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I spent a day with ex social media engineers and employees to learn the truth about what goes on behind the scenes at Google, TRshow, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and the other tech giants.
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AnthonyPadilla 9 aylar önce
come back next week for the heavy topic *I spent a day with SCHOOL SHOOTING SURVIVORS* -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
Bobbie Carviou
Bobbie Carviou 3 gün önce
I spent the day with school shooting survivors
Trey Coble
Trey Coble 2 aylar önce
@Brian 🐜
MagsApp 5 aylar önce
18:16 my birthday is 18th and my wifes birthday is 16th and on that second she talks about an instagram version without an algorithm how does one get it ?
Palladium X
Palladium X 5 aylar önce
Anthony Padilla, you've had so much positive growth since your days in smosh! You're a very respectful interviewer as well and Im glad to see you using your channel in such a positive way.
Jakey Vids
Jakey Vids 8 aylar önce
Anthony? Are u Filipino?
so in conclusion: im bald
so in conclusion: im bald 8 gün önce
when anthony was comparing refreshing your feed to a slot machine, i had to pause and think bc thats exactly what i was like when i had tiktok downloaded LMAO i've had it deleted for about half a year now and honestly, it feels a bit better
VampireKitties 9 gün önce
Me: I’m wasting too much time on TRshow. I need to do other things. This video: Social media is an addiction sucking all productivity from people’s lives. Me: 🤔 … interesting. They made some valid points. *immediately clicks on next video*
ArmourAdventure 14 gün önce
The irony of me pressing "like" on this video is not lost on me
whatever_ImAGirl 15 gün önce
"Social media is bad. Also watch my TRshow channel" lol okay people
kitzxu 20 gün önce
Haha the ad placements are great this episode 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
No one
No one 22 gün önce
Instagram definitely bombed when it strayed away from creativity
EBMsavage 24 gün önce
Man now I feel really bad about existing
Vice Aylar önce
How did Anthony get an iPhone 24?
L_E E Aylar önce
Can you block algorithm?
WaspBrain Aylar önce
"I definitely worry about anxiety" 0_0
Kim Roddy
Kim Roddy 2 aylar önce
I love how the lady who helped invent the "awesome button", pretended like we had no idea how this would affect people. Um ya you did..... Think about it. They're literally rewarding you indirectly for using their product. Giving people the easy way to feel like they are supporting their "friends". They knew full well. Be aware that when you participate on these platforms, you are willingly allowing yourself to be treated like a lab rat. They collect your data while rewarding you and trying to keep on their longer. They know how it affects your brain. They don't care. They care about $$$$$
loverrlee 2 aylar önce
I think people don’t voice positive things enough so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the guests on here. Thank you for telling us your experiences. It’s nice to know the people behind these platforms and just so they know, I have positive impressions of them all. It felt nice to know that the woman behind the like button didn’t mean for it make people feel bad about themselves when they don’t get enough likes. Thanks for giving me a greater understanding of how social media has become what it is today.
Bailey Howard
Bailey Howard 2 aylar önce
An ad popped up @ 7:50
Haley Wilson
Haley Wilson 2 aylar önce
What if someone made a social media that doesn't use the algorithm, and it's just bare bones social media between you, your friends, your family. No ads, but in order to have access to the platform, you have to pay a small subscription fee like $5/month... ik it wouldn't make the kind of money as FB or TikTok, but I think since we know people like consuming media, why not give them an option that isn't so....predatory. I remember Facebook early on, when it was new and MySpace was still the bigger platform. It was actually fun to be on Facebook back then, when everything on your feed was information about family/friends, and the brands, media, and art you really liked. and not news articles and ads selling you stuff. It's not even fun to be on FB anymore. It's just strangers arguing in comments all the time. I hardly see the posts of my own friends on my feed.
