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on JackSucksAtGeography we upload a range of easy to watch geography related games. We mainly play Sporcle games like "naming all 197 countries". I successfully learned all 197 countries and plan to learn more Geography trivia. On this channel I also play Geoguessr. This is a game that uses Google Street View to drop you in a random location and you have to work out exactly where you are on the worldwide map. Geoguessr was created in 2013. If you want to see more from Jack he uploads different content to many other TRshow channels, linked above!
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JustAlfie Yıl önce
Soon Jack will run out of words to use in these titles of this series. love the videos as always
what's that
what's that Yıl önce
“Maps I find disintrugisting”
Epic proportions1947
Epic proportions1947 Yıl önce
No he won’t search other words for interesting and you get loads
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy Yıl önce
Wait untill you discover Drew Durnil
LTKWTC Yıl önce
@what's that yesssssss
Gagandeep Tatter
Gagandeep Tatter Yıl önce
Maps I find compelling appealing stimulating captivating engrossing engaging exciting gripping entertaining . Now you can keep the series going.😁
Gagandeep Tatter
Gagandeep Tatter Yıl önce
entrancing enthralling
iGeneral Yıl önce
Daanish Potato Hans
Daanish Potato Hans Yıl önce
Brain boggling
orchii Yıl önce
Thank god.
orchii Yıl önce
@Daanish Potato Hans wait I love that XD
KaveGem Yıl önce
This series will keep going as long as Jack can find synonyms for ‘cool’
iqra ali
iqra ali Yıl önce
lol so true
Fasiha Khan
Fasiha Khan Yıl önce
I love you mama mama babe mama mama your mama daddy I’m
the cube of cubes
the cube of cubes 11 aylar önce
@Fasiha Khan wtf???????
Neptune and Bros
Neptune and Bros 11 aylar önce
bugcatz ☆
bugcatz ☆ 10 aylar önce
@the cube of cubes LET ME OUT
Johnny_J_Lyons 9 aylar önce
Jack: We’re the only country in Europe to say petrol. Ireland and Cyprus: Am I a joke to you?
Plex 9 aylar önce
He said UK and Ireland is a part of UK
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 9 aylar önce
@Plex what???? ireland is not a part of the uk wtf. if you mean that both of them were a part of the uk, then yes. but the wording is wrong
orthobro 8 aylar önce
@Plex you're joking right? You're..... You're joking *right* ?
JustABloke 8 aylar önce
@Plex I think you mean Northern Ireland What you were thinking of was the Republic of Ireland
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) Yıl önce
"Only Britain in Europe says petrol," says Jack, while looking at a map which clearly shows that Ireland says petrol.
Werner Rietveld
Werner Rietveld Yıl önce
I learned today that he meant 'the british isles' :-)
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) Yıl önce
@Werner Rietveld A phrase best avoided.
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) Yıl önce
Hellequin Maskharat The Irish, in general, dislike it.
Samurai Yıl önce
ik its anoying like why?
Nwph! Yıl önce
@TRiG (Ireland) as an irish man I can confirm this is true.
Demonicure 7 aylar önce
Maps I find appealing, stimulating, entertaining, entrancing, enhancing, enthralling, gripping, brain boggling.
Pxnda Yıl önce
Jack is gonna keep making these videos until he runs out of synonyms for interesting.
TheRandomChannel Yıl önce
Note at 4:00: The Krubera Cave WAS believed to be the world's deepest cave, but further exploration of the Veryovkina Cave found that it was deeper at around 2,700 meters, which is more than 3 Burj Khalifas. Fun Fact: Even if you are THAT deep, you're STILL above Sea Level.
Diego Hinojosa
Diego Hinojosa Yıl önce
5:42 Fun fact: Chile has so many island that they didn't finish counting them until 2019 or so, and the official number it's a bit more of 40,000. Also, a lot of them don't even have names.
Christian Yıl önce
pretty sure a lot of sweden's islands don't have names. even the smartest and most creative person in the world could not come up with more than 200, so either they're unnamed or you spam your keyboard with random letters to name them
MrSir 11 aylar önce
@Christian oh yeah I'm from ________ island
revil sanjiani
revil sanjiani 11 aylar önce
im from sjüršbñãk island
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey 10 aylar önce
@Christian Surprisingly many of the Swedish islands do have names. Essentially local fishermen had their own names of various little island and a lot of them has been added into the official land surveys. Albeit many will have the same not very creative name. Pretty much the fishermen went "oh that's ekerö (oak island) you can't miss it because it's the one with the massive oak on it".
