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Love Reserved Episode 6


“You and I, we gaze at the same sky, and yet there is a glass ceiling between me and the stars. “
We all know that there is a greater movement of women in the world today than ever before. The rhetoric has changed, and those who try to embrace the old-fashioned view that "women are delicate" are being pushed out of this world. Now it’s time for women who work, produce and transform the world to shine. Leyla, the protagonist of our story, is one of these women. She has achieved significant success in the business world at a young age, and yet she runs into a glass ceiling just as she is about to reach the highest point of her career she rightfully earned with her intelligence and hard work. Leyla is forced to face the harsh reality that "only men can be up there." Leyla, who cannot accept this injustice imposed on her, is preparing to start a great war, but in the
meantime, something she never expected comes and finds her. Love.

Leyla, whose life was turned upside down when she became an orphan at the age of 8, struggled all her life, and she clawed her way to the top. The journey she began by looking for investors for her restaurant idea, ended with Leyla running an entire restaurant chain. Now, the day in when all her work will pay off has come. But while expecting to receive a partnership offer from the company she works for, she learns that the board will bring him a co-CEO from London. Leyla is upset by the news, but is able to pull herself together. The fact that the newcomer is Cem Kumcu, drops another bombshell in the middle of Leyla's life. Cem is Leyla’s great love she hasn’t been able to forget.

Cem, is a young and successful business person like Leyla, comes from a long-established family. He is a naturally charming man with an extraordinary social gift that attracts everyone, male and female, young and old - a type of man that once you see, you won’t forget. Leyla, who was caught in his charms like everyone else during their college years, had cut Cem out of her life when she felt letdown by him. Now, Cem came andturned her life upside down again...

When Leyla learns that Cem, who had come here as a so-called co-CEO, was actually meant to take her place, she realizes that she has to leave the restaurant chain and go her own way. Yes, Leyla resigns, but she has no intention of accepting defeat and stepping aside. She opens a new restaurant right across the street from the old restaurant, which Cem took over. It's a declaration of war! And so, the contentious love story and fierce rivalry between Leyla and Cem begins...

In Glass Ceilings, where we will enter a world of highly colorful and lively restaurants alongside the brutal business world in plazas, we will talk about Antony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsey. We will watch unique stories of cuisine, where food and life will be discussed, infused with seasons, emotions, class and more. Of course we'll see plenty of food. We’ll see the goose season, how bonitos hit the shelves once the fishing ban is lifted, the
arrival of the bluefish, the excitement of the tomatoes grown in season, the concept of slow food, comfort food and, of course, the philosophy of "living to eat"...

The chefs of the two rival restaurants the flirtatious and handsome İskender and the slightly crazy but talented Aylin, the elitist chef waiter Şinasi who is fiercely loyal to Leyla, Leyla’s eccentric landlady Süreyya, and many other colorful characters will be both pawns and witnesses of this war and love between Cem and Leyla.


