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So in this video, I'm gonna show you nine bugs that were submitted by you guys.
But before we begin, remember that bug exploits can result in account termination.
Please avoid using bugs, especially the ones that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
Anyway, all of these issues have been reported to the developers so you don't need to worry.
They are already aware is working to fix it as soon as possible.
Notice: This content is created based on Moonton’s Material and complies with Derivative Content Policy, Moonton does not endorse this content.

Emmanuel Furaque
Emmanuel Furaque Yıl önce
Elgin: "avoid using bugs especially those who give an unfair advantage" Also Elgin: (Grock part) "you can do this when you are in a awkward situation"
FARMER KING TV 11 aylar önce
I mean its not that unfair
Cute Tian
Cute Tian Yıl önce
@Ayanokouji Kiyotaka i didnt actually said which of these bugs is not unfair for everyone.. right? I just said that every bug that happens may cause advantage or disadvantages to everybody
Cute Tian
Cute Tian Yıl önce
@Emmanuel Furaque sir i didnt say all the bugs have advantages for all.. i just said some of thes bugs. Right? I dont acrually know which of these bugs can positively or negatively affect everybody
Emmanuel Furaque
Emmanuel Furaque Yıl önce
@harveng gaming lodi
harveng gaming
harveng gaming Yıl önce
wow sikat kna
Jm Gapas
Jm Gapas Yıl önce
0:18 - Fanny 0:59 - Grock 1:33 - Death Bug 2:36 - Kadita 3:11 - Jhonson and ling 4:16 - Lylia 4:45 - Cecilion and Carmilla 5:16 - Atlas 5:37 - Benedatta 6:13 - Recall bug 6:35 - Another recall bug
Stephanie Aylar önce
@John Clarence Nava Skylark???
3three first¹
3three first¹ 3 aylar önce
You should've said Johnson
S•O•M•E•O•N•E Yıl önce
@John Clarence Nava wkwkwk sama
FARREL Yıl önce
Thanks bro
Hassanor Sarip
Hassanor Sarip Yıl önce
Funy and lylia
a random guy in the internet
a random guy in the internet Yıl önce
Elgin: don't use these bugs especially if they give you an unfair advantage over players. Also elgin: use this brock wall trick if you are in a awkward situation.
Catherine Ganal
Catherine Ganal 2 aylar önce
@Free Bobuk *Grock
Free Bobuk
Free Bobuk 3 aylar önce
Arsel Crusader
Arsel Crusader Yıl önce
The Johnson & Ling one can can be very useful. Most tanks will block Johnson then immediately activate their CC skills. But since Ling will be at a different area, the MM will be an easy target while the tank and MM focus on the Johnson.
haruo Yıl önce
6:13 - The Recall Bug is still working but different 😅. The Recall Animation will come with you while you move.
Isoya Yasuji
Isoya Yasuji Yıl önce
Not only did Elgin at the start saying to not use any of these exploits to your advantage. He even gave one example of using grock’s bug as an advantage xD
frwoog Yıl önce
Art Joseph
Art Joseph Yıl önce
Its not a big deal since the stunt is hard
Jyoti Kri
Jyoti Kri Yıl önce
Ice_Wallow_ Come
Ice_Wallow_ Come Yıl önce
Elgin: So please refrain from using bugs to avoid account termination. Also elgin: 1:24
ᴄʜᴀɴᴇʟ♡ Yıl önce
I also found this thing when you use Camilla's second skill two times immedietly but do not use the stun, and when the second time is finished, she stays in her 2nd skill position which is that she is flying.
luxurgaming Yıl önce
The Fanny one happened to me, i discovered it accidentally when i was practicing fanny in practice mode Edit: i stacked alot and ALOT of layla
Somya Gupta
Somya Gupta Yıl önce
"Hey Elgin" I have seen whenever I or an ally use wanwan the towers and base start glitching and there is someone inside the base its creepy
Mark Ocde
Mark Ocde Yıl önce
Elgin: do not use bug especially those who gives you an unfair advantage Also Elgin: use Grock's wall bug when you are in an awkward situation.