M.antonio 2 aylar önce
Dr tirta njir
kronideus 2 aylar önce
as a creative person This video is extremely insightful, especially in the "algorithm" section, where I fear that if I don't post enough, I'll be negatively affected or shadowbanned, or my works will be shown to fewer people. I wonder sometimes if I share my work on social media because I want my work and effort to be seen. or is it just to keep my streaks and feel relevant?
Codreanu Alex
Codreanu Alex 2 aylar önce
You are not qualifed to ask that to Patrick
PaddyUwU 3 aylar önce
7:40 i cant believe an ad popped up right after she finished her phrase lmaoo
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa 3 aylar önce
Interesting how the algorithm works
A H 3 aylar önce
I've almost entirely stopped using social media. I don't really count youtube so much as I use it like TV. I find a lot of it boring. The only account I regularly use is my dog's instagram account.
Lily 3 aylar önce
Honestly, I normally but these vides as a background thing when im doing something. but this helped me realize that over half of my social media apps were just have a toxic influence on me, and made me decided to delete them. thanks for showing the impact of social media!
Normiporo Games
Normiporo Games 3 aylar önce
i spent a day with vrchat legends
weird0s 3 aylar önce
i feel like i end up on videos like these every time i spend too much time here, even the algorithm is sick of it's shit
Lilith Eleanor
Lilith Eleanor 3 aylar önce
Anthony, I don’t know if you or your team would see this, but I would love a video with advertisers, especially those who focus on products meant for 18-30 year olds. Does advertisement ever work? It doesn’t for me or my friends, not really, but I’m interested in people outside of my bubble. (And maybe it does work or my friends and I, I just don’t realize!)
Emmanuel 3 aylar önce
eyy I found the ex google, ex facebook, ex husband millionaire by accident
Aara 4 aylar önce
I really regret that I created an Instagram account in 2014 because my friend kept pressuring me. She wanted to reach 150 followers.
Casper Tm
Casper Tm 4 aylar önce
I usually can't convince myself to watch 5 minute videos but you have, with your amazing content, inspired me to watch a video that is only 8 seconds short of being 24 minutes 🔥
SOXIETY 34 4 aylar önce
I might just start watching TRshow for right now and stop using Instagram and Twitter. I just look at memes, but it does take away from my day, I must admit.
Caitlin Mason
Caitlin Mason 4 aylar önce
Honestly, my life and well being improved drastically when I left Instagram and only using TRshow for entrainment rather than envy
pshhxcara 4 aylar önce
anthony: i’ve been doing this for 15 years me, remembering when i had anthony as a myspace friend: 😳 has it been that long already
jjammmees 4 aylar önce
i got an advert when she was talkin about ads, how ironic
Hilbert WonderSpaces
Hilbert WonderSpaces 4 aylar önce
Its a long time that I dont read. When someone recommends a book to me, I feel like "of course I will read many books in the future, but right now there are a lot of videos and channels I have to see...". Also, my concentration and ability to enjoy books is lower now. There is so much information and content, it's easy to feel FOMO.
That_guy_T 4 aylar önce
Wait, Techlead is now his real name? lol
Josin Jaison
Josin Jaison 4 aylar önce
This should get more views.
R4R4 Gamez
R4R4 Gamez 4 aylar önce
"Can SM staff see users' private messages?" I SURE HOPE SO!
Kaedance Charon
Kaedance Charon 4 aylar önce
I personally have cut off all of my social media accounts (minus Pinterest bc I needed ideas for prom) because it made me feel awful about myself if I didn’t get enough views or likes and I got really depressed by it and honestly I feel so much better now that I’m not worried about likes I get from people who don’t know me.
