TAKE. IT. OUT. 😰 | The Most Inconsistent Skills & Combos

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Some of the most inconsistent combos and skills.

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Simone Biles
Sunisa Lee
Rebeca Andrade
Jade Carey
Tokyo 2021
Jordan Chiles
MyKayla Skinner
Suni Lee
Dancing with the Stars
Gold Over America Tour

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sporteverywhere Aylar önce
Who should be featured in part 2? 😬
Saffron Richardson-Keenan
Saffron Richardson-Keenan Aylar önce
Vladas acro series
UnleashedGeek Aylar önce
Yang Bo's double back off beam
Hek Originaljni
Hek Originaljni Aylar önce
Seda Tuthalyan's full twist on beam
Taskeen Vally
Taskeen Vally Aylar önce
Aliya’s Ariel Ariel backhand spring….. from 2016
GymnasticsAddicted Aylar önce
Simone Biles aerial on beam and Giorgia Villa's roundoff tuck full on beam
guido faria
guido faria 12 gün önce
They are wonderful just by being there.
Anthony Andrews
Anthony Andrews 15 gün önce
Larissa Iodache would have been so much more successful if she took that skill out years ago. The amount of deductions from that one series is crazy. And it's sad because she's a spectacular gymnast
G4BISCHRISTM4S 23 gün önce
Rebecca knees HAS to hurt.
Eimard Gomes
Eimard Gomes Aylar önce
LOL. Steliana Nistor was just pretending. haha no shame.
orlando leonides
orlando leonides Aylar önce
Never understand why Larissa kept doing that combo 😩
Just A Cellist
Just A Cellist Aylar önce
I love how Simone's "most inconsistent" is one fall and some wobbles. Edit: also Steliana Nistor. Just some tiny wobbles.
LB7 Aylar önce
There is also... Lu Yufei's aerial cartwheel on beam, Marine Boyer's L-turn on beam, Diana Varinska's clear hip full on bars, Angelina Melnikova's triple wolf turn on floor, Elena Gerasimova's double tuck on floor, and Vlada Urazova's front double twist on floor.
Elina T
Elina T Aylar önce
Rebecca Bross’s Patterson was not only inconsistent, her landings were dangerous. I still find it hard to watch. Idk why Valeri thought it was smart to get her to do it. No amount of bonus points are worth if you are landing a skill like that
Beatriz Aylar önce
What is the difficulty of the Comanecci?
Taylor Burtis
Taylor Burtis Aylar önce
Putting Simone in this is just wrong. She hit it perfectly more times than not.
Susannah Malloy
Susannah Malloy Aylar önce
Larisa’s tuck 1/1 was obviously inconsistent in major competitions when she was young, however in her comeback SHE HIT IT 9/9 TIMES. she qualified to the Tokyo beam final but withdrew during warmups the day of Bc of extreme ankle pain 😰 she was never able to attempt number 10
TheSpaceShuttleChallenger Aylar önce
I eagerly await the day when the scoring system does not reward girls for performing skills that they cannot safely perform.
Typhanie Blake
Typhanie Blake Aylar önce
i LOVED Vanessa Atler!
Alaina Kamer
Alaina Kamer Aylar önce
Does anyone know what Rebecca bross is up to these days? I can’t seem to find anything!
Matheus Borges
Matheus Borges Aylar önce
You missed Flávia Saraiva's round-off+ layout series on BB
Nathan Zhang
Nathan Zhang Aylar önce
To this day I don’t understand why Jordyn does the BHSO after the Shishova instead of before?
Laurie Devine
Laurie Devine Aylar önce
Khorkina had some really cool skills
Kate Wood
Kate Wood Aylar önce
Whenever Khorkina fell on an apparatus, it's like she would barely even try to stay on. Like she was offended that gravity pertained to her and just gave up in protest. 😂😂😂
lpoco000 Aylar önce
it looks more like a K- turn 😬
Nicole Frankel
Nicole Frankel Aylar önce
the majority of these are bad coaching and it makes me so angry
leilo Aylar önce
are rebeccas knees ok? 😂
J G Aylar önce
I feel so bad for Vanessa Atler. She was such an incredible gymnast, but I'll never understand why her coaches made her do a bar routine that obviously wasn't working for her. It literally made no sense.