Samorezeos 10 aylar önce
Yep, Russia have 140 thousands islands
Roblox Lola
Roblox Lola 9 aylar önce
Jack: we’re the only country to call it petrol Cyprus: am I a joke to you
Johnny_J_Lyons 9 aylar önce
Also ireland
SaintPhoeniix Yıl önce
It's genuinely quite wholesome to be able to watch Jack go from being intimidated by learning countries to knowing all of them, all the flags, where they are on the map and different things about each one/how they look etc.
Highlander Gunn
Highlander Gunn 7 aylar önce
That longest train map gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Singapore Sling" 😂
LCKittyQueen Yıl önce
PLEASEEE take the longest train journey. I’d like to see more vlog/irl type videos on this channel
Sievert Schreiber
Sievert Schreiber Yıl önce
Yeah, like the IRL Geoguessr video! Jack should do more geo content outside his house
I do something, I guess
I do something, I guess Yıl önce
He will go to equatorial Guinea on 1mil
Keziah Yıl önce
I’m impressed that Jack keeps coming up with these titles
Andrew Westcott
Andrew Westcott Yıl önce
The fact that (according to this vid at 5:45) Sweden, Finland, Canada and Norway are the four nations with the greatest number of islands makes me think that there must be something about the Arctic that leads to an affinity with Islands.
Vishal Hanumegowda
Vishal Hanumegowda Yıl önce
Ice Age
a duck
a duck Yıl önce
2:07 I really like how each country is spelt the way they would in their language
Fauzidah Ahmad
Fauzidah Ahmad Yıl önce
Im using Duolingo on my phone to learn Russian so thx
Peanut Yıl önce
India crying rn
Sam Cox
Sam Cox Yıl önce
That's OpenStreetMap, the free map that anyone can edit
Tomas Flores
Tomas Flores 3 aylar önce
Türkyie seems unchanged though.
joelfrom08 7 aylar önce
2:51 I love how surprised Jack was at the UK's -27 but isn't surprised at Germany's -46
Krzysztof Szyszka
Krzysztof Szyszka 7 aylar önce
Also, how he says how "cold" -27 is, while it's the 3rd warmest on the map
orataniss blades Jimraynor
orataniss blades Jimraynor Aylar önce
Jack, if you had zoomed in on Phoenix or Tucson when looking at Arizona, you would have seen an ocean of swimming pools😂
Ishaan Bhave
Ishaan Bhave Yıl önce
Jack pronouncing Chhatisgarh is the best part of the video...😂😂
TEJ VOHRA Aylar önce
As an Indian, it was funny to me too
Eternal Cuber
Eternal Cuber 8 gün önce
Ye, 'chhetasrigrah', that's how I pronounce it now lol!
Lalablue Yıl önce
Very thought-provoking, Jack, thank you
Karthik Sreekanth
Karthik Sreekanth Yıl önce
Maps I find ideas for Jack Maps I find Thrilling Maps I Find envigorating Maps I find exquisite Maps I find Miraculous Maps I find enthralling Maps I find sublime Maps I find alright Maps I find ok Maps I find quite average Maps I find inhumane Maps I find below average Maps I find "meh" You're welcome :)
dieream Yıl önce
Maps i find maps
ppphhhoooeee Yıl önce
@dieream xD
P. SHIVAARAAMAN 624 Yıl önce
and if he runs out of synonym of interesting he is going to say ultra amazing or ultra intersting
BuilderBBob Yıl önce
Mr Leaf
Mr Leaf Yıl önce
Your Local Banana
Your Local Banana Aylar önce
Someone needs to make a montage of all of the times Jack has said ENHANCE ENHANCE
nfn Yıl önce
I just imagine jack filming a video and then googling "synonyms for amazing"😂
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yıl önce
Im Sure That He Has A Hard Time Even Spelling The Word "Synonyms" So He Probably Googles "Different Words For Amazing", Or Something Like That.