Big Cheese
Big Cheese 4 aylar önce
I quit Instagram and Twitter two years ago, and now the only social media platforms I use are TRshow and Reddit, and the most I do is comment. Honestly quitting social media was the best thing I have ever done, especially Twitter, I have no idea why anyone still uses Twitter it is the worst thing I have ever experienced
Iza K
Iza K 4 aylar önce
Just discovered these series. They're awesome. Thank you for making them (also, I like the small introduction of each at the beginning. The background song and effects made it look like they were video game characters about to fight. lol)
jess T
jess T 4 aylar önce
And this all made me realize why I prefer reddit over everything else!
suna 173.6jm
suna 173.6jm 4 aylar önce
watching this as someone whos using social media mainly as a fan of musicians i feel kinda conflicted watching this.. i feel like stan twt etc is in a different category? like i use twitter to stay up to date on my favs, and i dont have facebook or anything to connect with irl people. and while i agree that im way too dependent on twitter im certain that it actually makes me feel good to see content from and about my fav groups and solo artists :)
Ookami Blade
Ookami Blade 4 aylar önce
She starts talking about ads and I get an ad in the middle of her sentence -.- honestly that’s the worst way to get me to pay attention to the ad as I’m annoyed at it.
Saya Konohana
Saya Konohana 4 aylar önce
Keep it up Anthony ❤️
Timber Wolfy
Timber Wolfy 4 aylar önce
dont rlly understand social media, only use yootoobe to piss people off and listen to videos while im working on something
Noodle 5 aylar önce
Tania Sivirian
Tania Sivirian 5 aylar önce
The ex Google, ex Facebook tech lead at 21:20 when he was like everyone’s busy all the time, doing WHAT exactly? On social media?😂🤣 idk but I found that hilarious
armo chungus
armo chungus 5 aylar önce
omg anthony NEEDS to make a video on on content moderators
MiniIsHere 5 aylar önce
I've stopped using FB, it was making me depressed and angry when I kept not only getting dragged into other peoples drama but it kept trying force me to engage into things and people have gotten so addicted to other peoples lives, if you dont post something in months you end up getting comments "are you okay? whats wrong" which turned into "something is wrong" instead of I forgot I had FB because I am so bored of it. I deleted my FB and Left a status up for a month "I'm leaving FB, if you want to keep in contact DM me your number" No one msg, when i left. My sisters and best friend both got spammed "are they okay, they left FB with no warning, are they alive still?" by people who never commented in years or wanted to engage with a convo with me. It showed any little reason to feel engaged and excitement people will take it without a thought.
Rozina N
Rozina N 5 aylar önce
I should delete Instagram 😭
Tadpole 5 aylar önce
Jesus Christ, literally right after Anthony said how scrolling through your phone is similar to pulling the lever on a slot machine, I minimized the video the scroll through TRshow. Even though I'm not even going to change the video until it's over and I've got another ten minutes to go. What the fuck? 🤦‍♀️
aoki williams
aoki williams 5 aylar önce
Is Wattpad a type of social media because if not I’m Coolio 😊
Neo 5 aylar önce
Did not like the editing, would be nice to see each interview on its own since it is a really interesting subject.
Vitor Julio
Vitor Julio 5 aylar önce
Just paused the video and unf about 70 ppl on 2 twitter acounts
Eleanor Heidingsfeld
Eleanor Heidingsfeld 5 aylar önce
I think we're gonna go into a New Age where ppl are gonna quit social media. A lot of ppl are already doing so espec my generation from the 80's who were born when there was still analogue. I actually remember when facebook was just profiles, no homepage, no stories and it was a BIG shock when the feed came in. In a way it was kind of preferable because it was so much simpler and less info to bombard you. They also say the next generation's thumbs are gonna change due to phone use. I think a major issue is that now people are not thinking critically anymore as so much info is coming from the internet and you can't believe everything on the internet!
eadlin42 5 aylar önce
I want to see an "I Spent A Day With Different Personality Types - Enneagram" or something relating to different personality types. I think it would be cool to see this, as someone who is decently fond of personality types, and I believe it is somewhat trending, so I'm probably not the only one who wants to see this.