İskender: UTKU ATEŞ
Levent Kumcu: ALPER KUT
Mükerrem (Mükü) : GİZEM ERDEM

MZD Mzd 23 saatler önce
Sinasi can go to dead. I hate sinasi.
Oluwatoba 2 gün önce
This episode is so unnecessary
Sans2domicilefix roberts
Sans2domicilefix roberts 9 gün önce
👍 ❤️ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Mossette Don
Mossette Don 10 gün önce
I hope its not cancelled, from the Philippines
oddly satisfying
oddly satisfying 13 gün önce
Every other Turkish drama are similar but not this and all over sudden they canceled😖😖
M Fenderson
M Fenderson 13 gün önce
Another thing... how come no one uses the peek hole on the door? That's what it's made for! Everyone looks so surprised when they open the door and the person they expected is not there and they regret opening the door. (facepalm, smh)
M Fenderson
M Fenderson 13 gün önce
After minute 15, I cannot see how Cem is not blowing up right now at Leyla! Like seriously, the day before you refuse to talk to him for the billionth time, and then the minute you see him the following day, you are going to be chatty with him as if nothing happened. Most people would this that you are crazy, egotistical narcissist, or have a terrible case of personality disorder! Like what are the writers thinking? Please Sinasi's character is not so funny and he's always running around poking his nose in other people's relationships and giving unsolicited advice. Like if he's so bothered, why didn't the writers create a relationship for him instead of this emphasis on Surreya? The way he kept going on about Aylin's relationship after Surreya told him to leave it alone made me wonder if he was just effeminate and not necessarily gay and had a thing for her... I like Surreya, but for a good portion of the last episode it came across as if we were watching her love story and internal war to freely love Cem's grandfather more so than the main characters. It was a nice distraction since Leyla's character spends most of her time worrying about Cem in her head instead of actually talking to him and hearing him out in real life/time. This series is good but the writers made it turn sour in such a terrible way! You can make the main lead woman independent and even broken along with the main man being patient and understanding with heart of gold like Cem. But seriously, you guys made Leyla seem crazy and Cem a little too fictitious, too good to be true to the point that it made him unattractive. When she is trying to talk to him about the festival, the writers should have had him rebuff her invitations to chat. No be completely cold but call her to the carpet for acting straight weird! What weird writers this series has! That dialogue made no sense after everything that has happened! Ugh! I would take Cem any day if Leyla can't get her act together!
Akuii Kashak
Akuii Kashak 17 gün önce
Sunasi's scene is annoying, irritating and time wasting. Ufffghh
leci leci
leci leci 17 gün önce
Suri and sinaci are the best
January Baby
January Baby 21 gün önce
I love dis drama series😂❤
January Baby
January Baby 21 gün önce
I love dis drama series😂❤
Nonhlanhla Khumalo
Nonhlanhla Khumalo 22 gün önce
This episode was hella funny yooh😭😂😂😂🙎‍♀️🙆‍♀️
Saimon Sam
Saimon Sam 23 gün önce
The Problems With Leyla She...So Prettend With Herself🙄 and her Pride is to Height than her😏 Lie Cannot Bring Your Happiness😒
Ntokozo Mabaso
Ntokozo Mabaso 25 gün önce
Why ddnt they shave Cem when he shows the young person he would've look younger
Ntokozo Mabaso
Ntokozo Mabaso 25 gün önce
Sinasi Drama Queen👸😂
Palwasha Khan
Palwasha Khan 28 gün önce
Such a different show so beautiful n amazing thnk god the female is not poor n hopless like other series thts why m watching it
Hansi Balasooriya
Hansi Balasooriya Aylar önce
Leyla always hurt male lead
Nur Nadhirah Teranung
Nur Nadhirah Teranung Aylar önce
Love the story ,from Malaysia
amirun akmal
amirun akmal Aylar önce
The moment Sinasi walked into that trap in the forest I died laughing XD
lenskie Sosop
lenskie Sosop Aylar önce
More episode please..please..please.please
Elmer R. Dado Jr.
Elmer R. Dado Jr. Aylar önce
Suri.... John Lennon 😂
Dhemsy Darantan
Dhemsy Darantan Aylar önce
Wanna watch more episode of this series. Please don't cancel it
philipsylvia Aylar önce
I really like the lake episode. Had me all tingly. Great job
Syng Zh26
Syng Zh26 Aylar önce
Sinasi: Date of marriage Suri: Which one 😂😂🤦
Sandy Pastore
Sandy Pastore Aylar önce
I’m laughing my head off this a great show
kyle PR
kyle PR Aylar önce
😆😆😆i just LOVE to watch sinasi 😍😃
Uzma Mansoori
Uzma Mansoori Aylar önce
They had it coming i mean when they know tht ratings are low thn try to change the direction they could hav shown somee understanding btwn the couple, some moments ,or some heart to heart conversation ...but they are just dragging the misunderstandings since third epiosde ..uff