Thanos Superhero Movies
Thanos Superhero Movies 8 aylar önce
4:53 The Reason Why The Isle Of Man Is Not Part Of The United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Is Because Despite Being A British Crown Colony Its A Self Governing Island Like Jersey And Guernsey
TopFloorEricc Yıl önce
Why is that whenever we’re dissatisfied with the standard world maps we resort to making different projections to portray the actual sizes of land masses and center on different parts of the world, etc? But nobody bothers to just buy a globe 😂
Undercover artist
Undercover artist Yıl önce
I searched up some of the places associated by rim events and some such as Beslan, Babi Yar and Jokela just shocked me that I never learnt them in school.
Klassic Yıl önce
You know it’s a good day when jack uploads
Ozzy Online
Ozzy Online 2 aylar önce
Fun fact the Romans only made it as far north in Scotland as my small village of Duntocher around the Clydebank area. There are some Roman sites and a lot of things in the area are named after the Romans
JA Rahman
JA Rahman Yıl önce
These maps are so fun to look at
Kami Yıl önce
With the capital one, I would assume it's actually closest by going north and ever so slightly west, directly through the arctic circle
Aditya Maheshwari
Aditya Maheshwari Yıl önce
It would be interesting if you learn the two letter country codes for each country.
krrazy Yıl önce
Jack goes over the very first map and ends it with "This might be the most interesting map we've seen so far" Yeah that's because you've literally not seen anything before this....
Kate S.
Kate S. 2 aylar önce
Jack should take that train journey 😂
ISDL29TV 2 aylar önce
2:08 A spanish youtuber actually did that train journey this year. He took 25 days to complete it and he had to do some detours due to Ukraine war, some sections still were suspended after COVID restrictions and some parts of the trip were yet to be built.
RJN Yıl önce
Laughed soo hard seeing him pronounce “Chhattisgarh”.
Its Vvguy
Its Vvguy Yıl önce
yeah rip chhattisgarh
Tara Yıl önce
i mean normal mess up is fine, but he did the COLONIAL LEVEL MESS UP(if you know what i mean)
Druvan Tej
Druvan Tej Yıl önce
RB Universe TV
RB Universe TV Yıl önce
LMAO! It's so funny!
informationbrothers 2020
informationbrothers 2020 Yıl önce
Make no sense
Gollum gaming
Gollum gaming 6 aylar önce
You can vastly extend the longest journey if you break a couple of laws because at a certain time of year you can walk from Russia to Alaska during winter cuz the water freezes to 3 foot thick ice.
Cat Yıl önce
Avik gaming
Avik gaming Yıl önce
Jack should definitely know all the capitals of the world
Candy Meow
Candy Meow Yıl önce
As a Russian, I've had a lot of fun watching you trying to pronounce "Krasnojarsk"
Nightmarish 10 aylar önce
Leave Ukraine I work in the army you have enough land
samfulss 10 aylar önce
not defending russia just saying
Völundr Frey
Völundr Frey 10 aylar önce
About the running, I've heard a theory that heat also helps them. Warm air has less oxygen than cold air, so running in a warm climate becomes like high altitude training compared to a cold climate.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Yıl önce
Correct, the Isle of Man isn't part of the UK proper. It is a Crown Dependency, a self-governing possession of the Crown alongside Guernsey and Jersey (not to be confused with New Jersey; the state is named after the island) that the UK gov is responsible for. There, the Queen is called the Lord of Mann. Fun fact, the Isle of Man has the oldest continuous parliament in the world *The more you know!*
Drkpmnair Yıl önce
Yoo thank you kim
Luca Rocks 11
Luca Rocks 11 Yıl önce
go back to north korea because wales and Scotland govern themselves but are still in the UK and the isle of man is inside the united kingdom providence but yes does govern its self as all countries in the UK govern themselves apart from northern Ireland who is governed by England.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Yıl önce
@Luca Rocks 11 Scotland and Wales are different as they are nations within the UK. The Isle of Man is not a nation, it has a different status. A Crown Dependency. Which is similar status to a British Overseas Territory. A simple search literally says Isle of Man is not the UK and anyone from the Isle of Man will tell you this and can't "go back" to a country you already live in
fridayyy. Yıl önce
You are everywhere Dear Leader
Thomas Degroat
Thomas Degroat Yıl önce
I think the "America" thing is so confusing because in the USA, we're taught that the proper way to refer to the two continents is "The Americas" with the definite article and an s, whereas "America" is a different thing, usually referring to the country.