Rebecca Khosravani
Rebecca Khosravani Aylar önce
stvp68 Aylar önce
Why do people compete skills they haven’t mastered?
Cheyanne Six
Cheyanne Six Aylar önce
30 seconds of Rebecca Bross blowing out her knees
RedRaids Aylar önce
Cool video! For a next video I would recommend adding a well performed skill in the beginning (if they have it) for us to see what the standard is.
Elise Perron
Elise Perron Aylar önce
Add konnor mcclains layout combo on beam.
Abraão Gama
Abraão Gama Aylar önce
I always thought Simone's skill was a front tuck with a half turn.
Alyssa VanAuker
Alyssa VanAuker Aylar önce
I don't know Simone was pretty consistent there😅
goodyougetastar Aylar önce
Rebecca's Patterson is the one that IMMEDIATELY comes to mind for this topic
ahcaroles Aylar önce
Rebecca's coach did her so wrong keeping that Patterson. She almost hit her head at least twice. Some coaches in this sport really hate their athletes, I swear...
Lonneke Janssen
Lonneke Janssen Aylar önce
Simone’s left leg swinging out after the barani (?) is just part of the skill now
Casual Drifter
Casual Drifter Aylar önce
I think the leg swing just got added to her muscle memory as part of the skill 😆
Steve C
Steve C Aylar önce
Honestly, Simone hit her front 1/2 on beam wayyyy more than she ever wobbled or fell on it. Don't think that one should be in here.
Suzette Henderson
Suzette Henderson Aylar önce
Is anyone doing the Comaneci now?
Floatie114 Aylar önce
Yamilet Pena's handspring double front vault. edit: though I will say it was exciting watching her go for it
Oathkeeper1992 Aylar önce
Rebecca Bross’ gymnastics has always scared me.
Sandra Rice
Sandra Rice Aylar önce
They all get up and try again! They are all winners in my book!👏
Appaddict01 Aylar önce
That Atler one still hurts.😔
Rique Busta
Rique Busta Aylar önce
Where is Flavia Saraiva’s round off layout because she needs to take it out already
A M Aylar önce
I love this idea!! and would watch a part 2
Brody Penn
Brody Penn Aylar önce
Plot twist: Khorkina was just trying the gainer full dismount every collegiate gymnast does but kept hitting the beam.
You Aylar önce
Mustafina's spin with attitude + double Y turn combination at the 2015 European games
fshonuff Aylar önce
Larisa's been looking great with the Shishova combo since she started competing again.
Bobby W
Bobby W Aylar önce
They all look pretty consistent to me
len jimenez
len jimenez Aylar önce
Larissa I love you! But girrrllll…get rid of that skill OMG! Please!! Get rid of it!!!
JustGym Aylar önce
"the most inconsistent skills and combos" instantly gets flash backs of iordache's tuck full
Ivan N.
Ivan N. Aylar önce
Inconsistent: Seda's whole senior career
That Guy
That Guy Aylar önce
Rebecca's dismount was bound to fail because she basically WALKED into it. She just never had enough momentum to hit it consistently.
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen Aylar önce
The Gainer layout is very through.
HydroDiffusion Aylar önce
To this day I have no idea why bross always locked her knees on the patterson dismount. It's she was never taught how to fall safetly. The way her knees were locked is so scary.
L Aylar önce
oh lord I've never seen Nistors L turn... thats terrible.
Felipe Passos
Felipe Passos Aylar önce
Sui Lu has perfect tuck half and Deng Linlin best layout series (Melnikova cant relate 😳) China is always way ahead on the balance beam 😘😘👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
jbrie76 Aylar önce
The full to back handspring seems like a really poor choice for a combination in general. I don’t know how anyone can make that combination work. I also super love Khorkina’s gainer layout! Bummer it wasn’t consistent.
Doof369 Aylar önce
The only who could pull of the full tuck combo was MAYBE gabby
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam Aylar önce
Rebecca bross is the weirdest athlete i have ever seen, its like she wants to set herself for failure, and it didnt help that valeri was her coach
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam Aylar önce
I mean simones tuck half was not that inconsistent, she fell on it at trails ‘16 and had a few problems when she first debuted the skill but she hit it at all international meets from 2015 till 2018 except for like once, and she is one of the few gymnasts who are not stubborn and would take out a skill if its not consistent.