songs forkidz
songs forkidz 5 aylar önce
God damn Anthony 5mins in I've already got 3 adds
songs forkidz
songs forkidz 5 aylar önce
Makes sense they are "EX" employees the amount of tea they are spilling would definitely get them fired
Seth LAST 6 aylar önce
Anthony: shout out your social medias Them: 😐
Packersfan2001 6 aylar önce
悲しいYuki 6 aylar önce
If you liked this, watch the Social Dilemma in Netflix. Its a great documentary and reveals shook information. It was very informative and I recommend the documentary if you are really interested in this topic! :)
Haley Wilson
Haley Wilson 6 aylar önce
Klaus Contact
Klaus Contact 6 aylar önce
The like button lady really looks like she has no soul
Chloe DeNuto
Chloe DeNuto 6 aylar önce
About 3 months ago, I deleted ALL of my social media, including Netflix, except for TRshow and I’ve never been happier. Social media was just making me sad and I wasn’t satisfied every time I went on. Thank you Anthony for bringing light to this issue and I’m glad that I deleted my social media
Rin Fishket
Rin Fishket 6 aylar önce
literally would do anything for u to interview the wackjobs who are working for tumblr rn or any time in the past
Ashlyn Hellman
Ashlyn Hellman 6 aylar önce
At 7:47 when they where talking about adds an add came up. Now that's ironic
ThunderKhajiit Kitten
ThunderKhajiit Kitten 6 aylar önce
It would be really cool to watch a video about Epilepsy because I have it and even after so much research I feel like I could know more
Silent_cipher 6 aylar önce
I've never used snapchat, Instagram, twitter or tik tok. And during this quarantine I've been spending way more time outside and I'm a bookworm so that takes up my time. It's amazing just living in the moment :)
drink water
drink water 6 aylar önce
Uh my screen on time on my phone is 12 hours 😧 maybe I might be addicted
NevenaB. 6 aylar önce
Ironically, algorithm brought me to Anthony's channel. I guess there is some good in all this craziness :)
Finn Bendle
Finn Bendle 6 aylar önce
[Ad pops up when the lady is talking about midroll ads]
Jonesy Mayo
Jonesy Mayo 6 aylar önce
Not me thinking it was gonna be people who left buzzfeed
Maisie Elliott
Maisie Elliott 6 aylar önce
9 HOURS my phone screen time is 5 WHHHHAAAAAAA
Aesthetic Rxses
Aesthetic Rxses 6 aylar önce
Anthony inspires me to be more open minded and I aspire to be like him someday
ca-ke 7 aylar önce
The thing is, I'm not sure if I can quit social media, i feel like in the future it might affect job prospects to not have an online presence.
Nyoka 7 aylar önce
if all of my internet friends lived on my street, I would definitely be leaving the house more often
Corra Borra
Corra Borra 7 aylar önce
I do miss when Instagram was like a museum...they always mix what all social media’s purposes together & it’s annoying
Ivy Ritcher
Ivy Ritcher 7 aylar önce
I'd live to see an episode on fibromyalgia, me and a lot of the women in my family suffer from such and we would love to see more people spreading awareness :)
Chris Chang
Chris Chang 7 aylar önce
Placing an ad at 7:50 was GENIUS!
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 7 aylar önce
8:15 but nowadays small 30 second videos are being pushed out, like the gta Lamar meme videos or short twitch clips of streamers, YT not only pushes out 10 minutes or 20 minutes videos but sometimes yt pushes out documentaries too in my feed, so I don't think yt recommends videos to earn more profits, it recommends videos according to that individual's taste, if a person views a lot of shorter videos it recommends shorter videos but if a person views documentaries often it will recommend documentaries, I view both types of videos, so my feed is filled from 30 seconds clips to 1 hour documentaries
wonted's hangout
wonted's hangout 7 aylar önce
The only social media I'm active to is youtube because Twitter and Instagram are boring to me.
M St-Pierre M
M St-Pierre M 7 aylar önce
Sadly also with Covid-19 and being stuck at home it becomes a unavoidable addiction because we can't physically meet...