QueenO’Hearts💕 Aylar önce
Sinasi has too much drama. He drags out this particular episode at a certain point.
Nokwazi Madela
Nokwazi Madela Aylar önce
Sinasi is a whole vibe,everyone needs a Sinasi in their lives.I'm so jealous 💘
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma 17 gün önce
Hahaha..true ..I kept laughing the whole time
leci leci
leci leci 17 gün önce
True .....I love him tooo
Queen Jade
Queen Jade Aylar önce
This episode is so funny ...I keep laughing on and on...thumbs up To turks...hello from nigeria!
Lehcar Otnemar
Lehcar Otnemar Aylar önce
May i know the real name of the lead actress?(leyla)pls...thank you
Esther Oluwasuyi
Esther Oluwasuyi Aylar önce
Am here not just for the laughing things but learning a big lesson from each every character given, love, commitment, and funny
faridah nabbanja
faridah nabbanja Aylar önce
If you want to learn watch innocence
Erialc Crasher
Erialc Crasher Aylar önce
They know what they should advice Leyla at the first place pick the one she love not between hot and cold. I could laugh at this of course your love makes you happy. From the previous episode i thought Iskeder and Ailyn could be a match they'll fight at kitchen while making delicious dishes. Leyla you don't have the right to give the key to Suna, your not Cem. You are making your own problem here for Mr.Camal. And Haldun is a very bad person firing Leyla then his so afraid of her surpassing him, looks down w/ women even his own wife.
HEYitsSHANTI Aylar önce
Tbh the female lead is very fake how could she go in a date with a guy now at the hotel she’s begging to be seen he didn’t even look at her like damn😬
Aya karley Channel
Aya karley Channel Aylar önce
Every episode so much interesting so that's why I sleep at midnight and so fort...I can't stop till the next episode
Barbie Wagas vlog
Barbie Wagas vlog Aylar önce
aylin is very beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Elda Morina
Elda Morina Aylar önce
Ian Aylar önce
Leyla's side profile is jawdropping. so beautiful..
Iza T.
Iza T. Aylar önce
Poor Cemal ahahahaha 🤣
Fajar Nawaz
Fajar Nawaz Aylar önce
31:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't stop laughing
Sinape Nkubana
Sinape Nkubana Aylar önce
Sinasi my favorite actor🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sinape Nkubana
Sinape Nkubana Aylar önce
Sinasi and Suri are my favorites with their conversations 😂😂😂😂 Oh my😱😱😱 am so excited for real ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Sinape Nkubana
Sinape Nkubana Aylar önce
Sinasi and Suri are my favorites with their conversations 😂😂😂😂 Oh my😱😱😱 am so excited for real ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Sinape Nkubana
Sinape Nkubana Aylar önce
OMG😱😱😱 I can't stop wandering what is next😂😂😂
Panchoo Begum
Panchoo Begum Aylar önce
Wow sinasi you re just amazing
april rose pasaol
april rose pasaol Aylar önce
I don’t like sinasi !
Weird Nerd
Weird Nerd Aylar önce
Lol Sinasi 🤣 me too prone to carsickness!
konadu Appiah
konadu Appiah Aylar önce
Anyways why do they cancel the show?
Ajano Aimee
Ajano Aimee Aylar önce
Ìskender is more handsome than Cem
Kyrie Dara
Kyrie Dara Aylar önce
1:36:50 Uff! Aylin yah the fire is starting but your'e in a bad timing..💋😂
Jintan Manis
Jintan Manis Aylar önce
Sinasi is the one friend we need when go to a long trip or vacation😂 so fun😂
Aminah Shero
Aminah Shero Aylar önce
Sinasi you will kill me with laughter much love from Uganda
Koko Koko
Koko Koko Aylar önce
Okadar heycanlı başlamıştı dizi şimdiyse sıkıcı sıradan bişi oldu
Avantika Dhariwan
Avantika Dhariwan Aylar önce
9:07 such a person🥺🥺
A Sigma
A Sigma Aylar önce
This is the summer best drama
Afi Pfithu
Afi Pfithu Aylar önce
I like the song so nice I also love turkey language 👍👍👍
Amartya Roy
Amartya Roy Aylar önce
So boring series, somehow i get confused who is the actual couple, sinasi-suri or cem-leyla!! Strange, if you really wanna exaggerate then do something else, bring characters or whateva... Dont drag this sinasi too much, its irritating dear! Such a nagging character, its not even a comedy role.
Certified Blink
Certified Blink Aylar önce
Wait is this really getting canceled?? The first show which is showing an independent women and have a good message and they are ending it I'll be so sad if this show got cancelled 😭😭
MS Anwar
MS Anwar Aylar önce
Beautiful view of turkey
Trailer-Fragman Subtitle
Trailer-Fragman Subtitle Aylar önce
1:17:36 😂😂 "Cem"😂❤
Trailer-Fragman Subtitle
Trailer-Fragman Subtitle Aylar önce
Watching for Şinasi only!!😂😂❤❤
Aqsa Azam
Aqsa Azam Aylar önce
Can it get longer??? #camtanvalar
sinbad Aylar önce
I love this episode so much! Not boring, Sinasi and Suri indeed made everything alive 😂
sinbad Aylar önce
you'll never get bored with Sinasi and Suri's company. They're my happy pills 😂
sinbad Aylar önce