Atheet_ Rai
Atheet_ Rai Yıl önce
ErA Yıl önce
People who like these bugs and send it to Elgin: *Feelings proud* After hearing Elgin will report these:
Imtiaze Ashfaque
Imtiaze Ashfaque Yıl önce
I personally hate ling but the johnson+ling combo should be kept as a good combo strategy
• ༆ondaìmê๛
• ༆ondaìmê๛ Yıl önce
Fanny: War is not a game. Also Fanny: Enter the war drunk😂😆
MONO 2 10 aylar önce
"Avoid using bugs espescially Who give unfair advantage" His hero: faith is unfair
Arazeus 26 gün önce
elgin: "but before we begin remember that bug exploits can result in account termination. please avoid using bugs especially the ones that give you an unfair advantage over other players" also elgin: "so the next time youre in an awkward situation use this simple trick to escape."
Smash Cash
Smash Cash Yıl önce
there is a visual bug in atlas too when you have recall effect try to recalling while using his second skill he will recall just like a normal recall
Alec Alegre
Alec Alegre Yıl önce
Lancelot also has a similar bug with benedetta. He can't pass through the wall if you used your third skill on that spot
enchong de vega
enchong de vega 11 aylar önce
Kadita:sacrifice herself) Also kadita: woke up in the heaven already😇😂
Shisho. Yıl önce
The bug from Ling and Johnson is like Ling avoiding the accident from the car crash
Lim rithisith
Lim rithisith Yıl önce
Hmmmmm ok
japvidjap2.0 Yıl önce
There is also a bug on Estes' first skill and Smart Skill Targeting, even tho u have low hp, if ur teammate is nereby and not in full hp, he will heal your teammate instead of himself.
Jaia Playz
Jaia Playz Yıl önce
You never know, You can use that Grock Bug to escape 😌
Use sillvana 2 skill in no CD mode and use it for 5 or4 and her sword vont move but the skill will move
Sean Sweet Johnson
Sean Sweet Johnson Yıl önce
1:19 Grock Is Powerful! "Goes Thru' Wall (Its Hurt Because You Stuck On Wall Sometime)" "Pass The Test Of Wall Pass"
Just some guy who is sus
Just some guy who is sus Yıl önce
Fanny: War is not a game Also fanny jumping around 😂
Raiden Yıl önce
@KiNkY X Okk
RAI's School Works
RAI's School Works Yıl önce
Ly meng hour
Ly meng hour Yıl önce
@KiNkY X ok I’ll help support bro
KiNkY X Yıl önce
@AyoBruhChill mercy 😢
✨Dula peepa✨
✨Dula peepa✨ 11 aylar önce
I miss it when Elgin used to post videos like this
Mcdo_TV Yıl önce
The recall also happened to me when I died, someone recalled the tower but I didn't see who 😅😅
Bruce RMaco
Bruce RMaco Yıl önce
I also encountered a bug from benedetta and that is her passive, sometimes it doesn't work, benedetta will just charge her blade until the red gauge runs out and it's kinda annoying during team fights
Indalecia Dematais
Indalecia Dematais Yıl önce
4:19 that can be by yu zhong i saw her third skill only 3 levels while her forth skill only 4
領域展開 Yıl önce
Bugs: *exists* Moonton: Ugh, not again.