Sofia Wuollet
Sofia Wuollet 7 aylar önce
woahh crapitalism back at it again, exploiting and manipulating people😱😱😒
ash catchem
ash catchem 7 aylar önce
7:50 her talking about ads also me getting an ad
Charibasa 7 aylar önce
This is kind of why I really like Snapchat and why I really hate the direction where snapchat is going, I only see what my friends are doing and nothing more. But now it is just as invasive as any other social media platform
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena 7 aylar önce
The next floor admittedly attack because lentil comparatively educate barring a obedient result. hard, accidental bee
Isacatt Sunnie
Isacatt Sunnie 7 aylar önce
Everything..... yes.....its true..... *thinks of disabling IG and Snap* .... i cant 😭 too addicted 😩
mikah ong
mikah ong 7 aylar önce
Social media is a tool that we use and abuse. We cant keep pretending that this inanimate object is responsible for the effect it has on us, its bc of our attitude towards it. Social media is literally nothing wo us. It is us who decided to make it this way. We have to stop scapegoating it and start admitting its us.
Joanna Gaga🌙
Joanna Gaga🌙 7 aylar önce
I did my graduation presentation ok this and i got an A and i love seeing this bc now i really REALLY know that i was giving of the right information. I already thought i did but u know how anxiety gets 😒✋🏻
Ma Ri
Ma Ri 7 aylar önce
With the growth of new members being one of the main priority, how could it ever have been in these companies interest to stop the bots farming, that meant they could sell more to ADs even though they knew these weren’t necessarily people therefore consumers, if you ask me if there’s any chance on some laws here, it will be because they screwed the companies that paid for the ADs, not the humans it helped misinform. But you know.. despite all this, still every time one of those big tech guys are being interviewed by lawmakers, nobody from the tech world seems to be able to give them some good questions to be asked, and then we have to see an elected official, ask Mark ZzZz “well if the memberships are free then how do you make your money ?” With the “i got you!” Tone. I mean that even got Mark to smile. Speaking of smile, smile! Because it only took Russian bots getting their candidate elected in USA for these lawmakers to finally drop starting every question with a disclaimer that they do not know anything about computers or the internet and rock and pop culture and...
Yitz 7 aylar önce
I would love to see you interview 9/11 survivors
Heaven Bunny
Heaven Bunny 7 aylar önce
I used to have facebook but I deactivated my account because it was becoming too addictive and I was feeling miserable about how successful everyone seemed to be. It made me feel really bad about myself. That’s all that Facebook was to me, just comparing my life to other people’s. I don’t think that’s a very healthy habit to get into, plus people were so obsessed with it that they would kind of drag me in with their obsession if that makes any sense. For example, some of my friends would ask me why I didn’t like their post, and another time my mum told me basically that I can’t post whatever I want because it may offend future snowflake employers... I don’t even miss it anymore. All I really have now is an instagram where I have a pseudonymous identity and post art. I don’t follow anyone who I know irl. I’m much happier now.
B R 7 aylar önce
I was scratching my head wondering when the last time I posted on Facebook. Then remembered I don't have Facebook 🤣
dyu cat
dyu cat 7 aylar önce
All The Gay Things
All The Gay Things 7 aylar önce
Recently I deleted every social media platform but TRshow from my phone and I was shocked at how much happier I am now.
Kings legacy
Kings legacy 7 aylar önce
How are you not injured you keep breaking your roof
mehak tauqeer
mehak tauqeer 7 aylar önce
This video really deserves more views bruh, it's so thought provoking.
Princess of Keys
Princess of Keys 7 aylar önce
I basically live on the internet it makes me happy when I can talk to my friends on Discord really. Than again I really don't get on any social media platforms either so there's that.....but yeah if its having a negative affect on you being on social media you should get away from it for a bit.
Max Rigby
Max Rigby 8 aylar önce
Patrick the hackerman
Leanzadoodles 8 aylar önce
Your content is seriously the best.
Omar Flores
Omar Flores 8 aylar önce
HOLY SHIT 🔥 just started watching your videos very educational, Make a PODCAST i think that'd be dope 👌 be on HOT ONES 🔥
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