that van scene is just hilarious. its a perfect picture of different people inside of a vehicle Aylin is me. Just sleep all throughtout the journey 😂
sinbad Aylar önce
I cannot with our girl i just 😭 cem did not deserve this kind of treatment. iskender is becoming cocky as the story progresses. ugh aylin teach him some lessons please 😂
WilujengRahayuNurlita Nurlita
WilujengRahayuNurlita Nurlita Aylar önce
The show will ended, untold stories about how it was going on shortly 🤔🤔
Michael Busch
Michael Busch Aylar önce
Sinasi helped make the series, but a little of Sinasi goes a long way. He gets very annoying after a while.
Wailina Marak
Wailina Marak Aylar önce
Why cancelled this show 🥺🥺
Rebecca Paneoa Honila
Rebecca Paneoa Honila Aylar önce
Episode 7 please 🥺
Emmah Christine
Emmah Christine Aylar önce
Sinasi is something else I can't stop laughing 😂😂
aida pompong
aida pompong Aylar önce
Really cancelled? But we’re excited for next 🙄
Maham Irfan
Maham Irfan Aylar önce
Can you upload ep 7
Nzanrhoni Tungoe
Nzanrhoni Tungoe Aylar önce
This series is too good and their chemistry is amazing 😍😍😍 why cancelled 😣☹️
Lara Muhamad
Lara Muhamad Aylar önce
Can you tell me the song at 28:00 please.
Lara Muhamad
Lara Muhamad Aylar önce
Perfect. They are made for each other ?🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹😍😍😍
Hamdan KADAWALA Aylar önce
well it will get cancelled bcoz of sinasi
Warda Hussein
Warda Hussein Aylar önce
When will u upload episode 7
Margareth Abrahim
Margareth Abrahim Aylar önce
Como sempre não tem o capítulo 7,8,9, etc
Jesus From Jerusalem
Jesus From Jerusalem Aylar önce
This show getting boring & boring🤔🤔🤔🤔 just go and watch Pakistani drama 'mere pass tum ho',,🙂🙂🙂🙂
Sarah lea Oarde
Sarah lea Oarde Aylar önce
In English sub
Sarah lea Oarde
Sarah lea Oarde Aylar önce
I need the episode 7😢
irene JP
irene JP Aylar önce
I can't stop laughing with Sinasi's acting😅 Bravo🤣👏
Kyon Shade
Kyon Shade Aylar önce
This show is amazing. Please do not cancel. I just started watching it and I couldn't stop. I have completed 6 episodes in one sitting. I need more.
Cinderella 28
Cinderella 28 Aylar önce
usually when will admin upload ep 7 with eng subtitle? anyone know?
emilka alicka
emilka alicka Aylar önce
Beautiful serie
Efi Cassey Kristus
Efi Cassey Kristus Aylar önce
I love Turkish drama❤️ Please don’t stop the show 🥺
Adriana Rojas
Adriana Rojas Aylar önce
Cuando sera el próximo capítulo subtitulado en español gracias !!!! Esta buenísima
Tagon Kaxak
Tagon Kaxak Aylar önce
Pleaseeee i need episode 7
Rejoice SpeakingLife
Rejoice SpeakingLife Aylar önce
But why😭😭😭 end the series? Anyways y'all are great. The actors, designers, music, camera crew ect and the story line. Amazing. Bravo Turkey for sharing your art with us❤🔥🔥
Mariatheresa Fabroa
Mariatheresa Fabroa Aylar önce
Next ep please
maggie kay
maggie kay Aylar önce
There are too many scenes with Sanasi it is boring and painful to watch him . Not surprised the show got canceled .
Neiniroi Lyngdoh
Neiniroi Lyngdoh Aylar önce
I love it too plz don't cancel it🥺
Arafa Omar
Arafa Omar Aylar önce
This turkish drama was really different from the clichéd dramas of turkey where the girl is supposed to be poor and the male lead is super rich... this was sooo interesting drama.. it shows independent girl and her insecurities and male lead for the first time is shown to be sooo understanding.. I really don't know what is wrong with the show that they are cancelling it.
don't hate me
don't hate me Aylar önce
The show was ruined by bad writing. The cast is great and the chemistry of the two leads was fantastic. It was so refreshing seeing a man not being midly abusive and everyone chopping it up to possessiveness. I will say that watching all the unnecessary miscommunication is what ruined this for me. Leyla and Cem hardly had any sweet scenes and what they gave us they ruined. I'm disappointed but not surprised that this show is cancelled. I actually think the network didn't care about the show and used it as a filler because the writing was so bad at some point it made no sense.
Komal Kapoor
Komal Kapoor Aylar önce
Where is episode 7 with English subtitles
simply MJ
simply MJ Aylar önce
Is it really true they will discontinue this series? 💔💔💔💔
Khristine Gualberto
Khristine Gualberto Aylar önce
ep 7
Mia Lambonao
Mia Lambonao Aylar önce
Ahhhh hahaa guy's i love it..esp the 3 of them they are so funny hahaaaa sinasi hahaa
Nellie Murti
Nellie Murti Aylar önce
this is the most entertainingly funny show with a great mix of charactors all actors seem to fit their parts from the very funny Sinasi, Aylin and the lady in red whose name escapes me right now and th two main charactors. I like the storyline and the writers have managed to capture an even balanced comedy/drama/romantic tale congrats fom New Zealand
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