dish. I buy multiple lunch boxes if the box seems too small, and that's quite normal.
@jimmykirito0305 2 aylar önce
thank you for sharing video I'm Taiwanese, being an exchange student and studying in college near Tokyo I've had a ride from Hokkaido to Omiya station by the First class (Grand class) of shinkansen it's a really good experience with delicious food, comfortable seat and good staff servicing since the price of Grand class is a bit expensive but I really think everyone should try one time in your life
@experience_japan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your comment! I totally agree, the experience in Grand Class is unique and worth trying. Happy to hear you enjoyed it while studying in Japan! 🚄🇯🇵
@mrkts4811 2 aylar önce
Nice trip. I went once from Milan to Paris, what was 9 hours if I'm not mistaken but the seat was not such convenient. How fast was the train in Hokkaido? That was also quite fast as it seems.
@captainkeyboard1007 2 aylar önce
Being in a Bullet train is much better than being in an airplane.
@LONDON9088 Aylar önce
@tab529 Aylar önce
Yes it is much better .I and family visited Japan last 2020 before Covid 19 and we took the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka and we reallÿ appreciated that experienced.No jet lag haha
@captainkeyboard1007 Aylar önce
@@tab529Thank you for typing to me.
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