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We compared all the items from the same fast food chains and brands in the US and Japan to discover the big differences between the two countries. This is Food Wars season 3!
00:00 McDonald's
22:36 KFC
41:42 Starbucks
1:02:22 Pizza Hut
1:22:08 Subway
1:41:55 Taco Bell
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US vs Japan Food Wars Marathon

write. Yıl önce
Food wars is like my stress content. I seriously cant go a week without food wars. George never fails to put s smile on my face
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
I agree! If I've got serious panic starting, living with a difficult case of CPTSD, this content is like a non-narcotic remedy! I'm super grateful for it lol
giorgi Beridze
giorgi Beridze 7 aylar önce
Osmara Gil
Osmara Gil Yıl önce
@C0rrupted Killer I
Cali Price
Cali Price Yıl önce
C0rrupted Killer yyeah ytygyt
Blast Heart
Blast Heart Yıl önce
Same, but in a different way. I usually ignore all of the episodes and then binge the marathon to de-stress during my free time or when I’m cleaning the house.
Coffee is for closers
Coffee is for closers Yıl önce
George is a great new co-host for this season of Food Wars, his chemistry works just aswell with Joe as it did with Harry. I did like the episode where they had all 3 of them together.
Zoe ZooBearBiotch
Zoe ZooBearBiotch Yıl önce
I was obsessed with Japanese menus at American food chains. So good. Always had hot fries and the ice cream machine was always up
Firezz 11 aylar önce
Poppi Simnett
Poppi Simnett Yıl önce
okay I have a confession to make..... I am really obsessed with food wars like it’s the best creation on the internet. Like I can’t go 24 hours without watching at least one episode of food wars. hehe
Calvin Lucien
Calvin Lucien Yıl önce
Wow! I didn’t know houses were a unit of time! The internet truly is the best, the more you know!
lstarrb Yıl önce
I'm glad you got that off your chest. I'm also obsessed lol
Dragonorder18 11 aylar önce
I'll say, I actually enjoyed the teriyaki burger while I was in Japan. Never saw the Samurai mac, or I would of tried it. I also miss the Shaka chicken, as that was just delicious. I don't believe I've visited KFC often there, but I did visit the A&W Restaurant there over there. They do the Rootbeer floats pretty dang well, with the glasses frosted too. Was never much into Starbucks on either side, as I wasn't into coffee until more recently. So interesting watching the Starbucks segment. I have at least tried one of the fruit drinks though during a time I met someone at a starbucks. Pizza hut.... Been to plenty there while I was overseas. I had a good time most of the time, but I did have this other place I visited that had "Corn" On the pizza, and I just couldn't get into that. And to think people complain about pineapple on Pizza? They should try corn instead and see how much that just seems to put a rubber taste to it... Never had a bad time at Pizzahut, but wish they'd get back to the buffet style dinners that people would enjoy staying for, and had those red glasses that was a signature of the places way back... (I can't imagine that anyone would be happy with a burnt pizza, but if they really were offended with someone, I'd think there'd be more than one out of all of them being burned.) Subway, Always been a simply good place, we didn't exactly find one of those around where I was in Japan. Probably just an unlucky coincidence. Doesn't look like I've missed much though, aside from maybe some egg not in the breakfast sandwiches. Perhaps the Tandoori chicken might of been worth while, if i could pass on the shrimp. Tacobell has been a favorite for me for a long time! So Of course I made sure to know I could find that one. I do remember actually having a Naked Chicken Taco here in the US though, But that one looks like it was a better made one. Better to use a spoon if you're gonna do the buffet takeout style... because broken shells are just no fun. Though lately, it feels like Tacobell has been doing so much less effort, and just been mediocre for some of it's specials. Which is sad for someone who really loves Tacobell...
ghost420 7 aylar önce
would of YES i am making this reply just to point that out
Corinne Law
Corinne Law Yıl önce
I can’t but smile with George on screen 😊 everything he says 😜
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
George has fabulous screen chemistry alongside Joe. Excellent casting!!
N R 11 aylar önce
Love Food Wars!!! The hosts are awesome. George is a perfect fit!
