BEST surprise father daughter wedding dance to epic song mashup | Utah Wedding Videographer

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BP Film & Photo

BP Film & Photo

6 yıl önce

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Mikayla's dad ("Nate-daddy") wanted me to post this epic video of their wedding reception daddy daughter dance. To all you dads out there, he says, "NEVER PASS UP A CHANCE TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!" He also said that this dance was his chance to treat his daughter how she should be treated (as a princess). Sooo tender.
The dance started out so sweet and traditional and caught everyone by surprise. Haha! I loved filming Mikayla and her dad's epic and awesome choreographed daddy daughter wedding dance.
Filmed with love by yours truly,
BP Film & Photo
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Order of songs (starting after "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle):
0:10 - 0:29 - "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
0:30 - 0:54 - "Apache (Jump On It)" by Sugarhill Gang
0:55 - 1:23 - "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
1:24 - 1:38 - "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches & Herb
1:54 - 2:11 - "Nagada Nagada" from Bollywood's Jab We Met movie
2:12 - 2:29 -"Juicy Wiggle" by Redfoo
2:30 - 2:50 - "It's Not Unusual" by tom Jones
2:51 - 3:13 - "Dessert" by Dawin
3:14 - 3:26 - "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC
Please note that the DJ made his own remixes to a lot of these songs. If you didn't notice him jamming out in the back, rewatch the video but just focus on him!!

BP Film & Photo
BP Film & Photo 5 yıl önce
Here's the order of all songs (starting after "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle): 0:10-0:29 - "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer 0:30-0:54 - "Apache (Jump On It)" by Sugarhill Gang 0:55-1:23 - "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO 1:24-1:38 - "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches & Herb 1:54-2:11 - "Nagada Nagada" from Bollywood's Jab We Met movie 2:12-2:29 -"Juicy Wiggle" by Redfoo 2:30-2:50 - "It's Not Unusual" by tom Jones 2:51-3:13 - "Dessert" by Dawin 3:14-3:26 - "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC
Diane Hunsberger
Diane Hunsberger 8 aylar önce
@ZAHID AZZAM The man is her father
Dulce Luna
Dulce Luna 8 aylar önce
@Dogan Pardem do you still have this mix?
tal sar
tal sar 8 aylar önce
Were can I find the full mashup of all the songs together?
Anja Širovnik
Anja Širovnik 9 aylar önce
Do you have this remix and you can send me please ? 🙈🙈🙈
Rachel Theresa
Rachel Theresa 11 aylar önce
Could I get the full audio someonehow?
Oups -
Oups - 2 yıl önce
Ok but can we talk about her dad’s dancing skills HE IS SOOOO GOOD
Margaret Eagler
Margaret Eagler Gün önce
And daughter is so proud to have him as dad!
Oups -
Oups - 14 gün önce
Alfredo Taylor
Alfredo Taylor 15 gün önce
he is fucking awesome!!!!!!!
Hailey 3 aylar önce
Michael Sutherland
Michael Sutherland 4 aylar önce
First 10 second, I was like dad can dance. Probably like old friend of mine... see once, practice once, owned.
Mellisa F Gandiwa
Mellisa F Gandiwa Yıl önce
Every daughter deserves to have a father they can grow around and share so many beautiful moments. She is truly blessed.
Colin Geddes
Colin Geddes Yıl önce
@Claire Cadoux my daughter is getting married very soon, suffice to say, we wont be dancing like this, we just couldnt, its not our style. Seriously though, kudos to the bride and father. What a couple of movers.
Mellisa F Gandiwa
Mellisa F Gandiwa Yıl önce
@Claire Cadoux you can keep your negative energy. Peace to you.
Briana Verly
Briana Verly Yıl önce
@Claire Cadoux 🤣
Briana Verly
Briana Verly Yıl önce
Claire Cadoux
Claire Cadoux Yıl önce
Stating the obvious a weeny bit there.
Debolina M
Debolina M Yıl önce
Such a cool moment to have shared with your dad! Love the entire choreography as well. Fathers will always be special to daughters
Mike Collon
Mike Collon Aylar önce
The husband has a lot to live up to when taking the mantle from this dad.
Debolina M
Debolina M Yıl önce
@LI agree with you.... some mothers can be really bad as well. I just meant as a general statement though.
L Yıl önce
That depends on the father. Not all fathers are nice people. Some are really really bad. I wish I had had a dad like this one.