Jei Yıl önce
@Agent BB BUSTer Nah They're busy buffing heroes and then Giving them skins then nerfing them again Example : Esmeralda
Agent BB BUSTer
Agent BB BUSTer Yıl önce
Nah. They're busy doing skins
Waifu Sensei
Waifu Sensei Yıl önce
Bugs exist in many games
Jei Yıl önce
Bugs happen not only in MLBB but in other games like LoL, etc. Bugs are unavoidable, they always come out naturally and unexpectedly
Reothestormanimator Yıl önce
Hery Prasetyo
Hery Prasetyo Yıl önce
"Lylia" Bug is Same as "Yu Zhong" Bug
Grainade op
Grainade op Yıl önce
I'm not sure if this is a bug but when Brody uses his ult, his hp bar disappears
Astral Doggo
Astral Doggo Yıl önce
There's a bug where Ling is slowed when resurrected
Chester Gervacio
Chester Gervacio Yıl önce
I noticed lylia's second skill had the purple thing around the plus that ults have, when I was playing shadow brawl
mr_dauz 96
mr_dauz 96 Yıl önce
Diggie also is having some bug (Sometimes diggie Can't move or use skills in eggs form(after deaths))
JustAiah Yıl önce
Hi there Elgin! So I'll be submitting a bug and it's with sun so find an enemy use 3rd skill buy the equipment that freezes you make the clone sun attack the enemy then click the freeze and if ur done with the freeze the clone will be iced for a while
Kashe's Randomly
Kashe's Randomly Yıl önce
My brother said even if the enemy is recalling and is hidden in the bush, you could still hear the recall sound effects when you use your earphones and max the volume. You can hunt them in the bush judging of how near the sound was
Casey Viajar
Casey Viajar Yıl önce
Dude elgin said to not use the bug but he gave a tip on how to use it for outplays, the temptation is too great 0:59
Jeric Nilo
Jeric Nilo Yıl önce
use clint and use his second skill and wacth the mini map
Niw Playz
Niw Playz Yıl önce
Me and my friend does the carmilla and cecillion bug when there was mayhem mode we never thought it was a bug we thought it was suppose to be that way haha
Prince David Ramayla
Prince David Ramayla Yıl önce
Another bug: when you use YSS his second skill will automatically cast (same with khufra’s first skill bug). Montoon did not fix this bug until now.
Sleepy Ash _Pw
Sleepy Ash _Pw Yıl önce
5:55 is not bug, is just can't go through to that wall cause is big wall like chou can't pass through that wall cause is a big wall. Beneddeta can go through small wall like chou, As well.
vxbes Yıl önce
The recall in the bush must suck, whenever your health is low and your trying to recall in the bush immediately, enemies can easily see your animation and instantly kill you
Waifu Sensei
Waifu Sensei Yıl önce
Yeah it is pretty annoying
Fan4every1 lol
Fan4every1 lol Yıl önce
Thats pretty annoying
MrOrzech Yıl önce
If I wasn't in a battle rush I'd stand before the bush and spam my recall/emotes instead xD
insEcytE Yıl önce
Bug: When lancelot steps on the cyclone eye he has a passive
Losusix Yıl önce
You should only talk about bugs that don't involve practice mode settings or if it's only achievable in a normal match.
Jhay Alcaraz
Jhay Alcaraz Yıl önce
Elgin,I notice that ling have a slow effect when you respawn from dying👁️👄👁️
shaun Yıl önce
I discovered the cececillion and carmilla thing. I did it actually in mayhem mode :)
Shuツ Yıl önce
Imagine the 26 hours revive in rank
ArcticZeke Yıl önce
Hi Elgin! I found a new bug from kadita when the enemy cancel her ult her water hole will be gone.
Just a guy
Just a guy Yıl önce
1:16 You can do that glitch/bug in Brawl mode :)
Eliel Sumido
Eliel Sumido Yıl önce
if you use mathildah and her third with the bot and when you remove the bot the map will be longer
Clearesque Yıl önce
I have reason to believe that the ling one isn't actually a bug but an intended feature.
Cy Agbuggo
Cy Agbuggo Yıl önce
There's also bug from classic where you can't chat there.