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
The straw and Harry's "Wot?" surprised me into a hard laugh 😂 Also laughed pretty good at George explaining the different shapes of chicken with KFC 😂😂😂 I adore these marathons!!
Robert Currie
Robert Currie Yıl önce
George from Japan was an excellent CO Host,good on camera & funny 🌟🎉✌️
brendan wilson
brendan wilson Yıl önce
Please do an Australian food wars comparison video! Love these
miomao_ Yıl önce
Vinn (zeii.)
Vinn (zeii.) Yıl önce
Si74l0rd 6 aylar önce
The drinks in Japan are small like the UK, but KFC in Japan has great drink choices! Ginger beer and chilled Earl Grey! The melon soda is probably my jam too lol. Wish we had more variety in fast food drinks in the UK. I love variety, but since McDonald's got rid of root beer sometime in the 80's I have to search out cans of A&W at twice the price of a normal can of soda. I wish we could get root beer on tap at just one fast food place.
Chiatea Prince
Chiatea Prince 9 aylar önce
I loved this 😊 this was very informative, funny as well as mouth watering. I hope you keep doing these. 😊
Moreno Panni
Moreno Panni Yıl önce
I'd be happy to show off some differences from the Italian Mac Donald and Burger King if you like. Unfortunately for stuff like KFC and Subway we only have a few in Italy in the bigger cities.
Maddie Wild
Maddie Wild 4 aylar önce
George telling the KFC drink to “go home” genuinely made me smile
ShoelessJP Yıl önce
Do I need to rewatch Food Wars via this marathon? No, but I'm going to do it anyway. I love this series so much.
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson Yıl önce
I’m so happy they did this I’ve been behind in this season of food wars
Nelya Muzychuk
Nelya Muzychuk 8 aylar önce
I'm watching this before I had breakfast. Bad idea I guess... LOL! p.s: the way Joe looks at the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, you can tell it's love!
kerilaverty 8 gün önce
The loaded fries (or any fries from Taco Bell, for that matter) are limited time items and usually are only around for about a month. All speciality/limited item change every month. :)
Jan Bebendorf
Jan Bebendorf 2 gün önce
Baumkuchen is actually the german name for it and translates to tree cake in english. It gets it's name from the layers that look like the age rings of a tree and is (traditionally) made on a rotating wooden roll that gets a new layer of batter added each time the previous layer has baked enough.
K4L Yıl önce
I honestly love George's content
dreadthedays says
dreadthedays says 11 aylar önce
George is adorable. I died when he said big sausage and laughed like a kid because he is so high on coffee lol Japan coffee packs more punch, I'd pay more for that.... Also.... SulFITES and SulFATES are not the same. I worked at pizzahut and the pasta is clutch.
SU_ Shadow
SU_ Shadow 9 aylar önce
George takes a sip, big smile, and says "thats the worst" I love that guy.
No Mercy x 유령Modz
No Mercy x 유령Modz 11 aylar önce
Alright I will now be teleporting myself to Japan for their food. As an American our fast food looks and tastes good, but the pure happiness on George's face when he eats his food vs Joe's just makes me realize I just want Japanese food now lol. Fast food or street food, or just in general food. God I realized I was hungry! lol (I am not being rude to Joe! Please nobody assume that!)
Hug My Yams
Hug My Yams Yıl önce
George just makes me happy! He’s too cute! Question: how do the Japanese stay so skinny 😩 I’m so jealous!
Voň Âmön
Voň Âmön 9 aylar önce
Their diet and genetics basically. If your American you will go thru sugar withdrawal if you go over there for an extended period, my wife spent time in Asia and told me she would have her folks send her cereal and other sugary things to eat, since it's not a big thing over there, also cheese and diary is very low on their diets too. So....less sugar and anything dairy, if you cut them out to almost nothing your headed in the right direction but that's basically why, they don't eat sugary cereal or big fat breakfast plates like u.s. or u.k. does, they have cold noodle dishes for breakfast. Bread too, not big on bread there either, they do fry a lot but with all the thick batters like we use they have tempura, light crispy. Idk if u actually wanted info. But from my understanding this is some of the differences I've noticed
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
Joe's not kidding about those Potato Oles from Taco John's! What makes them so addictive is the spice blend they dust it with right out the fryer! Go next level with a side of nacho cheese sauce!