David Upton
David Upton Yıl önce
Dad totally rocked this out. Mad respect to you. I can only dream of a performance for my son one day. Thank you for the inspiration. I will start practicing now!
Jeri Yıl önce
The best thing about this is knowing how many hours the two had together practicing for this day!!!!! 💕💕🥰 🥰 💕💕
Shyska 7 gün önce
instead of being with their wife/fiancé 😅
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
steve day
steve day 5 aylar önce
point well made.
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani 2 yıl önce
The dad was a party animal, just look at his moves.
Emmanuela Becka
Emmanuela Becka Aylar önce
You can say that again!
BADCad 2 aylar önce
Still is
John o'driscoll
John o'driscoll Yıl önce
This guy is Cool
Amit kumar
Amit kumar Yıl önce
@Jackson Haslam bb
Jamshaq TV
Jamshaq TV Yıl önce
HAPPY NEW YEAR Africa is our Religion ❤️❤️❤️ We always a Happy People despite everything. 💛💓💜 BLESS 2021
C.B.61 Yıl önce
This is a man who truly loves his daughter! Makes me miss my own dad!!
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Oh yes it's beautiful thing to see this her dad was with her every beat not tried out either
rebekah Ainsworth
rebekah Ainsworth Yıl önce
His daughter will look back at this in many years to come and it will be so special to her ❤ absolutely love this
Bharat Mata Ki Jai
Bharat Mata Ki Jai 16 gün önce
The Dad rocked the floor with his moves so energetic and vigorous and a bollywood number too!! Difficult to believe this guy is her Dad, he was too good, made the crowd go berserk!!
Amy Green
Amy Green Yıl önce
That father has the moves! 😃 They both did great! What a special fun moment and memory!
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Amen he cutting up at his age
VR R 3 yıl önce
The girl's childhood is shown in this video. An awesome childhood she must have had! Her father loves her so so much!
sunil Kumar
sunil Kumar Yıl önce
@Simon Mcleish 12rr
BC TK Yıl önce
@J B How do *we* know you aren't just a sad, lonely little troll sitting under a bridge trying to find ways to make yourself feel better about your life by posting stupid shit on the internet? Perhaps you should see a therapist for this kind of thinking or you should take a break from the internet for a little bit.
stanostano Yıl önce
@RustyNuts well done the mum. U stupid. Letting him. Ur odd
Dani S
Dani S Yıl önce
I mean.... I cried a little
Jamshaq TV
Jamshaq TV Yıl önce
HAPPY NEW YEAR Africa is our Religion ❤️❤️❤️ We always a Happy People despite everything. 💛💓💜 BLESS 2021
Marc XX
Marc XX Yıl önce
To the Guy that married into this family . You struck GOLD .. may every tomorrow be your next happiest day
Elizabeth Mendez
Elizabeth Mendez 3 aylar önce
The world would be better if more dad's were this close to their daughters ❤️
Sam Mikhail
Sam Mikhail 16 gün önce
My daughter and I were always close. We used to be silly and have fun. But as she has gotten older, she has drifted away. I don't know if other dads have that experience.
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Amen but it's but lot of them are not but all depends how your relationship was with your daughter coming up since was little child til got grown up it's don't stop
M Kork
M Kork 4 aylar önce
My daughter is almost 2 I feel like if I start practicing now, I’ll have it down by then! Love this!
Josey Padgett
Josey Padgett 10 aylar önce
I first saw this video 2 YEARS AGO! I have watched it a zillion times, and still love it so much. I never get tired of seeing how much fun dad and daughter have with each other. I have seen other good wedding videos, BUT this is the all time best ever! I hope their lives are long and happy. GOOD JOB!
Saul Meyers
Saul Meyers 6 yıl önce
the dad killed it.
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Amen he move like he in his 30 hope keep it up he never have worried about ever being any arthritis
Noreen Ryan
Noreen Ryan 2 yıl önce
Dad has some moves 👏👏👏
smtbigelow 3 yıl önce
Fuhq Boi Living up to you’re name I see.
Gianpaulo V
Gianpaulo V 3 yıl önce
C. Bakalyar
C. Bakalyar 3 yıl önce
I loved them!
Mike 14 gün önce
It’s not just the bride that waits her whole life for the father daughter dance at a wedding. This guy clearly was waiting for the day he could dance with his daughter and it showed what a great relationship they must have
Vee T.
Vee T. Yıl önce
I'm crying at the amount of time they must have spent together to pull this off. Absolutely adorable.