Domenico Esposito
Domenico Esposito Aylar önce
Poor Iordache, each beam final she fell
W P Aylar önce
You forgot McClain’s layout series or Kara’s rings.
Aaron Sandman
Aaron Sandman Aylar önce
Idk man. Simone's balance check was pretty consistent. Was always the left leg going up, lol.
tasty diva
tasty diva Aylar önce
knew as soon as i clicked that bross would be in here :/
Trace Vaughn
Trace Vaughn Aylar önce
Vanessa had a mental block on release moves, and the Comaneci was one of, if not the only one, she felt comfortable attempting. 😪
mindyschocolate Aylar önce
Rebecca Bross JFC. Her poor knees.
K. Smith
K. Smith Aylar önce
Varvara Zubova’s onodi (or “Zubonodi”)
Jose Almir
Jose Almir Aylar önce
Senhor as chegadas da rebeca broos no duplo twist da trave são simplesmente aterrorizantes!!!
Maia Aylar önce
How did I know before clicking on the video that Rebecca Bross’ Patterson would be there.
kamila Ford
kamila Ford Aylar önce
Loling at the way khorkina sort of saluted when she landed her skill on the ground. Very Khorkina of her.
Doof369 Aylar önce
Lmao yes I love her for it
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos Aylar önce
I laughed with Nistor struggling with her L turn OMG I call shade
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Aylar önce
Rebecca should've taken the Patterson out when she noticed how he was landing it. She could've seriously injured herself. Those were so scary
Maggietheprincess Castle
Maggietheprincess Castle Aylar önce
She did And actually had several surgeries on her knee…. What we’ve just seen surely didn’t ameliorate the situation
fayeslover Aylar önce
Yup. At least a couple of times she was closer to hitting her head on the beam itself.
cloud nine
cloud nine Aylar önce
Catalina Ponor's triple twist on floor. God, I love her so much but it has cost her so many times. She could have qualified to the EF on floor in 2016 in Rio if she didn't perform it. Her form is just so bad
Black Raven
Black Raven Aylar önce
Aly Raisman back pike - loso combo. She never connected it
Suellen Almeida
Suellen Almeida Aylar önce
I wish gymnasts did more gainers though. So beautiful
davfb8622 Aylar önce
Khorkina wants spectacle
Breaking Views
Breaking Views Aylar önce
Should be titled ‘Consistently inconsistent’ lol
Musicby Zerø
Musicby Zerø Aylar önce
Some of them are consistently bad… so that’s consistent
Sophie R
Sophie R Aylar önce
I wonder how a coach can possibly continue to have a gymnast perform the same skill when it simply does not work. It hurts the D score, it hurts execution, it hurts self-confidence, so why ?
Good Old Saddle Back
Good Old Saddle Back Aylar önce
Some of the gymnast like iodarche can and have actually hit their skills consistently. They just tend to miss it when it counts sometimes or get nervous before performing it
Daisey Casey
Daisey Casey Aylar önce
@Iris, Dawn and N. Valeri wanted to change that dismount it was Rebecca who really wanted to keep it
Iris, Dawn and N.
Iris, Dawn and N. Aylar önce
I've come to believe that half the coaches out there, even on elite programs, care more about their "vision" than literally coaching, so they ignore their athlete's consistent fails, saying they'll push through it. On the other hand I can't imagine anyone watching Rebecca fall time and time again in such a scary manner and not saying screw it, do something else, anything else.
Michael Hart
Michael Hart Aylar önce
This video should only be about Bross and the Patterson
J S Aylar önce
I love how Simone's "errors" are actially tiny wobbles on one of the hardest skills on the beam. GOAT
Daniel Aylar önce
@Felipe Passos Lu usually had balance checks as well lol And they're not even the same skill
MyWayne1993 Aylar önce
@Felipe Passos Except they are technically two different skills. Sui Lu performed a Grigoras, while Simone did a Barani.
Felipe Passos
Felipe Passos Aylar önce
Sui Lu crushed Simone’s failed attempts on doing the tuck half
Mo Nika
Mo Nika Aylar önce
Exactly. This is Simone's 'inconsistent' level. The skill still looks amazing when she does it.
Becky Clawson
Becky Clawson Aylar önce
How did I know Vanessa Atler would be first? Coaches would’ve done so much for her confidence had they taken that out sooner. By the time she got to Valeri and he did, she was already demoralized.