In404nI Yıl önce
12:50 i love how he looks in this shot he never fails to put a smile on my face
Fuyukori Yıl önce
This is like such a nice video to watch while eating at the same time haha
Joseph Christian Ruiz
Joseph Christian Ruiz Yıl önce
Makes me wish that a magic microwave/oven for teleportation is created so that we could just experience all kinds of cuisines at home
Zaku Guriin
Zaku Guriin 10 aylar önce
I didn't know in Japan that Thousand Island dressing was called something different. I think it sounds way cooler to say than Thousand Island.
skip377 11 aylar önce
I tried a Whopper a while ago for the first time in years. When I was younger I loved them. I found today the mayo is different. It is nasty. Anyone else happen to notice that?
lanie bryan
lanie bryan Yıl önce
OBSESSED with George 😂😂😂 I normally watch on snapchat but found the show on TRshow just to say that
Modest Reviews
Modest Reviews Yıl önce
The whole family enjoys watching these guys!
Jupitergirl125 9 aylar önce
They have cheddar instead of American cheese… I’m jealous 🤤
MisterCheese 11 aylar önce
George has an interesting accent XD I've heard native japanese speak english before but I've never heard an accent like that, it's nice lol
MR Fukashi
MR Fukashi 7 aylar önce
I love food in Japan! I love so much melon soda! But, i'm always thirsty , and i always need to purchase 2 drinks, even 3 in Japan! In Quebec Canada, we also used to extra big one!
buba 11 aylar önce
We also got those soda mcfloats in the Phillipines but it’s only coke, i’m surprised America doesn’t have em! I thought all countries did. We also got milktea mcfloat with tapioca pearls here!
Demi Yıl önce
The Japanese McDonald’s looks so good😩
Kaizo Kanami
Kaizo Kanami 9 aylar önce
When I saw the spicy beef burger I was really wishing I lived in Japan
Crow Aylar önce
I tried a Chick-fil-A sandwich today. Extra pickles and 1-2 packets of honey. Side of Chick-fil-A sauce… it was awesome 🎉🎉🎉🎉
ASMR Demon
ASMR Demon Yıl önce
*Happy 🎆 New Year 🎆 to you !* *Food Wars is like the King of Comparison videos! Your content is always so enjoyable to watch, can't await to see more videos!* 😈👍
Faded Gaming
Faded Gaming 8 aylar önce
mcdonald’s needs to bring back bagels, the Steak Egg and Cheese was godly and unmatched
Shiboline M'Ress
Shiboline M'Ress 10 aylar önce
I'd love to do Kentucky for Christmas with George! 😁
Darren Van Zyl
Darren Van Zyl Yıl önce
I would like to see a comparison between US and South Africa, in my experience there are also quite some differences!
Shatanah 10 aylar önce
George is so based and I love it 💕😄
Edmundo Short
Edmundo Short 8 aylar önce
Funny as well as mouth watering. I hope you keep doing these.😅🤣
Mares 11 aylar önce
im so down to be the guy who tries food if they do a season with australia
SALAO, Julliard Markus T.
SALAO, Julliard Markus T. Yıl önce
I can see how much Joe is envious about McDo Japan
BigBoyBender Yıl önce
You guys should do Canada vs USA and see the differences. I really would like to see that
Sasha Drakovi
Sasha Drakovi Yıl önce
The american Breakfast Biscuits at McDonalds have a rolled square Egg, but the Japan they don't, that's likely because in Japan they like Tamago Rolls, which are basically that but thicker and more egg and I'm not certain but it's possible a whole bunch of places in Japan serve Tamago rolls.
Habeas J
Habeas J 8 aylar önce
Had the teriyaki burger while I japan, can confirm that its 🔥🔥🔥
Zerutso Yıl önce
1:21:52 Agree on this one. Do love this series.
Shadylane Yıl önce
George is a gem.