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes Yıl önce
How fun! I'm sure there are many wonderful memories made in both doing this dance and rehearsing together. I hope your marriage is long and happy
steve day
steve day 5 aylar önce
heck yeah. skip the old hum drum slow dance. crank it up and have same fun.
Douglas Reeves
Douglas Reeves Aylar önce
This brought tears to my eyes. The bond between a Dad and his daughter is so wonderful. I have three daughters.
Vivian Maike
Vivian Maike 3 yıl önce
Respect to the bride, dancing like this in a wedding dress with these shoes. Amazing!
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Amen yes she getting down but fit give to her because lot bride wouldn't dare do that because not going get all sweaty
Andrea Deletoille
Andrea Deletoille Yıl önce
Was thinking the same!!
Jamshaq TV
Jamshaq TV Yıl önce
HAPPY NEW YEAR Africa is our Religion ❤️❤️❤️ We always a Happy People despite everything. 💛💓💜 BLESS 2021
Vickie Clark
Vickie Clark 2 yıl önce
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. As I was watching her rocking on the stage I was enjoying it but at the same time hoping that she didn't trip. I would fall on my ass trying to walk in a dress like that, let alone dance in it. She is awesome.
Jan Knoblich
Jan Knoblich 3 yıl önce
She is wearing some sort of sandal so I think she is fine but yeah that was dope
Poppy Koch
Poppy Koch Yıl önce
What an awesome memory to have with your Dad and everyone on your wedding day - epic!
Tracy Wayland
Tracy Wayland 2 aylar önce
This is still the best daddy-daughter dance I’ve seen. Love it!
Kari Laakkonen
Kari Laakkonen 5 aylar önce
I was looking for a waltz to our wedding. This is outstanding!!! I love it!😄
Sorin Vrusie
Sorin Vrusie Yıl önce
Lovely! Looking like one of the perfect weddings!
Melody Leds
Melody Leds Yıl önce
watched this many times , love the choreography !!! great dance love it !!!
Samantha Naidoo
Samantha Naidoo Yıl önce
Absolutely loved it ,they had so much fun ..beautifully choreographed.
devinevessel 25 gün önce
Dad was ready the moment he got on the dance floor. 😅 Love this!
Vinchenzo C
Vinchenzo C Yıl önce
After a long hard week at work that has just brought the biggest smile and tears to my face! Hats off... Thank you
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson Yıl önce
These two have fulfilled their quota of bringing joy to the world.
Oyshi3301 Yıl önce
Well said!!
Jade Garner
Jade Garner Yıl önce
ANGEL ⭐ Yıl önce
Thay realy did 😉
Renee Walker
Renee Walker Yıl önce
Absolutely!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 💞
Michele Meissner
Michele Meissner Yıl önce
yes!!! absolutely! bookmarking to watch when I want to laugh/smile/brighten my day!
megnmccarty Yıl önce
I so wish I had a dad like this, my goodness! He is SO fun!
Ullis Yıl önce
I broke down at the Carlton dance. This is so epic and beautiful. She looks so completely happy, the look in her eyes is amazing, and dad!? So cool, and he has so much fun! Also, they are really good dancers 💜 my feelgood video for this year, easy. 💜
Alison Fowler
Alison Fowler Yıl önce
You guy's killed it!!!! I really appreciated all the varieties of music and dancing ✊
Bobbi Stull
Bobbi Stull Yıl önce
WOW Dad is awesome. He has made this so special for his daughter. I can only imagine how he was growing up with him. The love he shows. Hugs and congrats to all
AJsVIEW 4 yıl önce
Holy shit her dad must've been one hell of a club rocker when he was young! Totally awesome!!!
Freda Johnson
Freda Johnson 3 aylar önce
Probably so because there's no way he could move like that he got be over fifty but not mad at him because I can't move like that but are active like this never have worry about being fat or out of energy
@Frosty DK OH I see ok
Frosty DK
Frosty DK Yıl önce
@WOLFGANG RUCA I know that family. They aren’t clubbing people.
@Frosty DK Huh
? Yıl önce
Please don't say Holy in vain*but if you aren't a Christian then feel free to ignore*
CatDog Sidekicks
CatDog Sidekicks Yıl önce
This video brought pure joy and real smiles watching this.. God bless that family and that Dad , he's amazing ❤
Jill Baker
Jill Baker 4 aylar önce
I’ve watched a lot of videos like this and this is by far the best father daughter wedding dance I’ve watched it was lit up the energy was amazing the dad was on fire I didn’t want it to end it was that good just amazing!!