luxurgaming Yıl önce
I think its becuase its just computers Edit:Oh wait i thought you meant costume Edit2: i also can't chat in the hero select in classic (if that is the problem with you too) but haven't tried it on rank, i have low credit score
꧁Sean Andrew L. Yanto ꧂
꧁Sean Andrew L. Yanto ꧂ Yıl önce
There's a bug with benedetta when u use ur 2nd skill then charge ur passive then after ur 2nd skill is done u will be unable to use basic attack for a few seconds until ur passive cancels itself
Micro Yıl önce
Elgin, there's a bug of hanzo, when his shadow state got killed, then you will be stun for few seconds, if you use purify, it doesn't affect
aprilll Yıl önce
Hey Elgin There’s a bug on Alucard’s legend skin recall I hope that moonton fixes it
YveGI Yıl önce
5:42 another Strategy and Trick for enemies 7:19 Yes, You Noticed my Bug report but it's hard to Do it again.. Because it's only Happens after update (It's about Zilong Being Fanny, like The In Game model is Fanny but the skills are Zilong's Skills and Also My Friend also Experienced fanny bug that She's fully Invisible Whole Game)
Raven Ngo
Raven Ngo Yıl önce
There’s also a bug where in the picking phase of classic mode you can’t chat for some reason
Juswaa• Yıl önce
@Hong Lik if it's a bug it should have been fixed in the previous update with benedetta but it didn't. This "bug" was already there before benedetta.
Nihil Vance
Nihil Vance Yıl önce
Yeah, I can't communicate with my teammates. Can't go with compatible heroes
Hong Lik
Hong Lik Yıl önce
@Juswaa• wat! !?? It a bug!!!! Why would cant chat in classic , it would be unfair!
AltraGeneration Yıl önce
Same bro
Aɴxɪᴇᴛy Official
Aɴxɪᴇᴛy Official Yıl önce
There's a bug with aldous when you use his ulti on a bot and removed that bot
Rafael Llacer
Rafael Llacer Yıl önce
A bug for jawhead you can't see and control jawhead, It controls where you press in the map
OverKillFTW Yıl önce
Currently there's a bug with Lapu-Lapu. He can be stunned while in his 3rd phase of Ulti 3rd skill. "Immune to Crowd Control" btw
JayWoonier Yıl önce
No one: In practice mode we will use retribution even in tanks,mage,support,fighter,
Frenz Yıl önce
Bug : exists Moontong : fine ill give u all 5 ticket as apology
TLKFan/RWBYFan Yıl önce
The most I can do with tickets is wait for a skin I care about in the lucky draw. I have all the emblems I care about maxed(tank, support and assassin)
Aclucky Yıl önce
5 tickets or magic dust it useless because I'm ready max all emblems
Maria Midie
Maria Midie Yıl önce
Sir Elgin if you put the grock wall at the turtle front feet it will stun him for a few seconds.
Averie Bagos
Averie Bagos Yıl önce
I did the first bug in custom while practicing fanny i didnt know that it happens to others
Aspect Yıl önce
Annoying bug on draftpick: First use a hero trial card at inventory Go to rank draftpick and click the hero that says (expired) then pick it and you cannot not longer pick hero you will stuck at the picking and it will auto pick you
Hydra. Yıl önce
There is a bug on ling when u play at practice max level it then reset lvl u cant use your 1st skill
Jerone Prado
Jerone Prado Yıl önce
I also encountered the fanny bug or the drunk fanny in classic,😂. I don't know if my teammates saw it or it's just me😂
Justine Carl Delfino Agdeppa
Justine Carl Delfino Agdeppa Yıl önce
꧁Nikojutsu (OwO)꧂
꧁Nikojutsu (OwO)꧂ Yıl önce
0:47 i did it but......fanny was too much drunk she was only spinning 😂😂
Tímea Kiss
Tímea Kiss Yıl önce
The recall bug is similar to mine 😬
Princess J
Princess J Yıl önce
Well, this is very helpful. Barats ult ZB gets cancelled when wanwan do basic attack XD not sure is this is a bug or this is how it should be? Anyone know?