Jose Bermea's random channel
Jose Bermea's random channel Yıl önce
Japanese culture is fascinating to me
TheRealNFT Yıl önce
& for breakfast in japan they have a mcgriddle that has lettuce tomato and breakfast sauce. It doesn't feel disgusting when you eat it. I miss it.
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
I really appreciate telling us who don't speak the language, what each thing is in that language. Also, letting us know which things are more widely liked with each country, US or otherwise. Growing up in the States I'm so grateful for the freedoms and experience...But as I age, I have learned that the rest of the world is SO much older which means the culture, traditions and the FOOD is, in my opinion, far more intriguing and rich with flavor and history!!! I believe all Americans should spend some respectful and thoughtful time in other societies, NOT as a pompous tourist, visiting that place's biggest tourist traps. I feel like we'd be more grateful for what we have at our disposal as well as more understanding and respect for other people's.
bowlofmilk 11 aylar önce
hehe the “canadian salsa” edit on the syrup was so funny and spot on.
Deejay Yıl önce
''They should cut it like a pizza, that would be cool'' - Papa John's has entered the chat
my site
my site Yıl önce
You can get a coke float at Wendy's, but strawberry waffle cone at McDonald's?? That would be AWESOME here in the states. I really like the shamrock shake, but you'd be lucky to find a McDonald's with a working ice cream machine here.
my site
my site 2 aylar önce
@ItsFreshItsAnne point taken
ItsFreshItsAnne 2 aylar önce
Correction: You'd be lucky to find a McDonald's with employees willing to do all the work and cleanup and will just 'tell you' it's
Peko Yıl önce
I really miss the Ebi Burger from McDonald's and Melon Soda in Japan.
kama nama
kama nama Yıl önce
I have this awesome McDonald’s across the street from where I work and I go on occasion sometimes and I still to this day will ask her is your machine working? It always is it’s never broken. The other McDonald’s that was in the neighborhood that had their machine broken ““ every single day “ Finally close down
ケイリーたん Yıl önce
it's because of the cleaning system & the company who makes them,, look it up,,
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren 6 aylar önce
Us Japan are my favorite food wars all because of the hosts :)
I like turtles
I like turtles 9 aylar önce
Nothing is stopping me from going to Japan
Eu ge
Eu ge Yıl önce
quarter pounders do exist now outside the US, at least here in Argentina it exists (although it didn't when pulp fiction premiered)
NbSkaz Yıl önce
same here in the UK
Shalissa Yıl önce
george sounds so nice and I feel like the other guy is mildly against everything george says 😭
AlphaWolf Yıl önce
George, I will eat KFC with you on Christmas! Lol Also if constipation is an issue.. Taco Bell is a solution. In the US anyway haha.
AlphaWolf 9 aylar önce
@Voň Âmön I’m a wild card 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤪
Voň Âmön
Voň Âmön 9 aylar önce
The juxtaposition here in almost unfathomable...go from taking about a date to bowel movement obstructions and a solution all in a few short lines of text..........
ASMR Alireza
ASMR Alireza Yıl önce
You make me Hungary and your foods are so good i love all of them🤤😋 It's seems so delicious i wanna taste
Yzrch Aylar önce
That vegetable juice looks so good…
deem Yıl önce
JacQueline QTK
JacQueline QTK Aylar önce
The teriyaki burger is so frickin good 😊👍
kama nama
kama nama Yıl önce
For Starbucks I never knew what the tall meant until I found out they had a short
FrostyShredder Yıl önce
Show is great, but i want Joe to actually taste the KFC mashed potato bowl, before he makes comments. XD. but no, keep up the good work! thanks to the editors who made this a giant single vid i can setup while working
Rose Entertainment
Rose Entertainment Yıl önce
Loves all of them this is very good food seems very much delicious that make us hangry and want to tast.
Alliyah Saotome
Alliyah Saotome Yıl önce
aw, such a shame. If you got a double chocolate cake, I'm so jealous. I don't know if its just ours that stopped selling them. / KFC still has double chocolate cakes its just no longer included inside their meals.
Alliyah Saotome
Alliyah Saotome Yıl önce
Wasnt this a Food War KFC Episode?