Jake Ryan
Jake Ryan Yıl önce
I was looking for this comment. The UK/Great Britain/England thing has agreed upon definitions. The America/Americas thing does not as some countries learn of continents by tectonic plates (in which case North and South America are two separate continents) and other countries learn continents by culture (in which case America is one continent) (although for whatever reason Europe and Asia are always separated even though technically they are one continent if you go by tectonic plates).
Mr bear
Mr bear Yıl önce
VIDEO IDEA; Maps I Find Engaging Maps I Find Boring Maps I Find Unintresting Maps I Find Glorius Maps I Find Cool Maps I Find Annoying Maps I Find Great Maps I Find Attractive Maps I Find Mind Blowing Maps I Find Beatiful Have Fun Jack
Carbon Yıl önce
I love it when us New Zealanders get talked about, we're so small yet it's so cool that people mention us lol
T Yıl önce
Soon Jack will run out if words to use in these titles of this series. love the videos as always
Mast3rKK 7 aylar önce
someone should make a map of every country's best and/or worst person, and maybe split it into continents not sure how it would be measured
Charbel_playz Yıl önce
I love your channel you make my day ❤️
DECU Yıl önce
For northern Ireland, it should've been Belfast, Omagh, or of course, Derry, the troubles were a mad thing
OPpenguin Yıl önce
"I'm getting a bit sick of saying pools now so let's say Male Circumcision instead" Jack, what?
Neyte Yıl önce
fridayyy. Yıl önce
Epic video as usual Jack!
isabella Yıl önce
I love this series, I subscribed! 😀😀
chrism3784 7 aylar önce
actually a lot of the USA got a white christmas this past year. An artic blast came down 3 days before christmas and snowed all the way south as tennessee. The artic blast didn't have very much moisture behind it to create a lot of snow as it could have but it sure as heck brought very cold temps and most places had the coldest christmas in many year. I'm in central Alabama and it got to 9 in the morning and a high of 19. Very unusual for my location any time of the year. Florida was even cold in the 30s lows, 40s highs
Robert Right
Robert Right Yıl önce
Jack's google history: Gold-playbutton 2010 Another word for interesting
taybahv2 Yıl önce
Just stumbled across this channel a short while ago. Absolutely, hands down my FAV new TRshowr!
Cookii Yıl önce
Fun fact: in Guernica, a tree that survived the bombing in the 1930s still stands today. I am not lying I (used to) live very close to Guernica and have taken many pictures with that tree as the “model”
DugBur Yıl önce
It’s funny to see Jack freak out over -27°C. Don’t get me wrong -27 is hella cold but in Norway it’s common to get a few winter days with around -27°C in the north (Ive personally experienced -27 in central Norway which is not as common).
Kaput Yıl önce
yeah but for example -8 degrees was the coldest day in uk 2021, temperature never goes that low
Jack 's weekly music reviews
Jack 's weekly music reviews Yıl önce
I think one reason that the UK has that many is because of residue from the empire, we still have some leftover small territories like the virgin islands, bermuda, and the British indian ocean territory
TDS_BAKOS 9 aylar önce
Jack did you know that Greece has 6k islands but only about 200 are populated
Cameron Eridan
Cameron Eridan 6 aylar önce
That new longest train ride sure aged like milk
Florian Lasser
Florian Lasser Yıl önce
i love how you always forget to mention Singapore in most maps
Dbit Derald
Dbit Derald Yıl önce
9:33 What happened in Eyam is nothing compared to what happened in Pirčiupiai, Lithuania. I wont go into detail because it's truly horrific but in that area, the nazis really showed what they could do.
TheIllussions Yıl önce
There's a lot of places on the map because of stuff that happened during the World Wars: Auschwitz, Guernica (Spain), Babi Yar (Ukraine), Oradour-sur-Glane (France), and probably lots more.