Sara Covich
Sara Covich 26 gün önce
I agree. I knew that dreaded Comaneci would be in this.
mst3kanita Aylar önce
Vanessa owns this video.
Justin Eng
Justin Eng Aylar önce
I just knew Rebecca would be in this video
Carlos JS
Carlos JS Aylar önce
Iordache and Bross: Queens 🙈
you are rien
you are rien Aylar önce
Each time there is an "iconsistent skills" compilation, you know rebecca will be in there
Emily Aylar önce
her coaches just kept packing in her difficulty and it just wasnt sustainable in the longrun
Soledad Ferrer
Soledad Ferrer Aylar önce
Suggestion: end the video with these girls hitting their skill, so we have a happy ending 🙂
Anthony Andrews
Anthony Andrews 15 gün önce
There are no happy endings in gymnastics. Just pain, tears and over cooked chicken! ☠️
Hannah Walmer
Hannah Walmer 18 gün önce
Doin' too much lol. You make it sound like the video has ill-intent now.
MrsTlotto Aylar önce
Ryann Elery
Ryann Elery Aylar önce
i'd love to see a gainer full landed with a step out... that would be breathtaking.
Katherine Elisabeth
Katherine Elisabeth Aylar önce
Rebecca's Patterson physically pains me. Her career could have been so different.
MrsTlotto Aylar önce
I knew she was coming just from the title. As soon as I saw the first clip, I knew that would be her best one, sadly
John Griffin
John Griffin Aylar önce
I love how Simone only fell off once
Emma R
Emma R Aylar önce
the sad thing about iordache is that whenever she hit that combo it was so solid, it was almost as if she could never mess it up :((( hard to decide whether to get rid of it i guess
fak3blnd02 Aylar önce
i knew miss larisa was gonna be here
Bagelized Aylar önce
Simone always lands the exact same way on that skill
Bagelized Aylar önce
Honestly, I will never understand why Larisa doesn’t let go of that combo. To this day...
Soledad Ferrer
Soledad Ferrer Aylar önce
Just because she hits more than she misses and when she does it really counts.
João Pedro Gatti
João Pedro Gatti Aylar önce
I don't think Simone's half on back tuck was incoscistent. She had some wobbles but she hit it in the majarority of times
O GINASIO Aylar önce
In 2018 shes compete with kydnei Stone.
MD-722 Aylar önce
@João Pedro Gatti It had been inconsistent since the previous quad, even during one of the 2015-16 domestic competitions one of the commentators announced that if she couldn't get it under control her coach had stated that it was going to be taken out. 2018 was when it finally reached the point where it made no sense to keep it anymore.
João Pedro Gatti
João Pedro Gatti Aylar önce
​@MD-722 It became inconsistent in 2018 on the WC, which was a very unusual competition for her. Before that she did this element very well in 2015 and 2016
MD-722 Aylar önce
It was inconsistent; that's why it was taken out and she doesn't do it anymore.
vanillamarshmallow Aylar önce
3:41 is that really counted as a connection like Tim said?
vanillamarshmallow Aylar önce
@Evan Nguyen ahhh I see, thanks for clarifying!
Evan Nguyen
Evan Nguyen Aylar önce
no i believe even during that quad, they still counted using arms to stabilize as a balance check, but around this time, jordyn always seemed to be rewarded for almost everything in domestic competitions, so i wouldn’t be shocked if she was rewarded for it
Kira Alldredge
Kira Alldredge Aylar önce
Geez that L turn is awful why did she do it?
Kira Alldredge
Kira Alldredge Aylar önce
@e2theeyepie yikes! Surely there was a better option out there?
e2theeyepie Aylar önce
Someone said earlier that in that CoP, gymnasts needed a "C" turn to get all the required elements. But she picked a godawful turn to meet that requirement, LOL
Kira Alldredge
Kira Alldredge Aylar önce
@chrissyjoy08 lol, I was being generous
chrissyjoy08 Aylar önce
Not even sure you could call it an L turn lol
TheFlowMind Aylar önce
WOW, the gainer layout is beautiful!
OzeFlipper Aylar önce
Yes but she barely even hits the stretched/layout position. The way she whips it down makes it look like a pike.