Alliyah Saotome
Alliyah Saotome Yıl önce
Pink Lemonade is made with pink lemons. They do exist. If they're just throwing pink food coloring in their to color it, that's just so wrong. I thought pink lemonade was flavored with strawberry juice, and it can be colored that way too.
Alliyah Saotome
Alliyah Saotome Yıl önce
Almost as much as why can't we have fries that are just potatoes and salt? I can imagine a few reasons (ingredients) why our food is banned in every-other-country
0m3n 20 gün önce
I really wish the US had a revamp on fast food places. Its insane we have so little HEALTHY fast food places. The amount of chemicals McDonalds and others add to their food is completely mindblowing (this channel has a video showing all the chemicals)
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia Yıl önce
literally going to japan just for mcdonald’s 😂😭🅿️
Jenna Sue
Jenna Sue Yıl önce
We need japans condiment packages way more fun and less mess :)
blessed_cod Yıl önce
In Germany the chicken tenders are also called crispys if you go to KFC
Brandon W
Brandon W Yıl önce
I miss the hershey's choclate dunkers they used to have. Ordered them everytime i got pizza hut
Tom Bunney
Tom Bunney 5 aylar önce
We've had the quarter pounder with cheese in England forever it was my nans favourite like 20 years ago x
Nakirium Yıl önce
Quarter Pounders are available in Chile and Argentina, probably on other south american countries as well.
Mười Bảy
Mười Bảy 2 aylar önce
and canada
Gabby Short
Gabby Short Yıl önce
and the uk
numberIII5243 10 aylar önce
Surprising that Japans sodas are slightly larger than the UK. 250/400/500 for UK 275/425/540 for Japan
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones Yıl önce
You MUST tell him many in USA only go to KFC to get the Mac n cheese . I would not eat their chicken 😂
Hunterlore Yıl önce
George (i think the black haired) I love him so much he seems so kind and wholesome
Jenna Sue
Jenna Sue Yıl önce
Fun fact we actually have a McDonald’s here in Chicago that serves international McDonald’s items so In all technicality if it’s a McDonald’s item you can find it in Chicago lol
jdxpandd 11 aylar önce
How do we not have the Hawaiian menu we own Hawaii,, not complaining just genuinely confused 😂😂
Arwen E. M. P.
Arwen E. M. P. Yıl önce
Biscuts are fluffy Buttery Perfection. They can be sweet or savory!
Alex Quest
Alex Quest Yıl önce
I bet the Japanese veggie juice is Kagome, it’s super yummy
Novice Price
Novice Price Yıl önce
The egg that is folded comes folded. They are cooked on the grill. I worked there.
bruh moment
bruh moment 3 aylar önce
Quarter pounder is actually in the nederlands, i loved it and ordered it everytime but now that im in belgium, i cant order it anymore
Voň Âmön
Voň Âmön 9 aylar önce
Okay...I stumbled across this by accident. Glad I clicked. I've been curious about this since I've been on a fast food video kick lately
xx7secondsxx Yıl önce
The Hawaiian teriyaki is THE BEST ONE!!! I was Honey BBQ until I worked there. Then ill.mever switch back!
MeMao Gaming and Plays
MeMao Gaming and Plays Yıl önce
Don’t know why they don’t show how much liquid in the drinks in Taco Bell
夜食ラーメンおやじ 5 aylar önce
I guess a majority of Japanese people eat a lot of vegetables in usual meals. In a sense, fast foods are rewards for our eating of daily healthy foods. Therefore, I dislike the labeling fast foods as junk foods. They are oily, salty, too sweet and delicious! \(^o^)/
V i
V i 8 aylar önce
In Japan the food expectations is the same as the real food
turtleniceguy 10 aylar önce
It's my first Food Wars video and I can't help but think that Joe looks like Gary Oldman.
Watermel0n 5 gün önce
They need to bring back the sweet chili sauce omg
Bradon Ortiz
Bradon Ortiz 11 aylar önce
Even the ice cream machines work in Japanese McDonald's... could it get any better?
shari smith
shari smith Aylar önce
Yeah man, personal fave double quarter pounder with mayo 🤭😅 I live in Aotearoa, NZ 😊
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