Rade Yıl önce
I pray who ever read this will become successful 🙏
Dreamy Aylar önce
Shawn Euan Mitra
Shawn Euan Mitra Aylar önce
Thank u ♥️
Mr Heck
Mr Heck Aylar önce
I swear, ive seen comments like these so many times, at this point i feel like im gonna become jeff bezos when i grow up
Ryo Styles
Ryo Styles 2 aylar önce
Praying is same as doing nothing. It makes no difference. Time to grow up
꧁ʙUɴʙUɴ꧂シ︎ Yıl önce
BUT you forgot about Camilla's bug in brawl 1 step: click the barrel or something then click the 2nd skill of carmilla that your using when it's start
Icay Sta Clara
Icay Sta Clara Yıl önce
Use gatotkaca Ultimate and Irrival in the Base tower and recall 1 time
Polly NJ
Polly NJ Yıl önce
Elgin : bug 26 hours respawn Faramis : Finally moonton is treating me equally
Tepa Tepa
Tepa Tepa Yıl önce
Lol 😂
Lin Htut
Lin Htut Yıl önce
Hi elgin theres a bug with mathilda if use ult on a normal bot and when ur in mid air delete the bot u will get a drone view And if u use ult back u will be back to normal
Kentayact Yıl önce
Atlas is the octopus and the mech is his armor
Lucia Magbujos
Lucia Magbujos Yıl önce
Theres 2 Bug in Lapu-lapu. 1.When you got stun by anything while you cast the 2nd in the perfect timing, you will get another 2nd. 2.When you got stun by anything while using the ultimate jump, you will get drone view.
Xia Yıl önce
Last Bug is still working, I've notice that in my last game, which made me kill my Opponent 😂
Xia Yıl önce
Last Bug is still working, I've notice that in my last game, which made me kill my Opponent 😂
Chipytion Yıl önce
You can enter brawl base by using grock second skill 😳
James.U Yıl önce
Moonton bugs Every player: I’m used to it
If you use selena's second on roger while doing his third skill roger will become big
James Botor
James Botor Yıl önce
Aldous’ bug. When you buy roaming item in early game then once you have enough stacks and sell it your stacks will disappear lol
༒ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ ʙʀᴇᴇᴢᴇ ɢᴜɪɴ༒
༒ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ ʙʀᴇᴇᴢᴇ ɢᴜɪɴ༒ Yıl önce
my enemy once have the "26h resurrection" bug😅
Aaron Cedrick Bautista
Aaron Cedrick Bautista Yıl önce
Elgin i have a bug that i have encountered the bug from atlas The bug is when you use flicker Too early on a wall your body will get teleported
SMC Calev
SMC Calev Yıl önce
ling bug: go to a wall and press reset level and you will see a stuck long (i just find this bug)
Just Eleven
Just Eleven Yıl önce
Elgin: Moonton fix bugs! Moonton: *Did u say u want free tickets??*
ALEXA Yıl önce
I am Alexa and I am the proof girls can dominate in Games too ❤️
Poe Khit
Poe Khit Yıl önce
And diamond
Raden Dondriano
Raden Dondriano Yıl önce
Igi Che
Arda Yıl önce
Adam Yıl önce
@☯︎SʜᴏɢʏᴏMᴏɢʏᴏ☂︎ I need bp cuz I just started ml
Recall bug:press the recall 20 or 40. Pero pag sabayin mo yung recall at reset level
Cometer 567
Cometer 567 Yıl önce
I wish the grock one and the ling one wasnt a bug
Prince Kevin Anibo
Prince Kevin Anibo Yıl önce
*There more bug in Ling ultimate Temples of blade Sometimes The blade doesn't Match to the mark you want to get it*
Keane Yıl önce
me : watching his vids elgin : Hey guys whats up!
KudakudasaiYT Yıl önce
Ling bug: When you reset your level in practice you cannot climb on walls!
frwoog Yıl önce
Moonton:When five enemy are chasing you,What should you do? ELGIN:Use your second skill and get to the nearest buff and then woooooo!!!!!
wayne Yıl önce
that grock bug existed a while ago and it came back
camilo manansala
camilo manansala Yıl önce
Ling jump to a wall and got sucked by johnson so if they crash it automatically hop
Cyzou V
Cyzou V Yıl önce
The bug for fanny has been like that since 2019
Lycan Official
Lycan Official Yıl önce
Me waiting that Elgin will wait for Eudora's resurrection :>
Gina z Mendoza
Gina z Mendoza Yıl önce
Khaleed in game bug use 2nd skill then tap recall many times
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