Eve Finney
Eve Finney 2 aylar önce
This is the most amazingly awesome father and daughter dance. I’m sorry I don’t know the brides name but congratulations and your dad deserves props. He can move, so can you but he could do everything which is amazing and itself and he looks like he’s a fun dad and proud of his daughter. Congratulations. Many happy returns.
Vivi Rocks
Vivi Rocks Yıl önce
I'm gonna watch this once a day, for ever more! Loved it!
cammer 2 yıl önce
i nominate him for coolest dad of the year!
Nichole Basso
Nichole Basso 2 yıl önce
He’s more cooler then my dad lol
Orin Keren
Orin Keren 2 yıl önce
of the milenia
Lee Kai
Lee Kai 2 yıl önce
Awesome dad ♥️
MCS - Animations
MCS - Animations 2 yıl önce
@Singh ash Of the century.
U K 2 yıl önce
This was so cool that it makes other attempts at 'cool' surprise wedding dances look lame
KazKaz Yıl önce
Loved this. Great job, Dad!!!
Chris K
Chris K Yıl önce
One could only wish to have a father as wonderful as this. Lucky girl. 💜 Congratulations!
A Aylar önce
I have a really strained relationship with my dad and I don’t think he will even be at my wedding, much less do a whole dance like this. I sobbed watching this and smiled through the whole thing, it was beautiful to see but also broke my heart. This is such a beautiful memory they’ll carry with each other forever. How special. ❤
jen5487 Yıl önce
I love seeing them look at each other and laugh while killing it!
Ranjini 4 yıl önce
This is the most coolest dad I have ever seen . I felt like I physically want to be there so that I can also scream and cheer like that audience. God this is awesome.
Ranjini 3 yıl önce
@L Eastcoast ha ha ha
L Eastcoast
L Eastcoast 3 yıl önce
I wouldn't be able to move for a month if I did
Eddison Foncette
Eddison Foncette Yıl önce
AWESOME !! That speaks volumes about how loving a father daughter relationship they have.
Michael Mayers
Michael Mayers Yıl önce
I will definitely do this at my Daughter's wedding ....Thanx for the inspiration 👍😀
Susann Luckmann
Susann Luckmann 9 aylar önce
THIS! is the Master class for father daughter wedding dance. The dance of all dances! I wonder what it must have been like to grow up with a dad like him? 🤔🙂🙃🥰
Bruslina Garcia
Bruslina Garcia Yıl önce
That was beautiful!!!!! It kept me smiling the whole time!!
Arnab Bose
Arnab Bose 2 yıl önce
Husband : I’m a party animal. 🤵🏼 Dad : that’s cute. Hold my beer. 🍺🕺
bharat upadrasta
bharat upadrasta Yıl önce
Epicness! 🤣🤣
evaopolis Yıl önce
Except Mormon - hold my glass of water!
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins Yıl önce
Esma Yıl önce
Beth Bartlett
Beth Bartlett Yıl önce
😁 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ana Maria Chocano
Ana Maria Chocano Yıl önce
Excellent we simply see the love and joy between both...father and daughter!!!!
Alexandra Ahlén
Alexandra Ahlén 10 aylar önce
That might be one of the coolest middle-aged men I have ever seen in my entire life, he's seriously awesome, almost wanna have him as a dance teacher 😂
MRS Blessed
MRS Blessed Yıl önce
Loved this..... so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ her dad has so much energy wow
Kate Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing, fabulous dancing!! ❤️
JustMe Yıl önce
When your dad is the coolest one at your wedding
Holly Reany
Holly Reany 10 aylar önce
Right??? 🤣 The man is awesome!
Mortimer Brewster
Mortimer Brewster Yıl önce
The husband has a LOT to live up to.
ShoshanaHelena3 Yıl önce
My daddy taught me how to be treated and how powerful I am. Me and my dad have been stealing the dance floor for years! I’ve been married since 2007 and I’m 39 while Dad’s 72. I’m up for a repeat at my 20th anniversary. Great stuff guys!💜
Norman Wong
Norman Wong Yıl önce
What an awesome dad he clearly adores his daughter to be doing this for her took a lotta hours of practice!!!
Tom Beyer
Tom Beyer Yıl önce
You got that right! That was one flawless gig!
Kris Murray
Kris Murray 10 aylar önce
Phenomenal! what a great relationship and great dance moves!
Moorice Caparó
Moorice Caparó Yıl önce
Love it!! So sweet and talented!