Sarah Aylar önce
I’m sorry but the way Simone kept tipping her leg up was really funny 😂
Alexia Aylar önce
Simone Biles stayed on the beam while doing the Barani most of the time tho. This shows what an amazing gymnast she is
Alexia Aylar önce
@albertito moon yeah, you're right. Now that I analise them better, I notice the difference. The Barani is a half on back tuck because it starts with a half on and then she does a back tuck, while the Grigoras is a front tuck with a half twist to it
Grace Sewell
Grace Sewell Aylar önce
@Daylen Olivarez there is a very slight difference between the two. one has a half twist before the tuck back and one starts with the tuck and then has a half turn. I still can't tell the difference by eye
Aislinn G
Aislinn G Aylar önce
I would've put the punch front on beam for her... way more inconsistent than her barani! and the skill that cost her the gold on beam in rio!
albertito moon
albertito moon Aylar önce
@Alexia front with a half is a Grigoras
Alexia Aylar önce
@Daylen Olivarez yeah, that was weird. What she is doing is definetly a front with a half, which is a Barani
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Aylar önce
Jordyn literally never did her connection. Zero times- she never connected it, even with the low standards for connections in 2010-2012
Austin Xa
Austin Xa Aylar önce
@Myerk Lamb tbh she was scoring 15s in before that awful routine construction, that was purely bad coaching and bad routine otherwise she was always better than aly raisman when it comes to execution
Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb Aylar önce
Besides being a disgusting abuser, John Geddard was also a TERRIBLE coach. His awful routine construction is arguably the only reason Jordyn doesn't have an all around Olympic medal. All he had to do was take out a couple of the more difficult series or elements to help Jordyn up her e-score and she easily makes the finals.
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Aylar önce
@Asher Raymond For a lot of people it makes the alignment more difficult, and that was probably the case for Jordyn
Asher Raymond
Asher Raymond Aylar önce
Why not just flip flop the elements, so it was a BHS into the shishova?
Austin Xa
Austin Xa Aylar önce
@Avery Weinstein she was getting 4 tenths of connection for that series
nabojsa Aylar önce
Oh god Nistor's L turn was the worst one I've ever seen. I never understood why she didn't take it out. She never performed it without deduction. NEVER! Btw she even fell on it during her 2007 french international (Bercy) routine
kev7978 Aylar önce
@jfeathe1211 Ahh I didn't know that. Thanks for correcting me!
jfeathe1211 Aylar önce
@kev7978 that’s not quite right. Any turn on beam was allowed in the 2005-08 code but it was one of the 10 counting skills even if it wasn’t one of the 10 most difficult skills. The turn rule was the same as the current dismount rule. The dismount on floor, beam, and bars ALWAYS counts even if it’s not part of the 8 most difficult skills. Because a turn counted in the 08 quad, we saw a lot of gymnasts struggle to add a C turn to prevent counting an A.
nabojsa Aylar önce
@kev7978 oh I didn't know that, it explains why she never took that horrendous turn out of her routine. Only now that you mentioned this requirement is that I realized that I can't think of a beam routine from that era where you can see a "simple" turn haha
kev7978 Aylar önce
​@tasty diva It's only counted if it's the 9 most difficult skills of the routine. So Nistor did only an A/B-valued turn, it's not gonna be counted unless her entire beam routine only has 10 skills. Given the context it would be wiser for Nistor to do a sloppy L-turn than omit it altogether so she could at least get 0.5 from CR in spite of the executional deductions.
tasty diva
tasty diva Aylar önce
@kev7978 i thought it was simply that you had to count the turn in your 10 skills?
Nazrul Ashraff
Nazrul Ashraff Aylar önce
Front handspring front tuck liu tingting Front pike back loso aly raisman Ro layout flavia saraiva
Jose R
Jose R Aylar önce
I just knew Larisa’s shishova combo was gonna be on here 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 I don’t understand why she hasn’t taken it out in her years of doing beam
Alexia Aylar önce
@Ivan N. I'm sure that is the case. She has to learn to control her nerves
Appaddict01 Aylar önce
It cost her so many medals.
Ivan N.
Ivan N. Aylar önce
Maybe it's a nerve thing, she nails it in training and quals but crumbles under pressure in finals. Plus is the biggest skill in her routine.
Carlos Valentin
Carlos Valentin Aylar önce
She probably lose about 3 Beam World Titles for that skill alone lmao
Alexia Aylar önce
@Emma V. yeah, I've noticed. Hope she keeps it up
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