The Friendly Bottle Of Shampoo
The Friendly Bottle Of Shampoo Yıl önce
I must say. These videos give me massive Big Bang Theory: Fun With Flag Vibes
Sam Yıl önce
Worth noting that with things like that tribe, there is more variation within a population than between populations. That means that for any given person, you couldn't tell if they were in that tribe or not by their body type nor could you predice a person's body type by whether or not their in the tribe. But when you are looking at the extremes, like the best distance runners in the world, then these small differences show up in terms of being much more likely to see the extreme outliers. The elite athletes with the thinnest ankles will often be from a population that on average has slightly thinner ankles.
bert Yıl önce
10:20 I've been looking at us maps for my entire life (I'm american) and I've always seen the great lakes cut off. I live in Ohio and I see lake Erie and some of the other lakes, but that's it. And when I look at world maps, the us-canadian border always cuts it off aswell. I'm just tryna say that it looks so odd to me.
Jonas Greve
Jonas Greve Yıl önce
Hey Jack, in denmark there has been build a world map in a river. It is incredible how weel build it is, try to look at it someday
ItsLime Yıl önce
"I'm a bit sick of saying pools now so let's say male circumcision instead" - Jack Massey Welsh
Aashman Dhingra
Aashman Dhingra Yıl önce
Written: Chhattisgarh Jack: Chhitasigrah Me: * bursts out laughing * This moment is hilarious for Indians 🇮🇳😂😂
DaGreatest_ Yıl önce
😆 Foreigners pronouncing Indian places is the best thing ever lol
Aashman Dhingra
Aashman Dhingra Yıl önce
@DaGreatest_ Agreed😂
Tara Yıl önce
@DaGreatest_ its actually the worst
Tara Yıl önce
@DaGreatest_ they can pronounce things like czechoslovakia(nothing i have against) BUT not chatisgarh (he literally called it chatisgrAH my goodness i mean. i get that its tough for them BUT HOW COULD YOU MISPLACE TWO WHOLE syllables lmao
Pushpita prasad
Pushpita prasad Yıl önce
@Aashman Dhingra This jack is british by the way
Flabby Yıl önce
I'm just glad new Zealand is on these world maps
Pathos Aylar önce
4:47 this apparently is my history teacher's biggest pet-peeve so yesterday when we went over it, I was one of the only people who knew the difference lol
MrFish 7 aylar önce
That cave system literally looks like something out of Minecraft
Corrine Craig (Jmw_gg#2079)
Corrine Craig (Jmw_gg#2079) Yıl önce
Oh no! Don't you think you are pushing it a bit now!!!! 😂😂😂 /j Love this series, thank you so much and congratulations for hitting 2 mil on JackSucksAtLife! You are definitely one of my role models ❤️
Salata Yıl önce
Why are people using those trigger warnings
Corrine Craig (Jmw_gg#2079)
Corrine Craig (Jmw_gg#2079) Yıl önce
@Salata what trigger warnings? I don't understand what you are saying!
Criggall Yıl önce
Yeah same
Twarodactyl10 Yıl önce
It means joke
Twarodactyl10 Yıl önce
It means joke
Pleun Fransen
Pleun Fransen Yıl önce
i’ve actually been on the russian part of the train ride till mongolia, it took us 5 days from moskow to ulaanbaatar
celestial_crash Yıl önce
0:35 Article: "Nilotic" Jack: "NEOLITHIC" Gotta respect that tribe. They still living in 1900 BC
Blist Yıl önce
Jack will use every word in the dictionary for this series!
Alakesh Paine
Alakesh Paine 4 aylar önce
I love you Jack ❤
RU Foundry & Machine Shop Corp.
RU Foundry & Machine Shop Corp. 7 aylar önce
Jack: *says that north and South America combines has 50 countries*. Reality: 35 countries
Beary Yıl önce
you make geography fun which our geography teacher can not do and why over half of my class is doing history in year 9 for gcse
walmars3curity 9 aylar önce
Someone finally knows what they're talking about when it comes to "America" vs "United States of America". Thank you, Sir
Fraser McGeough
Fraser McGeough Yıl önce
Love the map vids!
Capnskul Yıl önce
9:37 Firstly the village is pronounced eem rather then e yam and the fact about building a wall is false, however the villagers in Eyam did stay in the village while the outbreak of the plague was happening. The surrounding villages traded food and water at various drop of points. Lots of people did die of the Black Death but the village handled the situation very well seeing as though this was during the 15th century.
daisuke910 Yıl önce
Yeah. I didnt know that even a Brit mispronounce the place (SEA people here) Lovely town! Love the history. Had a treasure hunt there once. A good way to explore the town.