Etian Saker
Etian Saker 3 yıl önce
That moment when you realise your father in law is cooler than you have ever been!!
nathalie cayrol
nathalie cayrol Yıl önce
@Dan Sugarlone and that maybe getting married that man was just the worst idea... lol
Jamshaq TV
Jamshaq TV Yıl önce
HAPPY NEW YEAR Africa is our Religion ❤️❤️❤️ We always a Happy People despite everything. 💛💓💜 BLESS 2021
Sane Liesbuster
Sane Liesbuster 2 yıl önce
@Susan Graham *Enjoy the small things* This indeed is the key. But in this age of super entitlements people miss the plot and make themselves miserable!
Vickie Clark
Vickie Clark 2 yıl önce
Yep that groom has a lot to live up to. LOL
The moon
The moon 2 yıl önce
Himanshu Yıl önce
They made the wedding unforgettable for the spectators.
General 8 aylar önce
This Dad must have been his daughter's dance partner, everytime a new dance came out. They must have figured it out together! That's LOVE !!!
Liz Allcote
Liz Allcote Yıl önce
Well done daddy and daughter, what a wonderful memory for you both x
JMONEY Yıl önce
I can’t imagine thumbs downs! Shame on those who chose it. This was fantastic. I wish I had a dad like this.
Rob Carter
Rob Carter Yıl önce
Please tell me how 5 thousand people disliked this? It's the most wholesome thing I've seen on TRshow for months! Epic!
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald 20 gün önce
His daughter was definitely enjoying it and that’s all that mattered. I bet he was a big clown for her his entire life.
Mary McNally
Mary McNally Aylar önce
I don't see 5K dislikes. Thank God. FABULOUS
Iambriangregory 3 aylar önce
@Val’sTube thus the saying misery loves company and I don't accept their invitation
Iambriangregory 3 aylar önce
@Jay Lee you contradict yourself and show hypocrisy by calling society narcissistic and send saying it's all about the bride that would make the bride in our cystic which is true many times so maybe it shouldn't be about anybody but just everybody enjoying the moment for what it's worth you got that jack? Stop worrying about the father with your low self esteem got that Jack? And starting off having the wedding all about a bride could start making the marriage all about the wife and hit her straight to the divorce court you got that Jack? I hope you do
Iambriangregory 3 aylar önce
@Jay Lee some would feel that's a dumb comment because they both stole a show and made the show and besides nobody should really be the show at a wedding ,people should just be humble enjoy the moment with your friends and nobody has to be put up on the pedestal so so much for you feeling this show was stolen nothing was stolen got that?
Kathy Kilduff
Kathy Kilduff Yıl önce
Beautiful. I smiled the whole time. So sweet. 😭❤️✨
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Yıl önce
I couldn't keep my eyes off her dad's moves. He killed it
amal camui
amal camui Yıl önce
Best wedding dance ever! Can't compete, they are amazing!!
Dina Crow
Dina Crow Yıl önce
WOW! I wish I had gotten to do that with my Daddy!! So beautiful!!
Lola Yıl önce
This is too adorable. Imagine the hours they've spent together having fun rehearsing this ... Forever Memories 💝💝💝
vikram kumar
vikram kumar Yıl önce
So true while rehearsing we create so many wonderful memories
Eric Moorev
Eric Moorev Yıl önce
How are you doing today my name is Eric
Rosemary Guest
Rosemary Guest Yıl önce
That was great!! Perfect I wish me and my Dad had done this.
Blue Angel
Blue Angel Yıl önce
This was so awesome, how could anyone not like it and think it was soo good, I loved it!!!
Beverly Gannon
Beverly Gannon Yıl önce
Well done. The dad was great👍❤️ ..he's a mover. I loved this that was a lot of good choreography. Must be practicing for a while .it was absolutely brilliant 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maya Yıl önce
Oh my God, her father can dance!!!😱😍😅
budi sondakh
budi sondakh 2 yıl önce
Husband: I can make her happy. Dad: not like this you won't.
Mortimer Brewster
Mortimer Brewster Yıl önce
@Stephen Kershaw Ooooo, a beachfront vacation house and 6,000sqft property. So impressed, not. The fact that you find such a negative thing to say to such a fun experience for a father/daughter shows that your possessions have only made you an ugly, miserable person. Be happy roaming around in that 6,000sqft house. I see you only mentioned things and nothing about the better things of life.
Juha Yıl önce
And vice versa :D
nathalie cayrol
nathalie cayrol Yıl önce
dad : high level ! the husband will have to surpass himself !!
om Yıl önce
@Stephen Kershaw and you're alone asf and you have got daddy issues. Lmao
A Gorenfeld
A Gorenfeld Yıl önce
@Jamshaq TV Whatever, Dude.
shellie yowell
shellie yowell Yıl önce
I was smiling the whole time! Love this video!!!
Maria jose Garcia llamas
Maria jose Garcia llamas Yıl önce
Wonderful, full of energy and love!! This father is great!!!
Casper Ribberholt
Casper Ribberholt Yıl önce
WoW this was amazing. I love the the band between those two !! ❤
Eymi Yıl önce
This is awesome. I wish my Dad can dance like him.
Phia Kate
Phia Kate Yıl önce
I love that dress and what a beautiful and special time to share with your father.
Naruto Anime
Naruto Anime Yıl önce
She is so damn blessed to have a proud dad like that amazing bond😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
beaglybeagle Yıl önce
Wow! Dad is a natural! What great energy and charisma and polished dance moves he brings to this dance. You can tell that they are very close, and he would do anything for his daughter.
Fabian the_lazy_couch_potato
Fabian the_lazy_couch_potato Yıl önce
This is epic. Great mashup. Wondering who had more fun. This reminds me of my own wedding mashup dance 🥰
Jon Benavides
Jon Benavides 6 yıl önce
That was Awesome!!! Daddy got MAD SKILLS!!
Susan McKinney
Susan McKinney Yıl önce
It is a blessing have a daddy like this. As a Daddys girl. This made my heart happy.
Jacks Rodriguez
Jacks Rodriguez Yıl önce
I can only hope we have an “amazing daddy daughter” bond like yours!
Vic Nav
Vic Nav Yıl önce
Fabuloso!!!!! Recuerdo inolvidable. Fuerte abrazo. desde la CDMX 🙏
gary priest
gary priest Yıl önce
Omg they both so good wish I could dance like him .
skaterkid901 2 yıl önce
I love this video. It's such a wholesome example of how a daughter looks up to her father. It's her day, of course, but look how she shifts her attention to what her dad's doing instead. There's nothing but love there. I hope that one day my daughter will look at me in the same way.
Shabbeer Bajwa
Shabbeer Bajwa Yıl önce
The joy on her face with most adorable smile says it all. I wish the same.
Tejashree Shinde
Tejashree Shinde Yıl önce
The dad's killing it. Honestly if my family was like this is have had the husband moved in with me.
L S-L Yıl önce
I feel envious. Imagine having a father daughter relationship like that. Bless you❤️
Pickle Dino
Pickle Dino Yıl önce
I wish I had a loving father like that ❤ I'd give everything for that to happen to me at my wedding 🥰 such a good dancer lol I'll just teach my dog to dance with me 😂😂😂
Zoltan Smartphone
Zoltan Smartphone Yıl önce
The Daddy stole the show!! :) his dedication, and passion, such a lovely thing. Xx
Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield 6 yıl önce
I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have a dad like this!
OH Dude Learn Skills
OH Dude Learn Skills 4 yıl önce
Rhonda Boncutter
Rhonda Boncutter 5 yıl önce
Exactly, I only saw my Dad slow dance and not too many times!
sin is
sin is 9 aylar önce
Still the best ever Father and Daughter wedding dance!!
c Monaco
c Monaco Yıl önce
Applause!! Applause!! They both were great. Dad was awesome! :-)
Karen Love
Karen Love Yıl önce
Amazing! Made me chuckle heartily, I snorted lol. Well done Dad, you did fantastic. Mustn't forget the bride, you looked beautiful honey.
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young 11 aylar önce
They can dance. Thanks for sharing this precious memory with us. I pray the Lord bless the bride and groom to have a blessed marriage in Him in Jesus name.
PK Comedy
PK Comedy 6 yıl önce
I've literally emceed over 500 Weddings in the past 15 years and THIS WAS EPIC. Much respect to the Dad and Daughter! More than this dance... you know there was a lifetime of love. I have a 5 year old daughter and I'm going to start practicing with her NOW!
Sparx 4 yıl önce
what the heck dude, 500 weddings
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 4 yıl önce
That will be so cool! Best of luck to you and your daughter. Don't forget to share that moment with your closest friends on GARLEW!
M. W.
M. W. 4 yıl önce
PK Comedy ABSOLUTELY!!! Love & joy!!
Sheetal Bagul
Sheetal Bagul 4 yıl önce
PK Comedy hehe love ur comment. Post ur video too😊
violet2048 5 yıl önce
She'll love for it too.
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