The Geography Bible
The Geography Bible Yıl önce
Jack, can you make a video about which countries would be the easiest to eat if they were a cookie?? (based off their shape)
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Yıl önce
"And in the UK, we call it petrol. And apparently we're the only people in Europe to do so" Ireland and Cyprus: 👁👄👁 They don't really have any 10,000m runners according to that map, but the Dinka of South Sudan are also pretty tall and thin. Arguably the tallest people on Earth. Like the Kalenjin, they are Nilotic. Unlike the Kalenjin who are skilled at running, the Dinka are most skilled at basketball. The NBA sends scouts to South Sudan specifically for the Dinka because of their height. The second tallest player in NBA history, Manute Bol, is from Turalei, South Sudan. He's done a lot of humanitarian and activist work too, helping build new schools and taking a part of a three-week walk from the UN to the US Capitol to protest what was happening in Darfur
Lord of the Mound
Lord of the Mound Yıl önce
You need a globe to visualize Reykjavik being the closest capital to northern Alaska. Take a string and hold your finger on one end of the string in northern Alaska; grab the other end on Reykjavik, then swing it around in a 360° arc and see if the map is correct.
DVn Yıl önce
1:32 Jack: apparently we’re the only people in Europe that call it petrol Ireland: I’m I a joke to you?
Evan Flynn
Evan Flynn Yıl önce
This had me so triggered
Lord of the Mound
Lord of the Mound Yıl önce
He must have meant “The British Isles.”
TomTom 10 aylar önce
I’m from Cavan and in that clip I was like it’s a chicken leg btw that’s how we learned it in school also can you learn the 36 counties in Ireland thanks jack for the content ❤
GibberishDraw Yıl önce
Nobody: Jack when he runs out of map title ideas: maps i find that existing
Ib Yıl önce
I'm sure half the Indians laughed to death when he pronounced Chattishgarh - che-tas-igrah isntead of - chatt-is-garh
Rudra Menon
Rudra Menon 23 gün önce
Jack : Showing the first map.. Also Jack : "BEST map So far EXCUSE ME "SO FAR ON THE FIRST MAP"
Adrien FAGOT
Adrien FAGOT 7 aylar önce
I think that at 9:25 it's a map with put in blue the countries which had borders discussed at the time, because we can see differences between the borders of the countries in blue and those which have become today. So it must be a map of the beginning of the creation of these countries, so around 1965
Séamus O'Rourke
Séamus O'Rourke Yıl önce
Yo Jack im still waiting for you to learn the world's capitals 😂
Nate B
Nate B Yıl önce
With the pool one, it was big because it was in a trailer park and generally those have a community pool
f Yıl önce
I can see that Jack is starting to struggle to find different words for the title
Nefertiti Montoya
Nefertiti Montoya 7 aylar önce
This one time my friends and I figured out the year of a globe at a library and it was one of my favourite days ever
MelonKnowsNothing 5 aylar önce
05 Ezekiel Cian Castro
05 Ezekiel Cian Castro Yıl önce
Sweden is basically in 200k+ pieces its just so close together it looks like one big landmass on a map
itzkassyboi 8 aylar önce
Me: Wow that's a long train ride Jack in my ear: EnHaNcE eNhAnCe
ahmed el alaoui
ahmed el alaoui Yıl önce
I'm Moroccan and in my 20 years in this country I've never heard anyone call gasoline "Benzene" We usually call it "Mazot" for the gasoline and "Essence" for the gas
WILDBrooke13 Aylar önce
6:22 jacks laugh in 0.25 speed is horrifying
Jbhxx Yıl önce
1:30 Ireland: Am I a joke to you? 😡
HoldMyBlade Yıl önce
Cyprus too 😢
Josiah Provchy
Josiah Provchy Yıl önce
I'm from Arizona and mainly the reason why we have a lot of pools is during the summers because it becomes really hot compared to other states with reaching temperatures of 110°+ Fahrenheit.
pradvith bathini
pradvith bathini Yıl önce
jack: we are the only country to do so Ireland: am I a joke to you
Nickitoks 2 aylar önce
4:43 Wow THIS MAP IS SOOOO FASANATING! So many names... I'm lovin' it
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Maps I find Impressive
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The Geography Dumb Test for Smart People
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I played Geography games for 1 hour without stopping
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I named ALL 197 Countries AND Flags of the World
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Yalı Çapkını 39. Bölüm Fragman
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